Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Song of Kurt

The Song of Moses of Exodus 15 and the Song of Deborah from Judges 4 were songs of victory. Victory is so close now I thought I would write the song of Kurt. Though a little premature and prophetic, you will see it become reality soon.

You, Lord, have hidden me away in the jails of my enemy. I was made the reproach of many. Unjustly I was accused of evils. I suffered betrayals from all who claimed friend. I besought you diligently with much prayer and fasting. I sought your mighty strength for the enemy was fierce. Your ear was bent towards me and your mighty hand was raised. Woe to those who bed with the harlot was your decree. The faith of your servant found its just reward. Promise finds its place in time and the enemies are bewildered. Every snare they have set caught themselves. Every dishonor they cast upon me has returned ten fold to their scheme. All honest men must look at my deliverance and give glory to the Most High. Your mercy has renewed my strength and set me above my captors. I eat of the splendor of the spoils. Thousands are blessed by the train of my deliverance. You are the living God in whom men can wisely put their trust for your salvation is as rich today as in ancient times. Your loving kindness returned me to the bosom of my bride and flooded the desert of deprivation with a river of thanksgiving and tears of joy. Though they hid me away I was not lost for you were there searching me out that I might know your ways. Robbers pummeled all my resources like an army of locust and behind them I was barren, but your creative voice spoke and nothing became the envy of the previous glory. Like Joseph I was exalted. Worthy is the lamb to receive glory, honor and praise for his mediation, undeserved, moves the heavens and moves my soul to adoration. He who sets the path of lightning, tells the oceans where to cease, heard my prayers and befriended me through His loving kindness. Great is thy faithfulness and amazing Your grace, for who can separate me from your love? The Lord reigns forever and ever!


son of a prophet said...


Man and animals.

Two grams of scopolamin kill a human being, dogs and cats can stand hundred times higher dosages. A single Amanita phalloides mushroom can wipe out a whole human family, but it's health food for the rabbit, one of the favorite laboratory animals. A porcupine can eat in one lump without discomfort as much opium as the human addict smokes in two weeks, and wash it down with enough prussic acid to poison a regiment of soldiers. The sheep can swallow enormous quantities of arsenic, once the murderers' favorite weapon. Morphine, which calms and anaesthetizes man, causes mania! and excitement in cats and mice. On the other hand our sweet almond can kill foxes, our common parsley poisons parrots, and our revered penicillin strikes another favorite laboratory animal dead - the guinea pig.

The list can be lengthened at will, but these few instances should suffice to show that there couldn't be a more unreliable test the new drugs (that aren't needed in the first place) than animal experimentation.

The so-called health authorities and researchers are fully aware of this fact, that they continue serving the warmed-over dish to the media and the public: Do you want us to test new drugs on your children?

In fact, all synthetic products are harmful, and all new drugs are being tested on you and your children, all the time, the animal tests which - it bears repetition - have just an alibi function, and could give no answer, or, worse, have given misleading answers as to their effect on human being. This rule knows no exception.

In fact, the therapeutic disasters, steadily on the increase today, did not exist before the impositions of safety tests doen on animals. They are a direct result of widespread animal experimentation.

Interview with God
awesome presentation

imbigo said...

Brother Kurt....




BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


WillToFight said...

You've already one Kurt.

You tought me!

I will control my STRAWMAN!

The good fight!

With you and Scott to the end!

WillToFight said...

Check and Mate

Dorean = Soveriegn = Freedom

you will know them by their fruit said...

Let us know when your own bible comes out in print. Maybe you could package it with the dvd. Based on your loyal few you should sell 10 or so copies.

Ever wonder how folks like David Koresh and Kurt get people to follow them?

It's easy . . .

Just tell them what they want to hear. Or in Kurt's situation, twist scripture into what they want to hear.

God won't allow this much longer.

WillToFight said...

. SACRIFICE IS THE MEASURE OF CREDIBILITY (NO WILLINGNESS TO SACRIFICE = NO LIABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, AUTHORITY OR MEASURE OF CONVICTION). Nothing ventured nothing gained. A person must put himself on the line assume a position, take a stand, as regards the matter at hand. and One cannot realize the potential gain without also exposing himself to thew potential of loss. (One who is not damaged, put at risk, or willing to swear an oath on his commercial liability to claim authority) (Acts 7, life/death of Stephen). for the truth of his statements and legitimacy of his actions has no basis to assert claims or charges and forfeits all credibility and right Legal Maxim: "He who bears the burden ought also to derive the benefit".

Thanks Kurt & Scott

tcob247 said...

Bible verses compliments of the KING KURT RED LETTER EDITION

WillToFight said...

Your bitterness becomes you TACOBell

imbigo said...

If you read the post you will see that this man has given ALL his praise to our GOD. The Word of GOD says to judge the spiritsss by "THE SPIRIT" if they be of GOD.

Being a man of faith does not make one a god, jim jones, david whats his name.

I follow no man, I trust in no man, but ALL MY TRUST IS IN THE KING OF kINGS AND THE LORD OF lORDS.

p.s. if he did come out with a bible some of you naysayers would be the first in line. LOL

BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


mogel said...

You Will Know Them By Their Fruit: You said that "God will not allow this much longer". Didn't you preach that same doom in your previous posts? Would you like to profess a date of this doom since you claim God speaks to you? Seems to me you are putting yourself up as a false prophet? What are the seeds that you are growing? Pessimism, hopelessness, criticism, judgments, doom, untruth. Hmmmmm. Seems like your fruits will be rotten to me OFF YOUR OWN TREE.
Didn't David Koresh tell his people just before they were going to be burned that the Evil one's outside their compound had come to destroy them? Didn't Jim Jones tell his people to drink the poision that the leaders dished out? I wonder if that was something that they WANTED TO HEAR? I wonder if the people in TX wanted to hear that prophetic truth that they were going to die very soon by their governmental invaders? What scriptures have been twisted into untruths or are you in fact really unacquainted with what is said in the Bible that you can't talk in specifics? Maybe you can give us all a Sunday School discourse on what it says in Habakuk Chapter 2 & how it might relate to the subject at hand. Care to take a stab at that?


imbigo said...

Delete the second paragragh of my last post, incomplete thought!!!

mogel said...

The verdict is in.

Town justices across the state were indeed illegally performing judicial duties including sending people to jail without having legal title to the office.

No oath, no office.

The Empire Journal and NYS Oaths Project have been successful in forcing the state Legislature and Office of Court Administration to admit that judges and justices across the state were in gross non-compliance of the law, prompting the Legislature to address the issue with new legislation to try and stave off a rash of litigation of challenges to decisions made by black robed imposters.

But it was all done very hush-hush.

A year ago this week, very quietly the New York State Legislature validated the work of the New York State Oaths Project, confirming not only that state law requires town and village justices to file their oaths of office and undertakings in three locations as the Oaths Project has advocated since 2003, but that if they hadn’t done so not only did they vacate their office but that their actions performed before filing their official oath and/or undertaking were invalid.

If the justices were not in office legally, they were not entitled to collect a salary and benefits from the taxpayers.

It’s not just a technicality as many had claimed.

On Aug. 17, 2004, Gov. George Pataki signed into law Chapter 406 of the Laws of 2004, legitimizing the work of the New York State Oaths Project which had exposed an epidemic of non-compliance in the state court system resulting in illegal judges and justices sitting in the state’s courts, from the town courts all the way to the Court of Claims and Court of Appeals which gives serious doubt to the validity of their decisions.

In fact, it was found that even members of the judiciary who were members of the state’s judicial watchdog agency, the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct, were illegally in office, having vacated the position by operation of law for failing to comply with the state Constitution and statutes in not properly filing their oath and bond.

June Maxam, Oaths Project coordinator and co-publisher of The Empire Journal, was assisted in the project surveying the 62 counties of the state by Ginger Berlin, TEJ co-publisher; Geneice Hovak and Thomas Chandler of the NYS Tyranny Response Team. and

In June, 2004, TEJ, TRT and the NYS Constitution Party sponsored the Rally to Rein in the Judges on the steps of the Capitol in Albany. Maxam and Berlin also presented a Platform of Judicial Reform to Helene E. Weinstein, chairwoman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and John A. DeFranciso, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Earlier in 2004, Maxam, Berlin and Hovak hand delivered a 400-page report on the findings of the Oaths Project to the office of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

The survey revealed that over 90% of the state’s judiciary were illegally in office, illegally plucking a paycheck and benefits from the taxpayers of New York totally without lawful authority with absolutely no jurisdiction to sit in judgment of individuals charged in violating the law, to send people to jail and make decisions that forever impacts the lives of others.

In fact, with the action taken a year ago by Pataki and the State Legislature, it has now been confirmed as advocated by the Oaths Project that prior to Aug. 17, 2004, official acts performed by judges and justices who had failed to file their official oath and/or undertaking were invalid as without proper title to the office, they could not claim to be de facto officers. One must first be a de jure officer before he can claim to be a de facto officer.

Maxam found that alarmingly most town and village justices in the state were acting unlawfully themselves, having failed to take and file both their oaths of office with the clerk of their county and in many cases, so are the county sheriffs and district attorneys as well as other public officers.

State law is very emphatic that public officers which include all town and village justices, city court judges and county judges must file their oaths of office and their surety bonds with the county clerk within 30 days of the commencement of their term or they have vacated their office. No hearing is required, no judicial proceeding is necessary, the office is automatically vacant due to the officer’s neglect or refusal to file. No excuses are accepted—no oath, no office.

The work of the Oaths Project was validated by the state Office of Court Administration when they issued memorandums in June and December, 2003, advising all town and village justices statewide that they had to file their oath of office and bond in the county clerk’s office or else they would vacate their office. Most justices had failed to do so in violation of the Uniform Justice Court Act.

The Uniform Justice Court Act requires that a town and village justice, as well as their court clerks, must file their original oath and bond in the county clerk’s office with copies of their oath filed with their municipal clerk (town or village clerk) and the Office of Court Administration.

Many of the justices and towns which they served insisted that filing their oath in the office of their municipal clerk and with OCA was sufficient.

Not so, said the state Legislature.

Public Officers Law 30 is emphatic that an office becomes vacant by operation of law if a public officer, including a judge, fails to file his properly file his oath and bond in the requisite places within 30 days of the beginning of his or her term.

Chapter 406 clarified the procedure for filing a town and village justice’s oath and undertaking, affirming the Oaths Project’s position that town justice must file in three places—the town or village clerk (Town Law 25); the county clerk (UJCA 104) and OCA (POL 3).

The new law left untouched the provisions of Public Officers Law 30 which provides for a vacancy in office after 30 days if the oath and undertaking are not properly filed.

Chapter 406 also clarified the common practice of municipalities procuring blanket bonds, also known as undertakings, as it pertains to town justices. New language was added to Town Law 25 stating that as of Aug. 17, 2004, town justices do not need to obtain an additional or separate undertaking where the town board has procured a blanket undertaking . If the town board does not procure a blanket undertaking---which the Oaths Project found was the case in many towns in the state, then each justice must procure their own undertakings which must then be properly filed in accordance with all three statutes---Town Law, UJCA and POL.

This position by the State Legislature again reaffirmed and supported the position of the Oaths Project.

The new law also amended Public Officers Law Section 15 “to validate a town justice’s official acts performed before filing the official oath and/or undertaking”.

The new law, Chapter 406, Laws of New York, 2004, which took effect Aug. 17, 2004, is as follows:

AN ACT to amend the town law and the public officers law, in relation to the duty of public officers to file an oath of office

Section 1. Section 25 of the town law, as amended by chapter 424 of the laws of 1994, amended to read as follows:

Section 25. Oaths of office and undertaking. Before he or she enters on the duties of the office, and within thirty days after the commencement of the term of office for which he or she is chosen, every town officer shall take and subscribe before an officer authorized by law to administer oaths in his or her county, the constitutional oath of office and such other oath as may be required by law, which shall be administered and certified by the officer taking the same without compensation, and such oath shall be filed in the office of the town clerk. Each town justice shall also file such oath of office as provided pursuant to section one hundred four of the uniform justice court act with the county clerk and the office of court administration.

Each supervisor, town clerk, collector, receiver of taxes and assessments, town superintendent of highways, and such other officers and employees as the town board may require, before entering upon the duties of his or her office, and within thirty days after commencement of the term for which he or she is chosen, shall execute and file in the office of the clerk of the town, an official undertaking, conditioned for the faithful performance of his or her duties, in such form, in such sum and with such sureties as the town board shall direct and approve and such approval shall be indicated upon such undertaking. Unless the town board of his or her town has procured a blanket undertaking pursuant to subdivision two of section eleven of public officers law that covers him or her, each town justice shall also file such undertaking as provided by section one hundred four of the uniform justice court act with the county clerk.

Such undertaking shall not be recorded unless the town board of the town shall adopt a resolution so requiring and shall indicate such requirement upon such undertaking. The undertaking of the supervisor shall be further conditioned that he or she will and truly keep, pay over and account for all moneys and property, including any special district funds and the local school fund, if any, belonging to his town and coming into his or her hands as such supervisor. The undertaking of the receiver of taxes and assessments shall be further conditioned that he or she will well and truly keep, pay over and account for all moneys and property coming into his or her hands as such receiver of taxes and assessments, including all school district taxes, and such undertaking shall be in lieu of any other bond or undertaking otherwise required by law in the collection of such school district taxes and the proper accounting therefore, except the undertaking required by sections twenty-five hundred six and twenty five hundred twenty-seven of the education law, and the trustees of every school district for which such receiver of taxes and assessments shall act as collector shall have and may exercise the same powers and remedies with respect to the official bond of the collector by the provisions of article forth-three of the education law or by the provisions of any other general or special law. The town board at any time may require any such officer or employee to file a new official undertaking for such sum and with such sureties as the board shall approve. In addition, the town board may require any town officer depositing funds or moneys of the town to file a depository bond indemnifying the town against any loss thereof. The town board may be resolution determine that any such undertaking or bond shall be executed by a surety company authorized to transact business in the state of New York and the expense thereof shall be a charge against the town. The filing of such oath and undertaking, when required, shall be deemed an acceptance of the office. The town clerk shall notify the town board in writing of the expiration of any undertaking or bond filed in his or her office pursuant to this section, at least thirty and not more than sixty days prior to the date of expiration thereof.

A neglect or an omission to take and file such oath, or to execute and file such undertaking within the time prescribed herein, except in the case of town justices (of the peace), shall be deemed a refusal to serve and the office may be filled as in case of vacancy. The undertaking of a town officer provided by this section shall be in addition to any undertaking otherwise required by law. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Town justices who fail to take and file their oath and/or bond within 30 days of the beginning of their term are governed by POL 30 and vacate their office by operation of law)

Chapter 2, Section 15 of the public officers law, as amended by chapter 680 of the laws of 1967, is amended to read as follows:

Section 15. Validation of official acts performed before filing official oath or undertaking. If a public officer, duly chosen, has heretofore entered, or shall hereafter enter on the performance of the duties of his or her office, without taking or filing an official oath, or executing or filing an official undertaking, as required by the constitution, section ten of this article, section twenty-five of the town law or section one hundred four of the uniform justice court act, or by any general or special law, his or her acts as such officer, so performed, shall be as valid and of as full force and effect as if such oath had been duly taken and filed, and as if such undertaking had been duly executed and filed, notwithstanding the provisions of any general or special law declaring any such office vacant, or authorizing it to be declared vacant, or to be filled as in the case of vacancy, or imposing any other forfeiture or penalty for omission to take or file any such oath, or to execute or file any such undertaking; but this section shall not otherwise affect any provision of any general or special law; declaring any such office vacant, or authorizing it t be declared vacant, or to be filled as in case of vacancy, or imposing any other forfeiture or penalty, by reason of the failure to take or file any such oath or to execute or file any such undertaking and this section shall not relieve any such officer from criminal liability for entering on the discharge of his or her official duties without taking or filing such oath or executing or filing such undertaking in accordance with such provisions.

Ace said...

Nice post Mogel, I wonder what the people in jail feel like. Imagine being sentenced to prison by a fake judge!! Hey everbody, it looks like starfish became extinct.