Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Magnify I (3-29-09)

We have come to a time of separation. You can choose between the minds of Smallville whether it be Vineland or Nemoland or the truth. This is how you will know that I have spoken the truth and these critics of like mind are not of the mind of Christ. I do not yet possess a definite prophetic word but I do have a definite prophetic sense I am convinced at the moment that I cannot share this with you successfully unless the eyes of our understanding be enlarged. A man’s reach should exceed his grasp. The problem with the residents of Smallville is that they reduce God down to the vindicator of their judgments to the arbitrator of petty human relations and squabbles, to their servant. It is time for some of you to pack up your things and move out of Smallville with its diatribe of faithlessness playing as its anthem.

So as the psalmist says in Psalms 34:3 I ask you “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.” Our vision is so impaired when it comes to seeing the work of God in our times and lines that we must use the magnifying glass of His word and His Spirit to enlarge our view. That will be the goal of this magnify series.

This is something we must do together. I likewise need an enlargement. When Scott and I started Dorean we began with prayer and fasting. It was not super spiritual stuff that brought us into the battle. Living in Christ the fruit of the Light is goodness, righteousness, and truth. When the darkness of mortgage fraud was exposed to this light we received our assignment. Our orders were not a complete array of battle tactics or prophetic words on the entire war. In fact more than anything our orders were to pray. Anybody who lives in Smallville I will say boldly does not know how to pray. They cannot even comprehend prayer. I will even venture to say to my brothers and sisters that when we are finished a little magnification most of you will have an entirely new prayer life that is potent and effectual. The first part of Dorean was to identify an injustice and to involve ourselves with the victims. That is the beginning of prayer. In this beginning is the essence of the whole truth of God’s redemptive work in Christ. Christ is our kinsman redeemer. To accomplish this He has to first kin himself to us by putting on our flesh life in our environment. Once He identified with us He went to prayer. Prayer is not natural to humans, it is stupid. It is only natural to those whose spirits have been renewed, made alive. It is a spiritual function only. True prayer God always answers so to learn how to pray is of an immeasurable value. Dorean in its current state with all your struggles and our incarceration is an answer to those early prayers of our beginning. This you will understand shortly.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I Surrender (3-27-09)

Many of you have been surprised by my quiting blogs. Quiting is not a true option for the Christian man but surrender is a necessity. Christianity today is bogged down by too many worthless traditions. Worthless in that they are based on false premises and not true to the gospel. The true gospel preaches Christ as the center of all things. People of the type that are always looking at others to inspect their fruit do not know the gospel and perhaps do not even know the Christ of the gospel.

In Psalms 37:5 says to commit your way to the Lord. This term has the historical association of placing your burden upon a camel by rolling it off you to it. Another way to think of it is placing a letter in a mail box. You don’t sit around waiting for the mailman to pick it up. You have committed it to their service without a concern. The best revelation I’ve heard on this came from Pastor Melissa Scott who acquainted it with the rolling away of the stone of the tomb of Jesus. Jesus doesn’t need the rolling away He passed right through the stone but we on the other hand need the stone rolled away to become witness to the resurrection power.

I have great confidence in my Christian walk but I would very much like to point out that I do not have confidence in myself. I believe the Bible’s report and experientially know my spirit that I was born into Adam’s fallenness. Nothing good resides in me. I was born and knew nothing of truth or freedom. I was a slave to the devil, this world, and my flesh. I was already entombed in my trespasses and sins. By revelation the resurrection power liberated me.

Recently I was under great spiritual oppression. The pressure of these experiences are always the same; don’t commit your way unto the Lord. Adam was disobedient and this is our inheritance. But with the Last Adam we have been given power to trust. The power and gifts are all from the Lord. If we commit our way to Him He will do the works. We can walk in them but are powerless to perform them. Think of a physical healing. My sister has terminal cancer. I can pray until I’m blue in the face for her healing, can add fasting, and tears but nothing I can do will create healed flesh. Contrary to my efforts is the Lord’s. I can share with my sister promises of God, even reveal some of the fuller knowledge He has given me about her healing being a work set out for Him to do for His glory like the blind man from birth healed by Christ, but only committing our trust in Him will liberate us from the entombment of fretting.

The bride’s glory is that she walks in the honor of her Husband. The Father set out works for Christ to do through His body. For me right now that is the work of Dorean. I will fail you all but if I surrender my will, desires, and works unto the Lord He will work. Will the fruit inspectors curse His work? Yes they will even in the name of God. They are my witness that nothing good resides within me. The only answer I have to offer you for your hope is right there in Psalms 37. That formula works because it is His way. The end of the man who commits to the Lord is Peace. Only Jesus gives peace continually.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Friendship: A Thought (3-26-09)

As I have told you I’ve been seeking a prophetic word concerning the timeline of this trial. This is very difficult for me. I have used this gift many times for others successfully but under that situation I am not clouded by personal desires. As I’ve pursued this path it led me to my hope in an unpredictable fashion. I know from all my scriptural training and experience that Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy. Why shouldn't He be since He is the I AM of all time and eternity? In the Hebrew language there is a prophetic perfect tense which looks to the future with such confidence that it is spoken of in past tense. Only the word of God, “Thus sayeth the Lord” can justify this tense. It reflects that quality of “Amen” when our hearts are fully committed to trust in the Lord. Psalms 37 is a progressive discourse on a certain man. Not a mighty man as in the Lord but a strong man who has been made tough in his trials. Not a quitter to put it in current cultural terms. This man’s path is made firm, his enemies the Lord cuts off, he commits his burdens over to the Lord. The language lends itself to the picture of a burden placed on a pack animal and being released of the load yourself. Pastor Melissa Scott adds some real wisdom on this thought. Think of the tomb that housed all your sins and death attached to our Lord. The stone sealed the issue. Of course the stone was no hindrance to Christ who passed right through it, but for us it represents the burden that keeps us from the fuller knowledge that comes from revelation. God has the very rock that seems to entomb you rolled away to reveal His resurrection power. Any good view of the empty tomb will make your heart soar. No circumstance can entomb you if you follow the formula of the Psalms 37 man. Though the temptation is to be eaten up, consumed, by the heat of your trial, this man gives it to the Lord. This man delights the Lord. The end of this man is shalom which is for me more than peace. It is peace on many fronts, spirit, body and soul.

As I sought prophetic release I didn’t venture long before it became clear I needed to seek the giver and not the gift. As I sought Him I was led to Samuel which means friend of God. In first Samuel 3 there is a little clue about this man. Even before he knew God and during days of wickedness God was still a lamp in one place. Samuel heard the prophetic perfect tense of God’s voice. This is what I need. I need friendship with God. This is what the Psalms 37 man, the Psalms 84 man, and the bride of Christ are. They delight in their God and God delights in them. They have a unity, a singleness of purpose.

This trial has proven to me who my true friends are and what is true friendship. What a wonderful thing it is to care for a person, to delight in their presence. Do we roll away the stones (burdens) from the lives of our friends revealing the resurrection power of our Lord? Jesus is the light and in Eph. 5:9 there is fruit of this light. That fruit is goodness, righteousness and truth. Light exposes darkness and if one bears the fruit of the Light than you’ll be put in a place of confrontation by the Lord. It is inevitable because the world loves darkness and does not walk in the light. Know them by their fruit was a typical display of cultural Christianity. There is no friendship, no fellowship, no delighting in Christ. They hate themselves and therefore only know judgment. There are many more voices like hers on this blog. If there judgment were correct of me, where is the stone rolling? What I love about Scotty is that He loves Christ. Because He was in the Light the fruit of goodness, righteousness, and truth touched his life. It touched mine also. That is what is behind Dorean. That is why we can’t quit. Do not take from my confidence that things are not bleak. They are bad enough to entomb me for upto 25 years. I stood up against the money changer only to meet the pirates. Our judicial system is pure witchcraft. It is evil men reinforcing wickedness with stare decisis. They all support each other by saying righteousness is lawless, wickedness is good. It is a very hopeless situation where you have to trap them in a lie to escape the ultimate evil they intended for you. This is not a mortal problem but a spiritual one. The heart of this nation has been defiled by humanism and the insignificance of man has led to animalistic misanthropy. There is no friendship left. The Philadelphian church age is a call back to brotherly kindness. For me it is currently Dorean, Prison, a fight for truth. I cannot prevail and I cannot champion your equitable claims. The Psalms 37, 84, man, and the bride can delight though in the Lord and He will cut down the enemy and make sure he never comes back to power. My point is that friendship is called many things today but I say a true friend delights in His friend. I can’t promise you I can prophesy on encouraging word to comfort you in your trial. It is my desire. What I can do is seek our best friend and delight in Him and His ways. Perhaps the spoils of this friendship will leave me rich enough to spoil all of you with the fruit of the Light. In my darkest hours this truth renewed my strength. I hope as your friend God will likewise strengthen you. Shalom is my desire for you. The formula is provided by our very dear friend. I trust Him, how about you? Samuel God’s friend got God but he also got his word. That is the same way I’m seeking this prophetic word. Pray for me please. I want to come to that fuller knowledge for all of our sakes. Resurrection power to you all.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Revolution X (3-21-09)

I end this revolution series with this final thought. I have told you that I am seeking a prophetic word concerning the closing of this battle. My greatest suspicion that I am near the end which in all honesty is truly the beginning is that by revelation I have gained understanding. It has been my experience in my many decades in Christ that understanding always comes at the end of my trials. This running concurrently with the times and seasons of God’s work in the fullness of time makes my vision clear. To this vision I have sought to add the resolute and immutable “thus sayeth the Lord.” I have never used the prophetic gift for myself and had to wrestle with the thought for some time. When I had finished analysing this concept from every reasonable angle I came to this conclusion. Christ is the only prophet I know from Scriptures that prophesied His own future. Really He is the only one to prophesy anyone’s future. He is the spirit of prophecy. He knows my future and can reveal it. Would He was my question. I searched the scriptures and all my understanding to answer this question. Today I say “Yes He will and desires to do so.” Think of the 4 living creatures who are ever present at the throne. Think also that in Christ we are seated in heavenly places. Finally think of the role of the bride in history and now in the fullness of time. Are there secrets in marriage? Yes there always are but in a true love relationship there are no secrets in the area of oneness. The union is honest and constantly revealing. These living creatures had eyes everywhere. In His presence is light, vision, revelation. All is seen in absolute truth. My answer then to know prophetically is not to divine a gift but to seek His presence. In this I will be made holy as He is holy. I will see as I am seen. I will know Him and in knowing Him I will discover how He will be revealed prophetically in my history, in my bride story. More than I truly need to know my future or to know how to fulfill my hope for all of you I need Him and Him alone. He is my future, and my eternal present. It is upon this truth I will receive my prophetic answer. It is upon this truth I was called to enter revolution. It is this truth that brought me in that will bring me out. Oh to know Him to truly know Him who loved me so well. “Lord dwell with me, let me see thy lovely face with its adoring look. Lift me into thy holy presence with thy mighty arm of redemption. Make me a wife fitting Your affections. Cause me to be thy glory and to shine with the brightness of Your truth. In all the darkness that surrounds me make me Your beacon, Your witness. As You come to conquer sin and death now in the fullness of Your time come Lord Jesus and put every enemy under subjection. Finally reveal by Your spirit the end of this battle that we may with knowledge enter the beginning of Your victory. As the heavens declare I declare “You are Holy” make me likewise holy. To you be all glory, honor, and praise forever, Amen!”

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Revolution IX (3-20-09)

This revolution is not of the flesh and yet it is to be revealed in the flesh. It is said that for Christ a body was prepared for Him. This body is the bride. His fleshly body was a type of His indwelling ultimately through His bride. The mystery of His marriage and the two becoming one flesh is to vast for our comprehension but not beyond our contemplation. There is a fullness of time for the Son to be revealed. 2000 years ago a woman gave birth. Mary is also a type of the feminine bride. She was set aside as a virgin for God’s work to reveal the Son. As then so it is now. We as the last church age before our taking Labor in the pain of contractions to see His coming. Also we are like His own flesh that had to learn obedience through suffering. For many ages now we have had to learn obedience through suffering, but at the end of the age, like fine wine, we should be savory to our Lord. Obedience should call us to the truth of this revolution. It is a timely truth because the Son is about to appear. The world is getting dark. Like in Egypt it is a darkness that can be felt. The bride though shines in the brightness of His light. When there is an antithesis such as this there must be confrontation. What most of you don’t understand about me is that I am not preparing for this revolution but I’m being prepared by it. I have Christ presence within me. With Him comes absolute truth. No judge or three letter agency can intimidate me away from this truth. No suffering can bring me to betrayal. I need to see the Son appear for my whole being groans in birth pangs. In the fullness of time Christ appeared to reveal His kingdom of flesh in love and in the spirit. Now out of the flesh and the spirit He will be revealed in power. What we call miracle are to be normal for this bride at this revolutionary time. The body of Christ was holy. The spirit of Christ is holy. The bride is likewise to be holy. It is our destiny to sing “holy,holy, holy.” Out of holiness Christ will do His work. His holy bride, His holy flesh, by His holy spirit the Son will be revealed. Those who don’t understand what significance Christ was during His hour upon the Earth cannot fathom how much more potent His work is now. This is not the hour to shrink back in fear. He is near! No liar, no money changer, no plutocrat, no nation, no work of the devil is safe in their darkness. His revealing light is present, active, and shining through His bride. Dorean is just a small example of what faith and obedience will bring. How much more if we all put on the armor of God? Even in this success I still search my heart. We have a holy God and I know to be face to face with Him reveals my wickedness. In Him is my redemption and in His light my darkness becomes light. As I personally revolt against the darkness within me I must face the same in this world. As He has conquered me with Himself He has made me more than a conqueror in this world. He has to do the same for you because of the fullness of time. Come to the revolution where light conquers darkness. And that’s the truth!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Declaration of War (3-10-09)

When, in the course of human events it becomes necessary for ONE person to dissolve the civil, political, and cultural bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to separation.

There are certain truths that remain self-evident that are outside the relativistic imaginations of men. There are undeniable immutable attributes revealed to creation about their Creator attached to commands consistent. To love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself being a complete summation of human government. All unalienable rights endowed to mankind are freedoms limited to the scope of this form. When men become subject to their carnal nature and assert through the mechanics of despotic power to the detrimental injury of their neighbor they have become lawless even if under the color of law or enlightenment. When righteous men who submit to human government become the targets of persecution by those who claim to be the sentinels of governance, and who suffer evils birthed out of inequity, then prudence requires that truth in love be brought forth into confrontation. Peace and harmony having already been abolished by tyranny must be acknowledge as a righteous cause held out for a future hope under the pains of war.

The war is spiritual in nature. The battlefield being the hearts of men and the soul of a nation. The line of demarcation is drawn between those who submit their wills to governance and those who will subject all wills to governance except their own. It being well said that a prince who can govern himself is truly a King among men. The Creator is not a figment, a fiction but is the God that is there. Because He is there and has spoken to man in propositional verbalization we are bound to obedience or shackled in rebellion. Loyalties and duties assign to the placement of the soul’s flag. His banner shall be over us in love or our banner shall be over others in hate. Today as in Joshua’s day we must declare war on a race in rebellion and within our own hearts say “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Love is all things spoken of in I Corinthians chapter 13 which cannot include conscientious objection when history has set the stage for the war of good verses evil. Love and truth both mandate only one response, to declare war on that which is destroying our neighbor. The commands of God are our battle cry and love and truth are our weapons. Equipt with such a holy mandate we face the frauds of this world and say “I come against you in the power, might, and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.” If necessary I will fight for the life of my neighbor until the death. For to die is gain and to love God is life. To God be all the glory, honor, and praise, in this day and forever more. AMEN! Signed: KURT JOHNSON

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Revolution VIII (3-15-09)

Another gift to this Philadelphian church age is the key of David. David was a man after God’s own heart. This is the key to the bride. Her heart pants after her lover. (Song of Solomon chpt. 3) This world currently is offering a kaleidoscope of seduction wooing men to the beds of adultery in a pantheistic idolatry of the imagination. There is no fraud here for a whore does not behave like an adoring faithful wife and no amount of twisting the meaning of words will cover the heart. Men though they claim otherwise will always have a heart that longs for love and is bruised by betrayal. You and I in the midst of Dorean are making the choice what bed we will lay in. Whether over money, loyalty, culture, morale, law, family we make the choice of the placement of our love and affections. I cannot make the compromising choices I’m accused of without moving further into the seductions of this world. That is why you can know my critics are ignorant liars who have made a different bed than my own. If I was a self centered cheat out for money why did I not behave like Madoff? Why do I continue to challenge your hearts as well as my own? I was not ignorant to the risk of trial. Remember I made it clear to you I had been through the system before in California. Only a retard would not take the 7 year deal unless more was at stake and the choices were more than personal. It is more than personal as to stakes but the choice was personal. I had to choose faithfulness or adultery. I had to choose duty and honor over comfort and accommodation. I had to choose between love and hate. I had to choose sides.

The revolution of truth is upon us and our choice is to be made. Will you recognize the choices you are making identify your loyalties. The world has been brought to the confrontation of truth and the consequences are severe, love, grace and marriage or adultery, betrayal and wrath. Put it off ‘til tomorrow; not possible tomorrow is already here. Whatever bed you make you will lie in and only one is a blissful marriage bed.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Revolution VII (3-15-09)

We have come to a place in world history where words no longer have meaning. Regression into hedonistic freedoms is labeled progressive. The fundamentals of truth are attached to the self-righteous, hard hearted fundamentalist so that they can be ignored. Liberal theology claims to liberate but its liberation is from any mooring that keeps us tethered to our Creator. Enlightenment has brought with it moral darkness. As tragic as this may be I do believe that this was God’s doing. He has allowed men to come to the end of their reason, to that total void of malcontent where they had hoped to find their Xanadu. What Nimrod and his horde at Babel attempted to accomplish in physical form this generation is doing in mental ascent. They have thrown off God and any accountability toward Him with the delusion of enlightenment that holds the propositions that man is inherently good and with advancement in his reasonable education you can rid this world of evil. All of this has long been proven false yet it gets repackaged and reintroduced into culture at varied venues. My experience is the most intelligent, educated, and powerful display the greatest evils. It is at the height of this lie God will reveal His bride, the visible church. It is at the height of this lie that the truth will be boldly proclaimed by the bride. It is at the height of this lie that Christ will return. Yet man even against his fear but subjected to his pride will rise up to fight against the Lord rather than repent and kiss Him. (Psalms 2)

The church age of Philadelphia is given a certain revelation of the Christ, their groom. His is revealed as the Holy and true. These are His attributes that will adorn His bride in this age. We as the visible church will make our stand in this world, in this age, for God’s Holiness and His absolute truth. Put Dorean in this context and you’ll have an answer to the silly question posted here from time to time: “why this religious talk, what’s that got to do with anything?” It has to do with everything. If men were not lost in moralistic relativism we would not have a federal reserve, a duplicitous government, a mortgage fraud crisis, or self-righteous “Christian” critics who accommodate to this culture condemn any who stand for truth against the lying crowds. We would know the meaning of the word “love” instead of using it in varied monikers of self indulgence.

We have come to a line of demarcation, a watershed, where in the closeness of our culture we must make the choices that when coming to their end will leave us worlds apart. This is no easy task for the world will hate you. Your existence reminds them that Christ’s way of redemption is real and that their delusions are hopeless. Will you put on your wedding attire and bring honor to your beloved or compromise to get along. As for me I would rather honor the Groom at the expense of my reputation and 25 years of my life than to be a sellout at the expense of my soul and my individual display of victory, truth, and holiness in the collective testimony to this world of the bride honoring her husband. A thousand times over I accept what Dorean brings without regret. My hope in the potency of my Husband and the significance and timing of His work is that my sacrifice is not vanity. He will make use of my life for His testimony. How about you?