Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Ride (March 22, 2008)

The BoP has me on a fast track to be moved. If they have their way I’ll be on the outer edge of the 9th circuit like Montana. The bad news is it is a punitive expression of a tyrant but the good news is others including reporters can now visit us. I know that it is normal for a man to be crushed and to go and lay down as they say. If I was that kind of man I would have made hundreds of different decisions. I was called to this battle because God wanted someone who got stronger under pressure. There are a few out there who think they have the silver bullet of procedure to deal with the lawless. I know most of them and am skilled in them better than most. What you are failing to see when you use you’re A-B logic is that this is a work of the spirit. This is not a battle of the mind or wits but a battle of opposing kingdoms. The spiritual things are not obtained by the flesh. The flesh must come alongside the spirit to do the work but it is not the origin of the work. This is what you discerning spirits know concerning me. I have and continue to follow the spirit. Do you really think two nobodies can defeat the banking/political cartel in the flesh? This is foolish thinking. One man though in the spirit can cause a mountain to be thrown into the sea. Where is your faith? Mine gets inspired by the hostilities of the devil. This is evidence of prevailing and victory. All his energy is poised to cause the psychological shift of the will from faith to fear. This is the devils’ fear in desperation. This is spiritual warfare 101 and not deep revelation but still the retards can’t see it. The deep that calls unto deep is not survival orientated but an aggressive pursuit for territory. It is not about what I must defend but what the devil must defend. I am not at threat of loss, he is. Jesus Christ is a ruler endowed with power and possessed with all authority. Do you really think Judge Alsup is the first man in history able to defy God’s will? It’s time for your faith to mature to the spiritual facts and to put away the soul’s trust in the flesh. Those to whom the uncreated regenerated life has been given know I speak the truth. Can you honestly fear for me or deny your hopes from my work because of what your eyes see? If so, how, without the spirit of God rebuking you? If I wanted to doubt I would have to embrace rebellion. How can I rebel away from one who has loved me so well? How can you? Houses and mortgages are big decisions in this world, but trusting God for your existence is not of this world. You will all see soon enough with your eyes what the spirit is saying but faith sees it now and comforts the soul. Be comforted as I am comforted, Jesus still reigns. Amen!

The Sentence (March 22, 2008)

The sentence has been passed. Everybody has now made this choice on whether to believe the lie or the truth. Regrettably wide is the path to destruction is a truth proven again. What I love about God is that even now when He is justified to hold all men on account for the choices they have made, He still remains merciful. I can relate to that moment of anger He had on Mt. Sinai. Yet Moses was able to reason with Him about His mercy. As I went to the throne in prayer, I was reasoned with by the Spirit about mercy. You would think I should pout and pitch a fit about justice, but I am moved by His mercy. His mercy exceeds His justice which is what Romans chapter three makes clear. There is now a new righteousness apart from the law. When I am confronted by His mercy upon evil men how can I not believe He has mercy for all the families being devastated in the mortgage trap laid by the bankers? God sees and is concerned. That is what religion has to do with the mortgage business. Don’t fret about the sentence, it is meaningless. Even if I am forced to do the entire thing God’s hands are not tied. Most of you don’t know what a privilege it is to live in Christ. To live a life not possessed with the agenda of the devils on our soul I do know this and care not whether this world comprehends such a state. I can boast from there that I am well loved and that I have no fear. What I encourage you to do is while your trials are trivial in comparison to mine, find the same hope and peace. What God will do with me is a trusted event for my heart. I’m not certain my peace and knowledge is transferable. I do think it is individually obtainable. I want to recommend a book series called “The Spiritual Man” by Watchman Nee. This book written before I was born will confirm that I have lived and spoken the truth to you. This is a challenge even to some of you retards who at the moment are glorifying in evil but don’t have a peace about it. Scott from Vineland needs this desperately. Perhaps your start was legitimate but like the Galatians you have been bewitched. Hate me if you will but it is the spirit of Christ in me calling you out. Your hate and rejection is evidence of your need.

To my faithful brothers and sisters remain in prayer, our work is not finished. I imagined this as the ideal time to reenter the marketplace but God in Ephesians makes it clear that he is abundantly and exceedingly above what I can think and imagine. Sentencing was not a day useless to the work God is doing. Actually much revelation came to me about what God was doing. My understanding is increasing not my confusion. This should always be the case in the walk of faith. Is it the case with you? Should I be concerned when the devil calls me a liar or when he accuses me of telling the truth? I’ll take my blessing. Evil has an end and God’s plans shall prevail. Find your place. There is still work for my hands to do and I will not be slack.

Easter (March 20, 2008)

Easter is the day that justifies all our hope in vindication. Even if no in this life a final vindication is promised where truth is a settle matter. No more retards to contend with. Even though my eyes can’t capture all God is doing it does not mean He is doing nothing. At every turn before the why question can be formed it is answered. The next day in the mail God made it clear He had more on the horizon we couldn’t have been aware of. This change is a blessing never considered and never revealed before. If the resurrection is not a statement that God can be trusted, nothing is. Death our greatest fear defeated by the promise of God’s word. Do you really think a corrupt judge is a concern? You will see that Mr. Alsup’s evil is our greatest friend. All the traps he has laid will be his undoing. The patient son can allow God to do His work thoroughly and completely. Our prayers have been heard and God is our advocate. There is apparently still some dishonor yet for the Lord to collect. His timing maybe a mystery but it most certainly will be perfect.

As I contemplate our next moves there lies before us a path that could always be interrupted by resurrection power. If not we follow Holy Spirit guidance. Our next move will take about 90 days. The appeal is a slow process. The record can take up to 120 days to go up to the court. Then a briefing schedule invokes from here. This is probably another 90 days. Then they can take 6-9 months after briefed to decide. I will remain diligent to prevail. Anyone who knows this system knows the district courts are bullies. We got bullied but not beaten. I don’t care that path I take, God is my refuge. I have no regrets and enjoy the work of God in my life and yours. Thank you faithful ones. Don’t worry about the retards they can never know what God is up to. I follow what I hear. He who speaks loves me and is faithful. I hope you all had a great resurrection celebration. As I was writing this Scott and I were put in the hole and are permanently separated. We are both willing to bear our cross as brother or individually. Keep us in your prayers. We are strong but we also desire to remain strong. They intended evil against us they will not be able to perform. Remember the critics have no peace when their lives are peaceful, but we have peace in turmoil. Who do you think knows the Lord? I’ll try and keep you informed. The government threatens us with another civil litigation, we shall see. Until then we shall trust.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sentencing (March 19, 2008)

My last blog was how I truly feel about all of you and what I think important. For those of you with the faith of Jesus Christ I remind you of His power while the retards glory in their revilings. They think they are oh so smart because their eyes are the great interpreters of spiritual warfare. Sentencing was a great moment for us. As I told you in a past blog there are seven stages a man must pass through in his trials. The fifth stage was judgment. For us this stage began in August and ended on March 18th. The next phase is peace. Now how can the world comprehend this phase? They are thinking I'm getting deserved punishment and that I should be crushed. Wrong again, I am already experiencing peace. Why shouldn't I? I did the work given me faithfully and God has always proven himself faithful. I presented the gospel, remain courageous, and suffer for the kingdom's sake. Will I find justice in this life? I know this is a very important question but should it be asked? I'm not concerned with the answer because I've found mercy and that is too sweet to desire something inferior. We had to listen to a hypocritical windbag tell us we have no respect for the law. This is a known fact of which I do not dispute. There is no way to win my respect away from God and His laws by the opinions and contracts of dead men. God is alive and His precepts are binding. None other are. Mr. Alsup on the other hand believes and finds his purpose in these laws and yet he does not obey them. Who is the lawless one? If he obeyed his laws he would have dismissed instead of giving me 25 years and Scott 22. The reason not more was because he now agreed with me that no financial institutions were factually before the court. A confession also made by the prosecution upon the record. This means the acquittal motion denied after trial must be granted. Is he honest enough for this? Of course not. Punish, punish, though I have no legal right to. This is lawlessness. This is what I testified against with the truth of the spirit. Repentance was offered and again refused. The devil again disguised himself under a false righteousness and all the retards say amen! Few know their God and it is my pleasure to serve you in my calling. Be at peace as I am at peace. Babylon is fallen and faith can function timelessly as it appropriates whatever it needs from the past or the future. I will discuss the practical work before me, what my hands must do in the near future. What I desire for you all now is that you take comfort in our Lord. For in weakness we are made strong. It is a great blessing to be tried and to have a clear conscience that approves you before God. I wouldn't want it any other way. In loss one discovers their gain. This is where revelation begins. It is a paradox that is never experienced by retards who live for themselves through fear. When God makes this kind of call on your life it is for good. Don't let the comfort of the body or the desires of the emotions rule your spirit but let the spirit of the man rule with the help of the Holy Spirit. This is how the world will know that it is condemned. Keep this witness for it is precious. I will keep the blog going though I may reduce the postings for practical reasons. I can tell you that faith never lets things take their own course. Don't be surprised by sudden changes.

Monday, March 17, 2008

You Are Loved (March 8, 2008)

Now that we have arrived at our starting blocks I thought it was a good time to tell you of how much you are loved. One of the most amazing things about Christ is His aggressive love. I have called many of you "retards" of which I feel justified, but that is not what I wish for you. What I attempted to do was to live the life of faith before all of you so that you would have a real-time example relevant to your trials and concerns. There have been clients who have been convinced I am a crook. There have been shit starters who have no interest at all. There have been well meaning ignoramuses. All have been used by the devil and were full of themselves. If I were to be full of myself I would condemn you and justify my hatred, I am not full of myself but the Spirit of God dwells within me. I am not a superhuman or one who can boast in my abilities. I can honestly say that without the constant faithfulness of the Holy Spirit keeping me focused in faith on His work I would have been crushed. My reliance on this strength and its potency was why I contended with all of you. I became convinced that God's love and provision was a holy retort to all the sad, selfish, and soulish chatter I saw from you. It was also displayed to me as the only real insurmountable weapon that could conquer the evil in you, in me, and in my captors. God wants us all to come to the full knowledge of His goodness and His grace. Look how hardheaded all of you have been. If God allowed you to have no discomfort or misery in your lives you would be blind enough to consider yourselves blessed in your evil nature. Truly it is a kindness of God to rattle your life and to place an honest voice of contention to war against the death you have grown accustom to. I was tracking with the Lord very well before Dorean and during the entire Dorean experience. I am not a recent convert to the faith because I am a sinner looking for acceptance among people. I have walked in Christ for 32 years constantly offending this world. Your imaginations of getting along in this world and pleasing God is pure vanity. This is an impossibility. God made this demand upon me by obedience. I had to set aside my authority, my knowledge, and my desires, to allow Him to perfect His plan, His work. I did not have knowledge first. First came revelation and an intuition of the guidance of the Spirit. The knowledge of how important this work was came much later. The consistent theme through all the revelation I obtained was that God loves His people. This nation is a dry land in the spirit at the moment. Great Britain our younger brother is even more so. This is not God's desire and not according to His promises. Not because we deserve revival but because of His great faithfulness He is calling us to a special dispensation of refreshing, I can say in honest judgment that you retards need His refreshing. You have the spirit of tearing things down including yourselves. God wants to build, to edify, and to bring life. How did your words carry out His desires? What were your works and how did the Holy Spirit collaborate with you in them? Your works and words speak for themselves. God was not in them. I am not your judge to condemn you. Repent is my call to you. Come and taste the water and see that it is sweet. I suffered the most injustice of all of you. You had a champion and a friend in me the entire time but what did I have in you? I served you and the Lord to your reward of ridicule. I thank the Lord that a spiritual man can pass through the valleys of weeping and that there is joy always. The devil is a liar and I have been able to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to prove this truth again today. Resist the devil and seek after the Lord while He may be found. He has done a great work of love for all of us, let us love Him back with our whole being. Put away the retarded reason and let us allow our spirits to use its intuition, fellowship, and conscience to walk contemporaneously with the Lord of Glory. Your sins are a settled matter at the cross but your soul rules your spirits. There has been adequate witness on this blog. God cannot pour new wine into that old wine skin so out of love He forced its exposure by circumstance. Some people are not used to the love that tells the truth. Flattery is what they are used to; I loved you as Christ loved you because I was only along for the ride. Every time my soul cried foul to the Spirit I was encouraged towards obedience and wisdom. I know that what He has done for me and for all of us through me that He loves us all, He has expressed a faithfulness undeserved but so needed. In the model prayer it starts out with Glory to God. I cannot help but be in that place because of the love and the victory. Next we go to the promises of the future which is the home of our faith. Then we acknowledge His authority, our needs, and finally deliverance from evil. This was how you should have contended with your difficulties. Who knows perhaps the time of deliverance could have come sooner if you would have trusted the Lord instead of railing on your advocate. I want to make it clear I have made no enemies in this process. I want all of you to have what I have. That being a clear conscience before God and a spirit quickened by His uncreated life.

I'll close this chapter with the benediction; "Lord turn the hearts of your people back to their God. Lift us out of the cesspool of corruption the devil has orchestrated. Let us not shrink back from the territories you have conquered. Teach us all to walk in a full measure of your power and your grace. You see we all lack love; how quick we destroy our brothers. Give us your love. Let our spirit be daily full of Your goodness and guidance. Make Dorean be sovereign freedom to the masses. The eternal freedom to be Your sons. In Jesus name. Amen!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Without Pause (February 27, 2008)

It has amazed me that men can so shamelessly make their boast in their flesh and call it divine. By what super spiritual gifts do you judge me? You say what does religion have to do with it? Let me take the course of nothing for a moment. I am not an advocate of religion for the record. People are saying that I was a thief and it is only a short matter of time before I get my just reward. How do you come up with "just" in this comment? Is it a religious just? Is it a commercial one? Is your moral ethics the measure? The answer to all these questions whether we like it or not is a religious one. Somewhere along the line your self righteousness was influenced by a creed, idea, example, or something the like borrowed from religion. To me religion is really the self perfecting itself upon God as though your idea of good is an acceptable offering. I think Cain was the first to entertain this thought. The point I have diligently defended is that the real Christ is not the one you soul worshiper's idolized by the same name. I'm not saying you are not good people or that your ethics are flawed. What I am saying is that you trust them at the expense of trusting in the Lord. The irony of this Blog is that I do trust in His voice, tell you so and I am condemned for not doing it. Where have I seen this before? Jesus Himself said He only spoke what He heard from the Father and yet the religious people didn't like His ethics. In fact they took delight in His brutal unjust punishment as an execution of their justice. One thing I've learned in this trial is not to depend on myself. If it comes to the law, banking, common sense, communication skills, or courage I would be willing to match myself against any of you. I am not short of skill or gifts. As a man I do not need to shrink back from any retards. Pride is a two-edged sword. One side strikes humility, the other arrogance. In either case it is wielded by deception. There is a mistake among you so-called Christians that the flesh has some redeemable qualities. This is absolutely false. It is decreed to death and must come to the cross for its death. Even this good ethics crap dispensed here is not part of God's kingdom. Sons obedient, living off the manna of God's word fresh in every moment is the gospel. There is no storing up of knowledge or wisdom. Knowledge puffs up. I share with you honestly the difficulty I experience when walking in surrender to the Lord and your only response is ridicule. Do you not see your arrogance? How many times did you slay the Lord in rebellion? Is your spirit so sensitive that you hear His voice clearly? Are your judgments coming from heaven or from your soul? If the best of your soul is no good how do you find confidence in your words? Without a pause you retards think you have everything figured out. You are so anxious for me to go to sentencing so you can have your "I told you so!" moment. How come God doesn't get an "I told you so!" moment and you think you deserve it? Without a pause you think you see my future but you have never listened to me this whole time. Have I not said I want to get to this moment? Did I not try to get here faster? Do you remember all the ridicule about my guilty verdict attempts? Why am I anxious to get to the place you are anxious for me to go? Have you taken a moment to pause on that question? Of course not. That would mean that you might be quiet enough for just a moment to hear truth, God's voice, and receive a revelation that condemns you. A man's soul under its own reign would have none of this. Give me the moment where you'll believe it when you see it. I have already been there because I see to believe. I heard what God said and your voices are always going to be retarded to me until that moment when your ears and mouths serve the Lord. Silence is golden in that even a fool is considered wise when he keeps his mouth shut. If the Lord Himself submitted to this practice what is your excuse? Put your ethics, self righteousness, soulish goodness, and ignorance about Dorean on pause for a brief spell and listen to the Lord. I promise you will be a different person.

Deception (February 25, 2008)

Deception is a topic many here claim to be familiar with. I would say that this is true not from an objective point of view but from the subjective. I think deception runs off the lips of the retards like water off a duck's back. There is a story in the book of Jasher concerning the trek Abraham took with his son Isaac to the mountain for sacrifice. The biblical account is quite abbreviated. In this Jasher account Abraham finds himself having to cross a brook. As he proceeds it becomes deeper and deeper until it becomes perilous. He has been this way before and there is no brook Out of this question of environment a spiritual discernment occurs and he begins to notice his bearings. Here he calls out to the Lord and rebukes the devil and the brook disappears as well as the deceptive and perceived peril. I find the modern church and the many whacked out "so-called" Christians on this blog to be under a great deception. Here is the problem. Man is of spirit, soul, and body. The deliberation is a function of the soul or personality called a man. The brain is the bodily organ involved. Through this process one can choose noble and good works, ethics that are kind and pleasing to others, loyalty and many other fine and adoring traits. One can even choose to be a "Christian" from a social point of view. What one cannot do is have a relationship with God from the soul. God does not commune with the soul of a man, only his spirit. The spirit of a man was originally designed to be in fellowship but was cut off to death by sin and rebellion. The soul only knows rebellion. When it is in rebellion is subjects the spirit towards its service. It as a usurper is now master. The body is below this and is the basement of our being. Once is rebellion the body with its various lust perverts the soul and becomes its master. The will now becomes servant to every whim of the flesh. This is the accusations of judgments bantered about by my critics concerning me. Those who live by their flesh will always make these judgments because of their corrupted souls. Out of this soul sanctions and justification make evil appears as good. Angels of light out of the activities of the prince of darkness. The spirit is now lost as the subject of the baser parts of a man. When I talk of man's spirit imagine it as ink that God dispenses out of His life. The body is like water that receives the spirit at conception. The soul is the combination inkwater that becomes the unique personality. Neither has lost their properties but through their combination they make a new substance. This soul is what most of you are exposing on this blog. It does not offer spiritual discerned revelation or wisdom. It offers intellectual, emotional, or circumstantial reasoning with the sanction of divine. It is still a rebellious soul and even in a greater tragic state in that it is blasphemous. It denies the truth of the Lord Jesus as the reviver of our spirit man and suppresses their own spirit to the subjection of their soul. The spirit can use reason and the faculties of the soul but its reason comes by revelation outside the man. The spirit of a man can fellowship with the spirit world. If it does not fellowship with Christ it will fellowship with demons. The spirit of a man does not cease to exist it only dies to the life giving spirit the Christ. Scott I will pick on you as the stereotype. You sanction the judicial system. By the spirit? If so tell us how. You sanction the mortgage industry by experience, training, ideas, logic, etc. By the spirit? What are you truly relying upon. The revelation of Christ or your soul? Only when you are honest enough to answer that question will you appreciate how much truth I have dispensed to you. I stand opposed to the crowd and their soulish force because Christ doesn't allow my soul to reign any longer. Even, "I'll believe it when I see it" evidence that you are requiring is soulish. The spirit doesn't work like that at all. When it gets revelation is begins to faithe, trust, at any expense because it reigns over the soulish and fleshly cries of its more base personality. Spiritual people alive in Christ post their comments all the time and are hardly noticed by the enlightened souls. Can that be possible? Only among the deceived.

Absolutism (February 24, 2008)

If I can sum up the constant in the voice of every retard on this blog it is absolutism. This is straight from hell and the soulish heart of a man governed by the demonic. Man is composed of three parts; body, soul, and spirit. The soul has within it the mind, the emotions, and the will. The ethics, good and evil sentimentalities are not tools of God but of a man's soul. The spirit of a man is the gateway to God that was part of the original endowment of life that must be redeemed by the key, the Christ, to relate to God. This is more intuitive. It is an intuition not subordinate to the mind through the soul but finds its reason outside the self. None of you retards judge me in the spirit but condemn yourselves by your soulish judgment. I subject myself to the spirit with all the inherent risk through the faith of Jesus the Christ and you are not pleased. Except of course when I pray for Bruce's wife which any adolescent could figure out was kind. You think because you have some of the facts seen by the light of your eyes you are wise enough to determine what God is doing. This is your stupid, evil, soulish desires being perfect upon God as His will when He has nothing to do with it. The word says that the body is like the temple. If we use the temple as a corollary you can see how a man relates to his God. The outer temple is what has access to the world. It is the fleshly body. It is lived under the light of the sun subjected to examination by all men. The holy place is not like this at all. This is the inner man his personality. This is only illuminated upon by the lampstand of Christ which is the church. No other man gets to examine the inner workings of a man's soul. The holy of holies is an individual journey into the dark places of God's dwelling. You enter here only by the spirit revitalized by the Christ. Once a year the golden sensor which represented faith filled the holy of holies mingled with the blood of Christ and God would forgive and relate to man. It is this place of revelation that is a corollary to the spirit of a man. It is this spiritual man subjected to Christ which can find the power to subject the will of the soul. How can you tell me I'm not in the spirit when you haven't gone into the holy of holies yourself? This place was dark, mysterious and God was in charge. There was no absolutes. No one can ever imaging what God will speak or what revelation He will dispense. My experience is that it will always feed the spirit of a man while at the same time bind his soul. There is no guarantee you'll be given a word that will make this life easier. There will be no getting along in this world. This world is soulish living in rebellion. The spiritual part of a man is also divided into three parts. The conscience, intuition, and fellowship. Again I want to reiterate this is not the same consciousness as the soul, which is the self awareness. This is an awareness of the other and that being our Creator. The fellowship is the dead give away of your behavior and why I can comfortably call you all retards. When a man's spirit is subjected to the Christ and not his soulish will he enters into a fellowship with Christ. This fellowship is consistent throughout His body. It is not cannibalistic upon itself. It does not wish to devour the brothers and sisters of Christ's body. It does not function like the soul at all. The intuition hears the revelation and follows the lead of Christ. The love of God will be the closest thing you can find as an absolute. I say this from our perspective in that His love is bigger than our spirit man and may never be completely known. Therefore it will be a constant or absolute from His perspective but a constant morph of revelation from ours.

All of you retards want the simpleton's world of absolutes. Good things happen to good people. Kurt's a thief, justice requires his punishment. (I'm not going to argue the facts which you are oblivious to since I believe we have already established this relationship between us.) God would never call a man to challenge the bankers with a Dorean type process. The system is flawed but it's the best one going. Christians don't used harsh words like retard. They display tolerance. Greed is behind everyone's mortgage woes. Greed is the only reason Dorean would be founded or a client would enter. Greed is bad!

Your soulish judgments are not honest because a man's soul is not honest. Anyone with any sensitivity in the spirit would know that Judge Alsup is attempting to condemn greed through a greater greed; if your soulish fact collector could be relied upon. The fact is that none of your soulish choices even if diligently executed will net you the wisdom necessary to discern what God is doing. You are living your lives in the outer court before every man with the mere glow of the holy place upon your backs as you turn from God to be His counselor. There is no faith in your comments, judgments, or understandings. Without faith it is impossible to please God and yet you know all the standards He desires of me. Brilliant! Does that scripture about the speck in your eye ring a bell? Of course not, that would take revelation from God Himself which you do not know. Do I say harsh things or do I tell the truth. If I tell you the truth I have been a friend to my enemies and a lover of those who persecuted me. Messiah complex you say! Yes I will admit I have a Messiah complex. It the darkness of the holy of holies I find him complex and me without absolutes. In this regard any who are known by God will tell you what they hear regardless whether it helps them get along in this world. They have heard it through their spirits revitalized, sensitive, and in fellowship with Christ. They know they are being loved and not being judge. I guess you might say they absolutely know the difference.