Thursday, June 24, 2010

Appealing Thoughts 3-29-10

I recently completed the supplemental brief which should be filed on or about April 1, 2010. This represents the completion of what we thought most relevant to raise. The appeal process is a very tricky process where one can talk too much. Literally an appellant without any argument from the government can affirm his conviction. A civil society truly would not promote a system like this. Those who say it’s the best in the world and think it fair are sheltered and na├»ve. But with the Lord’s help even two nobodies like Scott and I can prevail amidst the perilous traps. This brief was sent via email to the lawyer so it can easily get posted on this site if you’ll find it interesting. It is cutting edge at this moment. A timing I believe was under the providential control of the Lord. There are basically 2 arguments. The statute is void for vagueness as applied and a speedy trial violation on the indictment. Even Bill Julian could get his conviction reversed with this argument supplemented with the fact 1,349 cannot stand alone without a predicate offense. Unfortunately for Farral and Dewey they pled out to charges different than our indictments so none of these arguments are relevant. I sent this email to a few clients who can confirm its content and origin once it is posted. My opinion of briefs even my own is they are just a practice of judicial masturbation. Truth, justice, integrity, are not the virtues available in a system of witchcraft. Pretend, mysticism, conjuring of spells in the recognized language. When a favorable ruling comes down I can promise you it will have absolutely nothing to do with the merits of the case. That was Alsup’s job to obtain a trial irrelevant to any real facts. The appeal process is a separate bottle not about facts but procedure. Did we pressure enough error in the procedures to survive Alsup’s machinations of evil? We shall soon see. The oral arguments are set for May 10, 2010. The court can rule anywhere from 2-9 months after this date.

Democratic Tyranny 3-20-10

There is a folly upon the lips of men, that shows their foolish hearts. As though numbered crowds can decree truth, ignoring the lie made obvious in our youth. We are new among the living, yet, our eyes can see we shall not remain for there are more graves than houses for dwelling and the absent share the secret they’re telling. Death is the tyrant infesting the living and democracy is his voice for wide is the path leading to destruction while “the living” is a misnomer of seduction. Listen to the promises every election cycle, read the judicial opinion as codes, they are laws material benefits are given eternal significance by religious oration and philosopher’s wax eloquent on the meaningless meaning of life in contemplation. Death cast his vote upon every man and has poisoned all alive with his bitter sting, but one resurrected into victory and the few who claim their truth joyously sing. Sing of truth, of knowledge, and of all possession of life, sing of the defeat of the democratic tyrant and his strife, sing like a beloved, chosen, cherished wife for her husband is the giver and champion of life.

Another Victim Of Victor 3-09-10

Someone wrote that they lost their house to a Wells Fargo foreclosure even though they were making their payments. Also they expressed that they were my victim. I would like to say to you that your desire just to live a peaceful existence without any troubles is a utopia vainly imagined. First you claim to be my dupe and second could not defend yourself against an unlawful foreclosure. I am not picking on you for your state saddens me but you must recognize that in 5 years of exposure to myself and Dorean you have progressed little and your sentiments are all retreat. You will not find the repose you seek for predators will always find you. I do ask that you don’t give up on me so at the end when I am given opportunity to complete my work you will have saved all the information on what’s transpired so I can deliver you. I am not a dupe of the government or Wells Fargo. Each of them I fear none I respect their power and cunning but they have seriously underestimated Scott and I. I do not boast in us but I have seen what simple men of faith accomplished in battle. My prayer for you is that you will shun away from foolish thinking and ponder what happened to you in light of what God desires to bring to you. Then you will understand better where joy and rest can be found and will not see yourself as a victim but a victor. Please, please, please be a good steward of the records and I will use them with my victory to secure yours.

Courageous Ridicule 3-09-10

I truly wonder at how people can ridicule my courage in this battle. Is it really wisdom to say the government never loses? In whom do you place your confidence? If you know God can you doubt His victory. Perhaps the human element, Kurt’s weakness is the factor of your concern. So God is strong just incompetent. He lies when He says His strength is perfected in weakness. Almost every time He delivers His children the enemy is confounded. Look at those notable quotes and you can see our enemy completely had their wits about them. Their intelligence was completely lost in moronic behavior. David knew victory over a lion, that gave him confidence for victory over a bear, that gave him confidence for victory over a giant, that gave him confidence for victory over a king. This is not my first rodeo and my confidence is well seasoned by a food whose course always leads to victory. Now if you lack at patience is wagging your faith then your arrogance has blinded you to the ways of God. God will be your servant in love but never a slave to your will. If you like to look at life through your expectations try looking at the expectations of God’s enemies. Then maybe a few lions, bears, giants, and kings will enter your vision. As for me and my house we continue to trust the Lord.

5th Year Psalm 3-07-10

How is it your smile lights my soul, your words of love comfort me. I crave your presence and adore your affection, for you oh Lord are a delight to me. My ears hear the music of your words, which causes my soul to dance within me, while your eyes look harsh in truth, they bat with a gracious flame that warms me. Like a true friend every urgent request is heard, and all your resources are made available. No prayer falls empty of promise and no enemy finds your beloved assailable. How good and pleasant are the relations of God though the milk of human compassion run dry. Your child is ever attended and never forgotten, and though they stumble remain the apple of your eye.

The Story Of The Tree 3-05-10

When I was a young man I heard a story of a man who was told by God to go into the forest and preach to a particular tree everyday for 30 consecutive days. This story interested me because it is another stupid request by God. I am familiar with why does God ask a man to preach to a tree? If you want me to practice my oratory skills why not in front of a mirror, or a group of people where valuable critique could surface? What value could there possibly be with a dumb tree? Sure it is a test to see if I will trust you but a silly trust. The man was confronted with this silly test of trust and went faithfully to that tree and shared the gospel. At first the silliness got the better of him and his word were very anemic. But after a few days he thought if God wants that tree to know the gospel then I will do my best and that tree will be the best informed tree in the forest. I have had this kind of resolve overtake me in the midst of silly exercises. Also the children of Israel were brought to a silly tree. At Marah a pool of water in the midst of a desert journey was easily the center of their hope for survival. But as Marah declares the water was bitter, undrinkable, and no hope at all. These people who had the great miracles of deliverance under their belt of experience had no room or expectations for this kind of disappointment. What kind of God would lead them to such a death as this to die dehydrated in the desert. It must have been a silly God to their imaginations. And their complaining rung of this idea. But God was more silly than they could imagine. He was not going to continue to escalate His miracle performances like a climatic actor, now He wanted to be known. He wanted to be trusted. He pointed Moses to a silly tree and said throw that branch into His water. How is bitter water made sweet by a stick? Could you imagine that? Nor could I. An angel coming down with vials of cure landing upon the waters must have been more to their expectations. Then there was another tree formed into a cross. The silliest tree ever imagined. How does the king of kings save a lost world by hanging on that tree? Yet Jesus did not think it silly and was eager to risk to that occasion. As we know now, no tree turned out to be silly and trusting God always proved fruitful. Unbeknownst to our tree preacher was a broken hearted man who had given up on society and was dwelling in the forest just beyond that tree. On the 30th day he revealed himself and wanted to know Christ. His life and heart were redeemed. Why didn’t God tell our preacher there is a man living in the forest I want you to preach to but he will not stay if you reveal knowledge of Him so I want you to pretend to be preaching to that tree? Would he have not been all the more eager with joy to go? Yes, but God’s way produced the fruit of trust in both men and revelation that caused it to remain. God’s ways may be silly at first thought but trust will reveal otherwise.

Bring It On 3-04-10

Jesus is a champion’s champion. Before He rises up in John 14:31 He acknowledges His enemy in verse 30. I love that spirit in Him and how it is imbibed into His bride. The enemy identified, the battle clear, the will of the Father known, the love of the Father certain, “Let’s rise” explodes from your spirit. This is the best way to describe what happened to Scott and I when Alsup identified himself as His enemy. No fear entered only a “Let’s rise” to the occasion. I do not sit in judgment of my co-defendants, let them judge themselves. But I know the spirit that possessed me was the same as that which possessed Christ in this text. Never would my love for the Father allow me to compromise with a love for self. I know the courage Christ displayed was founded on a complete trust in the Father’s care. It is the same today. As a man I could never fathom the needs, pains, or sufferings of every client but surely God knows and factored that into his plan. Is it not wise for me to give myself over that plan? Shrinking back doesn’t seem to reside tin this place of confidence. God will deal with the enemy and I will deal with God in trust of His loving relationship. Cowardice robs so many of the precious knowledge only obtained in this course. I suffer to human eyes but the eyes of the spirit envy my blessings. I abhor the cross for it’s evil but I know what can make a man rise to the occasion. When you do you’ll say “Bring it on.” Then you’ll understand Samson’s riddle. For the fierce lion that attacks fills your spirit with something sweeter than honey.

A Champion’s Comforts 3-02-10

Many of you have noticed my courage, compassion, and consistency. Many of you have mocked. My ways are not my own but Christ who lives in me. I’m the book of John chapters 14-17. Christ is very much the comforter. He says so many wonderful things about the relationship He established for men in love. I can picture the Lord knowing the times of the spirit and the great work before Him. He’s sitting wanting to take these moments to lavish loving and comforting words upon His disciples. He touches on the timing and is inspired at the end of the chapter 14, verse 31. Knowing His time is at hand He is eager to do God’s work regardless of the pain and suffering. It hits Him “Let us rise and go.” I now picture Him standing but collecting Himself from that moment of courageous obedience and realizing He still has a few moments He continues His comforts of love through chapters 15-17 then in 18:1 marches off to battle. I know this place from public speaking your passions are hot for two important tasks. You pace and engage the people doing all you can to dispense the truth and engage their understanding. Also you know as much personal joy you gain by comforting others you must divorce yourself from that task to face your battle. That is the spirit that possess me. I cannot shrink back from the work of God even though I would have liked to stay with you and comfort you out of your fears. But it will not be comfort that delivers you, it will be my courage and trust in the Lord to finish His work. You have your words of comfort and your assigned champion. Can you rest in the Lord’s provision? That is an individual answer. The champion did not stay gone for long. When He returned His words on the other side of God’s work completed also completed the comfort. Trust in the Lord’s model He has not changed.
Notable Quotes Cont.
Brigid Martin Sentencing: “Because we did not allege and have the jury make a finding on whether or not a financial institution was defrauded here.”

Condescending 2-25-10

This is a word that expresses a movement of one superior to the inferior. I’m not sure the movement is anything but benign. It is the will or heart motive behind the movement that is most telling. We have all faced people of superior position who guarded their standing with pride or jealously. Worse than that is one who lacks any real superior standing except for their perception who tries to own this movement. What I opposed on this blog was the arrogance of these perception idiots. It was so easy for them to rise up in judgment and to condescend in pride. The condescending practice from these is the same as reaching down to secure the inferior to assure there can be no faltering when the inferior is stepped on to elevate the other. Many wrap this in religious robes and call it holy. But it is not the practice of God when they attribute it to but is the way of their father the devil. God in Christ left His throne not to step upon creation but with a reach full of love condescended Himself with power to lift and love to elevate. You must ignore Christ to miss this truth. I know this thought may have never crossed the mind of my superiors, but what if God caused Scott and I to suffer as a vehicle of God condescending to elevate others. Why have there been every opportunity to elevate ourselves at the expense of others? This temptation will not cease with victory. It did not cease for Christ at the cross for through His body in every variation He makes a stand not to condescend in power of pride but the power of love. This battle is wrought in the inner man so there is only circumstantial evidence by which judgments are cast. Yet the devil’s agents are never slowed by this evidence deficiency. Their judgments are harsh and their tongues are swift. Perhaps others who knew their standing and have experienced this loving condescension through Christ and His body are possessed with a real factual evidence to ponder with gentle reflection and slow tongues. It is my hope knowing Christ’s style you can interpret if in the circumstance of Dorean and in the hearts of Scott and I. Let us leave off this wicked condescension for the self-righteousness witches and their irreverent courts and love one another as Christ has loved us. Can we be known by anything else?

Save Me And The Conversation 2-22-10

As I’ve said the save me prayer is arrogant and flawed by all the character of a sinner’s nature. But that does not mean all save me prayers are about a justified expression. Here is the thing about God bring a plural personality, a singular being, and a unified will that as a character trait sets the doctrine of His kingdom. The bride of Christ has been invited into this being. To relate as He has always related within Himself. The body of Christ copies this relationship in that there are many personalities, one body or being, and a unified will. If the save me prayer should come from one of these personalities in relationship without a violation of the being by usurpation of the unified will then it is a factual part of relating Jesus said the save me prayer under these conditions. His personality was not excited about the suffering before Him but His spirit was joyed by the direction of the unified will. For Christ not to relate His concern would be disingenuous to an honest loving relationship. If we find ourselves in trial not liked to which deliverance is a desire a save me prayer is appropriate to the standing of servant and Master. But if the desire of the Master should say “my grace is sufficient for you” the will must rein in your spirit. Then as Christ, an addendum must attach to your save me prayer, “not my will by thy will be done.” Many times I have expressed my prayerful desire to be done with this trail but always this expression was not a dictate twisted out of a faith lever to move God but from one trusting his lover enough not to omit the truthful expression of them self. We were invited into God through Christ to be at liberty to our true selves, naked without shame. Completely free to relate. This save me prayer has been thoroughly answered in Christ which is ample evidence that we can have a desire but still surrender our will. The deliverance and victory at the end of this course will always impregnate your spirit with joy and courage far superior to the momentary suffering one desires relief from. So if you know of your deliverer and His salvation pray for me also for our answer is trustworthy.

Save Me 2-19-10

This is the substantive montra of just about every prayer to touch the ears of God. If people would stop to analyze this prayer they would see that it rocks with all the flaws of our selfish nature. I can only imagine how many clients sent up prayers during foreclosures, loss of job, Dorean troubles. Oh that people would come to know the trustworthiness of God and His love towards you. Christ showed this when His prayer was for God to be glorified not salvation from a cross. This was the model for Scott and I. We could have spent all our time focused on prayers for deliverance but God’s glory forced upon us the course we have taken. I know to the sinners it appears I am getting my ass kicked and that I am being punished. Even friends have fallen prey to the devil’s interpretation. But I can say I have never been more blessed than I am this day. Only those brave enough to say “unto you do I commend my spirit” know the joys of surrender to God’s care. He is God and from that vantage point making all things work together for good to easy work. The arrogance of a “save me” prayer is it is faithless. God is your servant to the dictates of your will. You trust yourself and your idea of good. You remain in control without trust. As soon as an exit or possible exit appears you jump on it and decree it God’s will. How many choices in this trial can you imagine Scott and I faced to lead us to a quicker exit? There were hundreds but our surrender to Christ and our desire to see Him glorified made obvious our course. Could I fathom the nature of the course? No way but then I’m not God and the course is not my job. Much of my boosting, expectations of victory, and hope for you are founded on my experience of trusting God in prior trials and the awesome love by which He loves His children. Alsup and any army He can raise are the least concern for man lost in God’s care. His power is extinguishable and God’s ways are distinguishable. I don’t’ need to be saved I was saved long ago in Christ. What I need now is to see m savior honored. This happens as a matter of course as long as I stay on it. When this is finished many of you will recall how you failed in trusting God and yet even with you as an enemy He still placed servants in your stead to suffer what you were unwilling to do and saved you. That is an awesome love that one day you’ll discover is trustworthy. Then “save me” will sound as foolish as it is.

Angry God Alternative 2-17-10

As opposed to the solitary deity of idolatry you can imagine Pantheisa such as the Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Hindus etc. The problem for man is the deciphering which God deserves what loyalties. If one’s life is indebted to a creator, a fertility God, a game God, an agricultural God, a weather God and the list goes on what alms go where? These gods being equal but not unified are given over to competitions and petty jealousness. How do you have clear lines of demarcation when your herds prosper under good weather and abundant crops to feed them. This collective of gods still leave you with an angry God though you can deceive yourself that the one whose blessing and favor appear can be an advocate to the angry one. Every approach is trepidations and dreadful. No relationship is ever contemplated only appeasement. The simplest version of this is Ying-Yang for the lost generations depicted in cartoon through Mad Magazine as Spy vs. Spy. Each side is equal and one is good and one is evil, presumed to be black and white. But when you have equality in opposition there is no advantage or anything superior. Good cannot triumph over evil. The best is a stalemate. How creation could occur from a stalemate I cannot fathom. Besides there is no morality in this scenerio because to evil good is evil. If you happen to place your allegence with either rside you will perceive your status as good. You can’t even enjoy the idea of fair since unfair cannot be derived from euality. The forces of Starwars are fanciful impossibilities. No matter the imagination of man in designing his religions or Gods he will always come to God with the limitation of creation. No one could have fathomed the unified one god revealed to man. He is the only possible God that can explain creation, the contradictions in our being, and our relationship to Him. This God is like no other. He is not angry and seeks not appeasement only relationship. Of course the relationship forces a loss of rebellion or religion the two levers of our pride and control. There is superiority, righteousness, truth, that is exclusive, goodness and evil. A real being that can’t be imagined that will be the other of a relationship. There may be many alternatives but there is only one God.

What Crime 2-18-10

I have been subjected to two juries and process and lost 5 years of my life to incarceration. But my question remains “for what crime?” I know what the indictment said and I have heard a lot of noise in my ears about an idea of wrong-doing yet in all this time not one person has put together a comprehensive complaint. It has all been rhetoric without fact or law. Take mail fraud – what is the crime? Using the mails to further a scheme or artifice. A scheme or artifice to break what law? Fraud you say, ok. Fraud as a common law? The feds don’t have common law. Let’s just say it was a common law fraud, who was the victim? Where is the sworn complaint of a personal victim claiming a reliance, a loss of property or money as a consequence of my statements. If you are a client saying I did not provide the service I promised then let me defend. If a “lender” then let me defend. But no, a mere slander feast without facts in on indefinite accusation is enough to make you all judges. Is it any wonder a world so stupid as stampeding its way to hell? Here are a couple of quotes from Blaise Pascul:
“And since man has lost the true good, everything can appear equally good to him, even his own destruction, though so opposed to God, to reason, and to the whole course of nature.”
“If we do not know ourselves to be full of pride, ambition, lust, weakness, misery, and injustice, we are indeed blind. And if, knowing this, we do not desire deliverance, what can we say of a man…?”
“If it is an extraordinary blindness to live without investigating what we are it is a terrible one to live an evil life, while believing in God.”
“If we would say that man is too insignificant to deserve communion with God, we must indeed be very great to judge of it.”
“The just man acts by faith in the least of things,…”
“The law imposed what it did not give. Grace gives what it imposes.”
“There are only two kinds of men: the righteous who believe themselves sinners; the rest, sinners, who believe themselves righteous.”
It is clear by this thinker’s quotes that men are not very good judges and cannot discern justice. Even if I could trust the facts and a real low to your care would you grant me justice? If so why have you been so quick to delight in calling injustice, justice? Truth is exclusive and force and numbers do not convert a lie to truth. You will learn I have never committed or been changed with a crime.

No Angry God 2-16-10

The Christian gospel is not like any religion of men. It does not share the angry God needing appeasement imagined by fearful creatures. It is so contrary that this in itself could suffice as evidence for its divine origin. God is love as John declares it but what does that really mean? Of course God is more than any single attribute but this one is a very unique expression that may be more descriptive than a solitary attribute. The doctrine of the trinity has been argued for eons but what it teaches me is profound. God being a trinity may also be a single attribute but that is not what concerns me. It is the functionality of this attribute as a display of revelation. When I strip God of all creation to imagine Him alone I used to narrow my understanding to power. He is all power. Since creation is the expression of His power it was logical. But if He is somehow one God of varied personalities this strips Him back beyond His power. Power can only be measured by action and juxtaposed to something inferior. That is why creation is a display of His power. But if there is a Father, Son, and Spirit you’ll have relationship even if God is stripped down to His essence. This means that love goes back beyond His expressed power to be a core of His existence. Therefore God truly and thoroughly is love. If he was a single deity imagined by men where would He garner love from. If you strip this deity down to self that’s what you have, a lone deity with all power. Now how can this deity come to the notion to create. He is not one to relate, has no equals, and needs not to suffer inferiors. But if He should choose to create how could it be from love for love does not reach behind His power. So if power is the sole basis of creation, creation would suffer under the angry tyrant imagined in constant pursuit of appeasement. I have tried to relate to an angry wife not wanting a relationship thinking herself superior. This was impossible and led to divorce. How would it not ultimately lead to divorce if our angry God was real. We could imagine sacrificing our children would make Him happy but on what basis could we hope. This God could care less if we existed or not, lived or died. He can’t even view us as a chattel concern because there is no threat of another power to remove us from His government and He could always create again. But the true God created us in love to have a relationship with Him and that changes all ideology and values. It controls His approach to us even through His power. Christ is proof of this absolutely.

Bless You Brother 2-15-10

Balaam knew even in his wicked heart that he could not curse what God had blessed. That is why it is easy for me to bless you. You may humbly say you have done nothing to wrought this honor and point all the glory to Christ. This is wise and true but not the complete story. For it is the faith of Christ that can trust God and confidently say “into your hands I commit my spirit.” It is still your choice brother though supplied with all you lack to surrender your spirit. I have noticed you do this and what a great sight it is. Not just for your honor but to see again in the human condition God made manifest, God proven true. This is a blessed state where your strength is in Him (?? 84). Again it is easy to bless you. I have seen your tears. I heard your groaning. I have witnessed your blindness in the darkness of trial, still your faith did not grow dim. Like the light hidden by Gideon soldiers who with a victory shout smashed that which kept the light hidden. This is your promise and who can prevent it. I have measured the powers levied against you and found them lacking. Do not fret the work of the wicked for in their senseless folly they have brought you God’s promotion. Though you look for trophies of faith and only see the devastations of war you have gained more. For the bosom of the Lord has become your pillow and His lips a comfort to your ears. All you have heard is true and in God’s favor you are known, you are loved, you are blessed. “Bless you brother” I only repeat original words of the throne. You have not yet imagined the treasure within your promises. Oh how you will dance and make music to joy the heavens. Out of the perceptions of forsakenness your soul cries of the truths of God’s faithfulness like Psalms 22, Your witness is true. I say “Amen.” The perfect storm of your deliverance has left the portholes of heaven it shall not return until it has nourished that seed of faith you planted and rained a saturating blessing upon all you can name. This summer storm is for you, is a gift, is God’s way, is God’s exit. Bless you brother.

It’s Been Said 2-14-10

It’s been said
the eyes are the window to the soul.
Yet behind them
great mysteries still remain
the greatness and wretchedness of this man
love and grace, pride, and lust, flow through the same hand.
It’s been said
God helps those who help themselves,
yet what use is this God to the helpless?
Though I can reason right-wrong, evil and good,
my will being servant not master is understood.
It’s been said
love is blind, yet what a silly notion
of indifferences this must be,
for if these mysteries within me can never be known,
then I am darkness, an abyss, an unknown.
It’s been said
all men must die,
yet all I want to do is live.

Changing Appeal 2-11-10

As you have been noticed there is a prophecy that touches on our deliverance that Scott and I are trusting in. The appeal was not fitting within this window so it was not considered. But in recent developments this may no longer be the case. Of course What I’m now seeing is the development of kind of a perfect storm of deliverance. Much had to change just to see this and much out or our control will have to develop perfectly but the hand of this Lord is apparent. I can now say as I have always said in faith that we will prevail but now through my reasons. It is not as if merely an when that confronts us. This is not a lay down where sloth is effective. It is still war but tactical weapons have developed and must be deployed. It is m greatest desire that the Lord will use Dorean as a modern example of His power and effectiveness while proving again trusting Him is warranted. If this occurs it matters not for I am not the defender of God. He is mine. Regardless I have my joy and my proof that Christ is trustworthy. Though the chances are appealing His changelessness is the true delight.

Sitting In Judgment 2-11-10

I have finally discovered in the annals of witchcraft that is called law in this country what crime has been committed against Scott, Donean, and I, and ultimately all the clients. I have been able to from first instance know I was being victimized but was lost in the effects instead of the cause. The tragedy in all this is that all those from Alsap to the fruit inspectors will continue to think a criminal got away with one when this casa is overturned. They are so wise in their judgments that they cannot confess of their own criminal conduct. Still the Lord proves He is a deliverer from wickedness and no hope is blossomed in their hearts and no repentance in their spirit. This is our lot without God. We are criminal injure innocence and then are offended if their innocence prevails. Not one “I’m sorry” will ever reach my ears. Not one “God forgive me” will reach the Lord’s. This case was on the large seals the corruption in each of our hearts where we all sit as judges. The best ending to this story is for all to come to the truth of God and His judgment. Though all the evidence is squarely before everybody’s eyes, blind men will not see it nor cry unto God for His merciful healing.

Trophies Of Faith 2-09-10

Scott and I have discussed many times our desire to return a trophy for our faith. I think this a noble exercise though none of our imaginations came to pass. Looking upon a battlefield and desiring some trophy to say you prevailed for the warrior seems natural. Unfortunately spiritual warfare can have strange rules of engagement. That was the case with Dorean. We were to suffer total devastation and losses of every major battle. This was not as difficult as it sounds. Knowing you have already won the war in Christ Jesus makes the loss of battles more than tolerable, even joyful. But at the end of this exercise is an interesting revelation. Faith is a trophy unto itself. The very battles that caused us to seek a trophy of faith gave us the faith in substance. But faith as precious a gift it is and as glorious a trophy it becomes offers and yields even a greater price and treasure. For the hope of true faith is Christ Himself. To posses Him in the intimacy of a warm and tender relationship filled with love make trinkets of memorabilia completely forgettable. I think arriving at this trophy may very well change forever the way I look at battles in the future. I will know I posses the greatest trophy in advance. In fact I will advance under the banner of Christ Himself, for the battle is the Lord’s. In this light I’m my beloved’s and He is mine and both are the treasured trophy of the other. Isn’t love grand?

Great Power Meets Greater 2-02-10

It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” but I have discovered another mother. Great power is the mother of great domination. I have been exposed to Alsup’s great power and offended him when I revealed to him the relative domination. But have we all not this flow? Recently I felt called to pray for a man, stranger to me. I felt the unction to a specific time and place that this prayer should take place and felt this God’s will. Well, though this guy had a need he did not share the revelation of God’s unction within me. My first response was what arrogance for him to dictate to God time and place. This judgment gave me power over him in that I would not pray for him under his terms. With this great power comes great domination. It is the same practice of all the fruit inspectors who have passed through this blog. When I went to the Lord with love for me and judgment for him I was confronted with the hypocrisy truly I needed to remove the log from my own eyes before I addressed the splinter in his. Besides love desires relationship. Relationships require communication not acts of presumption. I judged arrogance but truly I have no idea of his motivations. What if they are sound? What if he was shy or fearful? Wouldn’t love reach to his weakness instead of crushing him with condemnation? David in psalms 26:6 looks to his own sins and to the Lord. Not to his power. I chose to do the same and resolution and love prevailed. God was honored

Habitual Liar 2-01-10

One thing fasting can teach you is the habits of the flesh. It is amazing how the body rants against this truth “man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” If one spent any time in fellowship with God enough to know His words they could easily recognize that their body was a habitual liar. I am surrounded by creatures of habit. All day I can watch gang members, Muslims, Christians, blacks, whites, Pisa’s, sick, and staff all behave according to fleshly presumptions. None take a moment of spiritual pause to even challenge these presumptions for facts or truth. The 5 senses are the height of knowledge even though they never react the threshold of God’s word. I’ve always questioned out of my farting if my doubts are like the flesh, a habitual liar. As I’ve moved into the intimacy of God’s love relationship many of my doubts have been exposed as frauds. What’s funny is the doubts always turn to the lying flesh for confirmation. Nothing like having a liar vouch for the veracity of your claim. Ironically it is an internal exercise very similar to what has become the acceptable forum of litigation. Liars are validated by rhetoric, worthless and meaningless oaths. Like witches they conjure truth as a recipe of words formatted in ritual instead of context and fact. But truth is a wonderful substance that never changes because it flows from the love and character of a changeless God. Relating to this personality is where truth will expose all liars including the habitual ones. In fact, if one picks up the habit of dwelling with God’s life happens, and that life is abundantly full of truth, a truth that will supply bread for the flesh and the soul.

The Reliability Of Love 1-21-10

In the biblical Greek the word “Agape” was used to describe the love of God. It has been defined as an unconditional love. Though I can appreciate the sentiment behind this definition I consider it too vague to help me comprehend this love. A better definition for me would be a love always functioning within the quality of itself. This love is not object oriented but finds its quality of character from origin or source. Concerning God’s love we now have a love that is always consistent with its source regardless of the object. Since our knowledge of human kind brings us to a conclusion or unmerited conditions from the objective point of view this love appears unconditional. But to ponder this love from the source with the help of revelation from the person of God we will find some conditions. One condition is that it must be of the quality of the person of God. God must be of a nature to which this love is inherent within His being. Love is a quality only relevant to relationships. Therefore this source must have some quality of relationship within His being for this quality of love to be relevant at source before any creational relations. Second the love must be as timeless and changeless as the originator. Third this love of God must possess all the “omni” traits as its origin. It can not be conditioned from within creation but must be conditioned upon creation and present at all time and space as God possess. Last its affections must be “super” to the needs of the object in all the same ways the origin is “super” to creation. One only has to look to the relation between Father, Son and Holy Spirit to understand the conditions, quality, and behavior of this love. Christ as a man could judge this love reliable. Reliable enough to know His prayers were answered, His compassion were sanctioned, and His life was secure. It is this quality of love that overrides my nature which in contrary manner seeks self to be walked off from source and all other relations. This love moves as Christ through me to lavish in the style only known at the source. Prayers are answered, compassions are sanctioned and my life is secure. Are you aware of the reliability of this love? If so does it testify of itself? God is loving to which the many gifts we have received can be compiled as evidence. But the greatest display of this love is not the gifts but the giver. He gave Himself which was all His love “super” to creation, “super” to any need ever to appear.

Proof 1/19/10

There are many proofs of God and His work through Christ. Pascal listed 5 I have shared with you: (1) Morality, (2) Doctrine, (3) Miracles, (4) Prophecies, (5) Types. Each of these Christ confirmed as ways to know He is God incarnate. Many have accused me as having a Messiah complex to which I declared to be false and that my profession was to have a complex Messiah. Though He be complex the nature of love by which He functions can be simply understood. Love is unique in that all counterfeits are easily distinguished by the original. The love of Christ that established His completed work is still active among men today. Men such as fruit inspectors like Pat Robertson say foolish things like Haiti suffered devastation because they made a pact with the devil to throw off the French. This logic is devoid of any real knowledge of God’s love. Every one of Pascal’s proofs is a byproduct of God’s love. It is God supplying evidence of His love to justify your reliance upon its trustworthiness. Christ used miracles of kindness not earthquakes to vouch for His credibility. He said if you don’t believe my words believe the works. Also He spoke of things to come before they occurred. Out of that style of God’s love I now prophesy a miracle made known to me. As you know these blogs have the date they were authored and the date they were posted. On Feb. 20, 2010, a man born with a cleft pallet will be healed. Missing teeth will be restored. This man is a convict who does not deserve this mercy, nor do you deserve another witness that Christ is the Messiah of God. Yet he still gives His proof and still expresses His loving kindness. I will pray for this man. I, who am the least of all my critics, I too am a condemned man unrighteous. No good thing can come from me. I am a fraud and all my motives are suspect. Your judgments are true so then how do you judge this work? Can a wicked man tell you of a good work in advance or heal another wicked man of a defect from birth? If not how do you explain it away? How can I be confident in what I have proclaimed this day? The answer is love. God’s love once understood behaves as love should behave. If one should surrender one’s soul over to the dictates of this love it will gain insight that transcends time and evil. I will not send you reports of how God’s love worked here in prison. Let the works find you. I have my proof and I am confirmed in this love. I don’t have fears that a perfect love cast away. Will you see the works of God’s love entering your prisons or are you too righteous a judge for facts and evidence. God knows we have enough of those for countless generations. Maybe we all suffer a little too much Alsup within us.

7 Feasts 1 Truth 1/19/10

In the Jewish culture 7 Feasts were established as Holy convocations to be observed. Observing these feasts in their type or allegorical meaning reaffirms this solitary truth of Christ as God incarnate. The gospel (good news) message was and is that God condescended to lift a fellow creature into a loving relationship within the Godhead. This initiation is God generated and God executed. These feast established this truth. In the Jewish culture that had a civil new year or calendar and a spiritual new year or calendar. Based upon the selection the order of these feasts would be determined. In the spiritual year Passover is first. Let us use this calendar as reference.
Passover: Is God supplying a propitiation remedy to death. Christ is the fulfillment. God here does the work.
Unknown Breed: This is the type of removal from the sins of man. Christ again fulfills this type by His burial for 3 days.
First Fruits: This was fulfilled by Christ on resurrection day. He rose as the first over comer and the gateway for all who would follow.
Harvest: Pentecost, the Holy Spirit arrives to remind and confirm the witness of the work of Christ. Still man has contributed nothing to his salvation.
Trumpets: Here the blasting proclamation of redemption is heralded with silver trumpets. Now the complete work of Christ with the aid of the Holy Spirit makes its testimony known to man individually and collectively. Revelation happens in upon us. Interestingly this is the fifth feast in our order the number for grace. The gospel revealed is grace to mankind.
Atonement: This is our Sixth Feast and six being the number for man. Finally, the completed work of Christ has been revealed to us through the proclamation of redemption and we enter a valley of decision. Will we accept the loving invitation or reject. Will we take His atonement or face Him as a rebel? If the acceptance occurs our 7th Feast arrives.
Tabernacles: Dwelling with God. Not as creature/creator but in the intimacy of husband and wife.
This has been a very cursory review but a complete analysis would only not you greater revelation that Christ did all the work and any religion that demises or adds to this work. is ignorant of the nature, value, and potency of that work. 7 Feast proclaims the sole message of the goodness that Christ sought you out and made a way of provision to supply all you lacked.

Trust 12-14-09

If there has been any one thing I have desired to inculcate to your knowledge through this display of my life and Dorean in my blog writings is that God’s love is real and His person is trustworthy. Dorean has attracted very powerful enemies. Their evil intentions appear to be unimpeded. This perception can only come to these ignorant of God and His style and plan. The crucifixion under the same perception misses God’s involvement in addressing the nature of sin which destroys us. A loving Creator protecting His creation like parent would a child. This was not a wrath of vengeance but of purification. This one truth exposes all my critics who have judged me by their righteousness not of God. This purification is a foremost thought in all His loving acts. Dorean challenged money frauds. First it was the bonker’s fraud. Then, the moral fraud of the government, and in the clients. Last it challenges the spiritual fraud which causes you to misunderstand your suffering and the overall Dorean trail. If you were trying to get over on the banks your motives put you in check so you think Dorean is a punishment. If you think you’re good you can’t reconcile this suffering to your behavior so you blame me and question my integrity. If you are lazy you don’t study the issues to their logical conclusions and become apathetic and indifferent hoping only to survive the event. If you are well informed you may have concluded by the strength of the enemy you can’t fight city hall and want to distance yourself from the issues. The truth of the matter is everyone of these calculations and their variable are all fraud. The spiritual reality is that God’s motives are not measured by your knowledge of good and evil. He is a nurturing parent, a loyal friend, a brother, husband, and lover. Every relationship runs on the rails of love and trust. We have been created with this freewill capacity and desire so when God reveals His love towards us we can love Him back. Love must have trust. “The satanic presumption is that men and women cannot love God for His own sake.” Jesus showed us perfectly the way of trusting God’s love; “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” Admittedly I did not settle so easily into this peaceful state of well-being resting in a perfected love. But the more you do the more your understanding increases. I can clearly see Dorean as a love gift with many facets. The most important one being a gift of revelation of God’s love. Others are not the truth falling prey to the lie but the truth overcoming a myriad of lies. That His care was not absent through the suffering but the suffering was evidence of very profound care. That none of these events are outside of God’s care for me or the clients. That love always prevails. Oh that you would settle upon his love and pout away such foolish fears and phobias. Don’t take Jesus through your life, take a journey through His. This trust is justified by one extraordinary love proven in advance.

Have It Your Way 12-05-09

Coming into Christ was not that difficult once revelations came. My selfish soul had no problem accepting underserved benefits. No hell; check, prayer listener; check, meet all my needs; check, etc. This toddler of faith seems to be the greatest level of maturity among believers. Look at my critics; they only know a Jesus that will powder their ass. I don’t like Dorean, bitching clients, or my personal sacrifice and suffering. But relationships involve on another. What do they need, like, and desire? I know Jesus, and I love Jesus. Knowing Him and becoming more intimate is my greatest joy. The injustice I’ve suffered doesn’t hurt me as much as it offends me because my beloved hates it. In the federal prison they have a thing called UNICOR. This is a program of slave labor disguised for political reasons and moral rationalizations as a vocational training program. Prisoners for .20 to $1.20 hourly wages work on military contracts. It’s ironic our soldiers are pondered as freedom fighters of righteousness and truth in uniforms made by slaves. The government has a profit incentive to make out bogus crimes, stiff sentences, and hypocritical juridical processes. We all ignore and show these uncomfortable issues because we don’t give a damn about Christ’s interest. Our relationships are all for self-gratification. What I like about the evil that has befallen me is now I truly know what offends my beloved and can now enter into the fray to bless Him. That’s what love does to the other when it comes into contact with things that disturb or are important to their beloved. Stop with this toddler expectations and treating Jesus like some genie. Who cares what Jesus would do (WWJD). If you care about Jesus and what concerns Him the better questions is what would Jesus have me do? The answer for me is simple; oppose injustice, fraud, and with courageous faith diminish and defeat it so it cannot be so easily practiced. Oh, I thank God for Alsup in more ways than you can imagine.