Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Would you trust a snake that bit you (5/12/06)

The antitoxins to the poisonous snakebite is of the same nature. In fact it is a poison to the poison. In math 2 negatives make a positive. The mortgage poison has certain relationships. First there is an asset introduced called a note. Then an agency relationship is created by its transfer. (Not title only possession) Generally some mortgage broker but can include a bank employee. He then creates a trust by deposit with a 3rd party. Now the poison seeps into the bite they just took out of you. The broker agent in his dual capacity conspires with one side to enrich himself and conflicts with your interest. Non-disclosure hides the deposit and successful funding of your financial asset. He now seeks a pledge of property (real-estate) to further enhance his self-enrichment and the assets of his co-conspirator. After pledge also known as a chose-in-action a servicing fee is the next booty. Legal title is then moved to the creditor and equitable title remains vested with the debtor in possession. Of course this is all presumed and not factual. Do you really think it was an accident that Dorean used the same toxins to cure the bite. We used a trust / fiduciary relationship, title change, chose-in-action, pledge and agency. Even Carm Kidd could recognize the fruit from this tree of knowledge of good and evil. The serpentine path had many turns but only one goal.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It’s time to Peel the Fruit (5/18/06)

Fruit was a broker/agent for Mortgage Alternatives a known fraud. They took money for years and did nothing. She then sought that relationship with us but would not participate in training. She is not a client but supplied a few of her old MA clients. This is honorable to seek a remedy for those you’ve hurt even if no intent was present. What was not honorable was to charge those clients a premium above our fee to help them. What do you call that? Profiting from fraud, taking money, or just compensation? Never in an entire year has she let out her dirty little secret. Oh yes you can remove the splinter in my flesh as soon as you remove the log in your eye. MA is not being prosecuted because they did nothing and never will. People can be ripped off and government doesn’t care. That is status quo, but upset the status quo and you are a target. Dorean is a target because we did something not nothing. Your clients also talked with us many times about how you lied to them and that they didn’t trust you. Perhaps one of them would be kind enough to expose you for what you are. Don’t give me your Christian crap. Christ Kingdom is an honest one. You should change your name to they will know me by my peel. You repent and help us help your clients or piss-off. Your voice is a fraud!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

THE CHAMP (5/9/06)

I was pleased to see the champ made it to the site. Our meeting was a divine appointment. One of the things he reminded me of was the mental part of battle. You see converting a contender into an opponent is an art of mental toughness more than physical. Of course being in shape is important but only as a tool for the mastery of another man’s will. There are a few ways to chip away at a contenders confidence until he becomes an opponent. He could hit you with his best shot and not phase you. You could out perform him in skill, power, or endurance. You could hurt his body. You could frustrate him by cheating a bit like low blows, stepping on his feet, or holding etc. It could be a simple stare down. All this is drama designed to cause him to question himself when measured against you. All fights are won this way even the TKO which only delays the mental response by a few seconds. My point here is that fight training is ideal for trustee training because mental toughness will keep you a contender and not a forgotten opponent. Champ is one in the ring and one out. He made that obvious by our discussions. Don’t kid yourselves the government is a skilled professional when it comes to mind or will control. They take the fight out of you long before they bring the fight to you. They will not break us and have already failed with many of their best devices. One thing they didn’t count on is that I’m an expert at the battle of the wills. They so rarely deal with contenders that when one appears he can pretty much have his way with them. Thanks champ for the kind words. Look forward to seeing you again after victory. Keep the fight, you know the game well!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Court Date (5/9/06)

The date was crowded with lawyers and defendants. After ancillary business we were handed the report from the Psyche with the intentions of performing the ferretta hearing. I took a little sidestep that appeared to me too great an opportunity to pass up. As you are aware there is a tremendous amount of drama to sell Court TV as reality. The State provided a witness and an assessment of my mental state and abilities, which is the fertile ground to verify my objective reality in my environment. Against the Judge and prosecutor's objection we managed to get a hearing to examine this witness on the 11th. I will update you on this after the fact but this is my goal; To have a 3rd party expert from the State verify I am a natural human of flesh and blood, a man with a mind that he assessed. The court's goal is to pretend the Strawman fiction is me. They do this by adhesion contract and not answering declaratory questions. I will have their witness lay the foundation for my separation from the Strawman. This petty particular is at the core of jurisdiction, which is the threshold of procedure. I cannot precede under a presumption only a fact. The good news is your trustee's are factually competent.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

V (5/7/06)

I hear there is a movie out there called V is for Vendetta. That it shows the truth through fiction of the Vanity of the Vice of tyrannical government over its Victims. May all learn from these Visions. V also stands for Victory and I like the symbolism of this letter in that two paths are taken from one point. You see Victim or Victor all stem from the same set of facts. It is merely choices of the Vanquished or the Valiant that determine the path. Verbose rhetoric Vacillates the weak while Viral faith recognizes it as Vile. Vast Visits of Vermin does not Verify the truth. Only Voracious Vigilance will get you through this Vortex of Vomit. Verily I say unto you that the Varied path of the V holds the Voice of reason or Vertigo and only you can choose the way you'll go.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Exit (5/5/06)

How could I possibly thank the Lord for so great a deliverance? Many of you have the jaw dropping experience but imagine how much more myself. The speed of the success may give the appearance of easy, which is far from the facts. This was the full energy of the federal government who could get a state (UTAH) to fabricate 10 felonies in an hour, pressure a foreign country, and punish a man without relief. They hardly ever lose, cheat, are unlawful pirates of commerce and do it with intent of malice. Every benefit rest with them. We are not lawyers, pros, or skilled yet God gave us wisdom far beyond our enemy. Many of you loudmouths were not honest in your judgments or professions and that is why at this moment you are without words. I was honest though many promises were unfulfilled. God deserves all of our praises. Christ kept me poised under fire never worried or in fear. This is gifted not of the nature of a man. Christ has proven trustworthy in that He called me into the entrance of this battle with His exit already prepared. Christ had the faith God would raise Him because He promised. This same Christ knew to trust the reliability of the exit because God spoke it and lived that faith through me. That obedience is what condemns all the hearts of evil whether in power or in isolation. May we all learn from the Dorean victory that to follow the Christ overcomes this world and our sinful nature and is the power by obedience to defy the powerful and wicked. Christ will move many to blessing regardless of bankers, governments, armies, media, ignorance or stupidity. I am grateful Christ!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Big Picture (5/4/06)

This will take a little while so bear with me. I am now convinced that even if I disclose to the evil cabal (the bankers and their 3 purchased branches of government) the clever trap God has laid for them and told them how many steps, the type of trap, and the eminent peril, they would be by nature unable to change their cadence and walk right into it. Therefore I will disclose.

At the forming of the Federal Reserve Americans were rich in all manner of wealth from an unimpeded industrial revolution. Thanks almost solely on the sacrificial efforts of President Andrew Jackson. The first manner of business of this new euphoric endless checkbook cartel was to fund WWI. The logic was two-fold, one foreign and one domestic. Domestically 90% of the working class was self-employed. Not good for centralization and control. Foreign agenda was to use the power of the US to break the bank as it were of the other industrial powers and created centralization globally. Great corporations were created by the war effort and employment was encouraged. After the war victory and her spoils were amplified by a flood of inflationary cash. Equities skyrocketed and the individual businessman came under two deadly pressures. He could not compete with the corporations (controlled and legislatively encouraged) return on investment and their great liquidity to purchase him and his competitors. They are successfully moving wealth to a smaller group of privileged, controlled fictitious entities. A perfect setup for an equity confiscation or depression, by the withdrawal of cash from the addicted masses. Under this pressure Government passed socialistic legislation and further destroyed independence. It was now time to fake success of these policies and encourage the people with cash. This time though we’ll disguise the equity run up and transfer of wealth to a smaller group under a war effort. Man can no longer support his family and keep up with the greed so we must encourage 2 worker families. Patriotism is a good motivator. Let’s create a Rosey the Riveter campaign. After the war employment was established over running your own business. Now Gold gas been confiscated, equities depleted, ingenuity centralized and law has been perverted. The all American dream of home ownership is still intact though not on a solitary income. Education chimes in here with the creation of preschools, amoral philosophies, and get a job college degreed dogma. The home equity now falls mainly in their sights. There is still some cash about and this nest egg. The parents of the baby boomers are too conscrevative and less susceptible to propaganda since they lacked education and media exposure. We will set up these boomers. Changing tax incentives to consolidate debt and to borrow home equity plus creating IRA’s, 401K’s, and Keogh’s with easy ingress and egress to capture all the cash. Tighten up the egress and tie it almost exclusively to home equity and this nest egg is under constant assault. Finally I deflate the dollar, crash equities and chase the last liquid wealth into the home. Now for the grab. Inflate prices by importing cash from inflated foreign investors who have no other vehicle that can keep pace with their depreciating dollar accounts. Elevate the dollar, raise interest rates, foreign investors now hold verses spending or investing, crash other safe haven alternatives like the Euro, foreclose on homes and the great land grab is complete. It’s been done first in agriculture, then industry, you’re next.

Now here’s the brilliance of God’s plan. I would say another two years of the current fed policy should really tighten their noose. They have been funneling wealth to this narrow area for decades with full intention of this grab. Here comes divine wisdom through many at this time and aggressively through Dorean to release this wealth through a trap door before the grab. Their own UCC set them up. TILA and FDCPA were to give them minimum punishment in their unlawful aggression and to put a good face on their purchased agents. God took two men below their radar and outside their ideas of danger and provided an exit. The future is the good part. This wealth not being stolen at this time will greatly affect the economy to the positive. Fannie Mae will crumble under the exposure of their giant pansy scheme that had no equity behind their securities. The entire 3 trillion dollar booty set aside for their master is returned to the people. The people who are now full-fledged addicted consumers will go on a spending spree and their policy of high dollar will give us the greatest banG for our buck. They will drive the dollar even higher to absorb this winfall and to recoup their losses from Europe. High dollar and low Euro drives dollars into their markets to purchase their wealth at discount. Europe will have a great recession and this will cause greater division between the US and Britain and them. They will vote Great Britain out of the Union. Enjoy the decade of prosperity headed your way but remember just because they made Europe pay for your debt they have not forgot about you and will turn with fierceness again. The Arab nations will see sinking oil prices and political clout. They will form a 10 Nation union to bolster their market and position. As you can see God is very clever. This has been a mere summary since one could go through legislation, Executive Order, Judicial Opinions and line them up with the corresponding fed policy to truly understand the coordinated effort to corral the people and their wealth into the slaughter pen. Thank God for His mercy and divine intervention for without it we didn’t have a chance. I wrote the future less for you but more to expose to the enemy that what they discuss and plot in secret God declares openly. Even this will not instill any humility or fear. They will continue unimpeded to the plan God has for them because He controls the minds and hearts of men. Oh my $3,000, what about me? Petty Petty Petty. What about you in the big picture? Figure it out! I know what I have to do and when to do it. Then maybe the blind fruit inspector will get a revelation of the real God. Probably not; can a pear tree yield figs? It’s all about the root! I will not comment on the big picture again until I am outside to share with you the many opportunities available to you in this. I hope this snapshot encourages you faithers and offends the ignorant while informing the enemy the shame of their secrets.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Am Jur 2nd 76 331 (5/01/06)

I thought I’d give you a quote and reference for study of my understanding of why Dorean structured our affairs the way we did and why our current trial could not be avoided.


The duties of a trustee are similar to those of a personal representative. A trustee occupies a position of peculiar responsibility, and is selected because of the settlor’s confidence in his diligence, prudence, and absolute fidelity. Thus, the duties of a trustee are the highest known to the law.

The trustee’s action is restricted by an overarching fiduciary duty and courts have held that a trustee’s first or primary duty is to:

• Act wholly for the benefit of the trust, and administer the trust solely in the interest or benefit of beneficiaries.
• Preserve trust assets
• Carry out settlor’s intent

I ask any of you to bring a real charge against me for breach of duty. I have stood up to a government attempting to dress the whore bankers in virtue and exposed their own nakedness. I put my life on the line to protect the trust, its interest and parties. I was a good choice for the settlor’s confidence which they attacked through lies and deception. I stand firm now even defending against the settlor’s beguiled stupidity. In the end all folly will be exposed

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Neo-fight (4/27/06)

Neo made a post that got to the root of his issue with me. That being I don’t keep my promises. Admittingly a person may be possessed with this evidence but let me ask some of you that have experience. Let me even use your example, Score rep lied to you, broke the law, and had an agenda for your business that was not yours. Isn’t bankruptcy not keeping your promises and the guy getting hosed $30K not a pure boast? Many of you have had trials before with government and had the effects that appear to blemish your integrity. After the IRS seizes your account you miss rent, perhaps can’t go on that vacation (promised) or bless your children as intended. Your friends withdrawal and family start to blame you. Maybe agreed investors pull out causing you to look like a liar. Has this ever happened to any of you? I worked with trust clients for decades and saw it over and over again. Speak up and help these perhaps sincere folks who are misinterpreting the facts before them. Species adapt but that is far from evidence for evolution. People speak of historical knowledge they should not possess but that is far from evidence of reincarnation. What a man does under these circumstances is the true evidence of his character. Should I file bankruptcy, quit, take a self-help deal, shut down this blog or finish this fight? What would you do? Now let’s be honest.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Victory cast a long shadow (4/26/06)

Shadows are the byproduct of origin or the effect of a cause. Victory is destine for us and always has been. Though it be in the future the source behind it has by His brightness cast a long shadow of hope into the trial. This is nothing new there are dozens examples in the Scripture. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for” and “comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” So God must speak to set faith and hope to the source while circumstance defies. I got a word 22 years ago from God that guaranteed my victory. Now lets look at others. David was anointed King prior to Goliath. Could Goliath kill David without turning God into a liar? Joseph had his dream before prison. Could he have been destroyed without turning God into a liar? Saul – Paul was destined to bring the message to gentile and Kings (Acts 9:15) Could the Jews have killed him without turning God into a liar? Could the Viper? My question is can the feds turn God into a liar? Better have tried! My confidence is not in justice, not truth in banking, not in my skills, my righteousness, or your confidence but in that Creative voice which does not lie and cast a long shadow into our trials to direct us to our promise and to consume the enemies of defiance in darkness. That’s why I can say I’ve been prepared for this battle over 20 years.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Repent (4/26/06)

Fruit its time for me to get right with God. Many people are hurting so I need your help. It is apparent to me that your wisdom exceeds all others so please answer these questions for me that I might find my way from evil.

1. Is it the faith of Christ or my faith in Christ that saves?
2. How do I spot a false prophet?
3. Will serving Christ guarantee me respect in this life?
4. What convincing evidence is there that Christ is the Son of God?
5. Is Scott evil on his own or a byproduct of mine?
6. Do I have to obey the law of God or Christ?
7. Was I mistaken to see bankers as crooks because of the log in my own eye?
8. Was the Song of Kurt an addition to the Bible like Chris Taylor expressed, incompatible, or self-righteous?

Please post your answers here and I will tell you how you were used of God in a couple of weeks. Thanks for all your help in advance; I’m certain many on this blog would also benefit from your wisdom. May the Christ you serve richly bless this endeavor to His glory.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Common Tader (4/26/06)

The potato is a staple in America. Hashed, mashed, scalloped, chipped, julienned, fried, baked, boiled or liquefied into vodka we are all aware of its presence. Likewise a new staple has appeared in our culture but lacks any nourishment called the commentator. They are not participators like some great writers: Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, these men commented on their experience unlike a Chris Taylor of Eastbay Express who only knows the experience of commenting. He knows nothing of the subject and had no intention of learning. He like all the others have become wordsmith of flatulence. Without the restraints of truth, reason or fact their gas is wasted energy. I love the collection of stupid opinion because I served notice long ago by TV, radio and print what I’m doing, why and what it means to the status quo these idiots enjoy. They will themselves be yesterdays news at the end of the story.

Joshua and Caleb (3/9/06)

For 40 years the people grumbled and put God on trial. Every loud mouth was condemned by the mouths of these 2 witnesses. A maxim of law is that a thing is established by the testimony of 2. Joshua and Caleb spied out the enemy’s territory and declared they were no match for God. 600,000 plus fell faint and have now passed in defeat. These 2 are about to posses their promise and have lived through and past all the hassles of the fools and cowards. Between them and the promise is the Jordan River. These brave men, these two champions sent the ark (the present living God) before them into the promise, then they crossed over before the people. As this prints your 2 witness – champions declare to you from the side of promise that the Christ whom we followed here has delivered our enemies into our hands. People get ready to move, step into the promise, your prayers have been heard. The Christ, the mighty in valor has made his presence known. Now you will understand how foolish the detractors were. You will be shamed by your infantile knowledge of scripture and your vacillating faith. Why are you surprised God sent 2 mere men, weak by all accounts to destroy the strong holds of the giants of injustice? Do you think He should share His glory with any? The giants themselves are confounded by the methods of Christ. Tell me what sense can be made by the mind of reason to die to bring victory to sinners? None of you understood the sacrifice that had to be made by Dorean to deliver you, but now you will. Remember all that has been said here as the revelation of truth gives you discernment. Give every man his proper due as a prophet and counselor. Be accountable now to the words you have trusted. If not the Lord’s repent. We never were a mortgage elimination service. We were always of God’s service to create a bait that exposed the evil and corrupt hearts of rogue agents in the civil administration of Christ’s civil authority. Fraudulent mortgage contracts addressed the very core of all the temptations that were laying waste the integrity of our judicial system. The crimes are much more than your house, your contract or $3,000. You “me centered” generations are exposed as selfish and egocentric. Did not your neighbor suffer from the same crime? What was your concern for him? You could not even love me and Scott as we loved you enough to subject ourselves to threat of life on you behalf. You ridiculed your only friends. Despite you we have performed on a promise and blessed you. Your eyes and ears are not the trusted advisors you presumed. In closing I can say that Christ has shown Himself true and reliable. Repent now, cast away that foolish pride and follow me as I follow the Christ into the promise.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Prophecy (3/8/06)

We just received a copy of a prophecy by a Kim Clement spoken on 1/28/06 in Oklahoma City. We recommend all read it. It spoke to us as a witness to the work we were called to do. God has been setting up the wicked for quite sometime. You fools who think the Alsups of the world wield the power know nothing of Christ. He uses men like this as mere puppets. Do you think it an accident he flipped his lid when all we presented was a civil claim? He has been in the banker’s pocket for a long time. He could not resist an opportunity to return their favor. God knew his evil heart and new just how to expose it. He took two guys of no stature but full of courage and faith and sent us before him to tempt him to evil. He had us offer redemption, prayer and fasting in love so he would be without excuse. Now foreclosure is eminent and so far no tender, fleshly heart of repentance is appearing. Fools think they can choose when God should be sought. Christ makes it clear man should seek God while He may be found. That window is closing and do you think they will find Him when there is no offer on the table? I think not! Pray these men turn for it is better to fall upon a rock and be broken than to have the rock fall upon you and be crushed. Naysayers you are too stupid to understand even infant faith so don’t bother commenting. I don’t need to curse you, you have handled that well yourselves. Evil Ex and Dumb son were not cursed but offered life if interpreted honestly. Oh yeah, I forgot honest is not part of your skill set. Want to talk about theft, how much hope have you stolen and how will you repay it?

The Last Question (3/2/06)

All the staging is complete and the final question to be answered before one falls in battle and one remains standing is one that has supporting evidence for 2 right answers. Only one is right here and in this guidance we could use your prayers. Jesus never spoke what He was not told. Faith coming by hearing. Then you have God listening to man and backing up His words as though they were His own. Then calling things out which are not as though they were. As we come to our last and all important task which of these is God’s method? I guess there is a built in default here in that if I don’t hear by the deadline (soon) than I must call out as though thing were. Therefore it is a decision that will be made whether I get the comfort of foreknowledge or not. Regardless He who deserves the glory shall have earned it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Bankers Handbook (4/23/06)

A Dow Jones-Irwin book by W.H. Baughn and C.E. Walker 1966 library of Congress catalog card # 66-11814 is a book designed to help bank and bankers function. I thought the first paragraph in the preface says it all.

“The banking industry occupies the key position in a financial system that supplies the credit needed for the complex American economy. Working within the constraints established by the monetary authorities, commercial banking – through its many credit decisions – creates the deposits that act as the effective money supply for carrying on business activity.”


The Federal Reserve PRIVATE banking industry has placed itself at the key or center position of a debt based financial system that supplies the credit (vapor money) needed to float the complex duped American’s economy. Working within the constraints established by ourselves – commercial banking – through its private credit decisions or agenda – creates the fiat currency credit debt deposits that act (as in fiction) as the effective money supply for maintaining consumer confidence.

Added for this article: We will use this cheap money to buy even cheaper men of authority to attack any voice of truth.

Ladies and Gentlemen is this not the great America we intend to pass on to our children? May God intervene and bless our nation and humble these who intend evil for us!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Fishing Lesson (4/23/06)

Benjamin Franklin once said, “He that would catch fish, must venture his bait.” This is not a total fishing guide by M.T. Hook. Fish don’t bite empty hooks. The nature of the fish must be tempted. Either hunger, habit, color or movement must entice them to become prey. I am surprised that you think a giant fish like the bankers and their gleaning fish the government can be caught on an empty hook. I can imagine some of you entering a battle and getting nicked by a sword say a $3,000 wound then dropping your sword, crying out loud, “it isn’t fair!” Your enemy will drop his sword, come running to you to say, “I’m sorry.” No he will run you through and look for another victim. We knew the fish we were baiting and God gave us the wisdom to reel in the prey. We tempted them with their greed, their tyrant movements, their color of law, and their habit of attacking. We first chummed the waters of civil but the blood frenzy consumed them. Now they are hooked and hooked deep they cannot dislodge it. How do you expect to rid the waters of life of this leviathan of evil without venturing bait? Scott and I baited them with our lives and knew we must disappear in their belly for a season but it is not long before a fish whose appetite sustained discovers the taunt line of truth and learns fear for the first time. Perhaps if you grab hold of the truth we could reel in this beast faster.

Monday, May 08, 2006

What is law (4/20/06)

As I sit in a law library with tens of thousands of pages of opinion I ask myself this question. Is law really so complicated that all this debate is necessary? From the Mayflower Compact that was 1 page of governing law that apparently worked fine to this seems unimaginable. How many lawyers were on that boat explaining the complexity of that one paragraph? Who invented this bird’s nest of poppy-cock we call law now? Man has never been able to keep the 10 commandments how is he to align his life to 60 million statutes. Have you ever asked yourself how 200 years of congress never seems to check their own work for error? In my 40’s I can look back on my 20’s and see where my convictions thought correct were error. A reasonable look into human nature would make you come to the conclusion that we are being bamboozled. I know some of you are incapable at a reasonable look into human nature because of our own personal self deception so you are exempted. Why is it that “We the People” those who formed the servants by contract continue to tolerate this absurd wickedness? A vote between two scumbags is not remedy. Starvation is the only cure for a glutton. Take away the power that has intoxicated them. Your signature, your assets, your participation. “No!” Emphatic and complete is all the power of a man. Would you continue to use a baby sitter who never arrives on time, abuses your child and demands top dollar? Of course not! Why is this simple contract any different than firing the bad servants in DC or our county seats. Banker’s have no access to you without these puppet protectors. He who has the gold rules. You are the gold that is why all this bluff is there to deceive you. Did the article in the East Bay Express contain any facts about my case or just propaganda comment? There is truth in every lie.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Eye of the Storm (4/19/06)

We are now in the 3 week lull before our next hearing on 5/9. This is when they expect to go forward with the Faretta hearing. We are past the mental competency farce though some of you got your chance for sport. I am hoping for some good developments this day. This down time we are using to sharpen our skills and to relax in prayer and praise to get ready for battle. No battle has yet taken place in this case so it will be interesting to learn of the other players. Just the staging events has revealed many reasons to be optimistic. I am still thankful for you many supporters. I’m certain you have no idea how valuable you are in enhancing our courage and strength. If it were possible to explain how much pressure this system places upon a man to fold, even with my many years of training I have to bring my best game to compete, I would be able to give you some clue. Only those who have had to stand in a pack of hungry wolves could truly understand. Your kind words and faith are weapons that gives hope of surviving this eminent peril. Thanks are not enough I must bring you victory.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hosanna – Cruxify (4/19/06)

Hosanna was a word of adoration that meant save us. It objectified the person spoken of as a hope, a deliverer. These shouts came just a week before the same mouths proclaimed cruxify. I remember while touring how many of you gave me glowing words of an objected deliverer. This is not a messiah message for you people who don’t understand parallel examples. You perceived Dorean as a deliverer and rightfully so, but because you did not understand the path of victory and it appeared government prevailed you soon were yelling cruxify. You knew the government was evil and corrupt which is why you joyously sought and embraced a deliverer. Don’t you feel like chaff the wind picks up a takes in any direction? Are your words of adoration as cheap as your words of vicious insult? 120 people made it to the promised comfort 50 days later out of the city alive with hosannas. History does repeat itself. Governments control weak minded people and men of courage and faith who make the stand do it for very few individuals. Those 120 changed the world. I have a relationship with Christ today because they were tenacious for truth. 2000 years of influence and those chaff-people are blown away by history. I’ll admit this battle looks as overwhelmingly scary as the foundation battle of the Christian faith but now is the time to make the wise choice. When the decisive moment comes it will only find those who chose rightly. God helps in these moments when obvious is not perhaps obvious.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Notice of Notice (4/17/06)

This is a notice that was used to deal with the order for psychiatric examination. As you can tell I am quite competent since this notice answers all the questions of relationships an examination would seek to discover but it is not an answer under jurisdiction but over. This should place us headlong into the real issue before the court on our next hearing of May 9, 2006. Let the fireworks begin.


James R. Misset, M.D.

This is actual notice when delivered in person and constructive notice when mailed and filed with the court that Kurt F. Johnson that natural human being of flesh and blood, a living soul evidenced by his capacity to relate is not the object of an order called “ORDER FOR PSYCHIATRIC EXAMINATION UNDER 18 U.S.C. & 4241.” The natural human has not been identified as the defendant object by either the court or the prosecution. On March 21, 2006 Prosecutor JAMES KELLER when directly questioned on point stated, “we have had discussions” meaning no agreement has been obtained. The defendant’s names are all of fictional spelling and when placed in a list with a known fiction as on this alleged order, all items are presumed to be the same. THE DOREAN GROUP is a known fiction because no flesh and blood body can be found or has ever appeared. The court’s confusion as to jurisdiction and the prosecutor’s lack of clarity as to victims or defendants is not a world of fiction I am willing to participate in. I am not “ALICE” who herself was a fiction.
Secondly, my mind and thoughts are my sole property and not subject to the discretion of others absent some contract or competence as to jurisdiction. I am aware of neither currently in existence. Absent these no rights, title or interest have been assigned, purchased, pledged or gifted. My rights shall be vigorously defended against any trespass.
Last, PSYCHE is the Greek word for soul. Soul is far more than the cognitive capacities of the mind. The very fact that psychiatry has taken a broad subject of science and makes claims of fullness of knowledge based upon a sliver of subject is tantamount to licensed quackery.
My soul, cognitive abilities are of the nature of private property. An enjoyment of my liberty. The reality of the private world and the public world of fiction do not merge and can only be transversed by representation, which can only come into existence by agreement. I have made no agreement created actively or passively. All parties claiming to have any agency are a fraud. This offer is and has been refused for cause without dishonor verbally and in writing as well as noticed herewith.
If a binding agreement or contract can be produced that was obtained by good faith and full disclosure I will reconsider the offer.

Can We Get it Right (4/14/06)

Let’s talk about some facts. You are free to misinterpret these facts but to continue to build your arguments off vanity is getting stupid. Dorean never collected more than a $1,000 fee. Clients paid more but not to us. If I am a thief at least get it right. Only about 10 homes were refinanced. Some clients got no service from us near the end for a fee because of complications brought on by the criminal prosecution. To these clients we are in debt. I have never refused to resign from any trust or to reconvey. I did the legal research myself. I read the law I relied upon. Our process incorporates many facets of law that are more solid than the fantasy of the banker “We loaned you money.” I will take a deal that resolves the fraud perpetrated upon my clients. This is honor. Insisting on a change of the system at the expense of those I have a fiduciary obligation to is egotistic. They will change the system if they are forced to deal in this fashion but on their timeframe. Your complaints have nothing to do with my criminal charges. Neither do any of the BBB alerts, news stories, or government propaganda byline. I damaged a bank about 40 times between 27 victims. If you’re not one of them your charge is meaningless. Find the world’s smallest violin to bring you comfort. Now if I didn’t damage the bank why did they damage you? This is the question on the horizon. I’ve made no deal and can’t make one. I am not the defendant and can only accept one on its behalf. The prosecutor is in a position to settle with the defendant without my participation. This may happen it is no concern of mine. I am not out; my next court date is 5-9-06. Bail is not a jurisdictional option.

Here is a test. Read the documents we sent the bank and filed in the public record. Then read 18 USC 1341, 1344 and see if you as a juror see a crime. That is the government’s case. The only thing they can add is accountants who must declare only credit was extended and bankers who can’t swear out to consideration. Sure they’ll toot their horn about bad bond but you can’t raise bad bond without justifying the bank claim. Only honesty can expose a fraud. Fraud can’t without the risk of self-exposure. Would you want to try this case? If you’re anything but a zealous rookie you would not. This blind devotion is just to get through the inquisition tactics to get innocent people to admit to heresy. Once they finally understand this vanity they will probably change prosecutors with one who is their best car salesman or really knows how to cheat. Remember this is conversation for your brain not my legal strategy. Hope this helps you argue on point.

Note: We just got some computers for our defense and had to create our passwords. We used tcob so he could be in jail with us. Kind of an honor. When we get out we can pass it on so he’ll have a perpetual memory behind bars, and a kind introduction to our finest citizens. Hope he doesn’t mind this sentence.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vanity (4/14/06)

Do you really think it vanity for a man to place his trust in his competent creator? I’m speaking to all of you except for fruit. Balaam’s ass knew the word of God better than him. For you others think on this. If God hung the stars, stores the hail and lightnings, knows the number of hairs on your head, created every animal and ecosystem, can’t He handle bankers and their kiss-ass thugs? Those of you who do not recognize His existence can excuse yourself from a discussion of His attributes. How can you concern yourself with a personality you’ve never met? A man can draw endless strength from a God whose reign is secured by power. Circumstance becomes the temptation to change one’s focus from divine and eternal to temporal. When Jesus rebuked Peter it was for this act. My suffering or hopelessness is no different than yours. My eyes though are set on the attributes I see and my ears set to the immutable word I hear. When God says He hates dishonest weights and measures and injustice do you bet with Him or crumble under the pressure of a conformist world? The more you know Him the more you can trust His word. His word being the creative force is not restricted to solve any problem by the finite parameters of your understanding. He can inject newness at any given moment. It is because of who He is and How He reigns that justify courage and endurance under any trial. All your deficiencies are subsidized by His sufficiency. Sometimes letting go is the best grip you can maintain on victory. Test His faithfulness and character and you will not find it vanity.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Suffering Thought (4/14/06)

We had a moment to reflect on our sufferings and all the loss we have had to tolerate. This could make us sad or angry but that is not how we responded. Instead we took to prayer and asked the Lord to consider that we are not suffering alone that many have had to bear this heavy weight. As we sought comfort for ourselves we sought it for you all the more. We know He is aware and that our care is His constant concern. Take comfort in this. We will give our lives to deliver you from the fraud behind this damage but only you can call upon God for the assurance of your well-being. You need an eternal perspective to see past these temporary troubles. Teach your families to do the same. Don’t let worthless fiat-currency-credits destroy the valuable, irreplaceable relationships. Even idiots like Tcob would give all his possessions to assure his son’s safety. This love should be respected even though his opinion is worthless. We still have a hope of restoration and truth prevailing. Don’t be deceived the lie will not bring you peace in the end. You may have found a resting place for your blame but that will not be a shelter to you. Pray for those who share in your sorrows and help one another, that is kind and productive. Hang in there it will get better.

Monday, May 01, 2006

A Court of Law (4/10/06)

Law is not to be some complex maze only a professional lawyer can navigate. This is as evil today as in the days of Jesus with the Sadducees. In a court of law a victim simply states in basic English the damage they incurred, by whom, and when and swears out that it is true. The accused can easily understand the nature of the charges against him because it is straightforward and the accuser is identified. In a court of color of law you have violations of code and no discernable victim. It is like a fish on the east coast called a flounder. It is a small relative to the west coast Halibut. When young it looks like a normal fish, but later it morphs with one eye moving onto the other side of its body. It becomes a bug-eyed bottom feeder. That is nothing like a normal fish. The color of law, flounder court is a morph. It is an admiralty court contract in nature functioning out of water so to speak. It can rule using common law and use the terms but it can only do so by agreement. It has no power to impose a fine or imprison. It can compel nothing unless there is a submissive agreement among the parties. The captain of a boat is no more man or of greater right than a mate except by agreement. Bound by contract the mate must obey or go to the brig. Every breach being a crime. Welcome to the modern statutory courts. Don’t get on this boat and refuse their contracts and they will someday take their vessels and sail away. Every crime is discretionary and arbitrary because policy or what works is the only consideration. Keeping the boat afloat is all that matters God forbid it should ever flounder.