Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Day In Court - Sept. 1st

The Utah case is taking on some interesting twists. The warrant that I was arrested on and the charge (probable cause) I’m being held on was recalled on August 5, 2005. This warrant was used as the basis of the Governor’s extradition warrant. Please let me explain the problem the Corporations are having. The judiciary (the accounting department) issued a negotiable instrument (like a check) called a warrant. They handed it over to the Executive (administrative) branch for collection of the defendant’s assets on commercial energy. The Governor of Utah got the power as agent for the accounting department via the warrant. He, lacking a license to collect in California, negotiated an agency contract with Schwarzenegger who in distillation gets his power from the warrant. With the warrant or negotiable instrument recalled the power to collect on a voided instrument is non-existent. If they should extradite they will all become personally liable. If they do not they must start over. This is the only real option and I think they will quit and step aside for Colorado or who ever else is next in line. This Friday will be the moment of truth. They have botched this beyond repair. Hopefully the documentary will be given permission to tape this important moment. To be continued…

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Stupid Investment

I have been receiving many trustee termination notices. There appears to be a template being followed that was supplied by my father. Can you please add some additional language so I don’t have to respond to everyone? “The grantor’s understand that our original estate shall remain within this trust and that the trustees shall depart with the separate estate created by their efforts bifurcated away for their own use and discretion.” Thank You.

As I have said before Dorean has taken in about 5 million credits. This would mean that the brokers took in about 10 million credits. I have decided that I will fund the payback escrow to cover even the broker fees. I will even allow the fools like Gayle Marie Bradshaw who already contracted out of a refund to participate. For you critics this would mean I will be losing 10 million in broker compensation, 6 million in Letter of Credit fees and 12 million in trust expenses. Which means for you “love of money” idiots I have lost 28 million. Now you can criticize me for being a stupid investor. For 28 million I managed to purchase thousands of self centered, lazy, blame specialist clients. My integrity is the good investment. I don’t expect the vultures to delight in the truth or my enemies. I still need about a month to set this up. Admittingly it would be easier on the streets which could be soon. Utah is showing signs of fatigue. Scotty has crumbled under the pressure and can still use your support. He is a good man that really wants truth but has too many personal cares to see the big picture. For the few faithful and knowledgeable I make this vow to you. I will not quit until the enemy surrenders. We will see our desires have their way with those who oppose our freedom.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I was transported today directly to Utah. Even with a habeas corpus pending they still went ahead with the extradition. It will be a few days before my next post.

My new address and number are below:

Kurt F Johnson 291301
c/o Salt Lake County Metro Jail
3415 South 900 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

Any mail that was sent to me and not received will be returned to sender. I appreciate the correspondence I receive. Thank You!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Good News!

Dorean as you know it has ceased. There is no more staff and the only thing left to do I can finish myself. I am disappointed in that those who should have jumped at the opportunity to help me in my need thought only of themselves. With selfish clients and staff I’m wondering if I should put myself above everybody else. I have desires and good reasons to justify it. Good news for all I fight for your honor whether you deserve it or not. I will deliver the promise without a staff because God has provided those who will share in the victory. When history has finished the Dorean story how will you be written in? As the selfish cowards who benefited by those with courage or one with courage who earned their victory and the continued blessing of keeping the freedom gained? You should thank him who you worship that I do not get offended by your blame, ignorance, selfishness, and live by a standard higher than personal passion. You critics won’t understand this since most critics bark out their own weakness. Most of you think I’m in this for the money which is your life’s concern not mine. You think I belong in jail because you know nothing of the law. You think I am losing because I am in jail. You never think the obvious is to confound the stupid. I can promise you this, the governments fear of me and the Dorean process was not because I spent time bragging on my stupidity. I have only this to finish and I have all I need to accomplish it. To pay everyone back who is a complainer and to prove the government is the conspirator in fraud in the mortgage industry. Fannie Mae will make Enron look like preschool of fraud when I am finished. They know it and they know I know it. The best investment anyone can make in the next two years is puts or short sale of Fannie Mae stock. Their bonds are junk, their books are cooked, their staff are crooks and their bully protectors are scared. You guys don’t know how to read the corporate US. Law = contract, force = fear, news = propaganda, benefits = privilege = loss of freedom, money = confidence, integrity = protect the lie. You guys who are so smart to read the tea leaves as it were are just noisy suckers. Mindless puppets who can’t feel the strings pull.

“A Lesson In History”

Now that my fast is completed I am now a lean mean 200 pounds fighting machine. I haven’t been this weight for 15 years. I am fit for the battle body, mind, and spirit. I have personally implemented an aggressive strategy absent all others that should lead to victory. Personal egos and a lack of discernment bogged down those who were helping, and that damaged our goal. I believe that there is some clarity that has returned and that which they started can be finished and redeemed. This and your actions were paralleled in the book of Nehemiah I read this week. Absent the spiritual lesson historically these people offer us a personal lesson. They built the wall around Jerusalem in unity and one accord against all odds, with governmental protest and resistance, for the protection of all their homes and families. Why is it that my helpers and you can’t set aside the self-willed, self-destructive, blame game and bend down low enough to pick up the rock of personal accountability and common destiny, and place it in the wall that will protect our homes and families. Then that will stand as a testimony to other foes that we will defend ourselves? Nehemiah was successful why change and hope for his result? To be continued...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

“King Kurt Calls for Cult Clarification”

I have read some foolish comments about cult Kool-Aid metaphors. A cult leader does not encourage education from outside sources, personal independence, or return property. I have never claimed to be the soul source of truth and demanded blind faith. I am more exposed to damage than any client because they will not take personal accountability to help protect and finish what I started. I wish you all who think the 5 or 6 million collected made me a rich man would focus the truth of battle and help each other. It is my desire to set up an escrow and deposit the monies for you to make claim. I am tired of you small minded folks who can’t calculate the expense to perform the work we did and measure the value of what we accomplished. My enemies have more respect for what I accomplished than you did. I am looking to the appropriate resources to accomplish this and will announce it on the client’s corner of the disclosure webpage as soon as possible. If are with me at the finish let’s have some Kool-Aid and Champagne to toast the small but victorious cult that changed the mortgage industry. To be continued…

Friday, September 09, 2005

“DVD Ready So Am I”

By the time this is posted I will have completed my fast. I am satisfied with what I got accomplished. My first drink will be Kool-Aid. Utah with California’s help seems hell bent on their railroad tactics. I am doing all I can to defend against their advances. Don’t expect me out of jail anytime soon. Prayers would be better served to ask God to supply all our needs as a group while the enemy tries to string us out. They want to create as much confusion and malcontent as possible, not to mention the cannibalism of each other. I will remain true to the cause and will do all I can to help and edify you while I have one leg nailed to the ground. I will not lie to you we will need some miraculous help to overcome such a voracious attack. My fast and rock faith is my investment to see this come to pass. For those who understand don’t mind the fools I take pleasure in them as they encourage me as evidence my path is true and worthy. The DVD has been completely digitized, Whew! What a job! It ‘tis completed and off to the packagers for packaging which is to be about three more weeks, and then the Early Bird orders will be shipped. If some of you first viewers would be kind enough to post comments about its educational value it would be appreciated. It really is my desire to wake a sleeping populace to their right to own property and enjoy liberty. This is another step. Enjoy! To be continued…

Thursday, September 08, 2005

“A Word To The Attorney Generals”

I am keenly aware of your plans for me. How you sent Utah with a blatant disregard for the law forward as the patsy to get me off the streets. Utah is almost spent and now you line up as a bunch of paper tigers with the intent wear my resources and me out. One by one you will incarcerate me until Big Brother Fed can figure out a winning plan. Here’s your big problem; there is no winning plan. I have been given the blueprints to your house of cards and I will plunder your house and expose every one of you as the political kiss-ass hacks that you are. If you want to avoid this agony simply send the person who is pulling your strings and understands how dangerous I am, to come negotiate. All of you have access to profilers, so go find out if you can intimidate or scare me. This could all be over soon with a lot less pain. You make the call I’ll keep the pressure on. I will tell you my preference are that your heart remains hard so that people will be awed by your fall but reality tells me cowards always look for an early out. To be continued…

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

“Don’t Be Fooled”

I have heard that people are leaving the blog because of profanity. How foolish and self-righteous can you be? The Pharisees could not comprehend the Son of God because he accepted the commoners. Every commoner I met used profanity. You profane people I make this promise to you I will not judge you but will teach you all I know to win your greatest asset back or protect it in the future. For those of you who have sensitive ears I am certain the Lord will comfort you with those who will gladly tickle them for you. It may be eternity before you realize that your pettiness has been a roadblock to your destiny all your life. Do you think soldiers who focus on battle, liberty, weapons, and even death worry about words? Keep your foolish sensitivities and lose your house. There is a sense of justice in that. Do you really think the courage to achieve victory can’t pass through a minefield of harsh words? I tell you this truth these real people are a million times better than the bankers who politely deceived you with gentle words. Where was your indignation then? How will you ever unite to prevail with this hypocrisy? To be continued…

Saturday, September 03, 2005

“Still In The Fight”

I am in the 32nd day of my fast and starting to hear the voice of direction I was longing for. Both dry fasts lasted 5 days and were each a catalyst to understanding. This Friday Utah adds charges. If justice were apart of this battle I would defeat them for good. It will not happen but I’m certain they will lose. Goliath ((The Feds) intends their brothers into battle first before they show up. After Utah is slain Colorado, Texas, and others will join the party. These are good practice as long as I don’t mind the suffering. When a man loves truth more than his life the government playbook becomes obsolete. The huff & puff blow your house down is not scary to a man who will gladly give away his house. I have one life I am willing to lose and they have 3 trillion of fraud and a million jobs they are desperate to preserve. I can play these cards without fear. They on the other hand can tolerate not one mistake. They will have bankers as witnesses and ignorant client’s mistakes are inevitable. What will the story be then, when all the propaganda is pierced by realty? Shame and change is what I predict. To be continued…

Thursday, September 01, 2005

“A Little Wine With My Cheese, Please!”

It appears to me that a few whiners have found their great opportunity to blame me for their woes. I was not there when you signed your mortgage. I didn’t create the fraud in the contract. I did accept $1,000.00 or $1,500.00 from you to intervene in your own slide into destruction. You have paid me well to remove all your personal accountability. In fact I actually paid you by advancing you a $3,000.00 Family Estate Trust. You need to get off your self-pity sluggard asses and truly figure what I did for you, and how you can defend it. I am incarcerated and still in the fight. What’s your excuse? You are apparently so wise that you have judged me as a fraud. Please pursue your options. Kevin V. Ryen U S Attorney General needs you and all your tears for the witness stand. Make sure your hypothesis is sound because I will cross-examine you if you are on the stand. I am giving you educational materials. There is a document on the Internet by Mary Elizabeth Croft that should help. I will not be with you at your foreclosure or profit from it but keep the Kleenex coming when you think of me and ignore your true enemy. In fact from a blog for Dorean Victims until the vats of your grief are all full. All I tried to do was help. "It’s not fair for me to be in jail. I miss my wife, everybody has turned on me, I hate the ungrateful clients, the government can’t be beat, and I will quit." See how stupid that sounds. To be continued…

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