Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heavenly Marriage (2-3-09)

In continuation of the restoration thought I want to use the Bride-Groom relationship within the Scriptures. This began before creation. God for reasons personal to Himself wanted a marriage relationship with humans. Adam came after the thought. Adam and Eve depict Christ and humanity in a couple fashions. First and obvious is Adam is a type of Christ and Eve a type of the church which includes all faithful Israelites by culmination. Eve was deceived and lost her life and faith in the word of God. Adam could have chosen as an eternal groom to be an atonement of blood for his dead bride but instead ruined the type by choosing faithlessness, sin and death. Christ therefore had to enter the equation Himself. The not so obvious is that Adam as humanity died and needed a groom himself. Can you imagine a God wanting such an intimate testimony as a Groom? His ministry was to become one flesh with His bride. His first miracle was at a wedding. At the end of the age the church becomes a spotless perfected bride. The marriage is not consummated in heaven only revealed as God’s eternal plan. The church is called to heaven for the reception. The vows are made here. The devotion, testimony, and witnesses is an earthly proposition. Hosea’s wife is a picture of the whore God chose for His bride. His restoration of a whore to a perfected bride is His boast. You retards have no idea how arrogant your criticism of the bride truly is. You are braver men than I or perhaps just fools. God Himself chose to die so He can identify with, consummate, and perfect His wife and you still curse her? You boast in the powers of this world like this Groom is incompetent to deliver His bride. Heaven, the New Jerusalem, will be forever in the skies with the living stones which are His bride glowing with His glory as a testimony of His restoration triumphant power. There is no other story, no other gospel except the bride-groom relationship. A breaking of faith is the adultery that leads to divorce and in this Holy matrimony idolatry. Your eyes of flesh see a whore you feel justified in condemning from your own righteousness. Faith sees her adorned in the regal attire of spotless white decked to the hilt in glamor, glory, and honor. Walking tall to the bosom of a King who loved her. Even in your failing faith clients this is how I see you and this is what makes me give my life. I am sold out on God’s power and love to restore you. I have nothing but praise for your Groom and awe for your beauty and perfection. I see you restored, fully restored, abundantly restored.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Restoration (2-3-09)

This Elect-Israel are a perfect type of the gospel message. Through their many failings God kept a constant message of restoration. If you do not know this word you don’t know the God who speaks it. Elijah was successful at turning the hearts of the people back to their God. Jeremiah was not. But the Lord in Jeremiah’s case still swore by Himself He would restore the people. My objection to the retards is they have no sense of God’s work of restoration and therefore their words whether intentional or not are always lies. Being an active or passive servant of the devil still exempts you from being a servant of God. Sure the pathways of God’s perfecting restoration defy logic or reason. The wisdom of this world could never decipher them. Only the eyes of faith can see it afar off and trust in God’s timing what is seen in faith will be seen in the eyes of flesh. I have told you consistently what my eyes of faith are seeing. I can and have justified this vision by God’s word and still you don’t believe? Do you really think Alsup can prevent God from restoring what the devil tried to steal from you? Oh ye of little faith. Our restoration is closer than ever when will you exercise your faith? Is there no desire in you to please God? What if restoration comes and you missed your opportunity? Have you enjoyed this trial so much that you would like to do it again? I tell you the truth, even though the faith of others will bring you your restoration only your faith can keep you there. God is giving me many signs / clues that I am close to prophetic pronouncement to you all. Every indication I have is that this word is approaching me. God is bringing change. Not what Obama promised or envisioned but what He intended all along.

For those of you who are clients and not son of Christ you are still receiving restoration. It is not a matter of righteousness or of deserving. God is one who will always give first and prove His faithfulness.

This is for you Big Dave. How’s this for restoration; when I came to jail Steelers were champs, when I get out they’re champs again! Oh did I let that little piece of info slip out? Better check your eyes of faith and see if you see it. No logic, no earthly wisdom, no court remedy, will see.

Big O tell them what a solid scriptural foundation I laid for you about our time and place in the restoration work of God.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Retards Repent (2-1-09)

This is a plea made of understanding and fashioned in love. Love in its true form seeks the wellness of the other. Before a man can love his neighbor he must love God and to love God he must love himself. Repentance is loving God. All who fail to repent hate themselves and are misanthropes to humanity. Their tongues lash out like viper but the fangs are caught in their own throats. The earth was made for seed time and harvest. Not every seed sown takes root and few mature to harvest. Many shall perish yet few shall be chosen. One grape from a cluster or one plant from a great forest the Lord has selected. So let the multitude perish that has been born in vein, but let my grape and my plant be saved because with much labor I have perfected them. How arrogant is the mouth of the retard who can look upon what Christ Himself is laboring to perfect and condemn it? Can a heart be more corrupt and conceited? Surely their pride would assail God’s very throne. You who judge do you really know his ways? Are your judgements divine and your voice merely a repeater? If not can the rejected plants who are destined for the fire have any valid retort to the one labored over by Christ? Of course not! How can you be a fruit inspector over the bride when you are not the one laboring to her perfection or her lover? Do you not think that her potent lover will not show His jealousy to those who want to spy out her nakedness? It is not bravery to place yourself between lovers it is foolish. Whether you are a man of authority or just a meddler you are a fool of highest order to curse what God has blessed. Balaam will be your judge who loved the treasures of man’s glory but still would not open his mouth against God’s elect. When a man should be able to see and understand the hand of God laboring over another’s life and show no concern about the lack of labor over his own he is a retard. Competent as to skill, signs, wonders, and the law, but daft at application. Repent and pray to the Lord of the harvest. Perhaps He will turn from His indignation and labor over you. Then you will be able to judge wisely because love will be your basis. The irony of this is that when you are truly free to use your mouth in judgment it will become a fountain of grace. You will desire that all the retards seek God to labor over their perfection. You will join the Lord of the harvest in His labor because His desires will become your own. Under this cure the fire of the damned is worlds away. Retards repent while there is still time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Eternal Love Story (1-14-09)

Radiant sun will fade away
No more spinning for the day
One day soon will never end
The glory of God shall begin

There she is as God’s bride
Christ the glory inside resides
All creation shall observe this day
Knowing God always intended it this way

Man – God who came to save
Of His very life gave
So that we would shine
Until the fullness of time

Bride and Groom forever entwined
Praises and honor forever are thine
Husband and wife enthroned in their place
Radiant in their lover’s embrace

Jewel of the heavens
Witness of truth
Is the woman selected
Out of the many from youth

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Visiting Christ in Prison (1/31/09)

I had the pleasure of getting a visit from Big O. What is so fantastic is that Christ mediates our relationship. There are no walls, fences, or forces of hell that can change this. The Body of Christ knows itself and there is no fraud within it. Now there are plenty of retards who claim Christ and even cavort with His children but they are not of Him. There is no mediation of brotherhood just the opposite. They condemn His bride as though God is incompetent to perfect her. They are back biters, slanderers, and flatterers. Their lips are their own they tell themselves. Oh what a blessing it is to see Christ alive and well in my brother. It verifies again that our God is faithful and worthy of our trust. He had no pretense to exalt himself but the work of Christ. He is not lost in the circumstance of the flesh but can see in faith the truth of God’s work. This visit was a ministry of refreshing not because a man came in friendship but a man came in obedience to Christ with the fullness of the river of life flowing through him. Thank you brother.

As to Phase 1 the delays are in God’s hands. Those who are working on it are competent. I will try and get more info on the hurdles and inform you best I can. Do not fret as the word tells us. God’s timing and His plan are for your good. God honors the faith that honors Him. He is changeless in this. I will continue even to my own hurt to reach for our prize. I am convinced more than I can express that we near God’s glorious display of His providence. I am seeking God’s prophetic insight in this matter. I have Elijah and Jeremiah as good examples that God will reveal his plans and timing to His chosen. If I get thus sayeth the Lord I will surely tell you all. For those who pray, pray the Lord speaks to me. What God is doing not even the devil can stop. Start acting like the conquerors you are called to be. Know that I am not shrinking back at all and moving forward in the full assurance of God’s victory.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Eyes of Samson Sonnet

My Eyes have seen Thy Promises fulfilled
And the jawbone of an ass deliver twice
Under the dedication of the Nazurite I vowed
Yet the provision I voilated Thrice

My Eyes have seen every man a betrayer
Myself not exempted from this truth
Though I was driven by a righteous rage
Your tender mercies have kept me since my youth

My Eyes have seen the opression of my people
By an unblessed and wicked horde
Who thought they would profit from their grafting
And never have to answer to the Lord

“Lord, God, remember me and strenghten me this once.
O God, so that with this one act I may pay back for my Eyes.”

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Throne In Jail To Throne of Power

Oh how the Lord is faithful to His promises. The story of Joseph should be a great lesson in type for all of you. Most of you don’t know the scriptures so you can’t tell when God is about His business of keeping His promises. You don’t understand what God has spoken of this nation His bride, and your individual role. All of these must be in a symbiotic relationship for God to remain true. The world in Joseph’s day was going to go through a great famine. His people were blessed and therefore needed God’s provision. Joseph had a personal destiny to rule. All of these promises were likewise symbiotic. God was keeping Himself true yet brothers were evil, traders were profiting, and the world was oblivious to their coming trial. Revelation is God’s domain and in His time He lets all the parties come to understanding. Understanding only reiterated God was always in charge. How many of you believe that today? Very few is my observation. Our nation is blessed. Not because I was born an American and my racial preference is +D believe this so, but because God is being true to Himself by keeping His promises. The world must go through a deflationary recalibration to arrive at the place God said it would. The bride is not hurt by this but like Israel they are prospered. The bride must be made ready in short order to meet her Groom. This is one of the provisions to make her ready. She must leave the Laodicean Church an inheritance of wealth. What is your personal role? Are you aware of a personal word of application for you in this milieu of prophetic activity? Surely like Joseph you must know that your personal trial will lead to a Throne of Power, a place of triumph. All the worry, fretting, and malcontent is sin. God is trustworthy. I have never seen in my 34-year relationship one of His promises fall to the ground. What I’ve learned from my ignorance during trial is that faith can see a hope in promises that at present seem impossible. God is always kind enough to provide a relevant promise to defy your circumstance. Joseph had his dreams that were incompatible with prison life. Knowledge and understanding were the fruit of trust that came long after the faith was initiated. Faith is the nest of the good works you imagine. How can you have a hope in these without the mechanics of God’s economy? Perhaps you don’t and therefore justify your complaint with grumbling and blame. I have been a voice from prison telling you that God is faithful who does not have to independently learn what Joseph’s story can teach me. Are you such dullards that my witness to this truth offends you? Snap out of it. Let the retards with their worldly wisdom give all they possess to those blessed of God. Align yourself with the undeniable destiny of God’s prophetic voice for it will come to pass as it did for Joseph because the God who was true then is true today. He is unchanging. Prison life for me is likewise incompatible with my personal destiny in God’s prophetic stream. You put your hopes and fears in a Judge Alsup? He is a retard absent any knowledge and accountability to God. How can he be a force to deny God’s Throne of Power? His decree is null and void in his little world of witchcraft how can it be of substance in the court of truth? Feigned law is double lawlessness, both because it is lawless, and because it is feigning. He is a coward and a fool because he fears not God, says in his heart “there is no God,” thinks his lips are his own and can decree as god himself, and is oblivious to the prophetic stream the man of truth standing before him is swimming in. Think of how many lies you would have to swallow just to flatter a man like this with respect. You are brave enough to call me a liar? Who sits in prison at his own hurt to keep his word and who sits on a bench punishing any one who defies his integrity? I’m surrounded by fruit inspectors who know nothing of trees or wines. God will reward your faith and your faithlessness, you can learn that from Joseph I hope.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Job Sighing

Unemployment is escalating but the job of sighing is still available. The book of Job was the first book of our scriptures. It was the beginning of revelation. We in Christ should be far beyond this knowledge in our relationship. Most of my critics only have this base knowledge and therefore mislabel my confidence in Christ as arrogance. I no longer pass through my trials as Job nor should any of us. God has given us so much more revelation in advance at our trials than Job obtained by his trial’s end. Job went through 5 areas of sighing. Remember he had no idea of a personal Savior who took all our sighing upon Himself.

His first sigh was for death. He wished he had never been born. This is true for all who deny Christ but was not applicable to Job. Think of all that would have been lost to Job personally and to all the world if he were to truly get his sighing wish. This is a place where faith is not expressed and his ignorance of God is obvious. I’m not picking on him. I view him as an amazing man of fortitude who survived the devastation of discovering that all his perceptions of God were factually anemic.

His second sigh was of God. How can a man not sigh and wonder about God’s character when his trial seems to defy all he suspects of God. Probably within eyes distance of 10 fresh graves, on an ash heap trying to find comfort from boils, with all his wealth looted it would be hard to calibrate “God blesses the righteous” with the set of facts before him. If he could make his complaint to God face to face surely He would grant me relief, or would He? This certainty was no longer his possession. Nothing added up. My gut tells me God is just but so was I in my thinking.

Third his sigh is of the past. Longing for the good old days with the comfort of a mind of understanding. This wasteland of confusion gives me no hope. I had a loving family, hope for a future, a good name and reputation, and wealth. Why did it change? I hate change! What benefit can there be to all that is lost?

His fourth sigh was one of retrogression. Here he cannot reconcile how his life of good works brought this fruit. Is there no difference between the righteous and the wicked? Maybe every truth I know is a lie.

Finally there was the sigh of betrayal. Job was a man that was sought out and well respected. Known as a righteous man full of good works. Where were all that showed him honor now? Why and how did he become a byword and a taunt? Has God betrayed me also?

Trials like this are truly God’s blessing. Job learned this though we have this as advanced knowledge. The answers sought by Job’s many questions are already answered for us in Christ. These trials will measure you but not you alone, they will measure all associated or friendly. This Dorean trial is no different except I am accused as delusional because I do not take the path of sighing to truth but faith. All have been measured. Most of you have failed and could justify my sighing, oh but some of you have soared to the great heights of faith and you like Job will receive the double portion at a minimum. Also you have remained unemployed at sighing because faith caused you to rightly put your hope in the faithful God Job discovered but you already knew that going in. That deserves a sigh of relief!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rahab the Story Teller (1-18-09)

Rahab is one of those characters of the Bible that would be ridiculed by the retards who call themselves Christian. Yet in God she is honored for her faith. To her countrymen she is a traitor. In Christ she is grafted into his bloodline. The battle of Jericho was divine but when the spies made their vows to Rahab they were imagining conventional warfare. God has His timing and His secrets but there will be a time of revelation. Rahab had some revelation already. She heard of God’s great victories for His people and she believed that this God who showed Himself living and strong was the only true God. When confronted with the spies she had her whole life placed in dishonor. If she wanted to follow after the hope of Israel she could no longer be loyal to Jericho or her profession. She was forced by the testimony of God to recognize the scarlet thread of Christ the Savior woven throughout Divine History. In fact her faith was immediate. She did not delay in placing the scarlet cloth. Surely it would have been days or weeks before it was relevant but to her it was relevant now. Not knowing God’s timing but knowing His plans gave her no opportunity for pause. When will you apply your faith, tomorrow? She had the distinction of living on the wall, the very point of contact with God and His plan. There was coming a time soon where God was going to do some shaking. His justice required it of Him. When He was finished with His shaking only faith remained standing. All the walls, all that the evil retards trusted in was going to fall. They were going to be exposed to the full fury of God’s wrath. They were designated for destruction, but not the garment of faith. All in the house of faith were saved without exception on the vow of God. I am amazed at how people can lose courage when faced with giant walls like an Alsup or the FBI. Do you really think they can remain standing when God begins His shaking? I do not. The question you must ask yourself is why you do not believe God will shake things. Are the reports of Og, Sihon, or Egypt not convincing? Do you want to wait to hang out your scarlet claim just when the shaking begins? Don’t kid yourselves either your scarlet claim is flowing for all to see or you are an enemy of God designated for destruction. I don’t need appeals, lawyers, or any other convention of war. My God will shake when His justice requires this of Him and my house of faith will remain and all who have joined me shall be saved. The circling trumpets have already begun.