Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prognosis II

There is a great display of prognosis in the story of the waters of Meribah from numbers chapter 20 Meribah meaning to be quarrelsome. God had prognosticated over His plan in whole to obtain a bride for His son. But this plan also had incremental revelations. One of these stages was for national Israel to be a display of God’s affection and election. So in this story we have the larger story of Christ enfolded into the smaller subplot. Christ was the Rock and the ultimate display of God’s holiness. The Rock in this story was a teaching type of the substantive truth of Christ. Christ was to be struck once for our sins. This occurred in Exodus 17. The second time the command was to speak to the Rock (Christ) so type would display fact. This set of facts was consistent with the prognosis. Yet our story clearly show Moses was free to rebel and chose to do so. What the story shows is that the prognosis is not subject to man’s rebellion. Water came forth, holiness was displayed and the teaching type was preserved by the punishment of the rebellion. This is a very important revelation for the elect to grasp. We all come to this relationship with God with rebellious hearts but the prognosis that draws us into the relationship is not subject to that rebellion. Sin being conquered is a fact fo the prognosis not even the ates of hell can prevail upon. We are believers need to come to a grasp with the potency of the love of God that fashioned the prognosis over our lives. Like the ultimate fact of Christ in the story of Meribah there is a canopy of prognosis that covers the subplots of each individual member of the elect. Personally this truth strengthens my patience to hold out for the sure victory when the battle lingers so long and my enemy specializes in delay. Scott knows this also. It is why our choices varied from our co-defendants and why most of our clients lost faith. When you know God and understand that you have come to this knowledge because H knew you first then you discover the strength He provides you to overcome all things. We finish because we had a great start, God knew us before the foundations of this world. So in closing this chapter in victory is a fact of the prognosis that formed this battle in victory. For God’s honor and holiness will not be defected by human rebellion. Amen!!