Monday, January 30, 2006

The Seed of Promise

I was told of the death of a man (Chuck Frentheway) who I very much respected. I wouldn’t call us close friends, but brother in a way. He was a doctor who knew of the “Sick Policy” of the American Medical Association. He knew of the fraud called “Income Tax.” He knew banking was the government tool to slavery. In all this I saw him as a patriot. Not the foolish version of T.V., but a man who loved his neighbors and loved his country because it to him was full of neighbors. He was a fighter who stood up to the lies, the cancer that consumes our corporate body “America.” He never will get to see with his own eyes the reward for his honorable struggles, but that did not make them vanity. A father who leaves a legacy to the next generation does so in love. He never will spend it or enjoy its pleasures. He left behind truth like a seed that in his battles ghoul would blossom in the future. I was not the only who respected him. He earned it with his courage and integrity in the many lives he touched. America lost a great man but gained a reputation for what makes us great. This land is not the America of crooked politician and gangsters but selfless love, and the justice a man is willing to live for until he dies. That seed passed on even to a corrupt generation to the few who can see its natural beauty sprouting from the life of a great American. Thank you Chuck, it was a pleasure to share your battles. May I die in honor as you and may this generation discover the truths you stood for. To all of you, don’t be short sighted; there’s a lot to live for.

Friday, January 27, 2006

A Quarter of a Century

It has now been 25 years since my emancipation into adulthood. Though I had conflicts with government prior to this, any charge would have belonged to my father. As a man of my own I have been free to bring judgment against the government for their behavior towards me. I have tested them. Early I tested them at honesty, they failed. I tested them in relevancy, they failed. I tested them in equity, they failed. I tested them in constitution, they failed. I tested their charter, they failed. I tested them as to individual right, they failed. I tested them as to corporate right, they failed. I tested them as to righteousness, they failed. Finally I have brought a witness more righteous than myself and thought for sure they would be true; but no, he stands condemned as I. In all this I have judged them in patience and grace. Now they must be judged in power. This is not displayed to say I told you so, but to extend one last opportunity for them to repent and come to their senses. This is my sincerest hope and all my just complaint will fade away in joy. If thought this final grace is shunned, they will discover that all this witness will secure is an indictment from their boss and authority and He will remove these evil servants and replace them with those who will respect Him and His offices. This is the season Scotty and I prayerfully enter. Yes, all this time I have judged as you have judged me. Do you have the eternal judge to back you in power? We shall see.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Heard You

In the Bible there is a verse “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” This blog has captured a lot of heart. Now some will have an unretractable testimony of a fool like Evil Ex. You are what you are as I am I and our hearts have been heard. Some are faithless and have proved it. Some are cruel and have proved it. Some are false prophets or I am. This is proven in the end. Though words will condemn the corrupt heart that uttered them let us having facts understood and revelation obvious give all the opportunity for a change of heart. From here the words will change without eating of crow. Honesty and humility or arrogant pride, the dualistic responsive choice to the codified mistake. It is my hope those who were correct accept those who applied the right morals to the wrong facts and that those who erred will admit it and move on to truth. If they use pride as their defense then we will learn the truth of a polluted heart that wasted fraudulently all their words on justice because their heart has confessed once again they have no sense of it. Now if I haven’t made myself clear my heart desires to prove that we are not crooks but diligent seekers of truth with enough courage to confront the most vicious liar and all their thugs. My heart also has its confidence in the greatest truth whose powers far exceed the bully to prevail. Like almost all of you there is a general sense that justice prevails over wickedness and my heart believes it. Now I can’t tell you how because I’m tired of giving the enemy clues to their demise. I have good reason to know the outcome from the beginning. With all my heart this confession is made silently.


This is solely for Evil Ex and forgotten son. I have not read your comments but know the content because I know the heart of fools. I am glad you posted the poison of your souls here so that your shame can easily find you. Both of you serve an idol of your own making by imagination and just because you named it “Jesus” you think it real. Finally you have a man of faith who loves you and who lives for the true living God and you think him evil. Actually you think him a fool overcome by the pure evil of me. Now that you are a man bright son you have come to that clear wisdom where you can judge your father. How stupid can you be. The prophet is known by the veracity of his words. Well this evil man prophesies this to you and though your ears won’t hear it your eyes will see it. The spirit of the locust has been sent out against you. Everything you put your hand to will not prosper. If you reach the harvest of your labor thieves will take it. If you are not robbed you will lose it by foolish decisions. You will crave respect but can not earn it. All the help that protected you by your father’s prayer is set aside. Evils will creep in upon you from every side. Though you say in your heart I ought to do this you will find no power to do it. Like pharaoh all the tenderness your heart was destined to shall become rock hard. This desert you will wander until you come to your senses and recognize the only deliver the Lord has given the map to for your exit is your father. Repent and it will be well with you. Even as you read this your heart takes offense and your dark journey begins.

Now Evil Ex whose only truth is in the appropriate title, I’m certain you spun your toxic web of blame. You probably set your sacred church above your husband in righteousness as you do yourself. Well a stupid son is the great trophy of your wisdom. Scott and I prayerfully sought hope for you but evil has not yet completed its circuit in you. Likewise this evil prophet speaks to you. The queerest thing about evil people they think themselves good. Now you and I stand opposed to each other slinging the same fact, “evil.” Only one speaks truth. Let God decide. You pray to your “Jesus” for this prophecy to be false and I’ll pray to mine for it to be true. You have craved all bitter food and though many efforts have placed the sweet words of God before you, your gut was not yet full. It is full now and is evidence by the vomit you project into the world as words. You have lusted for control and the comfort a god of your own making. Your hands will be busy trying to tidy your life but it is decreed to be a mess. The spirit that has possessed you will no longer be restrained, you are given over to its will. Judgment will be well defined in your mind but all those around you will see you becoming mad. The bitterness of your soul shall toxify your body and manifest itself as breast cancer. God will not hear your prayers for deliverance or healing. If you repent, come to your senses, and recognize the stench of your righteousness. God will hear the prayers of Scott. He will keep Scott’s heart tender towards you for a short season. Time is not your friend and grace has made the demand of your faith. Give it and even the evil will be worked to your good. Faith not and your suffering will make your “woe is me” comments seem like the days of joy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More on Morality

To my knowledge there are four cardinal virtues and three theological. Common sense, coverage, moderation, justice; these are cardinal, not in Roman Catholic but as in hinges. Our morality hangs on these. Then the theological of faith, hope, and love. These are much less understood. Now I think all people know these by that “voice” that plagues us internally as the high standard we can never meet. Now not aiming at the target just because you can never hit it is not excusable. Common sense is a truthful reasoning but is tainted by the many lies we are faced with in our environment. It is an argument in common by the majority that banks lend cash money. Numbers or masses don’t make a lie the truth by their collective energy or will to believe otherwise. Though it is held in common does not automatically bind it to sense. Moderation might call you not to embrace the herd’s intoxicated euphoria. It will take coverage to resist and include justice in dealing with others. Now your imaginations of justice may not and most likely is not the pure product. Much like Utah’s actions towards me. It made it to paper and to many a mind but collapsed under its own design. My sense of justice under the microscope of love exposes way more details of consideration than justice to my naked eye. I have put into print here my faith, my hope and hopefully a love greater than my selfish idea and still it is ridiculed. Not in an appropriate rebuttal but through the weaker cardinal virtues. Those without courage call me a thieving coward. In tainted common sense presumes me a fool. Justice is harsh and condemning. Everything is metered out without moderation. Have we obtained the government of our virtues or the virtues of our government? I do not think in all honesty that what is expressed here for the most part is thinking about the circumstantial surface and has slothfully taken aim at the rich moral code we share. Seek these truths and the facts will fall in line to nurture understanding. There are two little boys who illustrate kind of the whole picture in their small story. While walking two brothers found two stray cats, one a rather large headed mangy alley cat and one pristine Siamese cat. The elder brother lovingly wanted to be just took the Siamese and then told the younger “now you pick.”

A Riddle

What finds joy by a wild dog’s exit
and a hungry lion’s entrance
Is weak but concourse
Unjust, but condemns justice
Bows down voluntarily
But is exalted in the end
Is separated but united

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

By What Law Do You Judge

There is a consistency from all commentators of the blog that proves to me we have much more in common than different. Let me call it the law of human nature. This is not a law of nature like gravity, of convenience, or a collective law by government. Behind most comments is the idea of what ought to be done. Facts vary and the interpretations of facts may polarize but all are saying “thou shalt not steal”, “you should be honest,” “greed is bad,” “Schemes that hurt people are not right.” Now in all these things supporters and detractors are in agreement. Why shouldn’t they? This law sits in our head as a schoolmaster judging us constantly and is not of our making. It is evidence of a mind and body of law outside our mind and consciousness. We all have it and wield it through opinion. Opinion is not the law but our individual expression of its effect upon us. Now I am in total agreement with all of you. Where the disputes are real is over facts. My moral law says that the banks shouldn’t steal and be honest; you say the facts point this moral law towards me and away from the banks. The government is moot on this point for they only see the banks as victims. Your moral code and its justified complaint about my dishonest gain from individuals is only a matter of inconvenience to them. Therefore, they are not the source of your angst against me. Now all claim right by this law whose author some identify as God and support it with the Bible and Christian ideology and are ridiculed. This I don’t understand since they are more like comrades in moral law and the facts disputed are of the 3-D world and not the supernatural world of moral law. Facts are then the key for agreement to application of the moral law we have all agreed to already. Facts can be understood by education or information. Attacking each other’s morals as I have seen is like slapping your own face. I personally respect and appreciate the character of people who visit here. I wish the world had more men sincere about their convictions of what they ought to do. This subject is a factual web that touches all the corners in our window of what is right and just. My stand is not to prove my detractors or the government amoral, only ignorant. You see a dung beetle thinks a ball of crap a good thing, we do not. This fact is irrelevant to the moral law but mortgage fraud or internet fraud scam pivots on this fulcrum. Do I want to change my detractors? NO! I just want to endure this struggle until the facts can no longer be disputed. Then we will find goodness behind the passion was always shared.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A Mina Incident

When I was 9 years old I used to sell door to door. Even at that early age I understood you never made a sale through a closed door. I came upon a house with a screened porch about 8’ deep and 20’ wide. I knocked on the screen to which I heard what appeared to be an elderly woman’s voice, “hello?” I responded and waited for the door to open. After arriving at a justified wait I knocked again, “hello?” “Ma’am would you kindly open the door so we may speak?” This exercise went on many times until the endless delays finally broke my concentration and I looked around and away from the door. In the porch corner was a mina bird. I knocked on the door to see it mockingly speak “hello.” Once I discovered this, my expectation of the door opening and a sales opportunity were revealed as wholly false and laughable. When one steps back a little and captures the spatial scope of the government you can discover a laughable reality. They are all parrots. We all know parrots can’t talk, only mock the sounds of word and most certainly have no comprehension of language. Yet when we hear parrot sounds out of a human government agent, we make the mistake, as in any case, of a false expectation like opening a door. You are a superior thinker to a parrot. Always remember your advantage. When they are repeating the sounds of what they’ve been trained to say, don’t give it the credit of an original thought. That is your sovereign territory and precisely why they will never understand you. Birds of a feather truly flock together but they’ll never outsmart a thinking man.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Here is a thought that you may have missed that may be the betrayer of your hope. We live in a scientific world so specialized in thought that it has put away general reasoning. Let me describe it like this; when you first attempt to learn a specialized task of driving a car you are very attentive. All mirrors are used vigorously, the radio is off, you are conscience of the blinkers, cars around you, etc. Once familiar, you can eat, drink, change channels, speak on the cell phone, and drive with knee and no hands. These specific schools of thought once familiar with themselves forgot the basic reasoning and knowledge that first led them to their question. Progressive education changed the moral question of “what’s right?” to “what works?” and naturalism denying the reason that created it likewise denied a creator. Under this milieu with the added influences of propaganda (TV, media, government, education, experts, etc.) man has put away one important truth. God being outside the box we placed him in his free to dabble in it at His discretion. Those trapped by the box of their own making are bound to this idea; things have a natural course of events that just happen. When a federal government indicts its convicts 97% of the time. These odds being so substantial accusation is now equal to fact. What if I had a reasonable set of facts that made that box foolish and insignificant? What if I was outside the box looking in or was given that view from God? Would that be called a miracle or true nature to a substandard? Regardless as most of you learned from “I quit” headlines are pretext which, without context leads to error, and I choose to fight this battle with all my faculties without the abbreviated modern mind, which precludes the miracle of victory solely because they can’t imagine it.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Business Incentive

I have discontinued the early-bird special on the DVD. They are no longer for sale until they can be purchased on the webpage. You haven’t received yours you will have to wait. Hopefully this will be taken as a good faith gesture to my many critics that I have an incentive to get my page up and running. Not that I need it, but I can appreciate the simpleton’s basic logic skills that all delays are malicious. Now that we have some clue as to our near future, perhaps a valiant effort can be sustained to the finish. Most of the roadblocks have been removed and we are down to a clean representation of my desires. Presumption is the greatest gift of this generation and an assassin to accountability. After a flood of justifications and an ocean of excuses, I have survived to do the work still left undone. May my hands be diligent and skilled for the prosperity of all. One last thing, no voice is my representation except my own. I use this blog to communicate the best I can. If you want to know my thoughts, plans or circumstance, here is the place.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year

2006 will be the year the mortgage industry gets a fix. Thanks to clients like you and a government unashamed of its corruption we will see change. Who elected these fools, these arrogant crooks who think they can plunder and equate it to justice? I say we give them a rude awakening, one they don’t see coming. Everyone knows a contemptuous heart can’t view itself in honesty except for the contemptible. That is why they are completely blind at the moment to their destiny. They have the FBI operating around the world like a red-tipped cane hoping by feel the might understand the landscape. I really am amazed anyone would fear such pathetic souls. I taught my children by 3 years old that people like this were insignificant. A badge, a pat on the back from important people, or a grand scheme does not make a man. His ability to maintain integrity in this millennia is the measure of his manhood. During the break I got a letter from Scott that speaks to this truth. He is ready for battle and so am I. Hopefully they send us their most delusional (men of virtue to them) experienced champions so their defeat will send dread through the camp of fools. One of the ways I’m certain they are wimpy is by all the weapons God has had me set aside as agents of overkill. Forgive me if I seem too eager, but stupidity, ridicule and blatant prevarication needs a swift kick in the teeth.

Monday, January 09, 2006

People vs. The Banks

I saw a long comment posted by John Ruiz about our association. I would also like to confirm our only association is by revelation and spirit. I am glad for him and think the world would be much different if there were more like him. I’m not certain how misinformation and mischaracterization seems to follow Dorean. John, no offense but you offered way too much opinion concerning us after having admitted no real knowledge of us. My process was designed to bury a thorn so deep into the flesh of the bankers it could not be ignored. I consider you efforts noble and charitable but I was not called to pester the crooks for a sudden turn in virtue. Ours was a win/win scenario well plotted. I had to put my life on the line but the battle was clear from the beginning. We would seize victory or they would make us criminals. The worst mistake they could make. They must prevail with crooks as their witnesses. This is not a civil case where they can palm the judge to accept affidavits of lost note. A man’s life is more than equity. Real or fraud is going to appear. Also my bond was solid. It will take somebody smarter than the flower shop investigator to not be confused. Two years of government vengeance and no charge against the bond. Perhaps their investigators are better trained. I’m not being punished for doing what the bankers do, that would make my indictment a self-indictment for them. Read it and see what is really going on. Keep up the good fight and don’t get discouraged by their evil; truth always wins in the end if men are tough enough to get there.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tough Talk

I used to do some boxing in my younger days and I was remotely famous. They used to call me “Canvass Kurt”. I had an exceptional left nostril lead and could bruise the knuckles of any opponent with my face. So if you’re wondering where all the tough talk comes from, it is my much battle experience. It supplies me with endless confidence. Actually I do have the enemy right where I want them, feeling confident. Watch how their hands will lose all power when I face them. All kidding aside, those of you who fear the corrupt big mouths have no battle experience. There are ways to judge real danger and others to discover braggadocios peacock feathering. Jail is not a knockout punch. It is just a jab to get me in the mood. They better have a good fight plan because I was not near as bad as described above. I’m in the mood and asked to be placed on this card long before them. I am not the challenger in this fight; they will have to be a complete fighter, because jabs don’t faze me, to take my belt. I truly do want to hear those words “Let’s get ready to rumble.” In this corner we have the people’s truth, and in this corner we have the banker’s puppet.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Scott's New address

Scott has been moved to another facility about 40 miles outside of Salt Lake City.
You can write to him at:

Dale Scott Heineman
c/o Tooele County Detention Center
47 South Main St.
Tooele, Utah 84074

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Utah is a Farce

The keep telling me they will dismiss. I honestly don’t care. If the feds want to spoil their case with this bunch of bozos, I’m all for it. Any man can bond his actions; it’s a maxim older and larger than Utah. If not, Utah itself would be subject to there own prosecution. How is it that I’m granting extensions of time? I have no authorized representatives in Utah and I put my intent in writing and filed it. Perhaps Utah has some lackey to assist them in fraud. Oh by the way, TCOB247, I’m writing this from jail. You really are a dumb-ass broken record but I would like you to stay around, you’re reviling has a good purpose for me in the spirit of Shimei. Learn his story and you will know my hope for you. The insurance fraud guy said they were dismissing and my jailer has knowledge of it and repeats it. The delays may have been an attempt to get me to make a mistake which I have not done yet, which I will not do. I can do all the time I need (TCOB247) in jail to get it right and so can Scotty. TCOB247 go do your other process, make it work and then give it away for free so we can admire your virtues. I have already done the market research for you to prove a market exists and I only charged you $3,000; what a deal you got. I will send you many clients. I’ve never talked with any lawyer except upon my exit from video court and that was as a refusal of their service. I also put it in writing by registered mail just to eliminate any possible confusion. Utah is a four-letter word and a farce with countless examples.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Man and Motive

In jail we have a thing called commissary which I’m able to purchase at $20 per week. Not much but can be the difference between hunger pangs and enough calories. A couple of weeks ago when moved to medium my new cellmate was a 30 year old infant. After five days he moved cells and then two days later when I got my commissary I went outside to pray and he stole my commissary while my new cellmate slept. For $11 of food he set the value of his soul. I think that cheap but I also think 5 million is cheap in my case and 3 trillion is cheap in Fannie Mae’s case. I was supposed to kick his ass for this crime. I thought this response though a good exercise for old boxing skills was an offer to sell my soul cheap. Those who have already condemned me think I got my just reward on a small seal but then again I think your opinions free tokens of a cheap soul. I think all of us whether in a challenge of a mortgage contract or agency or fiduciary relationship have countless opportunity to sell ourselves cheap. Don’t’ let cheap bureaucrats or banksters set the values for your soul; let the cheap fiends live on a plane you never visit. Don’t make them effective when they attempt to convert your honor in search of truth into a cheap definition. They can only view honor from the dishonor that resides in their soul. Like this place which reeks of guilty air I don’t have to breathe it in. You have the power to choose and live in honor, a real value; don’t sell it cheap!

General News

Utah dismissed on the 20th. I think the most spectacular part of this is the Federal scout got no information to report. My total court time in this cesspool was about 3 minutes. They got 3 minutes of information out of me in 5 months. I call that a success. On the 22nd, we went to Federal court for the normal arraignment procedure. They scheduled an identity hearing for January 5th. I don’t give us much chance of winning this so we will be shipped to California in the middle of the month. It may take us about 2 weeks in transit on Con Air. Now we can get to the real loud-mouth and the ultimate bully. Those of you who share my hope, I’ll take your prayers. May truth find her just reward. I guess we got a simple Christmas present to help start a Happy New Year.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Fed Up

Dear perverters of justice: What is the meaning of your delay? Are you not yet confident you have the power to crush me? Your lackey has served their purpose. Should innocence or truth be afraid of you? As a collective or individual you are all fools of the highest degree. You will find no fear in me. Let’s get this show on the road. From childhood till the now I have defeated every force of evil that has raised its ugly arrogant head. I am just a man but that is not my power, that is yours. He who set me on this course has ordained your shame far before you set your course. By His might you will fall and how great the fall is when evil disguised as justice is revealed purely for what it is. Surely your sophisticated weaponry should give you a sense of pride and confidence against two mere laymen. Do you not fear, execute your advantage and take us out. Justice must surely be your virtue. God must honor the authority He has given into the hands of just men certainly all the power of heaven is behind you. All law supports you. The vanity of two corrupted men can not resist swift and immediate execution of justice. Punish us, give us the reward of our evil. We are ready, run and embrace your opportunity. Maybe the bankers’ ass you are kissing is trembling. Do not embrace their fears, you are champions, bring your mighty selves to battle. It’s time for the feds to put up or shut up.

A Poem

Our Great Constitution

Clarity of agency is that too much to ask
By vote we resorted to that hated thing
Of menial serf and exalted King
Evil offal appears in every age
And rickety men take center stage
Until abuse, injustice, theft give rise to rage
Then son and gun go up in smoke
As history plays out her cruel joke
That man has no virtue to manage