Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Heard You

In the Bible there is a verse “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” This blog has captured a lot of heart. Now some will have an unretractable testimony of a fool like Evil Ex. You are what you are as I am I and our hearts have been heard. Some are faithless and have proved it. Some are cruel and have proved it. Some are false prophets or I am. This is proven in the end. Though words will condemn the corrupt heart that uttered them let us having facts understood and revelation obvious give all the opportunity for a change of heart. From here the words will change without eating of crow. Honesty and humility or arrogant pride, the dualistic responsive choice to the codified mistake. It is my hope those who were correct accept those who applied the right morals to the wrong facts and that those who erred will admit it and move on to truth. If they use pride as their defense then we will learn the truth of a polluted heart that wasted fraudulently all their words on justice because their heart has confessed once again they have no sense of it. Now if I haven’t made myself clear my heart desires to prove that we are not crooks but diligent seekers of truth with enough courage to confront the most vicious liar and all their thugs. My heart also has its confidence in the greatest truth whose powers far exceed the bully to prevail. Like almost all of you there is a general sense that justice prevails over wickedness and my heart believes it. Now I can’t tell you how because I’m tired of giving the enemy clues to their demise. I have good reason to know the outcome from the beginning. With all my heart this confession is made silently.


This is solely for Evil Ex and forgotten son. I have not read your comments but know the content because I know the heart of fools. I am glad you posted the poison of your souls here so that your shame can easily find you. Both of you serve an idol of your own making by imagination and just because you named it “Jesus” you think it real. Finally you have a man of faith who loves you and who lives for the true living God and you think him evil. Actually you think him a fool overcome by the pure evil of me. Now that you are a man bright son you have come to that clear wisdom where you can judge your father. How stupid can you be. The prophet is known by the veracity of his words. Well this evil man prophesies this to you and though your ears won’t hear it your eyes will see it. The spirit of the locust has been sent out against you. Everything you put your hand to will not prosper. If you reach the harvest of your labor thieves will take it. If you are not robbed you will lose it by foolish decisions. You will crave respect but can not earn it. All the help that protected you by your father’s prayer is set aside. Evils will creep in upon you from every side. Though you say in your heart I ought to do this you will find no power to do it. Like pharaoh all the tenderness your heart was destined to shall become rock hard. This desert you will wander until you come to your senses and recognize the only deliver the Lord has given the map to for your exit is your father. Repent and it will be well with you. Even as you read this your heart takes offense and your dark journey begins.

Now Evil Ex whose only truth is in the appropriate title, I’m certain you spun your toxic web of blame. You probably set your sacred church above your husband in righteousness as you do yourself. Well a stupid son is the great trophy of your wisdom. Scott and I prayerfully sought hope for you but evil has not yet completed its circuit in you. Likewise this evil prophet speaks to you. The queerest thing about evil people they think themselves good. Now you and I stand opposed to each other slinging the same fact, “evil.” Only one speaks truth. Let God decide. You pray to your “Jesus” for this prophecy to be false and I’ll pray to mine for it to be true. You have craved all bitter food and though many efforts have placed the sweet words of God before you, your gut was not yet full. It is full now and is evidence by the vomit you project into the world as words. You have lusted for control and the comfort a god of your own making. Your hands will be busy trying to tidy your life but it is decreed to be a mess. The spirit that has possessed you will no longer be restrained, you are given over to its will. Judgment will be well defined in your mind but all those around you will see you becoming mad. The bitterness of your soul shall toxify your body and manifest itself as breast cancer. God will not hear your prayers for deliverance or healing. If you repent, come to your senses, and recognize the stench of your righteousness. God will hear the prayers of Scott. He will keep Scott’s heart tender towards you for a short season. Time is not your friend and grace has made the demand of your faith. Give it and even the evil will be worked to your good. Faith not and your suffering will make your “woe is me” comments seem like the days of joy.


mytwocents said...


The comments posted by Kurt are completely uncalled for. I agree with him when he stated, "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Kurt has shown his true self.

IF Scott was a true man, he would not allow anyone, even a friend such as Kurt to speak about his wife or family in such a awful manner!

This is not about an evil banking system. This is about an egomaniac using this blog and everyone else for his own purposes.

tcob247 said...

Are we to surmise that "evil X" is Scott's wife?

So Kurt is calling down God's wrath upon her huh.

Mr." I have access to GOD and can call on him to do what I want"

Maybe she is sick of all the lies and how you ruined his life by following you

Just a guess

tcob247 said...

Kurt said to Scott's wife....

"The bitterness of your soul shall toxify your body and manifest itself as breast cancer. God will not hear your prayers for deliverance or healing."

This is your leader people.
Super nice guy

son of a prophet said...

...someone once said..."judge not, lest ye be judged..."

...gee, we could fill up a Supreme court here with at least 12 judas..uh, I mean judges....hehehe.....

sd said...


A "PRIVATE MESSAGE" would not be posted on a public forum.
I pray that my God, the God of Abraham and Isaac, the God of the bible, will look upon all the people on both sides of these issues and forgive them of all their / our wrong doings, bad thoughts and self righteousness.
After reading the "PRIVATE MESSAGE" that Kurt posted on this public blog, I must now retire from future participation.
I truly believe that there are great problems with our system of government and especially banking and apparently there are some deep problems between Scott, Scott's son, Evil Ex and Kurt but I don't just think, I know that the personal family problems would have been better handled had they been addressed in private.

I’m sure that curiosity will overcome and that I will continue to monitor this blog, but as for my participation, I now retire.

Kurt, In all your wisdom and foresight, you must understand that "curses" and “Moses like” prophesy have no place here. Remember that Men have breast cancer too, and through his own words Pharaoh brought some of the plagues upon himself.

I am not in a position to judge the outcome of any future events and my heart tells me that neither are you.
I will always support the idea that the current system needs improvement but with your last entry, you crossed my line and all I can say is that I am truly disappointed.

I’m sure you must feel that outside support is not necessary for you to achieve your victory. I pray you are correct. Because with blog entries such as the last one, you must see that you are alienating yourself. Maybe that is your wish, if so, then so be it.
You will continue to be in my prayers as will the others from both sides of this blog.

May God Bless us all with understanding and wisdom and may we learn to forgive each other as we would like to be forgiven.

tcob247 said...

Including yourself I assume

son of a prophet said...

wha'sup with this??

some none posted this on another site; dont know if its legit, ie., ganda or pro-paganda (or even a goose!)

Court Sanctions Dorean Group Attorney $77,000 For Participating in "Internet Scam"

On January 19, 2005, Judge William Alsup of the United States District Court ordered Thomas Spielbauer, attorney for Scott Heineman and Kurt Johnson of the Dorean Group, to pay a half dozen lenders $77,000 in attorney's fees and costs. In his order Judge Alsup found Heineman and Johnson's mortgage elimination program to be an "internet scam."

Spielbauer has appealed the sanctions order to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. His former clients Heineman and Johnson, however, continue to aggressively market their program to the general public.

For more updates concerning this case or other actions involving the Dorean Group, or to receive a copy of the order, please contact Sunny Huo at

son of a prophet said...

sorry for the gaffe...

I mesread the date, ie., 2005 for 2006 and thought this was recent.

This was apparently posted in hopes that some 'none' like me would get fooled into thinking it was from 1/19/06 just last week, and it worked, they got me.

33 lashes...\\\\\\\____O...ouch!

imbigo said...

In Kurts defence (not that he needs it) although I think the post was somewhat harsh, we dont know what type of problems Scott and his Wife were having before this process began. And I stated when she ( evil-x ) mad here first post that she siad some pretty hash statements herself, and at one point one would think that she knew what they were getting into before they started, so for her to give up on the life they built together because he was put in jail speaks to her loyalty to her MAN! But thats one man view from the outside looking in.

P.S. Every man has his breaking point, when he thinks he been pushed too far.

To be in the environment that Kurt and Scott have been in for the past 8 to 9 mounths you need ALL THE SUPPORT you can get, especially from your LOVED ONES. Not that I've ever been in jail, but, I've been in JAIL!!!

May GOD Bless all those involved in this bitter family fude.


BIG"O" 1+1+1=1



imbigo said...

Hay son of a so called prophet....

I'm glad you checked yourself, cause I was gonna blast you!!! LOL

Peanut Gallery said...


I too am no longer posting, but will check to see what is happening

I would like to continue in the dialog we started a few posts back. Let me know and I will forward my e mail to you.

habakkuk said...

I understand your frustration with individuals that may manifest as "judas", but we as Believers have to walk in the footsteps of our Leader (Yeshua). Thats not to say we let people just spew un-truths and lies about this whole process....but just like Yeshua we have to "answer not a word" and let the glorious outcome speak for itself. So we dont have a liscence to throw out curses and wish cancer on anybody.

One thing I have learned since this whole thing began and since i have decided to accept truth is that the closest people to me are the ones who have let me down. That was the same thing Yeshua experienced and yet he accepted even Peter back after peter denied him three times. I would even venture to say that he would have accepted Judas if he would have repented.

We dont have to curse anybody....if they dont see their error and repent they are living in a curse. But again, we shouldnt wish that on anyone.

I am willing to chalk this up to you just having a moment of frustration(which is understandable considering your circumstances)and in your flesh you let it slip. We are still in your corner. Lets repent and get back on track....ok.

son of a prophet said...

some none here said...

evil-x said...

and at one point one would think that she knew what they were getting into before they started, so for her to give up on the...."

perhaps she was counting all the money that would have been made.

you know what they say about women and money?....

thats why man's best friend is a dog...he'll never leave ya, even if you dont feed ($$$$) him.... ;-)

now women, on the other finger (diamonds), I mean hand.....

like a friend o'mine says, the best looking man to a woman is Ben (Franklin) $100 Frannie...

anyone out there ugly? just post a benne on your forehead and walk into any bar in the USA and see what happens...womone will come around you like dogs, I mean, never mind....

dgwondering said...

Sounds like somebody has turned state's evidence.

believerandfollower said...

Sorry to hear that "SD", as I enjoy reading your posts. No, I'm not being sarcastic. I enjoy hearing your input. Sorry to see you go.

believerandfollower said...

Did any of you ever stop to think that he puts these posts to get your gander up????

evilex said...

Friends, loved ones and fellow Christians. Please do not respond to Kurt's blog on my behalf. I am not moved or offended. Just keep Kurt, Scott, me and my kids in your prayers. All is well and will continue to be well.

Lori Heineman

hockeydonn said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hockeydonn said...


Really? Who?

hockeydonn said...

What are they testifying to?

hockeydonn said...


I don't know you personally, but if all was well you wouldn't need our prayers. All is not well and I believe that we could all use a prayer on our behalf. I hope that all who have read your request will embrace the invitation.

God Bless ALL of you.

tcob247 said...


If you need any help let me know
I would be more than willing as I'm sure others are too

It must be tough having your home and husband taken away from you and your family

God speed

roadrunner86 said...

Don't think that spouses leaving one another is rare in this situation. My husband has let me down in a number of ways - including refusing to return to work to help me out with the bills... According to him, the house issue is my fault, along with other things. He fails to realize that I have supported him for several years since he was injured at work. Now when it time to buck up and go back to being the man of the house, he hides in the corner like a scared cat.
As a result I am having to separate from him and go my own way... In speaking of breaking points, I reached mine a long time ago, and was pushed over the edge on my birthday a few weeks ago.

As for Lori: That is a heck of a nickname to use. Unlike my husband, at least Kurt and Scott are man enough to stand up for something.

son of a prophet said...


did I say that!?

gee, I must be spending too much time reading this blog. My mind is wondering.......

you will know them by their fruit said...

Hey Mogel, are you ready to go another round where I defend Christ and you defend Kurt?

Game, set, match. Anybody who follows Kurt has no desire to know the Lord.

The Truth is not in him.

Did any of you scholars (SOP and crew) recognize that Kurt was using scripture as his own words when placing his curse?

You guys have your saviour. Lets see where he leads you.

Thank you for the revealing post Kurt--excellent fruit.

ticktoc123 said...

I can't think of a better way to destroy the confidence of people in this program than mouthing all this religious crap.

habakkuk said...

You will know them by their fruit,

First of all pal I dont think anybody in this process thinks they are following a man....Kurt is not Jesus. Just like you, me and everybody else that walks on two legs, we have one of those days where we say something real stupid in the emotion of the moment. I think kurt was having one of those days. I know one thing for sure...he's got balls that you aint got...and so i at least give him credit for that.

Your just being one of those "haters" who was just waiting for him to slip up. Guess what, he's human, so more than likely he's gonna slip up. I'm definately not excusing his comments, but dont think that now your gonna get on this blog and start spewing your garbage and distracting others from the real issue.

against_the_odds said...

Stillwaiting said...
tcob247 thanks.
Again, Kurt writes and again says nothing. I wonder why? I wonder why Dr. Fred called and sent us the forms. I wonder why he hasn't sent us the new forms?

against_the_odds said...
Stillwaiting, thanks. What was the form related to? Would you be willing to email it to me?

Stillwaiting said...
Against the odds...
Yes, as soon as I get back home next Wednesday.

Stillwaiting, can you PLEASE email the forms to,

wantobefree said...

This blog has turned into a soap opera.i came to this site to find out what is going on with my mortgage Im starting to wonder about this blog.Kurts putting stuff on here that dont have a dam thing to do with where any of our money is or whats going on with our mortgages.And you sure as hell cant believe anyone on here.Its starting to make me sick,but still more interesting than watching days of our lives.

Tony Tuba said...

Kurt Said:

The bitterness of your soul shall toxify your body and manifest itself as breast cancer.

Brother Love Says:

What happened to love and forgiveness? What happened to praying for your enemies? Wishing ill will on others will only bring ill upon yourself.

It's time to love each other. Share the love with one another.

Clueless Fudd said...

Brother Love said...
It's time to love each other. Share the love with one another.

Maybe we should be the Black Eye Peas to sing their song "Where is the Love" at the next Dorean rally....I show "Fergie" the love, heh, heh!

son of a prophet said...

someone said....

"Did any of you scholars (SOP and crew) recognize that Kurt was using scripture as his own words when placing his curse?"

SOaP says....

I recognize everthing that is being posted here, but as I had previously said, I dont judge anyone on what they do or what they say.

Yeshua can do this pretty well without any help from me.

Just as no one here can judge me. Well they could, but it wouldnt count for beans in Gods eyes. Only what He thinks matters.

For what its worth, my I still believe that this project will succeed. Maybe not in the way everyone thought or in the time period everyone thought.

From what I have read, were there some exaggerations about the process and how soon it would be completed. Yes, there were.

But, I still believe that you will all be rewarded in the end.

Just my gut feeling about it. It may take a while and if you lose your house in the process, its no consolation.

But, one must remember that there are global/biblical changes that are about to occur as well and these will affect everyone, regardless of whether or not they have a mortgage.

An example of this I have posted about the imminent economic collapse of the US. I believe that this is in fact very near, ceertainaly within the next year of two, if not sooner.

So the ME process is just one more example of apocalyptic change coming

neodemes said...

"I have not read your comments but know the content because I know the heart of fools."

Kurt spewed all that venom based on comments he never even read?

How can he, or anyone, be certain that "Evil Ex" is really Lori Heineman, anyway?

Someone registered as Lori Heineman at the rei forum. I deleted the registration figuring it to be some prankster.

If that was truly Lori, sorry about that, but, there is no way to know for sure.

Kurt, you have outdone yourself this time.

You are a sad, little man, aren't you?

mogel said...

I think most people commenting on Kurt's latest blog have surely missed the point again. I think it is doing someone a favor when you warn them of natural consequences of their thinking & their faithless behaviour to stop pending things happening which can worsen their own current situation. Such events Kurt prophesied, are just natural events of poor thinking & bad decisions. These events are not being wished upon anyone.

I don't see what Kurt mentioned as a causal curse wishing bad things to happen, as someone put it or a reflection of an evil or vengeful heart of Kurt's as someone else concluded. It is actually a loving warning to avert natural consequences which is a sign that Kurt cares. If you didn't care about someone, what is the best way to show that lack of heart. Totally IGNORE them is the answer. DON'T warn them. Don't even communicate with them. Just ostrasize them from your life as if they don't even exist like some cultures do. Now that's cold!!!! Let bad things happen with no warning voice whatsoever & laugh behind their backs silently if you are truly evil.

Jonah preached repentence to Ninevah & they repented. I'm certain he wasn't pulling any punches when he preached to Ninevah to make them change & repent & they did repent & a City was spared God's decreed destruction.

Kurt doesn't pull any punches when he speaks. If you are offended by that, then, may I submit, maybe it's your own personal problems being brought to light & maybe you suffer from being too sensitive & too judgemental & are not able to stand chatisement in your own life. "The Lord chastens whom he loves". Don't ever forget that. The truth is what it is, nothing more, nothing less, no matter how harsh or no matter how beautiful it may be. An honest man won't suger coat the truth.

When Moses predicted 7 plagues on Egypt, was he also being hateful & vengeful? When he prophesied of the death of all first born sons, was Moses being a vengeful murderer with a cold heart? Was Moses responsible for all of these calamities simply because he knew it was going to happen? No, God, send him to be a warning voice, that's all.

Kurt chose the handle, "whistleblower". What do you think that means people? The main problem with this blog is that their are too many Judges & not enough listeners.

hockeydonn said...

I don't see Kurt as a prophet. To me he is a man who is trying ot do what the prophets have counseled in scripture. He is not trying to lead a cult or seek praise and worship from anyone.

Mogel, it is most likely that the explaination that you give of Kurts last blog it correct. However, many on this blog will refuse to see it that way and choose to demonise Kurt in an effort to advance their cause, opinion or whatever.

That being said, I really don't believe that Kurt will allow how some fool may interpret his words to hinder what he feels needs to be said from being said.

Since I have chosen to comment, I should say that I really don't know if what he said was warranted or not. I am not versed on all the situations that Kurt, Scott or any of their family are facing. I do know that if I felt like people who I care about are acting inappropriatley and they need to repent, I would remind them of the natural consequences of them not repenting in an effort to aid them to correct their course.

If this post was truely warranted. Then way to go Kurt.

I can not be the judge of whether it was or not. That's why he made it a private message. That's to say all the rest of you don't have the background info to understand why this post is being made so it's not for you.

Pretty simple to understand don't all of you naysayers think?

Now get off your high horses and get back to real discussions.

tcob247 said...

Hockeyfem said.....

"I can not be the judge of whether it was or not. That's why he made it a private message."

Hey, if it was so private, why post it here for the whole internet to see?

I think Kurt is the one on the high horse.
He should also get back to the real discussion instead of talking about Parrots, boxing and his partners family problems

jailedson said...

Tell me why agian you are jailed. What is it you are trying to prove. I see something going no where. If you do get out, it is because God has showed you grace not because you have accomplished anything. Are you God?? How is it you know everything and can tell people that you are the only who is right. You may not say it but it sure seems like. Going about telling people that people prayers aren't answered is very untrue. Why don't you take that great faith of yours and change Lori. Help her along as jesus would. Not look down and act like you are God. I DARE you to look at your situation differently. From a viewpoint of which you are in jail not because you are doing right but because or your pride of you getting there. Pray about that. That will be the ultimate test of your faith. What if you find out your wrong?? God knows. I do believe that jail is helping Scott grow better in his faith, one thing that has always been is his life was pride. Once he is over that great leaps will come. Why talk about my family, dont you have a family to be concern for or whats left of it. I pisses me off to see you type this crap. Do you think Scott would agree with the stuff you are blogging? Would you show Scott what you are typing? Exactly. Whether or not Lori has a lack of faith, its really not up to you to be concerned about unless you are God... . I doubt that, by the way you treat people. And these big sayings that you use and you thin you are some kinda buddah, knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. Faith is not the only way to get by. It also takes a willing heart. The one you have hardened with your own fatih.

son of a prophet said...

there just may be an foreign investment bank willing to buy your mortagae debt, and as instinct has led me there is a bank called Addax? located in Iraq which is going to buy tons of US debt instrumetns (mortgages?) shortly.

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The preceding is just an opinion without prejudice as I have no access to any DG principals.

son of a prophet said...

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against_the_odds said...

Stillwaiting, can ya help me?

you will know them by their fruit said...


you are saltless

you are a wolf

DaMamaSays said...

Picking on a woman and her kid...poor
Showing the true stripes

Remember ,just because somebody said it, doesn't make it true! Tootles

DaMamaSays said...

Dear Kiddies,
Picking on women and their children...poor

Showing one's true character.....Priceless!

you will know them by their fruit said...

The Dorean Scam has become like a reverse "Survivor Island".

Who will be the last one on Dorean Island still falling for this lie?

My vote is for Mogel. He can spin anything (well at least try). I would vote for SOP but I think most folks would vote him off ASAP just so they wouldn't have to hear about the latest Star Trek conspiracy theory.

I think everyone can see Kurt for what he is. Some just love $$$ more than truth--so they follow.

neodemes said...

It takes chutzpah to compare the likes of Kurt to Jonah and Moses.

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