Monday, December 25, 2006

Faith’s Thesis (12-12-06)

This oratory thesis I hope to put forward to win my doctorate degree in faith. Because faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen I had to offer the theory in advance of the evidence arriving as part of the proof. Though my words here will be life to few and death to many my expectations are not of kindness. My friends like Scott from Vineland, Angel of Mercy, and those of their ilk. Those who love me but are blinded by the traditions of men that have bound them to the milk of the word and who by their own ignorant fears of the meat condemn their brother in false judgment. To you I hope to inspire you to taste of the meat and see that it is good. To take off the training wheels you have grown far too comfortable with and soar into the high calling of Jesus our Lord. Then there are those who only know the ideas or precepts of Christianity who pump themselves up with vain and useless knowledge to ridicule and pummel their victims with their tongues. They are the Tcob’s, Fruities, Neos and their kind. To you I take pleasure in the fact that this thesis will be a temptation of ammunition for you that you can’t resist, which exposes you for who you are. There are the government plant’s and people generally who believe evil good and good evil. You will find a confrontation in these words that expose you. There are those whom I love who have missed their great opportunity to know “If God be for you who can be against you?” and have lost their faith. These include brokers, agents, friends, employees etc. You I hope to be the consummate example of the truth of faith to so encourage you that the choices you made were wrong and that you will pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off, face the Lord again with a new hope and get back into the fight. Last is the only group that deserved me to take all the risk I have with Dorean and this thesis to give to you the justifying evidence for your “I told you so’s” though you probably will never say them to anyone more than to your own carnal soul who you war with constantly. Even if you only maintained a fingernail grip upon the promises of God it is my pleasure to offer you my life, the developing ground for this thesis, to cause you to sure up your grip and go for the ride of your life in the power and might of our Lord Jesus the Christ. Eternity is the breath behind all the aspirations of execution you have witnessed in your own experience and this thing called Dorean. To you this is a work of love.
This thesis is prophetic in nature because it is written in advance of eyesight, based upon the word of God, and spoken as His agent. Much substance will be contained for debate and comments so it will remain up as the only post for about a week or 10 days. Additionally circumstances will be changing during this time, which will alter the comments and positions of many. This is a live spiritual exercise to measure and expose in the Dorean microcosm the truth of the human condition.
Faith is an action word, a verb that is not synonymous with the noun belief. Belief is an elemental part of the motivation of the will in the action of faith if exercised. I have said on here before the ABC’s of faith are an Action based upon Belief sustained in Confidence. For this to please God and to receive grace from God in exchange this definition is limited to a Confidence of God’s word that moves the will to the action of faith. All other faith of similar model is the positive thinking formula of the world. This thesis focuses on this narrow parameter solely.
Faith and obedience are also not synonymous but rather are conjoined twins with the common vital organ of God’s word so that they remain inseparable and die independent of each other. 1 Cor. 7:19 states “obeying the commandments of God is everything” while Romans 1:17 says “the one who is righteous will live by faith.” Now Christ is the consummate example of this obedient faith. As Romans 3 makes clear that apart from the law Christ was revealed as the righteousness of God through His faith displayed to us who believe. He has become the author and finisher of this powerful faith in us. We as people rely on our senses and reason to develop the choices we’ll make. A child will reach for a flame but will remember the pain and not do it again. It is easy to live in the comfort of this developed wisdom. What is difficult is when you receive a word from God that runs contrariwise to this wisdom like “walk through the fire and you shall not be burned.” This is when the spiritual conflict between your miniscule wisdom verses the eternity of a faith opportunity is revealed.
Back in 1986 I was given a word from the Lord that was general as to His destiny for me and with some specifics that would appear on the path. One thing is for certain life in prison is incompatible with the promise. Over these 22 years all of the specifics have come to pass. Going to prison the first time was part of this. I can’t tell you how much ridicule and professions of evil I had to be assailed by over this time but is has always been as prolific as you see here. I think it must always come in measure equal to your confidence because the goal of it is always to remove your confidence in God’s word and to shift it back to worldly wisdom. As Scott and I have held on to God’s word for general deliverance we searched the word for specifics. About 6 months ago there became like a vapor a waft of insight that this was almost over. Many people picked up upon this and wrote us and told us. Then about 90 days ago a woman spoke as a prophet and said by Christmas you shall be released. Here my conflict begins. I have my desires that could easily align with this hope but my earthly wisdom says “no way!” Our last court date before Christmas, yesterday was an uneventful status conference pushing off my pretrial until 3-9 and trial until 3-26-07. I would say from a human wisdom point of view that about settles it. Even my friends of Job could say “Amen” in their hearts with me on this one. But this is where we differ.
Jesus is not an appendage snapped onto my personal wisdom who Amen’s my comfort. For me He is a God calling me to trust against my wisdom the promise of a word spoken by a God who cannot lie as a hope to draw me past and beyond what my eyes can see and my mind can know. This is a risk. Presently it is equal to the greatest risk of my life to date. Not because of the 25-life sentence threat but because my 22 years trek of ever increasing confidence in the reliability in God’s word and my ability to hear it and have it inspire the action of faith in me is at risk. This is my entire identity. It is the foundation of my manhood, my marriage, my relationships, all the choices I make and have made to get here. The fear in a man quickly tells us to flee from this kind of risk but Jesus in us says “if it is possible let this cup pass from me but never the less not my will but thine.” Is she really a prophet speaking for God, is my heart just so eager to get out that I’ll believe it, and don’t tell anyone, and wait and see, all are arguments that get swallowed up in a true picture of the true God. If God is the master of all things living He certainly can control her speaking and my hearing to prevent a witness of “thus sayeth the Lord.” Now that this witness has occurred I must now like Jesus realize this cup will not pass and I must rise up and walk towards my enemy. I will comfort them and boldly proclaim that God’s word can be trusted unto death. Sure a champion’s life lies before me to seize but at the risk of sharpening my enemy’s weapons they’ll use to slash and tear at me if I fail. If I do not rise to the high calling of faithing I have failed already and have merely delayed my discomfort of defeat for a season. If I take this faith opportunity I can receive a continuation of my long string of confidence. I can see the power of God displayed in my generation like I read of generations past. If I take the risk to speak of this truth in advance of its taking place I shut the mouths of fools and inspire my brother and sister faithers to pursue God with wreckless abandon with confidence. When faced with this painful choice my spiritual discipline guides me to offer the sacrifice of praise. This is a praise that reaches below the depths of my fears and elevates my eyes of faith to see the God of potential, miracles, and faithfulness. Out of the mouths of babes and infants He has perfected praise. I picture Christ on His triumphant entry with His face set firm on the promise pain and all receiving praise from these children waving palm branches, dancing, kneeling, with raised hands, shouting “Hosanna.” Like these children a childlike faith calls this praise forth from my lips. We faithers are a peculiar people. We war not with guns or swords but with spiritual weapons like praise, faith, music, the word etc. Who would run towards an army with a tambourine, shout at a wall, or use a blog? My eyes do not look to an ominous federal government with criminal intent as the fact but rather the promise of God as fact
Not only do they see my deliverance as promised, they also see the landscape beyond. Dorean will go down in history as a catalyst of some of the most sweeping economic changes in our lifetime. Fannie Mae is sentenced to death as we know it. Home values are going to recalibrate to absorb the sudden change in credit flow. Those who trust in the Lord will prosper in this change while others will lose equity. After this world economics will change drastically. Europe will head into a recession and an attraction for the dollar will return like never before. War or battles in the Mideast will increase at this time and not diminish. Things will sure up there quickly after much more destabilization. The Arab nations will resolve the conflicts by developing a unified governmental model like the EU from themselves. Europe’s weakness being aided by a departure of England and our strength will assist this region to come to this resolve suddenly. All this will take place during the next presidency. The increase in conflict will begin before Bush’s exit. Furthermore God will use the success of Dorean to create a platform of ministry where people will come seeking business knowledge and leave spiritually transformed. Others will have their faith so inspired they will trust God and receive miracles that will move this nation back towards holiness. The fake judiciary, which is merely the collection agency of the executive treasonous branch being exposed and reduced in power. God will enter into this now found faith and give a reprieve a rest for the people. The progress of theft being reversed. Even now as I write this God is placing the spark in some of your hearts to be these faithers for your generation. Let the faith of Christ explained here and the success of Dorean be a model and inspiration and believe God for big things. The back drop of all this is Christ made a spectacle of His enemies by the cross because of His obedient faith and we can join Him in this spectacle of today’s enemies by our obedient faith which is the faith of Christ living in us. In the end I say the faith of Christ has promised me to be more than a conqueror and it makes the same promises to you. Houses, families, reputations, credit ratings, jobs, friends can all be used as devices to move your eyes of faith from the prize but none will be a worthy substitute in the end. When God speaks He amen’s His own words and nothing becomes something. All creation is a constant witness of this truth if we’ll look at it. Join me as I join God and let us all in one harmonic chorus say “AMEN!” Adam made the wrong choice in the beginning and we suffer from his deposit in us but Christ returned us full circle to make the choice again on our own. Will you Amen the first Adam or the second? As for me and my house including Scott we will serve the Lord!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Brother / My Friend

“A man of friends may be broken up; but there is a lover who sticks closer than a brother.” That is the literal Hebrew translation of Proverbs 18:24. “The soul of Jonathon was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him (David) as his own soul.” This is the literal Hebrew translation of 1 Samuel 18:1. The words “lover” in Proverbs 18:24 and “loved” in 1 Samuel 18:1 is translated from the Hebrew word “Hheb” which means to have a close attachment to or to have an emotional attachment to an object. In this case the object, or attachment if you will, is Kurt Johnson. I’ve known Kurt for more than 10 years and the one thing I have admired most about him is his integrity as a man, and more importantly, as a man of God. There is an axiom in sports that goes something to the effect of, “sports doesn’t create character, it reveals it.” I believe the moral equivalent to that axiom would go something like, “the testing of your faith promotes character but shall reveal it at the self-same time.” This particular testing event has provided me with the opportunity to witness both the man Kurt Johnson and the man of God Kurt Johnson. I can confirm to you with full confidence he is the man of integrity privately that he is publicly. He is a man who would die for a friend and risk his life for an inspired cause for strangers. Those of you that have walked with us in lock-step in the spirit understand fully that which I speak. This is what the writer of Psalms 42 meant when he says in verse 7 “Deep calls unto deep.” I am privileged to be walking this season of testing out with a man who understands God’s call, hears His voice and is obedient to comply even if it appears foolish or risky. Over the course of this journey Kurt has made decisions in faith, that to the natural mind would seem foolish, but to the working of faith the only decision. He has remarked consistently through this that only men of faith could pull this off. I have now become convinced of this. As unusual as this may sound, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I am just beginning to understand what God has invested in me and how much He wants me to be a champion for Him and that having Kurt serving as a living example was part of it. I have said privately and now proclaim publically, I love you my brother and thank you for your patience, inspiration, integrity and most importantly your obedience. You are a man among men and a supreme friend.

Yours Truly, Scott

Monday, December 18, 2006

Give Me Some Credit (12-2-06)

A lot of you including the prosecution think I am opposed to the current banking system. This is not true. Let me lay down some of my thoughts. The Constitution called for a standard measure concerning the dollar as money. They were duty bound to keep that measure as trustees. They committed treason or a very clever alternative. I vote for the second. There are no provisions in the Constitution that deal with credit money or its value. Nor is there any prohibition to assign its creation to a subcontractor (private). There is a general and clear sense through the Constitution that trustees must look out for the beneficiaries. Did they do this with the Federal Reserve creation? I think so. Now the first thing to be sincere about their duties is to give you an exemption out of the credit money because of your entitlement to a true measure dollar. They did this with HJR192. So far so good. Next the people still have to be the value source or creators for their benefit. The Federal Reserve does not create credit ever. All currency credits – Federal Reserve notes come into existence to purchase bonds it is believed but that is not the facts. The bonds are the good faith and credit of We the People and the Federal Reserve merely monetizes them for us. Electronic credit which is the greatest mass is done individually as We the People. Directly as opposed to through our agents. This is accomplished when the Fed monetizes our signature promises on notes or invoices. Now if you can step back beyond inflation, depreciation, taxes, and the other by products and look at the world view you might see the genius. Where we fall prey to our own tool was allowing ourselves to believe our own lies. Fed notes / credits become the world currency being traded for all the wealth of the nations. Oil being the most prolific. As consumers through our Fed we are confiscating wealth. We got drunk on the prosperity and let these worthless credits become money in our own minds. That is the sickness that plaques Scott from Vineland and others similarly situationed. The mortgage is our credit creation not the Feds. They are the borrower of our right and servants bound by trust. Sure they can bluff for their own greedy interest but it is your fault for folding your hand not theirs. Dorean merely showed the true nature of things and refuses to fold. They cannot support being outside the borders of their design which is merely the agent contractor of the people for the proliferation of their credit in the fictional based economy. Wealth never departs, reality is always present. Fictional credits are a weapon of economics warfare to possess an enemy’s wealth. Turning a gun upon yourself is never wise. Let’s use this properly.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

What a Child Sees (11-27-06)

The 11th is our next date and it is unique among all our dates because I have no goal, no direction from the Lord except to say it is finished. As my faith matures to comprehend the great accomplishments of the Lord it ironically or paradoxically becomes more childlike. I truly am helpless yet the love of my caretaker is steadfast and trustworthy. There is an enhancement to the truth of Christ’s diligent intellect over my affairs when I’m confronted with the body of Christ. Many of you have been used in a special way as the confirming voice of God. It takes childlike faith to trust the power of Christ in you. Winnie, Karen S., Steve H., Becky B, Dee, Bob, Lynette, A. Corrazzo, Mark G., Swami, Doug Cav. And Doug Cam. All of you and others not mentioned here have strengthened my faith by your obedience to our Lord. Trust this that your eternal reward will be enhanced with blessings here on earth. Many others betrayed me and rewarded my love with their cowardice. This was a constant sorrow which made your sweet offering of obedience all the more soothing. As I submit this heartfelt thank you let me boldly say that we shall now see the power of our mighty Lord that justifies our boast among those who are perishing. Our God reigns and you are the proof of it. I’m proud of all of you in the spirit.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

You’re All Retarded

One of the greatest misunderstandings about Dorean is what truly educational significance it has. All your lives you have professed yourselves economic retards. You are incompetent merely taking up space. Of course knowledge of God would lead to wisdom to see the truth of the value of a man among other truths but you created a Christ out of your retarded minds instead of listening. That is why I oppose these fools here friend or foe because they are the greatest retards when they even embrace the tolerable religion of their slave masters. The true Christ teaches you that you are truly a slave so you can be a son in training to master. This crap displayed here is retards claiming to be masters while professing their incompetence. They have not even the adolescent wisdom of the world to see their true state. That is why they can easily judge me falsely and act as false profits. They are blind to their own imminent peril but can see mine clearly. Please! Dorean was a start to finish hands on lesson how to be the master, the creditor in all your affairs. Even with my constant encouragement and faithfulness in remaining the teacher you piss and moan because I can’t do it for you. The classic evidence of a retard. They won’t take responsibility for their own affairs. I did not take the trustee role to be your caretaker for life. I was willing to nurse you out of your incompetence so you could function as a creditor and prosper. Unlike patriots and conspiracy theorist I see the design of the enemy and the brilliance in it. You won’t destroy it to hope so is retarded. You must learn to use it an make it a tool of your competence. It was designed that way to separate the weak from the strong. All those men you fear judges, lawyers, FBI agents, IRS, media these are all retards, absolutely no threat to the creditor. Here’s my question to you, are you ever going to stop being retarded (TV sports, politics, world news, blah, blah, blah!) and become the master? Learn how to own property, rights included. Slaves own nothing. Children own everything even while they are learning to master. I will continue to teach once my retarded debtors cave which won’t be long. Even if it takes longer the creditor always outlast the debtor. That’s the nature of economics. Creditors never doubt. They always defend their rights. Debtors lie and cheat because they have no rights, title, or interest. They can only live as a parasite on creditors who become retarded. Like a virus that attacks as habit it does not know which immune system is healthy until it proves so. Want to be immune? Then get healthy. Invest in your well-being and follow the Dorean lead. If not enjoy being retarded but have no great expectations of a creditor.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To Quote a Few (11-25-06)

I’ll agree the faith you ridicule on here is not wisdom but foolishness to this world. It is something we all practiced as children but now know better. Here are some more fools who have no good reason to trust in God except that He loves them:

“Idolatry is not only the adoration of images… but also trust in one’s own righteousness, works and merits, and putting confidence in riches and power.”
Martin Luther 1483-1546

“O senseless man who cannot make a worm, and yet makes gods by the dozens.”
Michel Eyquem De Montaigne 1533-1592

“We shall be made truly wise if we be made content; content not only with what we can understand, but content with what we do not understand – the habit of mind which theologians call, and rightly so, faith in God.”
Charles Kingsley 1819-1875

“The center of God’s will is our only safety.”
Betsie Ten Boom 1885-1944

“To walk out of his will is to walk into nowhere.”
C.S. Lewis 1898-1963

“A man who has faith must be prepared not only to be a martyr, but to be a fool.”
G.K. Chesterton 1874-1936

“A perfect faith would lift us absolutely above fear.”
George MacDonald 1824-1905

“God sends no one away empty except those who are full of themselves.”
D.L. Moody 1837-1899

“If you don’t invest much, defeat doesn’t hurt and winning is not exciting.”
Dick Vermeil

“Many of our fears are tissue-paper thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.”
Brenden Francis

“Character is always lost when a high ideal is sacrificed on the alter of conformity and popularity.”
Charles R. Swindoll

“When I came to believe in Christ’s teaching, I ceased desiring what I had wished for before. The direction of my life, my desire, became different. What was good and bad had changed places.”
Leo Tolstoy 1828-1910

Monday, December 11, 2006

Court is Funny (11-24-06)

On 11-21 we went before Judge Spero for another settlement conference. This is a face to face sit down with the alledged Judge to sign a plea agreement. Their offer of 20 years can’t be taken serious because nobody signed it. They said if I signed it they surely would. That is them making me an offer to make them an offer. That is a jurisdictional trick I won’t fall for. Spero had a copy of our original plea agreement with our proper commercial endorsements upon them but not the originals apparently retained by our counsel Mr. Kubitz. This created another problem in that counsel has indicated by his behavior we are not to enter an agreement. Spero went into how you cannot sign a rule 11 plea agreement without recourse. Here’s where the Acting classes and poker bluffing start to take shape. If we were at law the intent of agreement would suffice and words would not hinder the result. If though we truly are at commerce my endorsement quashes their goal. This was obvious when Spero became an emotional rant on how they were getting mad at my games and they were surely going to give me life. I said “Wow! Doesn’t anyone ever win a trial” just to break it up a little. I have to tell you I am amazed how grown men can find a sense of honor in a childish racket. Well no deal I guess, pleading guilty is harder than you can imagine. We left with our next date 12-11 to find out if the other defendants are coming and a whole lot more I won’t discuss at this time. Many of you hear of this independently from our God. I’m happy about it also!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Psalm 211

In the scripture Psalm 105 and 106 are sister text with the last verse of 104 being the true beginning of 105. What you have then in style is a praise opening and a praise ending with God’s faithfulness to His promise and a recounting of His mighty works He performed to encourage us to trust His faithfulness in 105. In 106 it starts with praise and ends with praise but the text looks at God’s faithfulness in another light. That being His faithfulness even in the midst of our unfaithfulness. II Timothy 2:13 recounts this thought, “if we are faithless, He remains faithful-for He cannot deny Himself.” I thought I would write a psalm combining these 2 styles to boast of God’s faithfulness in this situation and the preceding history. 211 is this combination.

Blessed be the Lord God
whose word is changeless
and can be trusted
from everlasting to everlasting

You called me before the
foundations of this world
and from the womb
placed courage in me

You made 13 a number
to attach my hope to
you grafted me into Manasseh
and revealed Christ to me at 13

You showed me how you were faithful
throughout history you moved hearts and nations
so that, reluctantly or willingly,
they would perform on your promises

Nowhere can a man say your word has faultered
Nowhere can a man call you a liar
Suddenly and in an instant your delivery came
surprising all the defiants

Men throughout the ages can say their trust is not vanity
God bends low to hear our prayers
and has a mighty right arm to perform
all necessary to justify His renown

Blessed be my Deliverer who has shown my eyes
wherever they should turn His reliability
Though men of ignorance try to strike fear
My heart was made steadfast by your faithful promise

I listened to these men and their golden tongues of reason
for a short season which quickly stole my joy
Even in my faithlessness you were faithful
Though I turned from your promise you did not turn

Men embraced me then as one of them
though my motives were selfish they loved me
a hero without ridicule or fault
judged by an unrighteous standard as righteous

You did not quiet Your voice
but you made it rage within me
The sin that shamed me
still found hope in your steadfast love

Finally you turned my heart from its error
and taught me the faith of Christ
who authored it and finished it in me
by the unwavering trust of your world

Even now as my enemies boast in their false wisdom
and slander the promise of your calling
I find endless strength in your faithfulness
My eyes have seen your goodness in the land of the living

Blessed be He who is unchanging, always the same
He who sent the upright record through all generations
Who sets my feet on the firm foundation
the rock of refuge, the sheltering cloud, the Christ

Glory, honor, and praise fill your temple
they are all justified and deserved
Yada Yada Yada, Hallelujah, Forever and Ever

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Friends of Job (11-24-06)

This blog is amazing to me in that it is a little like Iraq. It is a magnet for fools who profess themselves wise. First I want to use my recent friends of Job Scott and Angel as they are typical of the inbreds of the church. Now both have showed friendship to me and in their hearts believe they love me but can’t help themselves. Scott you claim to have known Christ 20 years and though you can’t dispute anything I say in the spirit you trust a worldly mortgage industry to condemn me. Surely you started your walk in faith, who has bewitched you to now trust your eyes and the wisdom of this world? Angel your comments are without fact and still you chose over all the zeal I displayed before you over the years to think yourself wise. Shame on you! I never lacked in any gift towards you, evidence Christ was my supply. Both of you are evidence of the modern acceptable Christ of no power. 600,000 left Egypt and God judged them there. Still 2 who went through the same trials were judged by God differently. Why because they trusted God. You judge me by the wilderness I go through but not the faith the spirit judges me by. You cannot contend with my faith because it is anchored on God’s reliable word. So you come on here and make fools of yourself doing what any child can do, giving an opinion of what their eyes see. Faith is the unseen vision of God, it is a gift. Do you not have a Christ that always challenges your faith or do you have some genie in the sky you call Jusus who answers all your desires of comfort in this world? Show me where I erred in the faith if you are my true counselors. Then there are the betrayers who didn’t even have the courage to honor the love I bestowed upon them. This world is their home and that of its cheapest state. Finally the senseless idiot who have some religion they call Christianity who have divine knowledge I’m a thief, liar, and scoundrel. Well we shall see beyond words because Christ is power and so is His kingdom. The very Christ who gave me power to resist all the evils assaulting me has the power to overcome you all. God gave me the spirit of power and a sound mind. Your God just gave you empty words that look wise for a season. Merry Christmas to all as the season changes.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Parting Shot (11/20/06)

As I have always told you the government flunkies are always predictable. On the 7th we were taken to court on our previous vacated hearing so the BOP could bitch to the judge and get me removed from their facility. My fight was not with them and if they left me alone I would have passed through their facility like a vapor. Unfortunately they are all trained to believe a lie and to punish all who resist. This works successfully on most people so there is no reason to change. If though they should run into someone trained as myself to separate truth from fiction their training actually becomes the very tool of their demise. In essence the stick they use to beat you breaks upon their own heads. They are all pushing me to a commercial gateway with all their might but they are not allowed to push me through it. I must take that step of my own free will. They never see someone refuse because their pains sufferings and lies are so effective. If though you are as I you will document every lashing, lie and push. It seems trivial and worthless at the moment but at that gate I get to turn around and that which was intended to hurt me becomes my blessing. Understanding the whole game makes you a strange bird in the middle because you go around saying things like beat some more please or offering no objection to their punishments. That baffles them when it should strike fear in them. They do gain a little fear and that is why they moved me but it doesn’t cure their problem. They are weak people so they play games with their psyche to make themselves feel better. Our 7th hearing is an example of this. They come into an irrelevant forum where every one pats each other on the back saying don’t worry big bad Kurt can’t hurt you. They place declarations on the record under this false euphoria that plagues themselves while in reality they have handed me a knife to cut their throat. Look at what was filed which I accepted as true with no argument. They placed upon the public record that they have agreed to and codified our contractual relationship. How do you back pedal when you made the confessions openly? I even asked if they wanted to disavow their agent to which they insisted vigorously to retain their liability. The truth in the face of liars can still never be seen. None of you will see the victory I see at the moment until better trained and I complete my work. I do not have to be in a hurry in fact patience always seems to net you greater help from your enemies. Any agent or agency of the so called government are sitting ducks for these techniques from doggie cops to presidents they just can’t help themselves. Turn this into your remedy and you will invite these bullies into your life anytime. Think about how much energy was expanded because of one man’s pen and paper. I hope this is further evidence of what wimps these people are.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Here is My Boast – from Scott

I do not boast in my righteousness, which I confess is like a dirty baby diaper! I do not boast in my own wisdom, which is utter foolishness! I do not boast in my glory as a leader since I am a follower myself. Those who are self-righteous fruit inspectors are too ignorant, or even too stupid, to understand what my boast is! However, a few of you will therefore I will make it openly. Whom Christ calls He equips. The wisdom I function with is superior to all who oppose me and that wisdom flows from Christ. My righteousness is also superior to all who judge me because it is not my own rather Christ’s. Though I can’t provide you with all of the details of current events I can boast in God’s duping of our enemies. I won’t educate the judges, prosecutors or others on the mistakes they are making but I delight in the fact that God causes these mistakes to occur and then reveals them to me. The fatal errors have already been made. They cannot win. It is finished except for time. Christ is trustworthy and when He sends you to complete a task you can boast before it is finished, even when it appears to be failure, because He always finishes what He starts. I make my boast in Christ who fills all and all. Men like Keller and Alsup possess no measure of wisdom, righteousness, justice or will against Christ. If you are not joyously mocking those who defy Christ you don’t know the Christ of History. Power is how He maintains His throne. He destroys His enemies with a wink and a nod. Put away your fears and doubts, you were called to participate. Now start trusting our God Almighty to show Himself strong on behalf of justice. Boast in your faith openly and leave the shame of the ignorant for a season until that which is forever settled in heaven is settled here on earth. Boasting in Christ is not vanity, only the boast of the proud fails in the end.

Loved Ones (11/13/06)

On 11/7 we were in court to do BOP, Bureau of Prisons, business. This was a court date that had been vacated on 10/17 which was supposed to have been a motions hearing. We found out the morning of 11/7 that it was BOP related. One of the many things accomplished was the separation of Kurt and I. He is now at Santa Rita and can be reached at the following address (address was posted previously however here it is again if anyone missed it):

Kurt Johnson – ULF796
Santa Rita Jail
5325 Broder Blvd.
Dublin, CA 94568

I’m certain Kurt will fill you all in on the details of what transpired on 11/7. God is still in control evidenced by this latest move. Continue to pray for us as we near the end of this battle.

Thank you and much Love - Scott

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Do You Believe In Magic?

Take your two hands and place them about a foot in front of your face opposing each other. Spread your fingers a little and then touch your fingertips together. Moving them apart and together about 1 inch or two. Now focus with your eyes about a foot past your fingers while continuing the motion. A third set a fingertips should appear. Because you see it that way does it make it so? Every magician has learned the art of taking advantage of the natural mechanics of the eye and the reflex responses of our nature to create their illusions. If this can be done for mere entertainment do you not think it could be mastered for the soul of this country? You think your definition of money, value, and exchange are original? I think your thoughts were bought and paid for by those hiding the truth they never want you to learn. Behind every lie is the truth worth hiding. I have 30 years in the church and Christians are the worst because they have a revelatory truth by no act of their own and think the rest of the hidden truths will come in like manner. They are lazy and lemmings who fall back on their apple arguments in the orange debate. Illusion is accomplished when one gains confidence in a set of facts that don’t exist. If you spent as much effort examining money or credit as you do for any word you can find in my text to verify in your own mind I am foolish I might not have all my so called friends appear like porcupines. You say you care about me and in part I believe you but your care is tainted by your lack of concern for yourself. You think I’m proud and arrogant because I harshly resist your cowardly displays of knowledge. Pride is an undeserved platform. My boast is true. I fast and pray more than you all. I take risk of life and limb for the sake of the gospel. I have 30 years of diligent study in the word under the best teachers with a genius IQ. You go to church for 1 hour of music and a 45-minute ear tickling message in between football games, a message you don’t remember on Monday, and you judge me by the extra fingers you see that don’t exist. Well my friend that is pride and that proceeds the fall. False humility is just pride on the other side of the street. I have faithed out of foxholes that destroyed others. Of course Christ was the all and all in my supply but none of you will hear that because you haven’t come close to earning the confidence I have in Christ because your confidence is attracted to illusions. Even if I go away for 20 years have no fear I will never succumb to the temptation to bow my knee to the impotent Christ of your imaginations. Now if God gives me the boast of His power in this situation perhaps you will listen because it fell within the precious sight of your little trusted eyes. Shame, shame, shame needing a sign instead of His word. Even a wicked generation can muster this faith. Like Jesus said (paraphrased – Oh My God!) I have no friend or family except those who hear the word of God and do it. So if you are a friend “Just do it” already.