Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Closing Statements (December 12, 2007)

I'm hoping to post a copy of my closing statements in the near future. I think most of you would get a kick out of them. Even my critics will have fun with these statements. I must admit it was a lot of fun. You can have a good time when you really don't care if these 12 public serfs understand you or not. I thank the Lord that my training made those people irrelevant. Imagine what danger I would be in now if I had only prepared for them to be my deliverance. Yes I was convicted of securities fraud 15 years ago but that is not evidence of the same results, or a criminal that won't learn his lesson. It is actually what triggered my training to be better prepared for this weaponry in the future. Last time I had a lawyer that was not as smart as myself, did not know how to represent me, and accepted all the defects on my behalf. I did not start this trial being a loser. All the advantages of this system are called disadvantages by the system. You didn't really think that the free advice coming from the bench was not expensive, did you? I learned from my last trial that judges are not all they boast of being, that lawyers are a liability, and that juries have you convicted upon their arrival and it is almost impossible to change that perception. They are really stupid, don't know how to reason, and are emotional and whimsical in their decisions. They are on the government doll just to be a juror. They pay taxes, vote, and perform just about every other behavior that a good citizen can perform. They lost their reason a long time before they appear as jurors. That is why the trial is a drama where the best actors win most of the time. I'll admit I'm not a great actor. I mostly come off as arrogant because I can't hide my offense to fiction that well. Still anyone will be able to tell that we won the trial in real time but lost it to jury instructions. That is really not a problem and one of the things I could count on from the best judge money can buy Mr. Alsup. To think that the man who started all the fuss would arrest the case so he couldn't control the outcome has to be the height of delusion. You people call me delusional and I am the staunch realist. I'm not lost in "justice". I'm on the real playing field with the actual events contemplated. My perceptions are measured from the sources that created them, balanced against my experience, and reasoned into calculations of probabilities. This is not the dream state of wishing everything will go well and putting the Christian spin on it that God will deliver me. God delivered me before the trial began because He prepared me for the task with wisdom not taught by years. Do you really think a small town mortgage broker of 15 years can comprehend the battlefield more or less the actual battle? I would love to discover my friend Scott from Vineland underneath the cover of an economic retard. Unfortunately he is a "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of Christian. I pick on him because he has given me license by his comments. He is not untypical, unfortunately. Most of my critics and clients are childlike in an adult world. They can't even comprehend what battles are wrought for them by their trustees. They have no way of knowing that they were made suckers to come in and testify to their own demise. They have no way of knowing that I have protected them even against themselves. This is stuff I learned from my first trial. You needed a trustee with that kind of experience whether you knew it or not. There are so many traps in this game called justice and so much delusional behavior to overcome in the general public that you almost have to be a master chess player even to contemplate creating a company like Dorean. You have to realize up front that you will lose friends and your reputation for no good cause. That those who should love you will hate you. That your good will be considered evil. That those who wish to steal your honor will attempt to make it their own. Even Christianity will be used to condemn your innocence. The world hasn't changed and never will until it is made anew. An evil heart passes on to every generation and even if they believe they can do better they only do worse. That is why Christ is the best example and friend I can have in this process. He does not leave me, forsake me, and understands better than I do the betrayals of everything that is just. He can help you through the maze of your confusion. I'm telling you in advance that hindsight is going to embarrass most of you. Remember now what you are thinking. Perhaps you should keep a journal. In the end this will teach you not to cut your own throats in the future. You will not always be protected by another man's benevolence.

The Coin Toss (December 10, 2007)

I continue to flip the coin of joy and sorrow hoping it will tell me of my future tomorrows. What are the odds, just show me a sign, but it all evens out given the time. 50/50, good and evil, or fate? Why is God always running late? Agony twist in my soul and I can't find the comfort of control.

I used this verse to highlight what I think most of us experience in this walk of faith. There are some spiritual truths that should anchor us within this turmoil. First we know that joy and sorrow are inseparable. It is the sorrows that carve out room for the joys. Your joys would be as shallow as a smile if your heart was not completely involved. This involvement comes from the conditioning created by our sorrows. I miss my wife and it pains me to continually be separated from her. This is a sorrow directly proportionate to the joy she brought to my life with her faithfulness. I may cry but what if I didn't have the joy I would not feel this deep sorrow? Many of you have paid a high price in this exercise called Dorean but your joys will be equal. Those who took no risk for truth do not feel the pain of its absence. This is easily seen by the comments here. The scripture says that weeping may last the night but joy comes in the morning. My sorrows as yours are directly proportionate to my joy. If you had great joy I'm sure you have experienced great pain. What you know about joy won't be stolen from you by this pain only made poignant. Agony is the wrenching of our souls for our honest desires. It is like birth pangs. It is a contracted state that will not last long. A new life will emerge from the agony. Don't fall into the trap of seeking a sign or looking for a formula for it all to make sense. Our relationship with God is not like that. What you are really asking for when you seek a sign is a God that stays within your imagination. This is reducing God to an idol. Now God did give the one sign which is measurable celebrated by the world at this time, and that is the incarnation. What greater sign can be given? If God put on our flesh to unite with us and remove the barrier that separated us that is a sign of power, and love. This is the God we should run to not seeking a sign. I am safe in that love connected to that kind of power to resolve any tragedy I face. As I seek to be in the presence of my wife and good friends it is not because I need them to give me a sign they love me. They love me by accepting my presence. I don't need a trinket of their affection whenever we get together. I just want them. Why seek anything from God but Himself? The strange truth is that in seeking Him and Him alone all things are added unto you. Control is not really that comfortable because you dethrone the real God who died for you so you may be your own God. Plain and simple you suck at being God that is why you spend time on the folly of seeking a sign or formula to help you understand. As I sit in limbo pretty certain of my destiny I'm looking at these lingering days as a waste of time. My spirit tells me this is not SO but I can't seem to shake it. The result is a frustration that takes me to the poetic verse in the beginning. What I'm doing is praying, fasting, and spending time with the Lord. In conjunction with this activity I'm going to start the book I need to write for my future. I'm hoping this keeps my desires, joys and sorrows simmered down a little. If it does not I thank the Lord I am sensitive to the wonders of life and not obtuse. I encourage you not to let the time linger as you wait for deliverance. Deliverance is in the presence of the Lord. Dwell there and you will be prepared for the blessings that await you. I can tell by the comments I see posted here that most of you are not prepared. Seek the Lord why He may be found is sound advice. My enemies didn't take that advice and look what it got them.

The Sage Eagle (December 10, 2007)

The sage eagle rarest of birds
Prized by mankind for the wisdom of its words
It soars above philosophy and has a vision keener than insight
Yet only those who risk the cliffs of trial have seen it's flight
No ones really heard it speak but the echoes pierce your heart
In the crags and canyons of your journey you feel you're getting smart
Things so wonderful they move your soul to tears
Things so treacherous that they shake your core with fears
Does it soar on the winds of tomorrow or dive through the skies of today
When men talk of their encounters they're always in yesterday
Then one day in a fowler's snare was the treasure that he sought He would scribe all he heard, at least that's what he thought Strange it seemed that in a cage this creature was only mute No treasured words that would bring a price nothing to salute Legends seemed to be a bust, was this just a simple bird Was it only old wives tales about foolish things that they had heard He clipped its wings to keep it tame to keep it from its flight Then in disgust he removed it far from his sight
Years had past until the fowler grew tired of his care
It was time to destroy this bird that did not bring a fare
This quiet bird was not called a sage for nothing, its patience would reveal
For in the darkness of the fowler's beliefs, his wings would surely heal
The cage door swung open for just a moment was all it took
And the sage was off to flight to the fowler's distant look
The echoes were being heard about a man and a bird
While the fowler told a story about what he never heard

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Family and Friends (December 4, 2007)

I did not have the all American upbringing of the traditional family. Actually many would look at my circumstance as tragic. There was divorce, poverty, stigmas and various other forms of discomfort. Scott from Vineland made comments about what he thought caused my unfortunate demise. He is not the first to pull a Dr. Phil upon me. I have little respect for those who judge from their comforts the plight of those whom they can judge inferior. What I liked and still love about my family and friends is that even under my trials and tribulations they are loyal. There was a perspective juror in the void dare process that spoke to this point. Of course he was excused by the court because he was not easily deceived. His brother had been convicted of a crime against social security and did 8 years. He said he knew his brother and his conviction made him not trust the government. That is an honest man. What we have here on the blog are not. There are some who know me and the stranger's accusations they know to be false because they know me. There are others who don't know the government but give them integrity credits. There are others who don't even know themselves. I am fortunate to be blessed_ with some friends though few who stick by me in my troubles. They know why I make the decisions I make and that the crowd is foolish. My family which was ridiculed by the supposed normal families is there supporting me even though they don't understand the subject matter. They know me and that I have a heart for truth. They know I study hard and have integrity. They know how diligent and unwavering I am with my principles. They trust me not the circumstances. My family looked like the misfits but they are loyal, faithful, kind, and loving in my times of need and that is a blessing I will always cherish. I have seen the love of the proper family that is so ashamed of the fallen that they accuse and trust that the government is correct. It would look bad to be any other way. They don't understand a God who allows difficulty into our lives. They pummel their loved one while he suffers as though that will make everything alright. How would you like to have a "normal" family that loved you like this. I am more than thankful for my misfits. I don't like the harsh abuse of normal love. I want more and I have it. I give more and I get it. I don't judge them as below me, I don't live their lives vicariously as their judge, I live with them and love them as they love me. No matter where our trials take us we have each other. If one government accusation can sever your relationship it was severed already. You just needed the opportunity to crush your family or friend. Scott keeps claiming he's my friend but he hasn't written me one letter in the months he's been on here blasting me. On the blog he can look good, be proud of himself, find kudos from strangers, but he cannot win his friend. What did he bring to me in my time of need? His valuable opinion? His loving heart? His well wishes? His Christian wisdom? No, he brought his pride, his ignorance, and no friendship. I will not throw him away because he is in a miserable circumstance. I do recall my friend and now that he has appeared again I will pursue him with the truth of love, loyalty, and wisdom. That is what friends do. Everything else is lip service or keystoking yourself. To my friends and family, I love you all and appreciate you simple service to me of your love. Thank you endlessly for not being normal.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gratitude (December 1, 2007)

I want to sincerely thank the few of you who have ministered to my personal need. I have come a very long way in this battle I must truly say that my personal burden was heavier upon me than the work of Dorean. The fact that you have come beside me in the Lord and raised my hands is of eternal value. I truly don't know how to thank you enough. The very best thing I can offer you is to prove the truth upon all these liars so that it can be a treasure that will prosper you all the rest of your natural lives. This battle has drawn out longer than I could have imagined or desired. In the end though it is the body of Christ ministering to the weakness within the body that makes us all healthy. I am certain that God himself has taken notice of your kindness to me. You are the treasure within the sea of retards I must contend with that make it all worth it. Please know that I am indebted to your kind service and that if I haven't proven my loyalty as a friend yet please remember to give me the opportunity in your time of need. I can say that the love of Christ flowing through you and your obedience encourages my faith. It all verifies again that the God we serve is real and a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, a million times over. You have blessed me more than you can imagine.

"Now, Lord hear my prayer that you reward those who have reached to my need in faithfulness to you. Remember them in all there business, family, and spirit. You are the giver behind all our kindnesses so continue to give to them abundantly and exceedingly above all that they can ask or think. Heal their bodies and their souls which is a treasure that cannot be obtained by money. Restore lost relationship with love, forgiveness, and hope. Increase their repute in the communities and in their families. Bless them dear Lord as they have blessed your servant. AMEN!"

What's Next (November 30, 2007)

We had to file a motion for acquittal by December 3, which will be responded to by the government. Their response will be e-filed so many of you will be able to access it. I have sent a copy or two to commenter's on the Blog to keep you informed. I do not expect it to be granted by judge Alsup. It would be like pulling his own teeth. Leopards generally don't change their spots this far into the game. He has shown himself to be working an agenda not consistent with the hot air coming out of his mouth. Anyone who reads this motion that is honest about the "law" will understand that it must be granted. The test is that a reasonable trier of fact cannot convict. Now we have already passed the 12 duped jurors and know them to be unreasonable. I don't fault them they are trapped in a world of deception otherwise they wouldn't be jurors. Now on the other hand Mr. Alsup is not so duped. He is calculated, trained, and deliberate. Watch how a man with all this knowledge suddenly becomes as incompetent as this jury to be reasonable. I love how life plays out. Frauds are always exposed in the end. Now most of you will never really understand how overwhelmingly God has prepared me for this battle and how selflessly I have served you against odds that would have destroyed every one of you. I have had special training for over 20 years to deal specifically with what I'm facing. When Mr. Alsup showed up as my nemesis or should I say "mark" on December 2, 2004 I knew where I had to be willing to go. Though I didn't honestly think I would face the assault of evil I did it still did not leave me under prepared. Disappointments are a part of battle but adapting is the key to victory. Adapting comes from training, and knowledge. Spiritual training is absolutely essential because the wickedness of a man's heart lays more traps for a man than his enemies could ever contemplate. Mr. Alsup did more to assist me in victory than I could have ever plotted with my imagination. One thing boxing taught me is that the biggest and strongest doesn't guarantee a win. If you can get the advantaged to over exert himself by abusing his power in misses or in controlled targets then time will become your friend. Fatigue will set in and then the weaknesses begin to appear. The patient fighter only enters this area of battle. It is the fight-flight reflex that tempts most to defend against overwhelming strength when you should be using their power against them. I know banking and that is why I can expose their fraud. It is why I can stand against any retard on this Blog or in a long black rope without flinching. Call it a ring generalship or presence. I know where my footing is at all times. Now when I entered the ring I had a crazed federal judge, an FBI that was at his bidding, and cut and paste prosecutors. Guns and ammo everywhere. Here's where patience pays off. The head honcho doesn't know banking as well as I do. He knows enough to know he must destroy me and stop Dorean. The minions know less than he does. Now the bankers know I know and that they don't. They have the secret to protect. That is their weakness. I have the truth and nothing to hide. This is more like endurance. The lie has might and force but no staying power. It must always be infused with new strength. They trap me in a system that won't let me go but also for every start must come to an end. The end was delayed many times but now it must come. The verdict was the beginning of the end. At this point the sides have now become fixed in their positions. Battle plans can no longer be altered. My plan included a guilty verdict and so did theirs. Now the question remains is who has the advantage if both parties want the same move made? I will bet on my training over theirs anytime. Lawyers are trained in procedure. Take them out of their element and they are worthless. Make them a judge, a politician, or a defender of your rights and they are even worse. I am trained in their procedure, banking, UCC, spirit, psychology, warfare, language, and other's. I am a 7th grade graduate and yet I handled a federal criminal trial on the fly for 15 days. How is that possible unless I have training and education outside their system? I can hear the retards now, "you lost the trial I wouldn't boast". That is easy to say but let those who read my motion talk from an educated point of view. Sometimes losing is the best win possible. I have even more ways to win outside this motion. Even losing this motion is a win. None of you understand this because you don't know what I know and when I am finished with my work and it is revealed who I am you will still have an opinion of no value.

Here's what I don't like about you retards. You talk only in the light that is most favorable to yourself. You are not honestly attempting to spend credits you don't have. Here are a couple of examples. Fruity couldn't light a match to the flames of spiritual truth I function in daily and yet she judges herself holier than me. She knows all my faults but not one of her own. Scott my long lost friend is so conflicted by his ignorance about his industry that he would spend his friendship credits with me like I owe them to him. He claims to be a brother in the Lord and yet all his comments are faithless reflections of what his eyes see. How clever is that? Yes you look wise to yourself and the ignorant but what will you say when I have completed my task of defending my clients against every brain fart out there? Leader you recently appear as though you can be a judge of my actions and Scott's but you fail to mention that you are dating Evil-Ex. Your comments might be just a little conflicted, ya think? What has God told you? What kind of faith does a man practice in the Lord using e-harmony to find a spouse? What kind of Evil-ex goes onto e-harmony while her husband goes to jail? Don't question our faith until you have walked it. I don't want you to think I am being harsh, I am just being honest. If you and Evil are to be an item I hope it is in the Lord. One thing though that I have learned in the faith is that faith doesn't just show up one day but is a collective of many faith choices over time. Was your ex a bad choice of yours or a bad choice of hers? Should I judge you by the actions of one not faithful in the Lord? Should you judge Scott by one maybe of the same caliber as your ex? I know that the sins are nothing alike but perhaps the unfaithful spirit is? I won't judge but I think there are a lot of areas in your current standing that need examination from a spiritual standpoint before you read the palms, tea leaves, or tarot cards of men you don't really know. Beanhead you claim to know the law and yet never do you confirm the law before it transpires. You're an "I told you so commentator" after a matter is settled. Most of the time you think it settled it really isn't. You're not honest when looking at the banking contract or the mortgage industry. To hear you tell it the news media got it right, the consumers caused the current mortgage crisis. The policy is disclose, disclose, disclose and yet brokers are going to jail, banks are merging, failing. GSE's are reeling and in all this the consumer was the all powerful. Give me a break! That dishonesty is what makes you a retard. Neo you have changed a little for the better in that you have recognized that Christ might be substantive and your arguments are not. Still though you are not honest because you are looking-for every word I write to hang me with while you forget your lips have been moving in conflicted patterns. It was ok for you to BK because of the swindler. Would you turn gay if your wife did? I'm not picking on you for the BK but don't pretend to be more righteous than me. You're a sinner like me and everyone else on here who thinks God needs their opinion to keep His ledger of naught and nice. Talk about your faith, the facts, or the battle to be a man of God in this world. Help someone with your words instead of being a blowhard in a forum were you can collect the kudos of retards. Big deal, what have you gained? I'm starting to think you're a better man than that. Show me what you got of substance! If I have forgotten any of you don't worry it was intentional. Now for the rest of you wonderful faithers out there who are not so easily deceived let me again thank you. You are part of the joy of my difficult journey. I assure you that things are well and those who have read my motion will confirm this also. Be of good cheer because Christ is destroying our enemies while they think they are winning.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Intent (November 26, 2007)

There has been a lot of discussion about my intent with Dorean and now a court has formed an opinion concerning it. Perhaps I can clarify it for some of you. Dorean means "sovereign freedom and gift" which is consistent with what I want to offer the clients. Dorean was designed to aggressively offend the powers that be to force a battle of wits for dominance. They have power and a lie; I have Christ and the truth. It is an ancient and epic battle repeated countless times throughout history. First one must look at the transaction. The bankers which will always be the ultimate ledger a loan is settled upon even if a mortgage company is the contractor. The warehouse line of credit given to a mortgage broker is not their ledger but the banks. Banks within the current fiat reserve system create money at the time of lending. Is this criminal? I don't care! It was not my issue. Do they lend was my question. If the promissory note is deposited upon the ledger as the asset that funds the liability instrument used to fund the real-estate transaction how did the alleged lender put up any consideration to obtain a creditor's rights? Going back into the mortgage industry on a refinance does not make me greedy or a criminal. It makes me prudent. If that is the way the transactions goes then my knowledge of entering the marketplace again is not fraudulent because I know that the promissory note completely funds the transaction and there is an even quid pro quo exchange to the mutual benefit of both parties. No injured party, no risk, no advantage for either party. The banks are not ripped off. If they choose to issue fraudulent contracts that misstate the transaction that is on them. I cannot be certain until the transaction is examined by the books and records. Even though I have the advantage of procedural knowledge I do not have knowledge of the operations concerning this particular transaction. If the borrower's note funded the transaction it is not a creditor relationship and must therefore fall into a fiduciary or agency relationship. This relationship has a duty to speak absolutely. If they do not tacit, procuration is a valid performance with its inherent obligations. Dorean formed its contracts around these principals of law. Sure there was an expectation of conflict. Why wouldn't there be. We were the first to take the banks own procedures and tactics and return them to them with force and effect.

Mortgage Alternatives collected nearly 10x the money we did without one act of performance and went out of business after 4 years without a whimper of interest from the government. Why because they were no threat to the status quo. They did nothing to offend the most powerful cartel. Was Dorean a Christian company? No, but its founders love the Lord with all their heart. Any of you who know the Lord know He will not let you serve Him and serve mammon. All your accusations of my greed are foolish and improbable. Leader suggested that I am diligent in my fight as a man of faith but because of the injuries around me I must be errant. How do you come up with this crap? When was your last faith battle? Were you able to exit at your own choosing? Were you able to control the events? Did people misunderstand what God was having you do having not heard the call you heard? Fighting for God and fighting for Country are not similar. God dispossess you of any allegiances including wives and children to serve in His army. The United States promotes the patriotic allegiances of Country, family, friends, freedom, and way of life. My wife has been a faithful champion of faith right by my side and sacrifices her husband to the call of God like a real soldier of faith. I do not discard her but embrace her with an honor greater than a husband. I live and fight to justify her faith and to give her the reward of trusting the Lord. Scott does the same for his kids. God has done an amazing work there in that now his kids truly look to their father as a champion of the faith they are starting to embrace with diligence. If you are a true brother in Christ and want to really understand my motivations in the spirit I will invest in your spirit by offering you a copy of my book. Somehow get a copy of your address to me or my father and I will mail it to you. Some have read the drafts and can comment as to my personal commitment to my faith. It is not a fleeting platitude to impress those around me. I personally don't care who I offend by my obedience. If a brother I will work it out with him, but that takes some effort on both parties. I make that effort to you "leader" what will you do with it? Dorean didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked because people I thought I could count on lacked the substance I thought they possessed and the opposition was far more severe then I had imagined. That still didn't scare me because I have always had an ace up my sleeve that these villains can never foresee. My faith is their biggest stumbling block because the self preservation of a man's heart is what their system was designed to take advantage of. They have no psychological or tactical remedy to persuade one dead to this world. None of their promises motivate.

Scott let me ask you for a little spiritual common sense. If you knew me to be genuine, and you knew yourself that way, and you now have an established walk with the Lord, how is it that you can imagine for me what you know to be impossible for yourself? The Lord never diminished your genuineness but only increased it better than you could. Do you think the Lord that anemic on the west coast? Now the only thing you seem to question me on is not my faith but my financial knowledge because you are the informed mortgage broker. Can your industry justify the condemnation of a brother more than Christ could? If your industry is so pristine why is it the lead in one of the worst credit crisis's in your lifetime? That was the moral uprightness you trust over spiritual common sense in Christ? I know I am mouthy and bold about certain subjects and I stand up to retards but if you've walked even a mile in the faith you will know that I speak the truth. If you think I am a liar then you must be one of those sweet by and by Christians where everything is wonderful because good things only happen to good people. I don't suspect you as that much an imitation. Christ is not begging for converts and if my blowhard son wants to be his own god the real God will let him. I do not preach to him or care if he listens to me or you. I care only that he has a call on his life and God hears my prayers. I don't think my God is a wimp ringing His hands with concern over how to get my boy through the muck and mire of the devil and his intentions to the truth of Christ. I happen to believe the prayers of the righteous avails much. Don't misinterpret by my words. If you think you can read my heart try reading yours. Impress yourself and clean up your heart. The messiah complex is retarded don't grovel below yourself. I make my boast in the Lord and give my life as a living sacrifice to Him. That is the right standing of a man. I live under submission and take orders. Those who are their own boss are the messiahs on this Blog. You don't hear me complaining about the path Christ has taken me. Even if I get destroyed I have the joy of knowing I was obedient. If you think this delusional try keeping your delusion through the threat of death and suffering. Delusional people don't get a pass from a multi-degreed psyche and maintain coherent Blogs like this one. Pretend is something I don't do. I don't pretend we have a legal system when we don't. I don't pretend there was a loan when there wasn't. I don't pretend to be about trustee business at the expense of myself when I am not. I don't pretend to be the messiah when I am His servant. I don't pretend to be humble when I have no cause to be. I don't pretend to be proud when I have no cause to be. I don't pretend that Christ doesn't motivate my decisions because retards don't understand it. I know people who have known me the 30 years you have been absent that represent me completely differently than you do. I think I will trust them and their knowledge over your guessing. I would think you could guess better with the sense you have. How many times did David appear to be at the end of his road of faith? Don't count me out just because a jury entered a verdict. I might just have them right were I want them, starting to feel confident. Have you pierced the lies in your life? Maybe if I prevail, I might be able as a friend to show you how many lies you believe.

Thanksgiving (November 22, 2007)

This is my favorite holiday and has always been since I discovered the Lord as the object of my gratitude. Many would think that in prison being held for non-existent crimes I would not be able to find the joy of gratitude. The world may never understand the joy of God's presence. It is not hindered by any location or circumstance. What's unique about this day is that I awoke with such an awe of God's provision. I'm convicted by a corrupt judge, a lackey government crew of yes-men, held by a bunch of mindless dupes all believing soon they'll be putting me away for 30 years. Oh how the wicked are confident in their wicked little plans until one righteous appears. Christ had different plans and who can annul or thwart them? One thing this journey solidified experientially for me was that wicked men fall prey to their own traps because they are wicked. Only one blessed with a power outside our corrupted nature and the evil system of this world see the pitfalls before falling headlong into them. God could count on wicked people to be so zealous in their evil that they would request His crucifixion and embrace the murderer Barrabas. It was this bloodlust that was their own demise. The same happened in this case. If they were more cautious and not lost in their bloodlust they would have faired much better. One willing to absorb evil can use that energy to craft a victory. God is the master of this technique. I am not the master but by faith I was guided into a brilliant plan to deliver all you clients to your promise. You can't imagine what was involved to prevail upon these crooks with all their resources. Someday your jaws will drop with awe when I tell you and God should be revered. I know that I have been ridiculed for my confidence but this was my expectation of God from the beginning. It is a pattern throughout the scriptures. As I walked and talked with the Lord I just giggled at His cleverness. The guilty verdict was the best thing that could of happened to me and my enemies are just about to learn the reasons why. Funny how God makes the goals of the wicked the very tool of your deliverance. The cross is the perfect example. I am still holding out for a little greater victory. You might say that I am at the table in my enemies camp and there are still some morsels to retrieve. I want the table bare upon my exit. Now I have little control over this but I do have faith, prayer, knowledge, and opportunity. I think I can count on the wickedness of my enemies which is the only thing I still need. You just never know though when a man will turn from his folly. I hope this special day was not lost on you as one not filled with gratitude. God was very much about your business. The suffering has increased here near the end but that is also typical in scripture. I encourage all of you to go to the throne-room of our God and enjoy His presence. You might just come away joyous about your trials. I tell you factually that this is my last thanksgiving behind bars and that had a special joy to it. I know what is going on and will share it with a couple of people that can make their own conclusions but things are definitely going our way. I know it doesn't look like it from where you are sitting but like a trial, opinions are only formed by controlled exposure to the evidence. Beanhead might be able to inform you of the fatal flaws that can overturn a verdict. We will see how smart he is. I have said before going towards God appears risky and a 30 year sentence is risky but it was also the safe path to deliverance. I wrote about this in my book in great detail. I think most of you will enjoy the journey of faith I had to take. Since we all benefit it should enhance your personal relevance to the journey. Thank the Lord, one and all for He is a good God, a friend to sinners, and a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Be of good cheer for your redemption is running towards you rapidly. Thank you for all your prayers and support, I'm certain this victory rest upon your knees as much as it did upon my shoulders. I love you all and thank God I had the opportunity to present the truth on your behalf to a stubborn generation. I ask that you remain in diligent prayer for us.

Nuts (November 21, 2007)

As I have come to the fuller understanding of the governments’ strategy to deal with us it’s become clear that they have devised a scheme to neuter us. They have had a trial completely absent the relevant facts, and in doing so had to constructively amend the indictment. This along with other errors during the trial gives us a clear path to acquittal at the appeals level but ultimately gives them an interesting victory. The appeals court will reverse on the technicality and create no law on the subject matter. There is no adjudication only procedure. In essence they get to exhaust us of time and resources without any liability to them or the law. I have to respect them for their knowledge of their weaponry. The evil it takes though to foster a plan like this upon the accused and even more so the defrauded borrowers is what make these men so cheap and unrespectable. I thank the Lord that His plan has a remedy for this plan. Some of you may think that I am nuts but are absent any proof. What I do have is nuts and castration is not a plan that I am willing to agree to. What is funny about the faith of Christ is that it is mostly courage and (nuts) to challenge the status quo of evil around you. It is the very nuts that they are attempting to remove that exposes their plans to castrate. If I had emasculated myself I would have never been able to pass through the gauntlet that revealed the neutering plan of my enemy. I would have assisted in their goal instead of resisted. I am hopeful that most of you will continue to pray as we arrive at the moment in history that will bring revelation. In a fictional drama that intentionally twists the facts into an inference not intended and deceptive, the truth is easily lost if not anchored to one outside the drama and that being Christ. Why am I ridiculed for my faith by even the good people of this Blog? Where have I erred in my faith that fault can be found? My exegesis of the scriptures is sound. My facts are not even deceptive. In the trial not one banker came forward to support their claim of a loss. In the end the prosecution had to come up with an alternate damage of "honest services" to even keep the trial on track. This of course happened with lots of help from the bench. Mr. Alsup is a better coach than he is a judge. Sentencing requires a different standard of proof for damages than a trial on a fraudulent scheme or device. The probation department, the prosecution and the judge' are all going to allege millions of loss but have no record or party to verify it. Funny how it still comes down to a verification of the debt. The simple question has now run through reams of laws to avoid the simple answer displayed in the books and records. How is it that you righteous here can use the double standard on your marks like myself in saying if I have nothing to hide why not answer the question, but with the alleged lenders you say they have no duty to speak? If they have nothing to hide why not show the books and records. Look everybody knows except for those paid not to that the bank creates the money of account out of the deposit of the promise to pay of the alleged borrower. Even if you think this wacky you can find it from the creation of Federal Reserve Notes to every loan transaction. Money of account (checkbook money) is what most of us use in this economy. I don't care if it is money in the legal sense or not. It functions like money when it is needed to and that is all that matters. There is no special monopolized license that gives one party unequal protection under the law. That is against public policy. If they deposit the promissory note I'm not going to say it is not money and has no value because to me it is just an evidence of an obligation to pay at a future date. These arguments are stupid because they dismiss the facts for the way I imagine things should be. A deposit if used to fund the liability instrument that funded the real estate transaction is a loan to the bank as a matter of fact if it is not the banker’s money. If it is the borrowers then the transaction completely changes its nature. Only in wonderland can a jabberwocky like this appear as a secured transaction.