Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fireside Sale

It appears that our victims or should I say the alleged victims who will not testify are going out of business in rapid succession. I have seen some concern that this disappearing act will have an affect upon my judgments. This is true but that does not mean that my damages or ability to collect upon them are disappearing. I have been structured at all times to preserve what belongs to us. Most of you don't understand my tactics or the sacrifices I'm willing to make but in the end you will see that I above all knew exactly what was happening, where I was, and what my rights and duties were. You should look at the witness list. I know half of those people are not adversarial and I know how to handle the other half. I'm insulted that at the end of the game with all the bru-ha-ha that this was all they have. Frankly I'm sensing embarrassment from my enemy. I'm certain Mr. David Hall and his trusty sidekick Bridget Martin can go through the procedures of a trial but they will never be able to make any sense of the content. I am so under-whelmed. I've filed no counter responses to their motions. I am more than content to use their witnesses, their trial strategy, and their expert witnesses. In fact I couldn't have asked for better support. Poor Mr. Alsup finally gets to see the great work of his evil presumptions and what brilliance and money can do with a lie given two years. You know what's funny about these idiots is that they know they have a dog that won't hunt but still they are willing to go through the exercise instead of admitting their error and moving on in honesty and productivity. Their whole plan has been bluff until we surrender. They have no move to make on their own only the pursuit of our consent and agreement to fold. Now their FBI profilers have already told them we won't yet they still mindlessly pursue the plan. Those trained in procedure are blind to any ingenuity to settle a matter. They can't comprehend our settlement offers, they can't comprehend our convictions, and they can't comprehend any adaptation away from their devotions and ritual. Now these are the ones that are kool-aid cult drinkers.

There is much to tell you but it will have to wait until the other side of the finish line. I've written it in other writings to preserve it but I do not want to yet disclose my boast to the retards in the finally of their folly.

Again I want to encourage you to find the promise in our suffering. A blessing is headed your way you could not have obtained through any other fashion. We had to go into the belly of the beast and you had to squirm about in your foolishness until God could correct your vision, calibrate your hope, and lead you to victory. We were never in any danger and all your fears were false. Even if you lost the treasures of this world you will discover that God was preserving them but first He was preserving you. You will know better how to structure your affairs and how to remove those fears and phobias far from you in the future. Let the peace of God that passes all understanding overtake you and before you can exhale from the release of the burden your victory will be upon you. I have seen things and heard things about my enemy and his game you wouldn't suspect but I can tell you that fear is much more problematic than in our camp. Considering all the woes we've seen here that is saying a lot. Maybe FBI stands for Fear Bred Ignorance. Just a guess. WHA? Whining Hopeless Accuser. Just another guess. DOJ? Dunces of Jesting. What do you guys think? Have fun with these idiots and their acronyms I sure am.

Heavy Bombers (September 17, 2007)

We took off to the sky
B-52s my friend Scott and I
We were men with a mission
Now in our formation position
Others came later to our flight
Trained only with the vision of sight
Oh how they panicked when we flew into night
Fatal mistakes were made in their fright
In their voice you could tell God was far away
But to us God was close in every way
All of their hopes got swallowed in fear
"We're not going to make it" was all we would hear
in the end these words proved true
not a shot from the enemy but what they failed to do
caused them to fall from the sky in a dive
trusting our commander and his training would have kept them alive
"Bombs away" our mission complete except for our journey to peace
we followed our training while the others got fleeced
Past all the smoky shadows and vapors of the enemy retort
We were headed towards our glory report
Some say we got lucky, that our survival was random
With God all things are possible so we landed in tandem.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Staying Power (September 7, 2007)

Well the final bank fraud charges are dropped. As I have said all along the bankers do not want to play with the truth. Now the trial comes down to a conspiracy with the ancillary mail and wire fraud overt acts. Are you getting scared yet? With all the resources of the government in three years they have not been able to validate one loan. Who would of thunk the question we asked four years ago would be so difficult to answer? Well apparently it is difficult and this jury and court are not going to be privy to it. We have received the trial memorandum and what a great piece of work. After all this time we have come down to economic retards and their presumptions being the great champion of deliverance. Huff and Puff and Blow your house down is the only weapon they had. It worked on Bill, Farrel and Dewey so it does have some potency but it can never persuade conviction. Have you ever asked yourself why all these great servants of the people are so afraid of the truth that they have to have a rhetorical trial about nothing to avoid a simple truth? One thing perfectly evident is that those whom you fear are the biggest cowards that exist. Bill wants to get back to his family, Farrel wanted to get back to his family, Dewey wanted to get back to his family. Let me let you in on a secret, Scott and I want to get back to our families. What we don't want to do is go back to our family without our integrity. I'm not picking on these guys for if I had not relied upon the strength of Christ I too would have truly failed. Now we are down to a trial only about our state of mind and this is what the bankers want to trust the public record with. I've tried to tell you many times you need the enemy to deliver the blessings of the Lord. Stop running from your blessing and you will see in the future that I was not a nut or had a messiah complex but courage enough to let God be God and to have every man proved a liar. Is that foolishness, bravery or just common sense? Come on people this is God we're talking about. He created everything. You're not willing to trust Him. Now that is foolishness. There are going to be many changes before the victory but God has already given us grace. You might want to hold onto your mail since our address might be changing. These BOP people just don't like being called on the carpet for their duplicitous corruption. We simply found one set of criminals and got the rest for free. Got to love America. I think God wants us to be strong and enduring. To have a little staying power while He proves Himself strong. How have you faired on this equation? Do you see yourself as one not turned out by every circumstantial twist? Well hang in there peace is rapidly approaching us sent on the fastest steeds of heaven. God's decree is urgently seeking us out and time is now our friend. Ask the Lord to increase your faith and not to diminish your trial. Staying power is what its all about and in the end your enemies will fail for all the reasons you prevailed. See you at the end of this conspiracy.

Thoughts On Our Trial (September 6, 2007)

As we all have come now to the end of our suffering and the beginning of our restoration I want to quote you a Scripture you all should have read by now if you were tracking with the Lord. I Peter 5:10-11. "And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, support, strengthen, and establish you. To him be the power forever and ever Amen." I guess in my weakness I have not been able to say anything any better than this over these two years. During this time I have tried to encourage you to trust God because it truly is his power and his glory why these events have happened upon us. You simpletons who think life is a mere greed and retribution equation have never taken the time to learn of God and His ways. He is all about showing himself strong and righteous to a retarded world. In the book of Judith there is something great said in her prayer (Chapter 9) that reflects to me what we all should be doing or should have done from the beginning. First she starts with recounting God's great activities. This was your first failure if you had not done this. When one recounts the greatness of God there is no room for doubt, fear, or trepidation. It is only in the greatness of God that faith gets its vision. Later in her prayer faith's vision is clearly expressed in this quote, "You have designed the things that are now, and those that are to come. What you had in mind has happened; the things you decided on presented themselves and said, "Here we are!" For all your ways are prepared in advance, and your judgment is with fore-knowledge."

Now this lady says this when an army too great to defeat is outside the gates of her city, cutting off the water supply and the people are dying of thirst. How is it this woman sees the opportunity for God's greatness while everyone else is faint and ready to surrender? She knew God was her defender and that God made a clear distinction between His people when they were not in rebellion and the other nations. Even the other nations knew of the difference. How is it that you don't know the difference? Perhaps there is no difference! The people of Judith's town if they all worked together for a whole year could not have gathered the wealth the army or the enemy delivered to their door in one day. I have always seen from the beginning the opportunity to have the UNITED STATES boogey-man be the vehicle of prosperity. They have done for us what we could have probably never accomplished with all our hard work. If you didn't see this from the beginning you really don't have an intimate relationship with the Living God. Don't get defensive, simply repent and learn to hear His voice. You will see all your trials differently when in His refuge. Now we have come to that moment in history where they must have a trial they cannot have. Who do you think really has the problem? We wake up relaxed while they sweat and twist in their sheets all night. Like Judith, I'm not boasting in my skills though God given, I am boasting in the Lord who had a plan from the beginning and now it has presented itself in history. Can't you see it? Half the companies that alleged to be our victims are out of business. The other half are paddling frantically to stay afloat. Imagine a trial now with disgruntled ex-employees without any paycheck or loyalty to the banks on the stand verses the one thinking he has an endless future of promotion. Imagine a juror who doesn't know anything about the serious problem of foreclosures and monkey business that was the industry standard. Imagine there not being at least one juror who isn't upside down in their house, been abused by an arm loan or negative arm. Imagine one juror not having a friend or relative who is in foreclosure trouble. Imagine two new prosecutors being ready to try this complicated case with only six weeks to prepare. Are you starting to see the environment created by God at just the right time? Do you really think Judge Aslup's presumptions carry all the weight of evidence under these circumstances? If you were a banker with a multi-trillion dollar fraud to protect would this be the chance or group of retards you would use to create a public record of your honesty? Come on people use your noggin! George Bush flip-flopped and got turned out in three weeks by the political pressure. Can you imagine that kind of pressure behind this trial? Or should I say that kind of pressure to avoid this trial.

Monday, September 17, 2007

It's a Gamble

Trial is set for October 15th, can you believe it? Ask yourself if you were the banking industry that would go to almost any length to retain their fraud, would you gamble? If you think about Mr. Alsup's role in this game he went overboard to try and hide Dorean from the public venue. That was the whole point about the sanctions and criminal referral. Now all of a sudden he's ready to give us a forum. I don't think so. If you read the trial memorandum you'll see this case is full of risk for the puppet-masters and their dirty little secret. Would you place economic retards as sentinels to protect a multi-trillion dollar fraud? Come on people these guys don't gamble. They are used to control at the highest magnitude. Now what will happen when a certain date must arrive judicially but must never arrive economically or politically? This environment is ideal for the retards to devour each other. These few weeks will be very interesting. Don't worry, we have a plan for any situation that can arise. This is where the patience of God pays off. Leopards don't change their spots its been said. Bankers don't gamble is its equivalent. I'm ready to play the cards I'm dealt as the bluff continues.

Can You See It (September 10, 2007)

One of the biggest differences I've found among people on this blog has been their vision. I ask myself how some can see the opportunity and others can only see themselves. I think self-preservation has a certain blindness. Scott is a man unique among men. He could have been out of jail easily a year and a half ago. All he had to do is make a self-preservation choice over his integrity of holding out for God's best. Now I am an easy villain with my back-ground and attitude but how do you rail on this man? His sacrifices for people who could care less about him, his pains, or sorrows cannot be slighted. I have seen him struggle in all ways. Bill, Farrel, and Dewey struggled but when measuring himself before God trusted beyond his understanding. I delight now that his reward is rapidly approaching him. In the book of Judith, she saw an opportunity in the army seizing her town while others only saw their demise and God's shortcomings. Now the mortgage industry is catching up to the evils we challenged. The skirt of these whores is being lifted and even you blind people are seeing their perversion. I don't hear your rhetoric when the crowd would join you. Are you afraid to talk of other's future when it is obvious and you're not special? What is your remedy now but to blame the foolish borrowers? Another original idea I bet you'll think. Not until you learn what Scott knows will you ever see the opportunities right in front of your face.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kurt Gets Life

I am currently working on a prophetic statement to file upon the record. What offends me most about these spiritual reprobates who spend their whole life denying their future of irreverence towards the Lord can so easily prophecy to me I'm going to get life. Having gone now through just about every jackass they can throw at me and hearing the same hellish retort I asked the Lord to give me the true words of a prophet against them. To me only one brave enough to surrender his life to the living God can truly know the future. Not because he has the ability but because he has the relationship with truth. Fortune tellers have the assistance of the devils who can report on what appears as future events but is really their ability to manipulate lives that creates the results broadcast. God is the future. Whatever He says comes to pass and He can even use the devils and their manipulation. At the time of this writing it is only partially completed, but by this posting I want you to look for it. It will be in the hands of witnesses to confirm it has been filed. I think a time and date stamped prophecy will be an added witness that God has always been in charge of these events and fools are never to be believed. I'm not going to get life and you're not going to get ripped off. I'm going to give life and you're going to get blessed. I say it in advance because I have superior will of which I'm tethered taking me and you to the future.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This Had To Be Said (August 27, 2007)

I can identify with the prolonged suffering all the clients have borne. What you must know is that it was necessary to expose the state of our hearts. One of the descriptions used by God for sinners is "wild ass men". Anybody who has had to deal with an ass knows it a good metaphor. I had a friend who had an unusually stubborn ass so he leashed it to a rather stubborn bull. The ass would dig in its heals, sit, or meander at its own will until it ran into a superior will. Whatever the bull wanted to do was what the ass was going to do, like it or not. Like yourselves being tethered to the superior will of Christ has shown me some of my wild ass tendencies. For me this has been essential in my dealing towards you. What disturbed me most about your behavior was that apparently most of you joined our program not for truth but some other wild ass reason. The result was a senseless blame, foolish ridicule, and confusion. Though I have done more than you can imagine protecting your interest, your ignorance and susceptibility to lies has made me the villain. This type of betrayal is not terms of endearment. Yet in this milieu I too have the pull of the leash upon me. God’s great mercy towards my wild ass nature allows me not to judge you too harshly. As I come to the finish line I would be tempted to punish the faithless and to reward the faithful. The way I structured my affairs completely gives me that power. Real strength is not the exertion of your power but your restraint of it when it can justifiably be used. The harsh words I express here as a teacher are not reflective of my heart towards you as a man. All are forgiven. As a teacher I must make a distinction between the faithful and faithless but not in love and understanding. True love teaches, embraces, and practices truth. Even if you have been wild asses, learn that your heart was easily exposed by the cares of this world, repent and give your will over to one superior. If God can give me grace for those who offend me how much more is His grace directly towards you wild asses. Know that when God delivers His victory to Dorean you will not be excluded. What I want is an apology and your assistance to expedite your blessing. Defeating these spiritual reprobates, economic retards, and moral midgets, is really only the beginning. There is much more work to do. Hopefully the unexpected defeat of the giant will give you the tenacity to do the second half of the journey better than the first. As a man possessed with all the frailties equal to yours I implore you to find the same strength I found in Christ.