Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beloved 1-24-2011

There are many adjectives that can be associated with the beloved. Precious, adored, or paramount to name a few, the beloved captures the fix of your entire being. It has to be paramount even over self or it is not the beloved. In all creation which consists of more than earth and man there is one set out as the Beloved, if He is not the adored irreplaceable paramount of your life than you hate Him.

Many a critics have judged me by eyes of flesh and boasted as though they know something. I call these ilk pecker peekers. You see them on display in Galatians chapter 2

They were so concerned with their idea of righteousness that they would hide out near the urinals to spy out your pecker to see if you were circumcised. These critics are easy to judge as haters of the Beloved though they profess otherwise. Their eyes look upon basic things and not upon the Beloved. There is a rapture they know nothing of. A delight that never parts, love, true love among a husband and wife is only the faintest reflection but still nothing close. The love for the Beloved is immovable. No matter what manner of seduction or violence attacks your heart the love for the Beloved will not remove its sight from the object of its affection.

Many question their relationship with God. The answer is truly obvious if Christ has been made thy sol’s Beloved then you and God as with all things created are in accord. If Christ is not the Beloved, then you hate God even if no one could tell by looking upon your flesh. Selfishness and love are distinguishable from each other and the one who judges from love judges aright. I’m my Beloved’s and He is mine His banner over me is Love!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Nature of Endurance 1-24-2011

I’m now on the 35th day of my 40 day fast. The first real temptations to end it have arrived. One, is that hunger pangs are actually physical instead of just a mental will battle. Second, I could have been released from the SHU today, since there accusation was proven bogus, if I would eat.

So I have to choose greater suffering to finish the fast. But this fast is not without its wisdom. When one begins, a fast like this seems on insurmountable distance. 1-2-3 is far from 40. 3-6-9 meals missed is hardly a dent in 120. Yet if you take it day by day relying on the strength of the Lord the end arrives. It is here where wisdom speaks.

For we all face trials that test our resolve and endurance.

As I know the Lord can get me through a 40 day fast by His own example I know through Him I can overcome any trial by His example. What He’s taught is the finish lines are our promise if one will rest in a trust worthy love and rely upon His strength.

I was successful in this fast by the same practice that makes me successful in all my battles. 40 seems impossible but it was not, Dorean’s victory seems impossible but it will likewise prove it is not. A finish line that distant at first continues to approach me. With His strength it says all things are possible. I now have a 40 day fast as witness that what was true for a season is true for an entire life. I will endure. I will finish and I will overcome temptation, the flesh, and the enemy to be victorious Perhaps a bit faster than we think.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Dead Letter 2-20-2011

You are my witnesses who have advanced in your walk with Christ by the words you have read upon this blog. I am just a man of flesh. If I was just functioning in my soul I could only have touched your soul. Only the Holy Spirit can bring life to a spirit. It matters not what the critics say for many of them though familiar with the scriptures only know it as a dead letter. The Pharisees had the books, teachers, or the Bible but not the spirit. That is why Christ could stand before them even face to face and they could hate Him. The servant who lives by the spirit is hated like His master.

My words have said over and over again that the flesh is untrustworthy. Even what you think and feel is deceptive, yet the confidence of my critics never wanes as they take pride in their flesh. How do you spot a spiritual person as opposed to a self proclaimed religious leader? A spiritual person cannot speak before God speaks, he will not move before God moves first. He finds it a necessity to look to God, Wait on God, and depend on God for everything.

Scott and I have laid our lives into the hands of God. We have resisted every temptation to deliver ourselves. Waiting upon God, looking to God and depending on God, we have not considered a burden or loss. Though I have been more vocal because of this blog you have the same witness from Scott. Think of all our other co-defendants, have any come forward out of the same circumstances to encourage you spirit? Where is all their ridicule? We stand alone in truth among men but the spirit bears witness we are not alone. The folly of those who will jump behind an Alsup or DOJ as their champion of righteousness is, though they are giants, their power is only flesh. A teenager of insignificant flesh rejected the armor and weapons of flesh (Saul’s armor) and trusting in the spirit slew the giant. Only the Holy Spirit can be trusted for the warfare and the victories. I’ll keep writing my letters and you can choose life or the death letter.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A practical Matter 2-20-2011

I hear people talk of the practical application of their faith. Yet their own words reveal their foolishness. The faith of God which holds to promises before they reach experiences always has you in a future look. The wisdom of this world talks of change and goals but looks to the present time as though a formula can be developed to bring about desired change or achieved goals. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry motivational speaker repackages this theory and hypes another lost generation.

But God’s ways confound this wisdom. His children do not even entertain such ignorance. They know how reality works outside the fantastic imaginations of man. Fact is God’s work. Every known fact came from the creator. Faith is our trust in what God has worked. Experience is having God’s work lived out through our lives in a practical way.

We live in a present world but the facts we entertain have a truthful substance. There is a progression through time and the spiritual world to the present affairs of our lives. Fact is the foundation, faith is the process, and experiences are the consequence. In other words fact is the course, faith is the way, and experience is the effect.

Every fact beings by the word of Go, how can you even enter the way of faith without the word of God? I listen to those say “I don’t use the scriptures as you do.” There is only one way to use the scriptures and that is to listen. You can say you have faith but how can you have faith without hearing? Hearing comes by the work of God. If you are not hearing God what are you hearing? What facts are you laying as the foundation of your life? What effect will enter your present life as a practical matter? How many have erred down this coarse thinking them selves wise? Be not shocked when in just a few steps you find yourself distant from God and embraced by the world. I know it will happen because my facts have a diving origin.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Impossible 2-20-11

“God never ask us to do anything that we can do. He asks us to live a life that we can never live and to do a work that we can never do. Oh, how Christians need to see this truth”.

It is funny to me how men judge me. They are not spectacular men who have wowed me by great displays of trusting God. No they are plain and ordinary men who boast in a flesh I no longer trust. All they do and say I can do.

What inspires me is what I cannot accomplish. Scott and I could never hope to defeat corruption at the level Dorean addressed. That did not stop the Lord from assigning the task. In fact it was the overwhelming impossibility that encouraged our faith. You see in all our weakness we have learned God is strong. I have been ridiculed for trusting God for His supernatural plan. My critics think their words will injure me but that is not the case. They comfort me. If I was living in my strength I would have long since changed my course. I would have long since done what my ordinary critics would have done. I would have asked the Lord to bless my human will and acted upon my desire, sure He had said yes.

My relationship with God is not an extension of my will. I do not dominate a figment of my imagination I call God. No I know the real living creator who makes impossible demands upon me, demands that immediately cause me to through my hands in the air in total surrender.

We live in an age that is not the age of peace typified by Solomon’s reign. No we have that as our future promise. It was the bride of Solomon that was brought to His banqueting table (songs of Solomon 2:4). Now we live in the age typified by David. We are at war. Not a war we can win by our own strength. David and his armies had spectacular victories. There was nothing ordinary about their campaigns. There was nothing ordinary about David. He among all men had a spectacular trust of God. Give me impossible tasks Lord and I will give you surrender and trust. Then the world will know that you are more than a conqueror, and that through crackpots like Scott and I you can fashion vessels of honor. Glorify Thy Name!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Holiness 2-20-11

I used to have a critic on this blog called “you will know them by their fruits”. She was my personal fruit inspector, but like her many believers (I use the term loosely for her sake) have a wrong understanding of sanctification. It is commonly conceived that every item of our lives should be holy. But that is not holiness; rather it is the fruit of holiness. Holiness is Christ.

Let one of my critics, my fleshly fruit inspectors, speak on behalf of true Holiness. Let them condemn me with the boldness of “thus sayath the Lord”! Surely Christ Himself can take offense at my words and deeds and issue a decree of opposition. Am I the first of false prophets or to proclaim a false gospel? I must be very late in this practice for many have been addressed before I.

I am not afraid to lay my life upon the gospel I profess, nor am I afraid to say “thus sayeth the Lord”. I proclaim the gospel (good news) I profess to be the only true gospel and that these who ridicule it are frauds that condemn truth and think they are righteous. They are the most pitiful and hopeless of all men. For they have heard the truth and called it a lie. Repentance and salvation are far from their hearts.

I profess Christ; Christ alone! He is the all in all. At the center of God’s plans, God’s laws, God’s ways, God’s character, and God’s life is Christ. He is the only way, the only truth, the only life. It is His strength that is superior to all opposition. He is the winner of every campaign. No weapon formed against Him will prosper. Whatever work He starts within His chosen He will perform to it perfect finish. He is not a religious name He is above all that is named. His children have no fear because His perfect love cast away fear. Besides He is also the baddest dude on the block, (slang for paramount in power). Yes this is the gospel that inflames my critics and like Christ I can say get with the truth of Christ or to hell with you!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Not My Words 2-18-11

It is clear that Notorial Dissant as a critic is confident in his judgments concerning me. Further he can judge my words and decipher that there is no truth in them, well this is an impossible place to defend because you are deemed evil before any response. So I thought I would write here the words of three prophets that spoke over the lives of my wife and me prior to Dorean and that prophet Judge Alsup that Notorial Dissant is convinced is a prophet of truth. I will not give the prophets names or defend them. Merely let their words be taken as true of false. You be the judge, our judgments will be revealing though, for by them all will know who is your master.

Prophet One! “Learning to walk in a new dimension…. coming to a new realm of understanding and appreciation of the purposes and will of God.

Let that which thou committed to each other also be the same degree and measure of commitment unto Me for I place My hand upon you and it’s by My purpose and will that I drew you together; and now sayeth the Lord I would nurture you. I would breathe unto thee the workings of My will and purpose. That which touches your life shall prepare you for something farther down the line. For I’ve called you to be a vital part of My kingdom.

Let your home be open to hospitality. Those that shall come they shall find a sense of My presence. Some shall come wondering what is the secret of your relationship and joy. And you’ll be able to point them to the fact that I’m the central figure. And I am that round whom thou has gathered your life and of purpose to please. And it will be your pleasure and joy to lead them into a personal relationship with Me.

I’m going to strengthen and enlarge your faith. I’m going to add to you consul and might. I’ll put wisdom within you not that comes from years of experience but by impartation of my spirit according to the need that is presented. Thou shall be able to share with those of your own peer level and be able to point them to a place of fellowship and walk with Me.

For I’m going to make you leaders in the realm of bringing homes and lives and marriages into a relationship with me that will bring glory unto My name. I will come in do season to enlarge thee. I will come in do season to bring promotion. For what I do now is preparation.

Be diligent in the small things. Cause not your spirit to despise the day of small things, but rather whatever your hands are trying to do…. do it with gladness…and do it out of faithfulness and love…And as you do I will increase responsibility…I will enlarge yay the capacity of both of you to move on into another realm and into higher areas of leadership and government. Therefore sayath the Lord this day my hand is upon thee to nurture thee, perfect thee, mold thee, be in submission to the authority that is over thee, say yes and Amen unto that which the Lord has instructed to be and to do. And as you do the Lord in due season will add increase and bring forth revelation of will and purpose for which He has enjoined the two together to perform”

Prophet Two “There is going to come an inheritance from your own family unto your life. For yay these shall come in the days ahead of you a blessing from your own families. It shall be in the realm of natural things of finance, investments. You are not to despise this or to reject it. For there shall come a blessing from the Lord through your own family … they shall bless thee with natural things and that shall be used for multiplication.

And thou shall be a man of success. A man of business stature … you will be a man that will bless the people of God with money. For there will come into your hands the wisdom of God … and it shall flow through you for you shall be known in the community as a man of wisdom in a natural realm and in business. For I see you as a door swinging both ways in the church … and I see businessmen coming in but I see disciples going out, for I will call you as a fisherman … A business man and a fisherman of people of influence in the community round about and you shall be respected and sought out.

I see another ministry mantle coming on you and that is counseling. You shall have a ministry of marriage counseling and there will come people to you that look like they have it together but their marriages are falling apart. I see right now in my spirit a man coming to you that has fallen into adultery. He is a business man, his wife doesn’t know it but he’s coming to you for counsel and you’re not sure what to do, in the name of the Lord, God will give you wisdom. You will rescue him and his marriage shall be saved sayath the Lord. For there will rest upon you a mantle of insight into family and marriage. And you will renovate and rehabilitate the business people that are devastating their marriages by wrong priority by speaking the word of wisdom into their lives.

Brother and sister you are going to have a terrific influence in this area of counseling. Much more that you will ever realize now. Even as I’m prophesying you don’t realize the extent that God is going to use you in the realm of counseling marriages that have fallen on the rocks. I mean people of influence and people that count in society are going to seek you out. And they’re going to find answers and you’re going to be able not just to give them answers but you’re going to make them disciples. They will come in one way but they will leave another. The word of the Lord will be in your mouth.

This is another word for you…warning! The enemy is going to attack your marriage like never before. Because you ministry is going to be birthed out of a healthy relationship and you at this point I feel in my spirit your marriage is healthy. You have a good communication but the enemy is going to come against you because he will want to rob you of this ministry. You are going to be harvesters of souls through the spirit of counseling and the spirit of finance and investments… you are going to be a counselor to men when it comes to money, and when it comes to business matters…

This will take years; it will take time bit I believe there is something to do with you family and it will have something to do with sovereignty of God. When it is all put together you will be a powerful ministry.”

Prophet Three: “It’s been on my heart since you came on the platform and it keeps insisting on being there. And I feel that what I’m going to say is not in contradiction with what the other prophets have said but…I feel that the heart of the Lord is much concerned about shepherding care for His people and for those who are being neglected…and that God has placed within you hearts and has nurtured your hearts…and you have permitted it to happen that you have caring concerned hearts…you’re people’s people…you love people not just a crowd you love people…and in the midst of all else that is happening…the scripture that has been given to me I believe…as it were by the word of knowledge…you shall bring forth fruit, that has been mentioned already, but that your fruit shall remain through shepherding concerned care and even in the midst of serving the Lord in the realm of business there will be a concern for human being that will not be usurped nor drowned in the economics of life.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My House, My Hope 2-14-11

I read an article about a woman who struggled with the healing Jesus provides when she discovered she had cancer. Like most she considered it lightly and allowed the doctors to do their work. The cancer was surgically removed. But later a second bout appeared. She was confronted with a thousand opinions of what to do and how to survive. Finally she came to a desperate search of God’s word for answers. At the offense of many and the discard of sincere advice the Faith of Christ took hold and actions consistent with this faith were initiated Cancer is a villain that strikes fear in humanity and she had her bouts, but perfect love cast out fear and the faith of Christ is an operation of this perfect love. Because of the knowledge that Christ possesses of God’s perfect love He can practice perfect obedience and trust of God’s word. This faith overtook her spirit and God healed her of her cancer.

I should say that the manifestation of a spiritual and historical fact arrived according to the promise Christ knew was true. Cancer is not the only villain dispensed from the father of lies. They are as diverse as our reasoned capabilities and our spiritual proclivities. Any man alive arrives daily at a place of choice where the faith of Christ will dictate a course contrary to human wisdom or even that highly touted common sense. The faith of Christ is wholly uncommon to this world and can only be found in His children. In fact it is a distinguishable quality that separates the real children from the myriads that profess Christianity. Whether in prison or a broader social network the fakes and frauds are the prevailing majority. The fear that would drive them to God is embraced as less scary that the demands of death to self required following Christ as He follows God’s work. I have been a champion of this truth by word and deed for many years now before you on this blog. Many judge my words by the prevailing power of my enemies. Yet I and my circumstances are not what make the faith of Christ potent in its conquering power. He stands alone as witness against all men for their faithless spirits. Embrace your father of lies or the faith of Christ and work out your salvation. As for me and my house the faith of Christ is my hope!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Break Faith 2-14-11

I have suffered two divorces of marriage in my life. These were not fun events but I come to understand inevitable. Divorce of marriage has made the term divorce famous but the word is one that can be applied to a myriad of relationships. I have had good friends divorce me while I’m incarcerated. I divorced the Lord for a year and a half in my youth. This is the most critical of all divorces because if you do not repent it is eternal. All divorces come down to the one act of “Break Faith”. There may be voluminous excess but they all trickle down to this one act. How many Dorean clients have broken faith with Scott and me? Sure they are justified, all divorces are justified. That is the sweet comfort of our sin. We condemn everyone else and excuse ourselves. Here is the external problem and for Scott and I the rub that goes against our self preserving nature. The faith of Jesus is particular and unique. It is the only recognized and accepted faith by God. The faith of Christ is diligent and resolute in trusting every word that proceeds from God’s mouth. Translated to its essence the scripture says “Man cannot live by bread alone by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God by the only vehicle available: that being the faith of Christ.” My codefendants all came to that place where concern for the things of this world ran in direct opposition to the faith of Christ. This is not a place where one can stand still, life forces a choice. Unfortunately for most they divorce God by rejecting the faith of Christ. When my marriages ended this was the same line of termination. I was guided by the faith of Christ proven unacceptable to my spouses. The choice placed before me was my bride or my groom. Thank God it wasn’t a difficult choice. I did suffer pain as all divorces will bring, but eternity has a way of supplying comforting joy if you do not break faith with Christ, I’m tolerating and surviving all the divorces this harsh life brings for the sake of an eternal marriage that keeps my vows resolute. I hope all your divorces bring you to this revelation. Even if it by your break faith with Dorean.