Monday, July 30, 2007

The Agreement (07-15-07)

Well Neo and I finally have an agreement. Christ is the Mediator. Perhaps this truth can be our bridge. Since you understood that writing it is safe for me to say that came by revelation. Only God can reveal that truth so I am glad to have that witness concerning you. The reverse should be considered from you. I can only write that by revelation. Let me ask you this question. Have your judgments of me been mediated through Christ or by your knowledge of good and evil? If Christ is working in your life to challenge you to obedience is it not safe to assume He is doing the same for me? Do you think Christ would leave me unchecked if I had established the Dorean Group for selfish evil purposes? Does He leave you unmolested by the Holy Spirit when you venture from Him? Is it because I’m suffering you think I have sinned? If that is the case many times the wicked live glorious lives knowing little of suffering until they receive judgment. What if God is not boxed into your knowledge of good and evil? If I was evil as you suppose how did I happen upon the revelation you discovered in Christ? Does He only give revelation to the wicked? If so we are joined in condemnation. If not we are joined in Christ. If I am in Christ as you, are you calling Him a retard not capable of handling His affairs or is your judgment not that of Christ? Let me know and just maybe we can agree on many other things that are true in Christ. God bless you Bruce with greater knowledge for you are blessed already to know what you know.

Friday, July 27, 2007

What a Week

I Samuel 29 through II Samuel 2 comprise of one week in David’s life. I encourage all of you to examine this week. Many truths leaped off the page. What was amazing is it started out with David being kicked out from the Philistines. This was God removing him from what was comfortable and from a potential problem. They were going to battle Saul and David would have been conflicted with no upside. This also allowed David to be ready for the change ahead of him that he was completely unaware. This reaffirmed to me that God moves His chosen away from trouble and guides their steps. Now this truth will be tested immediately. His camp is ransacked by some Amalekites taking all possessions and family. The heartache is devastating. David becomes the target of the pain and his life is in danger. He goes to the Lord in prayer and God answers him. The Amalekites are the product of Saul’s sin not David’s (I Sam. 15). Now it’s to think David is suffering because of the sins of another or even his own but the Lord has a different idea. In three days he overtakes the Amalekites, recovers all and then some. Suffering, heartache, pain for sure but blessing was not suspected. Blessing disguised in tears. This blessing was necessary and timely. With the surplus David blessed the nobles of Judah. This was crucial timing because king Saul would die the next day. Killed by his own sin and Amalekite. By the end of the week David was king of Judah. God did it all. David trusted when there was no chance of comprehension or imagination what changes were ahead of him. This is what we all can do. What kind of week awaits you? What blessing is there in your tears? God knows!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Truth on Trial (07-13-07)

As we have gone through the machinations of battle the trial picture has become clear. Judge Alsup is a pro at protecting the interest of government preemptively. Many have misunderstood our actions but we have been using our pro game on these pros of con. Now the trial substance behind all the procedural falderal is nothing more than a contracting process. The government bargains from a superior position like the banker with all the rules and provisions decidedly in their advantage. To us they are offering a trial completely devoid of the actual facts that will focus on our mental intent outside the environment in which it was practiced. Now we must present a defense within the four corners of the trial contract that does not include any challenge of the alleged victims claims. In this contract Judge Alsup’s opinion that a loan exist is an unrebuttable fact. Unable to challenge this fact I am left to the challenge to persuade 12 ignorant people that I believed that my challenge process was an innocent mistake. This is iffy but not impossible. This contract is shaping up to the same type of contract I’ve already challenged as unconscionable. I will not accept this contract anymore than I accepted the bank fraud contracts. Now I see most of you saying they are in power and control and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Funny I heard these same comments before Dorean creation. If this was true why am I the one being solicited? My agreement is the object of desire. I control the sought commodity. I have the power. Their stealthy attempts to steal it indicates its value. It’s up to me to create a contract that benefits me or not to do business. At this moment we are debating over the terms and conditions. I highly suspect that they cannot offer or agree to an honest trial agreement, which means there will be no trial. I have a trial contract acceptable to me in my mind and that is the only trial that will occur. I can stop them. Now they can inconvenience me, which is nothing more than a form of persuasion to reach accord. This is an evil practice far removed from justice. It is lawless, deceptive, and preys on men for the love of money. If this behavior was present in our hearts God makes it clear it is sin. Jesus has conquered sin, the system of evil. They are powerless to oppose. Any attempt would be vanity. People again think my confidence is arrogance but when Christ is the banner it professes authority, jurisdiction and victory. I merely let my banner and my champion prove Himself and His promises. On a small scale you have placed your trust in your trustees to champion your cause and are doing nothing. How much more can we find hope and comfort in Christ? If we measure the parties it becomes clear. God is forever, the US 230 years, Alsup 61, Kurt 44. The way I see the trial framing up is forever and 44 for non-trial verses 291 for trial. I like my odds and that is the truth of this trial

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here comes the Judge (07-05-07)

Now just because you’ve been told that in America an accused is afforded a fair trial does not make it so. It is not a fact. It is not even a justifiable opinion. It is fantasy. Now don’t get discouraged because warfare is not about fair and never has been. Where people get hurt is taking their fantasy imaginations into the courts of reality. Judge Alsup can be the target of Christ’s love and destined to die the sinner’s death of all the redeemed but that does not mean he is not currently operating as a political hack. By this term I mean a judiciary for hire and on the doll of the administrative branch. He is not operating in a separate branch checking and balancing but has made it clear “I got your back” in my courtroom is his agenda. The most recent display of the boundless expanse of his trespassing character was his getting involved in our FOIA request. Now all of you know this was an administrative procedure not part of and separate from the judiciary. The courts only get jurisdiction for violations of the act. Not here. The clerk gave our FOIA’s to Alsup who issued orders that he didn’t have to respond. This is illegal but who am I to judge. What it shows is that this is a political case and not one chance of a fair and impartial trial. Now I never believed in all that propaganda crap anyway so I’m not surprised or dismayed. What they don’t understand is that their response is more valuable than if they actually followed their rules. This man has trespassed on contracts he has never seen nor would have jurisdiction if brought before his court and interloped on all the family estate trust of you clients. Sure it seems like he has the law on his side and there is no way to recover from this damage but he is just a man. One fact that cannot be overturned by these pirate courts is truth is always more powerful than the lie. Your persistence of truth is what unwinds these characters. You can’t imagine the gyrations these men go through on simple questions. They want you to revere them in all ways intellectually and when they want to skirt around the truth or evade it in any way they have no problem acting like retards. If you could see how much energy is being placed in hiding the truth it is easy to see that they are the ones exerting unsustainable energy. In Christ it is easy to relax in the truth and wait for that faltering moment where they just can’t maintain the weight of the lie an instant longer and there you are in all the strength of the truth immovable. The truth can come from a thousand angels and always be the truth but the lie having always to cover its tracks must exhaust its energy on recording its movements to avoid a stumble. If the track was not rehearsed or taken before truth surprises and exposes. Alsup is a good tap dancer but the notes will ultimately exceed his abilities. Then the worst thing of all happens. The one lie connects to all the others and the one small victory of truth becomes the complete vindication of truth. This is what Dorean offers you. Not self-preservation but resolve. Out of resolve comes resolution and quite possibly revolution. Only time will tell of the epic battle between fraud and truth. Where have you placed your energy? You can judge for yourself which is easier to maintain, the truth or the lie.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Never Be the Same (07-04-07)

In the story of Isaac and Abraham we know Isaac was the promised legacy. Every man of faith is attached to the promises of God. Sometimes and I should say almost always we are placed in a position where God demands the promise back. Abraham obeyed the sacrificial call but Isaac was spared and returned. Only in his return he would never be the same. Forever God was the mediator between father and son. There is no day of Isaac’s life that was not owed to God. From the moment of faith’s decision the natural future is obliterated from the supernatural one that takes its place. My wife and father are in this place. They each have given son and husband over to God’s service and if God shall return me back to them from the alter it will not be the same as before. Forever God is the intervener of our futures. For my wife she has to thank the Lord for giving her the altered husband to be honest before Him. My father now obtains an altered son and I can be nothing other than altered because my life will either be offered to God or in self preservation I will avoid the alter completely. This will be obvious to all those who know the God of the alter. Each of you needs to pay attention to these alter opportunities when they appear before you. Not only is your knowledge of God altered but your whole life, future and relationships are all altered. Nothing will ever be the same again. Thank you pop and darling for trusting God with my life and yours.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Plea Agreements

I heard that Neo placed the Tobias plea agreement upon Quatloos. Actually I have to say to Bruce this is the first time I can sincerely complement him for doing something honest. I hope all of you will read it. A lot can be learned from it. First you will notice that Dewey Tobias pled guilty to 1 count of conspiracy against the UNITED STATES (who?) under Title 18 § 371. I found this interesting since the UNITED STATES was not an original victim under Title 18 § 20 and is precluded from being so by that section. Our indictment is based on 27 victims who qualify as financial institutions under § 20 and then are considered the victims for § 1341, 1343, 1344, and 1349. These have now been reduced down to 12 remaining victims with one that is out of business, which won’t survive pretrial actions. This means that our total exposure to victims is 11. You might suspect again what I told you long ago that the clients of Dorean are an irrelevant number. Unless you can find a way to identify yourself with § 20 your claim is moot. (Maybe) If the crimes of Dorean are against the UNITED STATES there is only one way for that to be possible. That is through the commerce clause. The financial institutions are not the UNITED STATES or any agency of the UNITED STATES. Now the currency is not of the UNITED STATES but the UNITED STATES would have an interest via the commerce clause and public policy. Is this what they are admitting? I should certainly like that since that would make our incarceration criminal. If the crime is commercial then our settlement is legitimate and their dishonor a crime. If not then the 371 is an impossibility. Now Dewey and Farrel each plead to this § 371 and that section alone. It must be great to have an attorney to make the impossible come to pass. Maybe I should change my mind or opinion of this profession.

Here is another amazing stat. Our total exposure to victims is 11. That includes every count and all the defendants. Dewey and Farrel were considered minor participants and yet Dewey plead to more than 10 victims actually 40 while Farrel plead to more than 50. These added points that would increase their sentences. So now we have our co-defendants pleading to a charge against the UNITED STATES who must have an interest in the Dorean clients to allow them to be considered victims under § 371. To my knowledge none of the Dorean clients are the UNITED STATES or and agency thereof yet here they appear as though they are. How is that possible unless the clients are accounts on behalf of the UNITED STATES and therefore a commercial damage in a commercial crime?

The next stat is just as troublesome. The total loss or potential loss of these 11 victims if you conclude that the entire amount of the mortgages in question was exposed to loss would add up to $2,315,929.73. Even if most of this loss is impossible since there are 302 statements made to the FBI from these victims that they had no loss this total is millions less than the 7 million Farrel pled to and barely more than the 1 million Dewey pled to.

Can you see how your big scary UNITED STATES v. case is a lot more hot air than fact. If we believed in this farce called justice and the statutes as relevant then at this moment we could plead to the 11 victims at the un-factual full pop of $2,315,929.73 and still end up with a sentence of about 3 years for me and credit for time served for Scott. Now that doesn’t stop these blowhards from pretending that they have a life in prison case but if you read the indictment you’ll see for yourself. My question is what damages are left for me to plead to if Dewey and Farrel have already accepted responsibility for 4 times the total at risk? Maybe we are not the big cats in this game?

If I was here looking out for myself my exit would be right now. You can see from the plea agreements and this indictment that the UNITED STATES isn’t protecting your perceived interest. So again I ask you if you still think I’m the bad guy waiting out the opportunity to bring you and this retarded economics of a government (?) into the truth of the matter? Something is fishy if you look at the facts of the case and what is presumed to be the facts by the public, the press, and the judiciary.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Notorial Dissent (06-29-07)

Perhaps this jackass can take a vocabulary traunch and examination of the peregrination of your journey here through foreign subject matter. From the prolific toot of your own horn you believe in truth and honesty and dislike protestations of honesty and goodness by the dishonest. You sound like the perfection of a champion to address the bankers and their contracts. Setting aside the truth of Christ, which you may be opposed to or opposed to my understanding of it and just stick with the mathematics. If you find fraud cloaked in honesty in goodness will I see you on the house tops? Will you start a blog, write congress, challenge the bank? What will you do?

Let me be honest with you since you won’t be with yourself. You are the one cloaking dishonesty and self-righteous piety in a vanity. You won’t challenge the banks or even yourself. The only reason you’re on this blog bashing my actions is because there is no perceived risk by you. The crowd is behind you. Your fragile reputation as an honest and good man is safe. You want to push your Christ in between you and me as a condemor of me but you fail to realize your exposure. You prove by your fear of loss and your love of this world that the Christ you profess is one of your own creation. Yes you are everything and a bag of chips but the honest man you think you are you are not. This self-deception is what makes you a retard. Yes I stand up to retards because the life they profess is death. The real Christ takes a man to a cross that bears more than suffering but also shame and rejection. You want adoration and the kudos of the crowd you can have it at the expense of Christ. I’ll take your shame and rejection for the joy of the call “Follow Me” no matter what the cost or where it takes me. That is the difference between those in Christ and the retarded reason of talking heads of death.

If you think I’m making my boast it proves again you are a retard. I have only shared with you a core truth that all men in Christ know and that Christ mediates to the world and all the relationships between beings. If you don’t see it your problem is with the mediator not me. I will readily admit that I can spot your retarded reason because I used to have it. I thank the Lord everyday even in prison that the death that possesses you and your words was bore for me at a cross Christ took me to. Unless you can find the courage to surrender to the Lord your life you will have the full spectrum of your finite existence and nothing more. By telling you the truth I offend the crowd I may be shamed or rejected but the crowd can never make the lie the truth. My promise of victory is hidden behind the veil of shame you’re too good to touch and that is why you’ll never see it.

I’m just talking about your reason here it appears to me that your cold calloused heart has already been addressed.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A few words for SD (06-27-07)

First SD I want to thank you for your support. Let me offer you an answer to a little Nancy Drew mystery. Why does Kurt use harsh words like “Retard?” Let me address your words first. Am I to take your words and measure your character? You seem to think in your judgment that your prohibition in God as to language is an absolute law in His kingdom and therefore leaves you no alternative to find me in contempt, disobedience and sin. If I was to judge you as you judge me I could be just as harsh concerning your words. You say the three stooges have the keys, authority over me. You also say the government put Jesus to death 2000 years ago. Am I suppose to take your absolute ignorance of the gospel as a personal slam on your character or look to supply what you are lacking? Jesus was the master of the cruxifixion. It was His plan, His prophetic destiny. Nothing in hell could keep Him off the cross. Just one small example of God using evil for His purpose whether Rome or Alsup is this. For 200 years Romans ended their cruxifixions be breaking legs. That was the customs and practice but to perform on Christ would violate prophecy. God’s word prevailed Rome succumbed. You think the US is a greater evil? If the three stooges of evil are in charge God is not God and Christianity is spiritual masturbation. Is that what you are alluding to? That would be the reasonable deduction for me to judge your intent. I having just a little grace can see that your intent is not equal to your ignorance.

Now to answer your question. I use harsh language precisely to expose the retards. There are people who are ignorant to God and His ways but can read my life walk with God like a book. Why did Christ speak in parables? So the retards wouldn’t understand. I’m trying in my destiny of championing truth to give those who have a little more and for those who think they have prove they never had it. Love is honest and must incorporate the truth. Factual truth and opinion are not as close together as you presume. Here is the best way not to be offended by my words like retard is not to be one. Save that behavior for those who are destined for it. If you are claiming a relationship with the Christ you need to take a good look or examination of this truthful fact! He is the biggest, baddest, King of the Hill. Not even the keys of hell and death could resist His power. One last question. Do you think the US can pose any threat greater to me than eternal death? To me my biggest most dangerous enemy has already been vanquished. This wimp can’t muster a worry from me when I’m certain that I am in Christ and Christ is in me.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The “Mo” Revelation (06-19-07)

We have asked the court for a private investigator which has been denied. They want to know our defense to justify the expense. For the cheap request we obtained a treasure of revelation. These idiots made it very clear they intend to proceed on the presumptions of Alsup and Keller and anything that can prove otherwise is not going to come near their courtroom. This is another fantasy of theirs. The alleged victim is a fictitious entity, which means it cannot be called to the stand. The accused has a right to examine the veracity of the witness against them. With a fictitious entity the custodian of the records can verify official acts, those who can speak to material statements can speak to intent and officers who speak to policy and procedure are the reason. To deny us access to these elements of our victim is a violation of their constitution. I’m not worried about making it come to pass because of the venue they have chosen. This is just a game of stall and test on their part. What they didn’t know is that it was a test on our part. I was suspecting a certain behavior that I needed to verify. This information is timely now long before trial. Again I want to reiterate the trial you are hearing about in people’s imagination is not the trial before us. We know exactly where we are and where we need to go. Keep us in your prayers for wisdom. We’re the only ones among all the parties who gives a damn about your interest. Don’t be fooled otherwise.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let’s Make A Deal (07-03-07)

As we went to our motion hearing on the 3rd a new environment was discovered. Keller is leaving for Nevada on August 1st. The U.S. Attorney’s office is in turmoil. Ryan is gone, Schools is gone. There is no boss our case is losing Keller and Dimke has been missing in action. This all seemed to motivate Keller to deal. A new settlement conference was scheduled. Will we finally get to settle? I doubt it but I’m all ears. Now my suspicions by all this motivation is a deal likely to be 10 years or less for me and 7 or less for Scott. So much for the vicious agenda of our evil commentators here. I want to settle and always have but I have great doubt that even with all this pressure honor will find its way into these pirates.

The important thing to discuss with you is not the action of the bully but rather the temptation that now arises. For the first time I have a realistic suffering that is manageable and acceptable. I know all of you faithers know this place. It is where the diligent man of faith finds his carnal nature screaming “Me, Me, what about me?” This take care of me is the exact point where we lost Farrel and Dewey. Now what will Scott, Bill and I do? What would you do? If I were to advice you I could quote a thousand scriptures that all condemn the screaming me to the cross of obedience. This is exactly how I preach to myself. Again I suspect that to follow Christ will appear risky. It will violate all worldly wisdom. Some of what was dispensed from Mr. Alsup. “You can’t imagine how foolish it is to not have attorneys. When the government goes to trial they only lose 1 out of 50.” Would you swallow hard here or would your knees buckle? Faith of Christ is very unique and powerful. It does not shrink back under threat. Actually that is the perfect environment for it to make its boast. Think about Christ as a man with His life in the balance as a man choosing to go to the cross. I’m not making a boast in myself here because if I was not possessed with the powerful faith of Christ the screaming “Me, Me” would capture me. My encouragement to you and myself is to trust in this faith for its hope that all the promises in God are yes and amen is a sure and confident risk to take. This is the strength of Dorean and your trustees in that we will rely upon God and choose His way even when it appears suicidal. This is how Christ is loving you by giving us the strength beyond all our fears to finish the race to deliver your victory. We’ll He who has vested much not get a return? God is very shrewd. I delight in His care for you because I can use it as evidence of His care for me when I’m afraid. You are in good hands as am I. So let’s make a deal; I will follow Christ and keep you in my prayers and you keep us in prayers to remain faithful. Deal!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Could Dorean be a Divine Interruption (06-11-07)

In the Wall Street Journal on June 5th page C9 there were a couple interesting articles. One on the subprime bond woes but the more interesting was the plans to offer derivatives from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. This is the racketing up of the endless derivatives of greed they can attach to the mortgage industry fraud. This is intended to give another exponent of diversion to lend credibility to a criminal enterprise. The assets stolen from the owners are bundled and sold and now they want to leverage against the stolen assets. If we are successful this dream will never appear. Look at the names involved in this idea and maybe you’ll begin to fathom the magnitude of what we’re up against and how successful we’ve been so far just in maintaining their attention. It makes you understand why a Mr. Alsup must violate even his own rules to manage the risk. Two little guys with the truth can put a lot of sand into this greasy little crowd.

Friday, July 06, 2007

You Got to Admire (06-11-07)

I will give Mr. Alsup credit for his zeal. For what ever his political commitments might be he has made it clear he will do what it takes to secure them. A recent example of his extraordinary behavior was his interference in our administrative procedures. We sent a Freedom of Information Act to the clerk of the court and Mr. Alsup issued an order denying our relief. This is non-judicial and the clerk could have responded with the same content as the judge’s order. This makes one wonder if this is the move of a coward trying to guard his assets as it were. The foia was for some sensitive information that of course would blow apart their fraud. To me, Mr. Alsup has done all he can in every ruling opportunity to keep us away from that holy grail of the actual commercial contracts and transactions involved in this case. He wants desperately for his foolish presumption to become fact. My desire for obtaining the truth requires far less energy than protecting a lie. We’ve all met those people who have so many balls in the air trying to juggle the lie’s exposure. It’s a lot of work. The truth has a way of just being present.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Confined Injustice (06-09-07)

Rigid and hard these walls are framed and erected with malicious intent
Every crooked path, every little bar, and every little heart is wickedly bent
This penitentiary is the ironic institution of penance
Crimes keeping men enclosed is the self-righteous fence

You dress your judgments in uniform
Mindlessly obey the devil and pardon yourself
What exactly are you guarding
What exactly is your public policy

As a man trapped in your plan
Honesty enraged and caged
God is petitioned and noticed
For a remedy, for relief from His hand

Solitary this confinement is isolated from society
An intoxicating commerce devoid of sobriety
And yet it is our society’s boast
To what is most costly to most

Rigid and hard are my contentions
Bent against evil men and their foolish inventions
Ironic how it is honest for me to condemn
The liars who have fenced me in

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Logic of the illogical (06-08-07)

I’ve seen a strange string of illogic in the comments. Basically there is a thought out there the banks had no obligation to respond to our presentment and that tribunals were the only forum to question. I know anyone with commonsense would see through this foolishness but I’ll address them anyway. The government which is the maker of these tribunals we are locked into has a thing called “public policy” that contains within it the tenets of good faith, fair dealing, and honesty in fact. In fact this is suppose to be the intent of Congress in the enactment of their bills. The statute is by design a mechanism to punish via some penal sum or sanction any violation of public policy. Congress has many statutes that encourage other remedies outside of the tribunal you believe you’re limited to. Things like arbitration, the self-help remedies of the UCC. These support doctrines such as judicial economy, the interest of justice and mediation. Could you imagine a world, a country where the people were powerless to settle any dispute without the government’s intervention? Commerce would slow to a mere percentage. People would get frustrated by the endless delays and revolt by taking matters back into their own hands. How would your family run? The minister, accountant, friend, expert or others in their ministerial capacity would become irrelevant. Now I think you stole from me and I confront you and your only defense is that you don’t like the way I asked the question or are offended I challenged your integrity. I’m sorry but that is retarded. What if the bank misplaces another’s deposit into your account and call to verify if you made the deposit, do you tell them “go to court, I don’t have to talk with you, I can’t believe you would suspect I would keep something not belonging to me?” The bank by their relationship and contracts with you had every right to talk with you. Let’ s assume you choose to remain silent they will perform a remedy regardless that reflects the actual material facts. Even if you retort “you had no right” public policy will prevail. How can this nonsense be entertained by anyone? The government has every right to put me in jail on what they call a crime, a violation of public policy but where did they get that right if not from the public? Did the public (we the people) lose their rights just because the government chose to enforce it? How is that possible? It seems to me that all that has happened to Dorean is evidence of truth being the standard we measure the variance from. Now I’ll agree in practice that the foxes are guarding the hen house but at least their garments of show make a certain statement. Just maybe I’ll get an answer from this forum as to their hypocrisy on public policy. They are using the silent treatment when I question them but I’ve been here before. Yes it proves they have something to hide when they have a duty to speak. When you threaten me with life in prison you have a duty to speak. That’s constitutional, that’s public policy!