Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Notorial Dissent (06-29-07)

Perhaps this jackass can take a vocabulary traunch and examination of the peregrination of your journey here through foreign subject matter. From the prolific toot of your own horn you believe in truth and honesty and dislike protestations of honesty and goodness by the dishonest. You sound like the perfection of a champion to address the bankers and their contracts. Setting aside the truth of Christ, which you may be opposed to or opposed to my understanding of it and just stick with the mathematics. If you find fraud cloaked in honesty in goodness will I see you on the house tops? Will you start a blog, write congress, challenge the bank? What will you do?

Let me be honest with you since you won’t be with yourself. You are the one cloaking dishonesty and self-righteous piety in a vanity. You won’t challenge the banks or even yourself. The only reason you’re on this blog bashing my actions is because there is no perceived risk by you. The crowd is behind you. Your fragile reputation as an honest and good man is safe. You want to push your Christ in between you and me as a condemor of me but you fail to realize your exposure. You prove by your fear of loss and your love of this world that the Christ you profess is one of your own creation. Yes you are everything and a bag of chips but the honest man you think you are you are not. This self-deception is what makes you a retard. Yes I stand up to retards because the life they profess is death. The real Christ takes a man to a cross that bears more than suffering but also shame and rejection. You want adoration and the kudos of the crowd you can have it at the expense of Christ. I’ll take your shame and rejection for the joy of the call “Follow Me” no matter what the cost or where it takes me. That is the difference between those in Christ and the retarded reason of talking heads of death.

If you think I’m making my boast it proves again you are a retard. I have only shared with you a core truth that all men in Christ know and that Christ mediates to the world and all the relationships between beings. If you don’t see it your problem is with the mediator not me. I will readily admit that I can spot your retarded reason because I used to have it. I thank the Lord everyday even in prison that the death that possesses you and your words was bore for me at a cross Christ took me to. Unless you can find the courage to surrender to the Lord your life you will have the full spectrum of your finite existence and nothing more. By telling you the truth I offend the crowd I may be shamed or rejected but the crowd can never make the lie the truth. My promise of victory is hidden behind the veil of shame you’re too good to touch and that is why you’ll never see it.

I’m just talking about your reason here it appears to me that your cold calloused heart has already been addressed.


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