Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Irreverent Heart 1-9-11

When I think upon the injustice I’m suffering, the fraud perpetrated upon you by the bank and coddled by our government, I can’t blame it on bad laws, sorcery, or wicked avarice in our institutions. It all comes down to the irreverent heart. No doubt we now live under a tyranny but that didn’t happen over night. We courted them as our promises when we departed reverence God surely founded this nation as with all but some are founded under the canopy of blessing and others under providence. We were founded under blessing. Meaning that if we could keep our hearts reverent all our institutions would follow suit. To run a tyranny all love must be absent tyranny can only operate with misanthropy. Which is the perfect reflection of our irreverent hearts, we are full of hatred. First toward God, ourselves, and then others, our executive judiciary, congress, police powers, and juries all feed upon the greed of power and the flesh of others. No vote will change it because you cannot change a heart condition by a vote.

God putting this fast on front-street really spoke straight to the heart condition. If in one little call He is speaking how much more is His witness of rebuttal to irreverent going out? God will heal our land but it will start with our hearts. Can we view Him reverently as our only hope? If so that is a real hope that will not disappoint. Until then we must suffer our heart attack.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Regret 1-8-11

The human emotion of regret plays a funny role in the psyche of the Christian man. Should I regret having started the Dorean Group? Do I regret the partner or employees or brokers I ended up with? Should I have got lawyers involved, not defended myself, taken a deal, or not started Dorean at all? Regret dances in and out of your consciousness looking for some branch of doubt upon which to roost. The Christian man should not be subject to regrets if his faith is mature. Taking God at His word that the footsteps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord Jesus no room for regret, even though the hardest for me is not that I was guided into all the choices I made but that my friend suffers. But there is a fallacy in this thought also. For surely the God guiding me is the same guiding him. Can I transfer the knowledge of God’s great care for me as not individual solely but also for every part of His body including my brother? The only reasonable thought is to know God is constant in His faithfulness to all His children, so though I may desire to see the suffering of those I love to cease I cannot harbor a regret I delight and trust that the love of God will finish the work it has started and care for His own through all the trials and suffering along the journey. If you have any regrets about your involvement with Dorean you have a lot to learn about the Lord.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slander’s Balm 1-8-11

A man may face many a slanders in his day. It is a fact of the human heart that it is loveless. The soul even hates itself. When a man’s soul s in this loveless state he cares not about the assaults of others even though there is a substance of truth found in them. When a man’s soul has been made alive in the love of Christ and is no longer loveless seems to be when the world takes more offense and slander increases. Though God has changed the man in such a way that the slanders are wholly false they increase. No longer having a loveless soul the slanders sting a bit because love cares for truth and for others, but there remains a consolation for a man as myself buried and imprisoned by lies of slander. That is that the one true witness who loved enough to change his heart gives a good report. Love does seek to give a good report if possible but will not overlook evil just to flatter. No, love is inoperable without truth. I do feel the wounds of all the slander and bear them heavily in my flesh. But love is the perfect balm to overcome such wickedness. My wish for all my enemies is no recompense but that the perfect balm is Christ’s love should reach their loveless hearts.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Legal Update 1-8-11

My legal options have been reduced to a 2255 which is a statutory habeas and to a writ of cert on a solitary issue. The cert is due by Feb 1st. but because of my SHU experience and a couple of cases that can effect my question I have requested an extension of time to file. The most interesting case if front of me is one called Bond that should be ruled upon late Feb in the Supreme Court. This is a federalism case, a subject not addressed in a hundred years. The gist of which is that under the 10th amendment I had a right to select which jurisdiction. I wanted to be prosecuted under, Utah or the Feds. I was not the government’s choice. We shall see how the ruling comes down. This case also talks of the vagueness issue written into most federal statutes so they can easily violate the constitution. Another case about to arrive there out of the 7th circuit is one called Krieger, This deals with elements of the offense and statutory construction. Little by little all the offenses practiced upon us by judge Alsup are being address.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Psalms 91 1-7-11

Psalms 91 has been a personal blessing to millions of believers through countless generations from the day it was penned. The words comforting every troubled spirit who looks to God as their help. No doubt this is the intended interpretation but upon my reading I discovered an alternate that touched me as richly but in a different kind of assurance. I saw verses 1-13 being spoken not to me but to Christ alone. These may be why the devil used these verses the way he did during the temptation. Then verse 14-16 I saw as Christ speaking to me.

The comfort I gained from this interpretation was I have knowledge that all those promises are fulfilled in Christ. The love of the father and provision to the son speaks to their character and relationship. The son is obviously precious in the sight of the Lord. His status of beloved is now made as an offer from Him to us to close the psalm. I do not need psalm 91 to be a personal promise as it were to reap all the benefits. For what Christ obtained He freely offers, the promise seemed to take on more potency for me when I saw them as Christ's possessions and given to me through Him.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Supernatural Normalcy 1-7-11

I’m currently on my 19th day of a 40 day fast. The Lord has already taught me a valuable lesson. This fast was scheduled to begin on Jan 2, but do to a phony accusation I was sent to the SHU on Dec 20th. Commonsense would have extinguished the accusation in the real world but in federally land folly gets its full exercise. Still this was the hank of the Lord, I began my fast when I entered the SHU, at prior prisons I stayed in my cell until the fast was over. There was the normal cooperation with medical. This prison however took to over reaction and paced me in an observation tank. The lights never go off and there are no facilities just a cement bed in the middle of the room. I get water by cup through the door and piss into plastic urinals. Fortunately bowl movements are a thing of the past. One does not prefer to be on Front Street when they fast. There are a couple of things I could do to avoid this and still fast. Some suggested by the staff. When I spoke to the Lord about them that's when I got some revelation. Fraud is such a part of the federal regime that I do not have the liberty to practice it, with the fast. The extra suffering caused by truth is just paid as a matter of course. That is the Christian life. God took me to the first 5 chapters of Daniel and said to me, He was using this front-street fast to place reverence before the irreverent. That was refreshing news and gave me some strength. Frankly that purpose alone was greater than my purpose for fasting. So in the normal course of a Christian man's life supernatural happens upon him. I'm reminded of Paul in Acts 28 who got shipwrecked and was merely stoking a fire when he got bit by a viper. The islanders got a supernatural display that stoked their spiritual fervor in the normalcy of Paul's life. The Christian live is so supernatural as a fact that amazing events of God's work just arrives. If you are one who fervently prays for the power of God to appear in your life, relax! It already has. Just walk you walk and God will magnify His name It may e a viper or some other unpleasantly like doing you fast in a dry windowed cell but suddenly and in an instant you are God's instrument
That is a blessed state, something to ponder.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Writ of Cert 11/22/10

The Supreme Court is a discretionary court and very political. It possesses as many dangers as it does relief. There is no grace in its chambers. Nothing individual happens there. You are not a person of significance but merely an issue. An issue that may or may not interest them, most of the time issues are refused about 1 in 40,000 are taken up. This is like the mating of black widows. The male spider has to do a masterful dance up on the web to present the female from viewing him as prey. The few who enter her courts rarely survive. She turns on them with all the power the males have prayed to restrain. This writ of cert will have to be fashioned perfectly for Scott and I to gain any benefit. I have already had to abandon one because there was a small chance this widow’s power would be directed at me. A small chance is to risky for our destiny.

I thank the Lord for the wisdom to see these traps in advance. The average lame world be courted to propagate their illusions of justice only to have their venom destroy them. I’m certain few Americans have the slightest clue what criminals they consider righteous.

If they did they would rarely surrender their brethren over to these tyrants you can molest a few boy in the choir and still be known as a priest within the community. This is the game played by our courts. May God cause them all to discover they have been discovered as perverts.