Thursday, July 30, 2009

The First (5-27-09)

Many believe that God shows us love by the satisfaction of the atonement in Christ Jesus. In doing so they miss a crucial part of God’s nature. We k now of Jesus being the Firstborn among many, the author of faith. Truly He is the first in all things. In being so He fills all in all.

God is rich in mercy and because of this Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. This anointing of Christ and His body (the church) to be the recipients of God’s rich mercy was depicted in the anointing of Arron. (Lev. 8:12 Ps. 133:2) It starts at the head (Christ) and flows abundantly over the body. This is the nature of our entire relationship to Christ and why my critics display their ignorance when they boast to know Him and His ways.

The reasons our prayers are answered is because the answers proceeded the petition. If we are praying in accordance with His will this must be so. Why did Christ take our stripes? Because God in advance decreed victory over sin, death, and their consequences. My victory boast is not foolishness as though I am ignorant of my enemy. In Ps. 21:11 (Making it personal) “Judge Alsup intended evil against Scott and I, he imagined a mischievous device, which he is not able to perform.” He possessed the wickedness to imagine, the cunning to devise, and the malice to plot, but blessed be God, he lacks the ability. This answer proceeds my petitions for deliverance. It is a simple thing for faith to appropriate this total victory which started at the Christ head and flows abundantly over His body. Of course my boast of victory are not vanity. I have surely suffered the intention, the device, and the clever plot but now the tide has shifted to my advantage. Christ has all ability and Judge Alsup has none. Never will a man even if he were able to wield all the world’s power by his single hand have the ability to overcome Christ. This is a fate complete certainty already prove, established, and set in advance for us to walk in. How can one justify cowardice under these facts? As Judge Alsup vainly hopes to finalize his evil plan upon me he has crossed that threshold of guaranteed failure.

It is my prayer that most of you would come to a reasonable knowledge of your standing and stop shrinking back during evil intent, cunning devices, and malicious plots, and with faith look to the coming of that promise of your enemy’s inability.

There are a thousand other examples of Christ’s preeminence in all things. Enter this race to take first prize because first in all things is the body’s position in Christ. My confidence is not arrogance only practical acceptance. Judge Alsup’s confidence is baseless arrogance founded on delusional ignorance. Judge with the eyes of men and remain blind to the inevitable result.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It’s Been Said Before (5-24-09)

Many of you have failed to understand the potency of my words or their value to you. My co-defendants whom I love have not received the comfort and solace my words were intent to give them. It is an easy thing to perceive the bully will prevail. No one would have wagered on the colonies with Britian’s reputation. Yet what God ordained transpired. Many of you have disregarded my words as mere rhetoric as though they were original. I have two quotes from other sources that to me share the same import. Perhaps these men my be deemed men of regard you will listen to.

Charles Hadden Spurgeon on Psalms 20:5 “”we will rejoice in thy salvation” In Jesus there is salvation; it is His own, and hence it is called they salvation; but it is ours to receive and ours to rejoice in. We should fixedly resolve that come what may, we will rejoice in the saving arm of the Lord Jesus. The people in this psalm, before their king went to battle, felt sure of victory, and therefore began to rejoice before hand; how much more ought we do this who have seen the victory completely won! Unbelief begins weeping for the funeral before the man is dead; why should not faith commence piping before the dance of victory begins? Buds are beautiful, and promises not yet fulfilled are worthy to be admired. If joy were more general among the Lord’s people, God would be more glorified among men; the happiness of the subjects is the honor of the sovereign. “And in the name of our God we will set up our banners.” We lift the standard of defiance in the face of the foe, and wave the flag of victory over the fallen adversary. Some proclaim war in the name of one king and some of another but the faithful go to war in Jesus’ name, the name of the incarnate God, Immanuel, God with us. The times are evil at present, but so long as Jesus lives and reigns in His church we need not furl our banners in fear but advance them with sacred courage.”

Nicholas Bownd (1604) on Psalms 20:2 “”Send thee help from thee sanctuary.” Here we see the nature of true faith, that it causeth us to see help in heaven, and so to pray for it when there is none to be seen in the Earth. And this is the difference between faith and unbelief; that the very unbelievers can by reason conceive of help, so long as they have any means to help them; but if they fail they can see none at all; so they are like unto those that are purblind, who can see nothing but near at hand. But faith seeth afar off, even into heaven, so that it is “the evidence of things that are not seen;” for it looketh unto the power of God, who hath all means in His hands, or can work without them, who made all out of nothing, and “calleth the things that be not, as though they were.” So that as the holy martyr Stehpen, when his enemies were ready to burst for anger and gnash at him with their teeth, looked steadfastly into heaven, and saw Christ standing at the right hand of God ready to defend him; so faith in the promises of the word doth see help in heaven ready for us, when there are no means in earth.

I believe what these men believed. The faith they understood is the faith of my understanding and practice.

Brassbird: Thanks for your kind support. I thank the Lord you are not religious. What you call guts and recognize is my faith. It is not a religious act just an honest one. The piping of my faith is a must because I already see the victory most are blind to.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Rising of the Sun (5-18-09)

When I was young in the Lord we used to sing a song with lyrics that went “From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised.” This was a quote from psalms. In psalms 19 on the same them is … the sun, which is a bridegroom coming out of his chamber. Clearly here the psalmist is making an allegory between Son and Sun. What I love about this thought is the revelation it conjures. The sun rises and it’s a new day. Out of the earth it seems to rise at dawn. Like a strong man set to run his course he appears on the horizon. While it is still day the day teaches us. Like Christ breaking forth from Mary’s womb or Joseph’s tomb a new day was dawning. Certainly Christ was the strong man set to run His course and who could restrain Him? Until He finished His work the radiance of Him would flood this world. Even if evil could cast a shadow just a little turn and His light would expose the darkness.

Now if you think of the bridegroom the betrothal is complete. When Christ came He brought the spirit and accepted our flesh. He took flesh to heaven and left the spirit here. Each a symbol of the marriage promise. For flesh and spirit will be united in Christ forever.

Another great portrait of this truth is in the story of the returning Ark on a cart led by two mother kine. The Ark carried the unbroken law. The two cows lowed the entire time under the burden of the law until they came to the field of Joshua of Bethshemesh, that is, the house of the sun. Our Joshua, our savior, our Son, our Sun put an end to the law. No more noise of Kine, calves, sacrifices or ceremonies. The old law was to cease and stand still when they came to Jesus.

The bride on the other hand was to come alive of the exit of the bridegroom from His chamber. “I am my beloved’s and He is mine” songs 6:3. “I am brown by persecution and black by nature” Songs 1:5. Yet under the new day of the bright shinning Son of Righteousness through His favor we are made white and snow without spot or wrinkle.

While it is still day and the radiant work of Christ’s adoration is shinning upon us let us all sing “From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, the Lord’s name is to be praised.” AMEN!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Small Scale Hopes (5-6-09)

I have shared with you extensively my hopes in faith. It is hard to define or limit these to events because none can fathom God's abilities. On the small scale which is framed up in what my eye can see and my imaginations can entertain there is still plenty of hope. This week I am supposed to meet with my appeals lawyer. Finally I'll know what issues will and will not be opened. There are 3 legal maneuvers to take once their coarse can be confirmed. The appeal should be sufficient on a few grounds. Constructive amendment of the indictment occurred in fact and substance. In Cleveland v US (2000) the judiciary defined the word "property" of Title 18 section 1341 (Mail fraud) to be in the possession in the hand of the victim. We know this to be the promissory note. This hide and seek game of property can stupefy a jury but now we find out if any of those who testified had standing to be a victim. They didn't. Why am I incarcerated? To spook most of you and others away from the truth. We have easily a dozen issues of this caliber to raise in one fashion or another. The judge and prosecutors have no knowledge of how the mortgage industry works. Advantage Kurt. They do know how their bogus trials work and the psychological effects of their jails. They have all the advantage there and therefore they rely on their best weapons. What they can't defend against is the tenacity and power of Christ in His children. I'm trying not to go to the easy spiritual advantages but limiting conversation to human affairs. The appeal should be available for downloads to you who are watching. My habeas will soon be denied creating the opportunity God has brought me. There is still declaratory relief and amicus briefs. The foundation they stood on is fraud. I'm not the one standing on fraud only accused. A very old political trick. I can never count on the political winds changing but mortgage fraud will soon make its way into the courts vindicating me and exposing some very evil players. Until deliverance comes my hands still have work to do.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Deliverance Preparation (5-6-09)

Deliverance first comes as a prophetic promise. Once the trial arrives which brings the circumstances of doubt and faith the equipping occurs. No man is ever truly prepared for the victorious deliverance's which are in Christ. This has to be so in order to drive us into the bosom of our beloved. In maturity this insecure place no longer breeds fear but rather joyous trust and hope. Dorean holds this spectacular promise of deliverance from its inception. Sure circumstance can entice you to doubt and delays cause you to question but faith will see what God is doing. Mortgage fraud was required to create Dorean but there were many other frauds that appeared to challenge Dorean. Don’t think for a minute God would create a fraud magnet like Dorean without purpose. He has every intention to catch the tiger but his tail. The fraudsters who were in bed with the banksters caught God’s eye and now He’s caught them in His trap. As a man I don’t feel qualified to cinch this net but I can see God’s hand working. It is hard for me to explain to you how I am in constant temptation to quit but at the same time that which tries to crush me opens a new opportunity for deliverance.

At this very moment I’m faced with a fraud to prosecute at personal expense. Every reasonable argument says to let it pass but where the flesh is weak the spirit is willing. Only out of this strength have I been given opportunity to expose and shame many seats of power corrupted through fraud. My habeas is an open door to expose the judicial, executive, and legislator’s fraud in the criminal system. If I would have bowed to their extorting pressure this opportunity would never have materialized. Lawyers should do this work but they are inherently conflicted just like defendants who lookout for themselves.

In the book of Jasher more detail is given about the Joseph story. The dreams prophetically proclaimed the promise. Then the trial cam that brought the opportunity for the promise to arrive. The pharoah’s dreams came and God provided the interpretation. All this led to Joseph’s promotion to deliverance. One thing lacked, there were 70 steps of the throne, one for each known language. Joseph had to speak each language to walk that step. The angel of the Lord taught him what he lacked to capitalize on the opportunity the promise created. I will be taught what I need to capitalize on the deliverance opportunity created by the promise.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Wicked Tool (4-26-09)

It is said of Nebuchadnezzar that he was a wicked man and yet he was also a tool in the hand of God. David reiterates this truth in Psalms 17. If this is a spiritual fact and truth how is it that you who find me wicked are justified in your complaint? Has God changed? Is He not free to change tools from generation to generation? If I am a tool in the hand of God who with all my beguiling charm seduced you to your own harm can God not make it to your benefit? If you are His beloved child will this not be His way?

On the other hand what if wicked men like Alsup are God’s tools and I am on your side. Is your complaint anymore justified. What comes across in your complaint is unbelief. Funny how in the same breath of your unbelief you accuse me of unbelief. Who is it that commits his way to the providence of Christ? He who suffers without complaint or He who does not trust God with His tools? If you find unbelief in your heart, repent. In this you show God that you love Him. I am not your enemy it is unbelief. If I am as you suspect and God used my wickedness to touch His beloved what punishment awaits me. You have your vindication at inception. If I am not maybe we should trust the Lord as brothers. You make the call. One final thought: wicked men have never encouraged others to trust in the Lord.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Fat Heart (4-25-09)

The fat heart is a fatal disease. David ran into it and spoke of it in. Psalms 17. It is a heart content and satisfied by this world. It lives in luxury. It has no lord it governs itself. From the mighty tower of its perceived safety they sit in judgment of those of lean heart. A fat heart lives with no fear of God. The parable of the rich fool spoke of the fat heart symptoms. (Lk. 12:13-21) You don’t have to be abundantly wealthy to suffer from this disease. You only have to align your heart to the wealth of this world. It can be the wealth of time, life, prestige, pleasure, or any of their variants. In David’s case it was men aligned with king Saul to crush David. Out of their fat hearts came every foul accusation against God’s anointed. The fat heart is not wise because the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. Alignment with power of the day though it be a king, judge, or army that denies God has any authority over them is the cowardice of a fat heart. The lean heart may have the same wealth or poverty of the fat heart but even what it possesses it gives in subjugation to God in fear. The lean heart is reverent while the fat heart is proud and boastful. The lean heart is healthy and a gift from God.

My question to you is what state have you kept your heart during this bifurcated battle of ideology? Have you chosen wisely the truth of God or aligned yourself to the comforts of a fat heart? In David’s case he ultimately was vindicated and judged by God. Saul was likewise judged by God and died of his fat heart. Suddenly it was no longer the joy of fatness for the fool when truth destroyed all their hope. Common sense is not wisdom and rarely on its own will it find the way of God. It will put you quickly on the path of flattery from those in power. It will probably keep you in the way of comfort and ease for a season. But what is the cost personally if you allow your heart to grow fat? Saul, his cadre, and the object of the parable have already answered this question with certainty.

On the surface it may seem like the just and the criminal are easily identified. On the surface a diseased heart appears to beat as the healthy one but in time surface illusions will give way to truth as fact. The truth can be known and wants to be known but it will only meet you at the heart.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Magnify VIII (4-8-09)

One cannot take an adequate view of God unless they look in the fullness of time. Throughout history God has done wonders. The greatest of all these wonders is Him condescending down to relate to His creation. He told of Cyrus conquering Babylon 400 years in advance; Alexander the Great’s death and 4 general replacements 150 years advance; The exodus 400 years advance, and countless others. With these examples it is easy to imagine a God of omnipotence. Can you understand a God who would condescend to address creations corruption without compromising His attributes? Can you fathom what deliverance truly came by this benevolent act? I have been a Christian in a growing relationship for over 3 decades now and still this knowledge whelms my capacities. All your suffering and mine, all the corruption of institutions and hearts to make it this way, all the lies and deception have weighed heavy on the people. Most of us are in self-preservation made without compassion for others yet God sees us all. Individually He wishes to relate and reveal His remedies.

This is what stung me recently. As I sought to magnify the Lord the light of His countenance shown brighter. That is wonderful but that which brings joy also exposes the darkness within the heart. As confident I am in my faith I still lack a faith remotely close to obtaining the capacity of grace already provided. I wonder how much of this delay really came down to my obtuse nature and slow maturing. For your sakes I hope I have not been a liability. When I said I have a difficulty using the prophetic gift upon myself because of the cloud of self interest this is true. God has caused me to examine this cloud and I do believe now there is grace to overcome it. I did though receive a prophetic word for another which shed some revelation upon my situation. According to that prophecy I must remain as I am another 3 months but no longer than 15. I know this still sounds like delay but it is my first certain “thus sayeth the Lord” that has dealt with timing. I’m also suspecting as I walk into what I’ve been shown that more details will be revealed. There are many other things I can tell you but it is time for you to hear God’s voice individually. You have as much access to our Creator as I. Tell me what you hear and see. Write it down so when I post new revelation you have a confirmation witness. My hopes for all of you are not vanity. Many have opposed and tried to crush me for this hope but I have seen the hand of God under the pit they have dug. I have measured His provisions and found no lack. No longer pray as though there is a need, we are passed that. Pray we are able to rise to God’s desires. If you have magnified the Lord with me I’m certain the portent of your relationship with Him alone is enough to cause your spirit to burst forth with praise and your fears to dissipate. I’m excited people, wait til the testimony of the wonders of Christ make their report. What a mighty God we serve.