Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boundaries (January 16, 2008)

One of the things I am learning is that the church has very specific boundaries and yet they also are unfathomable. In this strange paradox there is a simple truth. The territory of the true church is its obedience to the word of God. This is the place where man meets God. It is Immanuel in reality. Christ dwells here between God's word of promise and its fulfillment. I guess what I find so aggravating about the retards is that they claim to be representatives of the church and Christ but they don't dwell in this territory. Now it becomes a very dangerous thing to judge another as being outside the territory because God is very much about His business in ways that exceed our understanding. Recently Scott and I were discussing a doctrinal point in which we disagreed as to our appropriate response to the Lord. As I prayed about this and meditated on the word that both of us were relying on I understood that we were both correct and dwelling in the same place of obedience to the Lord even though our action run contrary. This is a very mature understanding that you won't find in the judgmental retards. I saw that Scott was being led by the word of God into actions that were appropriate for his maturity and current understanding and skills. That is like Christ not to overwhelm His children but to initiate their growth. I on the other hand would be disobedient to follow Scott's calling. What I could recognize was his obedience and sincerity to obey Christ. In this I know he is the body of Christ and my brother. Not in an agreement of conduct but an agreement in the action of trust. That is all Christ ask from us and that is what separates His children from the retards. None of the retards have taken God's word seriously for themselves. It is even worse when they attempt to apply it to me without any understanding of whose I am and what I am being asked to do. They know not the Christ they believe they are representing or the territory He possesses. They do not walk contemporaneously with the Lord nor can they hear His voice. They are the blind who wish to be guides. Now my judgments are not harsh in that I can examine their lives and give a list of sins. They are simple. Christ dwells in this place of faith and that is recognizable and those who don't dwell there don't know Him. I cannot commune with them and there is no fellowship. The joy of the Lord is confronted with contempt instead of embraced. I have to defend and contend instead of share. They accuse and perhaps rightfully so because I will always be an outcast until we are united in the oneness of the body of Christ. I cannot point to the boundaries they have crossed but I can point to the boundaries I reside in and say clearly we do not dwell together. Those of you who know the Lord know this place and know that I dwell there. It is obvious because you exist there. The foreigners don't know the language, customs, or colloquialisms. We are strangers getting stranger by the minute. I thank the Lord for you and though we are separated by geography or circumstance we are united in the Spirit. I love the body of Christ and enjoy Christ dedication to its welfare. For you my hope is great because I know that between God's promises and their fulfillment is the joyous life of faith. I would like to add this prayer for Neo's wife. Those of you who dwell in faith with me please join me in the prayer of faith:

"Dear Father I lift up Neo's wife who has fallen ill and ask for your Supernatural grace an mercy to permeate her situation. Enter into her body a fresh blast of Zoa life. Comfort her spirit with the call of faith to trust you for your healing and lead Bruce into wisdom and tender spiritual care as her leader. Please hear the prayers of your body which you have called out before the foundations of this world for your good pleasure. Look now as Jehovah Ropha the God who heals. By your stripes you have healed. We join you now in the land between your promise and its fulfillment and hope for the substance of Christ to become manifest. AMEN!"

Bruce, Scott and I will take communion in solidarity with you and your family, please join us as we memorialize the promise of God for all of us and especially your wife.

Question of Relevancy (January 15, 2008)

Christ is a factual subject that is not relevant to our modern times. It is not Him in question but the times that are questioned to the fact of Christ. God has the church and the state as His work in this world. The state keeps the church honest and the church keeps the state reverent. When this balance is lost the state corrupts the church or the church corrupts the state. The state gets out of kilter when it has too many laws or too few. In America today we have wacko self proclaimed Christian leaders who pass too many laws that are unrighteous and vicious. The "Patriot Act" is not very different from the Aryan Clause of German law. A precursor leading to war. Under this act a simple contractor can pick up two Mexican workers with official papers in front of home Depot, give them work, and violate this act. He now becomes the one liable for the ethnic phobia being bred into our society by liaise faire capitalist, democratic double talkers, and the media hypes. He is the honest working middle class guy who must go to prison for aiding and abetting the enemies of the state. This is something the Church should be completely against but it remains silent. The churches have married the state through corporate 501 C3's and subjected themselves to a subordinate position. The state says that because you are now investing revenues you have to pay taxes. Why is the church in this situation? They have lost their identity and have coddled the promises of this world at the expense of not trusting the promises of God. This is why I pick on the retards. You fake-ass Christians don't know your role individually or the role of the church in conjunction with the state as the work of Christ. You don't understand how this balance has to be returned for the sake of end time prophecy. Your judgments are foolish because they only speak of a Jesus relevant to your getting along in this world. The gospel was never about your getting along in this world. My two divorces were because my ex-wives were all about getting along in this world. You can see the same stupidity in Scott's ex. Really look at the church and the modern message. It is relevancy to circumstance. How in the hell did Jesus and His gospel become measured by the day? The only gospel I know measures all things against Christ. I have been measured by this gospel and my actions are either condemned by this gospel or justified. If justified why so many critics? Attack me with the gospel and hold me to account and you would be wise and just. You don't do it but hold me to measure against your retarded opinions as though they were the gospel. Why is it wrong for me in my search for the gospel truth to see the bankers and the state creating a false righteousness and sense or truth within their contracts to rise up and say Christian men won't stand for that? What are you doing to be the voice of Christ in the world today? Blasting me with your retarded judgments? Is that really the best you have to give to the Lord? A Christian man lives where Christ lives and that is in between His promises and their fulfillment. We are always looking on the come for the substance of things hoped for. Yes that means taking on giants. That means saying "No" when the world is saying "Yes". It will always be a courageous act to resist evil. It has been said that tyranny only goes as far as it meets resistance. This is the role of the church against the state. How is it that the German church could agree with the Reich church about the state policy to abuse the Jews? You say it wouldn't happen to you but I say it already has. You swallow the state propaganda with a soda in front of your television where you get your gospel daily dose. None of you retards have taken the time to dive into your inwardness and take the challenge of Christ to "follow me" into that place of His promise and the faith to see their fulfillment. How are you to judge me? You don't even know where I live or what motivates my decisions. Scotty "my friend" should spend more time examining the mortgage industry to see if it measures up to the gospel and whether he could participate in it as oppose to examining the life of a stranger for fault. That would be true relevance. It would also be honest. Call me a thief as you rob God, that is brilliant!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Community of the Saints (January 10, 2008)

For the first time in this exercise I have found myself in a need outside the resources I possessed. It made me look to others for assistance. Out of that exercise God used this to teach me a valuable lesson. This lesson I feel is an outgrowth of the other lessons I've gained out of this trial. First it was do I punish those who have been faithless by withholding their blessing at the end? At first glance it is easy to say that they don't deserve it. This fact doesn't really mean much to the Lord. He only operates in the arena of the undeserving. This made me consider everyone from a client perspective at first blush as equal. Now there are large disparities between them and probably always will be. I do think these will lead to variables in settlements ultimately but not initially. I was never in a position to surrender my position as a protector of the clients' rights from my duty before the Lord. It was in this obligation that I began to understand the community of the saints. I find that the Christian walk is very individual and it is in the inwardness of a man that the scales of a man's soul are measured for eternity. How does the community fit into this walk, was my recent question. I look at the "body of Christ" concept and understood it as a distinct and separate work while still very much of the same essence of individualism. Christ has His body to function as a community but like the cell structure is a collection of individual cells. I know my private work in the Lord and can even see my community participation but am I seeing your work and your pains as my own? If I truly am a part of the community as with the physical body, I would have a share in your pain even though I could be healthy at the moment. These questions made me ponder if there was more I could be doing to ease your pain. Prayer was the striking call within me. I know I can't do anymore from a legal perspective at the moment. The spiritual work though I felt I could enhance with a share in your agonies through prayer. I wonder if all of us stopped looking at this giant disease of bank fraud from an individualistic point of view if we might be able to accomplish more sharing the journey as a community grouped as the body of Christ. If the Lord speaks to you about the place He is taking His body along with where He is taking you perhaps you can join me in prayer or find some other faith expression that will bless our community with the health of the whole. I know that Christ has secured our victory on the battlefront but our souls and our path may still need the loving actions of well-being aggressively pursuing the opportunity to bless. Let us all step out as victors and love on each other. I bet even some of the retards can be healed. I continue to seek God for the highest possible goal out of this trial. Our fast went great and part of what I'm speaking here was learned in that devotional time. I can say that I could use your love, prayer, and assistance to fire on all cylinders to the finish line, how about you? Lord make us as a body love on ourselves to that we function for you as a healthy viable unit of your grace, and glory. Lift every weak member to the concern of the strong until we all come the full measure of your power and plan. Help me as the leader of this call not to fall short and to finish this race for the good of all. Forgive me for not always looking to the weak with my prayer life or with my hands. Bless us all to fulfill your desires. AMEN!

Gratitude II (January 9, 2008)

I want to sincerely thank the few of you who have ministered to my personal needs. I have come a very long way in this battle and I must truly say that my personal burden was heavier upon me than the work of Dorean. The fact that you have come beside me in the Lord and raised my hands is of eternal value. I truly don't know how to thank you enough. The very best thing I can offer you is to prove the truth upon all these liars so that it can be a treasure that will prosper you all the rest of your natural lives. This battle has drawn out longer that I could of imagined or desired. In the end though it is the body of Christ ministering to the weakness within the body that makes us all healthy. I am certain that God himself has taken notice of your kindness to me. You are the treasure within the sea of retards I must contend with that make it all worth it. Please know that I am indebted to your kind service and that if I haven't proven my loyalty as a friend yet please remember to give me the opportunity in your time of need. I can say that the love of Christ flowing through you and your obedience encourages my faith. It all verifies again that the God we serve is real and a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over. You have blessed me more than you can imagine.

"Now, Lord hear my prayer that you reward those who have reached to my need in faithfulness to you. Remember them in all there business, family, and spirit. You are the giver behind all our kindnesses so continue to give to them abundantly and exceedingly above all that they can ask or think. Heal their bodies and their souls which is a treasure that cannot be obtained by money. Restore lost relationships with love, forgiveness, and hope. Increase their repute in the communities and in their families. Bless them dear Lord as they have blessed your servant. AMEN!"

I have posted this again just to remind you that your help and my sincerity of need were real. Please do not allow this opportunity to get lost in forgetfulness or apathy. We are a team of the same body of Christ and we need each other. I from a pride point wish it were not so but God has taught me that humility is His way. I do not ask as a man but ask you to talk with our Lord and see if He does not want you to renew or keep your involvement with this battle under His command. Do whatever He requires. But as a friend and mentor in the Lord, please do not allow the devil or the cares of this world rob you of the glory of trusting the Lord. I encourage you and again thank you because I know the battlefield and understand the sacrifices made by all who shed blood for the truth. Scotty and I march off into the promise not for selfish gain but for the promise that awaits us all. We have proven we are not the evil inimical crooks rolling off the lips of the slanderers. There is little left to accomplish and God is going before us. The story of His walking on the water depicts Him headed to our destination through we are still struggling in the battle. He knows the shore awaits us and that the tempest was subjected to Him. Still they all rowed together and mixed that effort with faith. Suddenly and in an instant they were ashore. It will be the same for us all. AMEN?

POSSIBILITY (January 4, 2008)

It amazes me how obtuse the comments really are on this Blog by people who claim some relationship with Christ. I am ridiculed for my trust in Christ that all things are possible. Do you think it my shame because my crimes prohibit God? Is it your sense of justice that binds the Lord to feeble assistance? I don't know who you serve but it can't be the God I know, love, and read about. He loved in such a way that He put on the dust of our being with all it's frailties, fears, phobias, and trembling. The incarnation proves my crimes are not a hindrance to Him. They were the necessity for His act. I don't even need to make a confession of my innocence or righteousness to make this point. I don't have access to God by my behavior. When He says my very best is like a stinky diaper I'm not impressed with your righteousness either. If it is our goodness why does your God not answer your prayers? Why couldn't he deliver you from the evil plight of the Dorean Group? Why didn't He tell you not to get involved? Why didn't He send the sage Neo to talk you out of it? Why do you still-Struggle economically when the all possibility God loves you as one of His good children? Why does one of His bad children have a hope when you don't? Without getting too harsh here answer me this, why are you afraid to trust the Lord? I in all my weakness see a God possessed with endless strength reaching to lift me up. Of course I develop hope under these conditions. Is the government supposed to whelm me as an undefeatable foe? How about my sins, are they suppose to crush me and steal my hope? Are you paying attention to your banter? "Lord open our eyes to see thy glories for we are all blind. Let the possibilities of your kingdom overtake us in deed and spirit. Let the warring tongue and deceitful pride be cast far from us. Bring us out into your promise not based upon our merits but because of your wonderful name and your glory. Let the world proclaim that those whom the Lord loves are blessed and that it is a good thing to follow the living God. Reach down to us in our weakness and lift us up. Make us to walk in thy righteousness and in obedience. Use our lives as a display to the wicked that all things are possible to those who are called according to Your purpose. Deliver us from evil for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. AMEN"

BEAN HEAD LOGIC (January 3, 2008)

I had a chance to read some beanhead logic and see an opportunity to prove he is a retard. "How is that banks created money by fiat meaning they really did not loan any money, and were compensated the loan amount by the Fed, how is it they are going broke because of the defaults on all the loans?" That is a good question! The banks cannot go broke and any one that does is a political ruse to maintain the confidence with the public that the lies they believe are the truth. Citibank got an influx of 7 billion not because they needed it but because they can. That is the power of the master over the government they own. The local banks create the money on the spot and are not compensated from the Fed. It is not a loan!

"First, the "banks" didn’t create the money by fiat. Your gross oversimplification is based on some mythology you’ve heard or read about from scammers like Johnson and Gashler." The banks do create by fiat. It is actually outside "oversimplification" the monetization of money deposited in the form of a promissory note. This is not exactly a fiat process in being created out of thin air but taking the wealth of another and through a conversion process making it your own. The trial transcript of Walker Todd on the witness stand in the scammer's trial made this clear as a matter of fact validated by his nearly 20 years of experience at the Fed window. What was your experience again? Was it mystical economic theory?

"They don't want you to understand that mortgage lending may or many not have anything to do with a "bank" or the Fed. Mortgage lending involves a large number of financial institutions some of which have nothing to do with the Fed or FD1C." This is brilliance at its best. Mortgage lenders for the most part are not banks, financial institutions, or related to the Fed in any way. Most are mere paper pushers without an interest in the transaction. But what do they really do? They have a warehouse line of credit generally with a "bank" or financial institution that has an association with the Fed. This line of credit is a promise of extension of credit based upon the deposit of promissory notes. It is still the promissory notes that fund the transaction and they all end up on a banker's ledger with the one small exception of a real mortgage by a real lender.

"The "banks" aren't going broke from defaults, nor did they or any other lender get paid back by the Fed. You’re mixing apples and oranges with basketballs. Just because they are round doesn’t make them a suitable point of reference. Mortgages have little or nothing to do with the Fed sources of money because the funds for most mortgages ultimately come from the bond markets. In between are specialized lenders who do the short-term lines of credit for the days or weeks required to collateralize the pools." The Fed have nothing to do with the source of mortgage money but they have everything to do with deriving a benefit from its creation. Mortgages are not funded by anything other than the promissory notes deposited. The specialized lenders, bond markets, and institutional investors that generally purchase through a GSF, are all secondary market lent against a pool or package which is another promissory note product. That product is the height of fraud because they represent they have rights, title, and interest in the original promissory notes they have pooled. This is the government protected scam at its best. This process is different than the monetization and is called securitization. Securitization is not at all relevant to the moneys available to the mortgage borrower. It is merely a secondary ruse to create a scenario so lemmings can create their fraudulent theories around false economic realities. Some people don't like smoke blown up their ass and some do I guess.

"Most mortgage lenders rarely make loans on residential mortgages using their own deposits or even their own capital. There are some "hard money" lenders but their share of the market is tiny." Almost all mortgage lenders never use their own capital. Their capital is tiny and they all use warehouse lines of credit from an actual bank ultimately. A hard money lender in the traditional sense is an actual mortgage lender in that they will take their capital and attempt to make a small spread between the cost of their money and the sale of it. This is the scenario of actual lending that everyone gives as factual to the mortgage industry which does not do it that way. They say they do and that appeals to the sentimentalities of the good moral man whose father told him to be honest. Who's father also told them not to be stupid but that gets ignored. No father will tell his boy to let men steal from you and be a sucker every chance you get.

"The process of originating and then selling off the loan into the RMBS conduit can be more profitable than making loans and holding onto them over time." No shit Sherlock! One they most sell them as an average mortgage lender to restore their lines of credit and reduce their cost. They really have no interest in holding them because they are only working for the commission or origination fee. If we go to the ultimate lender the bank, they want to sell it for two good reasons. One they net a total profit of the amount of the stolen wealth of the promissory note minus the commissions and sales cost. Generally about an 80-90% net profit depending on the discount. Even if this process takes 90 days you can't beat that pleasure in business. Two they create legal hurdles to their advantage by the conversion into commercial paper "money" where the judiciary will do all they can to avoid its overturn. The holder in due course and good faith transfer issues come into play. Of course the fraud that originated the entire process would bust through this charade if justice and equity were alive in the courtroom.

That should be enough! You are the one passing silly advice. The investors were lied to more than you can imagine in that the overstated assets alleged to back their investments that is now being exposed is far worse. The actual asset sufficient or not was not within the power of the seller to transfer. They had no rights, title, and interest. Your GSE's are the major facilitators of this investment or should I say securities fraud. Oh that's right those who make the laws don't have to abide by them. If you are so smart that you can see the securities fraud, I'll add with such compassion, why don't you look to the banking mechanics, contracting law, and the UCC to figure out there is a ruse of epic proportions? I think because you are not honest or afraid to admit you've been duped all your life by lemming juice.

A side note: Happyjack; you don't appear too happy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Reasonable Juror (January 2, 2008)

The reasonable juror is a test that is built into the laws of man. This test is a question that measures if a person of reasonableness would come to a finding based upon the evidence presented. In our case as in most, 12 retards who have no sense in the laws of man get spoon fed inferences and ideas that move them to the folly, and destruction of their nation and people. In the corralled corrupted union of the federallies they have hand picked these retards out of the minions of their sheepish followers. There is no way they could be reasonable by any reasonable standard. Setting that aside to call their fantasy a reality we have now come to an interesting place in our process. Mr. Alsup now has to make a reasonable juror decision over our rule 29 motion. Know he has shown himself to be a very proud man who thinks very highly of his judicial skills. What will be comical is that on January 22nd when he has to figure out a way to deny our motion. I'm certain he will and that is good for us ultimately but he'll have to do it at the expense of his reasonableness. Our indictment was straight forward as an accusation of fraud of a financial institution based upon money or property right attached to a mortgage. Now pay attention! The mail fraud and conspiracy are essentially the same evidence. The mail fraud as a statute is required to give stand alone notice as to the prohibited conduct. That means I am not required to go anywhere else to be put on notice. From that statute the indictment is to give me notice of the accusations of prohibited behavior so that I can reasonably defend. The statute 1341 does not give me notice of a mortgage being a protected money or property right which is the first problem for a reasonable juror. Second the indictment only list financial institutions as the victims and it was limited to the fraudulent use of mails to carry out a scheme and forwarding that scheme in connection with the deprivation of this specific property interest. If you will recall almost 2 years ago now I told you that the clients were not a part of the indictment and that you could cry all you want, the government was not your champion and didn't plead your case. Well this is what I was talking about. Now the trial comes along and they don't present one financial institution. The damages they claim are not the mortgages but now honest services. Remember that I have not been given notice of these honest services by the statute or the indictment. As a reasonable juror where is the due process? The next question is, where is the evidence of mail fraud of a financial institution's money or property right of a mortgage plead in the statute or the indictment present in the evidence? If the evidence is not present how can a reasonable juror enter a guilty verdict? Now again these 12 stupid retards have an excuse. They could never be reasonable but Mr. Alsup is supposed to know these rules. He is not so easily duped. The fun of watching these little rascals dressed in men's clothes is that their lives are comical. Watch how Mr. Alsup knowing that the verdict handed down by the petite jury is unreasonable because of the lack of evidence will concur with them. This proud man of jurisprudence will set aside his integrity, knowledge, and pride to join the ranks of the retards. His personal bias works against him here. We saw this at the end of trial when we had 2 contempt charges ready to go before the jury. As we hammered out the jury instructions which were deadly for sure, I brought to his attention that they did not prove these charges in the trial and that the evidence was not presented. Mr. Alsup denied their dismissal and said plainly he thinks there is enough to take them before the jury. The next day when finalizing his instructions he mentioned a piece of evidence in the instruction regarding these charges that I again pointed out was not presented in trial. Now all of a sudden there is an insufficiency of the evidence not when I tell him but now the prosecution tells him that they are going to motion for a dismissal. He's not paying attention to anything that is outside his personal agenda for us. That my friends is my greatest weapon. Watch how an unreasonable juror works to my advantage in the end.

The Rub (December 27, 2007)

What I find most disturbing about the conversations on this Blog is the public perception. This is the mindless abstraction that does not exist but is kept by those who are too cowardly to be individuals. You parrot the boogidy-boogidy of the government, listen to a press that has a private agenda hidden behind their public persona, follow licensed professionals down to the shackles of their masters, and last ridicule the truth which offends you. I am not the problem, it is your mediocrity and timidity that is offended when it is confronted with someone who will challenge the status quo. You can talk into infinitum and regurgitate every theorem until you've convinced yourself you are a sound expert on a subject, but experts and their opinion view from the outside of a situation and not from the inside. The inside of yourselves is the secret to your demise and our perpetual conflict. I am honest with myself which allows me to be honest with you. You are dishonest with yourself which never satisfies you.

Take the law for example. There are laws of man and laws for man. The laws of man are a constant that can be scientifically examined! Take a few as hunger, thirst, breath, sleep etc. These laws work themselves onto everyman as a subject. If there is an exception then the law has to be rewritten to incorporate the new knowledge. The laws for man are not of the same caliber. These are not fixed or constant but rather can be avoided altogether by application. A man cannot measure his behavior as a part of this law but as being apart from this law. These laws are to modify behavior and to deal with something that is absent as opposed to something that is present. Most of you don't understand the difference of law and then attempt to use your ignorance to analyze the laws of God. God is not subject to the laws of man. God did not create the law for man. God is bound by neither. Now if you say God's laws are for man you error. No man can keep them and no behavior can change them breaking them. These laws are for God and God alone. They were only given to man as a sign, a show, a schoolmaster. They are a constant that God lives by. He is not subject to them but they are subject to Him. They come out of Him because they are created by His voice. "Thou shall not commit murder," can equally be, "Thou shall commit murder" tomorrow and be equally valid and righteous because of who utters it. There is no one to annul His commands and no one to usurp His power. That makes His words the Law. Now you think you can understand His laws by traditions, regulations, procedures, or the written word? How is that possible when He can change them for any given instance? You can't keep His law only He can and you can't pretend to. Jesus is the only one as a man who can keep the law because He is the law. Now he will give you credit as though you kept the law if you will be obedient to the law which is Him. He now lives the law through you which is the new law, the law of faith. This law is the only path to truth and it is by your ears that it matures. Your mouth is the breeding ground of foolishness. When Christ tells me to take on the bankers with the Dorean process who are you to condemn? Even if you are right in your understanding that my methods were unethical how do you deal with the sanction of the law? This is an individual and serious place of honest examination that a parrot will never attend. That is the rub; those who are lawless are giving all the legal advice.

A Hole Shot (December 26, 2007)

I'm now about halfway through my 30 day hole shot. Both Scott and I began a fast that we expect to carry through to the finish. As I was praying on this fast I realized how superficial today's Christianity is. One of my big disputes with people is that they think their eyes are prophets. God is so easy to figure out all you have to do is look. It's what I rebut on here all the time. Presumption and wickedness. I understand it because I am born out of the same wickedness. I too would like my eyes to be telling me the truth. It would have changed a thousand choices I made in my lifetime. Right now I see a judge with all the advantage and no hope for his salvation or mine. It is in this sight that I wonder do people ever really understand the spirit. When do you pray and fast? When you're lined up for a promotion that no one else will get and then you know God answers your prayers. I read of prayers in the scriptures when the odds are devastating. I'm certainly not afraid of judge Alsup but I am afraid for him. Time is running out for his opportunity not to be a Judas, or Pharaoh in God's history. I truly don't wish this for my enemy. Isn't this when I should pray my hardest? Should I now shed tears of compassion and humble myself through fasting not to pry God into doing me a favor, but reasoning with Him on how His kingdom will benefit and the enemy’s kingdom will suffer if He dispenses grace. Most of you don't understand what I’m sharing from my heart because you are heartless. You displayed it thousands of times how you wish for my demise so that you can prove your right and that your lousy thousand bucks finds vindication. How can such pettiness ever understand the things of the spirit? You see I will never run out of things to pray and fast for. I will always be surrounded by retards I wish cared about the things of God.

Very soon I suspect Evil Ex is going to get onto this Blog and defend her new boyfriend from my post where he is mentioned. It will say things like you don't know how wonderful he is and how he looks out for me, yada, yada, yada. She condemns herself by her own words. Her husband Scott looked out for her for 21 years. He leaves to go to a faith battle called by the Lord and all she can see is the wonderful life a surrogate provider can bring her. I'm certain eternity has not clouded her vision. During Scott's biggest faith challenge and one that could have easily broke him this is the kind of support he get. Godly Christian wife, divorce. Family, not a nickel, and judgment. Kid's disrespect an occasional visit. He has gotten more support from strangers than the godly family. As one deeply concerned for my friend and one who has seen how he was abused by all of you I am ashamed of you. Take your toys, joys, cares of this world and stick em! Soon God will give this man a faith his victory and perhaps then the eyes of your understanding will be opened. You have eyes wide shut to the spiritual warfare abusing you at the moment. While you're having fun ridiculing the things of God two men pray and fast for you all of you. It's not fun but when the odds are against you is when you can take a great hope in the Almighty. Brain I don't know you and make no judgments upon you. You're probably just a guy looking for love, but if you can mine it out of that heartless Evil Ex who doesn't know the ways of humility, only self-righteous, pat on the back, kudos from strangers, reward seeking then you are better at the throne room than Scott or I. We've been praying for years now for that old wine skin to be made new. I give you only one word of caution from a man who has made wrong choices and who was married to an Evil Ex. You better use your eyes of discernment especially if you have any real walk of faith. As soon as God calls you to do anything outside her judgment of righteousness you'll discover the deep well of faith you're currently attracted to. If I offend you I hope it is to the high calling of Christ. Your death offends me and that is why I tell you the truth, pray and fast with all my heart. I don't want the devil to prevail on any of my friends.

The best we can hope for people is that if we finish the race of faith our words will gain a credibility they have always deserved and that you will join us in a walk not of this world. We will keep pressing no matter the odds for our greatest hope which is birthed out of the love of Christ. Battles are easier to win then your enemies. But enemies are worth the battle.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Emmanuel - Part 2 (December 21, 2007)

Now let us look to the Jesus history portrays. First he is presented to us as a Good & Wise teacher. Which is pleasing to the mind and ears but not a real possibility. In a world where tolerance is now equal to godliness this little platitude makes everyone happy except the true seeker. Jesus spoke in definite terms about Himself which conveyed certain thoughts. 1. He thought He was perfect. 2. All authority -was vested in Him. 3. Felt He was the center of the religious union. 4. That His life through death was a ransom for others. 5. That He would raise from the dead if killed. 6. That He was eternal. C.S. Lewis deals with this ridiculous idea of good & wise in what he calls the startling alternative. If you look at these sayings merely at the surface they are lunacy. You cannot be a wise lunatic. Though many on this Blog are trying to prove the impossible. Now if He was not wise how can He be considered good? Does He not know that these are lies and that these lies will cause turmoil in people's lives? Is that good? If He was good and wanted good for people why did He create such a press statement that could easily be proven false. If He was not who He proclaimed to be was He good? He claimed to be so good that He was better than anyone else. I believe that is known as the Messiah complex to the simpletons here. If He was a lunatic we can have sympathy for Him but not belief in Him. If he knew He was a liar then there is even more reason not to offer Him belief. What good is there in making up a story that will require your death? Is that wisdom? Why die for the story if you know you are a charlatan? Why not take the money and run? He could have taken His act on the road and been famous and rich in hundreds of places. He knew how to get out of trouble and did so many times until the end. How do you reconcile someone thinking they are eternal, not from this point on but has always been, with an acceptable character? Now if He says that if we kill Him He will raise from the dead then that deserves a second look. Even if one of the blowhard retards on here spoke this insanity I would be forced to take another look if they rose from the dead. I think this is why Christ offered this one sign. It is a pretty good one you must admit. Muhammad, Buddha, Joseph Smith, Marcian, Caesars, Pharaohs, Kings, and Rulers all still have dirt on their face. If they didn't I would take a second look. But finally if you really want to grasp what these events really were like you must examine the lives of those affected by the events. Use a little human wisdom about human behavior a science we all have experience with and take a good look at the Disciples.

First you recognize that they had a Cataclysmic Change in their character. You had John one of the sons of thunder turning into the master of love. Peter who ran scared and lost his faith exercise faith in establishing the church. Next they developed an Internal Integrity. This I know goes way over the head of most of my critics. They don't know this. They change their tune to the highest bidder. I am a thief but the banks are OK. The banks are a thief but so is Kurt. I don't have to learn the truth the banks told me what to think. You get my point. Their integrity Is a moving target. These Disciples were unmoving in their testimony. They suffered rather than change their tune. This reflects the cost. They all had a Price to pay for their belief choice. A high price. This is what really separates the pretenders in life. When everyone is on your side truth or lie those without integrity fit right into the crowd. Take away the comfort of the crowd and the character will be measured. Will you value your integrity even enough to suffer pain or death? Are there some things worse than death to a man? These Disciples thought there was. Last they all die Alone. This is one truth I think someone who has been in a prison setting understands more than most. When a conspiracy is formed and all the parties are together there is friendship, love, purpose, and other things binding the group. The feds entire system is designed to divide and conquer because when these parties are not in the group they become self persevering. Dublin is 85 percent "rats" they call them. These are people who are looking to get a better deal by selling out the lives of others. Good or bad is irrelevant. It is human nature the same we share with the Disciples. If they had concocted this religious conspiracy with Jesus and their leader had died but they wanted to maintain the benefits that would require a certain type of behavior. The behavior displayed by these men is that they were almost all separated from each other under the pains of torture and not one recanted his story. Now if you lived where I have lived you'll know that this would never happen in the real world unless they truly believed their own reports about the Savior Jesus. That means the whole story of a Christ who was perfect, was a ransom, was eternal, did die and rise, and ascended into heaven. They would not give up that hope for anything in this world. That is a true historical perspective on the gospels though I will admit very cursory for this Blog. But I can tell you as a man I like them have complete confidence in this story and my personal integrity is not for sale to bankers, judges, critics, or the crowd. If I die alone in suffering I will not be moved from this conviction based on a single sign that is amazing and trustworthy. If God appeared as a man and gave me the resurrection for a sign I am safe to trust Him. When I feel frail in my trials and it looks like the enemy has the upper hand I can always go back to this amazing story and renew my faith. That is why I share it with you. If this story was not told by a bunch of conspirators about a lunatic or evil man and it was true we are safe to give our lives over to the Lord. I trust Him with my future, how about you? Answer that question when the world is about commercial indulgence based upon the winter solstice to please the pagan crowd.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Emmanuel - Part 1 (December 19, 2007)

For the Christian this name is the focal point of our hope. If Christ never appeared as a man than Christianity is a farce. Paul says that the resurrection is our hope and that is the truth, but we can't get there until we can prove Jesus existed. There must be a life to deliver to death and resurrection. Most people have never spent 15 minutes of their lives researching this matter and yet all are authoritarians on this subject. Look how many blowhards there are on this Blog where it is obvious they are neophytes to spiritual truth much less real history. I want to take you down a little logical trek on this subject if you will indulge me a short moment. First I will tell you that this name is so essential to my strength that I don't think I could have survived this trial without this truth. It is why I want to share it with you in hope some of the strength rubs off. When I think about the circumstance before my eyes it can be overwhelming. Most of you don't understand the pressure I've been under. I have my best friend in peril, my wife and marriage in peril, and my reputation and work effort in peril. Though I could be right I still have a powerful enemy that is greater than I. I must look to the hope of God himself spanning time and the divide of death to reach to me. This miracle in itself breeds an unshakable hope. If that love is real enough for a physical and historical expression then it is something I can trust in. Death is more powerful than Alsup will ever be. Even he is subject to it and dwells in it. I have been loved if there was an incarnation but perhaps not fully until the resurrection. It's like this. There is an eternal job to do and showing up to put your hand to the plough is the beginning but the field must be worked and the harvest delivered to complete the task. It is love to appear but it is love's endures and truthfulness to finish. That is why the resurrection is essential. Let's look at the facts, shall we?

The first factual question of history is did Jesus live at all? This can be proved by non-Christian historians like Josephus, Phileo, and others. Next, was He crucified? Again these historians and Roman records verify this event. Was He considered dead? I intentionally didn't say he died because that question needs further examination. What His reporters in the gospels put down may not be historically accurate so we can not yet give them that sanction. Was He buried in a known accessible tomb? This we know because the Romans and the Jews knew where to find Him as well as the supplier of the tomb knew its location. He was preached - raised-empty tomb-ascension. An unusual story and not an easy fabrication to forward. Did the Jewish Leaders have a motive in this story? They most certainly did, not to have their religious beliefs altered in anyway and to keep their patrons and power intact. The Disciples were persecuted. Foxes book of martyrs and many other sources document this historical fact. The tomb was empty. The Romans soldiers problems and the Jewish Leader problems make it clear by their made up stories that the tomb they had knowledge of placing the body in was now empty. With these facts what options are available to our reason. This is to develop a historical certainty that is the best we have without being a first hand eyewitness.

Options: The Disciples stole the body. This is quite possible if they were attempting to protect a lie and to foster a new religion with themselves in power. Jewish Leaders stole the body. They might want to prevent others like the disciples from making the claim of resurrection so they could preemptively steal the body to make a show of it later, but that never happened. They made up stories that are not consistent with their theft. What benefit was the body to them when they were trying to squelch a spiritual uprising around the sanctity of this body? The Roman leaders stole the body. They likewise had the stories of the soldiers who were put to death as a direct conflict to their plan to steal the body. This man's body, death, and burial were a heated political subject with many conflicting interest. They gained nothing by enhancing the myth of this "Son of God" thing. The women went to the wrong tomb. This is a simple enough idea but one must remember that these women know the supplier of the tomb and would have been involved in the spectacle of His body being placed there. The very fact that they took the Sabbath off to return to prepare the body is evidence they had an idea of where to come back to otherwise they would have not expected to return to perform their task. Hallucinations - dreams. This is not a possibility because it is almost impossible for people to share hallucinations and dreams. Further because of the huge cross section of parties and motives the stories would not coincide on detail. Further the women told others who came to the tomb and found the burial cloth as they had said. The Roman soldiers lost their life over their hallucinations not a standard practice. Jesus revived. This is the hope of the Holy Blood Holy Grail story. He was considered dead by many different soldiers in fact one did not break his legs a very long custom because he was dead already. Everyone was wailing at his death and preparing him with the spices of death. The tomb was sealed and not accessible. Crucifixion was not normally survived. If he was revived their would have been attendance to his wounds and notification to parties either to sequester him away from his enemies or to have him brought again before them. The actions of all show a death, a real death. Disciples lied. This is probably the first real option. An examination of them must be had to see if this option has any merit. Lastly the Disciples told the truth. This also is a real option but their lives must be examined to ferret this out.

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Year's End (December 19, 2007)

Well the long trek of truth has eaten another year. How much longer will it gorge itself on time? This question begs an answer but I do not have the answer only a suspicion. What I like about the future is that I know that I am coming to the end of Judge Alsup's power and plan for me. As far as he is concerned he feels he has a success. I know most on here concur with him. That is not now being disputed because I could never convince you otherwise. What I do know is that I have always had a clear understanding of Judge Alsup's power and plan and tried to get to the end of it as soon as possible. That is what all the guilty pleas were for. All the judicial masturbation exercises were for his own good pleasure not mine. I like to get to the point and to settle a matter. This was denied me for a rather long time now but not much longer. On March 18th we finally come to the end of his road. What most of you don't understand about me is that my design always had my beginning at the end of his road. When you have corruption and an abuse of power you have to have a plan to absorb all the energy or you will be crushed. Most of you have figured out the environment we were up against from outside, how much from where I viewed the trial? I am currently on a fast making my final stab at the highest possible goal for the parties involved. I'll admit that my spiritual goals are far beyond what my eyes can see and that is why prayer and fasting is to me an essential weapon to traverse the distance. I don't quit easy and I want the best for God's kingdom. I entered this relationship a warrior and I love displacing the enemy’s territory. He is the master thief and like the word makes clear is that a thief will be plundered by his own devices. It is by the life of faith that one finds these opportunities. If I could get what I want out of the actions I am going to take in the faith it would be that Dewey, Farrel, Bill, and Sarah all benefit from my actions even though they didn't faith for the deliverance. Sometimes you want your friends to learn the hard lessons about their faith under the shadow of a teacher who cares about them and can protect them. They will all know whether they failed to trust God or not. That is between them and their God but if I get all I desire they can have that conversation from the comfort of their own home not as a felon. The risks I take are for prizes most won't consider. For those of you who call yourself my friend like Scott in Vineland this is friendship. It is not self serving lip service in an environment that makes you appear bigger than your friend. Friends lift up friends, not crush them with cruel gestures and insincere platitudes. I could be hard and cruel with my friends because I don't understand why they made the choices they made or attempt to lift them up to make better choices in the future. Until these little lessons are understood, how will you ever understand the sacrifices made by a fiduciary for client strangers?

Scotty and I are separated and in the hole for 30 days. It revolves around our disputes with the staff here. They keep acting lawlessly and we keep prosecuting them. When doing so those who believe power and might is equal to right retaliate with force. If you're afraid of the force you don't have the courage to obtain justice. This has worked out well in that I think Scotty needed a break from me and from his habits. We both get our separate and independent opportunity to press into the Lord to find the wisdom for our finality in this battle. No matter how much training or experience one has he must find that quiet place where God's voice can be heard and comforts the feeble legs. He is my courage, my hope, and my wisdom. Though Him all things are possible. Seeing what the eyes are blind to is a special gift that awaits those who seek His presence. Please be diligent with your prayers and keep us lifted up while we spend off these last days. In jail terms we are double digit midgets meaning we have less than 100 days left. Those experienced in battle know that it is fiercest at the end. We look to the Lord to put the finish in us.