Friday, March 30, 2007

The Test (02-23-07)

I am currently in the struggles of a decision and your prayers and godly advice would most certainly be of help. I have read the scripture thoroughly and have come across the verses that say don’t tempt the Lord your God and also when it comes to trusting in God’s provision, Him declaring test me in this. As I look to the end of this trial and see a few options for settlement I also see conflicting remedies. My integrity says demand this way. My inquisitor wonders if God’s plan supercedes my integrity. Next do I play the game laid before me or move the whole package to another field? What I don’t know is if my faith is a holy expectation or a test. Our faith is enticed to move mountains but God was angry with the exodus for putting Him on trial. The book of Judith in the apocraphy deals with this. The people give God a timeframe and are righteously admonished by Judith yet she devises a cunning and deceitful plan she asked the Lord to bless in the same timeframe. He does. I do not need a miracle to defeat this foe God has more than possessed me with the knowledge to overcome their scheming. What if this provision is also a temptation not to faith for God’s highest plan? I can see a spark driving me to not trust in my gifts and to watch the hand of the Lord. These choices of action cannot be delayed much longer nor can the course be reversed once committed to. This means I must know what to do. Of course I will because God is God but your spiritual quotation I believe is needed for the equation. Oh that Jesus may find His boast in the answer. Thank you! My help comes from the Lord as do you!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Faith, Hope & Love (02-20-07)

As I review the blogs and comments I’m beginning to question whether Faith, Love & Hope are material to this material world. If you look at all the complaints or concerned confessed here it is all materially based with few exceptions. I have tried to share a relevant faith that is only ridiculed. The sacrifice of love to suffer for the ultimate benefit of others cannot be fathomed. Hope is deemed vanity because the material critics appropriate their material suffering as spiritual judgment, which condemns. How can that which is condemned have hope? Though I expound on these subjects to enlighten, encourage, and entice material eyes can’t see it and material tuned ears can’t hear it. This response of distain to life giving words intrigues me. I must ask myself am I delusional or just contrary to a world trapped in despair? I suspect that if our success would come without the suffering that the happiness believed by the material would still have the burden of complaint. I think the average are so parched by a soul that takes no pleasure in material success. Are these values so foreign now that total discomfort prevents any effort towards becoming better individuals? Is it the best of love when we only love ourselves, dispense forgiveness and grace endlessly and only have harsh judgment for others? Am I precluded from being a vessel of truth because you don’t view yourself honestly? If God spoke through Balaam’s ass why are my words not measured against one greater? Are you all so secure in these virtues that my maturity is a blindness to my real state of immaturity? These are the virtues I’m trying manifest over and above our enemies, which is either wisdom or foolishness. What are they to you? Are they even material to your material life?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Surprise Court (02-20-07)

Our status conference or pretrial was moved up to 2-20-07. The 3-09 date was vacated for another status on 3-06-07. Today the prosecutor informed the court that Bill Julian is no longer fighting extradition and should be here by the next court date. Sarah has too much delay still available to her to be relevant. The judge made it clear that he knows we have no contract for representation. He has been emphatic on this point for weeks now. Only today did he discover there was a written document. This only embarrassed him for a minute because it exposed all his prior assertions as factless, lawless, presumptions. This court is so high on its opinion that it generates its own facts merely by speaking. It’s really divine to see one possessed with the same power as God. Unfortunately for me they aren’t as convincing as God and I just get the impression they are a self-deluded bully. There were some discovery issues probably some wounded clients seeking relief by being a puppet to a lie. I’m not interested. I’m also precluded from representation by contract so I cant’ deal with it. The Julian entrance is an automatic delay and they are wanting to move trial to June 4. Happy Anniversary! This will probably occur on the 6th. I’ll update you again after this.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life (02-12-07)

The capacity to relate to one’s environment being a great definition of life also exposes a dilemma. In the movie The Sixth Sense this is played with well. You see the Bruce Willis character relating to various situations throughout the movie only to discover at the end he was relating to none and was a ghost. This is the struggle I have with life and you may have also. Christ in John’s gospel goes through a grand discourse on Him being life and those not of Him have not His life. He made it clear He was above this world, not of it, and the authority over it. Now we know God placed something in our blood called life that sustains existence, which gives us the capacity to relate to our environment. All are possessed with this gift but this is no guarantee to relate to Christ and His environment that is not of this world. Picture if you will two people living in the same house, never meeting, never relating and oblivious to the other’s existence. Now their would be signs constantly appearing in a domain you thought you controlled like a toilet seat left up or down, a dirty cup left in the sink, a fragrance, food missing or appearing etc., but with no concept of a shared existence one could never reason these events. If by chance a shared existence comes by revelation then all your gifts and closed world reasoning becomes obliterated by entirely new equations and answers. As I reason with my environment on the logical, legal, emotional, esthetic, ethical, and temporal in relation to the case and characters of the case I am plagued by an otherworldly voice postulating a completely different set of facts. Now I am fortunate by revelation to have been given an invitation to relate to Christ, His world, and to have a dual existence. The dilemma created is this, that the deductions are irreconcilable. They are only compatible if the lower course is enfolded into the motives and intentions of the course of the world above. As I approach the end of this trial it is not what is before my eyes that concerns me but what is appearing from the influence of the world above that I might not be seeing clearly for what it is. Prayerfully now I seek to be relating to this life. If I being a dual-citizen struggle with postulations of divine influences how much more will my enemies who are aliens and foreigners? Surely my gifts as potent as they might be pale in comparison to any display of the giver. As the house is not as glorious as the builder neither can this trial be greater than He who designed it. My life, which started with the struggle of birth, struggles to exist as it does in being born again and to breath the rarified air of another world. The will to act is poised as a sprinter in the blocks but the passionate neuronic burst awaits the command from the head, which is the Christ. Until that moment I can run the race in my imagination and reiterate the mechanics and training I developed but with no clear reality until life happens. To worry is to give imagination the status of fact. To trust has inherent in it patient endurance. I do not have the answer to life but I know Him and am known by Him and this world can only marvel at the signs of an existence they have no revelation of.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Baptism: A Historical Allegory (02-12-07)

As I struggle with the questions of life and that life more abundant I must axiomatically reflect upon death. One of the greatest evidences of the value of life is the unavoidable fear of death. New life and a second death being the ultimately profound fullness of the equation. Baptism is a biblical memorilization or caricature of the actualities. Before this is discussed in its symbolism I want to look at it historical Allegory: The flood, the Ark and the new world. There is a new world packaged with new life. The old world is destroyed. Though eternity possesses the temporal it can never be possessed of time. Though my case, protection of temporal rights, title and interest, pains, suffering and emotions all are tethered to the existential state of being and becoming they are either the fullness of my life or are swallowed up by my new life. As the world of Noah failed to exist from the day he entered the ark (which is a type of the Christ) so my world as I knew it failed to exist: The causation of this change being wholly outside of my powers like God sealing the ark. Without His power to seal I am destroyed in the transitions of the world. A world no matter how vast it is that is the possession of space and time is dead already because its finiteness cannot outlast the infinite. Like baptism there was a complete submergence of the old dying world. The new world coming by the breath of the eternal spirit blew across the deep and in the presence of a dove landed upon the “Branch.” When Christ was baptized our new world offer arrived. Though the ark was of the dead world it rose above it. Likewise I am above this trial in my ark of Christ and in it my life is preserved. The by product of eternal life is an eternal hope that my ark is sea worthy to raise me again above the flood of death that threatens me. Christ did not stop resurrecting with Himself but continues to seal us in His state of aboveness.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Snowglobe (02-11-07)

In my generation snow-globes were something that passed through the hands of a child at least once. They were real-scapes or cityscapes locked inside a plastic dome of water and fake snow. One would shake them and it gave the appearance it was snowing as the heavier white particles settled. They were a fixed and closed environment that could be effected by outside forces. In this way it became a type of what I see in the comments here. Our world is really a small fixed environment that gets touched, shaken, or moved by motives bigger than it. Those who judge me here fail to know this. This is the danger of judgment from eyes trapped in a snow-globe. First I deal with ethics. Their entire ethical system of good and evil fails to account for the motives of one greater than them that is outside their world and immune to their judgment. It is why Abraham, Job, Moses and even Jesus fall under criticism. They can say they know this Jesus who professed to be the one above this world imposing its will upon it, but without recognition of superiority and authority they are bound to their optimism of dread and despair. Like the character Glum they are always saying, “It’ll never work.” Even when the snow is falling those of this globe may have a dialectic or polemic discourse on all the reasons why but if they fail to recognize the hand and will not subject to, influenced by, or contained within their limits they are only to gain confidence in their delusion. Simpleton equations of pain = evil, wickedness receives wrath, God = love blah, blah, blah should not be tolerated even by the most average in intelligence. Only having a relationship with the hand behind this globe can give you any hope of wisdom, any understanding of His motives.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

March Madness (02-09-07)

The pretrial hearing is likely to only be a request for further delay. There have been always two strategies for victory in our heart and minds. Both are very diverse but effective. Most would take this as a state of confusion but is completely like God to have us prepared for the variables in our enemy’s behavior. We have been employing both until now. For the first time I have seen a third option appear like a cloud in the distant horizon. (1Kings 18:41-46) This option is a stretch for me in the spirit. I had thoroughly examined the first two options though I have not yet exhausted them. This little cloud inspired me that God may be changing the season on me. I took the example in this story to fast for 7 days and pray before I look at the sky again. The 8th day will be my visit with Scott. Here I expect that we will receive a confirming witness. My spirit tells me that because this 3rd option would be such a great expansion of Scott and I and that it is superior to the first two that it may very well be the dawn of victory. If it is confirmed it changes some of the meanings of events that have transpired in the case to be more profound and reveals God’s deliberateness in the lives of those who will trust Him. As the strategy becomes clear and is selected by God I will tell you how you can participate. Pray for our clarity it is a very exciting and powerful option.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

War (02-03-07)

War is totally misunderstood by our generation. I think this an intentional duping. Iraq is not a war just because there is an army and soldiers. All the things we regard as wars even calling them such like WWI and WWII are nothing more than police actions. Real war is the taking of property and the destruction of the foe. I bring up this distinction because wrong words, wrong definitions, are a pretext that out of the correct context is error. The world geographically has not changed once the bankers established their division with the Prussian break-up. Once the modern German state was set it was set and not even two world wars (Police actions) were going to change it. No territory is ever taken. Maybe temporarily to create the police need but in the end treaties have the bankers paid and debt creating restoration methods implored to make things the way they were only better being the thought. Just like there is a system behind our skirmishes there is system behind this world. “World” is Kosmos in the Greek of the New Testament. It is used of the earth in the universe, used of the people of this world, and the things of this world. The mass of earth is a benign participant that was thrust into a system of rule rebellious to God, by what is known as Kosmokrator or the ruler of this world. The people of this world were thrust into this system of world rule by the commercial beguilement that happened in the Garden of Eden.

Do you really think the system of world rule has forgotten the tools of its success so as to only offer honest contracts? Last the things of this world are the tools of reigning used by the ruler of this world. These include politics, education, literature, the arts, science, music, law, and commerce. These are what this system is adorned with to make its appearance. The kingdom of God is not of this world. This world has been judged by one greater. The people of this world are not yet judged but the system behind this world is condemned already. We are encouraged to be not of this world and to seek the kingdom of heaven. How is it that I am so judgmental about the fools I oppose here. They are easy to spot even though some call themselves, brother or Christian they are spouting and professing the rules of this condemned system and judging me by what is false and dying.

Spiritual warfare is war not a police action but the destruction of the enemy and their way of life or system. Territory is constantly being displaced. This is partly why you don’t understand what Dorean was doing. Dorean was an act of war not a police action. We were not about restoring equity but destroying an enemy. This action by the government is not a police action but an act of war against us. There will not be a treaty with mutually agreed borders but the annihilation of one’s way of life. Only one trained in warfare knows the right actions to take and since I’m up against one of the tools (politics, law, commerce) of this spiritually condemned Kosmos system I am wise to join with the kingdom of God. The choices you make when exposed to this system are not benign but which ever you touch touches you. You who have never advanced upon the enemy and displaced his will with your own have no clue what resides in the mind of one who has. You hide in your shelters calling 911 whenever you get scared. Nothing ever changes you are always getting scared and this system is always there answering your 911’s. Time is not your friend here both you and this system will perish but the kingdom of God will remain. That is why I’ve encouraged all of you and my co-defendants not to love this world. For the worldly wisdom of “live to fight another day” does not take into account the spiritual truth that he who saves his life shall lose it.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Purple Heart (02-03-07)

The time has come to advance upon the enemy. Those of you who are about the kingdom of God here is your call to duty. I selected this symbolic title because the pains of war can bruise our heart purple and because it is an award of valor to those who have suffered. Lets not make our suffering vanity. The call to arms should be responded to in the reverent prayer of faith. Grab your weapon, take your post and act as though the entire outcome hinges on your faithfulness. This is also the time now for me to honor my wife before you. We were only married 6 weeks prior to my arrest. No newlywed would imagine the life she was called to. Unlike the quitters of this world she heard her call to arms and with utmost fidelity and faithfulness to her post as the perfect helpmate. This has not been painless or without great sacrifice personally. My heart has been severely bruised by her pain and many tears have not yet cleansed us of our pain. As a man and a husband I wish all of you to find a treasure as I have. I know in your suffering many of you have discovered how cheap you were valued by your partners who for the comforts of this world discarded you or worse yet threatened to and stayed. Know there are some who love God, His ways, and truth more than life itself. I had suffered cheap love twice now and there is no comparison. This love creates a devotion that encourages me to obtain greatness as an honor to her because she deserves that. Sure God could give me the strength to finish alone but she has remained faithful to that which she was entrusted with and my battle is easier for it.

I have honored you likewise for this battle is spiritual warfare far bigger than the agenda of two men or your personal desires. The time has come to release the documentary. It has fallen to our hands to make it a success. We must move it through a grassroots, word-of-mouth, sphere of influence method as a group of warriors. Line yourselves up with my wife who has more than proven herself honorable and make an impact. Line up showings at local theaters, local community centers, hand out flyers, talk with radio hosts, post op-ed pieces in your paper, etc. Have showings in hotels, get people exposed to the information and talking about it. This may be the very vehicle that God uses to bring you victory. Donate marketing funds or have fundraisers for its distribution. Do not let me limit your creativity. Get in the fight as though success pivots on your efforts and God will honor your faith and valor. He will bless the work of your hands. Included here is how to place yourself on a list of volunteers. Send email to and include any special skills you are offering. Work as an organized cohesive group with one goal of victory. I thank you in advance and am honored by your faithfulness to God and His truth. Let us attack the enemy’s best weapon of ignorance with all our might. Do not be afraid for our weapons are not carnal but spiritual. I have not seen this movie but know how professionally it was done, and designed to inform and empower. I have heard it from good sources that it is very provocative. No matter what happens to Scott and I you are now empowered to write your own history.

Let me close with this blessing “Lord of heaven the time has come to free your people bless now the hands and the plow. Enlist all your agents and open the doors no one can shut. Overwhelm the reluctance of this world with your blessing. Send prosperity to all our homes and fill our baskets with abundance. Let us deliver your salvation and offer you praise for your loving kindness and powerful victory. We pray against the thickets and shout “Grace, Grace” to your blessing. Let our eyes see your goodness in the land of the living. Amen.” Now is the time procrastination and apathy equal defeat!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jailhouse Letter (02-02-07)

I had my wife post this letter because in our sufferings we sometimes have bruised hearts and bent shoulders from the constant weight and pressure of our stress. I suspect that you are the same in this. Wanting to encourage and strengthen my wife I wrote this to take her to the high place of our calling. No less do I desire this for those of you who are struggling to trust God through this difficult trial. May it also bless and encourage you when your internal compass identifies the truth it contains. God’s blessings upon you all!

Well my love I’m in that place again where I must ask you to lead me your ear. Even as I write my skin is tingling with excitement, my heart is skipping in wonder and my eyes are tearing with awe. How do I really describe what happened to me? Please be patient with me as I try to find the words. My day started like the hundreds of my incarceration. The only exception being the absence of my celly who went to court. You know how I cherish these rare moments of solitude. I spent the morning pacing the floor praying for all our needs, the trial, and for wisdom and guidance. After pouring my heart out I worshipped the Lord.

After lunch I laid upon my rack; just tried to quiet my spirit. Outside my window was the first day that didn’t seem like winter in a long time. The sun and sky were bright. I had the lights on to do a little reading of the scripture. My eyes became heavy and I took a nap. When I awoke (I think) all was the same (maybe). I was staring at the ceiling when suddenly the lights went out. At first it appeared a normal power outage until the darkness consumed my cell. The outside window became dark as coal even darker than night. I have never experienced a darkness so heavy I was literally wearing it. There was no light, I was blind. I became very afraid. One never really knows how much light and sight are appreciated until they are gone.

Time got a little distorted here because I do not know how long this darkness enveloped me. It may have been brief but felt like forever. I continued my glance forward which was up towards the unseen ceiling. I reached to touch it and it was there which brought a slight comfort by familiarity. Then a very bright bead of light began to appear. Very small like a star billions of miles away. Oh the hope that little light brought to a man who suddenly lost the world he’d known. It began to grow in size and brightness like the star was approaching. Soon (I think) it was about the size of my face. As I peered into it I realized there was a world inside it. This approaching light was the brightness of another world gleaming through an open porthole doorway or dimension.

This is where it gets strange, if it hasn’t already. As it got to the size of a doorway it was no longer above me but around me. I was standing in a bright new world. It looked like our world but brighter colors like our world was covered by those florescent highlighters. Can you imagine fields of grass with each bade calling your attention? That is what it was like. As I entered this world I found my feet upon a descending path. I took it as a natural lead and descended cautiously.

Soon I came upon a narrow gate in what appeared to be a large parcel of private fenced-in property. At the gate was a plaque with an inscription that read, “This small seed upon this shelf if swallowed without a doubt will open this gate for you but for no one else.” I looked closer and there appeared to be a very small mustard seed on a very small tray protruding out of the plaque. There was only one and I was surprised it would still be there considering the wind or the birds. The path only went through this gate and though I wasn’t certain of the meaning of this riddle I did not see any other course to take and I did not sense any danger in that seed. What troubled me a little was “without a doubt” what did this mean? I tried to reason this out but that just sent my mind reeling through a thousand doubts. Finally something inside me said, “knock it off” and I quickly picked up the seed and swallowed it. At that moment the gate opened on its own and I stepped through. As I passed the gate closed and on the back was another inscription, which read “Enjoy this land without a doubt or you may find yourself quickly out of this treasure meant for you,” “without a doubt” troubled me again but I did realize the gate had opened so I must have done something right. “Treasure” was a nice word to associate with “meant for you.”

A hope began to well up inside of me that proportionately displaced the dread of my existence, my cell, my world. I continued down the path. Shortly to my left was an enormous and obviously ancient Banyan tree whose tentacles had grown into at least a thousand trunks. All around it appeared to be sheets of black glass or polished onyx. As I approached I discovered they were small ponds or large puddles. I could not tell exactly how deep they were because they were bottomed by a blackness as dark as the beginning of this journey. The water had a pureness even a scent of pureness if this is possible. It was also very unique in that the water had a luster of a brilliant refined silver. The result of the contrast in these pools was a perfect mirror. They were placid and I could see every detail of my face as I knelt to look into one. They were of various shapes and sizes but there was enough land coursing through them that each could be inspected if desired.

Some of the banyan trunks went straight into these pools. These looked as healthy as those that found soil. On the largest and probably the original trunk someone had carved into the bark, like we would “KJ & DJ” inside a heart, the word “Memory.” The first pond I looked into made me a little younger than the reflection I recalled in the mirrors of our world. Then I looked in a second and saw a little boy version of me. I got startled and fell backward into the first pond. I’ve always had this kind of luck around water. I ended up completely submerged. I swam back to the surface and there you were leaning over the pier with your hand extended to help me out of the water. You were laughing. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen your face radiating so much joy. Right then my heart became heavy and I sank before I reached your hand. I again swam to the surface but this time it was the pond I fell in. Wow that memory of lake Chabot now had joy and pain.

I pulled myself out and realized these pools were reflections of my memories. I was not certain if I cared to see anymore after that experience. Lake Chabot was a pristine memory until it got attached to out long season of suffering through this pond. What would happen to my other memories? Even with this hesitation curiosity prevailed and I glanced into many others maintaining my footing on solid ground. To my surprise some reflections had me older than I recalled. Had I died and my whole life had passed under this ancient tree was the thought I had.

I decided to jump into one of these elder pools to see if the memory was past like the first one. Splash! Head first I went into this. That was kind of dumb I realized later because there was no way of determining the depth of any of these bodies of water by the eye. Anyway I never hit bottom and swam to the surface. As I surfaced I found myself walking hand and hand with you on a beach at lake Geneva. It was night and the lights of our hotel were glowing on the water surface. The moon was like a giant flashlight with its beam focused on the peak of the Matorhorn. You were talking about the finalization of your script for the movie production. What caught my attention was how you incorporated your survival of our current trial into the main character. This was definitely the future for we had never been to Switzerland together and you spoke of our present in past tense. We walked to the front of the hotel on the cobblestone street to a little vending cart where an elderly woman was selling chocolate caramelled apples. You got so excited like a little girl at Disney World. It was really cute. Of course we bought one for each of us. At my first bite I was again swimming to the surface of the pool.

As I emptied myself I was filled with such a hope. Our future did not have me doing life in prison or have us apart. We survived our trial! I peered into many other pools but was tempted by one where my hair was all grey. Splash! Feet first this time. I swam to the surface and joined you by a very large campfire on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Peru. A small native Indian man about 5’2” 125 lbs. was painting our faces with war paint and telling us the story of a leviathan that lived in the lake and at every full moon comes out to search out the eyes of the locals. As his giant eyes glare into yours he searches your soul for courage or fear. If he finds courage he will bless you with greater courage and if he finds fear he will bless you with greater fear. The Indian was preparing us to see these eyes. Shortly leviathan of unthinkable mass, fierce weaponry, and irresistible will was going to exit the lake. The person with the greatest amount of fear was his meal. We were there to brave this; like we haven’t had enough test of our courage. The Indian gave us a local herbal drink that he said would give us the heart of a warrior, which is how he painted us up. This tradition was hundreds of years old and how the locals measured the weak and strong of their society. Some people saw this as an opportunity to overcome their fears while some almost became insane with panic. There is a leviathan in every culture I guess. The Indian said when you hear the fish jumping out of his way leviathan was on his hunt. The fire obscured our view of the lake but we could hear the still nothingness behind the crackling of firewood. More detail was flowing from our guide when suddenly like the explosion of a symphony upon our ears fish were jumping all over the lake in all directions.

You gripped my hand tightly and again I was swimming to the surface of the pool. You would think I would be possessed by that lust of knowing that drives people to psychics and horoscopes but it was not the case. I got enough information to send my hope soaring, which satisfied me. Infact I now call those pools of hope. For me it was time to leave and continue down the path. Knowing my hope was not vanity was my life not the experiences I walk through. I continued down the path with wonders everywhere I looked, too many to list. There were dancing trees that had feathered bells perched in them. As they flew from branch to branch they would ring the tune the trees danced to. There were waterfalls that did not make a rainbow in the mist created by their crashing but fell in all seven colors. Things like this all around. I walked on I must admit a little like a zombie dazed by a world more awesome than self-awareness.

At this point the music of a lute pricked me back to consciousness. It appeared to be coming from a cave near a large field of daffodils. They were pale yellow but glowed on their stems like those lightning bugs in the Midwest. As I got closer the music was definitely coming from the cave. Once at the entrance I heard a little ditty clearly. “Mulberry tree planted in the sea. How can this be? Surely this can be done without a doubt if the Lord does call it out. Increase our faith, increase our faith.” In the pause I inserted a “Hello, Hello, may I come in?” The music had ceased and I heard “Enter stranger.” To my surprise there was a faun playing a lute like a stand-up bass. Upon seeing me he asked, “What is your name stranger,” “Kurt” I replied. “I’ve heard of you.” “You have?” “Yes the Lord talks of all those who pass through the narrow gate.” We talked for awhile and he took me outside. He said “look at those daffodils what color do you see?” “Yellow” “Do you know the power of faith can make that which is not become. What is your favorite color?” “Purple” I’m talking with a faun I thought before his response. “Have you ever seen a purple daffodil?” “No I don’t think they exist.” “In your world they don’t but in the world of faith if you don’t doubt anything is possible. Turn to this field and bring me a purple daffodil.” “How do I do such a thing when they are all yellow?” “Speak to them in the name of the Lord and do not doubt and whatever color you tell them to be they will be.” “In the name of Christ let me see purple daffodils.” Instantly the field was purple. “Pink” “White” “Red” no matter what color I said they changed. This made me laugh in a nervous sort of way.

Then the faun returned to the cave to obtain his lute. He pointed to a distant mountain range and said, “Do you see that tunnel?” I could but barely. “This is where we must go. I have a couple more things to teach you before you enter the deepest part of this land.” I felt this was an understatement, I was doing nothing but learning. We walked and talked and he played many little clever rhymes and ditties. The entrance to the tunnel had two large oak trees one on each side. There was a small lake with ducks, geese, and swan, a park with gazebo, and there was an easel with a painting of you. He, the faun, asked me “who is this?” Wow was I surprised, what a beautiful painting you looked so regal. “That is my wife,” I said in a proud tone. We sat in the park and he took his lute and began to play and sing. He had a clear smooth voice but a vibrato that was distinctly goat. I don’t know how else to describe it and I don’t think you’ll imagine what it’s like until you’ve been sung to by a faun. He began “Love men think they know. Oh how much deeper this root can grow. What God joins becomes one flesh, how can it be separated? Tell me where one begins and where one ends. The word was spoken by it, the breath of life was given by it, men are sustained by it, and the master is full of it. This is love, this is love!” As he sang this many animals gathered round us. In the oak were tow lovebirds singing to each other. They hopped towards each other until they could kiss. When they did they became one pure white dove that flew down onto my shoulder and coo cooed into my ear. Which was translated in my spirit “The greatest Love Story Ever told is about to unfold.” There was also a great black stallion that was courting a solid white mare. As soon as he mounted her from behind a large Harlequin black and white stallion was in their place.

Many other things like this happened I think proving the words of the song. The faun seeing the bewilderment upon my face let out a burst of laughter. It struck me funny too so I laughed until I cried and my sides hurt. Then upon gaining our composure he said I have one last lesson for you. “Look at the lake tell me what you see.” Well the lake was now a sea of millions of red marbles and two blue ones on opposite ends from each other. “What are these?” I asked. “The red marbles are the people of the world you live in and the blue ones are you and your wife.” I felt sad at this since there was a huge gulf between us. We went to the edge and he placed the blue marble in my hand and said, “shoot this over to your wife.” You can’t imagine what an impossible task this was. There was no way I could produce enough thrust to move all the red marbles out of the way or to toss it over them. My heart got heavy and the faun said to me “have you forgotten the words of my song or the daffodils so quickly?” He was right I was doubting. “Lord what you join becomes one flesh part this red sea and bring me to my destiny.” Instantly these red marbles parted leaving a clear smooth path right to you. I took the shot and when our marbles met they became one larger blue marble. There was no more you or me just a oneness. Upon seeing this the faun said “you must now go through this tunnel, the tunnel of Love, where on the other side there is a very old man named time who has a white beard as long as my lute.” Just then when he said the man’s name I realized I never got the faun’s name. “Before I go can I ask you your name. I’m sorry I was so rude to have forgotten this.” “No problem lad my name is Kinsman.” “That’s an interesting name.” Yes I was named to display the faith work of our master. He by His faith became one flesh with you men. He was the scapegoat removing the burden of your sins and also lived out as a perfect man. That is why I can sing of His faith and how you came here. Enough of me though time has much to teach you. Be on your way.”

I began my passage through the tunnel, which was about 300 yards in length. When I got to the other side it was a twin of the previous park with oaks, lake and gazebo. Meandering slowly towards me (I mean very slowly like he was being dragged against his will) was Mr. Time. He was old and white but not wrinkly like the vending lady in Geneva. He was like Kinsman described him. I must admit a little impatience so I consumed most of the distance between us. “Hello Kurt” “Hello how did you know my name?” “When you entered the gate I was appointed time and her you are. Kinsman I’m assured has taught you well but there is much for you still to learn. Join me at the easel.” This time there was no picture of you. I asked him “why is this canvass blank?” He responded, “you have not told me what you expect to see there.” I’m not sure what he meant by this but I didn’t question any further. He handed me one of those cardboard cones cheerleaders use as bullhorns and said to me, “proclaim your love to this canvass through this horn.” This would have been a strange request in our world but not here, not after all that had happened to me. I eagerly picked up the cone pointed to the canvas and poured my heart out. Nothing happened but the joy of expression. Then Mr. Time took the cone from me and peeled it open. In his hands it became an artist palette with some amazing colors. He took out a brush and said, “Let me see what I can do with these words.” The canvas was becoming the masterpiece my first words had envisioned. Your picture on the other side of the tunnel was grand but this one moved me in an amazing way. In the center was you and I in our wedding vestments embracing and kissing. Above us was the most magnificent clouds that had the colors of fire coursing through them. They formed a shadowy face but very clear-pursed lips that were kissing our heads. Also the hands of God were clearly cupped around our backsides gently coddling us and also pushing us together. “That’s from my words?” “Of course out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” he responded.

I couldn’t help but think this trial had blessed my love, our love, with a richness unfathomable at the beginning. Only seeing this picture could make this thought clear. I was awed! Time took me from the park, again we moved painfully slow, down another path. All his words were profound and he was always teaching. We came across an apple tree in blossom near a chocolate river that had caramel vines coursing around it. We stopped and time addressed me. “This is the land of faith, hope, and love. Here God is teaching you how they work. Now I want you to view this tree with the eyes of hope and tell me what you see.” “I see blossoms which gives me hope of fruit in the future.” “Very well, now view it with your eyes of faith, remember the marbles, the gate, and the daffodils.” “I see a tree that can supply me fruit anytime I need or desire it if I do not doubt and ask in the name of the Lord.” “That is good.” Time said. “Now think of your wife and tell me what your eyes of love see.” It came to me instantly. “I see a tree that has its roots nourished by chocolate is wrapped in caramel and will produce chocolate caramelled apples when ever my love desires one.” All I could think of when saying this was that excited little girl in Geneva.

“Now you see that faith, hope, and love are great but the greatest of these is love. How much more is the love of our creator disposed toward you?” Just the thought of this made me see love from a completely new vastness. It overwhelmed me and I cried. Partly from the sense of being loved so well and partly how I thought this would benefit our love. “Very well, you are a quick study now I have a surprise about me to share. Do you see that castle upon that hill?” “Yes” “How far walking journey do you suppose that is for you?” “3 days” I answered. “How far for me?” He asked. Before I answered I thought time sure marches slowly how do I answer honestly without offending. “Oh I’d say about a week.” “You’re very generous” You bet I am another silent thought. “Actually I’ll be there and back in 10 minutes. There is an ancient scroll and a compass I must obtain for you from there. After I have grabbed them we’ll go to my cottage over there (he pointed) to have dinner. Are you hungry?” I hadn’t thought about it but I was. “Yes” “Very well I’m off!” Boy was he, he took off in a start like Mercury. I had no idea time could move so fast. I figured from this that in the world of faith, hope, and love time wasn’t bound to the normal cadence he would possess in our world, but was free here to go at any pace needed or necessary.

When he returned we went to his cottage, which was really quaint one room with a potbelly stove slash furnace. He placed the scroll and compass on the table and had me sit down. We talked of the Lord and the needle of the compass would point to the one speaking. “This is definitely not a magnetic compass” I said and questioned, “what kind of compass is this?” “It is the compass of truth and is a great tool when in the world since truth keeps you from vain hope, inspires an honest faith and love rejoices in truth.” In essence I thought this was some ancient lie detector, a useful tool for sure.

Now the scroll was not that large, had writing on both sides of it, and was in some language I’d never seen in our world. “Do you know what this says?” I asked “Sure” he responded. “But before we get to these words you must eat this scroll, this is your dinner.” I don’t think I had ever been satisfied in my hunger by words but I did recall the scripture that man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Maybe this was my lesson. He opened it so I could only see one side and told me to swallow it. I did as I was told and the flavor was sweeter than honey and so delightful that to swallow it was a real depravation of joy, but swallow it I did. Within seconds I had an upset stomach, which got more and more agitated until the urge to vomit could no longer be resisted. It came upon me so quickly that I wretched the scroll up right back on the table. “Wow that was quick” Time said. “You mean that was supposed to happen? What kind of dinner or lesson is this?” “Don’t worry it only happens the first time. Try it again you will see.” I didn’t want to but I did it anyway. I did notice he turned it over before I ate it to expose the other words. This time it was disgustingly bitter to the taste. Not like a lemon but like gall or bile. Like a raw oyster I swallowed it in a hurry. Unlike before my stomach had a warmth and comfort like warm milk and a total fullness of satisfaction. “How is that, better?” “Yes, much” I proclaimed. “Why did I have this reaction to this scroll?” He began with a sober look upon his face. “The creator wrote these ancient words upon this scroll long before He created your kind. He gave you a freewill because He wanted your free devotion of trust and love. This was His desire far before your world was thrust into darkness. The first you ate was love which is always sweet to the taste but if not combined with trust will knot up in your stomach and become foul. Trust on the other hand is always bitter at first because it appears risky but when delivered with love satisfies completely. Learn from this that the two can never truly exist apart from the other without some disruption to you. Your patriarch Adam when he lost his trust of God automatically gained love for self.” The truth of this gave me the same satisfaction in my gut and was confirmed by the compass.

“Let us go outside there is one more thing for you to learn then your end with time here is over.” I wondered who I’d meet next. We went outside to what was my blind side of the cottage from how I made my entrance. There was what appeared to be one of those shrub mazes using Junipers. Time explained, “This maze has four correct doors you must pass through to get to the center. Each door will open by the placement of one of these silver coins into the slot.” He pulled out 5 coins from a purse. “Hey those are pure silver Morgan dollars from my world.” “Yes they appear to be and silver is the price of redemption.” “Redemption of what?” I asked. “In this case the picture from the park is in the center and if you make it there you get to keep it. You will also notice I gave you an extra coin as a measure of grace in case you make a wrong turn.”

Desire rose up in me more than I could measure. I never thought for a moment before this that I could possess that painting. No greater gift could I imagine. He handed me the coins and I was off. The junipers were prickly enough to keep me walking in the center of the path and removed any temptation to see if I could cheat by passing through them. Shortly in my trek I came across my first junction. There were three little girls one in front of each door and each with a broken right arm. They looked like triplets in appearance. Their arms were bent at about a thirty degree angle and needed a splint or cast for sure. I approached a little queasy. They all said in harmony “can you help us? We tried to get out of the way of the slamming doors when you entered but each of us had the same accident.” Then the girl farthest left began “We have heard of you and your great faith, kindness and other virtues. Please look after me in accordance with your great character.” The middle girl was completely different. She began “Sir my life was going fine until you caused my injury. Right behind you there is a first aid kit with a splint in it. Please take responsibility for my troubles and purchase those supplies.” It appeared that I would have to use one of my coins to obtain the supplies but I could only mend one. The last girl spoke briefly “Sir we all have the same injury but you must select one.” I was moved by all three but something in my gut drew me more to the last one. I reasoned I was given the extra coin for this purpose and I would just have to be perfect to complete this course. I used a coin and began to aid the last girl. As I did the first girl ridiculed me, called me foolish and other things of this ilk. The middle girl got rude and condemning. After my work I had to use a coin for the door. I went through and there was a plaque with this quote “Flattery is selfish, guilt is lavish and compassion stay within her need.” This and hindsight made me think I made the right choice.

I continued to the next junction. Again there was three choices this time three grown men. They all said together “the wealthiest man in our land invited us to a dinner party.” The man on the left had a gorgeous tuxedo on and said “I am sure to please in my best attire.” The middle man had a well worn suit and tie combo. He said, “I am ready to attend in my best attire.” The guy on the right had a bright pink tuxedo (remember those highlighters) and he said “there will be many great men there dressed in black I did not think it wise to compete for their glory. I have dawned my good apparel.” Then they said together “this door bars our way please open it with your coin.” I chose the middle man and walked through. The plaque here said, “Pride adorns himself well but not nearly as well as false humility and neither as well as honesty.” Again I felt I made the right choice. 2 coins left and 2 for 2. I felt certain I’d get that painting. I hoped these choices didn’t get any tougher.

A little further in and my next junction. This time only two. There was an elderly woman who looked like everyone’s grandmother and there was a lady young and so stunningly beautiful I was stopped in my tracks. I could hardly take my eyes off her. Together they said, “A simple hug is all we need” though I only saw the beauty’s lips moving. I so much wanted to hug her but it seemed too easy. I hugged grandma. Deposited my coin and passed through. This plaque said “Lust will hold you with one embrace while affection embraces you.” Again I thought I’d made the right choice.

Finally I came upon the last set of doors with one coin left. There were two men. One dressed in all white suit, white shoes, white teeth with a broad smile and slick hair. The other looked rugged like a farmer. They both had a donation pot in front of them like the Salvation Army kind-of. Together they said, “The Lord has need of your last coin.” I responded, “then how will I pass this last door?” The farmer said, “You won’t.” Smiles said “For your donation to the Lord I will give you this token it is a silver clad coin with “King of Kings” inscribed on the front and the scripture of the widow’s offering from Mark 12:41-44 on the back. I have personally blessed this token. You will find this token will open the door as your coin. For surely God is a debtor to no man and whatever door He opens no one can shut.” Wow one keeps me going and one ends here but I felt it was the opposite of the obvious. I donated my coin to the farmer hoping for a surprise to get me to that painting. There was no surprise and no apologizes. It was over.

I walked back out a little dejected I’ll admit. I made it back to the cottage where time awaited me. I told him “I’m confused. I’m certain I made all the right choices and I did not get my prize.” “What do you mean? What could be a better prize than making all the right choices?” He had a point but I still said, “I agree but my expectation was on the painting it was stunning and beyond words.” “Don’t be silly the painting was your words and you can recreate it anytime you say so. You never need the maze to obtain the painting only to verify your right choices.” See what I mean by always learning something? Then he said to me “I want you to rest a little with your eyes open before you go on. Try this hammock.”

I hopped in a hammock between two trees and looked to the sky. Do you believe I was so enamored by this world I had never noticed the sky until now. Time said, “Our night is about to begin keep your eyes open.” Shortly night came but not gradually like a shutter of a camera. The sky was night but not black more a polished bronze. There were stars at best guess that appeared to be one billion for every one of ours and still there was just as much vastness of space between them. I asked time “I don’t recognize any of these stars does my world happen to be among any of them?” Just then he let out such a side splitting laugh that I had to laugh also though I didn’t no about what. Finally he got his composure. “Do you remember that seed you swallowed to enter here?” “Yes” “That was your world. The world of Faith, Hope, and Love could never be contained in your world anymore than the creator could be contained in this world.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “All those stars including our land which you’ve seen are part of a mobile that hangs on His front porch. When you are done with time you will be invited into the master’s home and though you will be His guest forever you shall never make a complete tour of His dwelling.

This was hard to swallow because it overwhelmed my reason and imagination. I asked for some clarification “If my world is so small in comparison to this land of faith, hope and love that it appears a seed how can I reconcile my relationship here with my world?” Now I saw a very fatherly expression come upon time’s face as he replied “It appeared to you at the beginning of your trip here that the light was expanding around you but in reality the darkness of your world shrinks back from faith, hope, and love. You may remain a citizen here the remainder of your days upon your world. Think of it this way; in your world they have deep sea divers who enter their dark pressure filled world but as a foreigner or an alien. They are tethered to the world above by their lifeline. They do their work in the dark world but live in the light and life of the world above.” This made it more clear. He continued, “you have done well here and I would like to give you a gift.” At that he went into the cottage and returned with the compass of truth and handed it to me. He said “you may find this a useful tool in your deceitful world. You should take your rest and I will see you again soon.” I did rest and was very contemplative and who could do otherwise. There was myriads of thought passing so rapidly through my brain that fatigue did take me over. On that hammock the light of the bronze darkness departed with the closing of my eyelids.

When I awoke a flash of light was before my eyes that quickly disappeared into the darkness. It was that blanketing darkness and blindness I felt before. Then my celly turned on the lights and I was back on my rack in the cell. He said, “Boy, you were sleeping good.” He had no idea. I had started a fast on February 1st for the whole month. It was breakfast and my celly kept saying, “come on dude its time to break your fast.” “Not yet I’m just getting started,” I replied. “How long are you going to go dude? I thought you were going to start eating March 1st.” “I am” I replied. “Well get out of bed then dude it’s the first.” I checked by the morning news and sure enough it was. The world I visited being so much more vast than ours must have different time than here. Time here moved as fast as he did to the castle. I began to think this was the most incredible dream and I remembered every detail until I came back into the cell and on the table was the compass pointing to my Bible. I got so excited I wrote this letter to you in just a few hours. My darling I think there is something about time passing quickly if we stay in the world of faith, hope and love that is very profound. Just maybe our trial which has dragged on now near these two years shall pass to its finish in the timing of the world above. Let it be so because I love you and long for your embrace.

P.S. I had placed this letter in an unsealed envelope to insert something else and threw it onto the table and immediately the compass pointed towards it. I picked it up the letter to add this postscript and the compass vanished. I was so disappointed I wanted to show it to you at visiting. Hopefully the truth of this text will speak for itself. I prayed and asked God why this gift and then its loss. The answer came instantly the compass was just to show you visually what already exists inside you by the Holy Spirit that is how you were able to make all the right choices in the maze and now you need to trust that internal compass to make your final right choices to over come the evil darkness that has you under pressure in your trial. This dream (I think) made me desire even more to stay tethered to my lifeline and to be in this world but not of it. It is my hope by sharing it with you that you likewise will be inspired.

Monday, March 12, 2007


On 1-3-07 I received a summons and complaint making an unsupported claim of account/Case Number 06CV_______-10 upon my property. This claim is a trespass, a tort, upon settled and completed contracts of which performance and consideration has passed. I am willing and hereby offer a waiver of tort for damages as consideration for the self-help remedy afforded the aggrieved party under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) by the remedy contract contained herein. Please consider your actions. I do not want to do any business with you (all parties). If I am forced into a business relationship with you by your performance this expressed contract is the only agreement between the parties and it may not be amended accept by an agreement in writing.
The party served is not listed in the summons or complaint. I am the general trustee for the trust known as KURT F. JOHNSON©™ which is not the trustee for the ____________ FAMILY TRUST. I am also acting as a representative for the trust known as DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN©™. This NOTICE, CONTRACT, and AFFIDAVIT is inclusive of both parties and all rights, title, or interest trespassed upon is remedied herein.
This contract if performed upon is irrevocable and coupled with a security interest. This agreement is to include as though fully contained herein all the terms and conditions set out in the “Paramount Claim and Amended Cross-complaint” and other documents filed upon the record of CR 05-00611 WHA which claimants already have notice of as proven by their submitted unsupported claim.
All the parties are proven competent to identify, enter and execute upon their contracts by the course of performance taken in this instant. No remorse or excuse of lack of understanding shall function as a waiver or exemption from the terms herein.
The parties noticed are noticed individually and as agent/actors on behalf of their principals whether the principles are Natural or fictional persons. All agents/parties not yet identified but are active participants of the trespass and performance are hereby noticed and bound by the contract terms. The contract is a strict liability, strict foreclosure, with a waiver of notice. It is very serious and pause should be taken before acceptance. There will be exemptions or exits that should also be seriously considered.


The known parties of SUPERIOR COURT OF DEKALB COUNTY, DEKALB COUNTY, THE STATE OF GEORGIA, THE BANK OF NEW YORK, Clerk deputy DENISE INGRAM-PEARRY, THE CLERK, EQUI CREDIT CORPORATION, SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICING INC., LVNU FUNDING LLC, EMMETT L. GODDMAN Esq., SHERMAN ACQUISITION LP, ELIZABETH WHEALLER Esq., NATIONS CREDIT FINANCIAL SERVICES CORPORATION, are offering trespass upon my property without having any rights, title, or interest or any agreement from the title holder. This damage is being offered as consideration under the following terms and conditions.


• That this contract functions as a self-executing Security Agreement in the event of performance.
• That performance is equal to the intent of being contractually bound with full acceptance
• That Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ and Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ are Secured Party Creditors jointly and individually and the known and unknown parties are debtors.
• That all known and unknown parties agree to pledge all their assets, lands, and personal property, including their rights, title, and interest in assets, lands, and/or personal property individually and as a collective to match and equal satisfaction of the aggregate of the damages accepted.
• That all assets pledged are under strict foreclosure rights to the Secured Parties with a waiver of Notice to the debtors.
• That the damages authenticates this Security Agreement wherein Debtors pledge assets, lands, consumer goods, farm products, inventory, equipment, money, commissions, income, compensation, investment property, commercial tort claims, letters of credit, letters of credit rights, chattel paper, instruments, beneficial interest, equities, deposits, accounts, documents, security interest, licenses, privileges, retirement accounts, and general intangibles, and all Debtor’s rights in all such foregoing property, now owned and/or hereafter acquired, now existing or hereafter arising, and wherever located, as collateral for securing Debtor’s contractual obligations in favor of Secured Party(ies) for damages accepted as consideration. The above list not being all inclusive if a different type of property asset should become available it is included.
• That the Debtor(s) consent and agree to the Secured Party(ies) filings of UCC Financing Statements with the UCC filing office, or any public recording office wherein the known or unknown parties are named as Debtor and Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ and/or Dale – Scott : Heineman©™ are named as Secured Party(ies)
• That the financing statements are a continuing financial statement, and Debtor(s) further consents to the filing of any continuation statement made necessary to perfect the Secured Party(ies) security interest, until Debtor’s contractual obligations have been fully satisfied.
• That this Security Agreement/Contract may be filed or published anywhere necessary to perfect Secured Party(ies) interest.
• That Debtor(s) waive all defenses and are precluded from considering this agreement or the filings bogus.
• That Debtor(s) appoint Secured Party(ies) as authorized representatives to execute any business or authenticate any instruments, documents, or records on their behalf to assist in the satisfaction of contractual obligations to Secured Party(ies)
• That the appointment of Secured Party(ies) as authorized representatives is effective immediately upon performance/acceptance while being irrevocable and tied to a security interest.
• That Secured Party(ies) are free to use their sole discretion in the performance as Authorized Representative(s) as long as the action supports settlement of the contractual obligations.
• That the terms of the Secured Party(ies) publish copyright notice are incorporated into this agreement as recorded in the public record known as CR 05-00611 WHA.
• That the Secured Party(ies) are compensated Ten Million dollars for the trespass and twenty four million five-hundred thousand dollars for the 49 unauthorized uses of copyright and trademark property at Five-hundred thousand per use.
• That the assets/property pledged to Secured Party(ies) are the first to attach, first in priority, and first in perfection. Debtor(s) agree to have any paramount claim subrogated or extinguished within 30 days of the execution of this agreement.
• That Secured Party(ies) are free to use, pledge, liquidate, hypothecate or assign the assets herein pledged by Debtor(s) to settle any verified claims presented to them for settlement.
• That the Debtor(s) cannot claim any public interest in the assets pledged to avoid their contractual obligations. Execution of this agreement is evidence of Debtor(s) knowledgeable consent as to the priority and interest of Secured Party(ies).
• That any conflicts of interest among the Debtor(s) created by their entrance into this agreement are the sole liability of the Debtor(s) and in no way effect the interest of Secured Party(ies). That Debtor(s) are to remain in possession of the pledged property until invoiced by Secured Party(ies). When invoice is due and payable Debtor(s) are to submit a ledger accounting of assets pledged with their fair market values along with payment.
• That failure of Debtor(s) to settle invoice timely or submit a ledger of pledged assets will be a default that invokes immediately any and all strict foreclosure remedies afforded the Secured Party(ies) including their authorized representation.

• That the Debtor(s) can be exempted from this contract by the cease and desist of damages and the withdrawal of the unverified unsupported claim. If the claim should be withdrawn and resubmitted again at a future date it will be as though this exemption had never been executed and all the terms and conditions are fully reinstated.
• That if the Debtor(s) wish to invoke their debtor/creditor right under the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES via House Joint Resolution 192 June 5, 1933, Public Law 73-10 they can return this NOTICE AND CONTRACT with the statement “Accepted for value, returned for value, discharge and settlement in accordance with but not limited by HJR 192 June 5, 1933, Public Law 73-10 and Public Policy.” If Debtor(s) do not invoke this exemption within the 72 hours of commercial acceptance it is forever waived.
• That the Debtor(s) may exempt themselves for cause upon a showing of just cause by a complete point for point rebuttal (ANSWER) of the Affidavit in Support verified by oath under the pain of penalty of perjury within 5 (five) days of receipt of NOTICE. Unknown parties have 30 days from notice filed upon the Public Record.
• Exemption from this contract does not affect the separate Copyright infringement damages pursuant to the Copyright contract if it is binding among the parties.


• Failure to cease and desist and to persist in damages will be acceptance by performance to all the proceeding terms and conditions. Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ and Dale – Scott: Heineman©™, Secured Party(ies) offer these damages as consideration. Creditor’s rights herein obtained are exempt from lien or levy, first in priority.
• Retaliation by Debtor(s) as a response to this notice upon Secured Party(ies) by the imposition of inapplicable codes, rules, regulations or statutes without their consent or agreement obtained by full disclosure in fair dealing is a form of argument which is acceptance.


CAVEAT: At no time did Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ and Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ intend, desire, or consent to doing business with these parties or their agents. This contract is a remedy for being coercively forced against our will to the subjugation of damages.


Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ and Dale – Scott : Heineman©™ by the agent Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ swear by the affixing of their signature that this is the only agreement between the parties and that any and all implied contracts are void, and quashed by this expressed.

By: ___________________________________________
Me, Kurt-F.: Johnson©™ Sovereign
General Trustee for KURT F. JOHNSON©™
Subscribed under reserve without recourse


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On this ____ day of ___________, 2007, before me personally appeared __________________________ (name of signer), whose identity was proved to me on the oath of ________________________________ (Name of credible person), a credible person by me duly sworn, and acknowledged that the signer signed the above/attached document.

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Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ and Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ in support of NOTICE OF TORT AND CONTRACTUAL REMEDY.

Dale-Scott: Heineman©™ and Kurt- F.: Johnson©™ in Support of NOTICE OF DEFECTIVE PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF SEARCH WARRANT AND SEIZURE WARRANT NUMBERS 05-70050, 05-70051, 05-70052, 05-70053, 05-70054, 05-70055, 3-05-70276 DATED JANUARY 27, 2005 AND NOTICE OF CONTRACTUAL REMEDY.

IMPORTANT – Non-rebuttal, silence, argument, or tardiness to the times prescribed herein is a stipulation among the parties to the [ANSWERS] provided herein.

1. Dale-Scott: Heineman©™ and Kurt-F: Johnson©™, hereinafter Affiants, natural beings, free men on the land, living breathing souls in correct public capacity as beneficiaries to the Original Jurisdiction, self realized entities, our yes be yes, our no be no, state that the facts contained herein are true, correct, complete, and not misleading. [ANSWER- It is agreed.]

2. Affiants are of majority in age, have sound minds and are competent to testify. [ANSWER - It is agreed.]

3. Affiants declare and aver that for the purpose of clarity, communication, and resolution a GLOSSARY OF TERMS, herewith attached, applies to the words, word meanings, terms, terms and conditions of contracts and/or agreements and establishes a limitation and/or boundary of those specific words and terms, without subjective interpretation. [ANSWER - It is agreed to by all.]

4. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that a matter unexpressed can be resolved and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - An unexpressed matter cannot be resolved.]

5. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that implied penumbra contracts supersede or have precedent over expressed contracts and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - Implied penumbra contracts do not supersede or have precedent over expressed contracts.]

6. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that in commerce truth is not sovereign and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The truth in commerce is sovereign.]

7. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that as natural sovereign men upon the land that they are subject to any code, regulation or statute except that which can be reconciled within the common law and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - As natural sovereign men upon the land that they are not subject to any code, regulation or statute except that which can be reconciled within the common law.]

8. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that an act of congress does not regulate creations of the government and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - An act of congress does regulate creations of the government.]

9. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that a Banking institution is not a creation of government and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - A Banking institution is a creation of government.]

10. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that an act of congress that has not been repealed or amended is ineffectual and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - An act of congress that has not been repealed or amended is effectual.]

11. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that Revised Statute 62 has been repealed or amended and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - Revised Statute 62 has not been repealed or amended.]

12. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that truth in commerce is not expressed in the form of an affidavit and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - Truth in commerce is expressed in the form of an Affidavit.]

13. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that a common practice is evidence of a lawful practice and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - A common practice is not evidence of a lawful practice.]

14. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that an affidavit in commerce subscribed and sworn without possessing first-hand knowledge is superior to an affidavit in commerce subscribed and sworn by one who is actually in possession of first-hand knowledge and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - An affidavit in commerce subscribed and sworn without possessing first-hand knowledge is not superior to an affidavit in commerce subscribed and sworn by one who is actually in possession of first-hand knowledge.]

15. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that an affidavit in commerce not rebutted after the time prescribed herein does not become the judgment in commerce and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - After the time prescribed herein an un-rebutted affidavit in commerce becomes the judgment in commerce.]

16. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that this Affidavit in commerce un-rebutted after the time prescribed herein does not stand as the uncontested truth in the matter and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - This Affidavit in commerce un-rebutted after the time prescribed herein stands as the uncontested truth in the matter.]

17. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that the answers provided in this Affidavit in commerce are not the answers if un-rebutted after the time prescribed herein and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The answers provided in this Affidavit in commerce are the answers if un-rebutted after the time prescribed herein.]

18. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that the first in time first in line filing of a financing statement does not place the Secured Party in the paramount creditor position and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The first in time first in line filing of a financing statement places the Secured Party in the paramount creditor position.]

19. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that the natural man is not endowed the right to contract by his Creator and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The natural man is endowed the right to contract by his Creator.]

20. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that the natural man cannot enjoy the benefits of his contracts and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The natural man can enjoy the benefits of his contracts.]

21. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that trespassing upon private contracts is permissible at law and does not create a liability for the trespasser and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - Trespassing upon private contracts is not permissible at law and does create a liability for the trespasser.]

22. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving the financing statement identifying the cestui que trust DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ as Secured Party does not reflect the truth of a binding agreement between the parties and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The financing statement identifying cestui que trust DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ as Secured Party reflects the truth of a binding agreement between the parties.]

23. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving the financing statement identifying the cestui que trust KURT F. JOHNSON®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ as Secured Party does not reflect the truth of a binding agreement between the parties and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The financing statement identifying the cestui que trust KURT F. JOHNSON®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ as Secured Party reflects the truth of a binding agreement between the parties.]

24. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving the financing statement identifying the cestui que trust DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ as Secured Party was improperly filed and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The financing statement identifying the cestui que trust DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ as Secured Party was properly filed.]

25. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving the financing statement identifying the cestui que trust KURT F. JOHNSON®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ as Secured Party was improperly filed and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The financing statement identifying the cestui que trust KURT F. JOHNSON®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ as Secured Party was properly filed.]

26. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving the financing statement identifying cestui que trust DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ as Secured Party is bogus and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The financing statement identifying cestui que trust DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ as Secured Party is not bogus.]

27. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving the financing statement identifying KURT F. JOHNSON®™ as a debtor in commerce and Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ as Secured Party is bogus and believe that none exists. [ANSWER - The financing statement identifying the cestui que trust KURT F. JOHNSON®™ as a debtor in commerce and the living soul Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ as Secured Party is not bogus.]

28. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that they are subject to liability by statute O.C.G.A. § 9-10-91(4) and believes that none exists. [ANSWER - Affiants are not subject to liability by statute O.C.G.A. § 9-10-91(4).]

29. Affiants have neither been presented with, nor shown, any evidence demonstrating or proving that any of the claiming parties have sworn out an oath of verification that affiants are liable to O.C.G.A. § 9-10-91(4) or any other part of their claim and believes that none exists. [ANSWER - Claiming parties have never verified by oath any liability of Affiants.]

30. Affiants hereby pledge all assets, holding, accounts, beneficial interest, income, revenues, and exemptions to compensate, or reimburse any cost, damages, or expenses that occur to the claimants if they should produce evidence of a valid claim under oath.



We Kurt – F.: Johnson©™ and Dale – Scott: Heineman©™ declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the States United that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed at arms length, on the ____ day of the first month in the year of our Lord, two thousand-seven at the county of Alameda.

By: _____________________________________
Me, Kurt-F.: Johnson©™ Sovereign
General Trustee for KURT F. JOHNSON©™
Subscribed under reserve without recourse

§ The States United, the perpetual
§ union of sovereign states combined
§ to form a constitutional republic

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Ram in the Thickets (02-01-07)

At the end of the year you found us relying on the words of a prophecy that promised our release. Obviously this did not happen and I’m not offering a clear exclamation as to the reasons why. What I can offer you is how the Lord used that situation which did make a lot of sense to me. One of the greatest mistakes I think we make as Christians is trying to box God into the black and white reason of our intellect. This is expressed in simple terms like the prophet is false, I don’t hear God’s voice, God is not able to keep either within His will, or the thousand variations of this thought. I even wrangled with them. This is really what the book of Job discusses plainly. Job knows God’s ways and has diligently followed them. In his disaster he still sees God supreme but is confused by motives that don’t register with his reason. He proclaims what he knows and continues to trust this even though the picture no longer makes sense. That was the great character of Job that God was honoring. His friends were stuck in the same rut of God punishes evil meaning Job’s professions of innocence were further evidence of his evil. All were blind to what God was doing until He chose to reveal it. These were not men seeking evil but men who revered God missing the mark.

When I tried to make sense of my confusion I went to the word. Two men I admire as greater than I are Abraham and Paul. Did they ever find themselves where I was and how did it get resolved. Paul was taught by Christ 3 years in the Arabian Desert. If he erred why wouldn’t I? Paul always taught, spoke, and believed in the Lord’s return imminently but 2000 years have passed. Why did God allow this error? His teaching which I rely upon now would probably not have come if he didn’t have a sense of urgency that the people understand and know the signs of His coming. If he had known of the delay he would have focused on the more pressing issues of the time. The effect of his ignorance is God’s will accomplish and blessing for many. Just like Job. Is God cruel to use men this way? Certainly not! I knew I was obeying God and tracking on His intentions for me but His plans in this exercise were clearly outside my revelation of His ways. This is why I harp on faith and obedience so much. Though it appears risky because we are confused this is how we are expanded into the vastness of a God that is supreme over us. It is an evil temptation to create a God of our reason. You see it here on this blog where simpletons profess themselves wise by being the reasonable mouthpiece of God. God never being able to fit into their box never will.

Next I look at Abraham. At the burning bush incident with Moses God identifies Himself as the God of Abraham a stellar sanction worthy of regard. Then I noticed in Exodus 6:2-3 that the I AM God had not revealed Himself to Abraham. Meaning Abraham was blessed, faithful, obedient and still ignorant of his God. I went to that confusing part of Abraham’s life where he was commanded to kill Isaac. Here I will add that the book of Jasher (The upright record) has a lot more detail on this story that is helpful. Abraham knows that the promise is through Isaac and no one else. He also knows that God abhors human sacrifice because he left the culture of Nimrod who practiced this. Now he gets the unthinkable, irreconcilable, unreasonable request to sacrifice Isaac. God is up to something but Abraham is ignorant as to what it could be. This does not preclude him from responding in faithful obedience nor does it preclude us. Contrariwise it really is a call all the more to press into trust because if what we know is true we are still safe and God is showing Himself greater than His creation once again. Abraham made his faith proclamation in Genesis 22:5 that he and the boy will go worship and be back. He had no idea how but he knew what he knew about God, the promise and the call to worship, which is a cognate of worth-ship. He knew God’s greatness was His worth-ship and his confusion was evidence of this not contrary proof. The burnt offering was the most senseless offerings from a reasonable point of view but symbolic of the truest form of worship. God gets everything, nothing left for this world. The life of this world completely consumed for the benefit of God. Christ Himself being the perfect consummation of this symbol and is why it is the faith of Christ that saves. Abraham has Isaac bound on the alter. We must even bind our promises to the use of God. Now he raises the knife willing to slay the gift for love and trust of the giver. Here’s what caught my attention. God stops Abraham and turns his eyes to a new revelation, the ram caught in the thickets by its horns. In Jasher you find out that God sent the ram charging towards Abraham but the devil trapped it into the thickets. Abraham for the first time discovers Jehovah-Jireh the providing God. God had always provided for Abraham but it was this test that brought that revelation to heart. Would the revelation arrive without the confusing test? Who is to know but it did arrive with the test.

More things I was able to glean. First God shows His nature by sending His provision His blessing charging towards us. Christ again is the perfect picture of this. The devil throws in the thickets to throw off the timing of arrival. This tempts us to bring a charge against God. I always joke the only thing I think God needs that I can give Him is a clock. His timing always seems off. Maybe not! The ram’s horn was also a shofar blown as a call to worship. Worship was leading the charge of blessing and we can certainly see this in Abraham’s actions, Christ’s actions, how about yours? The thickets then were not only to delay the timing but to smother the worship. When the prophecy did not come to pass and I was certain of my hearing and their speaking being of God this was the great temptation within me to stifle worship. Fortunately for me the discipline of pressing into God in my confusion turned my eyes to His revelatory provision. What of you? Dorean has taken a wild turn perhaps making you question whether you truly heard God’s voice. Have you allowed the delay and confusion to tempt you into complaint instead of worship? God is in charge. God is wiser than your understanding. Like Job when I understand nothing I know this that my redeemer lives. (Job 19:25-26) Zechariah in 11:3 when discussing those who appose the blessing “Listen, the roar of the lions for the thickets of the Jordan are destroyed.” The Jordan was a barrier to the promise like the thickets but faith with worship puts an end to them both. Now my prayers have changed by the insight of Zechariah in conjunction with this revelation from Chapter 4:6-7. It is by the spirit of God I pray against the thickets and to God’s plan and blessing I shout “Grace, Grace to it.” God has turned my eyes in the spirit to see Him greater than I ever had before. My confusion, embarrassment, and ridicule is all a small price to pay for my new treasure. May the God of revelatory wisdom turn your eyes to His greatness. If He does join me in His deserved worship, prayer against the thickets and shouts of Grace, Grace to His plans. Hope this helps you as it helped me.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dr. Jeff (02-01-07)

I saw your comment and thought I will respond. I had never seen your comment before so I apologize for the delay. I can see by your comments that I’m not going to be able to reason with you. I will just blurt out the facts as I see them and then you can make your plans accordingly. I did my service those who convinced you otherwise have lied. Are you suffering? I have no doubt. Me also! Am I the cause of your suffering? This is where you err. If you really believe I frauded you the US Attorney’s office is looking for trial witnesses right now. I think you would be far better off looking to the real fraud and the players promoting it. Go after them and get your damages. I have to go through this shit because I have to prove once and for all how stupid my clients were. Once you have evidence I was true, honest, and sincere you will realize how much time and energy you wasted on the wild goose. Unlike you my eyes are firmly fixed on the right target and my feet are firmly planted on the law. Your emotion plea is a creation of your ignorance and doesn’t move me. I will not be giving you a refund I will be giving you vindication and your damages even though you have done nothing to mitigate them. In the end you will be glad that I was resolute and determined to suffer to protect you from your own foolishness. Until then you are free to vilify and hate me. I am not moved by my emotion but sound and calculated reason. That’s just the surface. For the deeper truth try reading what I posted here the last year and a half. I wish you well and hope your suffering is reduced but regardless I have a job to do and I am about my business. Scott and I will be a textbook example of selfless trustee performance in the end.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Small Window (01-28-07)

My cell has a 4” window, which is my only view outside my memory and imagination of the outside world. This view is a constant source of light in the darkness. Currently there are about a half dozen variety of weeds one of which has a bright orange flower much like a daisy. I view this through a web with a 1/4” fat bellied spider parked patiently and majestically in the center of the window. My life has been put on hold and is slowed down to a point where these things are noticed. How about yours? I can’t look at that flower without an instant owe of my creator. It blows in a wind I cannot feel but see the effects of. The spider also vacillates in a rippling web. This is a very small package of intellect and instinct that brilliance has designed. One can’t help but think that a God of this infinite detail truly is mindful of me and knows every hair on my head. I think distraction is one of the best weapons of rebellion. We get lost in the labyrinth of the daily grind and are unconscious of the gift of each breath or heartbeat sustaining us. My window is a light unto this darkness within me. What beautiful leafs, blades and colors, soil, and the unseen conversion of nitrogen into oxygen. The glass and cement diverse expressions of the same silicate. I’ve learned to gain great respect for the master behind every masterpiece I encounter. Each work of art bringing Him glory. As swiftly as the wind blows through these plants my fears are blown away. I know of your suffering and share in them but is there not a window of hope in your life? Is there not an answer to your fears all around you? If God is mindful of a spider or flower will He ignore your prayers for deliverance? Do you study to show yourself approved. Put your hand to the plow to profit from your labors, but don’t forget to look into that small window of your soul that reflects all the handiwork of the master.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Have Mercy on Me a Sinner (01-28-07)

I am the laughing stock getting what I deserve. Tcob, fruity, Neo, Justice, Angel of Mercy, and Evil Ex are far too wise to contend with. I agree my sins are as lofty as the mountains heaped upon each other. Though God rains upon the righteous as well as the wicked no one can escape His justice. Lot was taken out of Sodom before its destruction. Again proving the righteous are all together seen differently by God. You are right to condemn me. Surely my suffering and troubles are the exaction of recourse to my evil heart. This God is just and righteous people know His ways and fear Him wisely for He is severe. No evil can escape His view or avoid His punishment. This is the vanity of people like me who foolishly think they can devise schemes unnoticed that will prosper. Oh for a season it appears to be working and then suddenly and swiftly God sends His righteous messengers to expose and condemn. Of course the opposite is true for the righteous. Sufferings and troubles may find you through no fault of your own but God seeing the injustice rises to your defense, crushes your enemies, and makes a short cycle of your pain. You are prudent to have the expectation that God knowing your righteousness has a debt to you. He must perform His working of justice and swiftly otherwise He may be judged unholy in you sight; God forbid! Surely now you can make your boast in God that suffering is far from you and your house. That hardships hardly ever finds you but woe to those by whom it comes. The house I lost, the money I lost or the deception I fell for are all being, or have been, cured by this holy just God I serve. The little I have will be blessed and restored to its former glory but the much Kurt has gained shall sift through his fingers like a tight grip on sand. Help me I am a pitiful sinner who needs your example of righteousness to give me hope. Will your severe God forgive or must I bare my full guilt? Give to me your happy joyous lives as the pristine example of a right and just expectation. Last of all pray for me that the flames of hell don’t consume me for surely my prayers are selfish and evil and do not have God’s ear as yours.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Riddle: Answer


Jack be nimble Jack be quick
They converted your promissory note
Boy was that slick

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Childlike Faith (01-27-07)

I recently gained the knowledge of a 12-year old joining our battle as a prayer warrior. She can see the hand of God in our situation and sees our work as an important faith battle with significant spiritual repercussions. How is it this little girl can see the work of God so clearly and most of you adults are blind to it? I hear you say she is gullible but you don’t see yourself honestly. You are the gullible one that succumbs to every whim of propaganda that bankers, lawyers or financial advisors put out. You’re the ones who have lost all common sense. Honesty and truth are simple things easily understood in the mind of a child but get lost in the labyrinth of all your self-deceptions. Some of you signed up through greed motive and you are my accusers of greed. Like the pervert Jimmy Swaggart was one of the harshest damnation critics of sexual perversion before he was exposed. Children are not complicated by all these hidden agendas to assuage our guilt. They can see fraud is equal to dishonesty, which not being good should be confronted, that government should support good and not evil, and that people should seek God’s help for good to prevail. Keep your parroting rant of the disenfranchised tragic consumer going but a child can see through it. Maybe its time for you to strap on the belt of responsibility and fight for truth, justice, and God’s will through all the propaganda and evil players. If this child can have a hope and join her soul to it what is your viable excuse? Have the faith of a child and like her you’ll see the victory of God arrive.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bought the Farm (01-27-07)

I recently received a letter from a client that was very poignant. I’ve reduced it while trying to retain the main content. He was a Midwest farmer who was the fifth generation owner of the 1000-acre family farm. A large corporate giant has been trying to get this property for about 20 years. He has had many legal battles, interference with his crops, and crooked city officials obviously on the dole doing all to pressure him into a sale. He saw Dorean as his first chance to get the upper hand in a long time. He prayed about it and got the OK. They have been a devoted Christian family for all five generations. The entire family of 6 children worked the farm. They attended a local church and were liked in the community. These ties to the community were what has saved him again and again from the greed conspiracy that had targeted his farm. As he shared his faith with me I sensed a true commitment to Christ. After what happened to him this became an undeniable fact. With my accusations the bank was more than glad to join in the greed conspiracy and foreclosed on the farm. They found a very eager court that had been exposed and embarrassed many times to swiftly mead out a ruling. The corporation bought it from the bank in a minute. He was forcibly evicted from his house. They loaded the kids into the suburban with all their memorabilia like trophies, pictures, stuffed animals and pets. He and his wife loaded the pick-up with the bare essentials. This was a large operation of thousands of cattle, sheep, and crops reduced down to these two vehicles in a moment. There were many tears and some real rage among the children. He encouraged them to be angry but to sin not before they left to the hotel they rented. His wife was lethargic and depressed. Still he drudged through the duties to catch up with the children. Before he could leave a city cop was joining the sheriffs evicting him. His son who drove off tempered had apparently crashed off the local bridge and plummeted 250 ft with all the siblings and any memory of them to a rocky ravine. The vehicle exploded and all were dead. His wife became hysterical shouting at him “this is all your fault, you said you heard from God. Look at your reward. How could you let this evil fall upon us? Why didn’t you just leave things the way they were, God always allowed us to prevail? You should just curse your God and die. This is not my God. You are being punished for all your sins.” Much more was said that was stinging to me, how much more this poor man? The coroner recovered the bodies and had them cremated, which had been half done by the wreck. By that night he had their ashes in his hands, a wife who left to her family and himself in a hotel room. This is where the story gets remarkable. He shaved off his beard and hair tore his clothes and put the ashes of his children all over himself fell to the ground weeping heavy tears and worshiped the Lord. Blessing the name of the Lord. Now you and I are acquainted with suffering but who can match this? Did you worship God or turn into a complainer blaming others for what God allowed in your life? Did any of these circumstances change the worthiness of God or truly expose His worthiness even more so? This story challenged me to view things differently. I must praise the Lord if he can. TCOB let me pick on you again. Your son has remained safe yet you are free to bitch endlessly about very trivial suffering. What did you bring into the world that was not a gift from God already awaiting your arrival? There are many shameless ungratefuls like yourself on here. Let us all take pause to reanalyze our relationship to things. I hope this story opens your eyes just a little.
This story is a fiction but modeled off the story of Job, which was real. The truth of this story is real and your duties to God even in your suffering are real. Here is the greatest reality: We can all thank God our sufferings are remotely light compared to their potential. I’m not trying to diminish your suffering except in your perspective. Read Job for the real story.