Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Surprise Court (02-20-07)

Our status conference or pretrial was moved up to 2-20-07. The 3-09 date was vacated for another status on 3-06-07. Today the prosecutor informed the court that Bill Julian is no longer fighting extradition and should be here by the next court date. Sarah has too much delay still available to her to be relevant. The judge made it clear that he knows we have no contract for representation. He has been emphatic on this point for weeks now. Only today did he discover there was a written document. This only embarrassed him for a minute because it exposed all his prior assertions as factless, lawless, presumptions. This court is so high on its opinion that it generates its own facts merely by speaking. It’s really divine to see one possessed with the same power as God. Unfortunately for me they aren’t as convincing as God and I just get the impression they are a self-deluded bully. There were some discovery issues probably some wounded clients seeking relief by being a puppet to a lie. I’m not interested. I’m also precluded from representation by contract so I cant’ deal with it. The Julian entrance is an automatic delay and they are wanting to move trial to June 4. Happy Anniversary! This will probably occur on the 6th. I’ll update you again after this.


karl said...

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god said...

LOL!!! Thanks Karl;

tcob247 said...

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Our leader is in jail, but...... no problema.
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KYHOOYA said...

tcob247 said...
Karl......want to eliminate your mortgage.....we have a proven process with 1000's of success stories.


Where did you ever read that the promoters or anyone had said there were thousands of instead of hundereds in there adverts. for this proven process?

I ask because I have never and would be of the mind that your doing the your addion wrong or hit the '0'one to many times when your discribing this in you never ending neg. thoughts of mindless dribble you post.

You must be a real drag to be around in so much as you never have one sam thing to say that is not a downer note at it's core how about you lighten up just a watt or two and see if it won't help your hemroids by taking some stress off your brain.

LOL cuzzy the karl thing is funny! really without the add in coments from you pantimonious one.

god said...

Ha ha ha ha....what a funny guy tcob is....I can only find that same joke about 350 times in the archives of this blog.

Hey tcob, when you gonna comment on the fact that your budies (banks, feds, courts) keep pushing this trial date out. And dont keep telling me its because of the "phoney paperwork" K&S keep filing...I'm tired of hearing that. Theres something rotten in Denmark and you damn well know it.

KYHOOYA said...

Oh and by the way I was first posting to day.

You never saw it because I did'nt have much to say!

Ofcourse there will be those who don't beleive me and say that Karl was but I'm telling you the truth just ask Karl he'll back me up on this he owes me for letting him take my place so he could get his cheeap plug in and reapthe$$$ from the flood of new prospect here .
that and Karl also is a bit of a nut case and is proun to fits of unexplained violent out burst if he dos'nt get his way, so I'm sure you can see why would do what I did.

Thanks for your understanding and Have a Nice Day! now by by ok! alrighty by byby.

If Mel Brooks was still alive today boy what a field day he could have with the shit thas going on and the the screwball thats been in charge the past 7 year. But what would he call it the
'The search for the Un-holly blazing grails'

Cuz there isn't nothing more funny then and old Irish woman standing in front ot the kitchen sink dropping baby out well doing the dishes. (The search for the holly grail) Mel Brooks, Or a Blackman made sherrif of an old western town in the movie that left know ethnic stone unturned. (Blazing Saddles) Mel Brooks The jewish Man who was a Jewish genius and never ask to the have dinner at the U.N. wonder why ?

FUNNY STUFF! Real funny! To fall off you seat funny! No No I got it to ROFLMAO funny

Sad to think even with his talents it would be hard to find much that is funny about what’s going on around this Big Blue Globe in the sky these day’s. These ‘World leaders’(and I use the term lightly) who can’t seem to find away get there differences worked out without the use of sticks and stones. It would nice if these person who tell all of the rest of us how were to act and what the right thing to do & say is could manage to deal the same.

Or am I just asking to much ? I mean is it so hard to see that if there is not some major changes that the aftermath of the things that could happen will be a toll on this planet of unrepeatable damage or is this there way of cutting the numbers down instead of the (Soilent Green) plan.
I don’t think most have heard much about that kind of talk how there are people who have been given the task to find out what it will take to ensure are survival as a human race not a country and that some have gotten awards for their work and ideas on how to effectively kill most in the world as high as 90% they say need to be removed that only about 10% have what is needed to meet the intellect required for the further growth of mankind. I can’t tell you how much I believe that they should start with the one’s put in charge of thing every where just to kick it off with a clean slate and all is a good new fresh start . You know just want things to be fair.
WHERE YOU GOING TO GO FROM HERE ONCE IT’S SCREWED? The fact is that will happen if not by war by the over use and the growth rate without a real change today not tomorrow and what are the chances of that happening ? Knot much as I look around the world as it is now . Will be lucky if the people running thing don’t finish the job in record time as their working things out and finding the right thing to do that .


It should all be taken away and the lot of use put in the preferable corner to think about what we have done wrong in till witch time the water rushes in and the only ones to survive will be on the big boat floating around waiting for the rain to stop to stop.

If the fact that the ARK has been found and dated so that one would think that this is a true story and the event it talks about needs much less Faith now to understand it did happen witch ever way it did really doesn’t matter the plan fact is that


You can fill in what ever you would like effort the rest of the story it don’t matter much the only thing that need to be understood is that there was a force so large that it was the ending result that caused the complete and global end to at he time was man only the ones on the ark would be able to makeup to start a new. Maybe there were others that did make it a few here and there again who cars it don’t change anything you might want to think about taking a boat building class or two in the near future. Who knows you might just be the next Noah
And be asked to build one. But then again why would you need a class to teach you I’m sure there would be some instruction. That came with that call for you to build it anyway right ?

Where are the Bee’s any way haven’t seen hide nor hare of them and they should be just working there ass off right about now. Past a big whole wall of honey suckles and not a one to be found any where around it now I don’t know about you and where you live but here in Ca, there should be tons of bees around that plant right now. That is not a good thing that is for sure. That along with the Ice melting of masses as lager as to have ice in them that’s 3000 years old that just sapped off and floated away before freezing to the bottom again. That was and ice shelf that was 3000 year old at least that broke off no big but wonder why now and if it will that have a effective imbalance if much more follows ?

With the amount of things that are on a fast track of change it would be not to far of the mark to think that were in for one big changes in the world ECO system soon and to what effect who knows? One is for sure they had know idea that the ice shelf was going to do that and their still trying to find out why bee’s are dying by the thousand everywhere.

So stop thinking some one else is in charge and taking care of thing cuz their not if they some how have made it to the place where they have power you can bet your ass they are not concerned with your well being at all you fall some where on the list between weather to load some more paper napkins or you my guess is the napkins win out over you and me on that ARK loading party .

Remember they all called old Noah crazy to when he was building it but he new better now didn’t he. Who’s wants to bet it not your name on the list of boat builder that will be call for the job and you’ll know nothing right up till it happens to hit you like a BIG WALL OF WATER that your screwed! By by now hope that this has brightened up you day .

By By now

KYHOOYA said...

just thought you l needed a little to read hope you did the thing I wrote about you may know or may not but are never to od to say again and hope that everyone get it sooon . that and there is a funny part to



KYHOOYA said...

you know what my wife is an idiot and as I look at it just get dumber every day.

anyone eles having this problem?

I mean I still love her but her way of thinking is just out there we have had this name for it around here for siome time now we call it the Pink Fluffy World she goes off to and everything is fine and al is right for her there.

Just wish I could get my hands on the key to it cuz Daddy be taken a long well over due rest there and good luck getting me to come back.
Real only makes up 20% of the reality around you the rest is just eye wash to keep you thinking everything is O.K. oh and that 20% part of it comes from the T.V. shows so the correct numbers are much less as far as it goes for what the real deal is and what's bull shit that is

Just thought I would post that to se what you all thought


KYHOOYA said...

It's not my place to say this I'm sure but God with all due repect and with first hand experence with dealing with Tin Cup and how it can bring out the... well lets just say it's understandable how you might be brought the the point of swearing ...and no one is say that you did! I don't want to make you mad for saying this .... Oh whatthe hell go with it what ever is good enough for you I say is theright thing to do

never mind the first part don't know what I was thinking about with that

ah See ya later O.K God ...?

I know he is a real pain how about that list for the boat trip maybe you can loss his name by chance and I know that is hard for your title to do as lose anything by chance but lets just say maybe you gavethe job to soneione else to do for a bit just when it got around the end of trhe S' and picked back up somewhere in the U's would work i think.

But as always your the bosss so what ever you see fit is ok with me

By the way Have I told you how good that new pair of sandles looks on you?
well they do I telling you there nice.

Alrighty then I gotta run I 'll talk to you l8r well ofcourse you would know that I don't have to tel... o. k I'm off see ya

KYHOOYA said...

Hey just a thought Tin Cuppy do you find that when you run into peoploe tha you know they all of a sudden are call away or have to leave where you are?

Just was wondering that or if you hear screms come out from where you just left?

I don't know why I would thinjk these thing by it did make some sence to me after your last post about Karl and all .

Let me know about tha would you but know hurry.

By the way I hear you pist off God again , You better watch out befor you know it your going to have to buy some scuba equipment you hear what I'm saying ?

I'll see y.. well just say by for know k! then


KYHOOYA said...


I have heard told that it only takes a ten min. office proceedure to have these remove Butt that it can be a bit painfull if your really attached to them and can cause some to have headaches afterward.
That is something that some may want to give extra thought to when then are Thinking about this ass a cure to a growing number of asses out there to da.

Just whated to help kut back on the preperaion H your needing these day when giving some thought to this problem

Know need to thank me