Thursday, March 29, 2007

Faith, Hope & Love (02-20-07)

As I review the blogs and comments I’m beginning to question whether Faith, Love & Hope are material to this material world. If you look at all the complaints or concerned confessed here it is all materially based with few exceptions. I have tried to share a relevant faith that is only ridiculed. The sacrifice of love to suffer for the ultimate benefit of others cannot be fathomed. Hope is deemed vanity because the material critics appropriate their material suffering as spiritual judgment, which condemns. How can that which is condemned have hope? Though I expound on these subjects to enlighten, encourage, and entice material eyes can’t see it and material tuned ears can’t hear it. This response of distain to life giving words intrigues me. I must ask myself am I delusional or just contrary to a world trapped in despair? I suspect that if our success would come without the suffering that the happiness believed by the material would still have the burden of complaint. I think the average are so parched by a soul that takes no pleasure in material success. Are these values so foreign now that total discomfort prevents any effort towards becoming better individuals? Is it the best of love when we only love ourselves, dispense forgiveness and grace endlessly and only have harsh judgment for others? Am I precluded from being a vessel of truth because you don’t view yourself honestly? If God spoke through Balaam’s ass why are my words not measured against one greater? Are you all so secure in these virtues that my maturity is a blindness to my real state of immaturity? These are the virtues I’m trying manifest over and above our enemies, which is either wisdom or foolishness. What are they to you? Are they even material to your material life?


neodemes said...

"If God spoke through Balaam’s ass why are my words not measured against one greater?"


Nah. Too easy.

near the end said...

Hey Bruce/Neo, Why did you cheat your creditors by fileing "BANKRUPTCY"?

habakkuk said...

Yeah neo....tell us.

tcob247 said...


"You must be a real drag to be around in so much as you never have one sam thing to say that is not a downer note at it's core"

And you are Mr Sunshine?????


You crack me up weasel

Thanks for taking all that time to type your ranting posts....but I didnt read them. Sorry (not)

No construction work today??
No more orders for outhouses?

Well...I am outa here for a few days.
Spring break on Florida beaches.

Sure beats sittin in prison watchin spiders