Friday, November 30, 2007

The Trial Aftermath

The trial was a complete success. I didn't want to have it because it was irrelevant to how I plan to settle this case. It became necessary when Judge Alsup and I jousted for superiority at commerce after I asked the jury to enter a guilty verdict. I was forced into the trial by the necessity of prevailing in control. Now I preferred the guilty verdict in the spirit for more reasons than I can inform you of. In the flesh I am a man that wanted to get home to my wife and to end the suffering. An acquittal was a temporary relief to my flesh but at the expense of too much victory to really desire it. If I had gotten it though some of the clients would be in the position of our critics making a boast I would have been crying about how much effort and years it will take me to band-aid this shallow victory into what I desire for you clients. Now the victory is set at the mark necessary and substantive. The jury can never be your hope and if you fall into that lie you are through already.

The trial we had was great and we did a fantastic job. When the transcripts become available most of you will see that we overwhelmed the prosecution. I know they are grandstanding now but a circus chimp could have won that trial with the help received from the bench. Alsup was a pro about his business of putting down Dorean an important personal goal for him. The one thing he didn't count on is us knowing the subject matter better than even him. He would say things like never in the history of the universe can you come up with such a conclusion. In his little universe which has no economic reality within it I can see his problem but I don't live there. What clinched the conviction was his jury instructions and I think the most problematic one was posted on here. With that instruction every jury but total dolts would be forced to come back with a guilty verdict. I thank the judge even though I had to object for strategic reasons for being the man I expected him to be. I could not come to the victory intended without him being himself. Prosecutors are also predictable. They didn't understand the subject matter and because of that made fatal errors in their victory. I can't disclose these yet but will after I have informed them strategically. Let them sip their champagne for awhile until they have to swallow their mistakes. Now back to the trial. The focus was on clients more than banks. Banks were left out completely from any relevant stand point. No banker came within a 100 miles of this trial or the witness stand. Nothing but document custodians appeared. There was one from Farmer's State Bank in Montana that really represented the substance of them all. She didn't know the difference between a maker and a holder. This is the party explaining to you your rights in the mortgage contract. Most of you are smarter than these people and yet like lemmings you'll listen to them. We even had a Vice President of 23 years say his bank shreds the original promissory note. 23 years and he is stupid enough to think he doesn't shred his interest with the shredding of the note. Walker Todd was the smartest guy there and probably the only relevant witness. He took the party line which I don't blame him for. Dr. Bates came with much appreciation but was kept in a box procedurally that minimized his effectiveness. If it wasn't for the jury instructions I think we would have won the trial hands down. The criminal intent element that had to be proved was coddled very easily when the jury was told that all the actions, paperwork, and law relied upon is criminal. Soon you guys are going to thank me for my willingness to forge past all the flatulence of these blowhards.

Now the contempt charges were dropped and perhaps I was too eager to point out their error before it went to jury because I'm certain they would have found me guilty of those charges also. I made the mistake of telling them they didn't prove contempt but the judge said denied, going to jury. Then again I said in his jury instruction that he was mentioning evidence that had not been admitted. Well I guess that was enough and the prosecution dismissed with prejudice the next day. That just goes to show you how prejudiced this judge is. In fact I think his middle name might just be "denied." Really I don't have contempt for him as a jurist. I actually think of him as rather smart. It is his criminal heart I have contempt for. He uses all his cleverness for evil. I can't respect a man that doesn't respect himself. He sells himself cheap to the whores of this world. Nothing he could do to me would change my opinion. Only making the change of accepting the offer of Christ "follow Me" could make a change to a respectable man. The trial lasted 15 days which was plenty to perfect the record. 12 days for the prosecution and 3 for defense. There were a few witnesses at various stages and most will tell you that we far out performed the prosecution. I say this in that you people fear mere shadows. Mr. Hall is one of the best in San Francisco and we know Alsup is the mechanic of the Northern District, and yet they can be beaten. I know these words appear delusional by one convicted but I have never been delusional and I have a psyche test from many degreed professionals to say otherwise. Why then would I say these words? This is something only the studied and the faithful can know the answer to.

To the rest of you confusion is my gift to you. We have to get ready for the sentencing and for appeals all by March 18th. This is our last date and was moved out because of the complexity of our case. All four of us will be there that day and I'm suspecting an important spiritual significance to this though I don't know all the reasons why this is important yet. I will keep the Blogs going though they will not be as frequent. I have a few deadlines to meet and only Scott and I to do the work. Mostly, I will encourage you to see what can't be seen and to know what will be in the bewilderment of circumstance. I can tell you I have never been more certain of my joy and expectation of victory. Not just any victory but the one I've imagined for over 3 years now. I have by God's help overcome mountain ranges I had not seen. Some taller and more steep than I thought possible, and yet my trek continues to peace, and goodness. In the end it will be sweeter than honey.

A Sign, Wisdom, and Reality (November 18, 2007)

Now that the verdict has been entered and the simpletons have danced the jig saluting their brilliance I'm certain an examination of my words is happening from both sides. It has been said that the Jews seek a sign, and that the Greeks look to wisdom, but God is seeking faith. Go over my words and see if you can find fault. See if there are signs, wisdom, or things that can be opposites. That does not solve your perplexity. You have heard me talk of deadlines that have come and gone and now you want to use that as evidence that the victory is false? Let me explain the walk of faith a man must journey. God tells you that you must cross those mountains before you because on the other side I will bring you to a valley of peace and goodness. You know the trip will be difficult and that the promise is true so you choose in faith to head towards the mountain range. At first glance and with calculations of speed and geography a man says these mountains will be upon me at this time. As he approaches the mountains and is excited by his eminent reach to the pinnacle he arrives at the top of the mountain to discover unseen ranges still ahead of him. Faith got him to the mountain top not a sign or wisdom. At the top the faith that got him there inspires him to finish the course he started even though it is longer than his eyes had envisioned. Don't look to my words as the gospel I am just a man faithing. Look to the Lord and confirm with Him if my faith is justified. Do you want to look to these retards on here for their wisdom? Where is their faith? God is looking for faith not words. Examine my faith and see if you find fault. If you do not let it inspire your faith and let us walk the walk together. You see God deliberately confounds the wise with the foolishness of Christ and refuses to give any sign except Himself. He has already proven He disguises victory in defeat. There are too many examples in the bible for me to reiterate. The scriptures are replete with these examples and if you can't find them you are lazy.

I have told you all along I don't need a client's understanding, a juror's understanding, or the press. All I need is my special training that none of you could afford if I charged you its going rate. I have had to protect every one of you from your ignorance and I can say not one of you are exempted from this statement. God equips those whom He calls and faith would recognize that though wisdom would miss it. Others looking for a sign also would miss it. You now know this beyond a shadow of doubt that I would risk my life for the truth. Silly platitudes about drinking kool-aid won't change the evidence. I never took a lawyer, stood on my own face to face with the villain. No client's were there except to volunteer to their own worst interest. No champions were there for me to rely on. No bankers were there to prove me wrong. I stood under the threat of 30 years and am now convicted to finish what I started. For what? Your thousand dollars! Can you really believe that? I have a genius level IQ and experience with a fraud prosecution and resources of knowledge most people don't possess and you think I would sit around and face off with this bully to prove what? If I was the crook convenient to the simpleton mind on here I would have raised my prices, pushed harder for the refinances, not used a trust, not trickled into the market and would have done a mad dash of fraud and a mad dash exit to luxury and no one would have been able to stop me or catch me. I chose on December 2, 2004 when judge Alsup posed his challenge to come to battle for the whole enchilada. One of us was going to be the carpet for the other. He was going to bet that he and all his soldiers were going to make his Humpty-Dumpty plans come together in the end, and I was going to bet they couldn't. Now most of you think he has won and I ask you where your faith is. Stop trusting in your wisdom it will make you look like a fool. Find the faith of Christ and see past the wonderland projection before you. Isn't that what Christians do?

This world, this system, and the devil are all a lie and through Christ we can see past it all to reality, to truth. Now to those of you who are prayers and faithers with me I still call on you to faith. Don't even waste your time on praying according to your understanding. None of you understand the legal system like I do and can't imagine why I see victory approaching when it looks like defeat has already arrived. Pray for all our faith to be strengthened and for God to prove Himself upon the reluctant. Let us all make our boast in Him. Study the word, study the mortgage industry, study banking as it is today, and study the human spirit including your own. That is wisdom when applied through faith that can net you some understanding. Fear not for me, I am excited. I wanted the guilty verdict because I want the ultimate victory. Judge Bean Head is right about one thing when he says that certain things have been adjudicated already. If I don't go beyond the fraud that obtained those judgments I will be subject to them. I know the fraud, and I know the remedy. That understanding is kid's play and I have always been about a very sophisticated plan. All my mentors are dead now and I stand alone as the one with the knowledge. I look to no one who understands what I am doing though many have some understanding. I am a trustee, a professional trustee, a committed trustee, and one who knows your business better than you'll ever know it even if you sit under my teaching for years. So in the end if you think I am finished enjoy the thought for a little while. If you think I'm not and are still concerned, pray. If you know through faith where I’m going, then start dancing and praising the Lord for His deliverance is thorough and joyous.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deliberation (November 9, 2007)

By the time this post the jury will be in deliberation. We have completed the trial we did not prepare for because of what we wanted to do. Though God surprised us, He also equipped us to put on a good trial. Make no mistake about the environment we were in. Judge Alsup was a commercial lawyer with a top San Francisco firm that had mostly bank clients. He has a good friend named Barry Hovis who was the bank lawyer for World Savings in the Frances Kenny case. Mr. Hovis said the internet was true and that we were scam artists. Judge Alsup took his cue and slammed Thomas Speilbauer. I was there for that hearing on December 2, 2004. It was at that time I knew that my enemy had appeared and that we were going to have to slay the giant to prevail in the marketplace. With God all things are possible. We never had a chance at a fair trial and Judge Alsup was the mechanic to guarantee that. From that moment on the government was free to do a cut and paste investigation because they already had a federal judge blessing their conclusions. What he didn't plan on were two men of faith trust in God to defeat the best under impossible odds. Even under these circumstances I think we have a small chance of winning this trial. It was nothing about our process or if the banks actually lent money. The judge legislated from the bench that the banks are lenders because they say they are. He is not stupid, he is the best judge money can buy. What I need to explain to you now even at the risk of a hung jury and a retrial is that there is a very specific reason why I prefer a guilty verdict. The trial is a fiction, a drama, only designed through rhetoric to form an opinion. Opinions mean nothing until they are confirmed with truth. Most people will leave the courtroom and do their own research and modify their opinion of the real facts that were never presented to them. As a Christian man, one is trained to pierce through all the rhetoric of this world and to form an opinion of real truth.

The one real truth I tired to teach my clients and visitors here on the Blog is what I know with an absolute certainty that there is no law in this country. Law is an agreement between the parties based on knowledgeable informed consent. it can only be formed to protect equity, or property rights. Property is something that Americans don't have. They have the serf privilege of a lease hold but never ownership. Secondly in a debt based economy there can be no equity on the negative side of the ledger. What we call money is debt, or a promise to pay. A promise is not the property to fulfill the promise. Therefore this court and all courts are relegated to mere debt collection forums for the lender of credit. They are commercial paper or commercial judgment mills that take the promised labor of their victims and hypothecate it through implied penumbra contracts. When I asked the Jury to enter a guilty verdict for us at the beginning of this trial, it was so I could get to the offer of commerce and hold my contract rights to my possession and not have them traded, sold, or bargained. That would be the end of the banking business. In this way I don't prove how banking is done in a rhetorical court that already knows and has decreed no one else to know, but rather I prove by the court that all my banking understanding is the truth. I don't know if I'll get that opportunity because the trial went really well. I will ask the Jury one last time to enter a guilty verdict but after explaining to them why, I'm not certain they will. Now my enemies know what I am thinking and they all must think I'm crazy but it is their lazy lemming minds that are the problem not mine. They have to continue to believe that the wizard is real because of all the wonders they see. I know how the wizard bedazzles the fools and cannot live in fiction. Talking tea cups (lawyers) and the mad hatter (Alsup) are only relevant in wonderland, but I'm not Alice.

I so wish the clients would not have been such suckers and studied until the fire rose in their bellies to defend their property. Instead they let the government that created the damages point the finger at the only friend they truly have in the banking arena. I'm not afraid of Alsup cheating or going pirate at that moment of commerce because I truly believe I was called for this moment in history and was specifically trained by the Lord to deal with the wickedness before me. Judge Alsup must know what I'm up to because he worked very hard not to allow me control of the contracting process. Once the verdict of guilty comes from a Jury though, he must go to that place he has tried to avoid and he cannot force me now to enter an offer of guilty as an agreement but must make the offer based upon his agents the Jury. If I make the offer of guilty, all he has to do is accept and I am toast. If he makes the offer of guilty, all I have to do is refuse and he is toast. The plea deals we accepted allowed us by writing to accept guilty and to make the offer to him without the liability and that is why they were all refused. In a world of law a contract is binding, but in commerce more than the expressed terms are considered. It is time for the people to learn that the bloated government they fear is not worthy of such fear. They are only deceptive thieves more than cold blooded killer thugs. It would only take a small percentage of people treating them like a debt collector until they began revealing that is all they power they have. The first quarter of this next year the bankers are going to rake in one of the largest transfers of wealth from the people to their greedy little pockets and I'm convinced in the spirit that God had an alternate plan designed long ago waiting for some men of faith to show up.

Phooey on you spiritual retards on this Blog who couldn't faith out of a Sunday service. All of you would have lawyered up and thrown up the vain hope prayer while not listening to God's guidance. That is the difference between the few here who even through the loss call on the Lord to prefect them and the circumstances for His glory and not their benefit, and between the rest of you reprobate self-righteous losers who think God is judging me with His wrath while He is looking down upon you with His grace. By your own confessions you expose the filth of your souls just like judge Alsup. He exposes his wickedness by the very acts he employs. If he was the unbiased judge at law he wants others to believe him to be, he would not be involved in this case because of the conflicts and his personal bias. The very fact he is involved to make sure his crimes are covered is evidence of his soul's standing. We gave him offers of Christ and righteousness and they were all refused. I did not make that offer to protect me from his trap but to protect him from his own trap. Wicked men always fall prey to their own devices as a matter of course in their existence. I can tell that by the amount of faith I had to exercise how high Alsup has worked himself into in the courses of the devil. His roots are deep and his eyes are lost to darkness. Not even the brightness of the Lord's countenance could be seen from the place he dwells. You think I should fear such a fool? You don't know the Lord if you think these men are powerful. God uses men like Scott and I and like you if you'll faith to clean up this world from these villains. Now there is nothing left but to see the work of the Lord and to learn of His brilliance. The plan was not to bring me before the giant of the Northern District to lose, but to prevail because he was the giant of evil and God had enough. Things are going to change. Someone has to die (figuratively) like when the three were thrown into the fiery furnace. They were tossed in but those who did the tossing got destroyed not the three. They got to dance with the Lord in their peril. Soon even the king had to recognize that their God was the real God. That is the end all of all the trials we face. At the end everyone must confess in honest that our God is the real God. It is what made Dorean different than a mortgage elimination company. Dorean was a prop in the eternal battle between God and His enemies about His standing and glory. I will not use my life and the comforts of this world to deny Him a chance to show off His greatness. In all, Lord be gloried and make my life a boast of You.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Verdict (November 15, 2007)

The jury deliberated for only 6 hours before it returned a guilty verdict. I know this will be the great debate on this Blog and in the news. I know whether friend or foe that this trial was the hope for validation. As you know from me it never was for me. I have tried to explain to you the best I could under the warfare environment that my hope was never in wonderland. On December 2, 2004 after my first meeting with Alsup I understood that this was his plan for me. I did not run but began to plan for its possibility and to protect all the trusts from the mad hatter. Where I differ from most of you and why I think I am a good Trustee is that I chose not to believe the dictates of wonderland as realty. To impose reality upon wonderland I must be willing to take my life to the ultimate reality of destruction. The field of play becomes clear that the wonderland champion Alsup and Dorean's champions Scott and I arrive at that moment of history where one truth will perish. It appears to be a settle matter to most of you as of the 14th, but that was just the beginning of the end. If banking is a debt based economic realty then some of the things we think of as reality are not. This parallel universe or alternate dimension will always have argument from the polarized opinions.

The jury was a controlled tool that was limited to a portion of the facts and steered to this decision by jury instructions given by Alsup. When he instructs them that all our actions and good faith defenses are criminal it was not hard for them to deliver what he wanted. This was the consummation of his plan from way back. What will be the consummation of God's plan is all that matters. It is so very easy for men to dictate God's actions according to their will but very few will give their lives over to trusting Him. I am willing to die for the truth and to give up all the joys of this life for eternity. The placaters of this world will always vilify the man of faith. How can anyone expect anything else? This world crucified the Son of God. How smart was that? Some of you have shown yourselves to truly know the Lord. To you I say that I am delighted by the faith opportunity before me. If I prevail every liar will be silenced and even the fools will be delivered. This was always the plan from December 2, 2004 until now. The path has been interesting and much of it confused me but now it all makes sense. Pray that our faith fail not. Don't doubt in the dark the truth you learned in the night. Many will say I have a messiah complex because I weep or am willing to suffer. My answer is that I have a complex messiah that is beyond figuring out while my accusers have a God of their own creation they call Christ to deceive themselves. He is not complex but a Christ as shallow as the creator. February 5, 2008 is sentencing. I expect no sugar out of Alsup so less than 30 years will probably not be the offer. He thinks I'm a crook and I think he's a fraud so friendship was never an option. Pray to God those who know Him and He will give you the peace I have in His plan. Finally God will be proved true and every man proved the liar. Keep talking for soon you may have to eat your words. I'm the easy target but I may not be the dupe you suspect. See you at the finish line.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Middle of the End (November 3, 2007)

The prosecution has rested on Thursday the 1st and we are now poised to begin our defense. This trial that I did not prepare for has been exhausting to manage on the fly but with God's help we are doing really well. I think we finished with a 90% chance of being convicted before we speak and that is pretty good. They have shot for a very certain target which is not where we reside. If I can only convince 12 people who know less about banking than my gullible uneducated clients that our intention was as a whistle blowing consumer advocacy then the tides will turn. The clients that came in are easily overcome and so are the bankers so the closing point is the credibility of Scott and Me. We were going to have a CPA testify but that was quashed by efforts of the prosecution which left me in a lurch with no outside credibility to our understanding of banking. Walker Todd was helpful in his first testimony though he is still tethered to the company line; He is being recalled and will testify on Monday the fifth. Hopefully I can elicit some better talking points especially if I am denied any expert testimony. Perhaps the loss of the CPA will net me a banker. The parties are willing but because of the short notice and the court's opposition to the truth there may be some hurdles to overcome. At the close of the government’s case a rule 29 motion for acquittal is optioned to the defense. I have prepared one without expectation but do believe it fully states the facts to preserve appeal issues. Secondly there will be the argument over jury instructions. This is generally where the judge decrees to the jury if they are breathing in their jail clothes they are guilty. To my surprise Mr. Alsup's instructions were not that painful. Are they prejudicial, most certainly, but not insurmountable. In the end the argument over these instructions will guarantee me a reversal on appeal. Don't worry I will not be going that direction but as a tactician I must be cautious and prevail on every front. I owe that as part of my duty. If you guys could only imagine what training it has taken me to prevail upon this court in a battle this severe with all the political ramifications you would be embarrassed that you thought of me so cheaply. I'm amazed at what surfaces within me at the time I need it and it is always there. Like Mordecai stated to Esther, "Perhaps you are called for such a time as this". It seems to make sense. Mr. Hall is one of the USA's most experienced trial lawyers and Judge Alsup is one of the benches mechanics so the deck is stacked but beating the best is what being a champion is all about. The enemy will not fear you if you beat their retards but if you beat their champion they have learned of your true strength.

By the time this post the jury can be in deliberation. History is here and what will she make of the men who have arrived to meet her. With God as my friend I am comforted through all my fears. Just a little note to all of you who are convinced they know me. You don't! Your advice is foolish to me and your opinion is irrelevant. Is there anyone out there who is humble enough to pray for me and tell me what the Lord wants me to hear or must I tolerate the flatulence of the self righteous to infinitum? My son does a drive-by and I should jump out of my skin. Those kids had access to me without difficulty for years and never once picked up the phone or wrote one letter unless I paid for it in advance. I've got kids that love me and I enjoy. Complain all they want about dented cans you've never seen, I've got dented kids I've never seen. If your mother is as great a woman as you say why did you show yourself to be such an ass on my Blog? Scott, yes I want to renew our friendship one day but must I tolerate your ignorance every time you appear on this Blog with a display of kindness and then an insult? You don't know me or 30 years of my history so how are you qualified to comment? What factual basis to you possess? Why is it so difficult for you to say I wish you well and hope to see you again someday? Don't preach to a kid who could care less about the Lord, as his father I can assure you that I have spent much quality time in prayer for his soul, far more than your cursory concern. I will manage that little brat according to the wisdom of God and not the opinion of men. Everyone one wants to give away the treasures of heaven to every fool seeking trinkets. Christ is the most valuable commodity in all creation and you want to give it away cheap to a kid who isn't seeking it. Who told you and fruity to do such a thing? It was not God because that is not consistent with His word. Look I don't know anything about you and nor do I have a Blog to even study your thoughts. I recall you as a genuine friend and sincere personality and I don't think the world would have changed you that much. If you have been a Christian for twenty years I suspect the Lord would only enhance these qualities and not diminish them. Don't go outside yourself to impress anyone on this Blog or to impress me. You would impress me more if you kept your comment to your understanding of the mortgage industry, friendship, the Lord, or how you relate to the world. I bet you understand your thought 100% better than you understand mine. I have studied my subject matter for over 25 years and it will be a long time before you will come close to comprehending the decisions I make. If we hook up again I will give you the opportunity but from a distance I promise you that you'll never know. For those of you who want to pray for the spiritual welfare of my children I thank you. Do not coddle the little rebel. Let him come on here and blast his father all he wants I'm thick skinned. He is in a long line of haters. He is in a short line of children but first he must get out of the other line. I don't expect this anytime soon and contrite platitudes will not make it come any faster. I have many wonderful things to tell him-when he shuts his mouth and opens his ears.