Sunday, July 27, 2008

Water to Wine (7/19/08)

I would like to take you to the scripture John 2 : 1-11 known as Christ's first miracle. Jesus spoke in parables to disguise His message but were His miracles straight forward? Jesus had to deal with retards also who upon hearing do not hear and upon seeing do not see. They can easily take a typo like "I(t) will clearly be the Lord." and make a self delusional pre-textual argument to entertain themselves. There was a misprinted Bible in the 1800's called the adulterers Bible. It stated "Thou shall commit adultery." What do you think these retards could have done with a Bible like that to justify their perversions? I'm not speaking to them but for those who have an ear I wish to show you that Jesus used miracles as another form of parabolic teaching. Please join me in Cana.

The 11th verse states clearly that the purpose of this miracle was to display His glory. This is the center of the gospel and the efforts of the heavens. Now His glory has always been and is not dependent upon this miracle. It is quite the opposite. Our revelation is dependent on the miracle.

Mary is the mother of Jesus and with it would come a presumption of authority. But this is no ordinary son this is The Son of Glory. He is under the authority of His Father and about His Father's business. Mommy approaches Him with her business forgetting this truth. He quickly (but gently) rebukes her. She is immediately calibrated in the spirit. Now looking to Him as Lord she says "do whatever He tells you." What I find precious is that the rebuke and chastisement did not alleviate Christ from picking up the need as His own. (1 Pet. 5:7) Mary also shows us the correct relationship and response. In doing so she automatically reveals the retarded response. This is why I will always offend and contend with the retards. They approach Christ wanting Him to be about their infantile business. They never hear the rebuke. Jesus has always been approached by the deaf and blind retards. In 2:25 His response is that He does not commit (entrust) Himself to them. They think they know Him but He is not in relationship with them. Thus will come their revelation at the end of the age.

His revelation of His resurrection power is the next thing addressed. Our first indication is the 3rd day of this event. All truth of Christ points to one absolute proof, (The sign of Jonah) Him getting out of the grave as the conquerer of Hell death and sin. (1 Cor. 15:14, Rom. 6:4) Next you have the selection of the 6 waterpots. 6 is the number for man. Christ is going to reveal His glory through man. This is no ordinary man but one selected and set aside for purification. (Eph. 1:3-6) He is going to decree they be filled with water (the Holy Spirit) in a quantity of 20-30 gallons. Notice the selection is all Christ. Man has done nothing except exist as an empty vessel. Now the vessel (man) in dwelt by the water (Holy Spirit) has a regeneration. A new life a new wine is produced. Still man has done nothing. This new wine is by its nature the best. It is overflowing abundant in all ways.

The quantity of the water has significant numerical revelation. I actually think God left the volumes of these waterpots uncertain between two choices because each makes a truth point. 6 x 20 = 120 Twenty is the product of 4 x 5. Four is the number for Earth and five is grace. There are other combinations also like 2 x 10 but I will leave that to your further study. If God used 120 gallons He did so to highlight His grace for this Earth. Now the gospel is written in the stars by the signs of the zodiac. The scriptures make it clear the stars profess His glory. They never have and never will tell you how to manage your affairs. That is the counterfeit by the devil to disguise the truth. The Earth is 360 degrees. The gospel in the stars is written in three chapters. His birth, His ministry, and His 2nd coming. Each of these divide equally in the heavens at 120 degrees. 120 degrees was the end of chapter one and the beginning of His ministry the exact moment of our text.

If we go with the 5 x 6 x 6 we get 180 degrees. Five we know as grace and six the number of man. The gospel is nothing more than grace for man. A 180 is the path of repentance. It is how we love God. God must call us fill us with the Holy Spirit which empowers us to repent and live in a newness of a new life. We as a fallen creature have turned 180 degrees from our creator and rebelled to walk away from Him and the life He sustains. It is the direction of death. Many think they can make this turnabout to please God but I have found no substance behind this claim. On the contrary I only find evidence from the Scriptures that this notion is false. If you take a circle and draw a line from 360 degrees to 180 degrees dividing it in half and then take the two lines from the center that divide the chapters written in the stars at 120 degrees and 240 degrees from the center you would make a picture of the famous hippie peace sign. Maybe the hippies got something right. Was it not God who said to the shepherds that peace to earth and good tidings to man. The gospel message is a season of God lavishing upon man what they don't deserve. It is His best that was saved for last. He sent all His servants then He finally sent His Son. That will end when we arrive at the moment in history that is the 240 degree mark. Until then we have this miracle story of God's nature and plan. When the sons of thunder wanted to call down fire from heaven because the Samaritan town would not accept them Jesus rebuked them with this same truth.

Next you will notice that at the entire show there was only one that could solve the problem and only one who could be looked to. He is the way, the truth, and the life, no one can access God except through Him. This is the real Him not the imagination of men. The real deal takes center stage in all the events of His creation. Not even a sparrow falls outside of the the Father's will. This miracle makes implicit what is made explicit throughout the ages.

The governor (the world) is not blind to the effects of God's control over the event but is blind to them in understanding. There is no cure for this. Even at the end of the age they will go to the bridegroom seeking an explanation and none will be given. Oh but the servants knew. What joys there are in being chosen.

My favorite for those who have an ear is that beautiful command "draw out." This is that faith opportunity we all cherish. Though this text appears to be the first miracle that is not the case when one hears this command. Our arrival at this moment is a countless string of miracles. The request may appear risky but God has said and we must obey. I call on all of you now to draw out from the very best God offers. Whether the offer comes from Jehovah-Raphi our healer, Jehovah-Shalom our peace, Jehovah-Jireh our provider, or Jehovah-Nissi our banner. Draw out that the Lord might be glorified in you.

Lastly is the wedding itself. For at the end of the age all the miracles, the words of God, the faith opportunities, the obedience is the marriage. I for one look forward to the day at the end of my battle to have my delayed wedding celebration. Just the thought of seeing my lovely bride in all her sparkling grandeur coming to join me with a cloud of witnesses before God to forever commit to the relationship makes me understand Christ's passionate work. The miracles of miracles "I do!"

No stranger can know the intimacy of bride and groom. That's why some of you will be encouraged by this truth and others will, you know, act retarded.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The True Winers (07-04-08)

Again I apologize for the delays caused by my travels and the unfortunate destruction of the blogs previously written that has caused my lack of communication. I did obtain one benefit of being able to talk with some of you by phone. What a delight you are. Let me put it to you by way of scripture. In John 2:1-11 we see Christ manifested by His first miracle. Mary dictates to her son a mandate for help. He rebukes her gently but does not dismiss the need. She was His mother in the flesh but had no spiritual authority over Him. He was about His Father's business. How many times have we mandated to the Lord how He should solve our problem. I have been guilty even in this trial. As I enter my third year of incarceration I can say for certain God has missed every deadline I've set for Him. What is clear about this miracle is that Jesus is in control. He is in control of your relationship to Dorean and Dorean's relationship to the mortgage industry. The scripture says "Blessed is the man who waits upon the Lord." What I heard from those I talked with was you waiting upon the Lord. That blessed me. Like you I am convinced that only Christ can turn water into wine for His glory. We can fill the water pots and obey His commands. Soon though our faith will require us to "draw out" this wine and display it to the world. (The governor). Though they will be amazed they will not know what the servants know. That is why the retards on this blog will never cease being the critics. Even when the wine arrives and Christ has manifested Himself only the servant will understand. Even the many retards who claim Christ have a Christ they control of their own imagination. They will still rebuke the servants in the know because they are ignorant. I know some of you are ready now with a right heart, a servants heart, to see what the Lord will do. I like you patiently wait upon the Lord. In the end the wine is the best and is more than abundant to the need. He overwhelms the need in quantity and in quality. This is what I couldn't teach many but that is because the Lord has not committed Himself to them. They claim Him for their glory not for His. They are willing not to sacrifice all for the glory of knowing Him. Those who know Him and obeyed Him in joining Dorean know He sees your need and soon what is impossible for man will be done by Him. Thanks for encouraging me with your faith. You are the true winers.

Friday, July 18, 2008

God's Increase is disguised (7-13-08)

I made it back to Safford on 7-9 and returned to the SHU. It appears there is a threat of another criminal prosecution out of some work I did in defending the Dorean case. Don't worry. It concerns me none. What it does do is make my stay here at Safford very tentative. If you signed up to visit me please call first to verify I am still here. If they should indict it will mean a trip back to California. I will find out what they plan to do with me shortly. I am using the time wisely fasting and praying. I can do no legal work since I have been precluded by the BOP from access to my legal work. I don't suspect this to change soon. It appears to be part of the bully tactics to cheat. I don't know about you but this is the way I think. Why go for a new indictment that only carries a max of 10 years if you are confident in the 25 you just obtained? I can't come up with a logical reason in my head. This indictment does not include Scotty for which I am grateful. He has suffered and sacrificed enough. Though we are brothers our callings are distinct. It may be that I must fight again for even a greater victory. This has nothing to do with Dorean so I won't bore you with the details. I am excited to be indicted on these issues if I should be so fortunate. They go deeper into the core of money issues than Dorean. Dorean is a mere skirmish compared to the trophies of this battle. I am still working on phase one but am being hindered by my travels and uncertainty. Indictment or not this will change in the matter of course. Please be patient and continue your prayers. Not one sparrow falls to the ground outside the Father's will. This fact forces us to come to the belief that God is always in control. Think of all the tears shed for worry and doubt. God increase our faith!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Current Addresses

Kurt has been moved from facility to facility and has had limited access to supplies. New blogs and updates to arrive soon.

Below are the current addresses of both Kurt and Scott:

KURT F JOHNSON 13177-081
P.O. BOX 9000
SAFFORD, AZ  85548

3600 Guard Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

Keep them in your prayers as they keep you in theirs!