Friday, August 12, 2011


I wrote a book called The Perfect Bride. The thesis was that God took the 8 virtues

found in second peter 1:5-7 and set them as a discernable trek for the relations between God and humanity. Further He uses these virtues over time to perfect His bride over the course of history through the seven church ages prophetically depicted in Revelations Chapter 2-3.

What this taught me is that a relationship with God is not mystical or ethereal but comprehensive. So comprehensive that it is discernable in the tempest of rhetoric practiced by most of humanity. One can know where they stand before God and interpret circumstance through that standing. This means that fruit inspectors can be easily identified as jackassas and that and that their voice is a fraud, contrarian to God. It also allows God’s children to recognize His work in and through every deception.

When you as my client jump on the band wagon of rhetoric you axiomatically condemn yourself. For if you were obedient to God you would have no complaint no matter what the truth of my behavior was, also if you understood the comprehensive nature of your relationship with God you would be able to judge me rightly. In your complaint you prove you are not properly relating to God. Not in the course His love has dictated for you to walk.

How much I would have liked it for my clients to understand the love of Christ working on their behalf through Scott and me to bring them deliverance and supporting that work in prayer. Then all of us could share in the glory of God’s mighty work. But thank God His love does not advance upon us because we have earned it. No by His grace He loved us while we were yet sinners. So even if you fought against your own deliverance, hated the source of God’s provision, doubted you choice or involvement in God’s plan, or ridiculed shamefully, Christ will finish the work His love began. It is my hope that when the testimony of His love is complete and all the frauds are embarrassed that next time you will discern His love advancing upon you and patiently trust its care.

A few have read this book and can now speak toward the revelation of the thesis being true of not. If it is true speak truth on this blog and encourage the wayward to find the discernable course of relationship with God. That is the hope of all my writing and why I have maintained this blog in the long delay of love’s course.

Friday, August 05, 2011


This prolonged incarceration has been a test upon patience. There are so many temptations of haste in the human spirit. Imaginations of life always promise a reality of possibility even though they can never deliver. Patience’s has to accompany trust or trust will fail.

When I think of Christ those 3 hours on the cross I see patience working along side trust. Being empowered at any moment to deliver yourself from suffering and yet ride out God’s intention rather than your own is a living patience. Even past the perception of God forsaking you, when you realize that Christ had to wrestle with sin in humanity until He conquered it and in doing so bore the purifying wrath of God to its fullest measure you’ll see patience, He did not hang there as the propitiation lamb of the Passover with no sense or will. No He was more that the type could teach. He was God in crenate using His will in trust to conquer the root of sin in the object of His affection which was rebellion or not-trust. Not for appeasement but for deliverance, A deliverance that was love’s expression, a trustworthy love that only patience will discover.

There were four co-defendants in our case besides Scott and me. I know that each of them was falsely accused, each I’m certain had to face the same demons of fear as Scott and I. Yet each found an exit swifter than us. I cannot judge them though I know of one whom the Lord gave me charges over which I could judge by the spirit. But patience would not allow Scott and me to betray trust. Even to the present patience has not waned in its resolve to see the testimony of Christ, which is His faithful love, revealed in the historical accounts of our lives. This testimony is not what drives the human spirit but is merely an expectation of that which rives God’s children. With His perfect love He loved us first and our reason given over to the Holy Spirit can deduce realistic and factual expectations based upon His reliable work. This is called faith, a special faith; the faith of Christ, which by example took this trust to the furthest extreme and revealed to us the course it takes. Patience lets it take us on that course and like Christ whose will desiring to get off the cross stayed the course to allow God’s love to bring its deliverance.

For Scott and I this is our best hope to overcome the wickedness that assaulted us and you by attacking you trustees, you may take offense at the delay and apparent uncertainty but you should take confidence that by the same power of will in Christ Scott and I have not jumped off our cross when we were empowered to and will stay with patience until deliverance is completed. That’s what love commands, that’s how love behaves, that’s loves course.

Monday, August 01, 2011

TRUST 5-31-11

The older I become in my Christian walk the more obvious it becomes that God enters into every situation to perfect trust in His children.

As I’ve observed His children there are a few noticeable behavioral responses that seem to pattern in their lives. You might call them growing pains. If we’re honest with ourselves we’ll admit we have practiced these behaviors. Doubt is usually the trigger to our carnal responses. Reason and spiritual ignorance are usually brought in as first responders to any crisis. This is where your mind goes around about the sovereignty of God. If God is omnipotent then every thing that happens to us is by divine decree or divine permission. We can even find scriptures like in job to support these first responders. This merry-to-around intends to bring us to blame because we can’t reconcile the events with a loving God or a just God or bring us to trust in a false precept that will ultimately disappoint which will move us to not trust God. Generally haste accompanies these first responders.

If you should survive the lies of the first responders then introspective will search your life for sin. If you don’t find it you move to doubts again of God’s justice or question your blindness. In either case truth is missing and God is not trusted. If you should find sin then shame calls you to hide from God or to excel in religious practice so you can earn His favor and appease His wrath. The result again is not trusting God.

If introspective fails then extrospective measures your life against others. The same cheerleaders assist you here. The result again is eyes turned away from God in distrust. You will see people you judge not as good as you blessed or people better than you. Your judgment is false and cannot lead to truth.

Apathy can arrive as part of your hiding from God. This is a response to all the disappointments of improper or misplaced trust. It is not trust to behave like a kite with no attachment to a relationship, soon you will find yourself lost wondering where God is.

But the love of God is trustworthy and calls our spirit in every circumstance to say “unto you Lord do I commend my spirit”. This is the only response that keeps its focus on God and allows His virtues to walk you through all your weakness until you acquire more evidence of His faithfulness; I am not disappointed by my prolonged incarceration or the injustice that currently triumphs over my life. God has always been near and changeless in His tender mercies towards me. A perfect love cast out fear which is the companion to all doubts and responders. The faith of Christ is the gift given to overcome all these lies and allow you to rest in a perfect love no matter the circumstances. Trust is not natural but supranational. That is why only God’s true children can practice it. And the world will always ridicule it.