Sunday, January 24, 2010

Worldview, 11-20-2009

Many of you think my talk of Christ irrelevant to the Dorean plan or outcome. I this blog, I am expressing my worldview. Your worldview is that collective view that shapes your character and your entire frame of reference to life. It is the set of rails your will runs upon. Our nation was formed by the worldview of deists. The revolution could not have occurred and our Constitution could have been written by another worldview. The world no longer accepts this worldview and has fallen into naturalism or post-modernism. Both embrace science as the educator and only source of truth. Relativism varies slightly between the views. These worldviews are shaping every important aspect of our culture. The Christian worldview which has absolutes inherent within it rebukes these other worldviews as false. False is not an attribute of the other worldviews. Under these views Alsup has no accountability nor do the lenders. The cultural norms of accepted practices are the laws of the moment. Lenders to not have to be lenders in a classical sense are only so in name and function. Truth doesn't have to be truth in a absolute classical sense, but only relative to its functionality.

I would think learning that my will has been bound by absolute moral certainties in a classical sense in the development and execution of Dorean would give you hope. Your moral expectations are based upon what? What is your worldview? Do you believe absolutely that one should not steal or lie? Where do you obtain these absolutes? If they are absolute, can you give license to economic, political, and judicial institutions that differ from what you hold your neighbor and yourself to? You call me a liar and a thief. Okay, what of the lenders? Do they pass your absolute standard of honesty? How about the prosecutors and courts who use relativistic rhetoric to establish truth instead of investigation to uncover real truth. Do you hold them accountable to their judgment?

Why do you not delight in the fact that I lay life down for the battle for truth and have a worldview that makes truth important? Would you rather have trustees with the popular worldviews that make functionality the basis of choice? What choices would I have made already with this view that would have offended your absolutes? I tell you this truth; it is better to have men with this Christian worldview as your trustees in this epic battle than any other option, bar none. So stop complaining about my religious talk and analyze how it benefits you. Then pray the Lord strengthen your servants and your cause because it is true in a world of falsity.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am the unbred poet

with no pedigree to boast

fresh as the green twig

that whistles before it stings

You recoil from the thrashing

though there may be correction in this rod

while the stupor of complacency

thickens your skin

An iron will rusted into corruption

ignores the common element

that flows in the veins

of dogs and their masters

Thrones and robes of hypocrisy

proclaim benevolence for all

while misanthropic hearts beat red with envy

for the last hope of the common slob

Justice a mere dance of folly

law a weapon of deceit

morality a path for wandering feet

and an ass the seat of power

Where are the children who shed tears

who heard the whistle and felt the sting

have they outgrown the truth

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hide and Seek (11-1-09)

One of the great things about the God relating to man is His steadfast traits by which we come to know Him. One of those He consistently displays is His hiding Himself from mankind in general and revealing Himself to those who seek Him. It seems to men that if God really existed He would make Himself known by obvious display. There should be signs and wonders even a dullard couldn't miss. Was not the cruxifiction crowd to this sort? All men of this character claim that if God would display Himself they would surely serve Him. Why then does God hide with such professions of promised loyalty? Men don't know their own heart. But I would ask this question; "if God can be found by seeking Him why is it that you demand He comes to you?"

When I think of miracle, signs, and wonders they are not very unusual to those whom God reveals. Yet they can occur right before the unbeliever and they will not see it. I've also wondered at why God does not deliver me with spectacular power when He easily could? Then I learned something of the answer when studying His hide and seek in history. Hang in there I'll get to the Dorean relevance soon.

The Jew has displayed a zeal and integrity to God's word throughout the Nations and generation. Their witness is established and confirmed. Yet the very word they so vigorously defended spoke of their rejection of the Messiah and them becoming God's enemy. Now in human logic I would want my friends to guard my record. They would be generous and prejudiced to my most positive attributes. But God is far more clever. When the enemy who has established a credible record reveals you even though they deny you God has revealed Himself in such a way that cannot be denied, reveals Himself, and yet veils Himself to the non-seeker.

When I overlaid this style of God with the Dorean circumstance I managed to see a repeat. The wicked courts have an establish reputation of keeping a true record. Only few really know of their tamperings. But in our case like the Jews their goal is to hide the truth. Yet in the very actions they took to deceive they have preserved the truth. I got excited when God showed me He was sticking to an old pattern. No one would believe our record because of our self-interest. But when our enemy with the verified record documents suddenly truth is measured on its own. Of course it may still take a seeker but it will be in plain sight. The pattern of God did not call lightening boltz from heaven to smite the wicked judge so all men could know what was right by a sign. Instead he offended the wicked judge with a feeble truth presented by weak servants absent any power or verification outside the God he denies. In addition He'll use the wicked judge and his record to reveal His truth to the seeker. It's funny, clever, and beyond human skill. Even more ironic is the wicked have a sign and wonder of hide and seek to prove God but remain oblivious, even to their participation.

This revelation helped me make sense out of some of the exchanges between Alsup and myself as well as his fuming hatred for me. I had to chuckle a bit at God's advantage. Also it is easier to settle into peace when you see the long tough road is the brilliant path of your master. I can boldly say that God used this truth to edify my other prophetic thoughts. We will prevail in a fashion for too spectacular for Scott and Kurt to pull off but a great revelation of God's providence. Perhaps I'll be able to share more detail later.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Work of Patience (10-29-09)

The scriptures say tribulation worketh patience. At first glance this does not seem like an adorable promise. Yet I have a continual if not lingering proof in my trial that these words are true. There is something in the human psyche that gravitates towards comfort, resolution, and peace. No matter how obvious the hand of the Lord is revealed working to my good in trial I crave its end. Whether another 90 days or longer the delays rub me the wrong way. But patience is an excellent companion to bring alongside your faith. For faith which has inherent within it a trust muscle needs the endurance supplied by the aid of patience. As creatures of limited sense it is very easy for us to misinterpret God's ways and nature. We pray with eyes closed and expect our prize displayed before our eyes as soon as they open. Mostly this infancy is rare yet we'll doubt God and shipwreck our faith in an instant. God is very kind to move us beyond this self-centered toddler mentality. Through His patient work and situations that anchor us to a hope in Him we are dragged by patience to the faith obtained promise which ultimately exposes our doubts a fraud. It is a sharp edge that cuts to the very morrow of our being. It is where wheat and tores, sheep and goats, we divided. But all harvest is obtained by patience. Fight it or fight yourself because tribulation worketh patience.

Waves of Trouble

I have noticed a truism in my life. Troubles seem to come in waves. I wonder if this is a spiritual ploy proven effective at causing uncertainty which tempts doubt. human fortitude and hope can handle a direct assault, but faith seems to be the only thing that can handle the escalation and perpetuity.

The trigger that appears to be the catalyst to these waves of trouble is God's promise. Some new revelation is made known to you and the robber takes notice. One story that encourages me from the Scriptures is Joshua's early days in the promised land. When Achan sinned they lost their battle. Immediately Joshua prayerfully impugns God's character. Funny how our first thoughts are not to question the possible variables which are all human. Faith logic would deduce God promised victory therefore it must occur. Failure cannot be a question of God so it must be error. I have behaved just like Joshua here too many times to count. Once he recalibrated the waves increased. Yet this correction was very helpful. He was now in faith and the waves ultimately were an enhancement in that they brought abundance and swiftness to the promise.

The federal government is styled like that of its father. They persecute and prosecute in escalating waves. But God has not changed nor have His promises grown slack. He still uses waves of trouble to bless the faithful. So when the surf's up, lift your chin up because you are headed for your blessing.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Garden to the Grove (10-25-09)

Our beginning was in the garden where our father Adam lost himself and the whole human race. We betrayed the fellowship and friendship offered by God. The philosophers say that this character flaw can be cured by knowledge. Yet thousands of years later in a garden God offers fellowship again to humans who for ignorance of their danger and universal in their desertion leave God alone. Choosing slumber as their only comfort. In this garden of agony the friends slumber while the enemies are wakeful. Surely Jesus will be in agony until all his friends are awakened and all His enemies are put to rest. Even in His agony this was the love He showed His friends. While they slept even in the nothingness before their birth and in their sins after their birth; Christ wrought their salvation and not theirs alone but all righteous who are His friends.

From here He walked to wounds and death. Alone for friends unworthy to be called such. Yet in healing Himself He healed His friends. I am disappointed by my friend but how much more have I slept during my best friend's desire to fellowship in His agony. There is ample grace for all sins.

Christ's enemies did not cease to persecute Him until He lay in the grave. Nothing has changed. His enemies today will do the same to Christ in you. He did not bring peace to this world but emnity. The garden with all its agony must die. Only after the resurrection will we be allowed to investigate these wounds as Christ displayed in type. Then we will know true friendship and understand what a friend we have in Jesus.

I share this with you because I see so little confidence or understanding of this relationship in your comments. No fears can be justified or hopes disappoint. Our powerful friend has all means and manners of love for us. He shed tears, blood, pain, and life to assure our well being. Now that's a friend you can take from the garden to the grave. Shalom.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Friendship (10-27-09)

I have (had) a friend, though not certain of our status, whom I held dear. This was a relationship of decades. Without complaint I can say that this life trial for me was a gauntlet for my faith. Naturally I craved the support and understanding a friend would provide in the midst of the pummelling of my person, integrity, and reputation. To date I have received none of this except one token notice. This was (is) a tremendous shock to one's soul. New questions arise in re-examination of all the confidence building moments that shored up the friendship. What is the basis of a solid friendship? At first glance it appears agreement; one coming alongside saying I see it like you do. But real friendship has to go deeper. There must be a true love for the other. Agreement keeps friends for selfish reasons. Sure I have selfish needs met by friendship but it is too shallow to be a true friend. Love will remain loyal even without agreement. The wound wants to cast away this friend yet the friendship refuses. To be a true friend one must survive even betrayal. Jesus is a great friend. It is because of Him I have found the courage to not only be a trustee but a friend to you clients. Many doubt this claim but that wound will not cast you away. I will prove my friendship was of love when you discover I chose you over myself. That is Christ's way and I am infected by it. Because of that Dorean will take a certain destined course. For friendship sake it must.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Change (10-27-09)

It appears the "law" is catching up with Dorean. There are current two cases before the Supreme Court this session that could overturn my conviction. Also more and more "lenders" are having their fraud exposed in court cases across the country. There is an example in the book of Ezra where the work of God was derailed by political powers. In time though God converted this evil and jealous machination into the very gift of liberation. Then those who thwarted became the agents of provision. This is God's way and those who knows it are at peace until time delivers.

Is this religious rhetoric or a statement of a fact? You be the judge but judge your self wisely in your determinations.

My appointed lawyer is quitting the game. This is another example of time validating a fact. She quit before she even started. If I gave no concern for the subject matter I can assure you she would have been successful of confirming the conviction as her farewell to an incompetent career. Many judge my morals but perhaps I am not the one preying upon innocence. This system is perched full of misanthropic vultures. And these are the lauded in society. Nothing has changed among institutions except the generations.