Thursday, January 07, 2010

Garden to the Grove (10-25-09)

Our beginning was in the garden where our father Adam lost himself and the whole human race. We betrayed the fellowship and friendship offered by God. The philosophers say that this character flaw can be cured by knowledge. Yet thousands of years later in a garden God offers fellowship again to humans who for ignorance of their danger and universal in their desertion leave God alone. Choosing slumber as their only comfort. In this garden of agony the friends slumber while the enemies are wakeful. Surely Jesus will be in agony until all his friends are awakened and all His enemies are put to rest. Even in His agony this was the love He showed His friends. While they slept even in the nothingness before their birth and in their sins after their birth; Christ wrought their salvation and not theirs alone but all righteous who are His friends.

From here He walked to wounds and death. Alone for friends unworthy to be called such. Yet in healing Himself He healed His friends. I am disappointed by my friend but how much more have I slept during my best friend's desire to fellowship in His agony. There is ample grace for all sins.

Christ's enemies did not cease to persecute Him until He lay in the grave. Nothing has changed. His enemies today will do the same to Christ in you. He did not bring peace to this world but emnity. The garden with all its agony must die. Only after the resurrection will we be allowed to investigate these wounds as Christ displayed in type. Then we will know true friendship and understand what a friend we have in Jesus.

I share this with you because I see so little confidence or understanding of this relationship in your comments. No fears can be justified or hopes disappoint. Our powerful friend has all means and manners of love for us. He shed tears, blood, pain, and life to assure our well being. Now that's a friend you can take from the garden to the grave. Shalom.


sopsback said...

january 08, 2010 posting ...

my weekly radio show archive is now posted ... for the past 2 weeks i have been off on a self ordained assignment crossing many international borders to get to the bottom of a story that was occurring at the time ... dealing with a man who successfully engaged the international banking cartel and won ... but then lost as governments that are run by the banking cartel mounted military and police and other efforts to crush this success which was helping poor desperate people in third world countries ... listen to this show for details ... jim mccanney

judge allslop said...

Whenever any person is found to be even tangentially related to any act, or to any even-slightly dubious person, they can now be "officially disappeared." This means that their social security number can be erased and the person can be held for life without charges or any human rights at all. This is the Obama-standard to which ordinary people in the United States are now subjected. Yet when the government screws up an exactly opposite set-of-standards applies into perpetuity. No agent, no appointee or director is ever held responsible for any gross miscarriage of their duties; much less any high ranking public official on whose watch these miscarriages of justice, of fairness, or of security have actually occurred. Given the seriousness of these crimes against the public and the constitution: the entire policy is un-American, and constitutes high treason as this latest event, along with 911, were intended to coerce the nation into continuing to believe "facts not in evidence" regarding the welfare of this once-proud nation

sopsback said...

... listen to this show for details ... jim mccanney

sopsback said...

if this guy is correct, none of it will matter.

judge allslop said...

Foreclosures are at a record high while vacant apartments also are breaking records. Where are the people going? Imagine a California tent city.

U.S. apartment vacancy rate hits 30-year high
Thu Jan 7, 2010 1:01am EST
By Ilaina Jonas

NEW YORK, Jan 7 (Reuters) – The U.S. apartment vacancy rate rose to an almost 30-year high of 8 percent in the fourth quarter, and rents dropped in the biggest one-year slump in 2009, according to real estate research company Reis Inc.

judge allslop said...

We give bonuses to people who destroy. In China they have it right. They execute for white collar crimes that are business as usual in the West. China rewards production and punishes non production. Sounds like a winning strategy.

More than 106,000 officials punished in first 11 months of 2009: official
2010-01-07 11:33:35

BEIJING, Jan. 7 (Xinhua) — A total of 106,626 officials across China were penalized for disciplinary violations from January to November last year, an official with the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) said Thursday.
Gan Yisheng, vice secretary of the CCDI, said about 80 percent of them received punishments handed down by the CPC, accounting for 0.11 percent of all Party members, and the rest were penalized by the government. They included Party members, government workers or leaders, and leaders of state-owned enterprises. About 2.6 percent of those punished by the CPC were expelled from the Party and referred for prosecution for embezzlement or bribery, Gan said.
Of the almost 14,000 commercial corruption cases investigated and handled by disciplinary and supervisory organs, about 21 percent involved civil servants.