Saturday, January 09, 2010

Waves of Trouble

I have noticed a truism in my life. Troubles seem to come in waves. I wonder if this is a spiritual ploy proven effective at causing uncertainty which tempts doubt. human fortitude and hope can handle a direct assault, but faith seems to be the only thing that can handle the escalation and perpetuity.

The trigger that appears to be the catalyst to these waves of trouble is God's promise. Some new revelation is made known to you and the robber takes notice. One story that encourages me from the Scriptures is Joshua's early days in the promised land. When Achan sinned they lost their battle. Immediately Joshua prayerfully impugns God's character. Funny how our first thoughts are not to question the possible variables which are all human. Faith logic would deduce God promised victory therefore it must occur. Failure cannot be a question of God so it must be error. I have behaved just like Joshua here too many times to count. Once he recalibrated the waves increased. Yet this correction was very helpful. He was now in faith and the waves ultimately were an enhancement in that they brought abundance and swiftness to the promise.

The federal government is styled like that of its father. They persecute and prosecute in escalating waves. But God has not changed nor have His promises grown slack. He still uses waves of trouble to bless the faithful. So when the surf's up, lift your chin up because you are headed for your blessing.

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