Thursday, September 28, 2006

Class in Session: Lesson 4

I anticipate another 25 lessons or so. By the end you will be able to clearly see that Dorean was completely within the law and that amateurs like Pauligirl don’t know what they’re talking about. At least she is trying and I hope she learns from these. She is less trained than lawyers who themselves are idiots of the code.

I want to focus this time on the core issue. Is the alleged borrower an aggrieved party? If they have no grievance Dorean was a mere interloper on a settled matter. If there is a valid grievance that action becomes property. The property can be transferred by a chose-in-action or other assignment. If Dorean receives this property as trustee there comes with it a corresponding duty to prosecute the action to deliver the property to the beneficiaries. The right to this property is synonymous with remedy which can be sought through a tribunal or a self-help method, “self-help” which are among the most important body of rights under the UCC, remedial rights being those to which an aggrieved party may resort to on its own. Did the bank meet the standards of “good faith?” The subjective element of honesty in fact and the objective element of the observance of reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing, as a result, both the subjective and objective elements are part of the standard of “good faith.” We do not believe this standard was met creating a valid grievance. The UCC states affirmatively that the freedom to contract is one of its principles but never can one disclaim by agreement good faith, diligence, reasonableness and care. If in honesty of fact the lender is void of these standards there is no excuse, a damage that becomes a property right that can be handled by a self-help, non-tribunal remedy as long as it maintains the standards of good faith. You say not, prove it! I say so and will prove it!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Man of Faith to the Faithful

Now that I’ve addressed the morons I would like a word with you. I know you have a thousand temptations to set aside your faith as do I, but none can measure to the promise we have in Christ. I have no fear of my enemy or my trial. A collective of weak men does not make a mass of strength. Keller is skilled in procedure, Alsup in procedure and psychology, and the investigators in procedure also. None are conscience of environment or truth. Truth will prevail at its destined time in history. Your faith will see its reward. Those who call themselves Christian and do not have the courage to wait out their trials in hope and only trust what they see or reason are frauds. Their mouths are open graves seeking victims of fools. You know this and for the most part don’t waste your breath or keystrokes on them. I know you are quietly faithing with your hope in God. I have served Him now these 30 years and I can declare Him faithful from experience. His words are true and men are the liars. I and you will be the ones who laugh lots when we see our promise become fact. The promises of God cannot be annulled by men. I did not go into this blindly and have been led by the spirit in all my path, as I’m sure you have. Do not doubt in the darkness what you saw in the light. Pay no attention to the comments of the fools who don’t have a clue what I’m ministering to you at the moment. They only expose themselves for what they are. Even the government plants on this sight are ignorant to this knowledge and have no weapons to corrupt it. Be of good cheer always and know that the creator of all is concerned for your care. (II Pet. 5.7) All is well and better than you can imagine. The sacrifices I have been asked to make for this small battle are miniscule compared to the gifts I obtained in Christ. God is a debtor to no man. He knows how to compensate in over abundance for every loss of the faithful. Keep trusting in the riskless voice of God and soon your reward will overtake you. I want to thank you as a man who in all ways like you must wrestle with an inner nature that is disobedient to God for your faithfulness which strengthens mine. Though we all suffer my hope is encouraged by your determination to see God proved in your lives. You have had an immense eternal value to me. Let me recommend a book that most of you have not read as a gift to you called the book of Jasher. You can find it at for about $13.00 or other places. The last verse in the book sums up the value of the text “strengthen yourselves, and let the hearts of all you that trust in the Lord be of good courage.” That is my hope for all of you. Be blessed for that is your destiny. I love you all and look forward to hearing how God sustained you and prevailed over circumstance at our deserved, joint victory party.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Messiah to the Morons

It is funny to me that you attribute more godly qualities to me than I do myself and then complain I have a Messiah complex. You want me to prophesy with every comment, know all things in omniscience, and to show off with signs and wonders. God Himself is not your circus monkey and your expectations of Him are false before you imagine them to me. I am a simple man of faith. It is enough to shame the wicked, confound those who think themselves wise, and to see God’s promises prevail over every retarded voice who foolishly opines their ignorance. I give credit to God for a holiness none of you can see, for truth none of you can understand, and for a faith none of you have received as a gift. You would all be wise to shut-up then seek the Lord with all your heart. The reason you won’t is because you are too cowardly to face your own death to trust in God’s life. You are your father’s children and his is a liar. Ridicule and retort but you will discover if not in this life the next that I told you the truth. Though I sound harsh I am actually showing you a kindness. Government plants think the Almighty is only 230 years old and a creation of man. Fools of the highest degree. The other babblers are merely vomiting up the input of twisted propaganda they have swallowed all their lives. You believe everything a lawyer or judge says. Why? Judge Alsup said I don’t have a contract. The contract was and still is not before his court. This means he has no subject matter jurisdiction. His opinion is hot air. You fools think you can divine what is happening in that courtroom by minute notes. I’m called to pull of what none of you can imagine precisely because I wasn’t trained to be stupid. I cannot control the timing or the outcome. What I can do is obey, use the skills God gave me for the task and trust in His promise. You can’t do that for your $3,000 problem how would you ever understand what I do. Why are you so proud? What is your great accomplishment that should be envied? I don’t see wisdom even from those who claim Christ. He builds His church He doesn’t tear it down. How do you guys continue to fool yourselves that a divided kingdom is that of the Lord Almighty? Should you not be praying that God find a way for Scotty and I to have our desire to bless, make right, and have truth prevail be honored? How will you benefit from our destruction? Will you become confident that your government is just, that the mortgage industry is absent conartists, or that a scary message will dissuade a conartist from a mortgage elimination scheme? What vanity your hopes are. No crook ever defies evil as we are. If we were what you say you would have no blog to say it on or a response from a listening ear. I’ve done the best I could to educate you but to date I’ve only seen Pauligirl attempt to understand the UCC. She is a recent comer and already shames you lazy loud mouth morons. If I told you in detail how this is going to play out you don’t have the knowledge to understand. Take the queue to learn and you might just see how many clues I’ve posted here. Until next time I address you keep your mouths open and your ears shut that way you’ll still be able to comment on a life that went right by you.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Faith Challenge

The scripture says “the just shall live by faith.” Faith is that cold-turkey choice of trust. Will you trust God’s word or what your eyes see that defies it? Many here called themselves Christian and said that I am a deceived liar and Christ is not in me. God’s called ones go from faith to faith. Their trust muscle is on constant workload. Therefore you can spot the frauds easy enough. Let them tell of their current faith challenge. If they don’t have one or won’t share it they are what they profess of others self-deluded.

Dorean is a faith challenge to me and my most difficult to date. I am being asked to face down the most powerful physiological drama to make one believe a lie. I know all crimes are commercial, the UCC is supreme law in fiction land and that every invitation to participate is seductive. Behind all this is a truth that will bless my clients’, preserve every damage, and supply endless credibility to all we have performed and will perform. God has told me of my life after this and it does not include a lengthy prison sentence. Now my current faith challenge is to stand against this judicial and banking fraud but also being found guilty and being sentenced in the process. Can I trust the Lord with the rest of my natural life? What would you do? Most fake Christians here won’t even lay down their stupid, petty logic based wisdom which is foolishness to join in the faith strengthening mine while I strengthen theirs. I trust the Lord with my life, I will finish this course. All I love in this life and the love of life I place upon the alter of God for His use and good purpose. This is my challenge and stretches my faith daily. Put away your bitch fakers and prove up by your faith challenge. Tell us how God is growing your faith. People if they don’t share a convincing story never lend them any credibility on righteousness, justice, truth or any other product of holiness again, they are frauds and pretenders knowing words but absent substance.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Incredible Journey

The cross awaits outside the camp
behind me is the jeering of the wise
soon my life shall be a cursed thing
and justice shall fill their eyes

How long the Lord has prepared me
so many words spoken of this day
victory is disguised as defeat
and only those of faith know God’s way

Truth cuts through the lie
as the mob bears false witness again
soon life will return to the faither
and power shall be the gift retained

Then my name which was cast into the ground
shall be the promise to followers who hear of its renown

We all have a cross to bear in this journey called life. Jesus as a man had to subject His life to the test of God’s faithfulness to His word. Scott and I must do the same. Don’t listen to the wise whose eyes fall prey to the paradox of God’s making. Here is an easy way to spot them. All their Godly advice deals with things of this world. Never do they talk of eternity as a destiny with any authority. Not until you have cast off the cares of this world can you speak of eternity with knowledge. I share my faith here and they mock it and speak of some Lord named Jesus I do not know or believe exists. He is a figment of their imagination augmented with a historical figure to create a fiction impotent of power. They remain Lord with the self-deception they are submitted. “Follow Me” will be an incredible journey that will kill you, shame you, and separate you from those perishing.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

General Acknowledgement

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank a few of you. Those of you who have prayerfully considered our plight, shared your vision and hopes or the words the Lord has given you are a greater blessing than you can imagine. There have been more betrayals than we can count but you are far and beyond compensation to us. Like you we put our hope in the living God which is not the one bantered over for the most part on this blog. He is the creator, master, Lord that is not impotent like the God of the imaginations of some. Your approach to the throne and the witness you receive is mirrored by our approach. The fact we obtain the same witness is expected because we hear the same voice. This is a voice that must be careful in its words because words and action are synonymous when God speaks. His voice is forever settled in heaven without rebellion. It is a fact that makes that voice trustworthy. Don’t let circumstance change your focus. We must all continue in courage until that moment when fact overtakes promise. That courage in me is greatly enhanced by the power of God displayed in your life. Finish the race I encourage you. You have put up a good fight keep up the good work. We love you and the work of Christ manifest in you. Sincerely we thank you.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Continuation of Court

The end is approaching though off in the distance. Trial date has been set for Jan. 8 2007. I have done all I could to arrive at truth before this but have not yet succeeded. There are still a couple of things in play to shorten the time but I have to accept they may not occur. This leaves me with the only option to endure until the finish. My strategy to victory is still very much intact. I am set for the course with an unyielding determination. Only God could change the path set before me. I prayerfully listen for any change but highly suspect that all my training in life and the spirit will drive me to that moment in my destiny that has been clear for over a year now. The updates are minimal at this point. Our next hearing is 11-7 for pretrial. I am bound by contract not to file any motions so the court will have no movement to speak of. I will use this time to teach those of you willing to learn. Be clever and out think your enemies. I will deliver on my promise of truth behind this enormous smoke screen of judicial crap. Only at the victory’s end will you truly understand why it took such a colossal effort of eminent peril to pull it off. Be of good courage and keep your chins up. Time is the last foe to conquer. We will use it wisely and so should you.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Sinner’s Confession

There has been a lot of banter about my righteousness by people who know nothing about me. I can say honestly you’re all poor judges of evidence and righteousness. I will be forthright and admit I know myself to be an accomplished sinner. I have no chance to satisfy the inherent standard built into my conscience or the truest standard of God. What I can say is that He who supplies my deficiencies is not a recent topic of responsibility escapism but a living being endowed with power. Power to remove from me the performance of your accusations. I could be motivated by money, pride, fame, power and others but have the benefit of a conquering power that overcomes these. Those of you who know the name of this Lord or traditions men have said please Him know form but no substance of His being or power. Sure you see me as a hopeless misanthropic like yourselves because you have not tasted of conquering power. Power that will make you fearless even of the Fed Machines; a kind gentle power that can restrain its strength with love or in love destroy any present danger. There can be no reasoning with those who are devoid of even the idea in their vocabulary and concepts. You will never understand having a hope in His promise even when circumstance appears to be the death of you. Dorean was not the brainchild of this sinner but of a man subjected to one greater and in all ways superior. Too superior not to restrain rebellion in my heart. Just because of inconvenience or pain one cannot throw off this relationship. In all ways Trusting this Lord seems risky but factually it is safety in this life and our eternal life. Dorean is a fertile field for this crop of trust whether client or principal because things are really never as they appear. If you have the certainty of God’s blessing before you began this journey why do you doubt now? God has no doubt what He speaks becomes, He “Amens” His own words and we discover our likeness to Him when we “Amen” His word. What opportunity He’s given us all. Amen!

Friday, September 15, 2006


The recusal did not take place for those who have not discovered. I personally am not disappointed. I believe my God is a champion. Therefore I prefer to defect the giant or first-stringer in battle. It is my hope for God to show Himself strong. My motion for recusal was not mine. Judge Alsup took a document addressed to the Ninth Circuit and construed it as a motion for recusal. I would much rather have God pull the word “dismissed” out of the throat of the Big Mouth who started all this lawless behavior. Of course I am too optimistic that a fair dealing and honest standard will prevail but with these morons it appears vanity. Instead they use a fictional character a “Reasonable Observer” to figure out if the Judge is bias. The nice thing about a fictional observer is you get to be his reason. So the standard gets removed from an honest standard to the discretion of a peer. Everything in this system has to come down to discretion a synonym to opinion. In the end you have one judge’s bias opinion sanctioned by the opinion of a biased peer, now that’s justice. With the false expectation of the high standard I spoke with Josh Wolf the reporter before the 15th hearing. Based on my information to him he did an advanced report. I want to make it clear he is a stand-up guy honest about his work and that it was I who had the overreaching opinion. His story is an intriguing look into Judge Alsup and our arrogant government thugs. Perhaps his victory will lead to an honest report about Dorean. See I can’t help being optimistic.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Losing Argument

We went to court on 8-15-06 which was basically a bitching session. The prosecutor doesn’t like our documents particularly the order we made on behalf of Alsup to settle this case and a sight draft for $72 million also for settlement. Judge Alsup said in court we can’t settle this case. He is half honest we can’t because we have nearly a dozen times already and they keep dishonoring them. That is settlement according to the UCC. I saw some comment between bloggers on the UCC that showed me you still know little about it. I will give a few lessons. In a general sense you must know the lawyers and judges don’t know the UCC. In fact they are trained in violation of it. Lawyers and Judges are trained in rhetoric which is a form of circular logic argument. It works like this “All men have legs, all chairs have legs, therefore all chairs are men.” Or in our case “All the banks are complaining, all victims of crimes complain, therefore the banks are victims of a crime.” The UCC is the culmination of 120 years of legislative wrangling and intent to streamline business, the business of commerce. It is not a fluke and it is potent. Rhetoric as with any argument slows down commerce and is contrary to speed and efficiency. Imagine I ship a pallet of eggs, you don’t receive them and I send my invoice with payment terms of 10 days. You are silent and don’t pay. This is a dishonor because you provide no remedy and cause damage in my cash flow or pursuit of truth. Honesty and fair dealing being at the heart of the issue. An honor response would be conditional acceptance. “I will gladly pay upon proof of delivery in 10 days.” Now I have remedy, I discover they were destroyed in shipping and immediately ship replacements. Speed of business and honesty prevailed. That is why all the banks who listened to the US Attorney who told them to remain silent for our pursuit of truth already lost by the UCC. Lawyers are Losers.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Seven Sons of Suffering

Jerusalem was under siege by the Greek Antiochus. A priest aged, a mother and her seven sons came to his attention. He thought to convert them and make them blessed servants of his court. None would accept the comforts of this world over the honor of serving God. Before he made the offer Antiochus brought out all the tools of torture to persuade them. There were racks, hooks, shredders, flames, frying pans and others. The priest died a gruesome death and Antiochus started with the eldest son. Eyes were burned out, hand and feet cut off, dislocation, gore in the highest degree. 7, 6, 5, 4 and so on to the youngest which was just a boy. Now anyone can imagine the justifications available to these sons. “Would God hold a charge against us under these compelling circumstance? Is it not better for us to compromise now and look for opportunity later? Perhaps we can use the honor of the court to benefit God.” All chose horrible deaths including the youngest who jumped into the frying pan willingly. The mother did not bereave these sons even at her witness to the horror. She herself joined them. When Antiochus saw their resolve and sacrifice he changed his mind about converts and went to war with Persia. Now these seven had no idea their deaths would save the city but they sacrificed for God’s honor and received honor from Him. What of your suffering? Do you know what God is doing or how he might use you? Do your justifications really make spiritual sense? Can you see the fools whining on this blog and how they possess no wisdom or forethought? Read this story in 2 and 4 Maccabees and find hope.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Class in Session: Lesson 3

Definitions can have particular meanings specifically in legal settings. Let’s look at a few from the UCC and remember in your reading that the UCC absorbs many principles of law. If you have a trustee considered a person relevant to the UCC than all the principles of trust law are already factored into these statutes. You don’t get to make up your own story outside the guidelines. Whether judge, prosecutor or president you are not above the law. This of course is law to them binding by their public offices.

Aggrieved Party: means a party entitled to pursue a remedy.

Agreement: as distinguished from “contract,” means the bargain of the parties in fact, as found in their language or inferred from other circumstances, including course of performance, course of dealing, or usage of trade as provided in section 1-303

Contract: as distinguished from “agreement,” means the total legal obligation that results from the parties’ agreement as determined by [The Uniform Commercial Code] as supplemented by any other applicable laws.

Creditor: includes a general creditor, a secured creditor, a lien creditor, or any representative of creditors, including an assignee for the benefit of creditors, a trustee in bankruptcy, a receiver in equity, or an executor or administrator of an insolvent debtor’s or assignor’s estate.

Fault: means a default, a breach, or wrongful act or omission.

Good Faith: except as otherwise provided in Article 5, means honesty in fact and the observance of reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing.

Person: means an individual, corporation, business trust, estate trust, partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, government, government subdivision, agency, or instrumentality, public corporation, or any other legal or commercial entity.

Remedy: means any remedial right to which an aggrieved party is entitled with or without resort to tribunal.

Representative: means a person empowered to act for another, including an agent, an officer of a corporation or association, and a trustee, executor, or administrator of an estate.

Right: includes remedy.

Signed: includes using any symbol executed or adopted with present intention to adopt or accept a writing.

Unauthorized Signature: means a signature made without actual, implied, or apparent authority. The term includes forgery.

Now these are some of the definitions that governed my actions. Where is the fault? We were honest to the standards of fair dealing pursuing our right and remedies without a tribunal as authorized agents of the aggrieved party based upon agreements and contracts having collected faults and verified who was the true creditor. We obeyed this law and cannot be made criminals for doing so. You think we are fools? Try and make that work as a prosecutor. Petty detractors with worthless opinions doesn’t change the law, not even judges are above the law. Soon the game will be up and then we will be laughing out loud. LOL, Ha Ha, he he, ROFLMAO

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Class in Session: Lesson 2

There are 5 responses possible in commerce that circle around honesty and fair dealing. 3 of these responses are honorable and 2 dishonorable. Let’s go back to the pallet of eggs example for reference. The invoice for eggs not delivered arrives. The honorable response of full acceptance could look like this: Invoice $3,000.00

Full Acceptance: I paid your invoice, verify delivery I don’t believe I received them. Thanks.
Notice there is no kink in the remedy, I am honest and trust you are.

Conditional Acceptance: I will pay this upon proof of delivery I don’t believe I received them.
Again this is honest and streamlines the problem and solution. Business remains greased.

Acceptance Denied for Cause Without Dishonor: I didn’t order eggs from you or receive them. I’ve returned your invoice.
Additional comment is not necessary if there is no custom or standard of business between you. The invoice is from a stranger. This is why we had to become trustees and chose-in-action in your case or we had no custom or standard of business with the bank and they could refuse justly.

Argument: Anyone who grew up with siblings, parents, been married or gone to court even by TV knows what this is. It is a dishonor. It could look like this “those weren’t the eggs I ordered, I didn’t receive them, I don’t owe you a penny, I told you I wasn’t going to do business with you again. If you don’t like it see my lawyer.
You can see all the controversy and resistance to business. The UCC can be used to avoid these hassles and keep things moving for you even if you run into someone dishonest.

Silence: This is the most common response of a society of ostriches who put their head in the sand and hope the problem goes away. The lack of communication kills business, which cannot be tolerated. The UCC provides remedy for dishonor towards the more honest player. The best player wins monopoly not the most honest. Don’t get the UCC mixed up with holy ethics. That it is not!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Class in Session: Lesson 1

The UCC is beyond potent by its own confession. The UCC is supplemental law in that it absorbs the principle of equity and common law but is primary in commerce. Though these principles supplement the UCC they may not supplant. The UCC pre-empts any principle of common law or equity that are inconsistent with the UCC. How did we go from the Common Law as Supreme to being supplemental? You must understand in context. It is a parenthetical context. “The Common Law is (the UCC is public in fiction) the private law of reality.” If you play in the public monopoly game of fictional entities and currency the UCC rules and considers some of the principle of reality but in no ways is bound if it interrupts the game. If you are in reality the UCC is only a fictional restatement of the principles of honesty and fair dealing inherent in equity and common law. Your remedy is in reality. Now the court wants us to think it is functioning in reality because it uses common law and equity principle but uses fictional characters and currency. It is completely subject to the UCC and very bad at it on purpose. We’re being persecuted by the villains of the UCC for relying upon it. This is the dead end they have been pursuing from the beginning. We have executed the UCC upon the banks with precision, upon Alsup with precision, the FBI, the DOJ, the BOP and others. Obeying the law (public) cannot be made a crime (public). Now if the principles of equity are enfolded into the UCC and I followed the UCC in my presentment to the banks then equity was preserved and observed and no loss (victim) can be claimed. Our criminal charges rest on an equity violation. The bank must have been subjected to a loss or potential loss. No inequity no crime. Obedience to UCC no crime.