Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Man of Faith to the Faithful

Now that I’ve addressed the morons I would like a word with you. I know you have a thousand temptations to set aside your faith as do I, but none can measure to the promise we have in Christ. I have no fear of my enemy or my trial. A collective of weak men does not make a mass of strength. Keller is skilled in procedure, Alsup in procedure and psychology, and the investigators in procedure also. None are conscience of environment or truth. Truth will prevail at its destined time in history. Your faith will see its reward. Those who call themselves Christian and do not have the courage to wait out their trials in hope and only trust what they see or reason are frauds. Their mouths are open graves seeking victims of fools. You know this and for the most part don’t waste your breath or keystrokes on them. I know you are quietly faithing with your hope in God. I have served Him now these 30 years and I can declare Him faithful from experience. His words are true and men are the liars. I and you will be the ones who laugh lots when we see our promise become fact. The promises of God cannot be annulled by men. I did not go into this blindly and have been led by the spirit in all my path, as I’m sure you have. Do not doubt in the darkness what you saw in the light. Pay no attention to the comments of the fools who don’t have a clue what I’m ministering to you at the moment. They only expose themselves for what they are. Even the government plants on this sight are ignorant to this knowledge and have no weapons to corrupt it. Be of good cheer always and know that the creator of all is concerned for your care. (II Pet. 5.7) All is well and better than you can imagine. The sacrifices I have been asked to make for this small battle are miniscule compared to the gifts I obtained in Christ. God is a debtor to no man. He knows how to compensate in over abundance for every loss of the faithful. Keep trusting in the riskless voice of God and soon your reward will overtake you. I want to thank you as a man who in all ways like you must wrestle with an inner nature that is disobedient to God for your faithfulness which strengthens mine. Though we all suffer my hope is encouraged by your determination to see God proved in your lives. You have had an immense eternal value to me. Let me recommend a book that most of you have not read as a gift to you called the book of Jasher. You can find it at for about $13.00 or other places. The last verse in the book sums up the value of the text “strengthen yourselves, and let the hearts of all you that trust in the Lord be of good courage.” That is my hope for all of you. Be blessed for that is your destiny. I love you all and look forward to hearing how God sustained you and prevailed over circumstance at our deserved, joint victory party.


FollowJss said...

WORDS OF TRUTH. For those of you with "ears to hear", LISTEN.

whatdoyoumean said...


Sounds like we are in the same neck of the woods.


What you think?????????????

whatdoyoumean said...
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ricco7777 said...

Kurt and Scott,
Keep up the great work! You're in my prayers.
Rich-Colorado Springs

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Would ya?