Friday, November 21, 2008

The Ultimate Pinnacle (11-5-08)

Christ was taken by Satan to a pinnacle with the promise of all He could look down upon. God set Him on a pinnacle that gave Him all that would look up to Him. In this is a simple but profound truth. Only those chosen can know Christ and those who don’t only can know an ogre of a god looking down on them. They rebel to shake these bonds never comprehending the real God they should desire to be a bondservant for. Like a blind man can never comprehend your knowledge of a rainbow. It is time to say as John the Baptist said: the one who comes after me is greater than I and He who comes after me was before me. Let this be said of me as we make this transition into our promise; that I was a witness to Jesus the Christ and that Dorean was just a job. Dorean means sovereign freedom or gift. It was selected for its meaning. Scott and I were never capable to give any of you this gift, Only Christ! As I see the end of my assignment drawing to a close I am awestruck by the giver. All of us don’t deserve this lavish giving but that is who He is. It was Him who stooped so low as to put on flesh to lift us up. How much more is that than mere trinkets, tokens, and credits? Yet even the triviality of this need did not pass Him. Oh the riches of His grace are beyond finding out. Many have looked to me as though I could save them and the retards encouraged this concept with their messiah complex rhetoric. I did not start Dorean because I wanted to help you, because the industry were crooks, because I could make a lot of money, or I could bring on change. I started Dorean as an obedience to a command. You have a bitch bring it up with Christ. I’m only playing follow the leader. I think He is a great leader. Even through all my suffering the courage you witness is because He can be trusted. Oh that all of you would have entered this program as followers. Perhaps then we would have all prayed for Christ glory to appear in His fullness of time as John did. There is only one Ultimate Pinnacle and only one who can be seen there if you will look up. Mr. Alsup and the entire DOJ can set all their resources against Him but to what avail? He shall complete His work and as I was a witness to His greatness at the beginning so I will be in the end. I only told you what I heard but I was never the origin.

Today was the 17th day of my last fast for the work of Dorean. 17 is the number for victory. I think it’s appropriate to declare this victory to you today. This is my last blog before the posting of phase one. David when he prayed looked to the heavens to see what porthole God would use to send His answer. WE were admonished to look to the heavens to seek Christ who left in the same fashion. Look up your redemption draws near! Dorean was a sift and God knew this long before it was put into practice. If you fell short it is never too late to look up. On the highest point, the Ultimate Pinnacle, you will see a giver, a Holy, heavenly giver stooping to pick you up. I thank this Lord as a witness that He has reiterated this truth of Himself again through a simple couple of guys and an idea called Dorean. Enjoy your gifts everyone.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The King of Zion (10-26-08)

“Zion.” The name “Zion” signifies a “distant view” (speculam). And the church is called “a distant view” (specula), not only because it views God and heavenly things by faith (that is, a far off), being wise unto the things that are above, not unto those that are on the earth: but also, because there are within her true viewers, or seers, and watchman in the spirit,...” Martin Luther.

Jesus is a threefold King. He is King over His enemies, He is King within His church, and He is King for His Father. Many have ridiculed me for my distant view. Though we have the same King our relationship is very different. They plan and scheme in rebellion to throw off His authority though His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Psalms 2 makes it clear that God holds these in derision. They are so unaware of the insignificance of their intent that the heavens laugh at them. This does not mean they are ignored. On the contrary, God will enter in, to destroy their plans and ultimately them. There is a difference with having a king within you and one over you. One is a state of blessedness, the other will never know. People may think I am harsh on these retards because I tell them the true state of affairs. My friend Scott thinks because he prays daily to some entity named “Jesus” that it is the king within. My question is if so why do you not have the distant view? Why is your view so earthly, so shortsighted? I am not prepared to condemn you my friend as you have me but you must understand why I join heaven in their laughter. LOL heaven is laughing. All the kings and judges of this world can devise a scheme to knock me off the holy hill of Zion but my King holds them in derision. Psalms 1 makes the force of this blessedness clear. “His fruit in his season.” In such a case expectation is never disappointed. Fruit is expected, fruit is borne, and it comes also in the time in which it should come. A godly education, under the influences of the divine spirit, which can never be withheld where they are earnestly sought, is sure to produce the fruits of righteousness; and he who reads, prays, and meditates, will ever see the work which God has given him to do; the power by which to perform it; and the times, places, and opportunities for doing those things by which God can obtain most glory, his own soul most good, and his neighbor most edification.”- Adam Clarke

It is simple wisdom to know a tree selected by God and placed within the nurturing of the river of life that it will bare fruit in its season, yet you all mock because you lack a distant view. It may not be 90 days from now but it is a certainty. Christ as my King planted me in the midst of the mortgage problem of His time to bare fruit in his season. Keep being retarded but the blossoms have already appeared and the fruit is destined. Judge Alsup is no threat and neither are his prison guards. When my time arrives their vanity will be revealed. My neighbor will be edified, God glorified, and my soul delighted.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Restoration and Beyond (10-23-08)

I just arrived at Herlong. This should be my final default Housing Unit until I am recovered to my family. Many think that this is a vain hope but they don’t know of the blessedness of Psalms 1. I have contended with the retards. There is little to preach. It has come now to get to work. From here I’ll be able to focus on my post conviction remedies and phase one. When I was reading Ezra I noticed he did not want to accept the Kings protection because he had testified to the King of God’s saving power. I have likewise testified to all of you. I don’t want to be delivered by the court of appeals. I don’t want man to find anyway to take credit. My arguments for this are faith based and not those of human justice or reason. I believe I have expressed these arguments well. In the end it will be how God expresses Himself that will set the truth before all men. I fast and pray for that day. Ezra did the same and bore the guilt of his nation with the utmost sincerity. He did this when 110 men had sinned. How many sin in our country? Have you taken the sins of this nation serious? Have you taken your sins serious? As for me, and I hope many of you, I wan t God to show us mercy but we need to get serious. Though God has preserved blessing for you and trained me to protect it through a severe assault He still wants you and your heart. If you don’t come to this knowledge the satisfaction of your money will be shallow. Plus you will be robbed of so much more you could possess. There will be no one to protect you from yourself for phase two. Those who gain the wisdom of phase one will see phase two and beyond. Those who just get money will find themselves still poor. I’m not sure how many blogs will post before phase one is posted but I suspect this is near the end. Once phase one posts it will stay up for 60 – 90 days. If I feel something else needs to post it will only remain 24-48 hours. After which phase one will repost. My desires for you and our nation is that we all live blessed lives. I am praying and fasting right now for this. Not as some pie in the sky perpetual future hope but now. “Save now, Lord, Save now.” Ezra was praying for captives that had returned. They had already seen the blessing of restoration. I have no doubt God will restore for His namesake but where will you take it from there?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Improving my sight (10-20-08)

It’s been said hindsight is always 20/20 which has been my experience. My problem is looking into the future. I’ve had a few strange clues lately. Though not 20/20 they could be as clear as 40/40. While in the SHU at Safford I was praying and God brought the number 40 to my attention. I may have written on this event before. 40 is the biblical number for trial. As I pondered my trial I realized I was in my 37th month. Then I thought of Moses whose life was tri-sected into 3-40 year segments. Each a certain trial. Thinking on the preparation of my current trial and my prior incarceration I realized it was 40 months. Then last night while walking and praying I passed the T.V. room just as the numbers 40/40 were being displayed by the fans at a Tampa Bay Bucks football game. A player named Mike Alstott was being honored by having his jersey number 40 retired. This caught my attention because Mr. Alstolt was very kind to my sister during her breast cancer ordeal. My sister is a crazy Buck’s fan. We each posed with him for a picture while he encouraged her. This was a personal 40/40 I saw in the stands. Is God continuing to ping an insight bell on this number? My vision isn’t as clear as hindsight buy my eyes keep seeing 40/40. Could it be God had decreed the second leg of my trial at 40 months also? I’m not prepared to say but I am praying that my 40/40 view will clear to the 20/20 hindsight of a divine plan completed. What is God telling you? I’m fasting for clearing my eyes right now. Maybe I should fast 40 days.

Note: My travels will interrupt my writing but I want you to know the phase one is just around the corner. Just a few more tweaks and your participation will be here. Probably just 2 to 3 blogs from now. Soon we’ll all have 20/20.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Where My Heart Is (10-16-08)

By the time this post I will be at yet another prison near Reno. All these moves have had an impact on my ability to communicate and do the work I desire. The cost I cannot measure but the reward has been great. As you can tell from my writing God used this time to drive me to prayer. At this moment I am under the unction of the Holy Spirit to fast and pray 21 days. Though I have done this before this is the first fast I have entered with so much promise. I felt God place a target before me that if I hit it in prayer I will obtain it. If my people will pray I will grant their request is what I was hearing. I have narrowed it down to a few must request. No longer did “Son of David have mercy on me” suffice “Hosanna” “Save Now” is my need. My patience in deferment seems to have been exhausted. Have you ever desired your answer to prayer more than life? That is where I am. I only see two worlds ahead of me. One in which God answers prayer and my faith makes sense or one in which my prayers are vanity and my hope is crushed. I don’t want the second world. It can be avoided by fervent prayer. It is strange in God’s Kingdom that you obtain the very thing you desire by risking its annihilation. I must vest all my effort in prayer and fasting to prove it. Anything less proves nothing except my apathy towards Christ’s Kingdom. I want to be a bold clarion voice of testimony that Christ is the All in All that can be trusted with the all of man. Join me and let us insist heaven give us our victory. You are in my prayers. Blessing to you all.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Economy: A Look (10-16-08)

Many of you are wondering where this economy is headed. Let me give you some insight. I’m a nobody as a pundit but if you will look over my record I have hit the mark a few times. Fannie and Freddie have been delisted. The dollar has strengthened and gold and oil have gone down. Let me explain to you why it must be this way. All economies are reeling. The bankers hit us first so they could be in a liquid position to buy up the rest of the world. It is a move of economic warfare that was planned well over a decade ago. All this is according to scripture if you know where to look. My critics don’t so they repeat broadcast of mass deception. Ireland wants out of EU. Britain will have the very hard choice to bail out their economy or the EU. Bet they choose themselves. Britain leaves the EU. Spain will be right behind them. The Euro will reach .75 to the dollar after this union shattering news. Why must the dollar strengthen in a crashing world? We are the first to recover and where else will you put your money? Gold? No liquidity to drive its value. Oil? No demand to sustain its price. Euro? No stability to secure your investment. Russia? Civil war and a faltering economy. China? Loss of trade, political changes, and bad debt. NAFTA, CAFTA, and the coming SAFTA is the only safe bet. Even Britain and Spain run to this. Another 20% will shrink back from all equity markets. God is sifting this world, poising His children for the largest transfer of wealth, answering our prayers, and healing our land. Why are you crying so much? Open your eyes to the spirit, your redemption is drawing near. Wealth without a right spirit is destruction. Take the training and correction with cheer, it leads to life.