Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Improving my sight (10-20-08)

It’s been said hindsight is always 20/20 which has been my experience. My problem is looking into the future. I’ve had a few strange clues lately. Though not 20/20 they could be as clear as 40/40. While in the SHU at Safford I was praying and God brought the number 40 to my attention. I may have written on this event before. 40 is the biblical number for trial. As I pondered my trial I realized I was in my 37th month. Then I thought of Moses whose life was tri-sected into 3-40 year segments. Each a certain trial. Thinking on the preparation of my current trial and my prior incarceration I realized it was 40 months. Then last night while walking and praying I passed the T.V. room just as the numbers 40/40 were being displayed by the fans at a Tampa Bay Bucks football game. A player named Mike Alstott was being honored by having his jersey number 40 retired. This caught my attention because Mr. Alstolt was very kind to my sister during her breast cancer ordeal. My sister is a crazy Buck’s fan. We each posed with him for a picture while he encouraged her. This was a personal 40/40 I saw in the stands. Is God continuing to ping an insight bell on this number? My vision isn’t as clear as hindsight buy my eyes keep seeing 40/40. Could it be God had decreed the second leg of my trial at 40 months also? I’m not prepared to say but I am praying that my 40/40 view will clear to the 20/20 hindsight of a divine plan completed. What is God telling you? I’m fasting for clearing my eyes right now. Maybe I should fast 40 days.

Note: My travels will interrupt my writing but I want you to know the phase one is just around the corner. Just a few more tweaks and your participation will be here. Probably just 2 to 3 blogs from now. Soon we’ll all have 20/20.


Scott from Vineland said...

Kurt said...
My sister is a crazy Buck’s fan.
"Is" is good. Really good. So much better than "was". While I realize it's not really the focal point of your post, thanks for that info about sis. My mom didn't know how that turned out and your mom and bro never responded to my e-mails. If you talk to sis (or mom or bro), tell them all that I asked about them and that I pray they are all well. I don't know if they read the blog or not.

Scott from Vineland said...

BTW, my mom just moved back there recently (a few hours away). Maybe she and I will get to see them all again. Would be nice... it's probably been 25 years since I was there last. Bro had an rusty old dump truck with a row of dead lizards stuck to the headliner with silicone. What a character...

Anonymous said...

a blast from da past...#40 mike alstot

was a devastating blocker for warrick dunn during his first stint with da bux.

he had a lot of voyages in da 'pirate ship'

(when da bux score a td, da pirate ship in da end zone goes crazy)

bucs yooze to have a good D in dose days...not so good now, as even the lousy c'boys beat them this year even w/o tony womo.

but da bux have a good d then so much that they name a D after dem= "TAMPA 2" a variation of da COVER 2 that tony dungy took with him to tampa from when he used to play it with da steel curtain and chunk holl was da cooch.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should fast 40 days.

maybe not??

according to zechariah 7 4-6 sometimes fasting is not necessary.


but use the HS to tell you which is more important, as it is different for different people and for differenct circumstance and situations. it is individual and only the individual can tell whihc is for him.

Anonymous said...

according to zechariah 7 4-6 sometimes fasting is not necessary.

that should be

zechariah ch. 7 v.4-6

judge allslop said...

Obama Tells US Military To Prepare For ‘Rapid Destruction’ Of Israel
“RAHM EMANUEL WILL KICK ASS & TAKE NAMES” boasted a Jewish supporter of Emanuel to the Chicago Sun Times on November 6 2008, referring to Emanuel’s role as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.
But the Zionist Jew, Rahm Israel Emanuel, who is a dual Israeli/US citizen, will do much more than “kick ass & take names.” Emanuel will act as an effective spy in the White House for the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency. With Emanuel running the White House, Mossad HQ will enjoy an unprecedented direct flow of America’s highest level national security information.
Emanuel’s connections to the Mossad began at birth in 1959. Rahm Emanuel is the son of Israeli-born physician, Benjamin Emanuel, who passed secret codes for Menachim Begin’s Israeli terrorist group known as the Irgun. “Secret codes” are the province of the Mossad, and the Mossad, only.Rahm Emanuel took an active role in unseating the Pro-Palestinian Illinois Congressman, Paul Findley, whom the Jewish Lobby wanted removed from office. Emanuel was installed as the Finance Director for the Democrat & Jew, David Robinson, funneling millions of Jewish dollars into his campaign, successfully unseateding the long-serving Findley.Ever since, Emanuel has been among the insiders of the Jewish Lobby. One of Emanuel’s ‘Gentile’ stooges is the former Special Middle East negotiator, Dennis Ross. The Pro-Israel Ross accompanied Obama along with Emanuel on his trip to Israel in July of 2008. In October of 2008, Ross endorsed Obama, an obvious prelude to a future advisory role for this Emanuel-sponsored careerist.Rahm emanuel was fingured as a Mossad Agent by the late FBI counter-terrorism Assistant Director FBI agent, John O’Neill. Later, O’Neill was forced to retire after being set up in a smear operation.O’Neil and another FBI agent,discovered that Emanuel, a “special adviser” to Clinton, acted as the liaison to former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in operating an espionage and blackmail operation against the Clinton White House.
O’Neill and the agent discovered that Emanuel had recruited Israeli Mossad agent, Monica Lewinsky, to enter the Clinton White House as an intern and then seduce President Clinton for the purpose of espionage and blackmail in order to sink Clinton’s proposed Middle East peace deal.In sworn testimony before the Office of Independent Counsel, Monica Lewinsky stated: “President Clinton suspected that a foreign embassy was tapping his telephones and proposed a cover. He told me that if I was ever questioned, I should say that we knew our calls were being monitored and that the phone sex was just a put on.”The FBI investigation of Emanuel became part of a file code-named the Mega File. “Mega” is a reference to a top-level Mossad agent in the Reagan administration who was said to have run a number of Israeli agents. “Mega” also refers in FBI terminology to shared information between the Mossad & the CIA.Since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, over 530 Iraqi scientists have been assassinated by Mossad agents operating in Iraq. These scientists were considered a threat to Israel as they had the expertise to develop both biological and nuclear weapons.
According to a Palestine Information Center Report, the US Pentagon cooperated with the Mossad deciding that the best way to get rid of the scientists was to “physically eliminate them.” The Brussels Tribunal has provided a list of the Iraqi scientists that have been murdered by the Mossad.

Anonymous said...

theres a report with even more info about rahn auerbach aka "emanuel" i think by sherman skolnick

he claims that emanuel is really a russian jew

as far as teh mossad goes, i think that the greatest infiltrators that the world has ever seen, dating back to the days of rahab the harlot, the orignal mossad agent, have now themsleves been infiltraited.

if they were not, how esle to explain the gradual loss of land in the last few years by israel.

if the mossad were not infiltraited, this could never happen.

someone finaly figuered out that as they do not worship the real god, then it like they say in the movie- 'nothing persoanl, its just business' then they have sold out the secrets for cash, gold, diamonds, etc.

jsut like the israili poltichans who sold out the land for $$$$$$

the real god fearing jews are the losers, the ones who will be among the 144,000 who will make it thourgh the trib.

liek the OT guy, forgot the name who sold his namesake for a pitance.

Anonymous said...

found the article:

"Beyond the pale" would certainly describe where Rahm Emanuel's family came from. His father's family came to Palestine from somewhere in the Ukraine in 1917, according to what Dr. Benjamin M. Emanuel told me the other day. Dr. Emanuel now lives on the appropriately named Locust Road in Wilmette, Illinois.

Benjamin, speaking with a thick Israeli accent, told me that his father's name was Ezekiel Auerbach and that his mother's name was Pinina or something like that. He said it meant "pearl" in Hebrew. Asked about his role in the Irgun, Ben told me he had been a "simple soldier."

Posted Nov. 10, 2008

17 November 2006 - The new "golden boy" of the Democrat Party, the Israeli-American congressman Rahm Emanuel, is the son of a terrorist.

Really, I am not making this up, the chief power-broker of the Democrat Party, the 5-and-a-half foot foul-mouthed Israeli named Rahm, is the son of terrorist ­ a real living terrorist.

So, what do we do as citizens of the land of the free and the home of More.. the brave fighting the War on Terror?

Do we run and hide from the foul-mouthed little Israeli who danced ballet and swears for effect - or do we laugh? Or do we demand answers? How can we respect a U.S. Congressman who served in a foreign army and whose father was a terrorist?

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the Democrat congressman for the 5th District of Illinois in Chicago is the son of an Israeli terrorist. Rahm's father, Benjamin, was a member of the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization that coined a new word as they blew up hotels, train stations, and other buildings in Palestine in the 1930s and 40s.

Rahm was an Israeli citizen until he was 18 years old, when for obvious reasons he hid his Israeli passport in his underwear drawer. In 1991, however, he pulled his Israeli passport out and went and reportedly joined the Israeli Army to defend Zion from Saddam's Scuds.

Irgun, the army of his father, is short for Irgun Zvai Leumi, which supposedly means something like "National Military Organization" in Hebrew. As a matter of fact, the Irgun was simply a terrorist Zionist group that operated in Palestine from 1931 to 1948. They killed innocent Palestinians and British soldiers and blew up buildings.

After 1948 they became part of the new Israeli government and did the same thing. In September 2001 they put their skills to work in New York City and Washington to kick start the "war on terror" - a conflict long promoted by their chief architect, Bibi Netanyahu, son of the former secretary of Ze'ev Jabotinsky.

The Irgun even has a website with pictures of the buildings they blew up before they demolished the World Trade Center with Thermite and high explosives:


In Israel, the Irgun is referred to as Etzel, an acronym of the group's Hebrew initials. The Irgun was considered a terrorist organization by the British authorities as well as by mainstream Zionist and Jewish organizations, such as the Jewish Agency, the Haganah and the Histadrut. (It just has not made it onto the U.S. State Department's list of terrorist organizations ­ even after blowing up the World Trade Center. Some people are slow to learn.)

Irgun was founded by Ze'ev Jabotinsky and the relationship with Jabotinsky's Revisionist Zionism made it the predecessor to Israel's right-wing Herut and Likud parties.

Guess who runs Israel today?

Answer: The sons and daughters of Irgun. (Check out the commander list on the Etzel website if you don't believe me.)

Guess who runs the United States today? The same people ­ let's start with Rahm Emanuel.

Of course you won't find anything about Rep. Emanuel's father's exploits in Palestine on Rahm's website: http://www..house.gov/emanuel/aboutrahm.shtml

The late Sherman Skolnick of Chicago called Rahm Emanuel the "Acting Deputy Chief for North America of the Mossad ­ Israeli Intelligence."

cloakanddagger.de Rahm Emanuel

Skolnick went on to say that Emanuel's father Benjamin had been "part of the Israeli assassin team that murdered Sweden's Count [Folke] Bernadotte" in 1948. Bernadotte was the envoy of the United Nations in Palestine who sought to find a solution to the UN Partition Plan that gave Palestinian land to Jews from "beyond the pale."

Was Skolnick correct? Skolnick does not document his claims so I checked into his allegations.

"Beyond the pale" would certainly describe where Rahm Emanuel's family came from. His father's family came to Palestine from somewhere in the Ukraine in 1917, according to what Dr. Benjamin M. Emanuel told me the other day. Dr. Emanuel now lives on the appropriately named Locust Road in Wilmette, Illinois.

Benjamin, speaking with a thick Israeli accent, told me that his father's name was Ezekiel Auerbach and that his mother's name was Pinina or something like that. He said it meant "pearl" in Hebrew. Asked about his role in the Irgun, Ben told me he had been a "simple soldier."

Yes, Ben, but serving as "simple soldier" in a terrorist organization makes you a terrorist. And the fact that you served in a terrorist organization 60 years ago makes no difference. You know, same rules for Nazis and terrorists.

Is that not what all those fellows in Guantanamo are being held for?

The Emanuel family name was Auerbach until 1936, although they are not related to the famous rabbinical family of Germany and Krakow named Auerbach. Ben said that his family was from Russia. (Well, the pale but not quite Russia.)

His father Ezekiel supposedly changed the family name to Emanuel when his son with that name died fighting Palestinians in 1936.

Many Jewish families in Palestine changed their names to make themselves sound like they actually came from Palestine. And you wondered where all those Jews disappeared during World War II?

Sheinerman became Sharon, Yezernitzky became Shamir, and Auerbach became Emanuel, and so on. And then multiply by a few hundred thousand. Voila! Millions of European Jews vanish from the face of the Earth - and build new lives in Palestine.

Ben told me that Emanuel Auerbach had died from "shrapnel in the knee" in 1936. When I asked him today for details on this incident he suddenly decided that he did not want to do an interview on the phone and hung up.

But before he terminated the conversation, Dr. Benjamin Auerbach-cum-Emanuel told me that he had been a member of the Irgun and had served under Menachem Begin.. He told me that he had never met Begin and had not smuggled weapons into Palestine, other news reports notwithstanding.

Naftali Bendavid (not a local reporter) with The Chicago Tribune spent 18 months working with Rahm Emanuel to prepare a story for the week after the mid-term elections although Naftali did not think that there was enough room in the 9-page story to mention the salient fact that Dr. Benjamin Emanuel had been a member of the terrorist organization ­ the Irgun.

No. In 9 pages of Bendavid's fluff piece there was simply no room to mention the ugly fact that Rahm's father had been a member of a terrorist organization.

Naftali Bendavid (clearly of Israeli persuasion) wrote a 9-page cover story for last Sunday's paper, which took up the entire second section of the now-failing Chicago Tribune.. (The latest rumor in Chicago is that the indicted but not convicted Zionist criminal Maurice Greenberg may buy the Tribune.)

(This is the same paper that actually hired an outside writer from TIME magazine to co-author a short piece in order to properly smear me and misrepresent the story of my brutal arrest at the hands of Homeland Security goons last August.)

Naftali, at his office in Washington, knew all about Irgun when I spoke with him on the phone. When I said it was an egregious omission to leave out the fact that Rahm's father had been in the Irgun, he said he just couldn't figure how to squeeze that bit into a 9-page article.

Naftali, let me help, as English is my mother tongue: "Rahm Emanuel's father Benjamin was a member of the Irgun, a Zionist terrorist group that operated in Palestine from 1931 to 1948. The Irgun blew up buildings and killed hundreds of innocent people in order to achieve the goals of militant Zionism in occupied Palestine."

Rahm's mother is Martha Smulevitz, who married the Israeli doctor in August 1955. Ben told me that they met in Chicago. I asked if she was related to the Smulevitz family that was living in Palestine in the 1930s. He said no.

There are Smulevitz's and Shmuelevitz's all throughout the Zionist invasion of Palestine. One was hanged by the Brits, one dealt with the Nazis in Berlin, and another was the chief of staff for Menachem Begin ­ take your pick.

It would, however, be most interesting if Rahm's father were actually related to Moshe Auerbach, the Zionist who went to Berlin with Pino Ginzburg to arrange the transfer of Jews and money to Palestine ­ with the Nazi regime.

On February 28 1937, Feivel Polkes, head of the Haganah told Adolf Eichmann that he was interested most of all in "accelerating Jewish migration to Palestine so that the Jews would obtain a majority over the Arabs in his country."

In The Secret Contacts: Zionism and Nazi Germany -1933-1941 by Klaus Polkehn, he revealed that collaboration between the Zionists and the Third Reich was cemented by the "Mossad Aliyah Beth" which had been created by Haganah as an illegal immigration organization. Pina Ginsburg and Moshe Auerbach, with the blessings of the Reich, set up offices in Berlin to carry out their immigration activities in 1938.

Here is a page from Klaus Polkehn's book.

And you wonder where Rahm Emanuel got his "chutzpah" from?

Photo: "I said before the election that if the Democrats win the House, the lion's share of the credit should go to Rahm," says Rep. Ray LaHood, an Illinois Republican. "He legitimately can be called the golden boy of the Democratic Party today. He recruited the right candidates, found the money and funded them, and provided issues for them. Rahm did what no one else could do in seven cycles."



And the fact that more than 70 percent of the American population is opposed to wasting U.S. blood and treasure to fight a Zionist war in Iraq means nothing?


(please copy to your computer ASAP, as this information may soon 'disappear' from the internet)




















Anonymous said...

monca lewdinskee = rahab form the OT

the best intel agent in da world has always been women.

when yo on yo back wit a hot damsel, yo will "give it all up"

jug beans wouldn no about that, coss he always nelling down 'near da end'....LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

for dose dat plays da sock markit...

Special Report

The End of the Panic and Crash of 2008

Here is the story....

If you've been through a few seminars, you know that when we look up in the sky at night during football season, and see that the moon is full or close to it, that we are normally short spoos and/or holding some puts for a crash. The spoos have a tendency to crash right before and right after a full moon in the fall. Of the 16 largest crashes in history, 75 percent have hit then. And if you've been through a few seminars, you know that price is irrelevant, technical analysis sucks, and that we will always use anything that has nothing to do with price or price based indicators.

Years ago, we would hold puts on every full moon and hit 10 to 11 times in a year on this simple trade. Once the rest of the world picked up on it, those high odds dropped for a while. Especially during the great Paris Hilton/Britney Spears iPod Rally of 2007. Lately the odds are back. The biggest crash in spoos in history was 8 trading days ago, one day after the full moon. The two biggest drops in August were right before and right after the full moon. And in September, the second and third biggest drops were on the full moon and the second day after. The next full moon is on November 13. You may want to mark your calendars now (GSCO has). That is also 43 days after September 15. The spoos dropped -62.50 on 9/15, the second biggest drop that month and the eighth biggest drop in history.

And now the rest of the story....
Clients have always wondered how we know to be short before a crash hits, and more importantly, how we know when the panic and the crash is over. We know for the very same reason. The moon. And....a hell of a lot of study.

First you get your hands on an annual lunar calendar (no surprised to our clients in the Middle East and especially Egypt) which is based on the Babylonian calendar which is sort of like the Jewish calendar (and no surprise to GSCO). That gives you the date of the first new moon after spring equinox as month one and day one (1-1). Then you count eight new moons from that date and time and find month eight and day one (8-1). Please remember the number 8-1 and do not get confused (that is not August First for example). Doing this counting business gives you a new moon during football season. Normally in October and sometimes in September.

Second you study the crashes of.....

1857 The Crash of '57 and the run on the banks (nothing changes in spoos), hit a few days before the new moon on 8-1. Though stocks were not in a free fall panic, the bankers were. The market bounced on 8-1 and the panic was over.

1873 The Crash of '73 and the biggest one until the Crash of '29 hit a few days before the new moon, but a month early, right before 7-1. But the panic ended on the same days exactly (28 & 26), and the market bounced on 8-1.

1907 The Panic of '07 was cured by JP Morgan (nothing changes in spoos) and his plan to save all of the banks a few days before the new moon 8-1. And on 8-1 exactly stocks rallied. A lot. And the panic was over.

1929 The Crash of '29 was over a few days before the new moon on 8-1. The exact day of the bottom was on 7-28 (as in a few days before 8-1). Remember 7-28.

1987 The Crash of '87 was over a few days before the new moon on 8-1. The exact day of the bottom was on 7-28 (as in a few days before 8-1). Remember 7-28. The spring lows, the summer highs, and crashes in the fall of 1929 and 1987, all occurred within one day of the lunar calendar.

1997 The Crash of '97 was over a few days before the new moon on 8-1. The exact day of the bottom was on 7-26 (as in a few days before 8-1). And that brings us up to....

The Great Crash of 2008 The Crash of '08 will be over a few days before the new moon on 8-1. The date of 8-1 this year is Tuesday October 28, 2008. A few days before that is today and this past Friday, a morning when the spoos were lock limit down and trading halted, and something that has not happened very often at all, since the crash of '87. News paper headlines read "Wall Street Halts Trading Amid Panic". So, if history of panic behavior in Wall Street and its crashes are any guide, then this current panic is now over. And The crash of '08 is now over. And we are now moving onward and upward in to...

Anonymous said...

And in September, the second and third biggest drops were on the full moon and the second day after. The next full moon is on November 13. You may want to mark your calendars now (GSCO has). That is also 43 days after September 15. The spoos dropped -62.50 on 9/15, the second biggest drop that month and the eighth biggest drop in history.

Anonymous said...


yo bin talkin' to scotch walker again??

i tole yo that thou shall not practice divintion....only do it fo reel...no practising beefo hand.

Anonymous said...

so well see wah hoppens on da full moan on da 13th

full moan + #13

lots of loonymotti stuff gong on that day...will see wah hoopens....

Anonymous said...

The spoos dropped -62.50 on 9/15

teh "spoos" is da SPX

da sanford an po's 5oo indecks

Anonymous said...

so well see wah hoppens on da full moan on da 13th

full moan + #13

lots of loonymotti stuff gong on that day...will see wah hoopens....

look like scotch crawfish mite be rite again!!!

not even 1 1/2 hours in, and the down jones is ↓↓↓ 280 pts.

Anonymous said...

well it look like da mackdonalds 'golden arches' crawfish call it again...da markit was down jones over 400 pints toddy...

arch crawfish, yo pretty good for a dum ass/trollger i gut to admint it.

i thnk dat i will slop investing in harry balls hypes and foolow yo avarice instead.

i bet yo da markit is down jones again tomorry?

dun fogit, tomrow is da 13th, a big loonati mumber.

Anonymous said...

an it aslo da 11th moth too.

so 11/13

judge allslop said...

You don't need Arch, the truth is almost always discernable if your looking for it.
by Michael Lewis Nov 11 2008.
The era that defined Wall Street is finally, officially over. Michael Lewis, who chronicled its excess in Liar’s Poker, returns to his old haunt to figure out what went wrong
To this day, the willingness of a Wall Street investment bank to pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars to dispense investment advice to grownups remains a mystery to me. I was 24 years old, with no experience of, or particular interest in, guessing which stocks and bonds would rise and which would fall. The essential function of Wall Street is to allocate capital—to decide who should get it and who should not. Believe me when I tell you that I hadn’t the first clue.
I’d never taken an accounting course, never run a business, never even had savings of my own to manage. I stumbled into a job at Salomon Brothers in 1985 and stumbled out much richer three years later, and even though I wrote a book about the experience, the whole thing still strikes me as preposterous—which is one of the reasons the money was so easy to walk away from. I figured the situation was unsustainable. Sooner rather than later, someone was going to identify me, along with a lot of people more or less like me, as a fraud. Sooner rather than later, there would come a Great Reckoning when Wall Street would wake up and hundreds if not thousands of young people like me, who had no business making huge bets with other people’s money, would be expelled from finance.
When I sat down to write my account of the experience in 1989—Liar’s Poker, it was called—it was in the spirit of a young man who thought he was getting out while the getting was good. I was merely scribbling down a message on my way out and stuffing it into a bottle for those who would pass through these parts in the far distant future.
Unless some insider got all of this down on paper, I figured, no future human would believe that it happened.
I thought I was writing a period piece about the 1980s in America. Not for a moment did I suspect that the financial 1980s would last two full decades longer or that the difference in degree between Wall Street and ordinary life would swell into a difference in kind. I expected readers of the future to be outraged that back in 1986, the C.E.O. of Salomon Brothers, John Gutfreund, was paid $3.1 million; I expected them to gape in horror when I reported that one of our traders, Howie Rubin, had moved to Merrill Lynch, where he lost $250 million; I assumed they’d be shocked to learn that a Wall Street C.E.O. had only the vaguest idea of the risks his traders were running. What I didn’t expect was that any future reader would look on my experience and say, “How quaint.”
I had no great agenda, apart from telling what I took to be a remarkable tale, but if you got a few drinks in me and then asked what effect I thought my book would have on the world, I might have said something like, “I hope that college students trying to figure out what to do with their lives will read it and decide that it’s silly to phony it up and abandon their passions to become financiers.” I hoped that some bright kid at, say, Ohio State University who really wanted to be an oceanographer would read my book, spurn the offer from Morgan Stanley, and set out to sea.
Somehow that message failed to come across. Six months after Liar’s Poker was published, I was knee-deep in letters from students at Ohio State who wanted to know if I had any other secrets to share about Wall Street. They’d read my book as a how-to manual.
In the two decades since then, I had been waiting for the end of Wall Street. The outrageous bonuses, the slender returns to shareholders, the never-ending scandals, the bursting of the internet bubble, the crisis following the collapse of Long-Term Capital Management: Over and over again, the big Wall Street investment banks would be, in some narrow way, discredited. Yet they just kept on growing, along with the sums of money that they doled out to 26-year-olds to perform tasks of no obvious social utility. The rebellion by American youth against the money culture never happened. Why bother to overturn your parents’ world when you can buy it, slice it up into tranches, and sell off the pieces?

Anonymous said...

"You don't need Arch, the truth is almost always discernable if

i donno...scratch is pretty good...yes, we do no that the 'genral' trend of the markits is DOWN, but to call it to the day is something else.

just ask any stock/futres day traders will tell yo.

if yo bet on teh short side about a month ago when the markit went up over 900 pts. you would be on the street today with the homeless holding a can out at the entry ramps to highways.

traders must be exact.

so i will give crotch the credit and have a scratch on him.

he must be doing taht kind of stock forecasting where he be doon 'divintion' of the plants

mercury alings with moss, and jewpiter in da 6th room an all dat sh*t

judge allslop said...

"I can calculate the movement of the stars but not the madness of men"-Sir Isaac Newton
Pony up that 5g's and collect your fortune.

Anonymous said...

he must be doing taht kind of stock forecasting where he be doon 'divintion' of the plants

mercury alings with moss, and jewpiter in da 6th room an all dat sh*t

corse, i cood be rawng and da only kind of moss taht he be divinting is da kind dat gro on da plants dat he be smokin'......

Anonymous said...

John Stepek of MoneyWeek magazine says, "Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke has studied the Depression, they say. He knows what to do."

Feeling particularly feisty, I immediately felt the need to burst in with a rude remark ("Hahahaha! What a load of crap, and Bernanke is an idiot!") because if there WERE a way to do something to prevent economic collapse from debt-addled stupidity - which is so timelessly universal that it is almost a cliché - then somebody in all the rest of world history would have thought of it by now; and they have all literally thought of, and done, everything that the brightest people of their day could think of, and nothing has ever worked. Ever. Not once. Ever!

And so I make such rude remarks at the mere suggestion that Ben Bernanke, or anybody else, "knows that to do" to prevent the economic implosion that always comes from creating and spending so much money by racking up so many debts, for so damned many years, by so damned many people, and by so damned many governments.

And this time in history we have gone one step farther down the path of True Economic Insanity (TEI) in that we not only created and spent all that money on gluttonous consumption, but we borrowed it all into existence, too! Hahaha! We still owe the money!

Mr. Stepek apparently agrees with me, and he says, "Bernanke might have studied the Depression for most of his academic life, but it looks to me like he was studying the wrong half of the Depression", which is true because this Bernanke bonehead bozo bastard never once considers it relevant that the Great Depression of the '30s was actually the bust caused by the boom caused by the damned Federal Reserve creating so much money, credit and debt to fuel the Roaring Twenties, which is really weird, too, because it is obvious to everyone else! Hahahaha!

That's why I say Bernanke is a fake, his economic theories are a Big Load Of Crap (BLOC), and that anyone who listens to such stupidity is an idiot whom I think I ought to be allowed to grab by the collar of their shirt and slap their faces until my hands are sore and bleeding, whereupon I should be allowed to use a handy truncheon of some kind to compensate for my sudden disability - and a nice Handicapped Parking Sticker would be really nice, too!

Mr. Stepek seems aghast at my sick, psychopathic violence and willingness to fake a disability in order to get a prime parking spot, and offers instead, "Put it this way, I wouldn't want to put Bernanke in charge of road safety. His idea of efficient traffic management would be to impose ever-increasing minimum speed limits and then employ lots of extra morgue attendants and road sweepers in the hope that the carnage from multiple pile-ups could be cleaned up more quickly and so avoid traffic jams."

Now it is my turn to be astonished, as his metaphor is a good one, but he's got dead guys all over the place… And he was looking down his nose at me? Just for slapping a few faces?!

I notice that he quickly changes the subject, and under the heading "Why Dropping Interest Rates Doesn't Work", he notes, "In normal times, cutting interest rates encourages extra borrowing because it allows people to borrow more money. But that assumes that people want to borrow", which, I might add, the neo-Keynesian econometric economic theory crapola of the Fed actually DOES assume! Hahahaha! Weird!

Thus, he says, "One of the reasons that John Maynard Keynes recommended direct government intervention in the economy is that sometimes you reached a point where cutting interest rates was like 'pushing on a string.' And we're already past that point. So regardless of how low you drop rates, people don't want to borrow more. They want to pay back their debts."

The ugly part is that people not borrowing is purely deflationary, because money comes into existence by virtue of somebody going into debt, at interest, to borrow it, meaning that all borrowers owe more than the amount they actually borrowed, and so people not borrowing means that there is now not enough money necessary just to pay the bills and service all the debt! Oops! Default!

So, welcome to the hell of fiat money, and to the inner hell of fractional reserve banking. Now we get to the part where the history books will say, "So incredibly much money and credit was created by the horrible Federal Reserve and the disastrous fiscal policies of Congress, that this marks the beginning of the hyperinflation and the ultimate collapse of America." Hahaha! We're freaking doomed!

And don't forget the part about how people who bought gold, silver and oil made out like bandits, because that is the best part! Whee!

Scott from Vineland said...

Israeli Mossad agent, Monica Lewinsky
I always KNEW that whole bubblehead persona was just an act. I wonder how many wet jobs she has under her belt?

judge allslop said...
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Anonymous said...

an hears ho day goona solve teh 'death crisis'

the only solutin that ever existd but they woldnt tell yo:

cuncy defalt or deflagration

yo doolas be woth only 1/10 of what day ar now.

siruis, by sum gole!!!

Nov. 13, 2008

If you think this weekend’s G-20 meetings in Washington are only about designing short-term fixes to the financial system and regulatory reforms for banks, hedge funds, brokers, mortgage companies and investment banks … think again.

Larry Edelson

Behind the scenes, a far more fundamental fix is being discussed — the possible revaluation of gold and the birth of an entirely new monetary system.

I’ve been studying this issue in great depth, all my life. And given the speed at which the financial crisis is unfolding, I would be very surprised if what I’m about to tell you now is not on the G-20 table this weekend.

Furthermore, I believe the end result will make my $2,270 price target for gold look conservative, to say the least. You’ll see why in a minute.

First, the G-20’s motive for a new monetary system: It’s driven by and based upon this very simple proposition …

“If we can’t print money fast enough to fend off another deflationary Great Depression, then let’s change the value of the money.”

I call it …
The G-20 may propose devaluing all currencies, including the U.S. dollar and the euro.
The G-20 may propose devaluing all currencies, including the U.S. dollar and the euro.

“The G-20’s Secret Debt Solution”

It would be a strategy designed to ease the burden of ALL debts — by simultaneously devaluing ALL currencies … and re-inflating ALL asset prices.

That’s what central banks and governments around the world are going to start talking about this weekend — a new financial order that includes new monetary units that helps to wipe clean the world’s debt ledgers.

It won’t be an easy deal to broker, since the U.S. is the world’s largest debtor. But remember: Debts are now going bad all over the world. So everyone would benefit.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke … Treasury Secretary Paulson … President Bush … President-elect Obama … former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker … Warren Buffett … and central bankers and politicians all over the world agree a new monetary system is needed.
The G-20 may propose devaluing all currencies, including the U.S. dollar and the euro.

So they’ll start hashing out the details to get the new financial architecture deployed as quickly as possible.

If you think I’m crazy or propagating some kind of conspiracy theory, then consider the historical precedent …

To end the Great Depression in 1933 Franklin Roosevelt devalued the dollar via Executive Order #6102, confiscating gold and raising its price 69.3%, effectively kick starting asset reflation.

Only this time, it won’t be just the U.S. that devalues its currency. The world is too interconnected. Instead, the world’s leading countries will propose a simultaneous and universal currency devaluation.

This time, they will NOT confiscate gold. There would be riots all over the globe if they even mentioned the “C” word.

But they don’t have to confiscate gold. Here’s one scenario …

They cease all gold sales and instead, raise the current official central bank price of gold from its booked value of $42.22 an ounce — to a price that monetizes a large enough portion of the world’s outstanding debts.

That way, just like in 1933, the debts become a fraction of re-inflated asset prices (led higher by the gold price).

And this time, instead of staying with the dollar as a reserve currency, the G-20 issues three new monetary units of exchange, each with equal reserve status.

The three currencies will essentially be a new dollar, new euro, and a new pan-Asian currency. (The Chinese yuan may survive as a fourth currency, but it will be linked to a basket of the three new currencies.)

The new fiat monetary units would be worth less than the old ones. For instance, it could take 10 new units of money to buy 1 old dollar or euro.

New names would be given to the new currencies to help rid the world of the ghost of a system that failed. Additional regulations and programs would be designed and implemented to ease the transition to a new monetary system.
The IMF would be at the center of the new monetary system.
The IMF would be at the center of the new monetary system.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) would implement the new financial system in conjunction with central banks and governments around the world.

Keep in mind that the IMF is already set up to handle the transition, and has had contingency plans allowing for it since the institution was formed in 1944.

Included in the design and transition to a new monetary system …

A. A new fixed-rate currency regime. Immediately upon upping the price of gold and introducing the new currencies, a new fixed exchange rate system would be re-introduced. The floating exchange rate system would be tossed into the dust bin along with the old currencies.

This would kill any speculation about further devaluations in the currency markets, and drastically reduce market volatility.

B. To sell the program to savers and protect them from the currency devaluation, compensatory measures would be enacted. For instance, a one-time windfall tax-free deposit could be issued by governments directly to citizens’ accounts, or, to employer-sponsored pensions, to IRAs, or Social Security accounts.

Income taxes may subsequently be raised to pay for the give-away, or a nominal global type of sales tax could be enacted to help pay for the new system and the compensatory measures.

C. Additional programs would be designed to protect lenders and creditors. Lenders stand a much higher chance of getting paid off under the new monetary system — but with a currency whose purchasing power would now be a fraction of what it was when the loans were originated.

So programs would have to be designed to help lenders offset the inflationary costs of their devalued loans, probably via the tax code.

Naturally, all this is a bit more complicated than I’ve spelled out above. But that gives you a big-picture outline of what the plan could look like. And I think major changes like these are going to be set in motion at this weekend’s G-20 meetings in Washington.

Would they work?

Yes. They would help avoid a repeat of the deflationary Great Depression. But don’t expect even a new monetary system to put the U.S. or the global economy back on track toward the high rates of real growth that we’ve seen over the last several years. That’s simply not going to happen. Not for a while.
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Instead, I’m talking about a massive asset price reflation, negative real economic growth in the U.S. and Europe — but continued real GDP gains in Asia.

The Big Question: What gold price would be legislated to reflate the U.S. and global economy?

I can’t tell you what gold price the G-20 would ultimately agree to. But here’s what they will be looking at …

* To monetize 100% of the outstanding public and private sector debt in the U.S., the official government price of gold would have to be raised to about $53,000 per ounce.

* To monetize 50%, the price of gold would have to be raised to around $26,500 an ounce.

* To monetize 20% would require a gold price a hair over $10,600 an ounce.

* To monetize just 10%, gold would have to be priced just over $5,300 an ounce.

Those figures are just based on the U.S. debt structure and do not factor in global debts gone bad. But since the U.S. is the world’s largest debtor and the epicenter of the crisis, the G-20 will likely base their final decision mostly on the U.S. debt structure.

So how much debt do I think would be monetized via an executive order that raises the official price of gold? What kind of currency devaluation would I expect as a result?

I would not be surprised to see the G-20 monetize at least 20% of the U.S. debt markets. THAT MEANS …

* Gold would be priced at over $10,000 an ounce.

* Currencies would be devalued by a factor of at least 12 to 1, meaning it would take 12 new dollars or euros to equal 1 old dollar or euro.

The return of the Gold Standard?

“But Larry,” you ask, “how could this be accomplished when we no longer have a gold standard? Further, are you advocating a gold standard?”
If the G-20 monetizes at least 20% of the U.S. debt markets, gold could easily hit $10,000 an ounce.
If the G-20 monetizes at least 20% of the U.S. debt markets, gold could easily hit $10,000 an ounce.

My answers:

First, you don’t need a gold standard to accomplish a devaluation of currencies and revaluation of the monetary system.

By offering to pay over $10,000 an ounce for gold, central banks can effectively accomplish the same end goal — monetizing and reducing the burden of debts, via inflating asset prices in fiat money terms.

Naturally, hoards of gold investors will cash in their gold. The central banks will pile it up. At the same time, other hoards of investors will not sell their gold, even at $10,000 an ounce. But the actual movement of the gold will not matter. It is the psychological impact and the devaluation of paper currencies that matters.

Second, I do NOT advocate a fully convertible gold standard. Never have. There isn’t enough gold in the world to make currencies convertible into gold. It would end up backfiring, restricting the supply of money and credit.

What should you do to prepare for these possibilities?

It’s obvious: Make sure you own some core gold, as much as 25% of your investable funds.

Also, as I’ve noted in past Money and Markets issues, you will want to own key natural resource stocks, and even select blue-chip stocks that will participate in the reflation scheme.

For more details and specific recommendations to follow, be sure to subscribe to my Real Wealth Report.

Best wishes,



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Anonymous said...

The new fiat monetary units would be worth less than the old ones. For instance, it could take 10 new units of money to buy 1 old dollar or euro.

* To monetize 100% of the outstanding public and private sector debt in the U.S., the official government price of gold would have to be raised to about $53,000 per ounce.

LOLLO!!! dat payout even betsa dan harry balls hypes!!!

Anonymous said...

scratch, yo didn dun too good toddy....maybe yo rite...yo betta off smokin' the plants den tring to 'read' them...

maybe tomrow a betta day an da markit go down agin...afta all, yo report did ssay dat it was da day 'afta' da fill moon dat counts....

an dun stan behine jug beans bench or he will give yo a 'full moon' too...

Anonymous said...

hears wha yo sayed:

"The two biggest drops in August were right before and right after the full moon. And in September, the second and third biggest drops were on the full moon and the second day after.

my misteak...yo did say 'rite beefo an rite afta' da fill mooned.

so yesterday was beffo and tomrow is afta.

Anonymous said...

so da day afta is da mose impotant dais....

i no whay yo speekin from....

Anonymous said...

scratch i no dat yo foolow da mumbers, so yesterday yo made deese mumbles come out:

on 11/13

da sanford an po's 5oo indecks close @ 911.29

how cum???

is dat a massage??

as in anther 9/11 is cumming?

an the 9/11 dats cumming is 1929

Anonymous said...

scratch, look like yo was rite agin..whatver yo smokin', keep doon it....

yo said to watch da day afta da fill mooned...an toddy da markit went down jones 337 pints of whiskey....

lemme no if yo nedd a new bong fo wahver yo smokin'...i will pay fo it...


Anonymous said...

btw, can yo stot smokin' da planets early this week so yo can tell me ho da markits goona do on moonday??

Anonymous said...

Hey Kurt, long time no hear. I've been in touch with your dad about the 98 Maxima. I paid him $125 to get me a POA to transfer the title and another to sell the car. The woman he was using didn't give me a POA with her notary seal on it and I can't get a hold of your dad any longer. Can you help?