Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Riddle: Who Am I

I’m not what I profess to be
In a world that gives me credit
Once acknowledged what I am I no longer am
Though I’m professed to be what I am
Those who give me the credit for what I’m not
Will not give me the credit for what I am
You might say I can’t find myself
And yet many claim an interest in me

For Crying Out Loud (01-25-07)

In the book of Revelation chapters 2 and 3 are what they call a double fulfilling prophecy. One in that it speaks to actual churches and two that each church symbolizes or represents an age of the church. Emphasis being the early church full of eyewitnesses. This church died off about 70 A.D. and the next stage of history was to unfold. Smyrna was the persecuted church, which no longer had first hand knowledge but had to believe the reports. I want to discuss this church because they suffered as we are. Perhaps we can gain some strength from their example. The scripture said Christ was perfected through suffering. How much more ourselves? Rome was on decline and strange new leaders as Nero and Caligula were in charge. Christians became the scapegoats to much of their insanity. Now weakened by the loss of the apostles you would think this church would diminish under the pressure. Historically it grew at a rapid rate, alarming to the enemy. Smyrna means to have the joy wrung out of you. Today at my wife’s visit I had this same sense. You begin to ask God questions like how long, when, can’t you save, don’t you see or hear me? Like a ligament that must be stretched by a constant pressure I am seeking the recoil of relief and yet it never comes. I reason with God that even He as Lord of the Sabbath took His rest. To now avail, my suffering continues. If you find yourself here with me try and find the comfort I did in looking at Smyrna. Christians were sport for lions, gladiators, used as streetlamp torches etc. It was hard times multiplied. Yet they grew! Some of the best debate came during this time and many heresies were exposed. Christ honored them in His text by offering no derogatory comments concerning them. This is not true of the others except Philadelphia in smaller degree. I want to be known as a follower of Christ growing into no derogatory critique. What I don’t want is Smyrna. Well I have it and I have it big. Suffering is on all fronts without relief and my hands and my prayers appear useless. This is the ripe environment that threatens my trust or calls me to duplicate history and grow into sound doctrine while pleasing my Lord. What will you do? Is Smyrna a sufficient witness for you? It is for me. Though my tears flow, my pain continues unabated, and my joy gets wrung out yet will I praise Him. Smyrna was not the great church in human accomplishment but supreme in the spirit. I’m not great and maybe you’re not but as their testimony can encourage 2000 years later just maybe God can use us. Behind all my suffering this sole thought makes me smile. May God Bless us all as He did Smyrna. AMEN!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It doesn’t get any more complicated (01-24-07)

I have been given a superior intellect, which has mostly been a blessing. Sometimes though it looks for a deep meaning when simple is wisdom. In Mark 9 there is a story about a father of a possessed boy. The disciples couldn’t cure him and Jesus got a little agitated at their stubborn unbelief. I think we have all been there. Really all spiritual wisdom pivots right here. God allows the circumstances of our life to threaten our trust in Him. Think about just your Dorean experience from your confident entrance to your current suffering and sense of bewilderment. Is this not a threat to your trust in Him? In the story the father finds himself there also. His son not healed by the disciples surely shook his faith. He even looked to their failure instead of his until confronted by pressure from the unresolved problem and the honest chastisement of the Lord. Finally he came to that honest moment in verse 24 “I believe, help my unbelief!” My trial as well as yours brings us to that honest moment when our problems have prevailed upon us longer than our endurance and hope and threatens our trust. We say we believe but we must confess “help my unbelief!” Just when I see myself as a champion of faith God finds the right event to prove me weak. This is when that strange paradox kicks in that the weak become strong because they look to the strength of Christ. Even now I am living on this edge. What I think I can chalk up to maturity is the fact that I’ve grown comfortable in this discomfort. Now that I know it is all to threaten my trust it makes sense and my trust runs to God for strength and courage. This is an eternal perspective, which in itself is a byproduct of trust. If you have just a little, a fingernail grips worth of trust, all you need will be given you. If you do not use what you have even what you have will be taken from you. It doesn’t get any more complicated then that!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Jehovah-Jireh My Provider (01-23-07)

If life is a fortress where one is isolated and stocked to resist the assault of others, there comes moments of lonely choices. We all build walls to defend psychological territory we have deemed valuable. Throughout our lives we come under siege as those with influence seek to lay claim to our domain. This fortress is always changing shape. There are inner courts most sacred and the outer courts which most come into dispute. As I analyze my fortress under the assault of government I get the sense many times I have not sufficiently stocked my stores to endure until the end. This is a desperate place because you truly are not prevailed upon by someone stronger but have failed in your own calculations. I’ve kind of found myself in this place recently as many of you have. There comes a desperate cry out to Jehovah-Jireh the providing God. What has always happened to me before I have to lower my gates and submit to the will of others is an insight or recollection is given in response to this prayer. I suddenly recall vast new storehouse God had hidden from me until that moment. Not only do they keep me in the fight but far exceed my own ideas of sufficiency. My resolve is strengthened and my endurance lengthened until it has the effect of reverse upon my enemy. They now see dwindling supplies, poor planning and a new slew of lonely choices. Suddenly the taker is threatened with having to depart leaving much booty behind. Now that which was intended for harm has enriched you. Many shortcut this blessing by letting down their gates before seeking Jireh. At the end of the year with my faith focused upon a word of deliverance I had only prepared stores for that moment. Jireh hear my prayer burst forth from a famished soul and instantly my eyes were opened. I will share more with you soon in the ram in the thickets. If you find yourself pulled beyond your resources this is where God begins. As I found comfort, strength and endurance I’m certain you will too. Quitting is not an option. I encourage you from that lonely place to call upon Jireh.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Tent of Dwelling (01-23-07)

I just finished reading on the tabernacle in Exodus. For most this is a boring section of meaningless statistics and measurements. For me a couple of things stood out. First was the contrast of God’s nature to ours built into the design. We think God wants us to present ourselves clean which is portrayed on this blog by all the self-righteous fruit inspectors who judge freely. That was not the case in God’s model. I say model because it is a copy of God’s meeting courts in heaven. The first thing to confront you upon entrance is not the washing basin or laver but the burnt offering. This is where everything is consumed for God’s benefit. To us it appears a waste. We are not yet clean or righteous only responding to our draw into God with honor. From there God takes us to the laver, which is the cleansing blood of Christ. Next Moses (chpt. 39) saw that they had built it according to all God commanded and he blessed them. God gives us commands that are for His plans we don’t have a say in it. There was no right to say put the laver first. What was clear is that obedience leads to blessing. One could teach a thousand lessons on all the symbolism of Christ in the tabernacle design so obedience was essential for our benefit and led to our blessing. God’s pattern of building has not changed and we should trust His purpose. Another thing 28:3 is that God endows with the skill and power so we can obey. We are without excuse. He makes the demand and supplies the way and in all things Christ is the focus. Though my walk may appear strange obedience has its just reward. My life, ambition, hopes, reputation, loves are all burnt up to the Lord’s enjoyment. That is first my cleansing and vindication will come later.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why Reinvent the Wheel (01-23-07)

Many of you suspect I am in great peril because the government hardly loses. That is a true statistic because they bluff 90 + % of their targets to fold. Their winning percentage of actual trials is far less. Not intimidating. In fact what beats them always does. I’m not inventing a new winning strategy but merely executing a prior victory. A good friend of mine was charged with bank fraud. I have been separated from my documents but I believe they can be obtained from the public record. I may have the year wrong memory failing but look + or – a couple and you will find it. The United States vs. Richard L. Jones, Springfield, Illinois 1978. Richard won and taught me long ago how to do the same. When I told you I was called for this battle it was not without knowledge. If you want to see what model I’m using pull up this case. He proved in that case he was more powerful than Bill Gates and none of you heard of him. That’s power. He also was a great teacher before he passed in 1986.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Two Adventures (01-18-07)

The path of pleasure never leads to glory! The prodigious achievements of Hercules were the results of high adventure, and though there is little, either in fable or in history, to show that he had any rivals, still it is recorded that a knight errant, in company with a fellow adventurer, sought his fortune in a romantic country. He had not traveled far when his companion observed a post, on which was written the following inscription: “Brave adventurer, if you have a desire to discover that which has not been seen by any knight errant, you have only to pass this torrent, and to take in your arms an elephant of stone and carry it in one breath to the summit of this mountain, whose noble head seems blended with the sky.” “But,” said the knight’s companion, “the water may be deep as well as rapid, and though, notwithstanding, we should pass it, why should we be encumbered with the elephant? What a ridiculous undertaking!” And philosophically and with nice calculation, he observed that the elephant might be carried four steps; but for conveying to the top of the mountain in one breath, that was not it in power of a mortal, unless it should be the dwarf figure of an elephant, fit only to be placed upon the end of a stick; and then what honor would there be in such an adventure? “There is,” said he, “some deception in this writing. It is an enigma fit only to amuse a child. I therefore shall leave you and your elephant.” The reasoner then departed; but the adventurous man rushed with his eyes closed across the water; neither depth or violence prevented him, and according to the inscription he saw an elephant lying on the opposite bank. He took it and carried it to the top of the hill, where he saw a town. A shriek from the elephant alarmed the people of the city, who rose in arms; but the adventurer, nothing daunted, was determined to die a hero. The people, however, where awed by his presence, and he was astonished to hear them proclaim him successor to their King who had recently died.
I write this fable juxtaposed to The Liar because this one reflects a truth higher. Faith is like this story. Imagine the inscription being God’s word. Always there will be a companion who reasons the insanity of the inscription’s demands. They will reason with you and if they cannot dissuade you will depart. The inscription struck a cord of courage in this adventurer that inspired him through his trials. One cannot imagine the future of this courageous life of obedience but it will always be glorious. The Liar shows you how to win by human wisdom how much more this other worldly (divine) wisdom will place you above your enemies. I say this boldly again that I am following an inscription that is not understood by reason and as Houdini said is the “impossible possible.” Though I am possessed with a superior intellect this is a tool but not my hope, for the promise inherent in the inscription that inspired my courageous adventure is from one who is not a liar and far superior to all I can ask or think. I say what can man do to me? I am possessed with a power not mortal that can carry this burden (Dorean-Elephant) to the top of the hill in one breath. You who follow the inscription opportunities that come upon you know this truth and those who don’t will soon depart for they have no share in your glory. If you see an elephant pick it up and run with it!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Liar (01-18-07)

Once upon a time there was a King of Armenia, who, being of a curious turn of mind and in need of some new diversion, sent his heralds throughout the land to make the following proclamation: “Hear this! Whatever man among you can prove himself the most outrageous liar in Armenia shall receive an apple made of pure gold from the hands of His Majesty the King!” People began to swarm to the palace from every town and hamlet in the country, people of all ranks and conditions, princes, merchants, farmers, priests, rich and poor, tall and short, fat and thin. There was no lack of liars in the land, and each one told his tale to the King. A Ruler, however, has heard practically every sort of lie, and now none of them told him convinced the King that he had listened to the best of them. The King was beginning to grow tired of his new sport and was thinking of calling the whole thing off without declaring a winner, when there appeared before him a poor, ragged man, carrying a large earthenware pitcher under his arm. “What can I do for you?” asked His Majesty. “Sire!” said the poor man, slightly bewildered. “Surely you remember! You owe me a pot of gold and I have come to collect it.” “You are a perfect liar Sir!” exclaimed the King. “I owe you no money!” “A perfect liar, am I?” said the poor man. “Then give me the golden apple!” The King, starting to realize the man was trying to trick him, began to hedge. “No, no! You are not a liar!” “Then give me the pot of gold you owe me, Sire,” said the man. The King saw the dilemma. He handed over the golden apple. An Armenian Folk-Tale.
I share this with you because it symbolizes what is being played out in what we call “American Jurisprudence.” It is a rhetorically jockeying for power under the color of truth. Most men never look beyond the dilemma posed by this system that places you between the Bull’s horns of dilemma. To the left you are gored, to the right you are gored, hesitate in your decision look guilty. This is the fortress the government has locked itself away in completely isolated away from the pulse of the people it hates. They are easy targets because they believe their fortress impenetrable and stocked too well for siege. Babylon thought this way just before Cyrus dammed the river and walked his army right under the wall it had coursed through. They are only safe from mental midgets. As a show of how to think I want to add to this fable a new ending for if you are creative you get to control the story.
“”The King saw the dilemma.” He then told the man, “you are most certainly clever but not the perfect liar because I am,” “Sire?” He responded. “Yes you see I did not include in my herald that the second best liar but greatest among the people would be banished as an example to all that I only want to hear the truth.” To this the poor man saw the dilemma and said “Sire, your servant has always known that the King reigns because he is superior in all things to his people, therefore I used this ruse only to venerate the King before the people so that all would be shamed and establish truth in your courts. Now may the King forever find honest men as myself ever before him.” The King saw his dilemma. Our trial script is subject to our ending not theirs. The fact they are oblivious is our great opportunity. Yours also if you stop thinking the choices they offer you are the only ones.

Monday, February 19, 2007

In the Ring, the bell rings, ring any bells (01-15-07)

For all the reasons you see my inevitable demise I see victory. George Forman in 1974 fought Mohammad Ali. Both men were great athletes but the physical advantage was clearly on Foreman’s side. Ali had developed a pattern or style that got him to where he was but was at a tactical disadvantage and would play right into Foreman’s style. Both men fell into these styles because they were comfortable to their physical skill. I heard an interview with Foreman about this night and his loss by TKO. He said he was not hurt but waiting for his corner to tell him to rise and finish the fight. If he got up he probably would have won but the miscommunication cost him the title until our beloved grill man returned. How did this happen? Ali may not have had the physical advantage so he used a mental advantage. He changed his style from rope-a-dope to aggressive. He shocked George out of his comfort and advantage. Though he may still have not beaten George physically it did create the opportunity that brought victory. You detractors look at a fed pattern and see my inevitable destruction but that pattern is my hope. You are products of your environment that is why Dorean became. If you weren’t the suicidal lemming in a deep-rut pattern you would have done what Dorean offered you for yourself long ago. When Dorean struck that long buried hope it awakened the defeated victor. A little mental pressure persuaded you out of your advantage just like George. Now hurt and fearful you blame those who were in your corner. Learn from George, a champion will get another opportunity. If you watched the Michael Moore fight where Foreman became champion again you saw how he dominated Moore mentally. The body always follows the mind. Your pathetic thoughts are the sole source of your inept actions. Champions build on the brilliance of others. That night Moore lost to the wisdom of Ali executed by Foreman. So the law is that generally that which works has always worked except in those moments when one is out generated and the exception becomes law by superior force. You are right to view me a delusional because we are navigating on two different continents and none of your maps and surveys can help you comprehend the territory I cover. I have you outside your comfort tactically. Maybe I’m good at what I do. Could be a real champion. History proved Ali and Foreman and proves all the others.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Who is your God (01-14-07)

Exactly who do you serve? Tcob how can you pray with any certainty to your god for the safety of your son if your God can’t even keep you from a $3,000 tragedy? How can you have a hope for yourself if he is so harsh that I am doomed for you would be doomed also by the same standard? Your suffering must be evidence of your sin as mine. Tcob I’m not singling you out as a person but a type. If you’ve repented from your error why am I not given the same access of hope as you? Your god is not true or the traditions you practice on his behalf are faulty. Am I being unreasonable in my logic? What of my Christian brother judges who can’t fathom a God of any power? How can they judge me wisely when they fail to see how wimpy and inept their Christ is? Surely they would be blind to my hope because such hope is an impossibility in their spiritual imaginations. Others accuse me of greed. Why did you join Dorean? Did you just want to invest in my hope, my dream, my cause, or was there some self-seeking interest? Was that interest divine? If so why do you now complain? Surely if the true God guided you into danger, loss and suffering He has a plan to work it for good. If good is designed for you why do you blame me for being God’s instrument? If God did not guide you and I am evil why can’t I find the mercy you found to forgive yourself from God? Who is it you serve? Is God really the chameleon portrayed by all your double standards? How can you accuse me of being delusional when you don’t shoot straight at your moving targets? None of you offer any hope and try and sell your wares of hopelessness as silver refined in the fire seven times. Don’t you know a commodity is valued for its scarcity? What you peddle is like dirt that is everywhere. Call me a fool for placing my hope in a God of power who can deliver, in a God of mercy who can overlook my failures of sin, whose love desires my well being. Yes I know it’s rare but that is its value. The true God is known to test you to see how you’ll behave. Are you so wise in your test that you understand the test He designed for me? When did God begin to confide in you His plans? I belabor the point to the ridiculous and redundant because so many words are thoughtlessly bantered about here on the comments. Do you think we can step it up a pinch from the mental midgetry just a little or are we all destined to great heights of wisdom from all the mini me’s? Though I use the Bible to teach it is not vanity. There is value that will help all understand the end when they are all possessed with hindsight. No I can’t give you every detail of the battle. I’d rather have you moaning, angry and hurt and win then to expose my hand to the enemy and jeopardize victory for your comfort. Go to your God for comfort. I do and find it. If you don’t, who is your God?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Achilles Tendon (01-11-07)

Everyone knows you can bring down the strongest man with a strike to this tendon. It was the fact of the hero himself. I believe I have discovered the Achilles tendon in this commercial credit system. Nowhere and no one will come forward to validate their claims. I’m not talking about a dispute among neighbors but a bank or government entity will not verify any of their claims under oath. They take fake oaths for fake offices but this is not the same thing. If we as people begin to hold these frauds accountable they are powerless except as crooks. Fortunately these crooks do not prefer the honor of crooks but enjoy their stealth of a shinning exterior. I truly think this is what has them so spooked about Dorean. We in our honest understanding of the UCC may have unintentionally found the remedy to this unopposable Giant. They can’t be honest. If we demand it and prosecute it they will always crumble. This is the essence of what Dorean did. We demanded honesty and then took punitive action for dishonesty. I don’t think anyone to date had the balls to attempt this. Christ giving us courage is the only one who could breed fools eager to break this ground. If we succeed you really will have a model weapon to obtain victory. Think of piercing the delusion of these freaks that government will protect them from all liability. Imagine how the rats will leave the ship when their immunity proves false. Taking is what will halt the growth of this beast. You must identify your damage, contract for remedy or recovery, bond your actions, and take if they persist in evil. I recently got served a lawsuit over Dorean and I chose to use it as a model. I will publish my contract as a blog and you should study it in conjunction with the DVD or UCC. I was very careful to cover all bases to make it a good source. No judge, lawyer, clerk, officer, or official is immune. Sure the detractors will cower as sheepel but you must do the study and see if you see what I see. In its best form use a notary because they are a bonded witness. This gives you proof of claim (verification), which they won’t do. Make your claims true, your contact honest in fact and fair in dealing and let them do the rest. They can’t help being themselves. Finish the protest, convert into commercial paper, sell or lien-attach-take property. They can’t stop you because the money system can’t be tampered with by a sole Napoleon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where are you? (01-11-07)

This may be my shortest Blog but it is the most far reaching in what it says. You and only you can make this choice for yourself. There are two halls but only one destination for you. You know where you belong!

This is dedicated to all
who only speak and trust
what their eyes can see
This is dedicated to all
who only see and trust
what they hear from God

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wrestling Psalm (01-09-07)

God victories come by your right hand
And those who trust in you see you act
This is the curse from which I wrestle
That in truth there can be no fear
Yet my soul shuns comfort and peace
Lord try me and test me until this dross be gone
Purify me until I rest knowing you’re strong
Open my eyes to see your tender mercies
Let me see the host of your army surrounding me
Speak your loving kindnesses into my ear
And bring my restless heart to your peace
Open my mouth to proclaim among the throngs
All your glorious triumphs in praises and songs
Place my feet upon a broad place that I may not slip
And make me to stand against all the evil plans of man
In the end let those who defy you know you delivered me
And return to the hopeless gods of their hands
Thank you for calling me out of the mire of self
Forming my life as a trophy for your display shelf
All honor, glory and praise belong to the Lord
Trust in Him and you will not be put to shame

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hurricane (01-09-07)

The hurricane of fraud came in with a fury
And all my security was blown and tested
I cried unto the Lord “Save me or I’ll be lost”
Then suddenly the eye appeared and I rested
This contemplative stillness was quiet and serene
Though it was not a peace known before the storm
Somehow the thought of life tossed to the wind
Yet endured seemed to give you the hope of being reborn
Ahead of me I see the raging squall bearing down
It wasn’t long ago I felt whelmed by my pain
But something has changed I’ve been tried
I’ve survived the confiscating gust with loss but a net gain
Now no tears mingle with the rain I know what to expect
I will survive, alive, until the end, a blue sky without regret

Friday, February 09, 2007

Interview with a Vampire

Interesting the people you meet in jail. I make this comment because a fellow by the name of Lawrence Seiderfeld recently rolled into Dublin. Who is Laurence Seiderfeld you might ask? Well Mr. Seiderfeld was convicted a short time ago of mortgage fraud and was sentenced to 79 months for his crimes. He was the C.E.O. of a company called CHL Mortgage located in San Ramon, California. CHL had 12 branch offices; 11 between northern and southern California and 1 branch in Ohio. There were 250 employees between these branches and CHL was in business for a little over 6 years. The specific crime Mr. Seiderfeld was convicted of was double-selling the servicing rights of the loans CHL wrote. In fact he sold the servicing rights of these loans to 3 different servicers at various times. He openly admits to his guilt and because he cooperated with the government he will serve 6 years instead of 15. The commission of his crimes netted him an additional 8 to 13 million dollars. At least that is what the government claims the damages were.

Now you can imagine that I was eager to speak with Mr. Seiderfeld about banking and mortgages in general. Irregardless of his criminal activities he still has knowledge I could tap into as well as further confirm what Kurt and I already know about banking, mortgages specifically. At least that is what I believed when Mr. Seiderfeld agreed to allow me to ask him a few questions. I treated this interview as if I was examining a witness under oath on the stand. Also present for the questioning was Josh Wolf the reporter who is not charged with a crime but is being held as a hostage because he refuses to hand over a video tape to the FBI. You can read more about Josh at Josh just so happens to have the same Judge as we do. Generally speaking Mr. Seiderfeld displayed what I would consider a working knowledge of banking and the loan transaction. When I began to peel back the onion his answers became contradictory and his attitude somewhat defensive. However he did provide answers to some questions that were substantive and which demonstrated the disingenuous nature of the banks in the concealment of the actual facts of the loan transaction. What I found fascinating about our time together was even though I provided proof by way of statues and codes of what congress intended banks to behave like Mr. Seiderfeld was resistant to these facts. There were well over 100 questions asked in the first session and an additional 30 or so in the 2nd session. He grew weary of my questioning which I believe stemmed from his inability to reconcile the inconsistencies of his answers. For instance, Mr. Seiderfeld agreed that the promissory note is an asset and that asset belongs to the maker of the note. He agreed that the maker of the note was the purported borrower. So when I asked him if the borrower benefited from the selling of the note (not the same as servicing the note) he said “no,” because the note belonged to the bank. I asked how the bank got the rights, title and interest in the note if it belonged to the maker? Mr. Seiderfeld indicated, “when the bank issued the credit for the loan.” What Mr. Seiderfeld is completely ignorant of is that the servicing of the note is different than ownership of it. Nowhere in the mortgage contract or in the note itself is there a transfer of rights, title and interest. Therefore the sale of the note without the disclosure or benefit to the maker is fraud in concealment, fraud in factum and theft of an asset. This is very simple to understand and the banks hide it in plain sight. When I asked if it was unlawful or illegal to convey property into trust he indicated “no.” When asked if the trustees have a fiduciary obligation to protect the assets in trust he answered “yes!” When I asked if the trustees as fiduciaries challenging title to property, where such title or cloud on title was possibly unlawful or illegal, he stated “no.” However he indicated if his company was to have received our presentment they would have ignored it passing it off as unnecessary to respond to. I found this to be quite fascinating and very telling of why none of the banks or mortgage companies ever responded timely or properly to our presentment. I gave a copy of our presentment to Mr. Seiderfeld to read and he indicated that the contract was written clearly and there wasn’t anything in it that he didn’t understand. His only complaint was the amount of time we gave the banks and mortgage companies to respond. He thought it should have been more like 90 days instead of 10 days. When I pointed out that 3 days is the usual and customary time permitted he disagreed. Of course Mr. Seiderfeld was unable to quote from any code, statute or act to substantiate his “opinion.” Apparently he is unfamiliar with the expedious transaction act at Title 12 part 226.1 or the Truth in Lending Act at Title 31 part 226.1

At the conclusion of our time together I asked Mr. Seiderfeld if he believed we were making spurious requests upon the banks and mortgage companies and he indicate “no.” I also asked if he thought we would receive a fair trial to which he replied “no.” I asked if he would be willing to testify and he responded “yes.” That actually surprised me in light of his defensiveness. You may have noticed that I did not get into the treatment of the promissory note where it is converted from a promise to pay into a draft which created the credit that pays off the seller of the property, or that the deposit of the note allows the bank or mortgage company to subsidize additional “loans” visa-vi fractional banking. This is because Mr. Seiderfeld’s company was not a direct lender therefore his knowledge of the initial transaction was very limited in scope. I should also mention that Mr. Seiderfeld is 63 years old and has been in the business of finance for over 30 years. I discovered after the interview that Mr. Seiderfeld was convicted of similar crimes previously. I guess the love of money is the root of evil after all. I hope you enjoyed reading this as well as were enlightened by it. We thank you for your prayers and support. May God richly bless you. - Scott

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I was studying in Hebrews today (01/26/07) and the word “rest” jumped off the page at me. Even though this was enlightened for my benefit I’m certain there may be a few of you that may enjoy it as much as I did. Hebrews 3:18 uses the word “rest” in the negative context while Hebrews 4:1 uses it in the positive. Never the less “rest” in the Greek is “spoudazo” (spoo-dad-zo) which means to make effort, be prompt or earnest, do diligence, be diligent; to hasten to do a thing, to exert oneself. Rest is also found in Galatians 2:10, Ephesians 4:3, 2 Peter 3:14 and elsewhere. In Hebrews 3:18 the context is of those who fell in the wilderness because they provoked God through unbelief thereby not entering into His rest. Hebrews 4:1-2 describes entering into the rest of God through faith. This faith is not belief since belief is simply passive while the faith described here requires an act of holding onto a thing such as a promise of God. Therefore the act of faith would be faithing. The best example I can give of this would be from my own experience. On May 28, 2005 my life radically changed. That was the day I was kidnapped from my family and friends and all that I understood of living a normal life as a free man. As I have become accustomed to do in times of trouble I reached for a Bible. I was lead to Psalm 21:11 which has been my beacon of hope for this journey. Anytime I wandered off this promise I succumbed to fear, doubt and unbelief just like those ancient wanders described in Hebrews 3:11. The result was no peace and no rest. Over the course of these now 20 months God has revealed Himself in so many other ways which does nothing more than confirm His promise to me as long as I’m faithing. Without God, and Jesus as the ultimate example of the result of pure trust, I would have been destroyed. Someday I hope to share with you the Utah experience and what they had intended by it. I survived because of the loving mercy and grace of our God. I am writing with the hope of encouraging those of you who have grown weary and are in need of the rest I speak of. Open the word of God which is our source for strength in times of trouble, our encouragement when the voices of opposition cry out, and our wellspring of refreshing life-giving water that satisfies the soul. Suffering happens to be one of the many tools that God uses to instruct and strengthen in order to be useful for His kingdom. Don’t be angry at me, I’m just the delivery boy of this truth! The fruit from this will yield much in this life and even more in the next. I will savor our victory not just for the freedom, because I am already free, but for the testimony and the boast I will have in Christ that it is not vanity to trust God and that obedience is better than sacrifice and finally, that all God’s promise are true. Theodoret paraphrases 2 Corinthians 2:14, “Those who are led are not captives exposed to humiliation, but are displayed as the glory and devoted subjects of Him who leads.” This is what I have felt and am now experiencing resting in Christ. If it is true that blessed men go through valleys of Baca (weeping), that the steps of the righteous are ordered, that for every temptation (trial) there is an escape provided, that so is the day so is our strength, that He is an ever-present help in times of trouble, that His word is forever settled in heaven, that His word is like silver purified up to seven times, that He watches over His word to see that it is performed, that all of His promises are yes and Amen trust me I could go on and on with our God’s faithfulness, mercy and grace! The point should be settled that we serve a God who delights in seeing His sons and daughters trusting Him when all appears hopeless by sight. Make an effort to exert yourself in faith towards God and His promises because the alternative does not build faith or any chance of a victorious walk. God did not promise us that life as a follower of Christ would be an easy one. In fact it is the hardest life you’ll ever love. I cherish these moments with my God. I desire to know more about Him and less about me. I hope you were edified and encouraged in Christ, please write and let me know. The rest is up to you - Scott

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Brother Scott

It has almost been 2 years of suffering for righteousness sake. I remember the man at the beginning of this trial and know that he has died. I read your kind words and I thought I would share from my perspective. You were always a great partner and friend. Your pedantic work ethic defining who you are. What I see added to this gift without diminishing from it is a pause, a contemplative check for faith’s opportunity. I now see you as a peer no longer are you a witness or a support but a champion in your own right. I see you willing to die too for the cause of Christ, to make your boast in the God of renown. This is a man I would follow in to battle. Know that no matter what giants Christ brings before you as He strengthens you that you have a friend and brother that will pick up the sword of the word and wield it until your enemies have fallen. As Paul took delight in the gifts of God in Timothy I can say I am proud of you. It is my sincerest hope that your children who profess a love for Christ will put away their wandering eyes and see the great man of God given them as a father. Also that evilex will discover that the man she ridiculed as a shameful, unrighteous scoundrel was the closest she ever got to the man of God she hoped for. Though your prayer to die was answered from UTAH I am amazed at the resurrection life that has transformed you. What greater evidence do we need of the power of God to deliver us. I gut it out with you until the end and look to the hope of our faith to be Himself. You have reached the nobility of the hall of faith and who can count the numbers blessed and inspired by your testimony of our glorious Lord? The trumpet calls us to war and I’m confident of my peers.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Offer (01-06-07)

Let’s just say my detractors are correct, like TCOB or NEO. I have offered you my hope and faith to your ridicule. Perhaps I’m blind, self-delusional and in over my head. Angel and other so called Christian men seem to think I’m out of God’s will and getting my just deserves. If my path of hope, redemption, and truth is a lie perhaps you can offer me a hope. Please spell out what you would do to please God if you were me or in my situation. Notice I didn’t say avoid life in prison, save my marriage, make people happy or anything similar. What will make God happy! This has been my focus and where you have been critical. You have come from a superior place, a more righteous place that I have not been worthy to obtain. What if you are right, should I continue to resist you as a fool? No! I confess I am ignorant to what you are offering me so please spell out what I must do in your eyes. I will consider your words. Perhaps you can win me as a convert and save my soul before I perish. Remember what you would advise yourself not malicious dictates. If you don’t offer me a legitimate hope I’ll have to question the intent of your supposed words of truth here. Are you a guide or yourself misguided? I won’t think your platform of righteousness deserved if you don’t stand on it now when I offer you my soul for transformation from darkness into the light. Even the worn out fruity would agree, let me see your fruit so I can judge wisely.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Mogel (01-05-07)

I know you have been a staunch supporter over time. It is very much appreciated. There are a few things in which we differ but our agreement on the mortgage fraud is sound. The one thing I can offer you as a hope is that I will not fold my hand. The government does not get their usual free bully pass with Dorean. All the banter and debate will be settled soon enough. You will be remembered in history as a consistent voice of truth. I know you suffer much ridicule but in the end you will be lauded. I am proud of you and look forward to the day when I can sit down with you and show you the whole game plan. Then you will understand our lack of fear and why we needed to suffer this course by allowing government to be themselves. It is wise to bet with unchangeable nature of our foe. You are well aware that people are used to being serfs. You or I can deliver a victory to them and still they will not put their hand to the plow. Keep the faith and I will deliver you victory and those who questioned your integrity without cause will be shamed. Don’t let time concern you. God will assist us in recovery of all damages. See you at the finish line.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Fiduciary (01-03-07)

The fiduciary obligation is high because it is a self-less duty. I am required to put the beneficial interest first. Some of you think in your ignorance that I must answer every lawsuit and argue endlessly with bank lawyers, government agents and family members. I can’t stop you from making stupid choices out of fear and ignorance. I have done my best to show you my honest intentions and willingness to suffer on your behalf. I must play for the ultimate victory precisely because the enemies are powerful, crafty and have the presumption of truth as a weapon. All your counselors are government licensed, trained, or brainwashed. If you are a follower instead of a thinker you are doomed and I am destined to be accused in your mind as hostile to your well-being. Time will be my vindicator. The world is not a fair place and some things cannot be undone. Some of you have obeyed God, trusted Him when things don’t make sense, and suffered perhaps greater loss for a season. God promises restoration with excess and has already provided our way of escape, but only faith will see it before it arrives. Dorean will be a textbook example of prejudicial foolishness completely missing the mark. You had many clues about my integrity before you allowed yourselves to be bewitched by strangers. I only charged a small fee, never raised my price in response to the frenzy, never ran from the battle, invested heavily in research, education, and employees. I did not live lavish or leave my post. How many of you would of high tailed it when the heat began to rise? Rodney & Deb Austin are examples of what you suspect of me. Everyone of their acts was selfish not client interest. Our lives in no way are parallel yet you so easily believe I’m a bad fiduciary.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Christ The Vain Hope (01-03-07)

I’m a little amazed by those who claim a relationship with Christ that ridicule me for my hope. How do you who claim to know Him not understand that He conquered death on your behalf? What more miraculous act could He perform for you? Do you really think it vanity for me to expect His power to deliver me from my oppressors? I’m curious what your hope is during your trials. Maybe you can enlighten me with a description of the Christ you serve. Now some of you may separate your Christ from the one I serve because from your high and lofty estate you judge me a delusional, unredeemable sinner. This thought still reflects upon the Christ you serve. You think Him inept absent of power. When He debated with Abraham over Sodom He said for 10 righteous men He would forgive the sins of the entire city. Is not the Christ worth more to God than 10 righteous men? Certainly He is and whom He makes righteous is factually so. Therefore God viewing me through the icon of Christ can forgive my heart of Sodom and be a powerful hope to me. Now we know this grace, as a gift is not free but an exchange for faith. That faith and obedience are connected. Maybe you wise judges have deemed me disobedient because my circumstance can only be a punishment doled out upon evil. Do you really think the skill of my master in His management of me is so easily discerned by you. Perhaps you think of yourself more highly than you ought. Try elevating Christ and your hope for victory just might appear. Then you will know the Christ I know.