Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It doesn’t get any more complicated (01-24-07)

I have been given a superior intellect, which has mostly been a blessing. Sometimes though it looks for a deep meaning when simple is wisdom. In Mark 9 there is a story about a father of a possessed boy. The disciples couldn’t cure him and Jesus got a little agitated at their stubborn unbelief. I think we have all been there. Really all spiritual wisdom pivots right here. God allows the circumstances of our life to threaten our trust in Him. Think about just your Dorean experience from your confident entrance to your current suffering and sense of bewilderment. Is this not a threat to your trust in Him? In the story the father finds himself there also. His son not healed by the disciples surely shook his faith. He even looked to their failure instead of his until confronted by pressure from the unresolved problem and the honest chastisement of the Lord. Finally he came to that honest moment in verse 24 “I believe, help my unbelief!” My trial as well as yours brings us to that honest moment when our problems have prevailed upon us longer than our endurance and hope and threatens our trust. We say we believe but we must confess “help my unbelief!” Just when I see myself as a champion of faith God finds the right event to prove me weak. This is when that strange paradox kicks in that the weak become strong because they look to the strength of Christ. Even now I am living on this edge. What I think I can chalk up to maturity is the fact that I’ve grown comfortable in this discomfort. Now that I know it is all to threaten my trust it makes sense and my trust runs to God for strength and courage. This is an eternal perspective, which in itself is a byproduct of trust. If you have just a little, a fingernail grips worth of trust, all you need will be given you. If you do not use what you have even what you have will be taken from you. It doesn’t get any more complicated then that!


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son of a prophet said...

"God allows the circumstances of our life to threaten our trust in Him.

well put.

as a christian is not of this world, but in it, our hearts must be completely broken before yeshua can take over in our life.

meaning that He will provide all taht is needed, as stated, Jehovah Jireh; the LORD will provide.

when the heart is completly broken and you dont care worry about money any more, that is when it will be provided and maybe also in quantity, becasue now money has taken a different meaning.

it will now be used wisely as you have been prepared to receive it, because the verse, "the LORD GIVETH, and THE LORD TAKETH AWAY" now comes to life and it wont be forgotten all the suffering had to go through to get it.

you may be only one false step away from losing it again; which of course wont really matter either as you are now on a 1000 level higher spritiual plane and unerstand that the money never really meant anyting in the first place and you were always secure in your place with YESHUA.

and for those woderfeing about the rapture, the HS has just told me that there will DEFINITELY be a rapture and here is the latest wisdom given to me as the why:

if there is not, some christians and perhaps all will be in danger of being fooled and of worshipping the beast.

when the ptb announce that yeshua has come back to jerusalem, how would you know this??

most will not be able to travel there.

the false messiah will be able to raise the dead apparently. how would you be able to tell even if you could go there and see this.

laim will walk, dead will be raised, he will be able to call "fire from the sky in the sight of men"

perhaps some laser sattelite beam from a mil sattelite.

anything that you would expect YESHUA to be able to do, the beast will be able to do with trickery, smoke and mirrors. turn water into wine, etc.



son of a prophet said...

Mass town creates own "Federal Reserve"


SOUTHERN BERKSHIRE, Mass., Feb. 25, 2007 — Susan Witt is an unassuming middle-aged woman who drives a Volvo around her quaint Rockwell-esque town and has somehow managed to foment a small revolution.

After years of planning, Witt started printing her own money and spending it around town.

She is not a counterfeiter. She is the founder of Berkshares, a local currency that was introduced last fall in Southern Berkshire, Mass. (where Normal Rockwell lived out his later years).

"The Berkshares are pretty simple to operate," she said. "You walk into a local bank, put down $90 federal and get 100 Berkshares, and then those Berkshares are spent at full value at regional stores."

$835,000-worth of notes were printed on fine-grain paper and distributed to banks that agreed to participate. The notes are now accepted at 225 businesses in the area, and the program continues to grow.

Berkshares were created to stimulate the local economy by giving people incentive to shop in their own neighborhood, rather than drive the distance to large chain stores.

"We want to encourage everybody to do their business locally rather than going to a mall or shopping online," said Sharon Palma, executive director of the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce. "Using Berkshares, you have to do business locally, and the other really nice piece of that is it's face-to-face business."

Several communities across the U.S., Canada and Europe have developed similar programs, but only Berkshares are fully-backed by the U.S. dollar. Several banks in Southern Berkshire have agreed to exchange Berkshares for dollars.

Ursula Cliff was spotted using Berkshares at Guido's grocery store, a 27-year-old family business in the town of Great Barrington.

"I don't think that whether or not a merchant accepts Berkshares really affects my decision if it's something I really want to buy," she said. "On the other hand, almost everywhere I go the stores use Berkshares, and I do certainly have a warmer feeling for them when they do that."

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son of a prophet said...

the beginning of the end???


It would appear that this story is a set up by the New World Order crowd of Freemasons and the Illuminists. Apparently they're game-plan is to spin-doctor this thing so that the Antichrist can come to power. This reporter had suspected something like this would develop after all the hype and build up from the Da Vinci Code book and movie and the announced discovery of the Gnostic "Gospel of Judas" and the hype over the Gnostic Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

James Cameron is the key man behind the film documentary. Cameron is a 3-time Oscar winning film-make who is known primarily for his blockbuster movie "Titanic" is also reported to be a 33rd degree freemason. If so, he is also, most likely connected with the Illuminati movement, either directly or indirectly.

This impending announcement and revelation about the "coffin" or ossuary of Jesus of Nazareth is probably the last step in the Illuminati's set up process, so necessary before the revealing their "messiah" of the future, i.e. The Antichrist.

Most likely, the "illuminated spin doctors" will try to eventually claim a DNA link between Jesus of Nazareth and a new "messiah" when that "man of sin" (i.e. "man of chaos") is revealed to the public. Most likely the Illuminists will claim the new 'messiah' is a "descendant" of Jesus. IF so, expect these apologists to point to.the Gnostic Gospels and the Knights Templar legends, ala the book "The DaVinci Code," as proof to support their claims. It will be one of the big building blocks that comprise the "Big Lie" of Satan. How many people who claim to be Christians will fall for this fabrication? Is it possible that most of the "Christian" world will fall for this deception? Don't be surprised if that is the case.


son of a prophet said...

it seems that the spiritual war is now shaping up like this:

between jews who believe in god, but that the messiah has not come yet, and those who dont believe that there has ever been a messiah and there wont ever be one in the future either.

again, the two choices, both wrong dialectic principle at work.

note that neither group believes in yeshua as the messiah, so both groups are false, but are still at war against one anothoer.

yes, christians do not have a dog in this fight and will be removed as it is going to get very ugly and worse if possible.

son of a prophet said...

already the 140000 jews are probably already sealed by god to see thwere way thru the tribulation which seems to be not very far away and could be a matter of months to beginning.

son of a prophet said...

Can you see where this sort of hypothesis leads? It essentially destroys the Bible and sets the stage for an non-human entities (fallen angels) to decieve mankind into accepting the Big Lie to which Biblical Prophecy references as the great "Apostasy." Truly such a scenario would result in a great "apostasy."

IF, indeed this is the case, then we as Believers in Jesus Christ, stand on the threshold of Biblical prophetic fulfillment. Standby for mind-bending events to unfold shortly. Look for dramatic events to unfold with signs in the heavens, in the weather and in the earth.

This developing story is likely the most significant prophetically oriented event since the American conquest of Iraq and as equally important as the re-birth of Israel in 1948.

Look for major coverage on this story by the Mainstream News Media. The MSM will most likely be all over this story. If not, it will be because they fear a backlash from the True Church. If so, the story will be soft-pedaled until the Christians are gone in the Rapture. IF, the NWO crowd believes there will be no rapture, more than likely, the Mainstream Media will be ordered to shove this story down the public's throat. So watch how the mainstream media covers this story, not just the news conference but also the debut of the film on TV. So the next two weeks for media exposure will likely be a tip-off as to what the Illuminists are expecting in the way of a Rapture event.

The Alpha-Omega Report will provide further coverage as it develops on this story in the coming days. The Alpha-Omega Report will devote extra time for coverage of the film's news conference on Monday, so look for updates as they develop and check back frequently during the course of the day.

For more on this impending news conference, film and the discovery, explore the following links.


near the end said...

son of a prophet, People have been predicting the end times for 100's of years.

Take a chill pill as long as you live your life like Jesus is coming tomorrow you will be fine I promise!!!!!!!!!

son of a prophet said...

"People have been predicting the end times for 100's of years.

very true.

evetually........ somebody gonna be right.

near the end said...

Yep, and if your stressed out about it your not living right!!!!

mogel said...

SOP: With every end, there is always a new beginning, so with that perspective, the ends times begin to look not so bad after all. The earth will not pass away, it will just only pass through different stages, just like all of us do, so the end is not really doom, but a new beginning to look forward to.

I don't buy the "rapture idea" that all good Christians automatically become safe & avoid all of the calamaties that have been prophesied. There will be alot of good Christians that will endure hard times like it's always been, since the beginning of time.

Not all good people will be taken away from the earth. That would give Satan too much of an advantage, don't you think? Where's the courage, challenge or the fight in that? After all, who is going to inherit the earth during the millenium during the 1000 years of peace when Jesus personally regins upon the earth? They will be mortals, will they not, & good christian people?

Those special few & elect that meet Jesus in the clouds when he comes again, at his 2nd coming will immediately be resurrected & immortalized in "a twinkling of an eye" or instantaneously. Course in that state, they wouldn't be subject to any of the calamities anyway & would have power over any calamities anyway being immortal since they can't die, nor are they subject to weakness or disease even if they were to remain on this earth, or should they come back to this earth. I suspect those few won't be spending too much time on this earth at that point in time & probably most wouldn't have any need to. However, to conclude that only the unrighteous will inherit the earth or be left during the tribulation times & after the tribulation times is not scriptual, so that tells me all good people will not be taken away from this earth.

I think most Christians are mislead in thinking they don't have to worry about the times ahead or at least prepare for them. If you are living right, it doesn't matter anyway when you die, but to think that you are always going to be safe, is fantasy thinking.

son of a prophet said...

Not all good people will be taken away from the earth. That would give Satan too much of an advantage, don't you think?

mog, you are free to think as you like, but as far as "advantage", satan does have all the advantage of playing on his "home field" as the earth is satans kindom

the rapture does not mean that christians are not going to suffer, i agree with you there, it just means that they will be taken out of the tribulation, meaning that they wont have to worship the ac.

as i have previously posted, if christians are not raptured out, how will they avoid worshippin the ac??? they wont be able to.

they will worship the messiah that the ptb presents.

think about this before you answer.

when the ptb says that yeshua is now in jerusalem, are you going to believe them?

the ac will do "miracles"

he will be all over the tv. you will be fooled, believe me.

yes, christians have much suffering to do and not too far away, but nonetheless, they will be raptured.

your choice on wheterh or not you believe it.

son of a prophet said...

have banks lost all their reserve?


tcob247 said...

"the HS has just told me that there will DEFINITELY be a rapture and here is the latest wisdom given to me as the why:"

Awesome dude.....you are special

Did he speak to you in an audible voice?
Was it in a dream?
Was it from a lit grill?

Hey next time you speak to the HS ask him when Kurt will get out of jail

tcob247 said...


" I have been given a superior intellect"

and look where it got you

son of a prophet said...

"Was it in a dream?

probably as close as a description as the 3 you have posted.

but not exactly.

it just "comes to me"

and i know its from the HS as all wisdom comes from the HS

ever have something just "come to you?"

you probably call it a "gut feeling"

son of a prophet said...

ever meet somenone and say to youself, there is sometihgn strange about that guy?

well, taht was the HS talking to you, yo just didnt know it....

now yo do.

son of a prophet said...

and dont forget, afta yo get yo dg money......

"...when you have eaten and are full,(of you dg money) and have built beautiful houses and dwell in them... your heart is lifted up and you forget the Lord your God. ... you say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth.’...

If you by any means forget the Lord your God, and follow other gods... you shall surely perish.

As the nations which the Lord destroys before you, so you shall perish, because you would not be obedient to the voice of the Lord your God." Deuteronomy 8:10-2


rember not to forget where yo dg money come from, or .....

"you shall surely perish"

son of a prophet said...

and also, why if you not raptured YOU WILL WORSHIP THE AC, BECAUSE....

"The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan,
with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason

God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,

that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12






son of a prophet said...

send a delusion....they wont even need to be on zoloft and have their delusions....LOLO!!

son of a prophet said...

"The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan,

guarenteed that the lawless one alrady has some of his lieutenants at work in iraq right now.


jsut look at iraq. everybody killing everyone else. no one even knows WHO they are killing i believe.

iraqis, sunnis, shiites, iranians,

its like a big fruit salad and nobody really knows wahts going on there.

they make me laff, with there suppoese "securtiy crackdown"

maybe they meant everybody there is smoking crack. LOLO!!!

yeah, they gonna bring order there.

right. let me know when.

dun worry, "mystery of lawlessness, doth already at work"

and he working overtime in iraq right now.

the nwo let the genie (lawlessness) out of the bottle and i dont beleive taht even they can put it back in, and you know how pwerful the nwo is.

so what does that tell you. nobody gonna striagnten iraq out until mr. ac comes on the scene who bring a false peace.