Monday, March 30, 2009

The Marriage Bed (2-23-09)

It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed the marriage bed. Even with all this time of absence I can recall the first time lovers revealed themselves to each other. With God as our Groom knowing and being known is not as easily obtained as the sexual union of the flesh. Yet many times through many scriptures being known by God as we are known and knowing Him is expressed as a relationship possibility.

We have a God, a Groom, who is beyond our reason and comprehension. He is infinite and we are finite. He is a Creator and we are creation. He cannot be known unless He reveals Himself. He only chooses to reveal Himself in the marriage bed and the love relationship. (Job 26:14) This is a spiritual union not one of the flesh. (Jn. 4:24) Christ is a visible display of this invisible unknown God. Through Him we learn of Him and His ways. As our Groom and lover He has chosen to lay Himself bare in the marriage bed with His beloved bride. Now we know in type when we lay ourselves in the marriage bed we are not revealed in our completeness but in truth. My wife doesn’t know all of me but she knows me in intimate truth. Many of the invisible attributes of my spirit in our love relationship have been revealed by my words and deeds. I am not known in my entirety but in truth. Can you imagine what privilege is ours to have God choose to reveal Himself to us? Can you acquire the mentality of a loved bride and trust in this true love relationship?

I miss the passion of intimacy of my wife but I thrive on the intimacy of Christ and His love. He is my hope when hell and the world try and seduce me by saying “stolen water is sweet” into their tragic life of apostasy and adultery. They are prohibited from any knowledge of our beloved Groom because they are precluded by their selfish lustful loyalties. Be faithful dear bride and enjoy the marriage bed of truth and love. Our Groom has overcome this world and our marriage relationship will be a perpetual and sound witness.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Battered Bride (2-23-09)

The battered bride is an impossibility in Christ. Yet I have heard many who claim to be His bride talk as though He is the cause of their suffering. Recently I was tempted myself to go down this thoughtless road.

As you are aware I was getting into a position to fund the clients through the Phase One website. This is my intention and will be accomplished. I have goals but not without hostile opposition. The FBI just executed a warrant which I have not seen or been informed of that was used to steal the Phase One website. Does this hinder my work? Absolutely. Are they in the belief they are doing right? Probably though many agents have long since sold their soul to the devil. This event came to me with the news that my sister was given a death sentence of no more than 5 years with bone cancer. Throw on top of this the fear and phobias of those I love and it was easy to ask God if His promises are true or if He knows what He is doing. There are harsh times and chastisement in every love relationship but there is not abuse and battering. Our Groom is a lover and a giver. Though suffering may come our way it is not from our lovers hand. Will we know our lover and remember His loving caress? If He doesn’t lift His hand quickly to deliver us will we doubt His affection?

I was once given sound advice not to doubt in the darkness what I had seen in the light. Modifying this advice a little I would say don’t doubt the lover you know when He appears distant. When I went to strengthen myself when all hell broke loose and seemed to be prevailing I looked to my lover, my Groom. His attributes are beyond searching out but very reassuring. Read the song of Solomon if you don’t remember the thoughts of lovers. I’ve spent a little time on this bride theme in hopes to encourage you to visualize your standing at law, and in God’s heart so you’ll find the confidence to make it to your certain victory. Dorean has taken you through a path of suffering and the world is in dire straights but we have a safe harbor, a sure refuge, high tower, and most of all an intimate bosom of love to hide and protect us. Listen to this heartbeat even though troubles fill your eyes and you will know you are well loved.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Gifted Bride (2-23-09)

I am fortunate to have a gifted bride whose many graces bless my life. Because of circumstances I am very limited in the gifts I can give her. The Bride of Christ does not suffer as mine He gives man gifts. In II Pet. 1:5-8 we have a list of gifts that bring us to a knowledge of our Groom. I Cor. 12:7-11 is another set of gifts. Imagine for your wedding you have gone into the finest store that possessed the most desired gifts and there you placed your registry. Can you imagine your hope and joy of expectation? Do we view these gifts from God in similar fashion? How about the great gift of love, (I Cor. 13:4-13) do we really appreciate this treasure? Then there is the gift of God’s armor for the battles we face. (Eph. 6:10-18)

I can’t tell you how absolutely priceless these gifts have been to me. There is no human strength that would have sustained me in this struggle for truth. No matter how desperate or deep I had to dive the gifts never came up empty.

As the world struggles with materialism and a despairing haunt for the good old days and phony men make their promise in vanity to return them what gifts do they have for their help. In all this calamity the greatest gift is our Groom. (Prov. 18:10) We have a shelter from any storm of nature or of man. Do you hear the voices of those who are not married and how they easily proclaim doom? They do not possess these gifts or know of the shelter of the Groom. Our Groom is known for His judgment (Psalm 9:16). He is the one in power who executes. What befalls us and this world are not random acts of chance in a cause and effect free environment. This is God’s world, His form. He is not subject to the cause and effect subjectively but can enter into this history objectively any time He desires as Lord. For us Lord also has the gracious Groom who lavishes upon us many rich gifts and His loving devotion. Do we have or can we justify the gloom and despair for ourselves? Do we face the world’s problems? Is the faithful Bride treated the same as the adulterous? I implore you to walk in the glorious matrimony of your calling and make full use of the gifts you have been given.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Lovely Bride (2-22-09)

There is the invisible church which I’ll equate to the “I do” acceptance of the Bridegroom’s offer. This is where the personal love relationship enters the private bed chamber. Though we all share this experience in Christ there is another relationship where we are the visible church, a visible bride, a body. There is a certain reputation or expression exhibited in the public venue of this world. In the gospel of John 13:34, 35 and 17:21 we get a flash glimpse of the love between the members and Christ identifying Himself as the Christ who loves His body. The world looks upon this church visible and can say we are loved and that Christ is who He claimed to be. This is a witness that may not lead to their repentance but most certainly to their recognition. This is the grand finally to the Big Show. I think of that moment where the groom sees His wife to the tune “here comes the bride” approaching Him. She is jeweled and arrayed in all things beautiful. Will this be how His body exits this world? I think so. We will hear “come up here” but we will have already been made spotless and cherished in this world.

Part of my contempt for the retards is they claim to be this bride but they show none of the identifying marks of love. I could not imagine being apathetic or polite if my bride in all her glory was coming down the isle and my brother was berating her as an unclean whore of apostasy. Yet these retards who think their lips are their own ridicule God’s beloved with ease. Truly God only has to use their own judgments to condemn them. I then think of the others who have loved me in my faith trial. How they have prayed and supported me. This is my beloved Christ loving me through His visible body.

Let me pose this question; who displays the love of Christ, me or the retards? They’ll say I’m a selfish conman thief. They have to ignore banking facts and give them a pass from the judgment they pass on me. They ignore the courts and title 18 are frauds and give them a pass also. Is this truth in judgment? Do any of them make any personal sacrifice that would display love towards you or me. They are so self absorbed and lazy that they won’t even invest the time to liberate themselves. This is not love in any measure. How do you spot the real bride? She is lovely !

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bride of the Revolution

We are currently near the end of the Philadelphian Church Age. It is funny that this church age began in the season of Philadelphia that revolutionary city being the capital. The bride, this church, is the culmination of all God’s work with man since Adam. The story He wishes to cap off is a spiritual exclamation point of marriage. He gives to this church Himself as true, possessing the key of David, and Holy. He’ll open doors like any groom would do for the bride He loves. He’ll make those who are false, the synagogue of satan, come and pay His bride homage. We must be revolutionaries because being possessed as holy and true we will be a minority in this ugly world of apostasy. They want to whore around and there we are as a faithful bride. Furthermore this bride is being made spotless. She will be the Groom’s glory in this last witness. As He prepares us for our exit an exodus shadowed in type before their will be none feeble among us. Are you starting to comprehend why we are tried as we are? God will not tolerate apostasy. His bride shall be separate and made pure. Every voice of apostasy whether in the church, politics, or the courthouse will be confronted by this revolutionary bride. As He delivered out of Egypt He’ll deliver again. This is the time to appropriate God’s promises to you personally, one because you are loved as an individual bride and two because you are part of the Big show as the corporate bride. God will not fail us this is His show, for His good pleasure, for His testimony. It’s not about you it’s about Him and you in Him as an adored and chaste bride. The crowd is always against the minority revolutionaries. There will be more whores then the girl you want to take home to Papa. I implore you to get involved in this love story. Being well loved is a joy unspeakable. Being the cherished bride of the Almighty is privilege in the highest. Here comes the Bride!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Faithful Wife (2-21-09)

I had a visit from my wife while I was in the SHU. What a joy it is to be loved by a wife. Have you really taken the time to study the Bride and the Bridegroom theme in the scriptures? If you have you will be at the core of the gospel message. In America unfaithful spouses are not a rarity. In God’s dealing with man there is equally such unfaithfulness. When you take the physical sin of adultery and apply the spiritual impact it is apostasy. Never diminishing the sexual sin it is merely a type for the worst of sins. Countless times God uses the sexual metaphor to describe man’s turning away from His love and truth. He describes them as laying underneath in the sexual prone position other gods. Gods which are not gods at all. If I could truly describe my contention with the retards is that their words are the whorish words of a seducer. They are askew of the intimate personal love relationship a wife (body of and individual believer(s)) and her husband. (Christ) Have we not all witnessed the sad heartache of this temptation when acted upon. If you are truly in love can you turn from your beloved? I didn’t have a chance any other way when faced with the conflict of Dorean before the treacherous government. In to many ways to list I was confronted with apostasy of faithfulness to my beloved. Christ deserves all my love in its most faithful measure. Further in this gospel story is the moment by moment love affair. This is more than not cheating but giving yourself over to service of your beloved. My wife has been sexually pure and faithful which is a lovely gift but what benefit would I have derived if she never showed me love. I had a wife who slept with no one else but also never slept with me. It was one of the most heinous acts of hatred I ever experienced. Can we truly treat God as such without a hope of perdition? What I’m discussing is the vertical relationship as the form of marriage. The freedoms within a marriage are what are on display as beauty to this ugly world. Outside of our personal call to marriage is a prophetic timeline for the marriage testimony to be displayed in grandeur. We are entering this time and love and truth within the beauty of marriage will be revolutionary to this ugly adulterous world. This revolution incorporates Dorean for purposes you’ll understand someday.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Injustice (2-17-09)

This word has been lost to society and all that remains is a memory. This problem is evident within the Dorean dialog. My so called brethren (the modern day Pharisees) have much to say in subject regard but they are betrayed by their lack of mooring to justice. Under the spell of today’s philosophy permeated through all branches including theology man has discarded God as the infinite point of reference. Man has been diminished from a special particular to being a part within the machine. It was a problem the Greek reasoned with in their polis which was regurgitated by Hillary Clinton with her village rhetoric. An optimism is being offered to a world untethered with a call back to values yet there is no base for these values. They are arbitrary and mere spectred memory of a time before our confusion. These values are not real personal possession just suggestions made by someone without answers. Those who condemn me and believe I received justice don’t know what true justice is. For the most part it is a word without definition but a collective memory of the masses. They can through out colloquialisms that have mass appreciation but none in the crowd know what justice is as a value, where it comes from, or how to obtain it. This is retarded.

How can a so called judge who is ignorant of the value justice going to mediate it, and execute it? He can’t but all he has to do is dress up with props that tickle your memory and you’ll give him full credit. If you are not seeking to know what justice is you are a lemming subjected entertainment in the genes of reality-fiction.

Jesus gave us some glimpses of justice during His ministry that did not conform to the crowd. He offered no apology for shattering their shadow justice memory. He offered real justice, a real value that man could moor himself to and find purpose and understanding. When Jesus stood before Lazurus’ tomb He was angered by sin and its consequence. This is justice. Its not our stupid right / wrong, good / evil knowledge within the system but a truth larger than us. It is a law, fixed outside the manipulations of subjective opinion. It is a justice one can appeal to when men in power subject you to their foolish idea of it. There is no shadow of turning for political benefit, economic benefit, or social benefit. It comes from God who is true law, true justice. Much more is lost than souls when the world declared God is dead. They so hated the tree that they cut off the only limb they were hanging on. Insanity was labeled sanity and under this state of mind man thinks he finally obtained his freedom. I am not in prison my accusers are. When I went after the banks, when I stood up to the government, when I oppose the retards I do so with a true knowledge of justice that is larger than my opinion. I learned it from God and am not intimidated off my position because justice is not a memory to me but a real value I possess. When someone asks me what is the basis of my value I have a place to point them. I have no village, city, constitution, or national pride of collective retards to off as a false optimism. Even today I’ll tell you that Christ is the only mooring one can have that will prevent you from acting like a retard.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Name That Tune (2-16-09)

Give me a care for my worry
And some cat gut for all of my frets
And I’ll play you a dirge for complaining
That a miserable life won’t forget

Give me a burden too heavy
And a promise of Christ to relieve
And I’ll sing you a tune of rejoicing
That a miserable life will believe

Friday, March 13, 2009

Change of Plans (2-16-09)

I’m going to withdraw the Phase One blog at the moment. I have to make some adjustments before I repost. What I will need from you, you can work at obtaining presently. I’ll need your Name(s), address of mortgaged property submitted to the program, current address, amount of mortgage(s) submitted. This is not your balance owed or any measurement of equity, it is the full amount of the loan, your account number, and your Dorean assigned number. If you can’t find the last item that is the least important. Please collect this info so when I post again you are ready to participate. Thank you!

There is talk of shipping me again to another prison. I’m wondering if this is a coordinated effort. So much for Big Bad-Ass government. Little men with carnal minds are still steered like a river by the God they hate. Life is too funny.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Can Do It (2-16-09)

In today’s society “You Can Do It” has become the anthem of positive thinking. I think I have displayed more than most a resolve to obtain a positive outcome. Yet are we really dealing with faith or some exercise in psychological masturbation? Man is not an honest creature about his carnal nature or his fallen state. We are in complete need of grace. A gift from God that has no attachment to merit. Here is a quote from a Mr. G. S. Bishop that I think sums up the truth well:

“Grace is a provision for men who are so fallen that they cannot lift the axe of justice, so corrupt that they cannot change their own natures, so averse to God that they cannot turn to Him, so blind that they cannot see Him, so deaf that they cannot hear Him, and so dead that He Himself must open their graves and lift them into resurrection.”

I don’t want to be the one to cajole you into a positive thought but I do hope to point you to an appreciation of this wonderful gift. Can you imagine this gracious God allowing Dorean, the FBI, con men, or the devil himself to hurt you? Have we put so little thought into what is truly positive that we use a vocabulary of doubt? Things will go well for those of you who are chosen because of God’s attributes. Even clients who are haters of God will benefit by us who will be blessed. (See dialog over Sodom between Abraham and God Gen. 18) Be encouraged and do not fret He who can lift us from our graves can lift us from our despair.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Quit Again (2-14-09)

I should start with an apology. There are times when a man wishes he is a better man than he is. Today was Valentine’s Day. A day for me to acknowledge my love relationship. To truly love something or someone leaves you exposed to true pain and suffering. A severe pain tolerance is very different than a chronic pain tolerance. The suffering loss of my love relationship has been traumatic, chronic, and perpetual making it constant and unabated. Under this strain I have done all I can to remain strong but today I admit my failure. I can’t do this anymore. Add to this the constant assault against any attempt to do what is right by these highpriests of witchcraft and my shoulders have folded. I honestly wish I could be your champion and at moments I thought I could be but I must quit. I can’t pull off Phase One under these conditions. Maybe if God should have mercy upon me and somehow I prevail in any timely fashion an appeal or otherwise I can renew my strength and revisit my goals. I asked my wife for a divorce. It is said hope deferred makes the heart grow sick and the guilt associated with all your dashed hopes and hers has crushed me. I know my apology is shallow but a broken man lacks the depth you desire of me. I can offer the token I’ll remain in prayer for you but what offering is this. It is obvious God doesn’t answer my prayers. I don’t want to sound like a whiner so I think it best to just quit and to end the communication. I see no need to maintain this blog or to respond to your letters. Let’s just write me off to a failure. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

P.S. As you can tell from the words of the prior paragraph there are some very strange words to hear from me. Even more so words like these many of you have spoken. These are atheistic words a vocabulary of doubt. The faith you have seen me display unwavering is the antithesis and annihilator of this vocabulary. Many of you can relate to this vocabulary but I have to ask you, can you continue to use them without losing your faith? It cannot be done. When one comes under the fire of unyielding circumstance spiritual forces tempt us to skew our vision away from our Creator. When we remain focused on Christ a vocabulary of praise for the attributes we see fills our soul. How can a vocabulary of doubt be reconciled with a Supreme God, a Sovereign God, a faithful God, a loving God, a patient God, a Holy God, and an immutable God? Have we so quickly forgotten His power over all creation to effect His will? NOTHING that enters your life has failed to pass through the Sovereignty of God. His sanction has already been stamped upon it. Where is murmuring, complaining, quiting, or a vocabulary of doubt? Is there any place for them for those who are chosen to be conformed into the image of His Son? Surely none of your worry or concern over Dorean, banker fraud, your foreclosure, or auxiliaries has brought you any again. My question to you is how can you not trust the God with these attributes? Do you think it a lie, an inducement of fraud upon man by man. I have never seen any attribute in man that would invent a God whose displeasure with his shortcomings would end with eternal damnation. To do this would require first the invention of a Holy God I could displease. No when men invent their gods they make Him benevolent, forgiving, and subject to their whims and fancies. You end up with stupid staff like 70 virgins, becoming a god myself, no hell, 100% paradise acceptance, and no conforming to anything except possibly personal ethics and social aesthetics. This is clearly displayed in the rhetoric of the retards on this blog.

My charge to you is don’t lose hope, never quit, change your vocabulary and focus. Look to the wonderful God who truly exists. Apply a justified faith to your circumstances and outlast all your enemies. This is the source of my strength and the same for you. We can truly say “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Know your God as we are known of God. All things come to an end when they meet their beginning. God is our beginning without end. As He is for you He is for all your troubles. We shall not be moved or defeated.

I loathe my suffering from my comfort desire but I cannot quit, nor can I find words in my vocabulary to express the development of the thought. Though I tease you intentionally with quiting if you knew God as I do you would know how utterly impossible that act would be and the joke would become an improbability. Be of good cheer the attributes of our God ensure I am a finisher. As to writing any more on this blog: I QUIT!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friday The 13th (2-13-09)

Many seem to think that this day has a cloud hanging over it. Of course the movie series only enhances this view. My state case began on Friday the 13th. I was shipped from Santa Rita to Utah on Friday the 13th. Being in the SHU this day and my past experience could certainly make that suggestion to me.

I think this way is really the philosophical thought of fate. Fate was kind of the God behind all gods of the Panel in Greek mythology. Even Zues was subject to the force. If I were to adopt this thought in any incremental fashion I would have to do so at the expense of faith. If anything can be considered fatalistic it would have to be the word of God because He does not lie. Unfortunately fate in practice by us is doubt because it ignores the connection between faith and the activation and implementation of God’s word. It is an immutable substance that doesn’t become what is truly intended until faith is blended like an epoxy. The independent freewill objects become a third and new object by their joinder. Certainty attaches at this point but not fate.

I have sensed by comments that many think fate has somehow fixed the outcome of the Dorean process. To me it has been more like warfare that has an outcome determined by the participants. Loyalties, wisdom, weapons, measures and counter measures, and choices seem related to cause and effect. I don’t think the FBI believes in fate. They seem very active with goals independent of my own. I believe the prayers, fasting, and faith of us all has a role in determination. The Word of God has a prophetic set of rails to guide us if we will follow that will cause us to pass through our destination. Faith is our call, fate is for apathetic cowards. Look to the certainty of God’s faithfulness and not the myth of fate.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

FBI (2-12-09)

It has come to my attention that my Fabulously Boring Imbecile's still maintain their interest in me. I find that comforting that this giant agency is not resting comfortably in their supposed victory. Their malice toward my Phase One website has been discovered. Sure they are looking out for you clients. At least they are still reading my blog. I may have to take another route to accomplish my goal. I’m putting that to prayer now. I’m not a conspiracy nut but if you knew why I was in the SHU the timing of these agencies seems a little too coordinated. Regardless God is easily triumphant over these retards. I was holding back a couple of my weapons but I am being encouraged by their timing to suspect it is the right time to perfect them.

There are a couple of cases you might take interest in. C08-2325-JSW which is the lawsuit to remove all the liens (UCC 1’s) placed on many actors, and C08-2462-JSW which is a habeas. The liens will probably receive an order this week to have them expunged. Sounds like a loss. I couldn’t be happier to arrive at my goal. When I get the opportunity to teach some of you the truth you will learn just how tactical God has made me. When you have a big predictable bully confronting you use his energy against him. The habeas was filed in May, went to default in June, in Dec. I asked the court to issue a default or make the US answer. Nothing yet. Funny how they can’t answer a simple jurisdictional problem. Of course I know why. My next move should prove interesting. Until next time seek God.

Monday, March 02, 2009

In the SHU Again (2-8-09)

It must be my charming personality but I’m back in Special Housing. If they are wanting to make me feel special it’s not working. I received another 204 series Incident Report (shot) which is an accusation of extorting and blackmailing the staff. I think this is a developing trademark in that my last 3 shots are identical. Justified or not I have a reputation that proceeded me here that I can inflict financial harm on staff. For the most part I enjoy this fear based relationship because it creates a preferred distance between staff and myself. They leave me alone and I leave them alone. The flipside can be paranoia. That’s what affected me this time. My case manager who would be the one to act as a debt collector for the court believes I’m threatening him. His basis could be justified by his knowledge of my prior dealings with another case manager but not factual. The BOP has an administrative remedy process they call BP 8-12. I filed an 8 with my counselor to begin this process with an attached cease and desist your debt collection process. It was intentionally intimidation but innocuous as to any staff. All I was attempting to do was to collect my denials on the pathway to my remedy. I haven’t even identified the players if I wanted to threaten.

What lies before me is two diverse options. One is they admit to their misunderstandings and I’ll only be here for 2-3 weeks. Two is that their actions have malice in them; they were looking for the first opportunity to rid themselves of their fiery and will keep me here for months and probably transfer me again. I have no idea yet what will happen but I can say I have never seen repentance in this organization in 3 years. Even if they draw first blood by accident they never say oops I’m sorry. So my suspicions are pessimistic. At this pace I could be the little old man who lived in the SHU if the retards get to write the nursery rhyme.