Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Faithful Wife (2-21-09)

I had a visit from my wife while I was in the SHU. What a joy it is to be loved by a wife. Have you really taken the time to study the Bride and the Bridegroom theme in the scriptures? If you have you will be at the core of the gospel message. In America unfaithful spouses are not a rarity. In God’s dealing with man there is equally such unfaithfulness. When you take the physical sin of adultery and apply the spiritual impact it is apostasy. Never diminishing the sexual sin it is merely a type for the worst of sins. Countless times God uses the sexual metaphor to describe man’s turning away from His love and truth. He describes them as laying underneath in the sexual prone position other gods. Gods which are not gods at all. If I could truly describe my contention with the retards is that their words are the whorish words of a seducer. They are askew of the intimate personal love relationship a wife (body of and individual believer(s)) and her husband. (Christ) Have we not all witnessed the sad heartache of this temptation when acted upon. If you are truly in love can you turn from your beloved? I didn’t have a chance any other way when faced with the conflict of Dorean before the treacherous government. In to many ways to list I was confronted with apostasy of faithfulness to my beloved. Christ deserves all my love in its most faithful measure. Further in this gospel story is the moment by moment love affair. This is more than not cheating but giving yourself over to service of your beloved. My wife has been sexually pure and faithful which is a lovely gift but what benefit would I have derived if she never showed me love. I had a wife who slept with no one else but also never slept with me. It was one of the most heinous acts of hatred I ever experienced. Can we truly treat God as such without a hope of perdition? What I’m discussing is the vertical relationship as the form of marriage. The freedoms within a marriage are what are on display as beauty to this ugly world. Outside of our personal call to marriage is a prophetic timeline for the marriage testimony to be displayed in grandeur. We are entering this time and love and truth within the beauty of marriage will be revolutionary to this ugly adulterous world. This revolution incorporates Dorean for purposes you’ll understand someday.


spec said...
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spec said...

Men always appreciate women more when they are behind bars. Why? Because they don't get to interact with them as much when they are behind bars. When they get out however, the appreciation depreciates. I guarantee it.