Monday, March 16, 2009

Injustice (2-17-09)

This word has been lost to society and all that remains is a memory. This problem is evident within the Dorean dialog. My so called brethren (the modern day Pharisees) have much to say in subject regard but they are betrayed by their lack of mooring to justice. Under the spell of today’s philosophy permeated through all branches including theology man has discarded God as the infinite point of reference. Man has been diminished from a special particular to being a part within the machine. It was a problem the Greek reasoned with in their polis which was regurgitated by Hillary Clinton with her village rhetoric. An optimism is being offered to a world untethered with a call back to values yet there is no base for these values. They are arbitrary and mere spectred memory of a time before our confusion. These values are not real personal possession just suggestions made by someone without answers. Those who condemn me and believe I received justice don’t know what true justice is. For the most part it is a word without definition but a collective memory of the masses. They can through out colloquialisms that have mass appreciation but none in the crowd know what justice is as a value, where it comes from, or how to obtain it. This is retarded.

How can a so called judge who is ignorant of the value justice going to mediate it, and execute it? He can’t but all he has to do is dress up with props that tickle your memory and you’ll give him full credit. If you are not seeking to know what justice is you are a lemming subjected entertainment in the genes of reality-fiction.

Jesus gave us some glimpses of justice during His ministry that did not conform to the crowd. He offered no apology for shattering their shadow justice memory. He offered real justice, a real value that man could moor himself to and find purpose and understanding. When Jesus stood before Lazurus’ tomb He was angered by sin and its consequence. This is justice. Its not our stupid right / wrong, good / evil knowledge within the system but a truth larger than us. It is a law, fixed outside the manipulations of subjective opinion. It is a justice one can appeal to when men in power subject you to their foolish idea of it. There is no shadow of turning for political benefit, economic benefit, or social benefit. It comes from God who is true law, true justice. Much more is lost than souls when the world declared God is dead. They so hated the tree that they cut off the only limb they were hanging on. Insanity was labeled sanity and under this state of mind man thinks he finally obtained his freedom. I am not in prison my accusers are. When I went after the banks, when I stood up to the government, when I oppose the retards I do so with a true knowledge of justice that is larger than my opinion. I learned it from God and am not intimidated off my position because justice is not a memory to me but a real value I possess. When someone asks me what is the basis of my value I have a place to point them. I have no village, city, constitution, or national pride of collective retards to off as a false optimism. Even today I’ll tell you that Christ is the only mooring one can have that will prevent you from acting like a retard.


habakkuk said...

retard=To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede

near the end said...

dr.ira gilac= RETARD!!!

Anonymous said...

dr.ira gilac= RETARD!!!

DRATER!!! = calig ari rd.

Anonymous said...

guss dat yo neva met dr. ira gilac's cousin.... dr. caligari

he dun cums to dis blaaagh too much tho....he hang out at quackloos....

judge allslop said...

Speaking of injustice.
“We can win in Afghanistan!” – Lord Auckland (1838), Elphinstone (1842), Lord Lytton (1878), British Gen George Burrows (1880), Leonid Brezhnev (1979), George W Bush (2001), Barack Obama (2009)
The only reason we are there is the lucrative drug trade. Spending our fortune chasing dirt poor people riding donkeys and Toyota pick-up trucks is madness. Sorry all you rigored Republicans if you bought into the spin, your as fucked up as the above gentlemen.

"There is no inflation." What the hell is 10 Trillion dollars?

"Not to worry, the Fed will drain as inflation starts." With what. Lies?

"The mark to market rule of FASB 157 appear as if it is going to be modified so that value will be computer modeled according to assumptions of lines of income to maturity of SIVs, OTC derivatives."
Sure I get it.Don't like the rules, Change em.Presto, one quadrillion becomes one trillion. Nobody will notice.

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mogel007 said...

Dr. Ira,

I sent you an email to your safe-mail email address you created a while back. Read it as soon as you can. You might be very interested in what I have to say.

mogel007 said...

We're mad as hell & we want our country back video: