Wednesday, August 31, 2005

“Shame, shame, shame “

One of the interesting things about the California penal system is the segregation of different factions. You have Northerners, Southerners, amongst the Mexicans, blacks have their Cripps and Bloods, and additional geographic divisions, Others, which make up most of the Asians, such as Chinese, Vietnamese, and sometimes the Native Americans. Then there are the Woods, which are the Whites. This is psychologized crowd control and warfare at its best. When all should be focused the common abuse of their captors they fight each other. This is exactly what they are doing to Dorean. When we should all be singing in one harmonic chorus "Shame, Shame, Shame". Liberty can not be separated from the free use of propriety nor can oppression ignore the dispossession as a tool. I, even as a sole individual, will proclaim the shame of an oppressive governments support and joint venture with those who steal our liberty. Attack me all you like but I will focus on our common foe. If I prevail you will still be blessed, but to your own shame because when you had the opportunity to synchronize your vibrations to rattle the gears of this machine, that is churning us up, until they are dislodged and destroyed you found blame. To be continued…

Sunday, August 28, 2005

“Dichotomy “

Today I had my heart broken twice. In the morning I was called out to quitclaim property back. Again something I didn’t mind doing. Two of the properties were churches. The cover letters were full of self-fulfilling faithless statements and a promise of prayers of support. Your prayers have no value to me because we serve not the same God. My God spits gold out of fishes, sends bread and meat from the skies, makes oil run until the need is complete. How is it that you can attach any faith to your prayers when the faith opportunity set on your table you are completely ignorant of? These churches need to call a fast and repent of their lack of trust like Nineveh in hopes that God will have mercy and prevent your destruction. In the evening I was wrestling to reinstate the dry part of my fast. I had just made up my mind when I received a card from a boy I am certain is not yet 9 years old. He quoted two verses from Psalms. How is it this little boy can go to the word in faith and two churches can not? Gabriel you likewise touched my heart, but with joy and I will use your card every time I get thirsty to remind myself that my battle is for you to have a fighting chance against the bankers. Your prayers young man will avail much. Please keep me in your prayers!
Please write.
Kurt F. Johnson
Broder Blvd.Dublin. CA. 94568
Dale Scott Heineman
C/O Salt Lake County Metro Jail
3415 S. 900 W.South
Salt Lake City, UT. 84119
To be continued…

Saturday, August 27, 2005

“A Little Clarity”

I have had a chance to view a few comments. Dorean wholesaled their product for $1,000.00 for the first mortgage and $500.00 for any additional. We also advanced a $3,000.00 family estate trust. The work I did was valid and will prove so in the end. Ignorant naysayers can’t change that. I’m the one that bet my life on it and bares the cost without complaint. Those of you who feel ripped off contact Kevin V. Ryan US attorney in San Francisco and get your remedy. For those of you who can see the truth I will fight to the finish. Foolish clients and zealous government are all factored into my plan. It is true there are a chosen few and I will give you all the tools I can. Let the fools babble as we change an industry. We will be remembered by our perseverance and they can move to their next blog to complain about gas prices. I am disappointed by those I have left in charge it is something I must overcome as a challenge. If you are being foreclosed upon ask the question did an agent for the bank reconvey? The problem seems to be between the bank and their agent not between you and the bank. Let them pursue me. Some of you having victory please help those willing to learn. To be continued…

Friday, August 26, 2005

“Let The Games Begin”

It appears the State of Utah is moving to dismiss at my next hearing on the 26th don’t get excited this is good but not as you perceive. They are moving to add charges and to recover from fatal flaws of their first case. They will refile and I will not get out and have to start the process over. I will have my movement and am glad because this move in the game is ahead of my schedule by about two months. The second case will be dismissed in the near future and then the third and final case will be the actual battle. The playbook is antique and outdated but somewhat effective because it is easy today to round up a gaggle of kiss-ass judges who will sell theirs souls to the political agenda of the executive branch. I am a political prisoner and there is no justice in my future. Fortunately I am prepared to win the political game and ultimately shame every corrupt judge who conspires to deprive me justice. Here are the fatal flaws, which would bar Utah from ever proceeding in the future, but will be ruled on improperly on the 26th.

1. They are proceeding on an unverified complaint making arraignment impossible and incurable. Estopping Utah.

2. The judge forced upon me a misrepersenter in breach of the contract we agreed to and is effectively joined in a conspiracy to convict which could be construed as practicing law from the bench, a felony. Such actions led to an improper ruling that was prejudicial to me, by denying me a triable defense.

3. Utah has committed a fraud upon the court making me a fugitive which effectively denied me a reasonable bail very prejudicial and another estoppel.

4. They have exceeded my right to a speedy trial again very prejudicial and another estoppel. A speedy trial demand was filed 6-30-05.

Any normal judge forced with these estoppels would bar Utah from ever proceeding by dismissing with prejudice and would impose sanctions. I promise you this, I will not get justice! The good news is if they think they have to cheat to win they are scared and I have already won. Time becomes the last foe to conquer. These bowls of applesauce will easily be plowed through. To be continued…

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

“Learning From My Mistakes”

Case # 05-09461 CA24
Coradin Family Trust
Acceptance Denied For Cause

Today I received a lawsuit Merrill Lynch for the Coradin Family Trust. The acceptance of which was denied by me. Let explain something clearly to you because you may need to understand these things to protect yourself in my absence. Merrill and Dorean have already reached an agreement, a stipulation. They have now hired a professional arguer to trespass upon that settlement. Remember these are the same people who used contract law to defraud you of your home; they are pros! The lawsuit is nothing more than an offer to renegotiate the settlement. I chose not to reopen negotiations and therefore my response was "Acceptance Denied For Cause Without Dishonor" my cause was a completed contract. The law firm is perpetrating a fraud upon the court in an attempt to give a judge discretion to choose between two brats fighting. I have not given the judge subject matter jurisdiction and left all parties exposed to the liability of their fraud. This is fully explained on the soon to be available educational DVD’s and makes for further justification you to have this valuable tool. Early this year I hired an attorney to bring our truth before the court. Most of my current troubles are a byproduct of this action. I inherited judge Alsup who used his presumption as fact and his imagination as a memorandum of law. Even when I withdrew he could not let go, as he wanted to rule regardless of jurisdiction. Any good boxer recalculates his strategy after being hit. I learn fast! These bastard children who have forgotten who birthed them must be made obsolete by us handling our affairs without discretion. Every bank, bar none of the 3000 plus settled with me in the same manner as Merrill. That is why if they can’t destroy us we will always have remedy against their fraud. To be continued…

Monday, August 22, 2005

“A Personal Confession “

This Blog is not a Christian page nor dedicated to religious types. I am making a personal confession for the shear purpose of shedding light upon my motives. To many of you I appear to be a man of courage to a few a crook. I am neither. I am a man who believes in a living God whose voice created, is creating, and shall continue to create. When this voice called me to start the Dorean Group I knew instantly I was headed for trouble. The fact that this did not hinder me is where the misinterpretation begins. I am seasoned at hearing His voice and knowing its reliability. But the courage I have to trust it is a gift. You are viewing this man who is being worn as a cloak with the power of expression coming from Him who has put me on. I am honored to be of service to my Master, even if I am stained, torn, tattered, and or destroyed. The battle is not mine nor is the honor I am simply along for the ride. If another cloak is necessary to finish the race I will be retired as faithful and that is all I can ask of my life. I have dreams and suffer and take the brunt of the harsh environment I am walking through but am comforted on the inside by the warmth of Him who possess me. To Him be all glory and honor and praise! Victory for the Mighty! To be continued…

Friday, August 19, 2005

“Early Bird Special”

I am delighted to announce that our educational video is 95% complete. It will play upon our webpage for free viewing. For those of you wanting a serious tool to help you comprehend the complex arena of mortgage fraud the 4 DVD set is a must for you to own. There will be 3 plus hours on UCC, 2 plus hours on title 12 banking, 1 plus hours on administrative law and implementation, and 1 plus hours on the bars lack of recognition of the contractual fraud element in every mortgage along with contractual deficiencies being exposed. On the webpage you will be able to purchase the entire set for $79.95 using a credit card. As an "Early Bird Special" just send $70.00 blank money order to DVD at C/O 125 E. Sunnyoaks Ave. #207 Campbell, CA. 95008, they will ship them to you immediately upon completion. This may be the very tool that sparks the revolution of wisdom to empower the people. This educational tool will make the Dorean Group obsolete in that you will have the knowledge to handle your own affairs. Much expense and effort has been put into this production so as to bring you the best professional quality in the hopes that it will bless for generations. Enjoy! To be continued…

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

“The Law of Politics”

A Habeas Corpus has been filed with enough merit to have me released many times over. Do not get your hopes up because you must understand I am suffering at the hands of a political beast not a lawful one. Judge Alsup is not the only political hack. The FBI I’m certain has employed every amoral coward who would sell their soul for a paycheck to put on a robe and gavel in my proceedings. Collectively they are enforcing their public policy to steal from you and enrich themselves through the favors to the bankers. Take courage in the fact that they are focusing all this energy because Dorean has figured out the maze of their deception and fear has appeared. They have enacted their emergency policy of intimidation, which breaks the average man. The pledge of our determination rattles them more than their heavy hand unnerves me. How about you? Will you continue to study, challenge, and stand, against an aggressive minority? I will join you if you do! To be continued

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

“What’s In A Number? “

Today a client sent in a notary to grant their property out of trust. I do not mind this but you must make sure that is what you really want to do, lest you jeopardize the other task we perform for you. Again I want to thank you for your letters; they go a long way in the edification of my soul. For my fellow fighters do not fear for me our enemies are cowards and desperate. I have spent my life facing down the bullies to expose their spineless nature. Here is the mystery to me. If two men can shake up the government to have it become lawless in self-preservation how is it the previous generations have remained silent? Duplicate yourselves and your education if two can rattle their peace what will a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousands do? I for one would like to witness that event. To be continued…

Monday, August 15, 2005

“The Jesters Court”

I went to court on the identity hearing. I am amazed at how pathetic our judicial system has become. Attorneys argued about the reality of the records used for evidence but not a bit about the accuracy of their contents. These guys have become criminal in their every action. We truly have returned to a pharisaical plutocratic oligarchy. I even apologized for any confusion in the commercial registry to no avail. Again the FBI was present. Maybe they are working for the state of Utah now. If government is collaborating together to commit evil we are scaring them. Keep to the truth, disciple others and they will fail in their attempt to destroy us. I shall be returning to court in 3 weeks for extradition, which should be near the completion of my fast. Things may appear bleak to many of you but you are closer to victory than you can imagine. Be prudent and take good care of yourselves until I can deliver upon our promise. I am captive but not idle. The web page is getting close. You are going to enjoy it. To be continued

Saturday, August 13, 2005


I’ve been receiving your letters where some of you ask about visiting. I would enjoy receiving visitors other than the FBI. I want to personally thank all of you for your kind words and support. I want to make it quite clear that the FBI is not the Fear Breeding Institute for me and never shall be. I am actually delighted as they hop and skip to the traps I have laid for them. They are too blind with their own self-justification and lust to see a single warning sign. I am a Faith Based Individual that knew the cost of this battle before I began and I will not wavier. Regardless many of your words are timely and go a long way in the encouragement of my soul. I am awestruck and beyond thankful for your kindness’. For those of you who are fasting and praying with me will see what is being placed upon your hearts. The day fast was suspended but I continue on in thanksgiving with the remainder. To be continued...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

“Are We Worried”?

I am hearing the bleeding in my ears of the terrible woes that have befallen us. I am thankful that I also hear the voice of my deliver. He is replete with power and the author of
"The Dorean Group." If you will study his ways you would understand that He wins every war but test the faith of His servants by making the odds impossible. Miracles are normally for those that understand. The battle changed upon my incarceration but not for the worst as you may perceive. It was the time for truth to confront the lie head-on. I have risen to that task. The death of Dorean as you knew it must take place in the current spiritual rope-a-dope. I am locked away and prohibited from making the transition smooth but not prevented from the knowledge to finish the race. The reigns will again be in my hands someday soon and you will see your worry and concern was for naught. To be continued…

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

“New Plan”

I have prayerfully considered our current business path and the problems we are having taking care of our current clients. I believe it is best for us to suspend taking on new clients even though the (TRO) remains temporary. Perhaps this would be for as long as the next 60 days. We shall use this time to get a better grasp on our promise and should have completed the great thing we have spoken of. There is still much work to do and now my remaining staff can focus on solving problems. For those of you waiting to participate please tolerate the delay. I will make our process stronger and more seamless in the mean time. This will also allow us to get the tactical advantage over our enemies. You will begin to hear many bizarre events and see the end of the real story behind The Dorean Group. Up to this point has been the warm up. I will explain the events as they unfold. I can tell you that August first was a pivotal date. To be continued…

Saturday, August 06, 2005

“A Duty to Stand”

I was not taken before judge Alsup today and unsure whether Scott was or not. I suspect there is no derailing the train of evil against us. My expectation is to be incarcerated for about 60 days. The best scenario is just a couple of weeks for release. The Utah case is about dead as filed. Nevertheless it has been a damage to us that they will have to pay for. Tactically it was a risk they were willing to take for the reward of he disruption of our business. We have truth on our side and the tenacity to finish the race. Tyranny even economic will fall to resistance. The reason we are where we are today is our precious generation being apathetic. Stand with me at my disadvantage and you will see me again to complete our task. To be continued…
Dale Scott Heineman
C/O Salt Lake County Metro Jail
3415 S. 900 W.
South Salt Lake City, UT. 84119

Thursday, August 04, 2005

“Days of Change”

August first is our big day Scott and I will be face to face with our arch numinous Judge Alsup. I will make a decision what is the best action to take afterwards. I believe the day will be known as the turning point in the battle. (Neither Kurt nor Scott was there in court for an appearance and an order was make in their absence as they were defaulted) They of course will believe they’ve won. That is exactly where I want the adversary; feeling confident. I have invested all I can to take advantage of the arrogance. People remember they are our servants acting as rulers. We need not fear these jokers they constantly have shown their shallow moral compass. You are just to want to prevent tyranny. Please give me your prayers and support and I shall give you victory. The disclosure web page is delayed by my incarceration but not by much. Soon you will all know and understand the battle. DVD’s of our legal video will be available for $55.00 as a purchase for your library. This will be a 3 or 4 disc set of nearly 7 hours. The quality is professional. There is no obligation to purchase since it will run on the page 24/7, but I do recommend it for those that are serious students who pause and contemplate. I am receiving visitors my address and PFN# follows. I am sorry for the lack of communication. Please understand that I have almost no telephone access and of this date no writing materials. As I adapt to my new environment this will get better. They have placed me in the most hostile milieu for my needs, (maybe intentionally) nevertheless I shall find a way. To be continued…
Kurt F. Johnson
5325 Broder Blvd.
Dublin. CA. 94568

Monday, August 01, 2005

“Justice or Just Us?”

On July 27th. I was in the Hayward Court where I was handed an unsigned complaint by a third party hearsay witness that said I committed crimes in Utah and fled. I asked the judge the legal definition of a fugitive to which he explained "I have fled from justice." Curious, I am starting to smell a rat. Unknown complainants who believe from an unknown source are certain I have fled some unknown place and event and deserve no bail. Come on people am I the only one curious about this behavior?
To be continued…