Wednesday, August 31, 2005

“Shame, shame, shame “

One of the interesting things about the California penal system is the segregation of different factions. You have Northerners, Southerners, amongst the Mexicans, blacks have their Cripps and Bloods, and additional geographic divisions, Others, which make up most of the Asians, such as Chinese, Vietnamese, and sometimes the Native Americans. Then there are the Woods, which are the Whites. This is psychologized crowd control and warfare at its best. When all should be focused the common abuse of their captors they fight each other. This is exactly what they are doing to Dorean. When we should all be singing in one harmonic chorus "Shame, Shame, Shame". Liberty can not be separated from the free use of propriety nor can oppression ignore the dispossession as a tool. I, even as a sole individual, will proclaim the shame of an oppressive governments support and joint venture with those who steal our liberty. Attack me all you like but I will focus on our common foe. If I prevail you will still be blessed, but to your own shame because when you had the opportunity to synchronize your vibrations to rattle the gears of this machine, that is churning us up, until they are dislodged and destroyed you found blame. To be continued…


Still Believe said...

don't like the comment:

"if I prevail"

Used to be confident in the fight.

son of a prophet said...

I have more than once stated that unpaid mortgages are very soon going to be the least of anyones problems as the judgments on this country have begun. Dont worry, more is coming where that came from. And what about our Godly govt.???

link is---->

Subject: Devastation 200 miles wide & 50-100 miles inland = Tens of thousands died
Created by Mark Hazlewood on 31 Aug 2005 05:01:01 1 Message #1 of 1: Date Posted: 31 Aug 2005 05:01:01 by Mark Hazlewood

Devastation 200 miles wide & 50-100 miles inland = Tens of thousands died

The cover up has begun.
The martial law they've declared is partly for the purpose of gathering and disposing of bodies and body parts without too many seeing them do it. The wall of water was similar to a tsunami, an incredible 30 feet high. Unlike a tsunami there were winds and rain blowing 100-150 miles an hour sideways creating white out conditions and destroying buildings, homes, and taking lives two ways. The ptb have had to admit that hundreds are dead. Tens of thousands dead could be very conservative. The criminal oil so-called president and his puppeteers are reaping the benefits of Katrina by higher prices.

It's nice to know this infinite world of form is an illusion.

Take Care
Mark H

son of a prophet said...

Planned or coincedance???
You decide.

"Oil Storm" - FX Original Movie

Aired June 5, 2005


"Oil Storm examines what happens when a category 6 hurricane in the gulf of mexico slams into Louisiana, crushing the city of New Orleans and crippling the vital pipeline for refined oil that is Port Fourchon. It examines the ripple effect of that event and the ensuing cascade of disasters associated with it, through the eyes of public officials, a family in Texas who owns a gas station, an EMS worker in Boston who has to deal with a brutal winter, and a ranching family in South Dakota who have their subsidy's completely taken away and question whether we need oil or food to survive.

As the country reels from the loss of life and energy reserves associated with hurricane's fury, the price of crude oil skyrockets and the United States government sets forth to take immediate action. It puts in motion efforts to rebuild the infrastructure of Port Fourchon (8 months minimum) and the sagging and disabled deep sea rigs in the gulf of Mexico (of equal length). It re-routes activity normally associated with the Port Fourchon shipping lanes to the port of Houston and compels Houston to work 24/7 in order to get the crude to our refineries and out to the public.

Solvo said...

son of a prophet said...

The cover up has begun.
The martial law they've declared....

Great catch "son". I was wondering if anyone was going to notice and recognize this. This certainly lends credence to the "gold fringe" on our flags in court, doesn't it? How about the fact that we the people no longer control OUR CREATED government?

Watergod said...

For Pete's sake Kurt. We get the fight...and support the fight. THE PROBLEM IS YOU RUINED OUR LIVES FOR YOUR POLITICAL FIGHT. We didn't KNOW we were being thrown into the boxing ring. YOU made it sound like everything was all figured out and in place. And NO Kurt's own house is NOT complete in this process. It was thrown into foreclosure too.

NOTHING was completed by any means. If you don't believe me talk to World Savings who is foreclosing on his house.

What a complete egotist.

You are a class one sociopath.

complainers suck said...

Was a gun put you anyone's head to join this fight? I joined and there wasn't duress involved when I decided to join. Get a grip on your own responsibility.

sovern said...

Yea i dont like the sound of that either"if i prevail" dam it you better.I tell ya you hear one thing after another with this bullshit i thought their house cleared the process.All im going to say is if you are not clear on what you are posting keep your dam mouths shut cause this shit is getting so twisted i dont know who to believe."yea this will happen".

son of a prophet said...

Details of a hurricane diaster match those of the movie so eerily right down to the mess at the Port of Fourchon. SCARY ISNT IT!?

Exclusive Oil & Gas Update
From our Houston Bureau link is ---->

Early Assessment of Hurricane Damage to Oil and Gas Interests
in the Gulf of Mexico
Exclusive to
By Bernard Grover
Currently, about 95% of all Gulf of Mexico O&G production is shut-in and much of it will not be recoverable in the near-term. Though inventory of offshore and onshore damage in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is just begun, it is clear that the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico has suffered a severe blow. An increasing number of platforms were partially or completely damaged due to wind and sea action. Several broke moorings and have drifted from their initial locations, including one that has wedged itself under a freeway overpass. A great number of vessels of various descriptions are damaged and/or grounded in shipping lanes upriver from the coast. Onshore support systems and companies have received extreme damage from winds and flooding. A great number of oil and gas employees in the region are homeless, as well.
Aerial inventory began at first light Tuesday morning. So far, only topside damage can be assessed. Subsea damage will take some time to assess, as divers will not be sent down until conditions improve vastly.
It was known early that Shell had two or three floating platforms break moorings and float off site. They were located quickly using GPS transmitters onboard and by late afternoon, tugs had arrived to begin the process of harnessing and towing them into port for repairs. BP has so far reported minimal damage to its structures. ExxonMobil, Texaco and others have not made statements as of this writing. The full extent of damage to structures will take several days to a week to fully appreciate.
One platform, the PSS Chemul belonging to PEMEX was wedged under the Cochrane-Africatown USA Bridge on U.S. 98 in Mobile. Operations to remove it back to the shipyard where it was originally moored are underway. The platform was drydocked at the time of the hurricane and was not working.
At this time, the most appreciable destruction in onshore. Ships and boats that had anchored in the Mississippi River were grounded by winds in excess of 145 mph, and waves topping 10 feet. Shipping lanes vital to the Port of Southern Louisiana, the fourth largest port in the world, are clogged with debris and damaged vessels. The port will remain inoperable for the near future, shutting down nearly all sea traffic for both imports and exports. Most of the imported food and dry goods in the mid-west US come through the port. It is expected that traffic will be primarily rerouted to Houston, but will slow dramatically.
Onshore support for drilling and production in the Gulf is virtually non-existent at this time. Most, if not all, of the companies headquartered along the coast have had their operations destroyed by wind and flooding. It will take some time to repair these operations, seriously curtailing offshore drilling and production of oil and gas. Ports, such as Fourchon (pronounced FOO-shon), are inoperative and there is significant damage to infrastructure. Fourchon serves many of the support fleet, such as crew and supply vessels. Even platforms that are functioning may have to curtail operations due to a lack of personnel and supplies.
Many offshore personnel live along the coast and in New Orleans. A good number have lost their homes or had them damaged beyond habitability. They will be unable to get to work for some time, even if air transport is available, in order to put their affairs in order. This will have the effect of lost productivity and profound poverty for a good portion of the personnel who work offshore and onshore.
Expectations are that many of the refineries in the area are down or operating at far less than capacity. More will be known in the coming days. At a time when many are going into turn-around, this may have a lesser effect than later when winter demand is high for heating oil and related products. Overall, it is reasonable to assume that a good amount of refining capability in the region will be greatly reduced in the near to intermediate timeframe. This is coupled with the inability to transport products out of the area by any means other than pipelines, which have not yet been tested.
The result will be strong pressure on fuel and heating oil prices. It is very expensive to import refined oil products and liquid natural gas, it seems that may be the only way to make up for loss of supply domestically. The obvious effect will be to cause noticeable escalation in pump price. Ironically, oil prices may fall as a result of oversupply internationally due to reduced demand and reduced capability to ship imported oil into the US.
Closed port facilities in Louisiana will most likely cause shortages of dry goods and food in the Mid-West, at least in the short term. The result will be pricing pressure on nearly all goods, including the higher price of transporting them.
A note from one of the locals in the region:
“Our pilot and co-pilot flying over reported that the entire area is like
a huge bowl with scraps just thrown together. The area is generally
very spread out with camps, homes, etc. spread out. As you can tell
from the photos everything is chaos. If anyone is interested I have
more photos, way to much to send at one time.
“Due to the levee breaking in Venice, LA we have lost our entire
operations in the Venice/Boothville area. If anyone is familiar with
the area, there was not much there to begin with. Era Helicopters LLC
employs eight people at our Venice operations that now have no homes to
return to. Era is starting a collection to aid those employees directly
affected by Hurricane Katrina.
“If anyone is interested in making a donation please send to the
attention of Wendy Mann; c/o Era Helicopters LLC; P. O. Box 6550; Lake
Charles, LA 70606.
“Please call 337-478-6131, extension 215 if you have any questions.”
Below are some photographs from the region. They show the area around Fourchon and on the Mississippi River. A caption is below the photo, when available.
(go to the above link to view the detailed photos)

truthtooth said...

The shame belongs to Kurt and his sales scammers.

This is not a fight for change. If their was a clear definition of what these crusaders want to change the system into then their should be a legal fight for the cause.
The only legal fight is for TDG founders to get themselves out of jail.

If you people think that the perfect lending system should not benefit the lenders then you should expect that you will have no one willing to make the loans.

Be careful what you wish for!

truthtooth said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
They_and_or_Them said...

truthtooth said:
"If you people think that the perfect lending system should not benefit the lenders then you should expect that you will have no one willing to make the loans.

Be careful what you wish for!"

Is that the only response for my answers to your questions from yesterday?

Of course lenders should be compensated for their work and for the use of their funds, IF they supplied any.

Are you saying that a corrupt system is OK as long as the public cannot see the corruption?

Are you saying that it is fair to cheat and decieve people as long as they don't understand what is happening to them?

Who's scamming now?

Are you a banker or a loan broker or something similar? Or are you some sort of misinformed government worker?

Nothing personal, just trying to get a rise out of you.

The "truth" is that the "tooth" is abcessed and needs to be removed.
If it is left alone, it will only allow the infection to spread.

truthtooth said...


My response to your answer from yesterday is that I believe that you are missinformed. your statement that the banks making loans is the same as them printing money shows that you bought the TDG sales pitch.

You did not explain how the working man is being screwed.

If you think that this is even a fight then you are crazy. A change takes cash, lawyers and brains. So far the only cash is in the hands of TDG, the only lawyers are only working on a criminal case and I have seen very little brains. Wishing that things will change never works.

But let's say that you are a really good wisher, and you got your wish, then the fools that did not want a mortgage under this system will also get their wish and they will never have a mortgage again.

The final goal of mortgage elimination will be reached and you can dance around with Kurt in Victory.

And to answer your question, no I am not in the business I am just amazed at the dinamics of this scam and the unwillingness of the victims to admit being taken. This is a great study in sociology.

truthtooth said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
They_and_or_Them said...

Truthtooth said:
"My response to your answer from yesterday is that I believe that you are missinformed. your statement that the banks making loans is the same as them printing money shows that you bought the TDG sales pitch."

I cannot help that you don't believe the part about the banks making money from nothing, but that statement can be verified by the Feds on publications as well as numerous other valid and verifiable documents.

If you are really interested and can't find the info on your own, just ask and I'll be glad to start a list for your reading pleasure.

As for me buying the TDG sales pitch, I Did Not.

I researched the info long before TDG ever existed and they have had very little bearing on my views.
I have stated all along that there were several methods being used by TDG which I was not in agreement, but that does not change the fact that our current banking system needs change.

Unlike some, I don't have all the answers and I certainly don't have the money to fight this battle, but I guess you could say that is part of the problem.
Guess who has all the money, all the lawyers and enough brains to keep the money and to keep most of us willing slaves to them? You guessed it right if you answered the banks.

If you cannot re-read my post from yesterday and see where this system hurts the common worker, then I can write till I'm blue in the face and you will still never see.
The main reason you can't see it is that we (you and I)are the victims of the current banking system and as you say: "I am just amazed at the dynamics of this scam and the unwillingness of the victims to admit being taken."

Sorry for using your words, I'm not trying to be a smarty pants, just trying to get my views across.

Remmeber when you are down and out and everything is going wrong, don't ever take responcibility for anything. Afterall; "They" did it, blame "Them".

That's me, They_and_or_Them

sovern said...

wow talk about long winded whats this got to do with where our money is

Seen it in Utah said...

I have returned from my trip out of town. I looked at the postings from late last week and into this week. Some things seem really clear: a LOT of the people in this blog are people who are either part of the entire Dorean mess as some type of promoter, and anyone who presents a differing point of view other than the Doreanites are going to triumph are treated viciously and with personal attacks rather than intelligence and reason.

I believe at this point it is useless to try to explain the illegalities and fraudulent behaviors being utilized by the Dorean promoters.

If you take the trouble to look at the posting from June, July and August, you will see that great victories were to have occurred long ago. These victories do not exist. Not one single person can claim that what they were promised in terms of a free and clear title, money in their pocket, and triumph over an evil system has happened. What you have seen are two people in jail (and they are going nowhere else for a VERY long time), a lot of people being foreclosed upon and a lot of other people trying to rally the troops. Sorry. I must say that you will be disappointed.

Peanut Gallery said...

seen it in utah said,

"I believe at this point it is useless to try to explain the illegalities and fraudulent behaviors being utilized by the Dorean promoters."

Yeah, because you either know nothing about the so called "illegalities and fraudulent behaviors" or you know too much about the illegalities and fraudulent behaviors......perpetrated by the banks

tcob247 said...

it's over
your heros are in jail
Dorean is gone
they were scammers
utah is right
you dont want to admit it
quit trying to defend them

sovern said...

well you know what tcob some of us would like to hold on to a little hope yes your right but the truth can hurt.I shelled out 4300 that took me almost 7 weeks to earn.Hopeing my familys life would better cause of this crap.So you know i think im going to still hold on to some hope.If not this will be a costly lesson.

sovern said...

And my personal opinion unless you were involved with dorean or shelled out big cash that your not getting back you dont even belong in here.Personal opinion no offence to anyone.

son of a prophet said...

can someone explain why, that if the DG is a scam, then why is still going on???

Gforce said...

seen it in utah----No victories in THREE WHOLE MONTHS.Let us all quit pursuing truth and our freedom from oppression. Let us give up so that the banksters can get some sleep and the government won't have to be constantly looking over their shoulder for FEAR of being exposed. Is this your PLEA to the lower and middle classes of uneducated society to please relenquish all pursuit of life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness? ---Before VALLEY FORGE, how many victories had the Army of Freedom aquired against the banksters(English)? Severe hardship was had by all who fought for freedom from oppression in the
Revolutionary War. IN THE END, those who fought for truth and freedom WON. In the end, TRUTH and FREEDOM always wins. Our trust is NOT in government or in courts but in the one true God "who will NOT leave the righteous in the hands of the wicked or let us be condemned when brought to trial."Ps37---"Our desire WILL BE upon our enemies"--God-Ps112----Your plea is rejected and your lying tongue is condemned.Is54

sovern said...

you go gforce amen brother or sister

Gforce said...

seen it utah----This past weekend, Allen G. himself said at his farewell party in Jackson WY "difficult challenges lie ahead for the "Fed", some undoubtedly of our own making(read that ALL--you reap what you sow),and others that will be THRUST on us by market or OTHER FORCES."-----"The Lord LAUGHS at the wicked, for He knows their day is coming...their swords will pierce their own hearts and their bows will be broken...for the power of the wicked WILL BE BROKEN...the Lord delivers the righteous from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in Him."Ps37-----"OTHER FORCES"--that would be God, Kurt, Scott, me, and many others who continue to pursue truth and freedom in EVERY area of life, including the fraudulant federal income tax.

WillToFight said...

Son Of Prophet

check out these sites,1518,372455,00.html


livinginxs said...

brixdale is a bi-weekly program that collets a fee for servicing your account on a bi-weekly basis.

You get rewarded from the banks by paying your principle payments early thus reducing the interest you pay. You then get rewarded from Brixdale - by getting others to join - you collect part of their fee which also goes towards your principle.

It is just a bi-weekly MLM

burnedinfla said...

I have been able to keep several people of this scam in their homes. My company is available to help those who are losing their homes. Please call me if you need my help, or check out these two websites:

or call me at (904) 425-3121, we can legitimately help you!!

chris said...

Correct me if I am wrong.

I read an article that the Doren Owners stated the reason why banks were fraudulent is because
1.when you give them a promissory note (promise to pay) you have given them an asset so they give
you a mortgage loan in exchange therefore you have changed assets so everything is even.

2.Because the bank do not loan you their money it is also a fraud.

1.A promissory note only becomes a negotiable asset because history has shown that most people
that signs a promissory note (promise to pay) they usually pay it. Now lets say that no-one honored their
promise notes (promise to pay) any more, they would become worthless. So because history has proven that
most people honor their promissory notes (promise to pay) they become of value and negotiable for cash.

2.As a individual we are allowed to sell our own properties and take a promissory not (promise to pay) from the buyer
and based on his/her credit ( willingness to honor their promissory notes ) promise to pay) there are investors
that will buy your note plus you get to set the terms just like the bank. You have made money and did not even have
any, because you are using some-one else money

Some of those companies are or just go to and type
note buyer.

We can also take promissory notes (promise to pay) from the general public and sell them to investors, but the catch is we have to have our bankers lic.

I don't no, but tell me is that fraud??

Last post

chris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
WillToFight said...

What do you think Chris

WillToFight said...

Here we go a savior is here

Burnedinfla and left a # to call.

Explain how you can legitemately help folks out of this "so-called" scam?

chris said...

Ok 1 more post

WillToFight said...
What do you think Chris

12:22 PM

I can understand how some-one might interpret it that way.

But as for myself. I would say not.

WillToFight said...

Here we go a savior is here

Burnedinfla and left a # to call.

Explain how you can legitemately help folks out of this "so-called" scam?

You really do not need any-one to get things back on track, definitely do not pay

any-one to do what you can do yourself Banks do not want your property it's considered

an REO it looks bad on their books plus it ties up their cash flow. If you have a good payment

history with them for maybe around 1 a year, they will work something out, they may add the past due payments

to the end of your loan or let you make your regular payments plus spread the behind payments out over

a few months or a year. Every bank has a loan resolution center, not the collection department or the

loan department. I am not saying that the Dorean Group is a fraud because I do not know them & don't

know enough about them, but the Gov is saying that they are. Just let your bank know that & I will

give you a 99 percent promise, they will work with you

Elmer Fudd said...

burnedinfla said...
I have been able to keep several people of this scam in their homes. My company is available to help those who are losing their homes. Please call me if you need my help, or check out these two websites:

or call me at (904) 425-3121, we can legitimately help you!!

Another Knuckle Head looking to capitalize on other people's misfortunes...People listen to chris with alittle elbow grease you can bail yourself out..Forget about this putz from Florida.

Seen it in Utah said...

I just checked with the court records here in Utah. D. S. Heineman is charged with 13 felonies. The charges range from communcations fraud, pattern of illegal activity (essentially a RICO allegation)unlawful dealing of property by a fiduciary, and fraudulent handling of recordable documents. I know that you have been hearing that the Utah matter will be going away real soon...but don't bet on it. Heineman's prosecution is just beginning. His next hearing is not even scheduled until September 15, 2005, and that is a simple roll call hearing. Heineman has declared indigency and has had a legal defender appointed for him.

complainers suck said...

ill in utah, that's old news, so get with the program and keep up or get lost. We don't have time for people who don't keep up.

tcob247 said...

complainers suck

Quit complaining

You suck

complainers suck said...

tcob, How many times have you had to chage your stick from TRYING to stir the pot so much? We've heard your cries of scam and your inability to take responsibility for your own decisions, so I'd reconsider who really sucks.

Gforce said...

utah---Are you sure that you did not get Scott's case confused with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?----Remember, the salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord, not a public defender....the righteous will NOT be condemned when brought to trial.Ps37

Seen it in Utah said...


I am positive as to which case i got the is the inimitable Mr. Heineman. And, since you point out that "the righteous will not be condemned when it comes to trial"...I guess the condemantion that will be poured out in the upcoming trial will prove just how righteous Mr. Heineman is.

burnedinfla said...

I offered legitimate help and some people have called and taken myy offer. Yhose that don't want it, good luck to you. Elmer Fudd, you are as stupid as they come as evidenced by your posts. I will not even honor your comments with a reply. I will help any who need it.

burnedinfla said...

Will to Fight, I claim to be no one's savior. But just as my screen name says, I too was a victim of what I thought was a viable plan. TDG did not perform as they promised me and I almost lost my home. I know the mortgage loss mitigation system very well as I have been involved and doing loss mitigation for over 3 years now. i know how the system works and can pretty much guarantee success in dealing with mortgage companies' loss mitigation department. I am neither a knucklehead or a savior. I don't appreciate your comments. I am not an outsider either. Kurt and Scott came to my office early in the process and wanted me to sign on as a distributor. I would not agree to do so until I was convinced that the progream worked. So I put my own home in the process and I almost lost it. I again offer legitimate help to any that need it.

David said...

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