Sunday, August 28, 2005

“Dichotomy “

Today I had my heart broken twice. In the morning I was called out to quitclaim property back. Again something I didn’t mind doing. Two of the properties were churches. The cover letters were full of self-fulfilling faithless statements and a promise of prayers of support. Your prayers have no value to me because we serve not the same God. My God spits gold out of fishes, sends bread and meat from the skies, makes oil run until the need is complete. How is it that you can attach any faith to your prayers when the faith opportunity set on your table you are completely ignorant of? These churches need to call a fast and repent of their lack of trust like Nineveh in hopes that God will have mercy and prevent your destruction. In the evening I was wrestling to reinstate the dry part of my fast. I had just made up my mind when I received a card from a boy I am certain is not yet 9 years old. He quoted two verses from Psalms. How is it this little boy can go to the word in faith and two churches can not? Gabriel you likewise touched my heart, but with joy and I will use your card every time I get thirsty to remind myself that my battle is for you to have a fighting chance against the bankers. Your prayers young man will avail much. Please keep me in your prayers!
Please write.
Kurt F. Johnson
Broder Blvd.Dublin. CA. 94568
Dale Scott Heineman
C/O Salt Lake County Metro Jail
3415 S. 900 W.South
Salt Lake City, UT. 84119
To be continued…


Elmer Fudd said...

Dr Fred said to do whatever you can to keep your property until everything was ok? So why condemn these two churches for doing what your father said to do in the first place? Makes sense too me.

tcob247 said...

Kurt you are getting delirious.
You are calling on these Churches to repent because they are not following your scheme?? What a joke!!
That is not exactly what a church is all about. It is bringing people to Jesus, not joining a mortgage elimination program.
Maybe, Just maybe, They want control of their property back. Do you think?
You are getting more messianic as time goes by.
I hope people are paying attention to how wacko you are getting.
By the way.....whats the sense in starting and stopping with all this fasting nonsense. Either do it or don't.
Quit trying to whip on people cause they don't believe you.
I think you are getting upset because you are losing followers and can't extract their money as easily from them.
I'm not suprised though.
And, I'm sure that those bible verse quoters will be all over me wth their totally irrelevant scriptures.

imbigo said...


Not trying to put you down or anything, BUT, Im sorry the church is not a place to bring people to JESUS, but its a place where people who already have JESUS come to gather together to praise HIM.

The Church is in every beleiver, and the beleiver is to go out in the world to share the saving power of JESUS.

I would hope that the churchs' that were mentioned went into prayer before they entered this process, and the LORD put it on there hearts to do the process, HE not going to give you a blessing and then snacth it back " oh ye of LITTLE faith"

After this post I will not trouble you any further

P.S. Fasting is a way to get closer to GOD ( YOU SHOULD TRY IT SOMETIME!!!!!!)

BIG "O" 1+1+1=1

tcob247 said...

OK Imbigo....I agree....It is a place to worship Jesus also. And his church is also not a physical one.
But explain to me what that has to do with Mortgage elimination?

You are also right about a fast.
But one does not make a public deal about it either. It is between that person and God.

Kurt, any 9 year old boy can write you a couple of Bible verses. My guess is he doesnt own a house that he shelled out $4,500 and lost his title

Quit whipping on your "followers"

chris said...

Kurt I understand your frustrations, I myself have also been caught up In what I feel is
unfair & selective prosecution. I am having a big problem now trusting & believing
in law enforcement. What I do not understand, even though you may have found a loop hole ?
I do not understand why any-one with integrity would go take out a loan and then spend their
time trying not to re-pay it. Even if there was a legal way around it, I would consider it un-ethical
and un-scrupulous to do so. How would you feel if you trusted some-one to pay you back
and loan them money, but instead of paying you back they came up with ways not to, even though
they could afford it. You would call them scum, cheats etc... etc...

I see all these post about God, but if you people really know God, you would realize that each of you took it upon
yourself and borrowed that money and if nothing else, you should know it is the righteous thing to do (Pay it back) unless you are having
financial strains then there are steps that you can take.

Each one of you need to look in your hearts and ask God ( Am I being truthful & Fair ) If you can truly answer yes
then keep on doing what you are doing !!!

livinginxs said...

what does Kurt mean - In the evening I was wrestling to reinstate the dry part of my fast. I never knew that he had quit.

Kurt, while we believe in your theory - you are making it difficult to believe in your actions.

And about the "church" - I think we can all agree that the the church is not property or a building, but is Christ in the hearts & souls of his believers.

BUT, the main purpose of the church is to reach & change the world for Jesus - so in that sense the first duty of the church is to change souls - for you have to be a christian before you can become a disciple.

I am not sure that a church property should have been put into this program in the first place. It could do more harm than good, even if the program worked.

It should be upto the body of believers to come together and eliminate any mortgage through the blessings that Christ has provided them. It should be a collective effort from the community - that is where faith and blessings come in.

Kurt, I urge you to reconsider your path. Do what you must to get out of there and work on your passion of change from where you can be arround supporters who will encourage you and mentors who will guide you and keep going in the right direction.

Does God care - yes, he wants us to be faithful in our actions and our beliefs. But he also is careful to remind us to make sure that our actions do not cause another brother to stumble.

They_and_or_Them said...


Whip me if you must after I have my say but here goes.

You entered into just a mortgage elimination program and it's possible everyone else in the process did the same, but Kurt has been fighting a whole other battle all along. If you are that disatisfied, then get out. Maybe you should write them a letter like the church did and see if you get any results.

I know you are going to give me the sales pitch thing again, but how is it that I only talked to Kurt twice and was "clear" on the fact that the fight was about right and not about money?

The elimination of mortages is just a by-product of the process.

And no, I don't think Kurt is some sort of Messiah, and I don't believe he is even a nut, I think he is a man in a struggle.

The fight he chose to pick is one that is long overdue.

He can't do it by himself, so he relys on the greatest source of power that he knows and that is our God in heaven, the God of Abraham.

Look around, read and listen to the hords of people who originally "believed" in the process but now it is clear that they believed only for their own personal gain.

Kurt, Remember that God will not use all of the people that originally flocked around you saying that they wanted to join the fight.
He will weed them out as he did before the battle of Jericho.
Only a hand full will march around the walls of the Federal Reserve Bank and blow their trumpets until they tumble to the ground.

I guess now I will be labeled a nut or a religious fanatic or something and that will be fine with me. At least I will be standing up for what I know is right and if it has to be with a group labeled nuts, then so be it.

I've always liked Almond Joys anyway.

tcob247 said...

they or them....what sales pitch?

I guess you have a truck load of almond joys if you are equating the battle of Jericho to the federal reserve.
But, if it makes you happy, so be it

And maybe you believe that the hurricane that is hitting New Orleans is God striking them because of Mardi Gras?

livinginxs said...

they & them - I wouldnt say your a nut - but come on...I never signed up for a battle of Jericho - I joined up to help change the system by using laws that are in place not taking a terrorists approach.

truthtooth said...


I would not say that you are a nut either. But your belief in Kurt does not hold water. You ask why you had only talked to Kurt twice and it was clear that it was not about money? The answer is that this guy is not just a con man but a very good con man.

If someone has a ligitimate cause to stand up against anything that is wrong then they should do it. You can rally a grass roots protest, hire lawyers, sue the banks, get on the news, write a book, on and on. There are many legal ways to expose an injustice.

The reason that Kurt chose this way is because it is profitable. I saw a post on this blog that conservitively put Kurts potential at making $50 million dollars.

As far as Kurt's comments about the two Churches goes, I am sure that they are worshiping different Gods. One of them uses God and his word as a way to scam people and the other uses it as a way to move a congregation closer to him.

truthtooth said...

Can anyone answer this question?

What is the purpose of having the "client" take out another mortgage with the "corrupt" bankers after they have already eliminated their mortgage?

tcob247 said...

no one will answer that one

abentl said...

I will answer that one. The banks are so corrupt, they ignore the contract and keep the bond in their possession. They then continue to foreclose on the property that they had an agreement with Dorean on. So, if you refi with a new bank, they then have first lien on the property, which makes it impossible for the other bank to proceed with foreclosure on the property, and also creating new money into the economy for use by the borrower to pay his fees to Dorean, the broker, and also to use as he pleases.

truthtooth said...


I am sure that will-to-fight or someone can explain this. It has been asked many times.

Doesn't someone have the answer to why in this crusade against the evil bankers does this cause require that the "client" go back to get another of these fraudulent mortgages after they just eliminated their first on?


truthtooth said...


You say that it creates "new money" into the economy to pay TDG, brokers and to use as you wish....

Do I understand this correctley? Isn't one of the things that TDG stands for is that it is wrong for these evil bankers to just create money?

I believe that, no I am certian that I have heard on this blog that the reason that people should not have to pay back their mortgage in the first place is because the money that was lent was just created by the banks and that that was wrong.

If it is the wrong that TDG is fighting against then why does TDG actually TWG encourage the banks to do more of it?

Could it be that TDG can ignore the sin if they get 70% of it?

Solvo said...


I'll give it a try. Well the reason why is that I met my part of consideration element in a legal and binding contract.

WithOUT my signature on a mortgage loan,

1. Does the bank get immediate assets on their books?
2. Does the bank get to monitize the note up to 9x's in accordance with federal banking guidelines?

Look what they get in exchange for my signature, but where's my consideration? We know they don't actually give a "loan", because the federal reserves own publications (See Modern Money Mechanics) says so.

Who the thief here? Seems my assest has been stolen according to the equation!

They_and_or_Them said...

Truthtooth and tcob247,

Knowing all that you guys know and seeing all that you see, how in creation could you two be tied up in such a scam as you define this one???

The question about "another mortgage" being taken out by the client is exactly what keep me on the outside of Kurt's process.
Dumb and niave as I am, I asked myself the same question 18 months ago. Then I didn't allow greed and/or potential self-gain to cloud my decision making ability.

That is the stickler I have been mentioning all along about the methods used in Kurt's process.

Though, my uneducated guess of an answer to the question would be: to prove a point that the bank has nothing at risk and the client has everything. Being unsure, I stepped away.

BUT... I don't have to agree with everything in the process to still support the prime objective as I see it.
I still support the fight against the system and will continue to do so, with every, self-defined ethical, means at my disposal.

If officials from our great and wonderful system had not picked Kurt up and labeled his process illegal, I would bet most any amount that you two would be happy as larks and their would be nothing but praise comming from your lips because you would have personally and financially gained.

However, there are a few ideas in our current system that I do support: One is "innocent until proven guilty". But to listening to you guys makes one think that Kurt made you buy in. He made the decision for you. He didn't allow you to question his methods and he has physically kept you from getting out.

Sorry, but it sounds like to me that all it took is a letter of request from the 2 churchs and they are no longer a part of the program.

I wonder how much of a democratic process took place in the churches in either the decision to buy in or get out?

I supose that it was just like most everywhere else, usually just a few make decisions that affect many.

OneCityboy said...

Chris, loop hole? But no – if you would learn your lessons, it is not about a loop hole, but about fraud. The bank did not loan you a dime – but they were clever enough to make you think they did. Actually, you loaned the money to them – you are the creditor. That is not a loop hole. If you are so concerned with right and wrong, look at the deceivers who take advantage of us for their own gain.

son of a prophet said...


oil futures sub-page

where greed and profits go hand in hand

link is ---->

August 29, 2005 report ... read the following AP oil futures report from Vienna ... if you still do not think these hurricanes are being manipulated ... here is the answer to a number of questions ...

who is doing it ? the US black ops mil guys

who is directing them to do this ? we have an oil president don't we ??

who does the pres really work for ? the IMF world bank which is the front organization for the world secret societies (yes they do more than just run the banks)

why are they doing this ? more than just oil prices ... this is about control ... control of the american public ... since they have always known that to control the world they need to take down the USA .. that is also why we have sieves for boarders and they cut a deal with Fox of Mexico to keep the flow of illegal aliens (not exactly the upper crust of the mexican population either) coming into the USA to bring crime and cheap labor to fill the gap of unemployed US workers

how are they directing the storms ? with satellites that were built and sent up a few years ago ... using the technique i developed to direct hurricanes AWAY from areas of concern (see the chapter in my weather book Principia Meteorologia chapter on weather manipulation) ... obviously the sick demented black ops guys are the black scientists of the black world leaders ... control is their game ... you are their quarry

now read the latest oil futures report after the path of hurricane katrina (they guided that baby just perfect ... notice how they just "missed" the major oil producing areas and facilities with past hurricanes ... they were dead on with katrina) ... remember that katrina is the 5th hurricane in less than a year to hit this area ... what are the chances of that you ask ... pretty good when you have our mil guys controlling them !!!


Katrina Nearing Oil, Refinery Operations
Monday August 29, 9:43 am ET
By George Jahn, Associated Press Writer
Oil Briefly Climbs Past $70 a Barrel After Hurricane Forces U.S. Oil Facilities to Close

VIENNA, Austria (AP) -- Crude-oil futures briefly surged past $70 a barrel for the first time ever as Hurricane Katrina barreled toward the heart of U.S. oil and refinery operations in the Gulf of Mexico on Monday, shutting down an estimated 1 million barrels of refining capacity.
The Category 4 storm advanced on an area crucial to the U.S. energy infrastructure -- offshore oil and gas production, import terminals, pipeline networks and numerous refining operations in the southern states of Louisiana and Mississippi. Oil companies evacuated workers and shut down more than 600,000 barrels of daily production in the Gulf.

After slamming ashore, it charged toward low-lying New Orleans with winds of 145 miles per hour and the threat of an extremely dangerous storm surge.

"This is the big one," said Peter Beutel, an oil analyst with Cameron Hanover. "This is unmitigated, bad news for consumers."

Light, sweet crude for October delivery jumped as much as $4.67 a barrel to hit a high of $70.80 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, before slipping back to $69.71 by afternoon in Europe. That was still up $3.58 from its close on Friday in New York.

Gasoline traded at $2.1275 a gallon, up 20 cents, or 12 percent, while heating oil rose by more than 12 cents to $1.9587 a gallon.

Brent crude was not trading Monday, with London's International Petroleum Exchange closed for a bank holiday.

Hurricane Katrina threatened a 28-foot storm surge, forcing a mandatory evacuation of the below-sea-level New Orleans.

Katrina has already forced the shutdown of an estimated 1 million barrels of refining capacity and curbed offshore production, but analysts said the storm's potential damage to facilities was even more worrying.

"It's not only the suspension of production that's causing concern, it's the fact that we could see potential damage to the platforms, which would cause longer disruptions to production," said energy analyst Victor Shum of Texas-headquartered Purvin & Gertz in Singapore.

The Gulf of Mexico normally produces 1.5 million barrels of crude oil a day, or about a quarter of the United States' domestic output, according to the U.S. Mineral Management Service.

"It looks like the perfect storm to drive prices up," Shum said.

Katrina quickly grew from a smallish storm threatening Florida into a menacing hurricane in just a few days.

On Friday, the Nymex crude oil contract fell more than a dollar to $66.13 a barrel as many traders took profits on forecasts that Katrina would likely have little impact on U.S. refineries and production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.

"But then the storm reloaded over the weekend, gained strength and set on a path toward the oil facilities," Shum said. "The people who sold on Friday are probably kicking themselves now."

Unlike last year's Hurricane Ivan, which only hit the edge of the oil and natural-gas producing areas in the central Gulf of Mexico, Katrina is plowing right through the heart of that region.

"If this thing knocks out significant quantities of refining capacity ... we're going to be in deep, dark trouble," said Ed Silliere, vice president of risk management at Energy Merchant LLC in New York.

PVM Oil Associates in Vienna, Austria, said Katrina had the potential to do more damage to southeastern Louisiana than Ivan, which damaged seven platforms, 100 underwater pipelines and shut down production at some facilities for several months.

Some analysts have said the only way to rein in surging prices would be for the United States to tap some of its petroleum reserves.

"President Bush could announce a release of supply from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve," said commodity strategist David Thurtell of Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Sydney. "(That's) the only thing that will prevent further significant price rises from here."

The Bush administration has said the petroleum reserves should be tapped only when there are disruptions of oil imports from overseas.

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, the largest oil import terminal in the United States, evacuated all workers and stopped unloading ships on Saturday.

Royal Dutch-Shell Group, BP PLC and ExxonMobil Corp. also evacuated offshore workers by Saturday.

ChevronTexaco Corp. evacuated all workers in the eastern and central Gulf of Mexico and nonessential workers in the western Gulf late Saturday, but company spokesman Matt Carmichael said Chevron will continue to produce 90 percent of its normal production by remote.

Shell estimated 420,000 barrels of oil and 1.35 million cubic feet of gas per day will be shut in at its central and eastern Gulf facilities. ExxonMobil said it has ceased daily production of 3,000 barrels of oil and 50 million cubic feet of gas.

French oil company Total SA said Monday it has joined the growing list of producers to evacuate from Katrina. Staff began leaving Friday, said Total spokesman Paul Floren.

Associated Press Writers Gillian Wong in Singapore and Justin Bachman in New York contributed to this report

chris said...



I am not part of the group & Don't care if Kurt made a Billion dollars, but
Banks make loans based on their average daily deposits from depositors,
and investors that purchase real-estate funds on the stock market.
Our government is sustain by the people tax dollars. When we do not pay
our mortgages, the investor lose and if Gov backed, the Gov pays our tax money
to re-imburse and then raise our taxes. So you have not hurt the bank you have hurt you fellow

Besides, if you have enough money to pay-off a mortgage then why borrow it
Just go to the bank and tell them that you demand you money.

Don't you think that would be better than trickery
Is it not fraud to pre-tend that you are going to pay something
when all the while you have no intentions of doing so.

chris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dodododo said...

It's more like...

DEWdew DOOdew DEWdew DOOdew dew dew DOO!

New definition for terrorist: "He was walking around my house playing his saxophone & the walls came tumbling down, officer."

BAH ha ha ha ha!

Ace said...

Good post Son of a Profit. Sounds like the HARP boys are working overtime!

They_and_or_Them said...

Is a sax now to be considered a WMD?

What next??? I guess I'll have to show the gestopo, I mean the police officer, my National Identification Card and my permit to carry a concealed brass instrument before they will let me pass?

dodododo said...

chris, chris, chris....

read the 'GRACE COMMISSION REPORT' & then tell us that...

'Our government is sustain by the people tax dollars.' (-chris)

Mr. President,

The first 2/3 of the income tax is either wasted or lost. Of the remaining 1/3, every dime of income tax goes to private lenders for interest on the exponentially escalating national debt.

Not one dime goes to reduce the national debt or run our government.

J. Peter Grace

This fact was revealed by the Grace Commission (PPSS) in the Reagan Administration.

OneCityboy said...

Chris - reading your words, you sound like a banker. I asked a retired banker, recently - after he had berating me for my "specious" debt elimination comments - I responded by asking "Then where does the bank get it's money?" - and he answered quite seriously ..."from the depositors". I almost laughed, but maintained my decorum as I was at a polite dinner party. I elected to drop the subject as he was quite agitated at my inappropriate and uneducated pronouncemenets.

I didn't laugh at you - but I might encourage to read some documentation and become better schooled.

Regarding your comment that if we have the money already, why do we need a loan? I just told you there is no loan. But you would have to learn more before this would start to sink in. It is a game they play with us. You don't have to be a member of the group to learn these things.

Surely you would see after time that Kurt and Scott are victimized by the PTB because they cannot afford to let the train to get out of the station. I do hope that Kurt's assertions that he is getting help from the Mounties overseas is

tcob247 said...

prophet....."how are they directing the storms ? with satellites that were built and sent up a few years ago ... "

Oh my God.

I am right

There are truly all kinds of wackos in this blog forum.

I am oout of here

No wonder you people got sucked into this scam

You will for for anything


Good luck all

you need it


sovern said...

Is there anyone here who has spent alot of money for the the debt solution are you riding the storm out or trying for refund.

Ace said...

Sovern, I am in the program and win, lose, or draw I intend to stay in to the end. I have not quit claimed my property yet as I am waiting to see what happens to Kurt and Scott.

sovern said...

Yea im still paying the mortgage I have studied how the banks work and believe in what the group is doing I just want to make sure its the right way.$4,300 is alot of money to give someone that has been put illegally in jail.I was not worried untill I started reading some comments on this web site.I have a ton of faith but starting to wonder.

Ace said...

sovern, This blog like any other blog is probably about 85% assholes, plants, and government buttboys. I know that all "money" borrowed through "lending institutions" is an absolute fraud as these institutions are billions if not trillons of dollars in debt. They are "lending" money that does not exist, then they force you to pay it back at interest rates that start at 20% for credit cards and goes all the way up to 200% for mortgages. I went through this same procedure for credit card debt and was able to flush $15,000 of debt without going to jail or ever having to worry about paying it back. This program is the same, but on a much larger scale. All I can say is hang in there til the end and see if good or evil triumphs. I have said this before and I will say it again; I have four grand invested in this and I would hate to lose it but if I do I will not be any worse off than the average american who blows that much every few years on lottery tickets. Have you seen any blogs with hundreds of people complaining about the thousands of dollars they flushed in lottery tickets? As for me I am going to hang in there and follow it to the end.

clearlyspoken said...

Sovern and Ace -

Invested a lot of money.
Riding it out.

Any others? Drop a line.

clearlyspoken said...


I would just like to make two points.

1. Your reports that there is a way for finite humans to control the weather is interesting at best, as it is really difficult to believe. As far as I am aware, the Scriptures make it very clear that God is in complete, sovereign control of all things at all times, which would, of course, include the weather.

2. IF (and that is a BIG IF) humans, the created beings, had discovered a way to manipulate the weather it would still be only under the control of God, within definate limits and boundries set by and unfailingly maintained by His limitless and unerring wisdom and power. There is nothing, no person, no power, no principality that can over-ride the perfect plan of God. No matter how dark the storm, it is not beyond God's direct control. Therefore, there is no fear for those who are called by His name because the winds and the waves have no choice but to obey His will.

Life-lesson: "Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea, or demons, or men or whatever it be, no water can swallow the ship where lies the Master of ocean and earth and skies; They all shall sweetly obey His will!" Quoted of M. Baker

Ahh . . . now the question is - why?
Why is God sending such severe storms across the earth? Why, indeed! This I cannot claim to know - God's ways are not our ways. Maybe it's a wake-up to a world that has decided that it can go on without paying any heed to the Almighty Who sustains our exsistance on a moment by moment basis. Maybe it's a wake-up call to the church at large which has forsaken its call to purity. Maybe it's for the sake of strengthening the faithful remnant. Maybe. . . then again, who can know the mind of God?

son of a prophet said...


Gold and silver were being hammered in the preopen which we read as suddenly increasing deflationary pressure so stand by for cash to be king. It also bodes ill for the housing bubble which is set to burst and leave millions swindled by bankers out of their homes and forced into bankruptcy - which has oh so conveniently been tightened like a noose (gulp) with new regs october 17th. Notice how the super rich get richer?

link --->

son of a prophet said...


You must remember, that SATAN is in total control of this world call earth.

With GODs permission, of course. Nontheless, satan HAS GODs permission and is taking full advantage of it by going after everyone that he can with a vengeance as he knows his time is short.

Also, as the govt. is GODs minister (even tho they are evil), GOD uses them to carry out His judgments on the world. Yes, GOD uses evil for good when it comes to judgment. Just look at the bible, govts. have always been and still are evil, but were used to bring judgment upon the people for sin, (murder, abortions, etc.)

I personally believe that stroms can be manipulated. The technology exists (pulsed microwaves etc.) and the govt. that has allowed 50+ million murdered babies certainly has no qualms about a few hundred dead from a hurricane.

It is not my intent to debate the bible here as I already go into many forums for that purpose, but I made an exception here, not because of hurrcane manipulation, but because of a foundtional belief that many Christians have, ie., that satan is not running things here. HE IS.

Remember whos kingdom this is (earth) satans. Yeshuas is yet to come where He will run it. The only thing that satan cannot do, even in this earthly kingdom is steal someones soul that Yeshua has claimed for Himself, this soul cannot be plucked from Yeshuas hand by the evil one.


sovern said...

ace I know everything you are saying ive been studying this for about 2 yrs now.There is new ways coming up that we might be able to do it on your own.Im just saying if i knew what was going to happen I would of waited to give up 4300 dollars,that took me over a month to earn.Thats not counting my mortgage payment.The light at the end of the tunnel is getting dimmer.Ive said it before GOD put us here just to pass thru to our real home.Goverment says do this do that if you dont, this is whats going to happen.Now does this sound like freedom or slavery I used to love this country but the past couple of years ive have starting seeing what they are doing to us and it just makes me SICK.

Still Believe said...

Still making payments and would like to continue to the end, but mortgage company has not cashed last months mortgage payment (for the 1st time since being in the program). They are submitting my account to foreclosure. I am curious to find out why?

clearlyspoken said...


I believe you are wrong, VERY wrong, and most probably sincerely wrong.

I stand by my previous post.

Tony Tuba said...

StillBelieve, who is your lender?

son of a prophet said...


IF you do not believe that satan is running this world (?), then ask yourself the follwing question; who runs all the countries of the world? ans. the GOVTS.

ARE THE GOVTs of this world godly govt. run by Godly people???

I think you know the answer to that.

And if you dont, you are very, very shortly going to find out just how Godly your govt. is.....


Still Believe said...

Wells Fargo

truthtooth said...

Let's be objective.

1) Let's say that the banks are creating money and you really did not "borrow" money. You have been told that you must pay the monthly amount back plus interest or you will lose your home. So you pay and all is fine until TDG and their sales sites come along and expose that you have been scamed.
Now you invest in them and you believe them but they get things screwed up and all is not rosie.

2) Now let's assume that the world gets fixed and lending is done correctley. You borrow money from a bank (this time they did not create it) and to be in this now ligitimate business they need to get a fee and let's say that they call it interest. Let's also say that they would not take risks like lending if they could not get you to agree that if you do not pay it back then you have to give them your house. You pay the exact same as in the first example.

3) Let's say that for some reason you decide that there is a huge difference in the effect on you from example #1 to example #2 and you must have change. Why would you note try conventional ways to organize and speak the language that law makers speak by hiring attorneys and filing a giganic lawsuit. If Kurt was the great agent for change and was as smart as you believe then he should be way ahead of the game. The reason is that he is not the agent for change, he is a con that is in it for money.

If $4,000 people put up average $4,000 dollars in a legal fund to start this lawsuit then you would have $16,000,000 to begin the fight. Not to mention that the people involved would not be able to have their motive challanged.

I still do not know what type of lending you people are looking to have the system changed to. The best case for all is my example #2 but it looks just like #1 to us (the borrower).

Anything short of that and no one would be in the lending business and then only people with cash would be able to buy a home.

3) Even though

son of a prophet said...

August 30, 2005 update
After Katrina, as the US gulf oil production facilities and those of florida declared that they will take time to regain capacity ... and with the price of gas going up 20 cents overnight ... geeee the saudies were sure nice to offer to start pumping some more oil to offset our "loss" ... increasing our dependency on foreign oil ... are you starting to get the picture ???
OK ... so how does this work ?? the gas prices went up 20 cents per gallon BEFORE the hurricane hit the oil producing areas ... If the storm would have proceeded due north (as predicted) it would have hit new orleans and missed the oil producing areas ... seems that someone was awful sure of the path of this storm turning east and hitting the oil areas dead on ... and sure enough it did ... the path did such a hard right and the path so ridiculously and obviously controlled that the major satellite distributors of information are not showing the true path ... the path of this storm as a whole is so out of normality from standard hurricane paths that it is not funny (all the way from the Bahamas) ... the following is the path and even today the storm is far east of what they are reporting as the "path" ... see for yourselves ... look USA ... you are being had ... as in BIG TIME ...
the following is the "official path" ... not showing the hard right that Katrina took ... hours before land fall it was actually headed WEST of new orleans ... then it headed north and dead on to new orleans ... as the eye made its way inland only a few miles it made a hard right (not shown on the "official path" below) and hit the oil refineries dead on that lie in southern coastal areas all the way to mobile ... all the roofs in mobile were gone ... and guess where FEMA was stationed ... MOBILE !!!! ... aren't the folks in mobile starting to wonder ??? this is the 5th major storm to hit in less than a year ... this one did not miss the oil platforms or the refineries OR THE OIL FUTURES TRADING ... who owns the oil anyway?
THERE IS A FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITING THE USE OF NATURAL DISASTERS FOR PROFITEERING ... but apparently that is being overlooked by the fed and "our oil president" (who remember is just a mindless little alter boy puppet front man for the true owners of the fed) ... now see the "official path" showing the storm going right over new orleans ... they even try to compensate eastward just a little in central alabama but it is still not enough to get even close to the true path ... we all know that the eye did not go over new orleans ... so why does this map show it ??? because the true path is so ridiculous ... taking that hard right turn to mobile ...

click here for the current location of the storm and compare it to where the "official path" shows the storm ... you don't need a PhD or an EXPERT sign around your neck to see that NOAA is full of you know what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tiger44 said...

Holy Shizzle,

I have been through the same shizzle with Wells Fargo. I am to believe it is their move on our process. I never missed a payment and they placed Foreclosure process started on my credit report. I challenged it and then they changed it to previously in foreclosure. Regardless, the word Foreclosure on my report is enough to allow credit cards and lending institutions from loaning me anything.

truthtooth said...


I would agree that the servicers screw up a lot and the credit reporting is out of control. But with lending the way it is why would anyone want a loan from these terrible banks? Why borrow?

tcob247 said...

You are one serious wack job
You are in lala land.

I could never take you seriously on any subject at this time given your unbelievable rants

Tiger44 said...


What sucks is, who do you think has the influence over the credit reporting agencies? I just assume have a crappy "number" (credit score) and move on. Unfortunately, our whole society is based on what kind of "number" you can carry.

Screw it, you can have my low number.

They_and_or_Them said...

truthtooth said:

"I still do not know what type of lending you people are looking to have the system changed to. The best case for all is my example #2 but it looks just like #1 to us (the borrower)."

If it looks the same to you; you must be looking at it while hoodwinked, and that is exactly how the banks want you to view things.

Can you not see that your #1 senario is an unbearable load on backs of the working man?

an apple pie laced with arcenic looks the same as one that is not.

Watergod said...


You had YOUR heart broken?

What about the MASS DESTRUCTION you have left in our lives???

You told us PERSONALLY to stop making payments. THEN to START making payments. By that point the lenders REFUSED to take the payments and foreclosed. We filed Chapter 13...and the lenders filed a "Relief of Stay" siting PAGE AFTER PAGE of documents relating to your damn mess in court BEFORE you went to jail. The judge agreed and the lenders SOLD OUR HOMES THE NEXT DAY. No new notice NOTHING.

Why is it criminals ALAWAYS get religious instead of ACKNOWLEDING WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO OTHER PEOPLE??? Listen...I GET your fight...I GET what you are working for. What I DON'T get is that YOU NEVER HAD A FIGHTING CHANCE IN HELL...YET YOU STILL brought in people who DID NOT have the full story....that this was all THEORY...NOT a VERIFIED process. You sold us HALF truths...NOT the whole story. Had we known this was all an EDUCATED GUESS for the client...THEN we would have had ALL the facts before pissing away our money...AND MORE IMPORTANTLY our property and our LIVES.

Sorry..but you really do need to serve your time. You collected money...up front...with NO service or product in place. You basically were selling an IDEA. THAT is illegal..and no doubt what they will nail you on.
Forget all the "Rotten Bank/Lending" speech. YOU collect money for something that DID NOT EXIST. THAT is called FRAUD.

For that YOU SHOULD be held accountable.

sovern said...

So are you guys saying that the banks are foreclosing on your home and garnishing your creidit even if you havnt missed a payment my god i hope not ive worked hard on that credit

OneCityboy said...

Kurt and Scott both successfully completed the program on their own property before starting the company. They had a viable system. The problem is the notoriety which caused them to be noticed. Then the evil ones who run things had to put a stop to it.

sovern said...

besides that unless you was in foreclosure before you started or your behind payments i dont see how that is possible because you are keeping your obligations to the contract by making you payment please anyone explain themselves

Tiger44 said...


I wish you were right. I have verification of mortgage showing all payments on time, never late etc. I used to have a credit score well over 700. Since being in the program, Wells Fargo placed my property into foreclosure. I have not received any documentation or phone calls explaining. How I found out about this is I was denied credit for the first time ever.

So don't think that since I was making payments that the bank can't do anything to me. Banks can do whatever they want. Not sure if they are right or wrong.

If your a lawyer, you can have my case and I'll split it with you :o).

truthtooth said...


I said....
1) Let's say that the banks are creating money and you really did not "borrow" money. You have been told that you must pay the monthly amount back plus interest or you will lose your home. So you pay and all is fine until TDG and their sales sites come along and expose that you have been scamed.
Now you invest in them and you believe them but they get things screwed up and all is not rosie.

2) Now let's assume that the world gets fixed and lending is done correctley. You borrow money from a bank (this time they did not create it) and to be in this now ligitimate business they need to get a fee and let's say that they call it interest. Let's also say that they would not take risks like lending if they could not get you to agree that if you do not pay it back then you have to give them your house. You pay the exact same as in the first example.

You said... Can't I see that example #1 is placing an unbearable load on the backs of the working man...

Please explain how #1 is harder to pay then #2?

Also, if I could waive a magic wand and give you the borrowing situation that you are fighting for, what would that look like?

truthtooth said...


I said....
1) Let's say that the banks are creating money and you really did not "borrow" money. You have been told that you must pay the monthly amount back plus interest or you will lose your home. So you pay and all is fine until TDG and their sales sites come along and expose that you have been scamed.
Now you invest in them and you believe them but they get things screwed up and all is not rosie.

2) Now let's assume that the world gets fixed and lending is done correctley. You borrow money from a bank (this time they did not create it) and to be in this now ligitimate business they need to get a fee and let's say that they call it interest. Let's also say that they would not take risks like lending if they could not get you to agree that if you do not pay it back then you have to give them your house. You pay the exact same as in the first example.

You said... Can't I see that example #1 is placing an unbearable load on the backs of the working man...

Please explain how #1 is harder to pay then #2?

Also, if I could waive a magic wand and give you the borrowing situation that you are fighting for, what would that look like?

truthtooth said...


I said....
1) Let's say that the banks are creating money and you really did not "borrow" money. You have been told that you must pay the monthly amount back plus interest or you will lose your home. So you pay and all is fine until TDG and their sales sites come along and expose that you have been scamed.
Now you invest in them and you believe them but they get things screwed up and all is not rosie.

2) Now let's assume that the world gets fixed and lending is done correctley. You borrow money from a bank (this time they did not create it) and to be in this now ligitimate business they need to get a fee and let's say that they call it interest. Let's also say that they would not take risks like lending if they could not get you to agree that if you do not pay it back then you have to give them your house. You pay the exact same as in the first example.

You said... Can't I see that example #1 is placing an unbearable load on the backs of the working man...

Please explain how #1 is harder to pay then #2?

Also, if I could waive a magic wand and give you the borrowing situation that you are fighting for, what would that look like?

tcob247 said...

will Kurt ever aplogize for the destruction of lives and finances he has left

I doubt it

He's too selfish

He deserves to rot in jail

dgwondering said...

Why hasn't the great Todd-Ellis: Swanson stepped in to save the day? Or any of the other whackos on the top-notch Dorean legal team we were all told about?

Why are Lecompte and Santeramo still walking around free?

Ever listen to one of those conference calls about how great everything was and how hard everyone at Dorean was working?

The last six months turned me off completely because it started being more excuse making than fact offering.

Where's the collateral estoppel CCR promised?

Somebody needs to pay big time for this whole thing and putting Johnson and Heineman in prison isn't enough. They made the product but the sellers need to be brought down too.

And this religious BS is just too much to stand.

Crooks hiding behind the bible and Jesus. Theres gotta be a special place in hell for that.

They_and_or_Them said...


I will answer your question with a few questions, possible answers and a few comments. Pardon me for being long winded but this is not a short subject. Feel free to agree or disagree.

Why would or should it be against the law for me to make/print money at my house and pass it off as real?

If I were able to do that, I would have an advantage over everyone else, would I not?
My money could flood the system creating an over abundance of money, making it worth less and hurting the ability of common folk to econocally get along. Hey, we could call that effect "Inflation".

What happened to equal protection under the law if the banks can do it and I can't?

Statements of Fact:
They (the banks) are not the government.
They are a for-profit industry.
They do not make their decisions in the peoples best interest, they make decisions to make money.

The answer to your question about what type system I would like to see:

I think that the system should be as stated in the constitution.
The government should make the money.(and I don't mean print it and give it to the banks for the cost of printing)
The currency could be called "United States Notes"
Not "Federal Reserve Notes"
And the Notes should be backed by something of value.

That could be defined as "A system of equal weights and measures."

What a novel idea? Although I can't take all the credit, I think maybe Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin had the idea before me.
I even think that Ben Franklin attributed the Revolutionary War to the actions of the Bank of England. Seems the BOE was operating similar to the way our banks operate today.

My system sounds nice doesn't it?

JFK tried it.
I can't remember exactly what but, someting happened to him (JFK) and the printing and distribution of United States Notes has not been tried since.

I wonder why?

If you don't understand now, I guess you need to go and read a few history books and you will find that as in President Abe's day, United States Notes have no debt associated with them. The government does not have to borrow from themselves and pay interest to the banks to be able to operate. (See funding of the Civil War or as we like to call it: The War of Northern Aggression)

If it were legal for me to print money, I'd have to be pretty stupid to give all I printed to you, borrow it back from you and then pay you back plus interest.

But I'm sure that you will have some wise and wonderful explaination for why our government prints money, sells it to the FRB (Federal Reserve Bank) for printing cost, borrows it back from the FRB and pays the FRB the money back plus interest. Even the coins that the government makes go toward paying off the national debt to the banks.
And where did the banks get the money they loaned the government? They make it by purchase-ordering it from the United States Government Printing Office. FYI: the bank purchases a printed $100 bill for approximately $.04.
A pretty good bargain I would say. All because me and my government allow them to do so.
There are a few items I do not have time to cover but most of them are peices of information the banks use to convolute the issues so the normal person will not understand how great a deal they get.

So, there you have it; that is the history of the financial world according to me, part 1,

I'm sure you will let me know if you are not clear on anything.

complainers suck said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
complainers suck said...

dgwondering, they are walking around probably for the same reason the other 15 brokers are walking around. What do you think, CCR is responsible for the 3000+ clients? I doubt it, so put your legal mind to bed, because you obviously don't know the law.

sovern said...

I find it very hard to believe that a bank can foreclose or garnish your credit if you are paying the monthly payment.Dont you think the bank would look stupid in have never broke the contract by not paying.Im starting to think there are people on here that are full of crap.

roadrunner86 said...

I have been away from this blog for quite some time, and as such, feel that KJ and the rest need to know what is going on.
The NOD was no good.
I filed a QTA and Lis Pendens on August 4, after discovering it was a non-judicial sale.
The Trustee's sale occurred on August 5, in spite of my announcement of that lawsuit that I had filed.
A Trustee's deed was created and recorded on August 12.(I just found this today)
The defendants have moved the case to Federal Court in Seattle, from where it originated.
No attorney wants to take our case. Nor do we have the money for an attorney. The one that I did manage to talk to said that he does not see how we can gain anything - Federal Court caters to the banking cartel, nevermind true justice. They have money - we don't.
A family is facing being displaced by a greedy society. How many of these have to happen? Banks, judges and courts only follow their own rules that they create as they go.
I believe in standing up for what you believe, however, the foundation upon which we are all standing seems pretty soft at the moment.
Calls to TDG are met with a phone company recording "This line is being checked for trouble" for over a week. Brokers are unreachable.

My question is: What does this have to do with the Scriptures? Nothing!
This has to do with humanity, money, and the greed that goes with it. It is not the world of taking care of each other. It is the world of take advantage of another person's misfortune or bad decisions. That does not create a healthy society in any recipe.

roadrunner86 said...

In addition to my previous posting, KJ stated that a collateral estopple had been completed against the original bank.
Question #1. Where is it?
Question #2. Why do I not have a copy of it?
Question #3: If WAMU not longer holds the note, how can have any effect on my case at all? In regards to this question, an attorney that I spoke with does not see how it can have any affect....
Question #4: If the CE has any effect, then why is there a Trustees Deed issued to an investment company on my house now?

Ace said...

clearly spoken, As far as weather modification is concerned it's been a reality for many years. Ever heard of cloud seeding to make it rain? Cloud seeding is the model T of weather modification today. I suggest you type HAARP into a search engine and do some reading on it. ( High Active Auroral Research Project) The government has been cooking the upper atmosphere with high frequency energy for years now. They can even shift the Gulf stream from north to south. I never remember seeing this many hurricanes hitting the U.S. Where I live in Connecticut we have not had a drop of rain since mid spring. Fall colors are in the trees and it is still August. I never saw that before either. Are these things the work of God, Satan, or man? I couldn't tell you. I'll let you Christians fight about that one.

sovern said...

come on ace whats that got to do with the mortgage cancellation

sovern said...

I know what sums that up ace the goverment wants to be our GOD.You haft to do this you haft to do that.And everybody does it cause weve been born to believe we haft to. Please correct me if im wrong?

Ace said...

sovern, It has nothing to do with mortgage cancellation, I just wanted to plant a seed and see if it grows. Understand this, The United States Government has removed the real God and replaced Him with itself. We are all going to pay a very high price for that mistake.

Ace said...

Late last night Kurt made another post but today it is gone. Did anybody see that post? I wonder why it was taken down? The plot thickens.

sovern said...

Oh yes i can see it ace no never seen no post.We are paying the price right now.

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