Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hanna in the book of Samuel was a good wife and woman. In the normal course of her life the circumstances allowed her rival to provoke her. Humanity is cruel and full of envy. At every turn where it appears by circumstances alone that one’s life is blessed compared to another our wicked hearts use the gift of knowledge of good and evil as a touchstone for critical judgment. Fortunately for the Christian we are liberated from this foul exercise. This liberation does not come by the title Christian which unfortunately is proven over and over by the hypercritics who think that they add credibility to their judgment by a piety overcoat. How far they are from knowing the God they claim to know. Christ liberates from this heart because He never possessed it. He only knows the love of the Godhead. His judgments would be true and just at any provocation addressed toward us. Yet love, His love, has no envy or weak constitution that needs to stand upon the shoulders of another. He can look to himself and judge the other not in their circumstances but in His character.

Suffering under injustice and displaying circumstances that seduce the hypercritics is a temptation to become like them. But what Hanna did as a practice we should all take note of is she went to the Lord. Lay your complaint, injuries, and hope on the alter of love. This is a trustworthy place. If you beg the hypercritics for mercy they could not give it.

At the alter of love you are not judged by the knowledge of good and evil but rather the knowledge of true love. A true love that knows the value of a human soul and the transient worth of circumstance, let the wise of this would provoke you, revile you, and condemn you. They will see soon enough that God loves you and that their formula for judgment is folly. Will it change their judgments? Never, even if hypercritics prey upon them, they will never go to the alter of love. If they would God would heal them of their hatred and they would lose their judgment. That is the treasure they will not sacrifice.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is a question everyone should ask. The answer you believe true will determine your life view. You don’t have to have a relationship with God to answer with “Yes”. Of course if you do have a relationship with God you will be able to answer with an emphatic “Yes”.

No, allows some modern philosophies, which historically are really recycled, to influence your life choice. Take for example the famous story of Jonah. He finds himself in the belly of a great fish. This fish vomits him onto the beach God intended for him to reach. This story is too fantastic to be credible without a controlling God. If you don’t believe in God’s control this story can never rise above myth.

If man is nothing more than a specie among the many of nature you have not elevated all animals to equality with man but debased man into a mere animal. What is ironic is that the very thought processes that entertains this equality proves superiority.

Without a controlling God morality is capricious and subjective. It can be nothing else. If we are mere animals then it is also frivolous. No lizard contemplated the fate of any bug it eats or of other lizards why should men. Jeffery Dalmer was one of the few to be brave enough to truly allow this belief system to not be compromised. He lived it out to its logical conclusion. There are no rights because these are the product of natural law which presupposes an intelligent creator.

Is your life merely a pinball let loose within the machine of random choices? Have you observed how little control you have over outcomes even when you attempt to control every detail? Can the collective consciousness of all humanity achieve a better result?

If God is in control Dorean is not a bust. Your participation is more than your free choice. Prison and bank fraud are not final answers. Think on this, with either life view your complaint is disingenuous.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rearview Mirror 2-26-2011

Reflections are one of our most useful gifts. I think because I talk so much of faith’s future, look I might be misunderstood. Faith most certainly has a future look. It is like human expectations in this sense alone but far different in true aspect. Faith looks to the future but drags with it a very heavy anchor. That anchor is from the past. It is the substance of thing hoped for. In Christ there is not future victory. In Christ all His promises are yes and Amen. They are settled facts of history. All faith does is look into the landscape of humanity for pockets of deceit. In this faith sees a place to drag this anchor and settle the fact in the present. Because God’s character is patient instant results rarely occur. Faith will diligently and tenaciously maintain its grip upon that anchor until the true facts finish there work.

I may have misled you when I speak of our victory in the future tense. I should have been clearer. The manifestation awaits arrival but the victory has long since been a settled matter. Scott and I have been dragging victory with us by faith’s grip from the moment we said “I do” to God’s offer of Dorean.

If you study God’s word even prophecy is in Christ. Christ has always been, this little exercise we call life is a small silver of time that changed nothing of the facts that preceded it. In all humanity is just another display of the immutable fact of eternity. The curious part being that most of mankind have smashed their rearview mirrors and abandon themselves to the uncertain future of human expectation.

You will see victory not because it’s in Dorean’s future but because it is Dorean’s past. Christ founded us, keeps us, delivers us, and secures His facts for us. He’ll do the same for you but to see your future you have to look in the rearview mirror.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Objective Truth 2-26-2011

True faith, the faith of Christ, is based upon facts that are all objective to us. That is another indicator that my critics don’t know God. They keep binding their God to the conduct of Scott and me. That would make us the objective to God and Him subjective.

This is beyond a silly notion. What Christ did was and is always objective to us. It is a fact of history outside us; every promise does not find its fulfillment in the believer they are all fulfilled in Christ. What the Holy Spirit does is bring those objective truths to us. Not by bringing Christ to us but us to Christ. When we are in Christ then the objective truths of Christ can become subjective to us. Dorean doesn’t arrive at victory outside of Christ but is assured victory because Dorean is inside of Christ. You don’t hear me profess a victory outside of Christ. That would place me on equal footings with Alsup.

On equal footing he would obviously have the advantage. But when he went to war with Dorean which is inside Christ he took on a victory. All I have to do is follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and I will be taken subjectively into the experience of the objection fact in Christ. If you can grasp what I’m telling you all your trials would become laughable. This is the great joy of the Lord that settles our spirit. We know that there is not a subject in all creation who undo or invalidate the objective truths in Christ. Federal judges, roaring lion, or the devil himself all laughable.

Fact is found in Christ. The faith of Christ trusts these facts. The Holy Spirit brings us to these facts. The Holy Spirit gives us the faith of Christ. The faith of Christ reins over spirits into obedience. Obedience walks us through the experience that allows us to own the objective fact in Christ as a subjective truth. The rest is lies, all laughable.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Passover 2-23-2011

This trial lingers. I am now approaching my 6th full year of incarceration. All my expectations turn into disappointments. I feel like this will never end. I even have doubts my marriage will survive this event. I just desire for all this to Passover.

This is the human Passover but God’s Passover experience teaches us truth. In God’s Passover a lamb died or a firstborn died. In Adam we are all firstborns into sin and death. Either God’s lamb dies and we apply His blood or we die. Feelings mean nothing. In Egypt the firstborn was in the house, the blood was outside the house. He did not see it. In the story it was God’s sight that mattered. God said “if I see the blood I will Passover”. Your sight, your feelings on the matter didn’t matter.

This is where Natorial dissent and his ilk and I will never find accord between us. He only trusted in his feelings and sight. All his judgments concerning Dorean and I are a simpleton cursory look into his own human limitations.

God said I have victory. God said my enemies will stumble into their own nets, God said my marriage will suffer but has kingdom purpose. God said I will be the one sought out for the gifts and wisdom He’s given me. God said to found Dorean. God said to trust Him. He never said a thing about trusting my feelings. He posted all these promises on the doorpost of my heart with the blood of His lamb my feelings that are locked inside have no performance involvement. God looks upon His promises to perform them and no matter how I feel about it I trust that blood upon my door as a fact. In Alsup’s court facts don’t matter and feelings perceptions influenced by rhetoric are given the weight of law but in God’s court facts are all that matter. Christ is the substance of all Passovers. Including this trial I face. There is power in the blood of the lamb. I believe the songs say’s “wonder working power”.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Legal Update 2-20-2011

Notorial dissent is apparently a scholar in many fields. He tells me skillings won 9-0 decision from the Supreme Court on the vagueness of the 1346 statute. A statute I am not charged with but is a definition of my statute 1341. In the ruling they confined the definition down to bribes and kickbacks to save it from constitutional problems. This is conduct that does not reach my trial.

It was sent back to the 5th circuit to see if the actions were harmless. Of course they found the harmless and the net results to Mr. Skillings were nothing. His sentence remained the same. He asked to see his son before he finished his sentence and was denied. Shortly thereafter his 20 year old son committed suicide. Asked to attend the funeral he was again vigorously denied.

On 2-18-11 he filed a motion contending that it was not harmless because of “unconstitutional delegation.” Your government changed positions in 24 hours to agree with Skilling and appealed the 5th circuits ruling a year out of time. The DOJ prosecutors

were styling their prosecution in such a way as to make Skilling a moot ruling. Now that they have discovered the cost in doing so they had a moral flop. What great character you government has. They are now about trapping Skilling into making his recent filing of none affect. What they know is not harmless and therefore cannot be ignored can be made harmless by the precedent of Skilling coping a plea. How much you want to bet he gets out of jail now. I hope he is smart enough to see he will win no matter what and tell them to kiss his ass. They played ruthless he should play ruthless. Because this issue has not been raised in 100 years Skilling controls the outcome of the precedent. His choice affects me but his case is not moot.

I did not file cert, I continue on a 2255 and though you talk of my big mouth this will be the first time since my trial I can speak. Every thing until now has procedurally kept me silent. So now we shall see what my mouth can do. I know this; I am not a criminal but a victim of criminals. You don’t hear me pissing and moaning. I trust God.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wicked Witness

Well my 40 day trial has ended and ate the best banana I had in months. I remember my other trial though and how many wicked witnesses were used. The most tragic though were the so-called saints who sold out their professions of faith for the frauds of that courtroom. But in all that transpired their remains one true witness their actions confirm. They reveal to the saints the character and nature of their God. Romans 9 speaks on this.

It is ok for God to raise up men like Alsup and to expose phony Christians even at your personal expense of suffering. Because it proves His longsuffering mercy is real and your hopes in the Beloved are true. In a strange paradox the wicked witness proves by his hatred of God that our God is a God of love. The very fact he is not smashed immediately being one sigh. But think on this pharaoh was raised up with his hard heart to increase the renown of the Lord. Has it not done so? Is the exodus not one of the most famous stories of all time? The sons of God should not fear the wicked witness when he raises his ugly face in front of you. God is just writing another story to increase His renown. Be patient as God has shown patience with the wicked and the future of your promises will approach you swiftly.