Friday, June 17, 2011

Passover 2-23-2011

This trial lingers. I am now approaching my 6th full year of incarceration. All my expectations turn into disappointments. I feel like this will never end. I even have doubts my marriage will survive this event. I just desire for all this to Passover.

This is the human Passover but God’s Passover experience teaches us truth. In God’s Passover a lamb died or a firstborn died. In Adam we are all firstborns into sin and death. Either God’s lamb dies and we apply His blood or we die. Feelings mean nothing. In Egypt the firstborn was in the house, the blood was outside the house. He did not see it. In the story it was God’s sight that mattered. God said “if I see the blood I will Passover”. Your sight, your feelings on the matter didn’t matter.

This is where Natorial dissent and his ilk and I will never find accord between us. He only trusted in his feelings and sight. All his judgments concerning Dorean and I are a simpleton cursory look into his own human limitations.

God said I have victory. God said my enemies will stumble into their own nets, God said my marriage will suffer but has kingdom purpose. God said I will be the one sought out for the gifts and wisdom He’s given me. God said to found Dorean. God said to trust Him. He never said a thing about trusting my feelings. He posted all these promises on the doorpost of my heart with the blood of His lamb my feelings that are locked inside have no performance involvement. God looks upon His promises to perform them and no matter how I feel about it I trust that blood upon my door as a fact. In Alsup’s court facts don’t matter and feelings perceptions influenced by rhetoric are given the weight of law but in God’s court facts are all that matter. Christ is the substance of all Passovers. Including this trial I face. There is power in the blood of the lamb. I believe the songs say’s “wonder working power”.


Anonymous said...

dun wurry...the settle mints will be cumming soon.

like they say, 2012 is right around the coroner....

Anonymous said...

y'all cum back now, here?

of corse yo will cum back.

where esle yo gonna go??

can go bock to yo house, coss yo all reary lost it from da dg.


judge allslop said...

It appears Gilac may be on to somthing, somthing dark and murky. Some call it kooky some call it the Wanta funds. I had a source confirm its existence. It is real, it is ugly,and it is huge, the interest payments for which total over $1 trillion over a full decade. So it is worth stealing, as Hank Paulson would attest. The fund is part of a much bigger network of fraud role programs totaling multiple $trillionS for which Fannie Mae and other trust funds (Social Security Trust) have been involved. The concept is to lock down a huge fund, steal its interest, and keep the public in the dark. The USDept Treasury (aka Goldman Sachs) has been managing the theft for close to 15 years along with the Bank of England. Word is Obama paid the Bankers a visit on his latest trip across the pond to beg the London bankers not to discontinue obstacles for release of the giant fund of money that had been highjacked. The Intl Court of the Hague has been involved, as has Interpol, to apply pressure on the criminal banker leaders in England and the United States, Something big is going on behind the curtains.This seems like the final and desperate attempt to avoid the unavoidable. The global Anglo-American dominance is coming to an end. The Bank of England has decided to pull out of the grand fund highjack game that has been so profitable to the US-Anglo bankers for over ten years. If one adds up all the little details here and there, it adds up to a lot of serious change in the wind. The writing is on the wall and it is ugly. One can sense that something profound is in the air. Like a mega thunderstorm rolling in. You know it is coming but not how many lightning strikes will happen or how hard the rain will be."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

cheeting baTARDS

OMO said...

"Serious change is in the wind."

"...The middle class is targeted for elimination.

"The goal of the Superclass is not to lose their wealth and power to a transnational middle class, but rather to extinguish the notion of a middle class, and transnationalize a lower, uneducated, labor oriented class, through which they will secure ultimate wealth and power."

"Whatever remaining wealth the middle class holds is in the process of being eliminated, and as the crisis progresses, the middle classes of the world will suffer, while a great percentage of lower classes of the world, poverty-stricken even prior to the crisis, will suffer the greatest, most probably leading to a massive reduction in population levels, particularly in the "underdeveloped" or "Third World" states."

Andrew Gavin Marshall, 'The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century'

OMO said...

They certaily do have 100% control:

OMO said...

Denninger said:

“Think about the bank robbery statute. The bank robbery statute says Thou shalt not rob banks, and if you’re going to decide that you’er going to do it anyway, you’re going to do 20 years in the can. Ok, so we have the first part of the law, but the second clause is missing. As long as that second clause is missing there’s nothing you can do to fix the problem because there is no penalty for violating what the law says you have to do.”

Denninger believes that including a penalty clause in Federal Reserve Act would fix the problem. The problem is not fixing the law. The problem is the lawmakers (the gov. itself). So the problem is not the law. The problem is the lawmakers. Can we fix the lawmakers by fixing the law? Here's the answer:

Eustace Mullins once said:

"The French Philosopher Prudane once said, "All government is a crime." He said, ALL government is a crime. Why is ALL government a crime? Because law enforement is government and when you're in government you don't HAVE TO enforce the law against yourself and put yourself in jail. So it is very tempting to criminal minds to be in a position where they never have to pay for their crimes, and that's the essential draw of government service- as they call it."

Thus, fixing the law will not fix the lawmakers. Lawmakers have to WANT to stop breaking the law. They are past the point of no return. They either stop breaking the law, or suffer the consequences. Thus, the consequences are unpredictable, and rightly so.

OMO said...

The lawmakers either stop breaking the law, or suffer the consequences. The consequences are unpredictable, and rightly so. THE REAL ENERGY OF THE UNIVERSE DOESN'T REALLY CARE IF YOU ARE A SINNER OR A SAINT, IT HAS A LOGIC BEYOND RELIGION. It is man-made religion that gets in the way of natural justice. Praying to God has never gotten anyone justice.

Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

OMO said...
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OMO said...



Primitive man lived in constant dread of the violent forces of nature, which threatened him with physical injury and even death. Storms, thunderbolts, earthquakes and other cataclysms of nature frightened and overawed him, and as animistic tendencies dominated his mind, he personified the forces of nature and sought to placate them by offering them worship and sacrifice. He thus peopled the world with gods. Later on, as man's mind developed, he found it necessary to rationalize his old attachment to them. The urge for unification led him to reduce the multiplicity of gods to one supreme deity. He formed an abstract idea of the Absolute and then, driven by unconscious emotional urges, objectified that idea. The God thus evolved is a subjective God. In the words of Sheen, "the only God attained by a purely affective approach is a subjective God born of one's own feelings."



As human groups increased in size and their structure became complex, tribal customs could no longer regulate the behavior of their members. The need was felt for a central organization, and the institution of Kingship thus made its first appearance. A single man [king] was invested with absolute power and the entire administration was placed in his hands. He occupied a position high above the common people and exercised absolute control over their lives and property. His word was law submission to which was considered essential. He would brook no opposition. The desire for power is insatiable. However powerful the monarch might be, he wanted still greater power. With the passage of time, this turned him into an object of fear, hatred or love according to his treatment of his subjects. The theory that absolute monarchy was an indispensable condition for peace and order in society was universally accepted. So, it was bound to influence religion also. The idea of God was fashioned on the model of the absolute monarch, and He was conceived as the Being who ruled over heaven and earth as an arbitrary despot. He was the King of kings, the Lord of the universe, whose will was unquestionable and whose ways were mysterious. Man stood before Him quaking with fear–an abject and helpless creature. Religion, according to this theory, had now entered the third and the final stage. God was conceived as a tyrant, and religion became an instrument of oppression. It served the ruling class by representing it as appointed by the Divine Master to exercise power in the land and control over the masses. By means of "spiritual sanctions" it protected the ruling class against the fury of the oppressed people. With religion to defend them, the rulers could, with impunity, trample upon the rights of the common man which still remained undefined. This, in brief, is the Marxist theory of religion. The Marxists view religion as a cunning device employed by the bourgeoisie to safeguard their vested interests against the proletariat. Religion, they aver, is an opiate which makes the people insensible to their sufferings and persuades them to resign to their unhappy lot. This view of religion needs serious consideration. We may be permitted to say that the world of religion has not been able to meet this challenge so far. Only din can meet it, as we shall discuss later on.

judge allslop said...

"President's Day is when President Obama steps out of the White House, and if he sees his shadow we have one more year of unemployment." ~ a smart 12-year girl

The USEconomy itself is dying from systemic insolvency for banks, households, and government function, assured to continue by the lack of industry. The USDollar death process is from a thousand economic cuts, coupled with the unending flow of green acid in liquidity. It is death by absolute relentless debasement of the currency. It is death by global revolt against unilateral debt writedown from monetization of debt. It is also death by global isolation of a rogue nation bent on bond fraud, war confiscation, and narcotics monopoly. The big US banks depend heavily upon narcotics money laundering, the dirty secret. The debilitated Euro currency can offer brief periods of respite, but the ultimate killer is the unresolvable USGovt deficits. All domestic income could be confiscated, but the USGovt deficit would continue. All government function could be eliminated except Social Security and Medicare, but the USGovt deficit would continue. That guarantees the end outcome from a collapse. Current debt limit debate exposes the futility of the process. A USGovt debt default will come, all in time. The road is merely dressed up by gimmicks, debate, distractions, denials, isolation, anger, and fear. The United States is Greece on a much larger comprehensive scale. Ironically, when Greece defaults finally, the USGovt default will be regarded as inevitable with much more clarity.

OMO said...

The U.S. and gobal government debt cannot be repaid. The Federal Reserve knows that.

Cancelling the debt is not an option because they have an image to maintain: WE master, YOU slave. If the debt is cancelled they stand the chance of losing that image.

The debt cannot be repaid. Only the principle can be repaid. Once the principle is repaid, the interest should be wiped out. But they are not benevolent masters.

Joseph said...


Regulators want to settle for 20 billion dollars. Are you kidding? Both figures are still much too low AND IRONICALLY BOTH SIDES ARE STILL BICKERING and perceived damages are still a drop in the bucket to the harm already created to the American people. Be sure not to vote for any of these attorney generals when they come up for re-election. Where do the damages and money go? Do they go to the US Treasury, or do they go to the borrowers of this country? They can't even decide that.

I think 5 billion would cover the damage to Dorean client alone however.

Since fraud by the banks is just a cost of doing business, than it is treated as such and not a serious thing to do to the American people to make them homeless and bankrupt.

It is true that such a settlement is a long way from where the Dorean Group started, when banks wouldn't even consider settlements at all, or acknowledge any relevant truths, but the Dorean Group exposed the greatest fraud of all that the media & the courts never want to intelligently discuss, which is that the banks are just illegally creating money & creating pretend debts through smoke & mirrors.

Robo signing & fraudulent paperwork is not as serious and not as damaging as the illusion and lie that the banks risk their own assets and give a legitimate loan to become a legitimate creditor and hence are entitled to all mortgage payments.