Sunday, December 19, 2010

Slow Play 11-15-10

I am innocent of the charges against me. A crime had to be perpetrated upon me to convict me. Judge Alsup knows this as well as all the other actors. I’m not complaining only recognizing what I’m up against. I have found the way within their rulings to overturn this but vile tactics prevent me from being heard. This is nothing new. I’ve found a case where they used the same tactics to steal 11 years from one guy and 19 from another. These tactics are the hatred of power freaks who want to break those brave enough to challenge their fraud. This battle is the Lord’s. I’m in, fully vested no matter the cost. God knows their plans and has given me wisdom to see it and to institute counter measures. I regret only that such evil men have power and find honor among men. If we would only turn our hearts to God His justice would advance toward us, until then these creep shows will pillage their brethren and convince ignorant accomplices to be jurors. I don’t see a way within the system to get any relief shorter than 2 years. Even this is hopefully optimistic. God can always shorten the time.

Many great rulings have come out of the Supreme Court this year that assure my victory. But procedure is their weapon not law. The judges know they can ignore me until the law absolutely won’t allow it anymore. Each evil denial steals time and tests my resolve.

Power tortures and laughs while justice and truth cry. God watches and plans to destroy the plans of the wicked. If you know how trustworthy the love of God is toward those who love Him you would be assured of our victory and confidently support until your victory arrives. No creep show no matter how much boasting exist their mouth would ever intimidate you. That is where Scott and I stand until the end.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blog Writings 11/15/2010

It has come to my attention that the service I was using did not maintain the site with consistent flow of my writings. I no longer receive copies of any post or comments. I am switching services to try and maintain some regular postings.

I am very much on a snail pace through this abuse of power. Defeating them is doubtless but they want to torture me slowly for my arrogances. The Lord is completely in charge of these events and I take the journey full of joy. I do wish my writing could convey a confidence so sure in truth that no lie would trouble you. This remains an unfulfilled desire I know. It does appear truth is creeping back into society. What Dorean spoke against is coming to the forefront. On coast to coast 11-14-10 a gentleman (reporter) Greg Hunter was exposing all we already know at Dorean. Perhaps you can listen to this broadcast or go to his webpage. If anyone should obtain a broadcast transcript of this program I would enjoy a copy.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Trouble at All 11/2/2010

The federal labyrinth of deceit and injustice is a formidable trap to fall prey to. Human fortitude is crushed by doubts, delay, and malice. Ye a son of God has no fear. He is blessed with a resolute conviction that God’s love is trustworthy. A resolve that empowers him to overcome every obstacle, truly there can be no quit within him. Spiritual reason justifies the blessed fortitude.

The human condition is the same for all of us. God’s love can be recognized by every individual, you may not fear a giant as large as mine or one you perceive equal but the truth of their defeat is certain. Be of good cheer and courage. God is greater than the sum of all His enemies. Remain in the fight until the hope of your deliverance arrives according to the plans fashioned in love for you. See you at the finish line!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hangman 11/1/2010

Everyone knows that a braided rope is stronger than its individual strands. The bible says a threefold cord is not easily broken. In fact hanging by rope has broken more necks that ropes. In our sinful nature there is a threefold cord not easily broken; our blind reason, our perverse heart, and our distempered affections. This cord has had a strangle hold upon our necks during our entire existence.
The blind reason argues it should not bow to the Lordship of Christ. The perverse heart says it will not bow. The distempered affections in support of the others says it shall not bow.

One of the biblical names for sinners can be translated wild-ass men. The renown of the stubborn ass easily recalled. The law addressed the ass in a telling way. The firstborn of an ass was to have its neck broken. To redeem the ass a lamb could be slain. The type made obvious toward Christ. This root of sin within us, this threefold cord has us under noose in the hangman’s peril. The law against it calling for our broken neck, yet what is not possible for man is possible with God. He can liberate us from the strength of this cord and break its death grip over us. Only His love can serve it. So the question bids do I stretch my neck in search of His love or stretch my neck in the leap of death?

Like the game you’ll have to fill in the blanks with the right letters to survive.

____ ____ ____ ____

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


The bride of Christ (those enthralled with their beloved) to this world will never be an explained miracle or a solved mystery. Her presence cannot be denied and her knowledge cannot be shared. The knowledge here spoken of is both the reasonable comprehension and the intimacy of a lover. The miracle of her appearing cannot be denied by eyes that see her, but her creation is a mystery. The world has their brides but none who practice the love and fidelity she practices for her unseen Husband. She claims to trust and love Him though by all appearances she is abandon, even a widow, because the world is certain they destroyed her Husband.

The World can distinguish between the garment and the woman. Many put on the bridal gown and claim the relationship but as God declares in type through Ezekiel 23 these frauds are rejected and can be known by how the lift their skirts to the seducers of this world. The fidelity of the true bride is a mystery to infidels. How can they fathom her love intellectually or intimately when they have no experience or capability with the love she professes and knows?

She walks among men but her affections are not of this world. Sometimes in rage they abuse her. Sometimes in their inferior righteousness they condemn her. Sometimes in their cheap love and loneliness they mock her. Sometimes in awe they emulate her but then learn they are not her when they fall prey to seduction. She is ridiculed as a fool. She honors a Husband she claims is a king and gives herself over to His glory yet His kingdom has no standing in this world. She is offensive and hated because her existence cannot be denied, her love cannot be stopped by reason or force, and because she is adorned and lovely; yet exclusive. She walks humbly and boldly through time. The perfect icon of a miracle and a mystery. Soon she will be joined with her Husband and the mystery will forever remain unsolved by this world. Her miracle union will forever be displayed and undeniable but her knowledge will never be transferable. Though the kingdom be revealed the bridal chamber shall forever remain private. The world will come to love and fear her Husband, even acknowledge her, but they will never be His lover.

Glorify Thy Name 12-4-10

In a selfish world we forget about the usefulness of the human life to bring glory to God. When I was young I was able to make choices concerning my life. Now that I am old and incarcerated others make decisions concerning my life. I am not the first in this predicament. Peter in his exchange with Jesus (Jn. 21:15-19) learns of his death by cruxifiction. This man who just went back to what he knew (fishing) was doing with his life as he desired. God knew of the perfecting work He would accomplish in time. Are we all not called to this? Can there be a better use of your life than to bring glory to God? The ability to arrive at this place in spirit comes through the maturation of love. In Peter's discourse with Jesus his love was put in question. It was still too self-centered.

Jesus in Jn. 12:27-28 shows us how a human spirit behaves when it has fallen in love with God. He's coming to an hour of great human difficulty yet for God's glory He would rather face it than to avoid it. I witnessed this in all my co-defendants absent Scott any many clients that for fear's sake they turned from glorifying God. What is the strength of a love that would retreat to fear?

When the love of God truly touches the heart of a man through the revelation God has entrusted Himself to you for relationship sake, trust and reciprocal love arise. No longer do you see your life as a personal property interest but rather a servant given to the glorification of God. Dorean is a difficult hour but God's glory is paramount to a heart in love. Never the less not my will to do with my life as I desire but Thy will be done, Glorify Thy Name! Then the answer comes from heaven "I have glorified it, and will glorify it again!"

Thanksgiving 11-22-10

This still remains my favorite holiday. I think this remains true because it is the only holiday that celebrates an eternal truth between God and man. As I'm writing I'm looking at a postcard setting outside a prison window. To me the snow covered mountains, clans of regal evergreens, and azure skies profess more truth about my life than the iron in front of the plexiglas.

If a man knows God through the experience of a private and intimate relationship there is a chorus of praise invading all your senses concerning your beloved out of every circumstance. My spirit has been infected by the contagion of God's love. Literally an epidemic of affection has overtaken me.

This has formulated into a book I've called "The Perfect Bride" (an eternal love story). I've undertaken this project on the chance many are far too ignorant of our existence being created for pleasure. A pleasure that can only be known in the free expression of an intimate love.

This does not diminish the reality of the peril of my circumstance only the threat of its power to inflict injury. The Bible says "perfect love cast out fear.' This is true! Thanksgiving results, hope this overtakes your holiday and your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

God’s Love Endures All Things 10/30/2010

This trial lingers and is prolonged far beyond human fortitude. Trials like this are embraced by children of God because they separate and prove, they prove that God loves us; that His love is trustworthy; that His promises are irrevocable; and that His grace is sufficient. All this comes to those who surrender their wills to the actions inspired by the “amending” faith of Christ. Sheep and goats, wheat and tares righteous and wicked are identified and separated by these rough trials.

It is impossible for a man to choose the course laid by the promises of God. All human efforts will fail. But with God all things are possible. With His power expressed first in love, accepted by faith and delivered by hope what was impossible was made possible with His power expressed first in love, accepted by faith, and delivered by hope what was impossible was made possible. My critics talk a good game of human wisdom with religious overtones but betray their hearts with their words. God’s view is expressed by a very different vocabulary that reeks of courage and perseverance.

If they could grasp God’s plan or His ways they would have no fear in their prophecies, judgments, or expectations. The saint made alive by the power to trust God’s love overcomes every trial. It can be no other way. There is no power greater that God’s expressed via His love. No power in heaven or earth can withstand it. That is not to say it will bowl over every hard hatred rebel. Love limits itself to truth and that is a respecter of freedom of choice to love. Heaven is not the reward of those who seek the blessings of God for themselves It is merely the habitation of those who preferred dwelling with God over any other desire. As that victory awaits the saint so does every victory along your providential journey. Scott and I know the faith of Christ in us will deliver the justice in Christ and no power arrayed against that promise will survive. If you know Christ as we know Him you would already be at “AMEN”. If you’ve not you’re living less loved. Less assured, less aware of whom loves you.

Does my talk of Christ during this trial bore you? Well there is nothing more boring than hearing foolish whimpers, worries, and doubts by king’s children ignorant of their inheritances or lineage. We could be joint heirs if we shared the same faith. Christ would bring us all to victory and make the difficult journey joyous. If you are mourning you are justified. If you are relaxed in God’s trustworthy love you have been given the spirit of gladness for the spirit of mourning.

I may never have the joy of seeing that pig headed wicked judge Alsup delivered from sin and death but his turning from deliverance does not endanger mine. His father the devil cannot displace me from the promises made in God’s love. Wickedness has its day but the Lord laugh’s at it with derision and sees another day coming. Scott and I see it too and not as far off as wickedness intended.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Chastisement of Love 10/27/2010

The root of sin runs clear through our being. It destroys our identity and purpose. We were designed to be in a loving relationship with our creator. Jesus came across a fig tree once in Mark 11:12-14 and when He discovered it was a liar not bearing fruit when it had leaves declaring it would, Jesus attacked the roots. He's done no less for us. Yet a chastisement of law is very harsh. All of us have felt the string of the law's righteous demands and our failure to meet it.

When I was a small child this root took on a humorous display. My little sister and I shared a room. We would giggle and be silly. Mom would open our door, chastise us with the law of silence and then tell us she didn't want to hear another "peep" out of us. Within 20 seconds of the door being shut we would start a chorus of ”peep, peep, peep" and then laughter, I later discovered sound traveled through the vents in a house. Our little hearts already wanted to be a law into themselves.

As I've grown older I'm discovering a truth God make clear. The law behind the law is to love God with all your might and your neighbors as yourself. Love has the effectual power to chastise where the law falls short. When love truly reaches you love reciprocates out of you. The law is not lost as to its demands here, it is just love performs it willingly, hoping to bless the other with true love. Loving God after receiving His love sets our being in proper order. The fruitless life of a bad root system and its lies dies and a new creation which was our original design has us being lovers. A righteous union of marriage, where the harsh law finds grace. The resilience to trust love will yield a power to perform it and the courage to refuse the counterfeit.