Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thanksgiving 11-22-10

This still remains my favorite holiday. I think this remains true because it is the only holiday that celebrates an eternal truth between God and man. As I'm writing I'm looking at a postcard setting outside a prison window. To me the snow covered mountains, clans of regal evergreens, and azure skies profess more truth about my life than the iron in front of the plexiglas.

If a man knows God through the experience of a private and intimate relationship there is a chorus of praise invading all your senses concerning your beloved out of every circumstance. My spirit has been infected by the contagion of God's love. Literally an epidemic of affection has overtaken me.

This has formulated into a book I've called "The Perfect Bride" (an eternal love story). I've undertaken this project on the chance many are far too ignorant of our existence being created for pleasure. A pleasure that can only be known in the free expression of an intimate love.

This does not diminish the reality of the peril of my circumstance only the threat of its power to inflict injury. The Bible says "perfect love cast out fear.' This is true! Thanksgiving results, hope this overtakes your holiday and your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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