Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Glorify Thy Name 12-4-10

In a selfish world we forget about the usefulness of the human life to bring glory to God. When I was young I was able to make choices concerning my life. Now that I am old and incarcerated others make decisions concerning my life. I am not the first in this predicament. Peter in his exchange with Jesus (Jn. 21:15-19) learns of his death by cruxifiction. This man who just went back to what he knew (fishing) was doing with his life as he desired. God knew of the perfecting work He would accomplish in time. Are we all not called to this? Can there be a better use of your life than to bring glory to God? The ability to arrive at this place in spirit comes through the maturation of love. In Peter's discourse with Jesus his love was put in question. It was still too self-centered.

Jesus in Jn. 12:27-28 shows us how a human spirit behaves when it has fallen in love with God. He's coming to an hour of great human difficulty yet for God's glory He would rather face it than to avoid it. I witnessed this in all my co-defendants absent Scott any many clients that for fear's sake they turned from glorifying God. What is the strength of a love that would retreat to fear?

When the love of God truly touches the heart of a man through the revelation God has entrusted Himself to you for relationship sake, trust and reciprocal love arise. No longer do you see your life as a personal property interest but rather a servant given to the glorification of God. Dorean is a difficult hour but God's glory is paramount to a heart in love. Never the less not my will to do with my life as I desire but Thy will be done, Glorify Thy Name! Then the answer comes from heaven "I have glorified it, and will glorify it again!"

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