Wednesday, December 08, 2010


The bride of Christ (those enthralled with their beloved) to this world will never be an explained miracle or a solved mystery. Her presence cannot be denied and her knowledge cannot be shared. The knowledge here spoken of is both the reasonable comprehension and the intimacy of a lover. The miracle of her appearing cannot be denied by eyes that see her, but her creation is a mystery. The world has their brides but none who practice the love and fidelity she practices for her unseen Husband. She claims to trust and love Him though by all appearances she is abandon, even a widow, because the world is certain they destroyed her Husband.

The World can distinguish between the garment and the woman. Many put on the bridal gown and claim the relationship but as God declares in type through Ezekiel 23 these frauds are rejected and can be known by how the lift their skirts to the seducers of this world. The fidelity of the true bride is a mystery to infidels. How can they fathom her love intellectually or intimately when they have no experience or capability with the love she professes and knows?

She walks among men but her affections are not of this world. Sometimes in rage they abuse her. Sometimes in their inferior righteousness they condemn her. Sometimes in their cheap love and loneliness they mock her. Sometimes in awe they emulate her but then learn they are not her when they fall prey to seduction. She is ridiculed as a fool. She honors a Husband she claims is a king and gives herself over to His glory yet His kingdom has no standing in this world. She is offensive and hated because her existence cannot be denied, her love cannot be stopped by reason or force, and because she is adorned and lovely; yet exclusive. She walks humbly and boldly through time. The perfect icon of a miracle and a mystery. Soon she will be joined with her Husband and the mystery will forever remain unsolved by this world. Her miracle union will forever be displayed and undeniable but her knowledge will never be transferable. Though the kingdom be revealed the bridal chamber shall forever remain private. The world will come to love and fear her Husband, even acknowledge her, but they will never be His lover.

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"I may never have the joy of seeing that pig headed wicked judge Alsup delivered from sin and death but his turning from deliverance does not endanger mine. His father the devil [IN OTHER WORDS KURT IS SAYING HE'S WHAT THE BIBLE CALLS A SON OF BELIAL..OR SOB]cannot displace me from the promises made in God’s love. Wickedness has its day but the Lord laugh’s at it with derision and sees another day coming. Scott and I see it too and not as far off as wickedness intended."