Friday, December 30, 2005

My Source of Confidence

I am sorry to hear of Irwin’s unjust sentence. I knew him and admired him but never shared his confidence. I did not even heed his advice concerning Dorean. He I think had a false hope to find justice in courts of corruption. I understand the hope for all want to believe in a world better than the one that exists. If I were a crook I would fear the courts for being more accomplished criminals. If a just man I would have no confidence in their wretchedness. I can not place my hopes in truth finding its way through the labyrinth of snakes bar toting and robed. What is my confidence then? Though most of you will never understand I make the record for posterity’s sake. My confidence is that I know my partner and I have been faithful to trust in God’s word from beginning to end. He can route the enemy regardless of their agenda or prior success. My confidence rests upon God’s integrity in that He does not lie and in His power which is irresistible. History has percolated to a point where men (powerful) have overstepped the barriers laid for them by God. In this laid the opportunity for two men of faith to trust God to perform and to corral them back into destiny. We are not originals for God has had His many champions. We are merely repeats of an ancient proven formula being restated to this generation. Like a math theorem proven true, it garners confidence and that is where mine is placed.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Christmas Wish

I know there is joy for some and anguish for others. It is my hope that this is the last Christmas season to find this diversity. If I can prevail, joy shall be the promise for all next year. I want to thank you all for your trust, prayers, and support. It is a gift thoughtfully remembered and better wrapped than any other gift. Remember that family is what makes these times special. I am not missing things, but relationships. I know Christ is mostly forgotten but from this one man's experience all year is a joy for me because of this birth. May the reason for the season reveal Himself to you and give me strength to finish this fight. Merry Christmas to all.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Agency is promulgated and widely affects us but few understand it. It is similar to the fiduciary duty of a trustee but the relationships are different. The Constitution is a trust document for future generations but an agency document for the living. Agency is created by a Power of Attorney or other documents. Parenting is a fiduciary relationship the parents having created the beneficiary and having a bested interest in the general well-being is a trust. God-parents on the other hand is agency. The parents have partitioned off a sliver of their powers under a contingency agreement where the child is the principle. Principles are the key to agency. In the Constitution, sovereign people are the principles and congress is their administrative agent, the president is their executive agent and the judiciary is their equitable agent. Agency being very dangerous in that agents are always tempted by the lust of greed, power, and self can abuse their relationship. The Constitution had many safeguards placed by the populists that have all been erased by the reconstructionist. There was the State and its rights as a hedge but the Senate which protected this was wiped out when it was made a second house of representatives. Our reps would be restrained by the executive if cowards and crooks weren’t our only choice. The judiciary was kept in check by jurors who have lost all power and grand jurors are just as lost. Last, there was the convention which has turned into a two-party charade instead of a place where intelligent sovereigns insist on proper agents. Now our evil agents have done one thing brilliant and honest. Let me see if I can create a word picture here for understanding. Imagine if you will a 30’ circle of wood on a 5’ wooden stake like a stop sign on a lollipop. The stake is solid and represents truth. The circle is our Constitution which is likewise solid, truthful and level for all participants. Standing parallel is one of like in size and dimensions but the stake is hollow, only having the appearance of solid truth and the circle is just a loop, only a frame of truth with no inner substance. This is the reconstructed government of our agents which is wholly illegal, a breach of duty, immediate nullification of power and office except under one condition. Now imagine inside this loop is an intricate web of a deadly Black Widow. She in the nature of government would be the servant of man but in a corrupted nature destroys the man. Now imagine one fine gossamer thread between the true government and the new. We’ll call that thread “exemption.” Inside this loop we have 60 million separate strands called codes, rules, and statutes. Once you are attached to a statute you must immediately begin the mating dance to find the loophole or favor or face certain death. In this world you are not a sovereign principle, you are a social, economic, and legal retard, incompetent. Agents now have to become fiduciary which is more power and open to discretion. How does this happen? That is a good question to ask the 40 men who watch 2 hours of cartoons every night in my pod. How have they all been reduced to 4-7 year olds making no decisions and desiring mere entertainment and escapism? The answer is through effective and intentional programming. In this our agents are truly evil but we have only ourselves to blame. Now we have a 4-7 year old competent caught in the web of deception. There is no hope and no chance but that stench would be hard to hide so we must create about a 3% survival rate and advertise this without discussing the 97% destruction rate. These 4-7 year olds couldn’t find the loopholes or understand a favor if they fell through it so we must mandate representation. Here comes the bar to the rescue. NOT! Once they appear, “exemption” is cut off. Now how does one deal with an immoral agent seeking the elevation of fiduciary who knows he is wrong? You turn off the cartoon world of fiction and exit via exemption back to the substantive form of truth. Because they left this exemption open they have the benefit of self-deception that all they do now is the product of your ignorance and a necessity by your reckless nature. Through this has the frame of truth it is an evil they will never escape from in their souls. But exemptions are doors always open until the owner shuts it. Agency is replete in the banking industry and our remedy. It is a subject one must study and something never inculcate by cartoon. Hopefully a little curiosity has been created.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Staff Infection

For those of you that were in Vegas you saw my tears of pride for my staff. I wish they could have remained. The tears remained but the cause has drastically changed. That selfless staff became infected with every evil and betrayal. The GOO I mentioned way back when was a direct quote if I paid to have them finished. I paid them and became a fugitive. I could not supervise. Later I was told 350 was almost complete just a little more money. I paid! Now 210 are almost done and they will do the rest for free if they can have more money. I’m being extorted and betrayed by those I loved and served. They are stealing my equipment, work and my good intentions. This is some of the handicap I must overcome while incarcerated. I think hiring the FBI would be more efficient. The banksters are easy to deal with in comparison. I have never been abused by friends or enemies to this extent before. I have no hope of redemption; this infection is fatal and has killed any relationship that existed. This is one of the reasons the victory party will be sparsely attended. I will be hiring and I will look for the most evil people I can find. In this I will be comforted by the upgrade of personnel. There are but a couple exceptions and if you are reading this your honesty and love will be richly rewarded.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Quantity is Not Evidence of Quality

I want to remind you again that I hear and recognize the voice of those committed to the truth. I can not thank you enough for your kind letters and wise insights. Though it appears I spend more time on the naysayers it is only because it takes many blows to din knowledge into the head of a fool. Since you are learned wisdom comes with a first hearing. There is much less to say to you except words of affection and appreciation. For you the DVD will have value and the coming memorandum of law will make sense. I stay in the fight with you and for you. You are the treasure justifying all the expense. Your love of truth is what unites us and will ultimately reward us. I’m proud of you and to serve you. I debate with idiots hoping one or two students can comprehend the subject for their own well-being. I have no grand illusion of a cynic’s conversation. I just want to remind you again your comments are valued by me when I can read them and that the quantity of expression in no way reflects the value of the addressed party. Thanks again for being who you are.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I Missed My Calling

Let’s presume for a moment I have the intent of a criminal. That Dorean was an elaborate scheme whose sole design was to dupe and bilk the unsuspecting for my pure self-enrichment. To date, we know we took in 4-5 million. Let’s suppose again that I had no expenses, performed no service, had no product and every revenue went straight to the pockets of Scotty and I. Now my take is a mere 2-2 ½ million; not too bad. Yet it appears to me my greed is short sighted. I think I am a bad thief or I missed my calling. Between 2-3 thousand homes were granted into family trust of which I was a trustee. The duty of a trustee should not be much of a hindrance for a thief bent on self-enrichment. If realistically these homes averaged 30 thousand in equity here is another 6-9 million available to me. I should have seized or pledged this property for my benefit. There are still hundreds in my control, maybe I should pledge them for bail. I will just have to admit I missed my calling and poorly executed my self-enrichment since I could have gotten away with so much more.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ever Miss the Obvious?

How is it that the obvious can be hidden right under our noses? It has been months since my fed indictment. To my knowledge, nobody has stated the obvious. All the news stories and detractor comments are on what a bad guy I am for having duped thousands of victims across the country. Have you noticed not one of my charges deals with the propaganda rhetoric? Every victim of the indictment is a bank. And you thought this was about you. I know a government of the people for the people. I’m certain your interests are running parallel with the banks so they have you covered. Here’s an evil thought which many think motivates me. There obviously being no significance to me one way or another concerning my clients in regard to my case, how about I tell you all to piss-off. Actually, I think most of you appreciate my dogged tenacity to bring you resolution and that I do it from an inward motivation vs. outside. I just wanted to make a point that you have nothing to bully me with. You can find a hope in my character or piss-off and it’s that obvious. Now how is it that this blog keeps chasing an irrelevant rabbit? What are the tenets of the case? It is simple; it is the bankers vs. the people and two men saying piss-off. Can we focus more on the obvious? Keep your eyes open, never know what you might see.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Seasons greetings from the great state of Utah! Kurt asked me to write a blog since he felt some of you would like to hear from me. Well, I must say this has been a very strange and wonderful experience for my first trip to the rodeo. I am in good spirits and probably the best shape I’ve been in since my days of high school sports. I’m even keeping up with some of the young kids in my pursuit of handball excellence! While physical training has been beneficial, my relationship with God has certainly deepened. Those of you in the faith will covet the amount of time in prayer, meditation, reflection and study I’m able to get in each day. This sequestering has truly been a blessing. I will save the stories of personal accomplishments and divine appointments for our future gathering.

What can I say that my distinguished colleague hasn’t already articulated. Kurt has done a masterful job of clearly stating our position and bringing common sense to a convoluted marketplace. I’m as confident as he is because truth is on our side! Truth in this case being a multifaceted definition. I would like to take this opportunity to thank many of the people who continue to support Kurt and me in this battle, both prayerfully and tactically. I will mention first names, you know who you are: Deborah, Fred, Bill, Deb, Bob and Doug (new to the mix). We couldn’t do this without you! Our known intercessors Karen (thank you for the letters and books!), Lenora, and Dee (your prophetic insight is very keen); our faithful letter writers: Becky, Karen (I’ll mention you again because your letters encourage and inspire – thank you), Todd, Joe, Diana, Gabriel and Moriah. I believe I covered everyone that has written to me. If I left anyone out, write and remind me and I’ll dedicate an entire blog to you! Finally, to Kurt, a man who is closer to me than family – well almost anyway. To you I impart my deepest respect and highest admiration for your unwavering faith and heart of a warrior. You have demonstrated not only a zeal for God but a steadfast reliance on His word. I could not imagine fighting this battle without you. I am truly blessed to observe faith in action. You that support us should be rejoicing that you have an advocate like Kurt during this important time in history. Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Scott

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Sinking Ship

I think one of the greatest memories I will take from this experience is of the rats leaving the ship. It is why men like Scott and I are called. It is the captains at heart that stay with the ship who experience the calm after the tempest. Captains are not tossed by every wave as their ships. They know the capabilities of the craft and have experience. Many of the friends who loved the ship when it looked like the Love Boat have discovered they have not confidence, experience or wisdom to trust. Sometimes a captain gets lucky and finds a few sailors among the passengers which I have; Welcome aboard. I regret to inform you that the hired help took their lifeboats under the cover of darkness. They have chosen their own reward but have most definitely forfeited the glory of arriving in port. I won’t lie to you in that I have suffered much loss and it will affect the schedule of arrival, but I know my vessel and how sea-worthy she is. I also know that the gusting of this storm is a bunch of hot air reacting to the cold steel resolve of man and mission. The collection of statements left behind by those abandoning post are what captains have placed in their excuse log for generations and it will never change. “I didn’t sanction this”, “I didn’t authorize”, He didn’t have my permission”, “He wouldn’t let me do my job”, “He’s a control freak”, “there’s nothing that could be done anyway”, “he wouldn’t listen to me”, “He doesn’t have all the facts”, “you didn’t pay me for this”, “pay me first and I will work”. A captain’s ears are calloused to the vocabulary of the quitters. If their words have any merit to you it will be to your own folly. For they are there for the battle breaking and confetti on every fantastic voyage but you like them if you heed their words will be on an endless journey without a destination. Dorean has a destination, a voyage marked in history and in opposition to the Titanic which sank. We which were supposed to be destroyed arrived safely in port. And all who despised her precious cargo of truth and courage are forever shamed. The inhabitants of the land spent that delivered truth for many years to come. Then the battle worn parties of concern drank the warm cup of comfort in a quiet toast to achievement with their captain and friend and never spoke the names of the quitters again.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just as a Man

It appearing that I will be held hostage by the four letter word “Utah” a little longer, my resolve remains. I really can’t consider my cost nor can I allow it to be used as a persuasive tool by my enemy. If I remain until the finish, there is the chance (slim some perceive) that I will win. If you study all the accusations against me, they are detractors from the subject matter; all are on “criminal”. Never do they address accounting, UCC, contract law, securities laws, and fraud, only what a bad guy I am. If they can’t prove it, they are forever barred from sidestepping my questions. Even in a civil railroad case they lose the tracks they build their presumptions on. I believe with all my heart someone has to be wiling to bring this test to history. Do I wish someone else would do it? Of course. Many of you critics have never spent months away from your families, handled your own battles, been publicly ridiculed. The first hint of pain you would crumble. I don’t’ know if you ever take the time to analyze what Scott and I are doing. You figure I’m greedy because that’s the only justification for you doing what I’ve done. Even this is foolish; my operating expenses were 200K per month for 20 months. That is 4 million of the 5 I might have took in. I drove a 10 year old car, have no boats, planes, or vacation houses, no evidence of lavish living. Scott sacrificed home and family for greed? How foolish an accusation. Some men do believe in honor, virtue, truth, things bigger than a man, longer than a generation, so worth living for that death is acceptable. Just as a man I continue to stand.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Subtile Deception of Nobility

Consistent with our search for truth, one must recognize the subtile deception in nobility. This is the masters of propoganda's greatest weapon. I touched on it briefly in the Robin Hood example. We are known as a religious tolerant nation. Oh how it sounds so nobel being that men can hold to their own beliefs. The subtile deception is that man always being free to worship his maker never needs a license or charter of my toleration, the governments or yours. Who are we to set up between man and maker. Toleration being a grant can always be reversed into intolerent when the definitions of nobility change. Our nobility condemns us because we accept privileges as evidence of freedom; the greatest self delusion. The Pledge of Allegiance placing the nation under God instead of "One People Under God" again converts the one with the right into a privilege by the servent master. God did not create nations, people do. God creates people. In courts, they describe themselves as "Statutory" as to jurisdiction. Sounds nobel but it can't exist. Statutes don't create jurisdiction, they are created by it. There is no such thing in nature as a child birthing parents. Creation and origin is the birth of all rights, title and interest. Behind the subtile deception of the nobility "you must pay all your debts" is an origin or right that is an absolute truth. My opinion is there is no nobility in theft of right by conversion or absent truth. So I will remain ignoble unless your origin has merit.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What is Truth?

There appears to be varied opinion but I’m wondering if truth is an absolute like in math or the many colored spectrum of the rainbow of perception. Is there a truth to the actual mechanics of the mortgage contract? Does double entry offsetting liabilities reflect honesty or dishonesty? Does it truly reflect a promissory note as an asset because it is, or is it just a balance technique to create zero tax liability? Was the Uniform Commercial Code written as error when it laid down how title rights pass? Did banking not understand credit vs. cash deception? Are our opinions really that diverse or are the facts misunderstood? Retractor or supporter alike, don’t we really want the truth? When I went to prison for securities fraud I worked in a company that issued promissory notes. Deductive reasoning would conclude that a promissory note to be a security must be a financial asset. There being no such thing as liability fraud, the crimes were the misstatements of fact and the omission of facts. If I’m not being told my financial asset is being deposited and used to fund the transaction, is that a misstatement or an omission, or just an accounting formality? Can you understand why I am sensing some form of hypocrisy in the financial asset arena? Let’s just say accounting means nothing. Why all the new rules and penalties over Enron, WorldCom, and Arthur Anderson? The UCC is not the law. This is a half truth, its adoption into International Treaties and adoption by all 50 states is the law. If you have truth that will shed some absolute light upon this subject, all want to hear it. I for one happen to believe behind every smokescreen of a lie is a solid piece of honest, absolute truth. If you have that, you are an asset, if you’re just blowing smoke you will be discovered by the winds of a diligent seeker.

Monday, December 12, 2005

New Bible Edition

I saw a few comments recommending I create a Bible edition. Though it is something that will have to wait until my release, I believe I have just the right version for the world today. I will call it King Kurt’s Giant Print – Red Letter – Jackass – Bible. In the law, a jackass had to have its neck broke or a lamb sacrificed. God calls sinners “wild ass men.” There was only two times in the scriptures where a jackass was receiving positive comment. (1) Balaam’s ass refused to disobey God and spoke on His behalf; (2) Jesus rode the ass in the Triumphant Entry. So my edition will make it clear that if you’re not speaking for the Lord or being driven by the Lord, you’re just another ass that needs its neck broke. Look for it to become a cult classic!

Friday, December 09, 2005

A Future Post

I blogger asked me to write a futuristic post just for the fun of it. So I will imagine my post a year from now.


On the 19th, my 44th birthday, I have planned a celebration at the Hyatt at O’Hare Airport. I’ve selected this place for its central location to all you bloggers. I am asking all of you who have posted, friend or foe, to please come join me. I would love to meet you and shake your hand. I will be reimbursing you all for your hotel stay or you can just mention my name at reservations and they will put it to my account. When you make your nametags, put your blogger name. There will be dinner, dancing and live music. I’ve hired Chicago (I thought appropriate) and Earth, Wind and Fire. It should be a great evening of fun. There will be trophies and cash for the biggest ass, most encouraging, most articulate, most whiney, and perhaps a few others. History has settled the opinion now let’s have fun with the people who kept us typing away in anger or admiration. I will be announcing my new blog that will be focusing on my participation with government to revamp the mortgage industry and how to restore credibility back to Fannie Mae. Look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I don’t know about Scott, but I quit. I’ve been seriously measuring the cost and I am not willing to bear it. I’ve contacted both prosecutors to work out a deal. It appears from the preliminary discussions I can be back in my wife’s arms in a couple of years. I will know my future and no longer have to deal with this uncertainty. The help I was relying on became more and more futile. There will be restitution of about 10% for all my victims that will be overseen by the Feds. In exchange, they have promised not to pursue any clients. This I suppose is the only good news. There will be little purpose left for this blog except notice of final settlement. This will take about two weeks. Until then, this is my final post. I hate to admit it, but it appears the naysayers were wiser than I. This battle really was too large for a couple of guys. Of course, I’m being sarcastic, attempting to show some of you idiots the grand end of your worthless hope and ideology. Is this really the dream that should persuade me to change my ways? I’m sorry, but I have considered the offer and find it unacceptable. I will keep the hope of my promise.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Access to Comments

My access is few, but I will try and address a couple. Refunds: My intentions are there, no promise when but I am diligent about the effort. I have many handicaps that impair me with their good intentions. This site is not the site for refunds or form, it will link you to that one if I can ever get it up. Bill Julian: He is not my concern, he was a broker whose role is finished. I do not know his promises and am not marketing his product. I offer this knowledge I do have. He is a friend to me when I have few, and his swiss backing is not a lie. As to the rest, I am not a babysitter to adults. I think one commenter said we are all accountable for our own actions. Can I be more specific: Starfish, in what way? I want to give you all I can but there has to be some realistic warfare limitations. Webpage: I hired a web designer through a friend prior to my incarceration. They swore two months at most. I am now four months past that promise and cannot get a simple draft. I have tried to get my friend to help but he apparently has his own agenda. I get people to contact them but no one seems to understand what I want. They keep offering me an answer to a question I haven’t asked. This is just a test to see how angry I can get. I’ve hired new people but they are being delayed by these slugs also. Many of my plans are contingent upon this page, so you all get inflamed by my delays. I am trying is all I can say. Collateral Estoppel: My current offer is good for me but not for you. Should I take it or be the best fiduciary I can be and not set my own interest above yours. I have three other choices developing while the webpage needs to get up. When I settle I will show you this offer and then you might appreciate my hold out.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Slow Train out of Utah

Well it appears Utah wants to hang on to their insignificant role in history. At best I’m here until year’s end. I’m not disappointed, it is all part of the game. The only role Utah has left is to be a scout. They want to see my evidence and strategies but it won’t happen. This battle means nothing, it is us and the big mouth feds and that’s it. I’m in this to win and they will not know the weapons of my warfare until the pivotal battle. Insurance fraud, what a joke! If I was even in the field it would still be petty. Is my Bond an insurance product? Was it when offered for sale? Used as a backing for anything other than myself? What is their claim? Did I fail to pay a claim or did some insurer get frauded by me? Regardless, the facts speak plainly for themselves.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Why Tolerate

There are only two types of government. One over the people and one of the people. I brought forward a concern of the people. A government of the people would pick it up as a redress and seek out a remedy. They would be my advocate and not my adversary. So we clearly have a government that thinks it’s over the people. Say who? Banking was of the people, not over the people. Why do you tolerate such nonsense? What authority can they quote for their overlord position? None. All they have is the tools of tyranny. You know my view on this. If they are as strong as you perceive, why can two men scare them so bad? Evidence of fear: 9 month indictment vs. normal 18-24 month, cooperation with Utah in any effort to get us off the street, FBI arrest on Utah warrant in California, conspiracy with a landlord for eviction. These are not the actions of those confident in their lawful right. These are the actions of a coward afraid to lose the control gained over the people by ignorance and deception. Excuse me if I do not tremble at their fierce “meow.”

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Psychology of a Tyrant

The core of a tyrant is fear. He is not a producer but is a looter and a leach. It is his victims that he needs and relies upon. The greatest need is his need for self-deception. Man wants to be known as good to himself and since he is denied this by his existence he must erect a sophisticated mental melody of justifications. Since his identity resides with the victims so does his justifying. This is his fatal weakness. You have all the power and all he has is bluff, irate tantrums, and force to induce his fear upon you in exchange for your strength. If you fall for this he can make the mental transition from evil to good. You displayed yourself weak and incompetent so now he sees his task as one of merit and justifies his looting as resources better used in competence. If you don’t your strong, moral stand immediately reflects his evil, fear and self-loathing. You have stolen from him his only escape. If he is really evil or really powerful he may destroy you which condemns him into the quicksand of his soul. If he is just a loud mouth bully he will scream, rant, and fit about his self exposure but he will always recognize your strength as superior. If it is a solitary lunch money bandit or a collective like our government the psychology is the same.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Trouble in Jail

A couple of weeks ago I got in trouble with a deputy. I had given my dinner to another inmate. When he questioned me he got innate when I thought it none of his business. Then I challenged him to put up the law I broke or shut up. He locked me down and harassed me for the evening. Then he wrote me up which requires a hearing officer to determine your punishment. She came the next day. She has a reputation of being nice and lenient. She had a report I violated two of their rules. I began to challenge some of her presumptions immediately. She got frustrated and went to the next level of a recorded hearing. She began with her opening statement which stated facts not proven so I objected. She became more frustrated and finally came apart at the seams. Within a minute she turned the recorder off, declared the hearing over and sent me to my room like a mother who doesn’t know what to do with a child. You see this is but a small example of the big picture. They need us to submit to their presumed power but none of them know how they got it. They have just been told. When you demand they prove it a few things happen. They are no longer self-deceived which severs their ability to move to their moral tranquility. They become uncertain in their identity and become irate and frustrated. If you are resolute they will self-explode. It matters not if deputy, judge, or president, they need you to sanction them by submission. This is not obstinate for obstinate's sake, but know who you are what is laws, justice, truth and standing on it. Learn from this example and test it on bill collectors and government frauds. Watch what happens.