Friday, December 02, 2005

The Psychology of a Tyrant

The core of a tyrant is fear. He is not a producer but is a looter and a leach. It is his victims that he needs and relies upon. The greatest need is his need for self-deception. Man wants to be known as good to himself and since he is denied this by his existence he must erect a sophisticated mental melody of justifications. Since his identity resides with the victims so does his justifying. This is his fatal weakness. You have all the power and all he has is bluff, irate tantrums, and force to induce his fear upon you in exchange for your strength. If you fall for this he can make the mental transition from evil to good. You displayed yourself weak and incompetent so now he sees his task as one of merit and justifies his looting as resources better used in competence. If you don’t your strong, moral stand immediately reflects his evil, fear and self-loathing. You have stolen from him his only escape. If he is really evil or really powerful he may destroy you which condemns him into the quicksand of his soul. If he is just a loud mouth bully he will scream, rant, and fit about his self exposure but he will always recognize your strength as superior. If it is a solitary lunch money bandit or a collective like our government the psychology is the same.


son of a prophet said...

Up and Running

The American Patriot Party has formed up and is running hard. Calling itself an independent third party, one of the fine eye-openers is their list of who's doing what in CONgress. A fine list worth reading over coffee. I have to admit, some of the platform sounds like excerpts of past columns here. For instance, how many times have you heard me rant on this one:

"The American people are currently being punished by a system of confiscatory and commercially abusive lending practices, such as credit cards and high-interest loans."

Yep. (If you're a Northerner, that means "Yup.") Here's another part that resonates around here:

"Our banking system is staffed by predators at every level. At the core of understanding how money, banking, and credit work in America is an understanding of the true nature of the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). Americans are misled to believe that the FED is part of the government. Nothing could be further from the truth. The FED is neither federal, nor is it a reserve, nor is it a bank. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation, which is owned by the money center banks, and acts in their best interests even when adverse to the interests of the United States citizens at large. Additionally most Americans do not realize or understand that the Federal Reserve Bank is controlled by an elitist group of insiders that are both American and foreign (emphasis added - GU), and collectively protect their self-interests of greed over the interests of American citizens on a daily basis."

While there are other parts of the platform that will be controversial, I admire the statement as it relates to the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and the Patriot Acts:

"The American people are not al Qaeda, and yet the true purpose of these policies is to protect our government from us (emphasis added - GU), not foreign terrorists and not foreign powers."

:Although it's early, and I have a lot more reading to do of the complete platform, here's a third party effort that has the right spin on contemporary events in the main. While we don't think the American Patriot Party will get much in the way of campaign contributions from the vested interests of the banking business, they are at least willing to stand up an be counted on behalf of the "little people" and they've successfully, as far as we can tell, been "unplugged" from the system to the degree that they "tell it like it is."


But here's the prediction for you to write down somewhere: As soon as the polls start to show that common sense politics like these make sense, we will endure some kind of "event" or something will "just happen" that will keep the political duopoly in place and maintain the status quo.

Corporate corruption of government is a long established fact, going back as far as Ike's famous 1961 warning about the military-industrial complex. Eisenhower was the kind of Republican that made sense, stood for the Constitution and was progressive on rights.

With the exception of Congressman Ron Paul, I don't see very many that are holding the Light of Freedom very high.

tcob247 said...

Lookin in the mirror again?

That must have been a real good lunch you gave up

WillToFight said...

Taco Bell
constantly showing his idiocy and ignorance about whats' really going on and has been for many many years.

He is incapable of learning due to his program block.

Good interesting post Son of a Prophet. The people will allow themselve to be destroyed from within the rank. People like Taco who never look further than their noses or what they were taught was a good education.

He thinks because he went to college later obtaining a six figure income, that that was all he needed. That there was nothing else to be learned.

He has it all, and his banker buddies will always do the right thing for his kind.

Most of us erudite individuals are sure that that he is blind and incapable.

When it is all said and done TACO you will wish that you had just an ioda of courage to stay on the "path less taken"

Again good post S.O.P. I wish more people had to sense to look beyond the Dems/Reps as being the only worthy party. Many they'll learn from all the recent scandels which I hope sweeps both house and both sides.

History tells me that it will not happen!

tcob247 said...

Thank you so much willtofight.

I will take into SERIOUS consideration what you said.

I am amazed that you know my life and thoughts like the back of your own hand.

I owe you my life

Once again

Thank you

Judge Roy Bean said...

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Run for your lives!

"The American people are currently being punished by a system of confiscatory and commercially abusive lending practices, such as credit cards and high-interest loans."

Nonsense. The fact is, SOME American People take the bait the lenders and scammers set for them.

If enough people would quit falling for the scams and too-easy-to-get loans they would dry up and blow away.

All a credit card does is get you something sooner than you might have been able to get it on your own.

And if you're wary and watchful, you can get a mortgage loan that isn't predatory - just don't deal with the companies that abuse consumers. Starve them out of existence.

The reality of life is, if people didn't sign up for these kinds of things from the predatory lenders and the scammers like the Johnsons, there wouldn't be a market for them to play in.

To them, we're all just fish in the pond and all they have to do is put the right bait on the hook then sit back and wait for the strike.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean

Gforce said...

SOP---Don't worry about "events" that may be used to support the establishment. The establishment is crumbling before everyone's eyes and any attempt to further themselves, exposes their weakness(wickedness). The establishment will suddenly be destroyed and the United States of America will see its finest hour!!! Read your Bible everyday and you will understand. The reward for wickedness is destruction, no matter what level of power one participates.----------JRB--"a mortgage loan that is not predatory"?????? That statement is so conflicted.

Clueless Fudd said...

Judge Roy Bean said...
I am an idiot, and I think I will go fuck myself.

This is the most profound statement you have made to date, "bean-head". I couldn't agree with you more.

sura--e2230b said...

The Psychology of a Tyrant

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Justice7777777 said...

Clueless Fudd said...


It's quite ironic that you post something that is written by esquires, errr attorneys that defend the creditors in this matter.

Thanks for the non-partisan article, butt-munch.

Tony Tuba said...

Clueless Fudd said...
Judge Roy Bean said...
I am an idiot, and I think I will go fuck myself.

This is the most profound statement you have made to date, "bean-head". I couldn't agree with you more.

I beg to differ with you Clueless. I was most touched by Judge Bean's statement:

My other car is a turtle.

And again:

Why oh why did they take "Alf" off the air?

And again:

Thank GOD for TIVO! I never could get the clock right on my vcr.

Clueless, your choice was just a scratch on the surface of Judge Bean's many classic tales.

WillToFight said...


You don't get off that easy! We have a congress that has sold us into slavery through being lobbied out to the highest bidder.

Where I come from it takes much more than you give to become a Judge. Your a child JRB, you continue to follow and perpetrate the fraud!

TACO, I don't know you atal, only your type. You've said enough!

JUSTIGNORANT666 just can't allow yourself to critically look at what SOP posted! Can't get out of the matrix!

WillToFight said...

I will bet 100.1 that this bill passes in the house. Your slaves people, chattel, in this ever shrinking so-called representative (of the people) government. Problem is Corporations are persons/people with commerce rights and they, the corporations know how to grease the palms of their congress/senate!

Congress Considers Stripping Homeowners of State Protections

James Weingarten/TPM Cafe | December 5 2005

The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) is reporting that a new bill in Congress would override and weaken state anti-predatory lending laws that protect homeowners. Congressmen Ney (R-Ohio) and Kanjorski (D-Pennsylvania) have introduced legislation that would roll back state protections for homeowners.

Promoting uniformity among the states is a good reason to introduce federal legislation. Such legislation can ensure that states don't "race to the bottom."

But the Ney-Kanjorski bill pins states to the bottom. Forcing all states to the lowest common denominator smacks of blatant interest group pandering.

According to the CRL analysis, there are several key problems with the Ney-Kanjorski bill:

First, the bill excludes certain fees from the calculations that trigger predatory lending protections. So lenders can escape those protections by shifting their fees into those exlcuded categories. Second, the bill allows abusive flipping of home loans, rather than prohibiting abusive flipping on all home loans. Third, the bill lets lenders finance their own high fees, so homeowners end up paying for fees as part of their mortgage. With no up front payment, the fees easily become hidden away so that borrowers never realize the significance of those hidden exhorbitant fees. The CRL website details other problems with the bill.

In short, the Ney-Kanjorski bill lets lenders take advantage of new homeowners, especially sub-prime borrowers. So much for the ownership society.

In response to the Ney-Kanjorski bill, Representatives Miller (D-NC), Watt (D-NC), and Frank (D-MA) have introduced a bill that would strengthen nationwide protections while letting states keep strong laws that protect homeowners. Officials from New York, Illinois, South Carolina, and Arkansas joined the warning against the Ney-Kanjorski bill.

Representative Ney may not be able to give his full attention to this brewing legislative battle. As the Washington Post put it: "Prosecutors have already told...Ney, and his former chief of staff that they are preparing a possible bribery case against them..."

While he's explaining his interest in Abramoff's deal to buy a fleet of Florida gambling boats, I hope he also has time to explain why he's stripping homeowners of their state law protections.