Saturday, June 14, 2008

Restitution (June 12, 2008)

On June 10th Scott and I were before Mr. Alsup for the last time. There was a certain joy about the finality of the experience. It was for a restitution hearing. As it turned out the restitution was set at $512,000.00 roughly. We argued for $60,000,000.00 but they would have none of it. They through out all these large numbers when they want to make us the villains but when equity comes to surface the game completely changes. I know most of you don't understand me yet but I am not playing a game. I am very serious about my role and what I had to prove to my generation of stupefied retards. I will mention one party that I want to make a particular point to. The Mckays are part of the restitution order. I do not care about that. What I do care about is you and your profession of faith. As I wrote you in the past I said silver and gold have I not but what I do have I give to you. I wanted you to share in my faith which is the faith of Christ. I apparently was not successful at inspiring you. This I regret. Now I must confess that the silver and gold part was not completely the truth. I do have the resources to fix your situation and I will not be holding it back. I must do things in a way that works well under the environment of an enemy. My petition to you is that even when the pressures of finance have been taken from you will you still be faithless? I want you so much to come to the full richness of knowing that all your fears and phobias were vanity. God was always about blessing you and you were resistant. That is the self examination tour I hope you will take at the end of the day. What I speak about is the eternal that got lost in all your worries about the cares of this world. The government will not and cannot be your savior. Not on my watch. I will be clearly the Lord. Please pay special attention to the coming announcement about pay-outs. Pray earnestly about your participation so that the devil does not deceive you out of your remedy. I am on your side and have always been. You know this but you didn't trust that still small voice. I intend to punish none of you clients for your ignorance. Your ignorance has been punishment enough. I had to go through the full gauntlet to protect you from yourselves and the enemy. I am not finished yet. I still have to deliver myself. It appears that may be after I have delivered you. After I have proven myself I hope you will be brave enough to say you're sorry and assist me in the final execution of my remedies. Even if you don't I have protected myself against your ignorance but at this time I will punish by not doing the work for you. The government can't find my money. I hid it right in front of their face. Neither can you because you chose to be as blind as the government. Scott and I were always many tiers of thinking above our procedurally bloated enemy. What the Bible says about the snares the enemy sets becomes their own is more true than you can imagine. Mr. Alsup did more to promote me than to extinguish my efforts. Actually with enemies like him who needs friends. I had hoped God would have redeemed him but it is what it is.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It appears that my last few blogs have been intercepted by a well meaning enemy of Dorean. Unfortunately these were written to keep you informed during my travels. I have just discovered this and am inconvenienced by my travels to rectify it in a speedy fashion. Please bear with me as I do the best I can. It was my intention to announce my settlement program the day after my final hearing before Alsup. This is just impossible now. This delay does not thwart my remedy only my goal to throw it back in the face of my enemy with a swiftness. I want you to know I am very excited to finally be in this place of restoration. It has been a long hard fight that had many twist and turns, but in the end, those who trust in the Lord will be justified. Those who didn't will have a choice to make from the witness before them. Look for the blog called "Phase One." People get ready for the favor of the Lord. Let us magnify His name together. Whether I get out of jail is irrelevant to this settlement. I can complete it regardless. I will have fun during my last act in this drama before the cowards, showboats, and pretenders. Boy are there going to be some surprises arriving. Talk again soon, and thanks for your patients! (I just realized this was typed on the anniversary of HJR 192. There is a certain ironic joy about that to me. My first meeting was on Jekyll Island and now this. Interesting!)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Disappearing Blogs

Due to unexpected circumstances several blogs that were to post in the last few weeks are being re-created and will post as soon as possible. An important announcement will also be posted within the next 30 days.

We appreciate your prayers and understanding.

Kurt's temporary address:

Kurt F Johnson - 13177081
Federal Detention Center
5675 8th St. Camp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568

Scott's at North County in Oakland on 7th and Clay. Visiting hours are Friday 6 - 9 p.m. and Sunday 12 -3.