Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Blessing (August 20, 2007)

The blessing was common in the spiritual communities of the Scriptures. The one whom blesses was generally somebody of greater importance or quality over the one whom was being blessed. Some of the obvious examples was fathers over their sons like Jacob over his twelve sons. Another was Shem (as Melchizedek) over Abraham. Now Abraham was the great patriarch of faith but still Shem was greater. Jesus blessed the little children and many others. It is in this fashion that I would like to speak a blessing upon the clients. My greatness over you is not as a man but as one educated apart from your ignorance in finance, law, and tactical warfare in the world of commerce. I also believe I have proven myself a champion of the faith over most of you. Behind all that I will invoke the greatness of Christ as I ask Him to bless you. That is the ultimate reason why I in my authority position do not lord it over you but in a ministerial capacity seek God for your welfare, like Moses did.

My heavenly Father in the greatness of your Son look down upon the clients of the Dorean Group who trusted us with the plan you gave us and deliver them the promised victory. Most of all give them the revelation that they are safe to trust you and that all their worry was sin. Restore unto them all that was lost while you patiently delivered your mercy to the evil thieves. Do not be slack in your giving because if you were eager to bless the evil ones how much more those whom you called under the shelter of your wings? Bless their families with health, virtue, and wisdom. Let them place their foot on the neck of their enemies and to lift their hands toward heaven in praise. Teach them to sing of your glories and goodness and spare them from the troubles you are about to bring upon the wicked. Restore the breaches in friendships that the lies had created and make these relationships greater than before. Humble the proud and strengthen the meek so that they will seek each other in fellowship. Give me the wisdom to finish this course and to deliver the prosperity. Make all those who sought to destroy and plunder be shamed while your faithful are honored. Peal back the territories of the bankers and let your people walk in a season of prosperity and peace. Let our younger brother turn his eyes to another prey and delight in our joys and freedoms. Embarrass the con artist with their Freddie Macs and Fannie Mae's. Cause those entities to be a byword and to cease to exist. Most of all let this trial be used as a testimony that you are faithful, steadfast in your love, merciful, kind, and diligent about our care. Thank you for keeping us all until your blessing arrives. In the name of the only holy and living God and His Christ I bless you poor suffering clients with the goodness I have known and the promises I was given long before you appeared in my life. Be well and see the deliverance of your God.

Your Fleshly Champion (August 20, 2007)

On August 14, 16 and 17th 2007 we met with the prosecution to hammer out a deal. In the end they were stuck on about 7-8 years for the two of us and about 5 for Bill. It was a very revealing time to finally have some communication with the strangers who seem to think they know so much about your life. We tried to keep the negotiations about the facts of the case but they were not having it. I'm giving you some of the amendments I tried to have incorporated in the plea agreement. You'll notice I am still asking for the all elusive validation of debt. Ms. Dimke was quick to offer her opinion that the debts were valid but none will take on the liability of a factual statement. The below government affirmations were to modify what they didn't say and the Defendant affirmations were in addition to the affirmations they had already written for us. I want you to pay close attention to the fleshly desires of your champion. You clients who really believe these liars are beyond foolish. Just reading these provisions should let you know clearly that I am still acting as your fiduciary protecting your interest even at my own peril. I am a perfect example to these so called representatives what they should be doing in their public office. Instead I got used car salesmen who don't have the courage to tell their bosses they will not execute evil trying to scare me into their false understandings of the future. I have always been amazed how prophetic men who don't have a relationship with God can be about their futures or the futures of others. Kathia Colon one of the FBI agents was present. She is a beautiful woman who wears her pregnancy well. I'm certain having been a parent now 3-times that she is having expectations of an easy delivery and a healthy child. Likewise that is my desire for her and her husband, but that expectation can only be a hope real in the generosity of God. What if the child is still born or unhealthy? Will the FBI be there to make it healthy with their paycheck? Will she pray to the paycheck or weep to her employer? I suspect not. In fact I bet she would give every worldly possession she has to save the child. If that is the reality why is it that these people without any reverence for God would under orders condemn innocence and participate in this charade they call criminal justice. They think we have drunk the kool-aid! Secondly Spero Stamos was present, another FBI agent, one who was present at our raid, and he made gestures that he has been studying the subject matter and he knows it is complicated. They know we are not con-men and that we are telling the truth but because an entire gaggle of economic retards and political hacks sing the marching orders they won't stand up and be counted as men who revere the Living God. He claims to understand my convictions of faith and I will say that this is yet to be proven because my brothers in Christ are not cowards.

Their was no braver act in history than to march to the cross solely on the promise of God's word. Until you practice the same faith of Christ you are a coward and not fit for the kingdom of God. Don't think I'm picking on these people by telling them the truth. I have prayed for all of them to get stupid knocked out of their souls. As I write this now I am on my last 40-day fast for them to make the right choice. Unlike these blind prophets I do have a relationship with God and do understand the plans he has for me in the future. On the 17th we switched courses and this course is short. If they would go into their prayer closets and speak to God they would discover that I never had a chance of defeat and that this long delay was not our ineptness but our patience and God's mercy graciously giving them opportunity to see the truth. I have always been completely under-whelmed by their evil. I was more than prepared for my enemy and yours long before they ever appeared. When I said on TV that the dumbest thing the government could do was to bring criminal charges I knew what I was saying and giving them a stern warning not to go down the path of stupid but none would listen. Ms. Dimke plainly stated she could not insert these affirmations. She is not ignorant and know the concepts of law I addressed in them. By her denial she admits she is a drone without any self accountability. Funny she was about to hop on a plane which I am certain she has many frequent hours upon. It takes faith in the pilot and the machine to even hop on this plane and yet she will not exercise that amount of faith on her eternal salvation. This is a look at your champion! They are blind to any real truth though they all hope to benefit from God and condemn themselves by their own testimony over and over again. Those of you in the faith will understand this comment. The courageous never have to fear the scheming of the cowards because they can never fathom the lands they walk or what type of traps to lay. How much more those whose footsteps are ordered of the Lord? Victory will be swift and complete and it will separate the sheep from the goats.

The Government Affirmations:
The government confirms and affirms to the grantor's and beneficiaries of the various respective surnamed trusts incidental to this agreement and to all Dorean Group clients that they independently verified that the loan agreements relevant to the real property of the trusts res was materially true in the statements made and that no material omissions were present that would make the document false or misleading. That the lenders complied fully with the principals of public policy which are honesty in fact, fair dealing, full disclosure, reasonable skill, diligence, care, and good faith, as well as all applicable laws, statutes and regulations.

We further affirm that based on this verification we assert that the trustees of the relevant surnamed trusts erred in their remedy in that they violated public policy, the Uniform Commercial Codes, and their fiduciary obligations in that they subjected the trusts to damages by causing a breach of a valid loan contract, and subsequent mortgage instrument.

We confirm and affirm that should proof ever surface that the above affirmations are false or misleading against public policy this agreement will be void ab initio and the case/account will be settled by a dismissal with prejudice.

We confirm and affirm that in the event of forfeiture and/or restitution that the government is not obtaining any claim superior or paramount to any other creditor and that other assets of equal or greater value can be accepted as settlement over that which has already been seized.

The Defendant's Affirmations:
I confirm that the facts as stated herein are accepted as true based on the government's affirmations, to eliminate any controversy, to come to an accord, and to accept the government's offer to settle and close this case/account in accordance with public policy.

I confirm that none of the limitations as to remedies for redress shall hinder my right to obtain the factual truth in the matter and that if any waiver has been agreed to prior it is modified and not to be construed as any limitation toward the pursuit of truth.

Sure seems like contracting doesn't it? I've been trained all my life in business not in the parameters of procedure. I always know my footing and that is further evidence your champion is ill equipped. If you can educate yourself out of your ignorance you might want to switch champions. Better hurry though time is of the essence.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Growing Pains (August 12, 2007)

Walking hand in hand in the park
It didn't matter if it was light or dark
You loved me and I loved you
It was fresh it was true

My best conversations were to your ear
You were everything precious everything dear
Then suddenly pouncing upon me from my left
Was the chimera with vicious jaws of death

What happened to the future I imagined together
What was good was supposed to get better
Claws were ripping and shredding my flesh
Gasps of fear were squeezing my chest

Sharp teeth gnawing at my life
Wicked promises pulled me from my wife
God I cried, where did you go
How come you failed to warn me or let me know

Strange as I wrestled with this beast
My faith and hopes began to increase
Suddenly I realized I was going to survive
I was feeling stronger and more alive

Even the wounds as time prolonged
Began to heal as though nothing was wrong
Your loyalty had been rediscovered
For you were always near, the faithful lover

Soon this monster began to shrink
To smaller than a worry you would think
Perhaps I was taller now or standing strong
Which I discovered was your plan all along

Thank you God for your sudden surprise
It really changed the view in my eyes
You loved me and I loved you
It was fresher still and even more true

The Seven Courses of Victory (August 12, 2007)

The Bible talks of the heavens being set to their courses not in chaos. The steps of faith are progressive from a tentative lean to a comforting shelter to finally an "amen" agreement. Victory has seven courses that are progressive and necessary to not be chaos. I will discuss them and I want you to pay close attention because by knowing these you will understand the courses you have passed through, where you are now and what courses await you. If you don't identify with these courses don't worry about it you're not on the course of victory. The first step or courses one must take is what separates the losers from the victorious. Each course will appear encroaching on the previous one when its time to change courses.

Course One is Faith:
Now faith is a specific as the faith of Christ. It is not self-will generated. It is an obedient response to the word of God. If God does not speak there is no opportunity for faith. If God does speak then creation has been initiated and you now have the opportunity to allow the faith of Christ which is a sold out obedience to "amen" what was spoken to see it come to pass. Of course this is the starting block of all victories because all victories reside in Christ. All things not this faith are sin. (Rom. 14:23) It is the unforgivable sin of blasphemy because you're calling the truth a lie. That is the starting block of all failure. There are a few here who have started at faith but most are faithless. Your destinies are different. When considering these courses though they are progressive they are not mutually exclusive. Though you have to pass through all seven courses you must take faith to the finish line. Faith somewhat is of a confusing state because it generally is paradoxical to the set of circumstances of the opportunity and the religious traditions of man. Obedience is a creaturely response to One greater than us in all ways. Because of the fact God is superior understanding of the directive is rarely a gift you can use to justify obedience. It is more a courageous gut commitment borne out of trust. Trust is best exposed as real when without understanding you act based solely on the relationship.

Course Two is Wisdom:
Wisdom is the natural progressive blossom of faith because faith is the only wise choice but there is more. When faith launches you on the course of victory you will rarely have a clue of what God is doing though you will have a hope. Circumstances will almost always defy the promise inherent in God's words therefore you will need supernatural wisdom to shore up your confused reason. A certain kind of sense comes over you about God being about a larger plan than you had imagined. Since in all ways He exceeds our faculties this is God kind of letting us catch up. Wisdom is rarely induced in an instant. Most revelation is instantaneous but wisdom is more complete. It has a backward and forward look with its comprehension. It’s where wet cement of the promise solidifies enough for you to get your footing. If faith is the jump, wisdom is where by begin standing or making your stand.

Course Three is Patience:
Since wisdom is not instant the time it takes to mature is patience. This is where the wrestling, inner turmoil, and conflicts are reconciled. Doubts oppose faith, wisdom opposes reason, and time is the tempter. We think now that we have a general understanding God is finished His work. Still the trial continues and continues. The entire time the furnace keeps bringing the dross of our soul to the surface. A certain appreciation of God's mastery is added to our wisdom and a toughness of endurance. This will probably be one of the longest courses and where we accuse God of being far away, silent, or deaf. We'll question our faith and the wisdom until we determine to keep them or cast them off and derail ourselves off course. The greatest benefit is that the temptation towards pride because of your faith and wisdom is exhausted. If you're honest with yourself you realize that if God wasn't nurturing you through this course you would surely have failed.

Course Four is Mercy:
God has sustained you, exposed your weaknesses, and remained loyal through all your wrangling. You're not proud; you see your weakness and dangerous proclivity towards sin. God is still here loving you in your imagination more than you deserve and you realize His mercy…you want to be a champion but are only still on course, in the fight, because of His strength. You see yourself as the cracked pot the potter restores into a vessel of honor. The parable of the unforgiving servant now measures you. (Matt. 18:23-35) You see and have experienced God's patient mercy and you can no longer look on those who have betrayed you or are functioning as your enemy as lower than yourself. An understanding that God delays His judgment and patiently nurtures those whom He loves. His mercy is an undeniable fact witnessed by yourself. All your rough edges are now a bit rounded. This understanding of His mercy can only be borne out of a patient drawn out exposure of yourself in the heat of the trial. If you fail here you'll become embittered, blames others, and become a harsh judge and critic.

Course Five is Judgment:
There are countless examples of evil and harsh judges in the Scriptures. The best and holy judges have all passed through the prior courses. It is out of being judged by God through His mercy that one finds the right approach which is a wise, patient, and merciful judgment that is founded on faith as a reverent, obedient trust of God as a good judge. God loved you through all your weakness and the lobe flows through your judgments. This is not a non-judgment but a righteous judgment that is honest and based on truth. You're functioning as an agent of God's judgment without the contamination of your finite opinion. Events, the trial, and the parties are measured against God's plan and not against another man. Truth is what is and at the end of this course truth is a settled matter. Most of all you have judged yourself wisely.

Course Six is Peace:
All the prior courses had a bit of chaos within them. Not from God's perspective but from ours. Our ignorance of the real facts and our limited faculties keeps us humble, childlike, and trusting. This course is where the hindsight returns a smile to your face. Now there is a certain peace that always resides with you during your battle of faith with Christ but this is a territory, a possession, after the war. Uncertainty has departed, faith has prevailed and God was proved true. The enemies have been vanquish by a holy judgment and are now powerless. This is the course of peace. It was like the peace you had before the fiery trial of faith suddenly appeared but is now more refined, sweeter, and greater than before. Everything seems to make sense again. There's a childlike satisfaction and knowledge that my daddy is the biggest and strongest. You feel untouchable because God has delivered you... Words are hard to form around what all of you can recall from your previous victories but you know what I'm" talking of and know when you've arrived at this course.

Course Seven is Goodness:
Out of peace and vanquished enemies comes a prosperity not only in the recouping of losses but the added gains. In Job it was a double portion. Goodness is more than possession of property or chattel it is the possession of completeness as to the working of God. The treasures of your matured spiritual relationship changes the methods and dealings you employ. The one who began the trial no longer exist but has been extinguished by the new creation that you are. Your entire paradigm is a place never known before yet thoroughly mapped by these seven courses. God wraps up human history of the victorious like He wraps up each individual trial. These courses are a pattern certain with God. Knowing God and having these as eternal truths are perhaps the ultimate of the goodness.

When your trial is all said and done you will have passed through every one of these courses. If you have not you quit in the middle. Each course lingers like the colors of the rainbow. You can pass through them from the outside in or the inside out in a progressive order but in the end you will still have all seven present. They build progressively but embrace each other. Faith as the start is also the finish. Wisdom once gained will never leave the side of faith. Patience though very difficult will sure up all these courses/gifts with the endurance they need to remain and prosper. Mercy likewise once discovered will reveal her scent was in every instant and will change your view permanently. Judgment will be foolish if you had not collected all the treasures of the journey and it will function well for peace and goodness as well as an honest hindsight of the journey you took to get to judgment. Peace will solicit you through every stage in your future battles as the promise inherent once you have experience. Goodness is what we all suspected was the state of dwelling with God though we had a selfish desire not to take the courses necessary to arrive there.

Now for those of you who know the living God I have given you a truth, a key. to unlock the mystery of where you are in your journey at the moment. Secondly you can review all these Blogs and identify exactly when I was making all the transition in the courses toward the victory destined for Dorean and you. You will also know right where we are next and be able to determine from what I'm writing recently that we are making another transition and to what stage. If you figure this out you'll start to get excited.

Jailhouse Journey (August 10, 2007)

I felt I had to document these events just to see if you recalled them as I did. I haven't had the chance to discuss them with you because of our separation.

For me the evening started with my normal termination of my day: a climb onto my bunk above Scotty shortly after the 9 PM count. After some conversation and some music from my radio I was to sleep about 10. Hundreds of days have passed with you in our bed alone and me in this bed of evil alone. Making love to you a distant memory and yet a constant hope. I recall having strange dreams that were very much self aware. It was like I was wrestling with myself in all of these to accomplish something I'd never done before. Instantly these ended when I sat up in my bed. Now I know you are automatically picturing my body at a 90° angle but that was not the case. My legs and hands were in front of me but my hands were also to my side. I got weirded out immediately. I turned my head to get a view of things and there was my torso still flat on the bed sleeping. At first I thought dead but I could see the chest heaving. The uncertainty of this event kind of created a certain childlike fear and I pulled my knees to my chest in a fetal position. To my shock my legs rose out of the legs that remained upon the bed like my torso. Realizing now I was not attached to my body I chose to get off the bed. As soon as I thought it I was on the floor without climbing down. From there I could see both Scott and I sleeping peacefully. My next urge was to know what time it was. I think I needed some point of reference in all this strangeness. As I walked to our locked door I looked out the window into the dark community hall but because of the shadows could not see the clock. I thought if I could just move 10 feet or so I would be able to see. As soon as I thought it I was outside my locked door. I walked just a little and could see it was 1 AM. Everything was buttoned down for the night and my presence didn't seem to be noticed on the cameras or create any alarm. What did this all mean was a question I asked myself at this time. There was a sense of freedom even greater than being not incarcerated, living my normal life. I took the time just to walk and talk with God. You would think the confusing circumstances would make me questioning but that wasn't the case. It was more like having a sense of being closer to my friend than I had been in awhile and just enjoying the renewed intimacy. As I walked and talked I ended up walking right out of the prison. I actually stood under the stars. That was something that brought you racing to my mind. Call it freedom, romance, our walks at night or just deprivation the desire to see you was strong. Still I apparently was unnoticed. This made me think about travel. Do I walk, run, or hitchhike? How much time did I have? Was this a moment or the rest of my life? Well the questions answered themselves quickly. In an instant I was in our bedroom.

I was standing by the window with the full moon shinning through. Jacque noticed me but you remained asleep. The moonlight lit up your face in an angelic glow. I was literally breathless. It was a certain beauty about you I had not seen before. Though Jacque noticed me he didn't get excited he just looked at me, pitched his ears towards me, raised his head and gave a little doggie smile. The room was cluttered but gave me all the comfort of being my home. The clock by the bed said 3 AM. I couldn't believe two hours had gone by. I wanted to touch you but also just wanted to adore you. I chose just to gaze upon you. As I did I spoke of how much I love you and appreciate you. I said things like "you are a woman who by her love strengthens me to face any hardship. No matter the pains of battle your love comforts me. Your kiss is sweeter than life and your embrace a touch of eternity to my soul." As I spoke a smile came upon your face. It was like you were hearing me. I had a strange sense at this time that my time with you would be short so I sat on the bed and just prayed for you. I shut my eyes to concentrate and to cry. Suddenly I heard "My honey" and felt your touch. I opened my eyes and there you were sitting inside your flat body as I did earlier. Oh what joy absolutely consumed me at that moment. We hugged and kissed and cried and laughed. We chose to stand for a full embrace and upon doing so looked up and saw nothing but stars. The walls were there but the roof was gone.

We began to love on each other sharing many kind words of edification. As we spoke we grew. Soon our feet were in the room but we were taller than the trees. You know how you always said there was a big you inside that little half-pint body? Well I've seen it now. We were able to see all the lights of the city. There was a bright light approaching us from the bay just above the tree-line. It looked like an airplane until it got closer and we could see the brightness of his face. It was a giant angel bigger than a 747 swooping down upon us. He picked us up one in each arm under each wing. As soon as he took us to flight we were back to normal size which made him even more gigantic. He took us higher and higher until we could see the entire bay area. While at this height he said "beloved couple you are loved of God and He has heard your prayers. See all those people down there God knows every detail of their lives but He knows and loves you. You are more precious to Him than all you can see." You looked at me kind of like that time in the visiting room when I took you on a journey. A tear appeared in your eye like God knew exactly what to say to speak to your heart. I smiled with endless joy. The whoosh of his wings was an amazing sound. A deep base you didn't think possible. With just a couple flaps we were above Mt. Tamelpias. He dropped us and we landed on a bench. There was no fear or sense of gravity like we know in the flesh. As we sat there he hovered like a circling buzzard. An old man approached us out of the forest with a large staff in his hand. He said his name was Samuel. I said "Samuel from the Bible, David's counselor?" "Yes that would be me" he replied. Why is such a great man sent to us? He said "actually the honor is mine. We have all been hearing God brag upon your trust of Him and the great battles you were prevailing in. God was concerned about your fatigue in the suffering and asked for a volunteer to come and strengthen you for the finish. It came down to David and I but David thought I should come. I was delighted. As I examined your record I can say I have not seen such courage since David and such love since David and Abigail. I have seen the forces arrayed against you and you have no idea how powerful you are in Christ. All hell is being rattled by your faith. I was told to lay hands upon you and prophecy. As you have figured out the prophecy over you and Dana has been fulfilled by your combined faith. Dana was merely a surrogate, a stand-in until God could arrange for your unity. Within 90 days your enemies will fail and you will come out to the fulfillment of all that was spoken. Be aware that your enemy will try very hard at the end to avoid your victory and your suffering will increase but continue to trust and your joy will be made full. You were right they will not bring you to trial for it had been decreed differently in heaven. Your provision will remain at just enough but will not be lack. Now kneel before me and I will anoint you and prophecy." We knelt and he set down his staff, took a flask of oil from a purse, anointed our heads, placed his right hand upon me and his left upon you, then he began to speak.

"The Lord has sanctified thee. He has joined thee. As He has promised that He would make you a treasure sought out in business, finance, love, and marriage, He adds to this promise the mantle of parenthood. From your flesh you shall bear a child but this is just a type of the office of parenting you will have in the spirit. You are a people's people. You love people. There is a tender caring nature within you. Those who seek you out shall discover your sheltering covering like a mother-bird's wings. As I wombed you through your parents, as I wombed you out of this world into my kingdom, I will womb others through your care. Daughter there is no knowledge like motherhood and it cannot be understood except by experience. I have chosen this time to impart this knowledge to you. As you raise this child in truth raise my children with the same loving care. I will give you wisdom, discernment, and direction in the choices you should make. Continue to trust me an I will give you a family larger than some nations. Your spiritual wards and my children will look to you for your parental concern and they will know how much I love them and how I will go to any length to be their provider. You will be a couple I use as a proof of my truth. Know no matter what trials and hardships you face they are temporary. No matter what spirit of robbery, lack or diversion comes against you know that I have joined you for such a time as this, for this generation and that no man shall be able to prevail upon you. You are loved and trusted with a very special ministry. Keep your eyes upon the Lord and your feet within His path and your imaginations will never be able to fathom the impact you are going to have upon people. You will receive your healing soon enough but not for yourself because my children will come to you with many infirmities and impairments. You will be my proof to them of my loving care and healing intention and power. Love each other as you have and continue to seek a greater love and it will be given you. You are noticed and discussed in the heavens as a boast of My Son. You are in My will and there you will remain for I will bless your comings and goings. Soon it will be known to you that the evil that was arrayed against you had no power except to bless you for they were My servant bound to My decree to bless you. Evil has its end. Before you take your next deep breath for endurance it will be over and you shall exhale my peace for yourself and the many that already are watching you. All My love dear children both you and those whom you'll parent."

Samuel finished by kissing our heads and then raised us to our feet. He said "I am a witness that the Lord never lies and that this word is true. It was a delight for me to be witness to this fine word with you. I say "Amen" and I will see you at the finish line. You're a giant couple with a big job to do." As he said this we grew to taller than the trees again and he grabbed his staff and walked off into the forest. The hovering angel swooped down upon us again and we were off. As we flew we were back to normal size.

Whoosh, whoosh in two mighty flaps of his wings we were over the house. He said "Praise to the Most High." And dropped us. We landed right on the bed without any force of gravity. It was like a bird lighting upon a perch. The roof reappeared and we began to giggle with a childlike giddy joy. After a few moments we got our composure and you said you wrote me a song. As soon as you said it your flute was in your hand. The song started out in a way that sounded like waves of the ocean and then took on all the notes of love and cadence of walking on the beach with you. I don't know if it was my out of body state or your skill but every note professed a witness to me that I am well loved by you. After the song you wiped the tears from my eyes and we just talked. It was a liberated conversation released from all our suffering. The clock was now reading almost 5 am. One of the things you brought to my attention was a candle setup you had made. There was two candlesticks burning to almost gone and a 3 inch table candle unlit and new between them. You told me that you burned the two candles every night as a symbol of our separation while still keeping the flame of love alive. The middle candle you said was our unity candle and together our flames would unite. That sentiment moved me. I asked if we could light it now. Your response was "of course". We each took our separate candles and put our united flames to the wick. We snubbed out the old and absorbed the glow of the new. Just then you kissed me. Suddenly in bliss of your kiss I heard your mother's voice calling your name. Simultaneously a breeze came through the window, blew you back into your sleeping body and blew out our candle. Then your name was called again only just outside your door. I saw you wake, your eyes focus on the smoldering wick of our unity candle, and a smile appear on your face. The next instant I was sitting on my bunk inside my body halfway as though I was blown back by the breeze.

Wow, that couldn't be a dream, I thought, yet I was feeling very tired. I laid down and my body embraced me. I awoke about 7 am.

Answer me this one question as fast as you can, was the unity candle with a charred wick?

Talk of the Future (August 10, 2007)

I believe the future is arriving upon us. In my attempt to bless my wife and to encourage her faith I wrote this Jailhouse Journey on the first of July. In doing so I suspect that the prophetic gifting of the Holy Spirit was speaking to me truths relevant and bigger than my intended purpose. I will leave that up to your confirmation in the spirit. As I told you earlier in "A Child is Born" this journey played a part in a threefold confirmation of God's intention for me. He used my desire to be a father with my wife and converted it into an opportunity to speak. The dream from Doug, the book from Wes and this journey all spoke to an "Amen" on this one subject in a coordination that only God could arrange. It was this confirmation that created a spiritual intuition that perhaps more to this prophetic journey is relevant to the times and seasons of our epic battle. If this is so then a couple of things stand out as great hopes for me and I hope they do for you also. One is the 90 days until deliverance and the other is the spiritual fatherhood ministry. Over these two years this is probably the most amazing work God has performed within me. I had to reconcile all the betrayal and the mistrust that was not deserved with my sense of justice and God's mercy which were almost always incompatible. To be specific I pondered whether to cut off the foolish clients who were duped by the lie and to reward those who lived by faith with an extra portion. Now I know this seems noble and just at first glance but it puts me in an awkward position of being a judge without absolute knowledge of a man's heart and worst of all Christ as a mediator does not do justice like that. He is full of patience, mercy, and longsuffering. He died on a cross for His enemies that He knew His love would win over. Do I know of which enemies the love of Christ would win over in the Dorean experience? No I do not. It may be very few but should I let money wasted upon the fools be a deterrent from winning a few with an example of mercy instead of justice. No, I am actually one who values the souls of men for their eternity over their finite duties. I will bless the fools and keep my word even though they broke faith with me. I will inflict a penalty but not an exemption from their blessing. Those who kept the faith have every expectation to know that they will be rewarded above the faithless. This is an eternal truth I am not willing to deviate from. Further you will experience that the faith you practiced is what kept you in league step with the future blessings not spoken of that will remain hidden from the fools. This is part of the fatherhood ministry developing within me. As I arrive at middle age it is becoming apparent to me that I have to raise up a very special generation for their end-time ministry. They will be powerful and working many miracles in a world that is becoming more vile every day. This will require them to have a real induction of faith and courage to survive their environment and to be effective. As a father I must perfect this faith in the furnace of trial and with the authority of experience, testimony, and prevailing deliver it with grace, power, and love. One must never lose their identity of God's corporate work within the individualistic trials. Dorean is not the parenthesizes on the subject of what God is doing in the finances of this nation or in the law but is only a small but important part. Likewise your role as a client or witness is far more important than removing an unjust lien. What is being deposited in you to prepare this unique generation for the church's final statement to this world? Are you trying to convert the deposit to your own self-enrichment like the bankers? Let us be wiser than the fools.

As to the timing I am careful here because I am not yet at thus sayeth the Lord though it appears to be maturing to that state. If it does I will be bold enough to tell you. It is clear from the cause and nature of the action against us that the government jumped out on the presumption that their most winning horse of intimidation would deliver to them a victory over Dorean. They no longer believe this and are caught in a handicapped position. They indicted on certain charges, pled others, and imagined a trial of a third scenario. That is all well and good but impossible even in their twisted little forum. Now that we will not play their little game of victim what will they do? Go to an impossible trial? They are scrambling to avoid this vigorously. You would laugh at their actions if you had to pleasure of being in my seat. Next problem is we are not in a controversy even in their lies. The yeller Keller feller is gone and not even consulting or looking back. That leaves the mushroom darling dimples Dimke that Washington is feeding bullshit and keeping in the dark while they try and figure out what to do with us and a player to be named later. Dimke is packed with irrelevant procedure in a milieu that she could never comprehend from a factual basis. She is currently ranting like a child not getting her way without any comprehension of adults making decisions without her consultation. We are finally back to Washington who started this political witch hunt with Mr. Alsup. Now full circle the end meets the beginning. This alone is enough to suspect the end is closer than the reports of-a trial that will never happen. I finally see the market place ripe for our truth and the government boxed into the shame they deserve when exposed. The lies are now fixed in history like a concrete foundation. Everyone has set their foot on the land and claimed it. God has taken note and will demand accountability. Not on the wicked men get wrath and good men mercy scale but God moving men and nations through history to hit marks of destiny as performance on His word. There is a spiritual maturity rising in Scott and I, an environment ripe for change, a need for fatherhood with power and victory, and prophetic intuition pointing toward a settlement. Many times you will find that the actions of this world model what has already transpired in the heavens. An example is that the spiritual Prince of Persia was defeated before the kings of Persia were. Likewise I see the settlement conferences we are having as a delayed exposure to the settlement conference that have already happened in the heavens. The trial will never happen on earth because it has already happened in the heavens. The plea agreement is really the verdict form. The prayers of indictment against these corrupt and evil men have received their two witnesses to confirm by suffering it was a true bill and now the judgment is cast. Claims in the spirit as well as in this commercial world are asserted and dealt with in a timely manner. They can never be ignored and will always come to a settlement. Scott has a saying that captures this "Evil has an end" it is a claim that will be settled and not ignored. If the 90 days mentioned in this journey is absolute as a promise from God we are more than halfway home. Many of you would know if things have gotten worse before they get better or if you experienced that sense of taking in a deep breath to shore up your shoulders for the burden and before you could complete that task discovered the exhale of peace. I am currently walking through this experience. All prophets words are just dead words on a page but if God speaks life into them by adding His "AMEN" then you are wise to trust them. I will leave that up to your own confirmation and history will prove. I am running on these tracks at the moment and 1 have been hitting many markers of confirmations. I can't say I have heard an "AMEN" on the whole journey yet but each watering hole I get the "AMEN" to journey to the next. In the story of Bel and the Dragon in the Apocrypha Daniel wagers his life on a simple truth that idols don't eat. Sometimes this is all we need. We don't need every detail of God's wisdom. Daniel didn't know how the tricks were played, who the evil parties were, he just knew idols don't eat. I know commercial courts can only behave a certain way. I don't need all the details of the evil parties or their evil plans I know evil has an end, God is in control, and idols don't eat. That is enough for me to wager my life. Are you wagering your life on absolute truths or the opinions of fools? Measure this for your own benefit. Last I will say this, you can't imagine why I'm doing the things I'm about to do but by now you should know that idols don't eat.

A Touch of Heaven (August 8, 2007)

We are in a very unique situation that is very common to those who walk in faith. It is that time where one has to put his money where his mouth is. I have a prophecy that tells me I will be the one possessed with superior financial and business knowledge. This knowledge is forcing me to make certain decisions that to those possessed with ordinary knowledge would view reckless. Now If God is not a liar then I must place confidence in what I see as a path of wisdom. God did not tell me that my critics were the ones possessed with the knowledge and I should listen to them. By the very nature of my calling it has to move me down a narrow path not taken by the masses. Is it not spiritual reason to conclude that a special piece of knowledge would require a special journey? I reason I am on this journey and that I needed this trial to forge the promise into existence. If I could lodge my greatest complaint among my fellow Christians it is how they coward out in the heat of the trial when the heat was designed to promote them.

Most of you are frustrated and repulsed by the injustice you can easily see from the government. Have you ever thought that you are not alone and that the spirit of God might be groaning through you to the throne petitioning God to deliver. Magnify your suffering by all those who have passed through this fraud called justice and just perhaps God has heard and seen enough. That is how I see it and like Isaiah's cry to the Lord "send me." I believe He has. If not me who? I don't know of any others who are possessed with the knowledge and faith I've been given. If they have it they have not been given the opportunity. When one has opportunity, faith and tools he is the mark to get the job done. Now if I coward away from such a great calling what will comfort me. I share this with you so that you will no longer shrink back from the opportunities you've been given. You say you're afraid, for what? Fear is nothing but giving up the helps that come from reason. If you knew the words of promise spoken over you because you have kept your ear tuned to the Lord's voice you could reason like a champion and prevail upon your enemies who are bigger cowards than us all. You see them here on the Blog. They have no hope because it is defeated by their inward weakness and they prefer ignorance to knowing what caused the torment.

As you ask how long O Lord will the wicked prevail over me the question returns how long will you not trust me? Why have you stopped pondering on the majesty of the Lord. He is the baddest dude on the block, bar none. Woe to those who defy the living God. Their fate is like that of Goliath. A bunch of hot air released from a gaping throat severed from a head filled with retarded reason.

Now encourage yourselves and know that our enemies are in a state of confusion. I have received good report after good report lately and most of you would think it bad news. I'll give you one example. Our old landlord Hanover has been placing liens upon client properties. This is a sign of desperation. First off my fiduciary position is separate from the party to which they had a dispute. This is a tort in itself. The lawyer and the landlord are throwing money at me. It also means that they have some real issues with the taking of the property, validating what transpired. They are betting the farm on our conviction otherwise they can lose everything. I love it when a plan comes together. You guys are scared but I wish you could sit in on our settlement conference and watch the chief magistrate judge get embarrassed by the prosecution putting him in an impossible situation. He has to get us to believe that the clients are our victims when he is precluded by his own statutes from making them so. The plea bargain is being negotiated around in circles because they have a political agenda not matching up with their procedural remedies. We will be at this again but I suspect the judge will not be suckered as easily this time around. For the first time though we get to pierce the silliness of assault against us. Think about 2 years passing and not one bit of truth ever surfacing and you are afraid of these cowards? Name one brave liar you have known your whole life and then you can give these men some credit.

Let me give you a heavenly view. God growing weary of the complaints of injustice found two men who were brave enough to trust Him. He set up a sting operation disguising them as bait. He lured, in their best mechanic with the most violations Judge Alsup and caused him to dispose these men and to be aggressive for their destruction. Now He presented this as a trial before His courts in heaven and ordered us to allow them to exact all the suffering upon us as discovery and verification. When they refused to allow truth to be presented and to do all within their power to convict innocence He was able to validate His verdict of guilty as charged before He imposes His sentence. If you are like me in this knowledge you are praying that God has mercy on these wicked men and that they come to their senses and come to them soon. We are just about at the signing of the verdict form and then that judgment will be final. Then they will be standing in front of a real judge who knows real justice. No bribes, no pay offs, no twisting the law, true justice. God is answering your prayers and all hell might be breaking loose because of the pending sentence. Take courage and find the joy in your deliverance. It is closer than you can imagine. Those who have faith talk with the Lord and see if this is puffery and wishful thinking. His "amen" should be enough for you to find the courage to finish this race. It is what I do and we can get those new legs for the final sprint together. I want to say I am very proud of those of you who have prevailed in this battle. I'm certain notice has been taken in heaven. Let us all boast in our great Lord who brought us through to the end, and was gracious and merciful to give us the strength for the journey. If God be for us who can be against us? Wicked men afraid of their own shadow? See that the Lord has made you strong and that truth has girded your loins. The belt of truth keeps our guts intact and shores up our inner strength. The Animal Alsup, Darling Dimples Dimke, the Yeller Feller Keller, will all soon know that they cannot contend with the Lord and His justice. You have done well to bet on the sure thing the immutable word of the Living God. Bless you all. "Amen"

Client Consultation (August 6, 2007)

Dear clients I know you have suffered but I do want to encourage you that your suffering is not vanity. I see a very huge blessing awaiting us all. I have fought the good fight of the promise which I suspect all the children of God must fight. In a world of lies it is not getting along or the easy walk that makes any sense. Contrary if you walk in the truth this lying world must hate you. Just by being honest and a light of Christ you condemn them. Look at the response I get here from the retards. They have to condemn me or admit they have lived the life of a retard. If you were a retard what would be easier for you, to condemn yourself or condemn a stranger?

God puts us in trying times so that we may keep our trust muscle exercised and strong. Though these times are difficult they are not beyond finding out. Revelation will always come in the end. You will see yourself in greater truth and will understand the work of evil around you. You will discover that God is more powerful than you gave Him credit for. All this leads to your benefit. What I wanted to do for you by living the life of faith before you was to teach you that this benefit can be suspected when the circumstances appear to be an end for you. Faith is seeing things that are not as though they are. Really though your blessing is the true state of affairs and it is the liar and his system that is putting up a smokescreen to tempt you away from the actual facts.

There is a scripture that talks about if you can't run with the donkeys how are you going to keep up with the stallions. This question should cause you a pause when viewing your circumstance. I am in a courtroom replete with fools, liars and thieves. They are just like their father the devil. I have spent 30 years of my life fighting through this smokescreen to arrive at the promise. I have been trained by the Lord to run with the stallions. Do you think I should be troubled by these donkeys who are not as talented as their father? Make the right choices in the faith because they become a mountain of evidence in your future trials that encourage you.

Houses are a great blessing but are nothing compared to the knowledge of God and His workings in your life. Most of you should know that the Federal Reserve System you participate in is equal to monopoly money and yet you sweat with great agonies over its possession. Perhaps there are wisdoms in God on how to use this system to the benefit of all once you are not possessed by it? God can make fish cough up gold coins to meet your obligations. There is no excuse not to trust him except you are a coward who wants control.

I can't share with you the stallion strategy but I will share with you the donkey's trial plans. In our settlement conference it became even clearer these guys don't want to go to trial. I don't blame them. This Keller feller who has been on the case since its inception wrote an indictment that makes the banks victims, has plead the government as a victim, and intends to bring the client's in as evidence of a crime. Can anyone figure out the jury instruction that will make this all come together? Now that Keller is gone and perhaps remaining as a consultant do you think the new party will be less confused that the idiot that in two years can't figure it out? Think of all the hot air, press releases, and monies spent to get to this brilliant moment is factual understanding. Perhaps my Blog is not the only safe haven for retards. How long have any of the client's been FDIC insured? Did the client's not sign a contract informing them of a $3,000 trust they were receiving under a deferred payment for the receipt of their $1,000? Are you going to come in and claim I ripped you off? Nobody sent the trust back. The trust has never been even ridiculed by the government. In fact they have recognized it by their injunction and order to have Maria Elena-James authorized for changes. Just because these idiots barked and incarcerated everyone fell apart. Soon you will discover how silly that behavior was. Cheer up though; even if you stumble God will prevent you from falling if you will trust Him. It is never too late to trust Him and repent from your cowardly choices. If God is for you who can be against you?

Why Do People Suffer (August 6, 2007)

This is the question most of us face when we try to reason with the world God created. Our sense of fairness and justice just don't measure up with or reconcile with the God of our imagination. Ezra was a prophet who had the opportunity to ask God this question in the II Book of Edras chapter 6-7. It begins "All this I have spoken before you, O Lord, because you have said that it was for us that you created this world. As for the other nations that have descended from Adam, you have said that they are nothing, and that they are like spittle, and you have compared their abundance to a drop from a bucket. And now O Lord, these nations, which are reputed to be as nothing, domineer over us and devour us. But we your people, whom you have called your firstborn, only begotten, zealous for you, and most dear, have been given into their hands. If the world has indeed been created for us, why do we not possess our world as an inheritance? How long will this be so?

When I had finished speaking these words, the angel who had been sent to me on the former nights was sent to me again. He said to me, "Rise, Ezra, and listen to the words that I have come to speak to you."

I said, "Speak, my Lord." And he said to me, "There is a sea set in a wide expanse so that it is deep and vast, but it has an entrance set in a narrow place, so that it is like a river. If there are those who wish to reach the sea, to look at it or to navigate it, how can they come to the broad part unless they pass through the narrow part? Another example/'There is a city built and set on a plain, and it is full of all good things; but the entrance to it is narrow and set in a precipitous place, so that there is fire on the right hand and deep water on the left. There is only one path lying between them, that is, between the fire and the water, so that only one person can walk on the path. If now the city is given to someone as an inheritance, how will the heir receive the inheritance unless by passing through the appointed danger?

I said, "that is right, Lord." He said to me, "So also is Israel's portion. For I made the world for their sake, and when Adam transgressed my statutes, what had been made was judged. And so the entrances of this world were made narrow and sorrowful and toilsome; they are few and evil, full of dangers and involved in great hardships. But the entrances of the greater world are broad and safe, and yield the fruit of immortality. Therefore unless the living pass through the difficult and futile experiences, they can never receive those things that have been reserved for them. Now therefore why are you disturbed, seeing that you are to perish? Why are you moved, seeing that you are mortal? Why have you not considered in your mind what is to come, rather than what is now present?"

You see, the difficult path is our destiny and in it lies the promise. Those seeking the broad place here are fools. Our futile existence is the narrow path wrought with difficulty that makes us the heirs to the promise. As I was praying on July 31st for some revelation about where we were in this journey this is the Scripture God used to remind me that I should continue to keep my eyes focused on the future where the promise lies and understand that I am walking this dangerous path alone because I am loved as an heir. Again this doesn't reconcile with the spiritual retards who criticize me on this Blog. Nor can it reconcile with your fears and phobias that are misinterpreting the present circumstance. God is mindful of our plight and He does all things well. If we can garner just a mustard seed of faith we will see a God who is far bigger than all our enemies and the evil plans they have for us. Christ once said to Peter after his show of force at the arrest that He could call 24,000 angels to deliver Him. One angel killed 185,000 Assyrians.24,000 should just about handle any threat this world could impose. Yet it was one Son the Christ who bore the problem and He outshined in triumph even a vast army. That is all we need. We have the One Christ who is greater than the angels in total control of our lives. It is time now to enter His rest. Stop toiling and worrying about how this will turn out. It was fixed and planned long before you showed up. Just thank the Lord that He has chosen to bless you and relax, your victory approaches.

A Traveler's Wisdom (August 5, 2007)

As I walk the narrow path of God's plan I continue to see the voices of oracles trumpeting their wisdom on this Blog. These great sages know God's way and attempt to convince others not to deviate from their lit paths. The true children of God, those who dwell in Christ, are travelers that pass through this world on a different path than those who do not know God. Like the villagers in my story they are in a constant search for a God they do not know. What silliness! How can you find something unless you know what you have lost? Where you look for a lost coin would be very different than where you look for a lost horse. In all my days I have never seen anyone look for something they did not already possess knowledge of. We would laugh at anyone doing this vain search. Yet these people seem to capture our attention when they talk of God. They don't know God so they can't find Him. You may ask like the disciples "who then can be saved?" Those whom God reveals Himself to can seek Him and find Him. Those whom He hides Himself from can be forever in a search and will never find Him. They will call many things Him and you will hear them "here is the Christ, or there is the Christ." Do not listen to them we were admonished by the true Christ. I don't think better advice can still be gleaned. They are still not worthy of our attention.

You have seen me over these two years reason with these people who judge me with a hope to find a common ground but none can be found. We are not two humble children faltering to please our father. One is an arrogant self righteous prig that loves to hear himself talk and thinks that the God he does not know should take his wise counsel. You see these chimeras in the book of Job. They see a good man being punished and suffering and they can't reconcile that with their lives. They think themselves good and that would mean that if this suffering is not retribution for sins that it can happen to them also. This thought is so fearful to them that they would rather condemn innocence with their false judgments then to submit their lives to a God they don't understand.

I'm sharing deep truth with you. If you are struggling to corral God into your understanding, stop! You are practicing an evil agenda. God by His very nature will always exceed any measurement you can place upon Him. That is why He is God and precisely why we can safely put our hope in Him. If you have a God of your understanding you are god. This is the folly and fault of my critics here. Their judgments give them away. Where is knowthembytheirfruit? If she was the great champion of Christ who was going to be the voice and standard of truth on this Blog why did she wear out? Was God too busy, too tired, or too fickle? No, she is on some other blog trying to corrupt the neophytes in the faith with her seeking a God she has never known. I have never spoken anything contrary to the Scriptures and yet I have countless "Christians" who condemn me. They are afraid that my suffering might not be for punishment. They know God is a God of mercy by reputation but not to them by experience. Therefore He has to be an exacter of crimes. Those of you who know God and have the experience of a relationship with Him don't take your wealth of knowledge and trade it for the trinkets of ignorance these fools offer. Follow in the shadow of a great and awesome God who is bigger than your fears and phobias. Take refuge in the living God while in the land of the living.

The Traveler (August 2, 2007)

There was a traveler who passed through a small village every year during his journeys. This village was a curious place for him because it served as an enigma. Though it was civilized, he could function there, and was always treated cordially it was unique to all his destinations. For many years he would spend the day doing his business and then would leave the next morning, early. During the heat of the day their was an elderly woman who was constantly about the town square and the market places. She was slightly hunched over and appeared to be known by every villager. She was constantly turning over rocks, lifting tablecloths, opening drawers, and peeking around corners. She was in a constant search for something. It had been about 5 years and finally the traveler could not restrain himself from questioning her. "Madam" he said "What is it you have been looking for all these years I have been visiting?" She responded "Oh young man I have been looking for this all my life, long before you ever visited our fine village. In fact all the villagers have employed me for this search. I look all day while it is light and I consult them in the darkness. This has freed them from doing the search on their own and they can concern themselves with the cares of the world." "OK! But what is it you are looking for?" "I'm looking for what everyone desires to find but I cannot tell you what it is until I find it. All I can do is consult with you in the evening as to my progress. If this is the information you seek you will have to see me in the darkness." Well this had always been the problem for him since he was always sleeping to leave early. This is the way it continued and why he could never reconcile this village and the elderly woman. Finally after 20 years he was forced by his business to stay in the village 2 nights. He thought to himself tonight perhaps I can get the answers I seek. The woman was not getting any younger and she was becoming more frail. What would they do if she died? Was there someone to take her place or would they quit on their search? No more questions the answers would be had tonight. He completed his business, had a good meal, and relaxed himself to freshness before he sought out the woman and her answers.

In the cool air he walked to the town square and asked a couple of people where he could find the woman who searches all day. They gave him some direction he followed until he arrived outside a building with a beautiful stained glass and gothic architecture. As he entered there was a short line of villagers in front of a curtain that he suspected shielded the woman. Each villager took about 15 minutes behind the curtain and then exited with a smile on their face. It was his turn and he entered to see the woman sitting at a table with cards, a crystal ball, lots, sticks, a Ouija board, a small library of religious books, and a crucifix. He sat down and eagerly asked his belated question. "Woman what is it you have been seeking all these years?" "What is it you are seeking young man?" "I'm seeking an answer to my first question." "I see" she said "you are not like the villagers who want me to give them answers for their lives and not of mine. I have always been a spiritual person from my youth and have always sought to find God. I have looked throughout the village, and through every writing. This search has won me a certain fame and employ with these people who long ago asked me to continue my search on their behalf and to give them a report on what I find. This has been my only work." "What size is God, can He be found under a rock, or around a corner?" The traveler had been many places and seen much of the expanse of this land and knew that God was bigger than this world but did not want to disclose this to the woman. With a couple of more questions he discovered that she had no idea what God was or could be and that the villagers were content with her search as apposed to her progress. "One last question before I leave. How will you know you found God when you find Him if you don't know what you're looking for?" "I'm sure there can be nothing like God so when I find that which is like nothing else I will know I found Him." With this the traveler left wearing a smile but for what he perceived a different reason. As he went home to his wife he told her the story but added this comment. It is vanity to look for a God you do not know and one that does not know you for your search must first begin with knowledge that He exist and that He is the rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Deal Day (July 30, 2007)

Well as we suspected we got the offer of a lifetime from their perspective. Actually it was refreshing and amusing to talk for the first time with a judge who didn't tell me "life, life, you're going to get life." It was very much like my experiences as a car salesman. They had the bait and switch, the foursquare shuffle, and the invisible manager in the other room who had to approve any deal. In fact the entire exercise was identical. Scotty even said he didn't want the undercoating. Funny how it was business and not law that was discussed or practiced. The tenure of the meeting was to take ten years and upon getting out, fix the system since we may have discovered a political problem. How brilliant does that sound? At least each side did start to see some light at the end of the tunnel to resolve this matter. By the end of the session I was offered 97 months and Scott 87. Wow I bet that disappoints our critics. This should be very good news for the co-defendants. As for Scott and I we wrestle with a very hard choice. They made it clear the facts don't matter. They are pleading one case, trying another, and lying and cheating to win with propaganda by media and a confused jury a third version. THIS CAN ONLY BE TRUE IN COMMERCE AND NOT AT LAW. DID YOU HEAR ME? Is this another indicator?

How much of your life would you bet on truth in a world of lies? I can't believe these people can sleep with themselves because they are using the lives of people as their commodity without any law. This doesn't make Darling Dimples Dimke or the Yeller Feller Keller respectable, honorable, or tolerable. I'm pretty certain this deal will be what it takes to resolve this matter and that the set of facts that do matter will leave us no choice. The frauds keep stacking up and a trial is just icing on the cake not a resolution. Some of you might be scared by what I'm saying but if you did your homework you might understand what I'm telling you and get excited. I'm seeking God for a little more clarity but I think I see the path to take. The trial would be accounting experts, not related to any of the banks, some clients, and objections to just about every question we would ask. Now I can fantasize about how to win this trial but that is my pride seeking vindication. The path of the Lord is far superior in wisdom. What is funny about what people are seeing develop is that none except those very well trained in the faith will see God's victory which is disguised as defeat. If you get panicked by the coming developments draw closer to God and he will give you assurance and rest. I could have never imagined how God's gifts could exceed even my dreams. Those who know Christ, you are well loved. He knows the difference between empty and full, gold and clay and He will divide them. Those who devise wicked plans and swear out oaths to make the lie appear as truth only fool themselves. Facts do matter in the courts of heaven.

The work we came to do is almost complete. Though we are willing to suffer their injustice that does not mean they are exempted from its pains. The Northern District is a cesspool of corruption full of wicked and vile men. God apparently has heard enough of the prayers of injustice that He has decided to do something about it. Just because it seems as though we are on trial and the ones getting ravished you are not free to determine with your retarded reason that you understand. God is about a very different plan where truth is always prevailing as it absorbs the evil in condemnation. Once it has collected the evidence and the witness to the prayers are confirmed, sentence will be passed and God will be vindicated. Your fatigue and God's delay will both work together for good in the end.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Jonah Error (July 24, 2007)

The book of Jonah is unique in that it deals with man’s reluctance to obedience and also the reluctant’s obedience. Jonah as a prophet was sent to Nineveh which was a city destined for destruction. They were given 40 days warning. All the people repented and God changed His mind. Does that make Jonah a false prophet? Does it make God a liar? From our perspective this would be true. Knowing the facts of the whole record it is discovered that God changed His mind. Jonah’s error was that he presumed he understood God’s mind and His workings.

I bring this up as a review of our Christmas prophecy. Can you who think we are hearing things be certain God did not have another agenda besides your small imagination that if it was God we would be out? As I look at what God did in the Jonah story it is clear that there was much more in play. Nineveh was doomed to destruction absolutely. The fact that God changed His mind about the time did not mean He changed His mind absolutely. These contrite citizens eventually bred the evil children that would persecute and remove the Northern Tribes of Israel. Do you think God did not know this would happen? How about Jonah himself? God was teaching him a truth he lacked. He understood that God was rich in mercy but he didn’t understand his sovereign power and notice. At the end of the book God uses a bush and a worm to teach this. God is the God of the comforting bush and the destructive worm. It is a simple lesson of Lordship. Jonah’s rebellion is evidence he was lacking in this department. What if God was simply using the Assyrians for Jonah’s sake and not really using them as His primary focus. Yes they repented and God benefited but it could have been a situation of killing two birds with one stone.

When I got the prophecy I was immediately challenged in my faith to hold on to the promise. If you say I was delusional and desperate because of my desire and circumstance than you are not seasoned in faith battles and speak from ignorance. I am not claiming faultlessness as a character trait but when God has finished a work wisdom is much more certain. God was setting me up to see if I would have a Jonah response, which is comical. “I’m angry enough to die.” I think we’ve all been there before. I am telling you this in hopes that as the suffering continues that you will see beyond your understanding that God is the Lord in control of the comfort and the worm. By forcing me to place my hopes upon the prophecy I was trapped under the bush of comfort that was destined to be eaten by the worm. Would I love the comfort more than God? If He gave the comfort is He not free to take it away? When He took it away I was faced with the angry response of Jonah tempting my heart. What was great was that God helped me find the true comfort of the whole exercise by turning my eyes to see the ram in the Abraham-Isaac sacrifice story. I was able to see God was up to something bigger and that by not blaming God for the loss of a small comfort I gained the knowledge of the worm which allowed me to find the ultimate comfort of knowing God was in charge. There is no shade in the blazing sun that can whet a man’s soul as much as knowing that God controls the sun.

Again this proves that even when you are forced to eat worms God has good plans for you. Don’t be discouraged and continue to look to the Lord as your provider. This is not just the provider of a house, family, or money but a provider of all things holy. Understanding and wisdom come from God and make our lives better. He uses worms to give this to us a lot of times. There are many confirmations of this truth in the Jonah story. Please go read it if you haven’t in a while. One thing I take comfort in is that the worm was at the end of the story. Now I don’t have an absolute but I have a “close” resounding throughout my spirit. One thing for sure is “I’m angry enough to die” is pervading my enemy and all we are doing is remaining calm and staying focused upon the truth. Jonah was an insignificant prophet with a little ministry but in the end was spoken of by Christ as the only sign given to verify His divinity. Just perhaps insignificant trustees and beneficiaries can make a world of impact that are a sign of Christ’s divinity. I’m up for the call worms and all, how about you?

Friday, August 10, 2007


I recently taught a bible study on the Book of Ruth which deals with the kinsman redeemer provisions of the law. This is a great allegorical story for the truth of redemption, which is lost to most of the world. It is one of the truths that divide the masses on the blog and perhaps the sole reason I mention God at all. Dorean promises redemption from fraud and from the overarching fraud, which has come in to defend it. Now redemption not being understood by the many will be confusing and be ridiculed by the masses. For the few though it resides as an endless well of hope. In the book there is a character I call the barefoot redeemer. He is the first in line as kin to Naomi and Ruth. He has all the legal rights and is symbolic of the law. The law was a schoolmaster but never had the power to redeem. Every view upon the law found us lacking and deficeint. In this state we could only be condemned. Many people even in their good intentions have found themselves trapped in this law of condemnation. It is something we inherited in the curse of the fall; the knowledge of good and evil. In Romans 3:21-26 it is made clear that there is a righteousness apart from the law and I’ll add exceeding the law and that being the faith of Christ. This righteousness is not absent the law but satisfied it. Boaz in the book symbolizes Christ who having a desire to redeem was diligent to do all that He had to do to obtain the right. He went to the barefoot redeemer (the law) and satisfied it. He did this in the courts of heaven in front of all the witnesses by contract. Only then could he redeem by right.

In the New Testament we are admonished not to judge lest we be judged by the same standard we use. If we use our knowledge of good an evil like most here then the law will condemn absolutely. In Christ we have His faith, which exceeds the law without minimizing the law. The term used for God in this book is Shaddia that gives us a clue of the stories intent. Shaddi is “Almighty” which must automatically contain authority over the law. The other connotation of the name is the breasted one. The mother side of God. This nurturing, mothering bosom that we all ran to when we were perplexed by the discipline of our fathers. As Christ teaches us a righteousness greater than the law we are disciplined and nurtured by the same redeemer. I point this out to you because many here have all the wise judgment they presume because absent most of the facts and knowledge of anything greater they use their myopic midget minds to pronounce their decrees of good and evil. One of the great markers of this wonderful gift is others are always evil and I am always good. Harsh judgment for others and mercy for me. Can you think of a more severe judgment then to be lost in your trespasses and sins and believing you are good? I have never professed my righteousness on here except that I boast in Christ and His ability to keep me obedient. I can forgive those who for a mere $3,000 think I owe them my life wrongly and then hate me when through a greater righteousness than their law I willingly give it. I encourage all of you to run to the faith of Christ for you will discover a righteousness apart from the law that will never allow you to view the law or righteousness in the same way again. It is only this truth exceeding the foolish righteousness that can assist you in standing in opposition when it violently attempts to impose itself upon you. There is far more to a trial of Dorean, the mortgage industry, and society than simple formulas that wicked men will get there just deserves. That is mere child’s play not capable of solving adult problems. Righteous men suffer and wicked men don’t it appears. Can that tell you more about your God than Shaddi? No my redeemer lives and the law you take comfort in has been nailed to a cross lost to a better plan resurrected.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Book Worth A Look

Early in July a gentleman named Wes sent me a book called “Pain, Perplexity and Promotion” which was basically a commentary on the book of Job. God used this book in a special way to verify a prophecy and the timing of its arrival was divine. The book consists of 17 chapters. The first 13 are the author’s Bob Sorge unpacking of the text to let it interpret itself. The last 4 chapters is him taking some predetermined doctrines and attempting to use the text to justify them. Since these determinations were unsound the text became unjustly twisted. Now this is my opinion but I still give the book a should read to those of you who have suffered through this long trial without knowledge of what God is doing. The book is published by an Oasis Publishing. I am a seasoned veteran of what is called the Job’s crucible in the book. There are certain patterns of God’s workings and chastisements that one begins to be familiar with. Regardless of one’s knowledge there is no shortcuts through the process of being refined by the Lord. The reason being that none of us sees ourselves as God sees us. We are suspect that we are better than we are and are blind to many of our frailties. What is great is that as one goes through the suffering we can do so knowing that it is not permanent is for our good and that we will be promoted with greater wisdom and spiritual maturity. Everything I’ve learned in this trial I intellectually knew from Scripture that I must possess. Still I was powerless to make it appear as a part of my character. Only God knew how to draft a circumstance that would graft it into my being. I have tried to encourage many of you who have joined me in this crucible to remain strong and to continue to trust in the Lord even though your pain and perplexity have not ceased. If you will trust the Lord and persevere you will soon know that all the suffering was worth it. I had a client talk with my wife about how we had been an encouragement to his faith and assisted him in finding the truth of what really matters in his life. Never did he mention to my wife the high price he has paid for that knowledge. It was not cheap and worth all the expense. He lost family and home. When I told my wife she was shocked because it is hard to reconcile pain with joy. If you are struggling still with what God is doing in your life, why you got involved with the truth of Dorean, and why all the damages and suffering I believe this book will assist you. For that reason I recommend it. Ultimately I can offer you no strength, no advice, and no hope. I can only live true to God and if you live the same inspire you with like faith. That is what Christ does for all of us if we will trust Him enough to let Him.

Let me encourage you with this last point. When one enters into the trials they come out of nowhere and happen upon you suddenly. Even if you see peril approaching one can never prepare for how it will have its effect upon you. The shock, and surprise at the beginning leaves you reeling at first. Then a certain fatigue of the lingering pain gnaws at you. Finally revelation starts to approach and we get a certain sense about what God was doing. Now there has been tears, complaint, blame, surrender, and a thousand other gyrations of the soul but hopefully a constant fix upon God in all our confusion. It is this fix, which will lead us to the promise. I am gaining this revelation at the moment. Revelation is not something you can create out of your imagination. It can only come from God after He has completed the changes in you necessary to enlighten you. Now I can’t say what the end of the revelation will be but there is a time in History where hindsight is earned. Then at that moment revelation is complete. When the revelation begins to flow though it has been my experience that the end is rapidly approaching. If this pattern holds true we are very close to the end. Now the prophecy that was confirmed at the beginning of the month in one part had many other parts. One of them was a timetable. I can say that in this one part it was a thus sayeth the Lord but as to the others I am still at spiritual intuition… if that should change I will inform you immediately. I do suspect that it may change by the way revelation has been rained upon me. I can say this; based on the revelation and the pain of the trial I am suspecting a victory that far in away exceeds all my expectations and hopes. Let that be true for all of you individually and as a collective. AMEN

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Farrel (07-22-07)

It has been said on here that Farrel’s wife has left him. If this is true I wanted to take this moment to encourage my friend. I am sorry for your pain and the perplexity of your circumstance. Your opportunity still remains to choose God and His eternal plan for you. I have lost wife and children. Many tears were cried but God’s soothing was more than compensation. This was very difficult to see during the height of the pain. At that time I had to take it on the faith of God’s promise. One thing that was difficult during the season of heartbreak and betrayal of love was to trust God whose love is faithful and steadfast.

Farrel as your brother and as a man I can speak this truth concerning you; that the fire in your belly, that zeal if given over to Christ will shake this nation. The severity of your battles and suffering is proportionate to your call and what the devil is attempting to preempt. We can never grip this world and its treasures without them slipping through our fingers. The called are frustrated by these wrong choices because God loves us. The wicked find success and no chastisement because there is no concern. Yes peril came out of nowhere suddenly and the choices of eternity and this world had to be made. You made wrong choices but it is not too late. God is wooing you even as I write. In Christ you are a great man. He will reverse the errors you have made in this case. God has given us the power to hold the enemy back until you can have your strength renewed. Now is the time rise up and be counted. Start doing the FOIA’s and other methods to uncover the money trail. Who paid for your lawyer? They will say it was the government. How can this be true from a bankrupt entity without any resources? Find out who paid that bill and you will find your exit in freedom. You have more opportunity to do this than ourselves. Control the money and you’ll control the economic retards. The charges are the evidence the money has been presented. This is pre-indictment, long before you showed up. We will find this money before this is over and you will be protected. Maybe you’ll find it first. Thank the Lord He could test you without any true peril. Don’t be shamed or do guilt because you were duped by a fraud. Pick up where you left off, face the Lord and let Him return you to your calling of being a fraud buster. You know the fraud in accounting, banking, and now love. Its time for you to accept the wisdom of God to expose the fraud that exposed you. I can promise you this, that what’s on the other side of this victory is even more important work than Dorean and I will need many champions. Will I see you there? My prayer is that I will. Trust Christ, you will not be disappointed as you now are for not trusting Him. I love you Farrel and know my hopes for you are Christ breathed and not vanity. See you at the top.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

To Us a Child is Born

These were perhaps the greatest words spoken to man. God incarnate appearing to redeem us. The hope of that child is eternal salvation. These words have now taken on an additional promise. The end of June someone had a dream they shared with me and my wife that had our child in it. On the first of July someone named Wes sent me a book. The same day I wrote my wife a prophetic journey. All confirmed the promise of parenthood. Now this I know is a very private promise but also it is not. My wife and I are called to a parental like ministry tenderly caring for God’s children. God made it clear that he wanted us to share in the flesh what we were destined to share in the spirit. Neither of us is a prime childbearing age. Actually the clock is against us not to mention the United States. This hope put a closing parentheses on this trial. Not immediate but not longer than 2 more years. Don’t gasp! What I’m saying that is amazing is that I have my first definitive revelation that God’s destiny is superior to the plans of the enemy. Sure greater revelation will appear but this was great for more reason than I’ll write. This week we will get our 10 year offers from the prosecution but this is too far out for “to us a child is born” promise. What does that mean? It confirms the promise made at the beginning that their plans won’t be able to be performed. It confirms that all of us who put our trust in the Lord will be rewarded. All the ridicule, suffering, and shame will be redeemed. New life awaits us all and that promise of salvation is eternal. Anybody want to join me in a cigar? Celebration is coming soon to all who were expecting.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Torture and Suffering

Dear ones, those who share in Christ’s suffering, you are blessed. Like all of you I shy away from and recoil to pain and suffering. The greatest part of the pain is the perplexity. All the foundations of what you understood about God are shaken. This is scary but in the end when these foundations are reset with greater revelation they form a promotion. Some of you can’t see the promotion at the moment and think your valley will be the end of you. This is not true. Blessed men go through their valleys of weeping. I have a life seasoned by these valleys and know this truth; revelation will come that makes sense of all the suffering. For me this time has arrived. I can say from this place it was all worth it. July will be a very revelatory time. Sense will continue to increase. My prayer for you is that you persevere to that time. Our souls are tempted by all its weakness during these hard times but we have them precisely for that reason. God in love does not let us rest in our weakness but strengthens us. Take comfort in His love and lean not on your own understanding. He will heal the pain, end the suffering, and promote you into a higher spiritual relationship.

Now you have it good. The wicked on the other hand don’t suffer as you they are tortured. They cannot get over $3,000 or forgive themselves if duped. They must condemn others for they can find no redemptive purpose in their torture. Gloom, misery, and despair is all they know. Their knowledge of good and evil is evil at best. All their judgments are harsh for they only know harsh. The God they imagine is a hater who never liberates them from their torture. Grace and love is unknown to them so it can never be offered from them. Even in your suffering you can thank God you are not a tortured soul.